GH Transcript Tuesday 2/5/02



General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 2/5/02

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Alexis: What could you have possibly done that would outrage me?

A.J: From the moment I saw your daughter, I fell in love with her.

Skye: Grandfather accused me of making up a threat towards Sonny just to get closer to you.

Gia: How's Elizabeth?

Laura: She's not good.

Lucky: What? What happened?

Sonny: Get your hands off my sister.

Jax: Well, is Edward telling the truth?

Skye: Ooh, did it just cold in here all food on you? Kidding.

Jax: Are you faking threats from Sonny so I will come to the rescue?

Skye: Well, your eyes went all flat, like a shark.

Jax: Who did you think you were swimming with?

 Skye: See active, in case you're wondering.

Jax: Well, it's how I do business. And so does Edward. We [missing] to the other person's mask and reveal nothing. You know, you should know this.

Skye: Well, then, I guess I'm guilty until proven otherwise.

Jax: Are you planning [missing]?

Skye: Fine. Fine. Is Sonny lurking, sending me scary photos, and making threats? No. Of course not. Edward's right.

Ned: When you woke up, I under treason you wanted to see was Skye.

Edward: Wittiest would have been useless asking for you. You were probably busy finding [missing]

Edward: Get [missing] I'm a sick man.

Ned: Alan seems to think you're deluded.

Edward: Oh, he would.

Ned: Well, he told me hear [missing]  you are going to be reinstated [missing] goodness of heart, [missing] to go along with your fantasy in [missing]

Edward: Itís no fantasy.

Ned: So you really think that you're going to be C.E.O??

Ned: There's only one thing that could give you that kind of confidence Ė blackmail.

Ned: If you have something on Skye, yester [missing]

Edward: Ned [missing] I'm going to be C.E.O? You should be grateful!

Ned: Grandfather, tell me what you have on her.


Ned: Is invade?

Edward: What happened to your life, Ned? Come on.

Ned: Is Skye seeing him?

Edward: Oh, God, you're just as bad as rest of them -- all romance and not enough business.

Ned: Okay, so I must be getting warm.

Edward: You know, youíve been spending too much time with that Kristina girl.

Ned: Kristina nothing to do with this.

Edward: Oh, she's very nice girl, although why she would look at you twice I t know.

Edward: Just make sure that she doesn't get away like her sister did.

Alexis: Hi. Hi! Kristina.

Kristina: Oh, hi. Alexis.

Alexis: Hi.

Kristina: I didn't know that you were here.

Alexis: Oh, yeah. I came to see Nikolas, but he's always in a meeting.

Kristina: Oh, Edward. I came to see Edward.

Alexis: Oh.

Kristina: And -- bye.

Alexis: Edward's on this floor.

Kristina: Oh. Well, my God. That just changes everything, doesn't it?

Alexis: Ahem. You okay?

Kristina: Fine. You know, the elevator door just closed, if you wanted to leave.

Alexis: Why are you trying to avoid me?

Kristina: I'm not trying to avoid you.

Alexis: You rush out before breakfast, you don't return my messages, and you're trying to shove me in the elevator.

Kristina: Well, I know how busy you are.

Alexis: What's going on?

Kristina: Everything is fine. Everything is wonderful. Everything is peachy-keen. You know what? You and I, we should go jogging tomorrow morning.

Alexis: Now I know something's going on.

Kristina: Nothing's going on!

Alexis: Spit it out.

Kristina: I'm telling you.

Alexis: Kristina, I'm telling you that you will hold this in, whatever it is, and you will hold it in and then you will say something at the worst possible time.

Kristina: Okay. Fine. It's about Sonny.

Sonny: I don't know if you heard me. Get your hands off my sister.

Taggert: Fine. The blood alcohol's standard.

Sonny: You hurt?

Courtney: Just a little shook up.

Sonny: Okay, they cannot force you to take a blood alcohol test. You know that.

Taggert: You refuse, it could hurt you later.

Sonny: Ignore him.

Taggert: You know, my sister could have been killed in that accident.

Sonny: Mine, too.

Taggert: Then I'm sure you're going to want to know exactly what happened.

Nurse: Do you want the blood alcohol? Let me know, because I've got hurt people here.

Amy: Hey.

Lucky: Where's Elizabeth?

Amy: She's in 1. But, Lucky, you can't -- Lucky, you're --

Doctor: Legs seem firm.

Lucky: Elizabeth!

Doctor: Stable -- get out! I want to get a saturation on her now.

Lucky: Oh, no! Oh! No.

Nurse: She's getting the I.V.

Doctor: Great. Respiration's down.

Lucky: Elizabeth?

Doctor: Get out.

Lucky: Elizabeth, it's me. I'm right here.

Doctor: Get out!

Lucky: Elizabeth, it's me. Do you hear me?

Doctor: Give me that saturation now. Saturation. Get out!

Taggert: Elizabeth Webber, she could die as a result of that accident.

Sonny: I'm sorry.

Taggert: If there was alcohol involved, I'm going to find out, one way another.

Gia: Marcus?

Taggert: Yeah. I'm right here.

Gia: It's about the accident.

Taggert: Tell me.

Gia: Marcus, I -- I don't want you to call Mom, okay? I don't want her to be upset.

Taggert: You're all right. That's all that matters, Gia.

Courtney: I'm sorry all this happened.

Nikolas: Gia? Gia, hey.

Gia: Nikolas. Hey.

Nikolas: You all right? Hmm? Where's your doctor?

Gia: I just banged my head.

Taggert: She's got a minor concussion. She's going to stay the night.

Nikolas: Tell me what happened.

Taggert: Looks like somebody ran a red light.

Sonny: Okay, you know what, Taggert? If my sister gets a blood alcohol test, so does yours.

Taggert: I don't have a problem with that.

Nikolas: That won't be necessary.

Taggert: It's only going to take a couple minutes.

Nikolas: Well, Gia was with me all night. She wasn't drinking.

Taggert: You're willing to testify to that?

Nikolas: If it comes to that, yes.

Sonny: Okay, I'm going to call Alexis.

Courtney: Well, I don't need a lawyer.

Sonny: Yeah, you do.

Courtney: I wasn't drinking, there.

Taggert: Well, we're glad to hear that, because if Elizabeth Webber doesn't make it and I find out alcohol is involved, somebody's going to jail.

Nikolas: Elizabeth -- is she that bad?

Lucky: Elizabeth!

Doctor: Stay out!

Lucky: Elizabeth.

Laura: Lucky, calm down.

Lucky: I'm right here! I'm right here, Elizabeth!

Laura: Lucky, calm down. You have to cooperate with them.

Lucky: She's got to know I'm here, Mom.

Laura: She will. You'll have your chance.

Doctor: He gets in my way again, I'm calling security.

Laura: It's going to be fine.

Sarah: What happened to Elizabeth?

Laura: She was in a car accident.

Lucky: She looks really bad.

Laura: We don't know what's going on yet.

Sarah: I'll let you know what I can find out.

Laura: Are you all right?

Sarah: I'm just an intern doing my job, that's all.

Laura: But Audreyís on her way.

Sarah: Thanks.

Doctor: Get out.

Sarah: I'm the new intern. What have we got?

Doctor: Critical tic. With internal bleeding. Stay out of the way.

Amy: Desiderating at 96%.

Doctor: Clear emergency O.R.

Amy: 92%.

Doctor: Increase oxygen. What the hell you think you're doing?

Sarah: With all due respect, Doctor, I think we have a problem here.

Courtney: What is the big deal about a blood alcohol test? I wasn't drinking. I did not run that red light.

Sonny: Do not give him anything to use against you. That's all I'm saying.

Courtney: Are you trying to protect me, or do you think I'm lying?

Kristina: You know that I love you. You know that I only have your best interest at heart. But some people sometimes need a little nudge in the right direction.

Alexis: Regarding Sonny, whatever you think I feel about him, I don't.

Kristina: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Alexis: Kristina, regarding Sonny, no nudging, no fishing expeditions, no subtle hints.

Kristina: Subtlety's not exactly my strong point.

Alexis: Then maybe it would be a good idea not to say anything at all. In other words, don't speak.

Kristina: Well, you know that I would never intentionally --

Alexis: Do anything to intentionally cause a bobble? Of course, I know that. Just make sure that you donít.

Kristina: Okay.

Alexis: Unless, of course, you've already done something to cause a problem which might embarrass me in some way, in which case, I would have to kill you.

Kristina: Alexis, there is something that I need to talk about with you.

[Phone rings]

Alexis: Alexis Davis.

Sonny: Hi. I'm in the emergency room.

Alexis: What seems to be the problem?

Sonny: Courtney was in a car accident. She's okay, but we got complications.

Alexis: Okay, I'll be right there.

Kristina: What happened?

Alexis: I have to be somewhere. End of discussion.

Kristina: All right. You are careful, all right?

Alexis: You sound like me.

Ned: Kristina. Hi.

Kristina: Hi.

Ned: You know, I was just thinking about you.

Kristina: Really?

Ned: Mm-hmm.

Kristina: Hey, how's Edward?

Ned: Up to his old tricks.

Kristina: Oh, that's wonderful.

Ned: Yes, it is. You see, he's got something on Skye, but he won't tell me what it is. So I was thinking that you are the perfect person to charm it out of him.

Skye: Edward's absolutely right. I faked all those threats from Sonny Corinthos.

Jax: Why?

Skye: You, Jax! You, you, you! So that you would get interested in me.

Jax: I know a preemptive strike when I see one.

Skye: Oh, you see? See how good you are? I don't know why I let you do this. Why can't I remember? You are the shark and I am the pathetic weirdo who dragged you into business with me.

Jax: You know, maybe that is part of the scam.

Skye: Oh. Without a doubt. I mean, never mind that I made everybody get richer or that I alienated my entire family. It was about you, Jax, from the start. And you're finally starting to catch on.

Jax: You know, maybe I am.

Skye: Oh, you know, that burned card on my bed? That lovely photo with my face crossed out? Well, you were there, Jax. You couldn't tell? I wasn't really terrified. Couldn't tell I was faking?

Jax: Well, you know, that was fairly convincing.

Skye: Well, then, my plan must be working, huh? My scheme to swim with the biggest shark of all.

Jax: Even if it means baiting Sonny Corinthos?

Skye: Sonny Corinthos is a coffee importer with poor social skills. What's the problem? He never takes people out on interesting boat rides. I mean, he never kidnapped my brother and forced him to sign away his son!

Jax: You know, why do you have to fight A.J.ís battles for him anyway?

Skye: Oh, excellent question, Mr. Jacks. A.J.'s my brother. Why not let him fend for himself?

Jax: Well, he's done okay so far.

Skye: Oh, right, as usual! I mean, after all, why would Sonny be upset with me? All I did was take E.L.Q. right out from under him.

Jax: You know, Sonny doesn't need E.L.Q.

Skye: Oh, hey, you know, you did see him threaten me right in front of you. But what the heck. Maybe I put the guy up to it. That Sonny! What a kidder! Ha!

Jax: I see.

Skye: There you go again, you see? The shark eyes. Come on, Jax, save yourself the energy. You're right, I'm wrong, you win. I mean, can't you see why I did this? For Jasper Jacks, the greatest prize of all! What an ego.

Jax: So then, you didn't fake anything.

Skye: Oh, what difference does it make? And who cares if you believe me? You don't think I know what you're doing with Sonny? You're just using me to bait him, huh, to get back at him. Just another excuse for you to go riding' to the rescue.

Jax: Is that what you think?

Skye: Oh, who cares what I think? You know, I am just so sick of Sonny Corinthos and you!

Jax: Skye, wait --

Skye: No! You know all that self-defense stuff you're teaching me? Well, it's really starting to pay off.

Jax: Ouch.

Melissa: Okay, so what's up? Is this -- you worried about a case or something?

Roy: Oh, well, you know, it's hard to describe. Something kind of fell into my lap.

Melissa: Sorry. I don't have to know the details.

Roy: Details are pretty raw.

Melissa: And it looks like you're pretty invested.

Roy: I am completely invested.

Melissa: I know the feeling.

Roy: Yeah, I know. I know you do.

Melissa: So, can you tell me anything about the case? I mean, I understand if you can't, but --

Roy: It's about thinking you know someone and it turns out you donít.

Melissa: Would that be something like thinking you know the man you love and finding out that he works for the F.B.I. and that you're really only a part of his sting? Something like that?

Roy: Except maybe a little worse than that even.

Melissa: Roy, I can deal with the truth, whatever it is.

Roy: I know. I know you can. Itís just that the truth can be slippery.

Melissa: Okay, well, why don't you just deal with the facts, then? You know, what's black and what's white.

Roy: Well, I don't know the facts. That's -- that's the problem. How's Edward doing?

Melissa: You just changed the subject.

Roy: No, I just -- I'm -- I'm worried about him.

Melissa: You can tell me anything.

Roy: When you are with a really, really sick patient, how do you --

Melissa:  How do I --

[Pager beeps]

Melissa: Oops, all right. It's E.R. I've got to go.

Roy: Okay.

Melissa: So, look, whatever this is, we're going to work it out, okay? We're going to work it out.

Roy: Yeah, we need to talk about it, yeah.

Melissa: And I love you.

Roy: I love you, too.

Kristina: Hi, Mr. Quartermaine.

Edward: They must put [missing] in these pillows.

Kristina: Oh, let me help you.

Edward: Okay. Oh, that's better.

Kristina: Is that better?

Edward: Thank you, yes.

Kristina: Is this a bad time?

Edward: Well, compared to the rest of my family that's been hovering around me, you look like a perfect angel.

Kristina: Oh. That's very sweet of you to say.

[Edward chuckles]

Andy: That should do it.

Jax: You think so?

Andy: The building's condemned. Corinthos has got 48 hours to evacuate. If he doesn't, he's in contempt.

Jax: Well, not if Alexis has her way.

Andy: Ah, let her drag it through the courts. It'll take months. In the meantime, the redevelopment project kicks in, Curios is off the docks.

Jax: Well, you know he's just going to move down to the next pier.

Andy: Well, aren't you behind the docks redevelopment project?

Jax: Yes.

Andy: And didn't you make this condemnation happen?

Jax: What I'm saying is this can't put Corinthos where he belongs. But I can.

Courtney: If you believe me, then why did you call your lawyer?

Sonny: You were upset when you left the hotel.

Courtney: What, so I stormed out and got drunk? Who do you think I am, Daddy?

Sonny: Leave Mike out of this.

Courtney: I didn't run that red light.

Alexis: Taggert filled me in on the details.

Courtney: I didn't do anything.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? We just need to protect her from Taggert, all right?

Alexis: Agreed. From now on, you just do exactly what I tell you.

Courtney: I wasn't drinking.

Alexis: In any case, a blood alcohol test is out of the question.

Courtney: You think so? Lt. Taggert, Iíll take that blood alcohol test now.

Taggert: Nurse? Give me a blood alcohol, stat.

Nurse: Right. Come with me.

Sonny: Go with her, will you?

Alexis: Well, you stay here and you make nice to Taggert, all right?

Sonny: Mm-hmm, yeah, yeah, I got it, I got it, and I got it.

Gia: I drank this afternoon. You know that.

Nikolas: No, you didn't.

Gia: Irish coffee and then champagne.

Nikolas: What champagne?

Gia: You ordered it at The Grill for the whole table. I drank quite a bit.

Nikolas: You only had one sip, didnít you? Didn't you?

Gia: That's right.

Nikolas: Okay.

Laura: Elizabeth knows you're here.

Lucky: What if she doesn't?

Laura: Lucky, try to think positively.

Lucky: I've been. I've been. I'm just really scared right now.

Laura: I know.

Lucky: What's she doing here?

Doctor: Get away from my patient.

Sarah: I've got diminished sounds on the left.

Doctor: We're taking her over to emergency.

Sarah: You want her to die on the way?

Doctor: Who the hell are you?

Sarah: I think she blew a lung!

Melissa: Excuse me. Excuse me. I feel credits. This intern's right. She has a ruptured lung. If we don't get a chest tube in her immediately, she's gone.

Jax: Do you know what this sign represents? One angry citizen with enough money to influence the city council.

Andy: I don't think you want to be telling me this.

Jax: I'm trying to stop Sonny. That's more than the police are willing to do.

Andy: Cops got to play by the rules, all right? We need evidence, witnesses, stuff that's admissible in court.

Jax: What are you saying? He's untouchable?

Andy: No.

Jax: Then how do I get him?

Andy: Do yourself a favor. Don't try.


Skye: I don't know how much more help I can stand.

A.J.: How about points for effort?

Skye: No!

A.J.: What if Jax had been with you?

Skye: Oh, that would have been a great idea. And catch you in here? Bad idea, little brother.

A.J.: I needed an honest scream out of you anyway. I got it. So did the rest of the floor.

Skye: So?

A.J.: Well, if you should ever need witnesses --

Skye: Oh, and I'm sure they're just going to stand right up against Sonny.

A.J.: You never know.

Skye: Yeah, well, I'm a little sick of the honesty thing anyway.

A.J.: You took my advice, didn't you?

Skye: Yeah, I told Jax the truth, just like you said.

A.J.: And he didn't believe it, right?

Skye: Yeah, probably not. I mean, he probably still suspects something. Look, what, you couldn't just unplug the lamps?

A.J.: I'm thorough. So, where is Jax anyway?

Skye: Probably on the floor where I threw him.

A.J.: Skye, the idea here is sincerity, pathos, empathy, okay? Not championship wrestling.

Skye: Oh, please. Save it for Courtney, will you?

A.J.: I take it Jax knows that you're faking the threats from Sonny?

Skye: I don't know. Look, you know, he's probably way too smart for all of this, and Courtney probably is, too.

A.J.: No, she believes everything. More important, so does her mother.

Skye: Oh, Janine only cares about the money.

A.J.: Exactly. That's why I'm telling her what she wants to hear. And guess what. All of a sudden, we're, like, the perfect couple.

Skye: Well, bully for you.

A.J.: Why are you mad at me?

Skye: I'm not mad at you. I -- its just Jax should be wrapped by now.

A.J.: Oh. Instead of the other way around?

Skye: Jax does not have me wrapped around his finger.

A.J.: Then why do you care what Grandfather tells Jax?

Kristina: Mr. Quartermaine, I feel as if I were called to you today.

Edward: Oh. Why is that, my dear?

Kristina: To help you, to share with you my gifts.

Edward: Oh. What gifts are those?

Kristina: Kayaking.

Edward: Say again?

Kristina: Kayaking. Mountain medicine.

Edward: Oh, you mean, as in the Adirondacks?

Kristina: No. No, no, as in mountains kayaking in Hawaii.

Edward: Thank you, but I think I'll stick to the medicine cart, as in Port Charles, hmm?

Kristina: Oh, but, Edward, why not open up your mind? Why not expand your vision, you know?

Ned: Don't get too carried away.

Edward: I don't want any of your mumbo jumbo.

Kristina: Don't you want to get better?

Edward: Well, of course I do.

Kristina: Okay, well, look, kayaking is based on wellness. The wellness of the mind equals the wellness of the body, and it's based on mountains because mountains live forever.

Edward: Well, that's because they don't have a choice.

Kristina: Edward.

Edward: Hmm?

Kristina: Close your eyes.

Edward: Hmm?

Kristina: Close your eyes.

Edward: Oh, all right.

Kristina: Just relax. Take a breath in, take a breath out. Let go of all the nasty psychical crud that I'm using your heart. All the emotional slag and clots, just let it go.

Edward: I just paid big money to have those valves all cleaned out.

Kristina: Well, look, the mind and the body is interrelated. So if the mind is negative, then the body can't heal. And you want your body to heal.

Edward: That follows. Yes, right.

Kristina: Deep breath in, then a deep breathes out. Imagine that you are a tube.

Edward: Hmm?

Kristina: You are a volcano --

Edward: Do you want me to be a volcano?

Kristina: Spewing forth all of your plots and schemes. Just let it go.

Edward: Hmm.

Kristina: Vocalize it. Ohm.

Edward: Ohm.

Kristina: Release. Release.

Edward: Ohm.

Kristina: Ohm.

Edward: Ohm. hi. Bye.

Kristina: Yes. Good.

Edward: Roost

Tina: Ohm.

Edward: Kanga. Mangoes.

Kristina: Mangoes?

Edward: Kanga. Kangaroo. Jax.

Kristina: Oh, jam-- Australia.

Edward: No, fire. Hire. Wire. Wire.

Kristina: Wires?

Edward: Are you wearing a wire, or is Ned outside the door, taking notes?

Mike: Where's Courtney? Is she all right?

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Mike: What do you mean, "What am I --" I was out looking for her, and when I got back to the hotel, a cop was there and he said my car was in a serious accident.

Sonny: Which would have never happened if you hadn't stopped me from going after her for you.

Mike: Is she all right?

Sonny: She's fine!

Mike: What do you mean by "fine"? And why is this my fault?

Courtney: Can you both just stop?

Mkei: Honey, are you okay?

Courtney: All I need is some room.

Melissa: Where's that chest tube?

Doctor: I'll give the orders.

Melissa: Do you want to be right, or do you want her to live?

Doctor: Let's get that chest tube set up right now.

Lucky: What happened?

Sarah: That nurse saved Elizabethís life. No question about it.

Lucky: So, Elizabethís going to be all right?

Sarah: The ruptured lung makes everything worse. She's in very bad shape. They're bringing her into surgery.

Lucky: How did this happen? How'd this happen? Somebody?

Gia: You know what? I think I'm starting to remember. It was you.

Courtney: Me?

Gia: You ran the red light. This is all your fault.


Skye: All I want from Jax is money and power to make me strong. He won't get anywhere near my heart.

A.J.: Just split the difference. Just go to bed with him.

Skye: You're such a romantic.

A.J.: Well, it's either that or tells him the truth.

Skye: I did.

A.J.: Skye, you can't even be honest with yourself. Just tell Jax you're in love with him.

Skye: Why would I do that?

A.J.: Because it's true. Look, I just want you to be as happy as I am, that's all.

Skye: You're just in control, that's all. Love is beside the point.

A.J.: Then you admit you're in love with Jax.

Skye: Not even close.

A.J.: Whatever.

Skye: Love isn't about control, okay?

A.J.: Mm-hmm.

Skye: Especially with a man like Jax. But since all I want is control --

A.J.: All the time.

Skye: Yes.

A.J.: Mm-hmm. Love is out of the question?

Skye: Now you're getting it.

A.J.: Come here. I am here for you, okay, if you need any consultation at all.

Skye: Well, that's a scary thought.

A.J.: Thanks. Look, I just don't -- I would hate for you to wind up sitting alone in the dark, that's all. See you.

Jax: I take it that means  youíre on Sonny's payroll.

Andy: I'm going to forget you said that, Mr. Jacks, because I understand you hate the man. So does Lt. Taggert, but from what I've seen, it's gotten him nothing.

Jax: Well, I'm a great deal better financially than Lt. Taggert.

Andy: No, see, you're not listening. Corinthos hasn't been caught because he's good. You can condemn this warehouse, but you can't prove that he uses it to launder money, because he doesn't. Corinthos' business records are probably cleaner than yours. And his people are loyal. And the ones that aren't? Well, let's just say they disappear before they can cause him any trouble.

Jax: Are you saying I should give up?

Andy: No, I'm telling you. You break the law to get Corinthos, you're a criminal, too.

Jax: Believe me, Detective, I am a law-abiding citizen, unlike Mr. Corinthos.

Courtney: I had the right of way. The light was green.

Gia: No, I remember. Elizabeth called, "Look out!"

Courtney: The light was green!

Gia: Well, and now, what if she doesn't make it?

Nikolas: That's enough. Nurse, I want her room ready immediately.

Taggert: Ms. Matthews, we're going downtown.

Alexis: Under no circumstances.

Mike: You can't just drag her off, Taggert.

Alexis: Did you get the results of the blood alcohol test?

Taggert: Not yet.

Alexis: Well, the last I checked, allegedly running a light wasn't against the law.

Taggert: Leaving the scene of an accident is.

Courtney: I -- I didnít.

Taggert: No? You were headed out with Sonny's choir boys when I showed up. Let's go.

Kristina: Do you think it's such a good idea to be walking through the emergency room?

Ned: It's the fastest way to the parking lot.

Kristina: Oh, my God. Look.

Ned: Sonny spends a lot of time in the emergency room.

Kristina: I got to go talk to Sonny.

Ned: No, you don't --

Kristina: Sonny?

Sonny: Not now.

Kristina: I really need to talk to you.

Ned: Kristina!

Sonny: Not now.

Kristina: I have to talk --

Ned: No.

Laura: Are you okay? Have you had a chance to talk to Melissa?

Roy: I don't know where to start. You know, these papers imply that she can take people's lives. I don't know how to --

Laura: But this proves that she can also save one.

Lucky: Elizabeth? Elizabeth, I'm right here.

Elizabeth: Lucky --

Lucky: Yes, yes. You're going to be fine. I'll be here when you get back.

Doctor: All right, people, let's go, and letís go.

Lucky: You're going to be all right.

Melissa: She's going to be all right.

[Knock on door]

Jax: Skye?

Skye: It's late!

Jax: Just open the door.

Skye: Send me an e-mail.

Jax: Okay, fine. If that's howyou want it.

Skye: What?

Jax: Are you okay?

Skye: Shouldn't I be asking you that question?

Jax: Safe to come in?

Skye: Sure. I'll even pour you a brandy.

Jax: Okay. As long as I don't end up on the floor.

Skye: Actually, I am really glad to see you. I have a confession to make.

Jax: About Sonny?

Skye: No. About you.

Roy: A piece of me wants to burn these damn papers, forget the whole thing.

Laura: Are you going to do that?

Roy: I mean, doesn't it seem strange to you that the person who hurt all these people is the same person who just saved Elizabethís life?

Laura: But Elizabeth is young and healthy and has every reason to continue to live. That may not have been the case with those people.

Roy: So what are you saying? Melissa gets to decide who has a reason to live? That's okay?

Laura: No, no. I'm just saying that maybe she thought she was helping them.

Roy: Yeah, I'm sure.

Ned: What's going on with you and Sonny?

Kristina: This is not a good time to talk about it, all right?

Ned: Be a tube. A volcano. Purge. Come on.

Kristina: That was a very stupid idea, too.

Ned: Come on. Tell me what's going on.

Kristina: No.

Ned: Kristina, tell me what's going on.

Kristina: Okay, fine. I told Sonny that Alexis is in love with him. All right? You happy?

Ned: You -- you what?

Kristina: Oh, I'm sorry. No, need, I'm sorry. I didn't Ė

Alexis: So I've got good news and bad news. The blood alcohol test was negative, but she was caught leaving the scene.

Sonny: Damn it. What else?

Alexis: Sorry. I tried.

Sonny: No, I know you tried. I appreciate it.

Courtney: I didn't run that light.

Sonny: Alexis and I will take care of it.

Taggert: Let's go.

Sonny: There's nothing to this.

Courtney: Do I have to?

Sonny: He's just -- look at him. He's just using you to get to me.

Taggert: Is it working?

Alexis: So, you're admitting to harassing my client?

Taggert: Oh, no, nothing likes that. Ladies, gentlemen, let's go.

Lucky: What if Elizabeth dies?

Sarah: She wonít.

Lucky: She could and you know it. God, why didn't I just say that -- why didn't I just tell her that I loved her?

Sarah: Lucky, everything is going to be okay.

Lucky: Don't you get this? Nothing's going to be the same after this.

Gia: Thanks for making them hurry.

Nikolas: Well, you waited long enough.

Gia: I shouldn't complain. I mean, not with Elizabeth --

Nikolas: I don't want you to think about it, okay?

Gia: I can't help it. Nikolas, what if she --

Nikolas: Shh. I'm going to ask you something, and I want you to be honest. That accident, it was your fault, wasn't it?

Gia: Yes. I had too much champagne and that Irish coffee. I had no business driving and I didn't even see the light until it was too late. The light was red and I couldn't stop and now Elizabeth is going to die and Iíll go to prison.

Nikolas: No. No, you wonít.

Gia: But I did it.

Nikolas: Come here. I'm going to take care of everything, okay? I will take care of everything.

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Jax: I can always deal with the truth.

Ned: You don't have a clue about me.

Sonny: You do not want to use my sister to come after me.

Quinn: The police have ordered a blood alcohol test, Ms. Campbell.

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