GH Transcript Friday 2/1/02


General Hospital Transcript Friday 2/1/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Jax: I'm going to prove that Sonny is behind the threats.

Gia: Your sister is Lucky's old girlfriend?

Elizabeth: No. She was in love with Nikolas.

Gia: What?

Edward: I might be able to forget everything I heard for a price.

A.J.: Let's just forget about it. What do you say?

Sonny: I know exactly what you're doing.

Elizabeth: So, Lucky and I moved into Kelly’s, when? What do you think, like, a year ago?

Nikolas: A year, year and a half ago.

Elizabeth: And I'm still living there.

Gia: So Elizabeth’s sister was really crazy about Nikolas?

Lucky: Yeah. The rest of us didn't even have a chance.

Gia: So, we all meet again. And so soon.

Nikolas: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey, is the shoot finished?

Lucky: Yeah.

Gia: I thought you had a business meeting.

Nikolas: Well, I finished early and I saw these two young, beautiful women sitting alone, and how could I resist?

Lucky: Who could blame him?

Nikolas: Listen, hey -- sit down, sit down.

Bobbie: Yeah, as far as I know. Yes, thank you.

Amy: Hey, Bob. What's up? I heard you're looking for me.

Bobbie: Oh, yeah. You're still covering for me tonight, right?

Amy: Oh, yeah, of course, unless George Clooney calls. What's up? A P.T.A. meeting or something?

Bobbie: Why would you think that?

Amy: Well, because you're dressed nice, but you're not dressed date nice.

Bobbie: Actually, I'm having dinner with a friend.

Amy: Anybody I know?

Bobbie: Actually, it's Scott Baldwin. He owes me a dinner.

Amy: You're going on a date with Scotty?

Bobbie: No, Amy. I'm going to dinner with Scott. It's not a date.

Amy: After all these years?

Bobbie: Amy, don't go there.

Amy: Actually, I think it's great because Scotty’s getting over Laura, and you're getting over -- oh, gosh -- Roy and Jerry and Tony, and I could --

Bobbie: Please, Amy. Amy --

Amy: Well, I just think it's nice that you two have found each other.

Scott: Well, I didn't know that we were lost.

Jax: I'm busy, Jerry. It's none of your damn business. Yes, you know what? As a matter of fact, it does involve a woman, but not the way you think. Why should I prove anything to you?

Edward: I heard everything, Skye -- how you're manipulating Jax to gain his sympathy.

Skye: Grandfather. All of that pain medication you're on has caused your nasty little psyche to dream up something you obviously wanted to hear. I'm not after Jax. He's my friend, and a very good one. And in the wake of my family's cold shoulder, I treasure that.

Edward: "Jax is on my side, and I'm going to make sure that he stays there, no matter how many lies I have to tell or how many intruders I have to invent." Huh? Gotcha. So if you wonder who's dreaming, it's you, my dear, thinking you still have the upper hand.

[Door opens]

Mike: Oh. Well, I couldn't get the car turned over, so I have to call the garage. What's this?

Courtney: Humor me. I was remembering the pretend tea parties I used to make you endure.

Mike: Tea with her highness.

Courtney: Yes.

Mike: I remember those little invitations you used to make out for me.

Courtney: I forgot that.

Mike: Whoo. So, do you remember that little tea set that I got you?

Courtney: Yeah. Real china, with pale pink roses and little gold crowns.

Mike: Yeah. Yeah, your mom had a fit when she found out how much it cost.

Courtney: Yeah.

Mike: Whatever happened to it?

Courtney: It got left in Reno.

Mike: I'm sorry.

Courtney: Water under the bridge.

Mike: Yeah.

Courtney: Yeah. Sit.

Mike: Okay. Well, let's -- let's see what we have here. Ooh, tea. That's good. And, well, sandwiches. Ooh, scones. You know, we're doing a lot better than we used to. Now, if there are the little chocolate mints under there, I'm in heaven. Oh, it's the little bite-sized cakes your mom loved.

Courtney: Yep.

[Knock on door]

Courtney: Hey.

Janine: Oh, baby girl! I was so happy to get your message -- okay. What are you doing here? What is all this? What are you trying to pull now?

Courtney: Nothing. Okay, it's just us, so no one needs to yell or get mad. I don't want anybody fighting about me anymore. Please?

A.J.: Been expecting you.

Sonny: Then I guess I don't have to explain why I'm here. We can just get to the part you're probably not expecting.

Sonny: We have some things to clear up.

A.J.: I'm all for that. Why don't you come in? Can I get you a cup of coffee?

Sonny: No, thanks.

A.J.: What about your friend? Can I get you a rawhide chew or something?

Sonny: Max is fine.

A.J.: This is good, Sonny, this peace thing. I want that.

Sonny: Can I sit down?

A.J.: Make yourself at home.

Sonny: Yeah, peace is -- peace is important. It's also very fragile. Things have to be kept balanced, with all parties realizing when things are even. They also have to understand that one careless action can break that balance into a million pieces. I prefer to avoid that if possible.

A.J.: Yeah, well, couldn't agree more. That's what I keep trying to tell your sister, you know. This -- this war has to stop.

Sonny: You know I mean what I say, A.J.

A.J.: Absolutely, Sonny. You know, gratuitous violence, it's a bad thing. Gentlemen. I don't believe you've met. This is my new personal assistant, Manny. Personal trainer, Jojo. You know, Sonny, I will do everything that I can to avoid your sister. But that could get tricky since she and your father are staying in this hotel.

Mike: I take it you didn't tell your mother.

Janine: Tell me what?

Courtney: Dad and I are living here.

Janine: Since when?

Courtney: This week.

Janine: Hey, what does Sonny think about this?

Mike: He's paying for it.

Janine: This is -- this is just so you, this whole loving father routine. You've always got time to have a tea party with Courtney, but no time to go get a job.

Courtney: He has a job.

Janine: If Sonny's paying for this, then he's still living off somebody else's money. He's very slick, honey. You just don't see it yet. Every time you came home from blowing all the money on a crap game, with dry pockets and a dozen day-old roses.

Mike: Yeah, but I came back to try.

Janine: Hmm.

Mike: I didn't sneak away in the middle of the night with our daughter.

Janine: No, you're right. You snuck away with all of our money. Now you want to talk about the credit cards?

Courtney: Stop it! Just stop it. You both say that you love me. You must have loved each other once. Isn't there enough of that to last for half an hour? For me?

Jax: I'm sorry, I just can't make it. No, I agree, I agree. It sounds like a great climb, but I'm busy. And you know what, Jerry? You should be, too. Amnesty, Jerry. I mean, shouldn't you be negotiating some kind of deal? Okay, fine. You do whatever you want. You spend the rest of your life being a fugitive. Just don't expect me to drop everything and come to Nepal and play with you.

Edward: So, if you want to keep playing footsies with Jax, you go right ahead. He'll see through you eventually. But as your loving grandfather, I plan to do my part to keep your charade going as long as possible by keeping your confession to myself.

Skye: What do you want?

Edward: I want you to make me C.E.O. of the company you stole from me.

Skye: What? You -- you came back from the grave to blackmail me?

Edward: But for my sweet wife, Lila, and my wayward family aside, your confession has infused me with a certain lust for life.

Skye: And to think that I felt sorry for you.

Edward: So, do we have a deal?

Skye: No way.

Edward: Did I see Jax out there?

Skye: You know what, Grandfather? You go. You go right on ahead and you tell him the truth. You're not exactly known for your honesty, now, are you?

Edward: No, uh-uh. No, but you see, the seed will be planted. From now on, every trick that you try, Jax can examine more closely until he has his proof. Hmm? And then your dreams of glory will crumble around your feet. And Jax will take E.L.Q. to boot, and you will be left with nothing. Come on. You proved your point. Your revenge was complete when you took my company. Why busy yourself running it when you could be running with Jax, huh?

Skye: Because it humiliates you.

Edward: You know, there are some moments when I am so proud of you. You and I could've accomplished so much together on the same side. Oh, well. Jax!

Skye: You -- you do that, and I swear you will regret that!

Edward: Jax! Get Mr. Jacks in here.

Pat: Mr. Quartermaine, please stay calm.

Edward: No, get him in here. Jax!

Jax: What's wrong? What do you want with me?

Elizabeth: Gia, why was this your last shoot?

Gia: Oh, well, once I'm married to Nikolas, I want my only job to be his wife.

Sarah: How retro.

Gia: Not if you're in love.

Lucky: What have you two ladies been up to today?

Elizabeth: Just catching up.

Sarah: Yeah.

Nikolas: Can I see you for a second? Hmm? Excuse us real quick.

Lucky: Sure.

Gia: Be back. What's up?

Nikolas: Well, I was just curious what all that kissing and handholding was about.

Gia: It was never a problem before.

Nikolas: Look, there is no reason for you to be jealous of Sarah. I love you, okay?

Gia: Well, how would you feel if my ex-boyfriend who was completely infatuated with me suddenly showed up in town successful, single, and very friendly?

Nikolas: I'd be jealous as hell. But I would trust you, okay? And in the course of our lives we won't always be together, so we have to trust each other. Do you not trust me?

Lucky: Well, what's this?

Waiter: Mr. Cassadine ordered champagne.

Nikolas: Thank you, Paul.

Sarah: Oh, thank you.

Lucky: So, what are we toasting to? The fact Gia finally made it to the photo shoot? And do we need to discuss the hay that was in her clothing?

Nikolas: My uncle used to take me on business trips, and when we would return, he would gather the staff and we would make a toast welcoming me home. Now, listen, you make fun of it all you like. But it's a tradition that kind of grows on you. So, raise the glasses. To Sarah’s safe return home and her internship at G.H.

Lucky: Hear, hear.

Gia: Welcome home.

Sarah: Thank you.

Nikolas: Nice.

Scott: Yes, Amy, your sister did put me through the ringer. I was like a whippet out there, chasing the mechanical rabbit. But sometimes you got to take a shot. However, I did wake up and realize I had "stooge" written on my forehead.

Bobbie: Oh, Scott, don't say that. It's not true.

Scott: Uh-uh, Bobbie, now -- see, Bobbie is taking a hiatus from the romantic rat race. She is strong, she is independent, not to mention she's also a knockout. And if she wasn't such a good nurse and such a great mother and a friend, she might look up and see how many guys are trying to catch her eye. Guys that would give their left arm to be going out with her tonight, which is what I am doing.

Amy: You know, I feel like somebody's about to page me. You guys knock yourselves out.

Scott: Ah --

Bobbie: Well, that was quite a testimonial.

Scott: You're welcome.

Bobbie: It's okay, though. I know you didn't mean a word of it.

Edward: Oh, don't --

Jax: Would somebody mind telling me what's going on?

Edward: In due time. I have an announcement to make that won't have its full impact unless Alan and Monica are both here.

Skye: You know, we really should let Grandfather rest. He's still not quite himself.

Jax: Did you and Edward have another disagreement? I mean, does this announcement have something to do with you?

Skye: No. No.

Alan: What's wrong?

Skye: It's nothing. He's fine.

Alan: You said you wouldn't do anything to upset him.

Edward: No, no, no, no, no. Skye and I had a lovely visit. You know, it's just amazing the things she's been up to. You wouldn't believe it.

Alan: Try me.

Edward: Oh, I wish Monica could be here.

Jax: Get to the point, Edward.

Edward: To prove what kind of person Skye really is, she has graciously decided to appoint me the C.E.O. of the new E.L.Q. Haven't you, my dear?

Sonny: You can go ahead and hire all the amateurs you want. But when hostilities escalate, someone inevitably gets in over his head.

A.J.: Accidents happen, too. Like bumping into people in the halls. Now, I assume if I should bump into your sister in the hall, you will take it for what it is and not blow it out of proportion, right?

Sonny: Oh, yeah, I'll take for what it is. And you're right. Accidents do happen.

Jojo: Want one of us to keep an eye on him?

A.J.: No. This is about strategy. I do have a delivery for one of you to make, though.

Janine: I can't help but remember the tea set you got for Courtney at that garage sale. Remember it, honey? It was pink and yellow and --

Courtney: Gold.

Mike: It was an antique.

Janine: Ah, so they said.

Mike: And I bought it at an estate auction.

Janine: For what you paid for it, they should've thrown in a butler.

Courtney: Is there a right and wrong way to eat a scone?

Mike: Well, some people like them with butter. Others, with cream and marmalade or jam.

Courtney: Oh.

Mike: Yeah. You know what comes to mind when I think about that tea set? All right, I'll give you a hint. Bunnies.

Janine: Oh, my. The Easter eggs.

Mike: Yeah.

Courtney: What?

Janine: Well, we hid Easter eggs for you, and you found all of them and then you re-hid them.

Mike: And you failed to tell us about it.

Janine: Yeah. And I think it was an especially warm spring that year.

Mike: Yeah. But we found all the eggs -- 10 days later.

Courtney: Oh.

Janine: That apartment was so stinky.

Mike: Ugh.

Courtney: What is -- how does that remind you of my tea set?

Mike: Well, you see, you hid one of them in the teapot. Do you remember -- do you remember that nosy little old neighbor lady that called the police?

Courtney: Why? Because the apartment stunk?

Janine: Well, she thought we had a dead body in there.

Mike: She kept peering at us through this crack in her door. And every time we'd tell her it was rotten eggs, she'd just slam the door shut and lock it. But not just one lock -- I mean, three or four. In fact, I think she added one. Anyway, when we first discovered the smell, we tried to hide it by spraying the whole place with room deodorant. Talk about stinky.

[Knock on door]

Courtney: Oh, wait. I want to hear the rest of this.

Sonny: I need to see Mike.

Courtney: No. I didn't invite you, and you're not welcome.

Sarah: So, how's your art been going?

Elizabeth: I haven't been doing much lately.

Lucky: Well, she's been a little preoccupied, thanks to me.

Nikolas: Actually, we've all had a lot on our minds, so why don't we take a break from being the responsible people everyone expects, and, I don't know, get a little crazy, huh?

Lucky: Well, if this means we're going to start dancing on the table, you're going to be first.

Nikolas: No, actually, I'm serious. I was thinking more along the lines of flying down to the city and maybe catching the Jay-Z concert tomorrow night.

Lucky: Yeah?

Elizabeth: Oh, are you paying?

Nikolas: Of course I am. We can stay overnight, you know?

Gia: I'm in.

Elizabeth: Great.

Gia: Yeah.

Lucky: Sarah? You want to come?

Sarah: Sounds great.

Elizabeth: Wonderful. Well, if we're really going to do this, I have an assignment that I have to finish.

Nikolas: Okay.

Gia: I'll drop you off.

Elizabeth: Great, thanks.

Nikolas: Oh, I promised Alan Quartermaine I would swing by to sign something at G.H., so I will get the details ironed out. And I'd say be ready by tomorrow by 3:00, something like that. And can I drop you off at your grandmother's?

Sarah: Um -- well, actually --

Lucky: I will. You know, I'll give her a ride. You just worry about getting us into the concert.

Nikolas: And you guys keep your phones on because you guys are horrible with that. All right, so we'll see you later.

Sarah: Bye.

Lucky: I got to go check with my crew real fast.

Sarah: Hey, Lucky?

Lucky: Yeah?

Sarah: There's something I need to tell you.

Bobbie: Scott?

Scott: Uh-huh?

Bobbie: Don't get me wrong. What you said was very kind. It was very considerate. And, you know, right now, Amy -- she's been on me about my nonexistent love life, and I can guarantee right now she's probably got rumors circulating all over the hospital about our little romance. You know, we've actually clocked how long it takes Amy to get a rumor circulating, and it's 10 minutes. So that means by the time you and I would walk downstairs and get past the front desk receptionist, she would be giving us that -- look.

Scott: What look?

Bobbie: You know, that -- "aw" -- look. You know. So, where'd you park?

Scott: Why?

Bobbie: Well, because I think I should go out a different door and I could meet you by the car.

Scott: Bobbie, do you think that spiel I just said was -- I just made that up about how lucky I am tonight?

Bobbie: Scott, stop, okay? Amy's gone. You can stop.

Scott: No, I --

Bobbie: You're here early.

Scott: Yes, because I was afraid that maybe you were going to fish out of this date tonight.

Bobbie: No way. No, I actually wasn’t. But, I mean, if something came up for you, that's fine. That's okay.

Scott: Hell, no. Besides, what would Amy say?

Bobbie: Well, yeah, you have a point.

Scott: Yes, I do, and if I put a hat on, I could cover it up. Now, listen, Bobbie, we're going to meet exactly when I said, where I said, and that's the way it's going to be.

Bobbie: The parking lot would be smarter.

Scott: No, right here, as we agreed.

Bobbie: Okay.

Scott: All right.

Bobbie: All right.

Scott: Okay. See you later.

Bobbie: Okay. See you later.

Scott: All right.

Scott: Yeah, hey, it's Scott Baldwin. Now, listen, here's what I need you to do.

Courtney: We're having a good time here. I don't want it ruined.

Mike: Courtney, it's all right, honey. Come on in, son. So, what's going on?

Sonny: Do you ever think of anyone or anything besides yourself?

Courtney: What are you going to blame Dad for now?

Sonny: Did you pick this hotel?

Mike: Why?

Sonny: A.J. Quartermaine lives in the penthouse.

Mike: I don't get the connection.

Sonny: Well, I'll tell you. He's after Courtney.

Courtney: That's not true.

Mike: Michael, I mean, how was I supposed to know that? Just read your mind?

Sonny: I trusted you to watch out for Courtney.

Janine: Mistake number one.

Courtney: Okay, stop blaming Dad for something that isn't even a problem.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? It was a mistake to begin with. You can stay with Alexis till we work things out. Get your things and we'll leave.

Courtney: You can't boss me around. I am staying here and that's the end of it.

Edward: Obviously, we've misjudged your daughter, Alan.

Alan: Have we?

Edward: I realize how reluctant you are, dear, to have this divulged just now. But since the cat is out of the bag, you can just shed your self-consciousness and speak right from your heart.

Jax: Is this true?

Skye: Yes.

Edward: And it's a gesture full of compassion and penitence and good business sense that the rest of this family would do well to emulate, hmm?

Alan: Father, you are still recovering from serious surgery. The last thing you should be thinking about is business. Come on, everybody, let's go. Father, I don't want you taking on too much too soon.

Edward: Don't worry, son. This is the best I've felt in weeks.

Alan: Well, good. I'm glad to hear that. I'll check on you later. Come on, Skye, let's go. Well, I can't believe you did this. You've given Grandfather a reason to recover. It is the most wonderful gesture on your part. Gives me hope for the rest of us.

[Pager beeps]

Alan: I'll speak to you later, Jax.

Jax: So, what exactly are you doing?

Skye: Being a better person.

Jax: You're serious?

Skye: Grandfather asked to be C.E.O., and, well, I'm certainly not going to kick the man when he's down. And, hey, it's going to be weeks before he's up and around. And maybe by then, okay, we'll find someplace for him. But C.E.O.? I'm not crazy. I mean, if Grandfather's recovery is going to benefit from him thinking he's running things, well, that's fine by me. But in the meantime, nobody else has to know, do they?

Pat: I'm sorry to interrupt. Are you Skye Chandler Quartermaine?

Skye: Yes.

Pat: This was left at the nurses' station.

Skye: Oh, thank you.

Gia: How could you not see the way your sister was flirting? And what was with that crack about me wanting to make a career out of being my husband's wife?

Elizabeth: Are you going to be like this the rest of the night? Sarah is not after Nikolas, all right?

Gia: I'm not wrong, okay? Your sister was definitely flirting. I mean, my God, what if she's after Lucky?

Sarah: Elizabeth wasn't too happy that I made you and Nikolas tell me about the wedding.

Lucky: Yeah. Has she said anything since?

Sarah: I can't go there, Lucky. I just don't want to carry stories between you two.

Lucky: Well, I'll take any advice you could offer me.

Sarah: What do you want?

Lucky: That's easy. I want Elizabeth to be happy.

Sarah: Relationships aren't exactly my field of expertise. But if this were a test, I would say be vigilant about the basics. Keep your eyes and your ears open. Listen to Elizabeth. Be sensitive, the way you were with her after the rape. You gave her what she needed when she needed it. Do that again, and the rest will just happen the way it's supposed to.

Lucky: Thank you. Can I just add it's really great to have you back in Port Charles?

Sarah: Thanks.

Jax: Sit right here. I'll be right back, okay? Excuse me, Miss?

Pat: Yes?

Jax: The envelope that was left for Ms. Chandler Quartermaine, did you happen to see who left it?

Pat: No, it was just on the counter.

Jax: You absolutely positive?

Pat: Positive.

Jax: What about any other floor staff who might have seen someone?

Pat: I can ask around.

Jax: Thanks.

Pat: Okay.

Jax: She didn't see anyone. You know, I'd take it to the police, but we both know Sonny would have made sure there are no prints on it.

Skye: You think Sonny did this?

Jax: Who else could it be? The intruder in your room. The mutilated card on your pillow. And now this. Sonny's pushed this too far.

Skye: Jax, you know, don't do anything.

Jax: Skye, this is what we spent half the night discussing. Sonny gets his way by implying a threat. Now, he's too smart to leave any evidence, but he gets his point across and people cower. Now, he's partly going after you because you're associated with me. He's got you scared, I can see that.

Skye: Yeah, but, you know, rushing into something -- that isn't smart.

A.J.: What's the matter?

Jax: Can you stay with your sister?

A.J.: Sure.

Skye: Jax --

Jax: Don't worry, I'll call you.

A.J.: It's all right, I've already seen it. Oh, I hope you don't mind that I used that picture. It was the only one I had around.

Skye: You did this?

A.J.: Of course. Who'd you think?

Sonny: A.J. Quartermaine anywhere near you is not negotiable.

Janine: I don't see what's so wrong with A.J. Quartermaine.

Sonny: What did he offer you, Janine?

Janine: An apology, Sonny, that his sister dragged me into that whole Quartermaine mess.

Sonny: Yeah, well, he was full partner in that.

Courtney: Maybe he's sorry.

Sonny: That's what he wants you to believe, and you're playing right into his hands.

Mike: Look, you can't just come barging in here and tell Courtney what to do.

Courtney: Would you just stop? Please?

Mike: Have you tried communicating with her about what kind of person A.J. is? Or is she supposed to read your mind like I am?

Janine: What did A.J. do, anyway?

Sonny: Did you pick this hotel, Mike? Did you know he was my enemy? And you still allowed your daughter to live under the same roof?

Mike: It's a big hotel, Sonny!

Janine: Courtney?

Mike: How was I supposed to know?

Janine: Courtney's leaving. Wait.

Sonny: Hey, wait. Come on.

Mike: Sonny, no!

Sonny: "No," what?

Mike: I promised my daughter that she was not going to be imprisoned here. Now, I am telling my son that you have no right to treat her like she's in one.

Sonny: Oh, that's great, Mike. You want to be Courtney’s hero? We both know you're going to come crawling back to me when she does not come back and you want to find her.

Amy: Hey, Bob? I didn't mean to be insulting earlier about, you know, what you're wearing. You look great. I was just -- you know, I was just trying to be a friend. You know what I mean.

Bobbie: Oh, yeah.

Amy: I didn't mean anything by it.

Bobbie: Hey, I know.

Amy: Okay. So, where are you guys going?

Bobbie: I have no idea. We'll probably end up at Kelly’s for a burger.

Amy: What? Oh, I don't think so.

Bobbie: Why?

Amy: Because --

Scott: Hello, girls.

Bobbie: Wow.

Scott: A little change in plans, Bobbie. We are going dancing at The Tango Moon. Hi, Amy.

Amy: Hi.

Bobbie: Scott, I'm not dressed for Tango Moon.

Scott: Well, I had my personal, private shopper pick something out for you. I hope it's appropriate.

Bobbie: What?

Scott: And I have some flowers. Now, Amy, would you go take these flowers and put them in the nurses' lounge --

Bobbie: What did you do?

Scott: So that Bobbie can enjoy them in the morning? Except for this flower, where she will hold this in her mouth while we dance the night away. Amy, Amy, am-scray with the flowers.

Bobbie: I don't know what to say.

Scott: Why don't you say, "Stay here while I go change into something sexy"?

Bobbie: Okay. Wait right here.

Scott: I will.

Bobbie: Scott -- thank you.

Scott: You're welcome.

Sonny: Okay, I want you looking for my sister. Don't go pulling anybody out of the car like you did last time. When you find her, just call me.

Max: All right, I'll handle it.

Jax: Evening, Sonny. You got a minute?

A.J.: I thought it'd be better if your fear was genuine.

Skye: Why now?

A.J.: Sonny paid me a visit earlier. You know, the kind veiled with threats.

Skye: Oh. About Courtney?

A.J.: I wanted to throw him out the window, Skye. But then, that could have unwelcome repercussions. So I decided getting Jax riled up enough to do it for me would be the next best thing, so -- this way I figure your situation with Jax could get a little help, too.

Skye: Hmm. Well, right now I have another situation.

Sarah: If you ever need an objective opinion or even just a sounding board, don't hesitate to call. Other than that, I'm going to butt out.

Lucky: Thank you. And I'll try not to lean on you too much. I know that you're going to be extremely busy there over at G.H. and trust me, there's going to be plenty of doctors, eligible or otherwise, just waiting to take you out.

Sarah: The last thing I need right now is a boyfriend, or even a date. I have my internship, my sister, my grandmother, a couple friends who just happen to be guys. I'm very happy. And you will be, too -- with Elizabeth.

Lucky: I'm going to make it happen.

Sarah: To you and Elizabeth and the bright road ahead of you.

Lucky: I'll drink to that.

Elizabeth: Sarah only stayed to talk to Lucky because she wants to help. She's like a gorgeous Mother Teresa. Why do you think she's driven me crazy all these years?

Gia: Great. At least one of us will sleep better tonight.

[Music plays]

Elizabeth: Sarah's not man-crazy. Men just like her.

Gia: Well, Nikolas is a man. And the last time I looked, so was Lucky.

Elizabeth: Can we just drop this, please?

Gia: Fine. It's dropped.

Elizabeth: No, wait, I like this song.

Gia: It's too retro.

Elizabeth: If you keep acting so insecure, you're going to drive Nikolas crazy.

Gia: You know, what you call insecure other people call smart. You know, Elizabeth, you can be so naive sometimes --

Elizabeth: Gia, stop! The light's red!

Gia: What?

Elizabeth: Gia!

Gia: Oh, my God! Oh, my God!


[Tires screech]

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A.J.: Grandfather is not easily handled, especially if he's got the upper hand.

Laura: What if there were a way to look into her records privately?

Roy: Break into the hospital?

Jax: This won't take long.

Sonny: Whatever you want, I can't help you.

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