GH Transcript Monday 1/14/02


General Hospital Transcript Monday 1/21/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Alexis: Why don't you and I go out on a date?

Scott: I think I'm available.

Courtney: You probably think Iím a crazy kid.

A.J.: Not at all.

Roy: What happened in Chicago is behind you.

Monica: Melissa is an excellent nurse, but I don't like the way this looks.

Jax: The fact that Edward had a heart attack isn't your fault.

Skye: Yes, it was.

 [Heart monitor beeps]

Monica: What's going on?

Alan: What's happening?

Melissa: He went into v-tach.

Edward: It's about time you two showed up.

Amy: Alan, he's in v-tach. His heart rate is 220, his blood pressure is dropping, and his S.T. is dangerously elevated.

Alan: Look, Mother's in the chapel. Please stay with her?

Ned: Alan, come with me.

Alan: No, I canít. I'm staying here with my father. Nurse Bedford, step away from the bed.

Edward: Leave her alone. She's trying to save my life.

Alan: I don't want you anywhere near my father.

Jax: Okay. Just close your eyes. You're very tense.

Skye: I don't even notice it anymore.

Jax: Just relax. Let me help you. That better?

Skye: Can I get back to you on that?

Jax: You know, Skye, it's -- it's important that we -- that you talk about this.

Skye: I talk.

Jax: Yeah? To whom?

Skye: There's A.J.

Jax: Oh, come on. A.J.'s too wrapped up in himself to hear you. You need someone who will actually listen.

Skye: Haven't you heard enough for one day?

Jax: Well, I wasn't exactly volunteering for the job, but I'd be happy to listen. Okay, the point is to say what you're feeling.

Skye: I -- I'm fine. Really. I've never been a big fan of emotional honesty, and I've gotten along just fine.

Jax: Okay, so, how fine are you at the moment?

Skye: Well, it's only temporary. Like you said, I have a lot going on.

Jax: Come on, Skye. Stop being so tough on yourself. Admit you're human like the rest of us and tell someone what you need.

Skye: I canít.

Jax: Not if you don't try. What do you want right now?

Skye: What I want I can't have.

Jax: Yes, you can.

Bobbie: So have Dr. Selwyn paged immediately to cicu because Dr. Quartermaine's waiting for him. Thank you.

Scott: Hi ya, Bobbie.

Bobbie: Hi.

Scott: You busy?

Bobbie: Not too. Oh, no.

Scott: What?

Bobbie: Oh, no, I know that look.

Scott: What look?

Bobbie: That look. You want something.

Scott: Why would you say something like that?

Bobbie: Well, because there aren't any board meetings today and Gailís already left the building. So unless you came to visit a sick friend, you came to see me, and you only do that when you want something.

Scott: That's not necessarily true, but you know what? You happen to be right in this case. I just need you to do me a favor. I need you to get me up in the psychiatric ward.

Bobbie: Oh, no problem. Getting you out might be another story, though.

Scott: No, come on, come on. Is there, like, a straitjacket around I could borrow just for a few minutes and then I'll bring it back? Or -- I just want to go away for a while.

Bobbie: What are you so desperately trying to avoid?

Scott: A date.

Bobbie: Really? With whom?

Scott: Never mind.

Bobbie: What do you mean, never mind? Who you taking out?

Scott: Alexis Davis.

[Bobbie laughs]

Bobbie: Are you nuts?

Kristina: I've narrowed down the field, but I need your input to make my final decision.

Alexis: I've already made my final decision -- I'm not going. I'm sick.

Kristina: What's wrong?

Alexis: I have pneumonia --

Kristina: Oh.

Alexis: Or dengue fever, or a metal plate in my head is picking up interstellar radio waves. Which do you think Scott will buy as an excuse why I cancel?

Kristina: Well, I take it the truth isn't an option?

Alexis: The truth -- I hadn't thought of that. What is the truth?

Kristina: The truth is that the only reason you're going out on this date is to prove you're over Ned.

Alexis: That is simply not true.

Kristina: Okay, then it's to prove you're not interested in Sonny. My question is, who are you trying so hard to prove it to?

Carly: Oh, could he be any more obvious? Look at him. Look at A.J. and the way he leans in and cocks his head every time Courtney says something. Then he gives her that smarmy smile. Then there's the shoulder to cry on and sympathetic ear. He is definitely working her. I'm sorry, Sonny. A.J. is hitting on her just because she's your sister.

Sonny: Thanks for finding her for me.

Carly: Yeah, no problem. Let's go break up the party.

Sonny: No, no, no, no, no. I'll take it from here.

Carly: What are you going to do?

A.J.: Tell me, any princes come knocking on your tower door yet?

Courtney: No. There seems to be a shortage of princes these days.

A.J.: Actually, there's a shortage of damsels in distress. All us princes are just out of practice.

Sonny: Hey, Courtney. How's it going?

Courtney: Where did you come from?

Sonny: I was coming home from Kellyís, and sometimes I cross through the park. But you got to be careful because, you know, if you make the wrong turn, you could be headed in the wrong direction. You finished with your shopping?

Courtney: No, I didn't get that far. I was cutting through the park, and I ran into A.J.

Sonny: Oh. Well, the stores are still open if you want to, you know, go check out a few.

Courtney: I'm in the middle of a conversation here with someone you don't seem to be able to see.

Sonny: Oh, no, no, I see. I see him. Let's go.

Courtney: You're being rude.

A.J.: It's okay. No, Courtney, it's okay. I'm used to it. I'll go, all right? I don't want to cause any trouble between you and your brother.

Carly: Yeah, the hell you donít. Trouble's the only thing you're good at, A.J.

Courtney: What did you do, follow me here? What, spy on me and then report back to my brother?

Carly: Look, you didn't listen to a word I said to you at Lukeís, did you? This guy -- he is a loser and a drunk, and he's playing you --

Sonny: Carly, Carly, I -- I appreciate everything you've done for me. Let's go.

Courtney: Oh, forget it.

Sonny: Let's --

Courtney: I don't -- no, I don't want to hear anything either one of you has to say.

Sonny: Let's go.

Courtney: No, I'm out of here.

A.J.: No. Donít. I'll go, all right?

Courtney: No. If you go, I'm going to go with you.

Skye: Don't make promises you can't keep.

Jax: What makes you think I am?

Skye: What makes you think you're an expert on me all of a sudden? What makes you think you know what I want?

Jax: I'm not an expert. I'm just someone you've let your guard down with once or twice -- if only by accident. You know, this isn't the first time I've seen you cry.

Skye: Well, you're -- you're an exception to the rule.

Jax: Yeah, see, that's the problem. You're not afraid to ask for help when someone's breaking into your hotel room, but you won't tell anyone what's going on inside you. You're not afraid of Sonny Corinthos, but you're scared to death to reach out to anyone. I mean, God forbid you should actually open your heart and share your feelings.

Skye: Well, I have opened my heart up, and every time I have, it's either been stomped on or stolen. After a while, you get pretty used to the pattern.

Jax: Well, then, break the pattern. Because if you don't, you'll wind up empty and alone.

Skye: Oh, isn't that what you did?

Jax: Well, it doesn't make it right.

Skye: Oh, so do as I say, not as I do?

Jax: Okay, we're not talking about me. Okay, this is about you. You need love and acceptance from your family.

Skye: It's out of my hands, okay?

Jax: And your family needs you, too.

Skye: Right, which is why they kicked me out. Which reminds me --

Jax: Listen -- I learned something pretty valuable a few years ago. There comes a point when the future is more important than the past. My father had a heart attack, and it was probably at the worst moment of our lives because I just found out that he lied to me about something crucial. And I was furious. I mean, I was certain that I'd be better off never seeing him again. And then suddenly there was the chance that I might not. And I realized that I loved him, despite the anger. So I made an effort to reconcile. It was -- was difficult, but it was worth it. And I think the Skye that I know, that I've seen, would be willing to do the same thing.

Skye: What if I was willing?

Jax: Well, I'd help you.

 [Heart monitor beeps]

Melissa: What are you talking about? This is my patient, my shift.

Alan: You are hereby relieved of your duties until further notice -- not only on this unit but on the entire floor.

Melissa: You checked with the hospital in Chicago, didn't you?

Edward: What about Chicago?

Alan: We'll discuss it later. For now, I want you out of here.

Roy: What are you doing here? What -- what's going on?

Melissa: I was just relieved of duty.

Roy: Why?

Melissa: Apparently Alan believed Skye's accusations and he checked with the hospital in Chicago.

Roy: They told him about Geoffrey Barnes?

Melissa: Apparently Alan thinks I was at fault.

Roy: But you said the board in Chicago cleared you.

Melissa: I know, but I also said that suspicion was enough.

Roy: Okay, so he's -- he's overreacting. You don't have to, right?

Melissa: I've just been banned from my own patient's room!

Roy: Melissa, the patient is his father. He's in bad shape. Alan is scared. He's just looking for someplace to vent. He'll apologize when this is over.

Melissa: And what if he doesn't? What if he thinks I'm responsible for Edwardís heart attack? You know, you were wrong when you said all the trouble in Chicago was behind me. It's following me around like some kind of dark cloud.

Roy: Okay, come on --

Melissa: I'm getting out of here before I'm arrested for something else I didn't do.

Amy: Oh, it worked. He's out of v-tach. And sinus rhythms seem to be regular.

Monica: Thank God.

Alan: Oh, thank God.

Monica: I'd like to monitor his respiratory status.

Amy: Okay.

Monica: Keep his saturation above 94%. I want a lidocaine drip, 4 mg per minute, decrease it to 2.

Amy: Right.

Monica: And draw a lido-level in four hours.

Amy: Okay.

Alan: And order a tox screen.

Monica: You heard him. And have an O.R. standing by.

Amy: Okay. You got it.

Ned: How is he?

Monica: Well, the crisis seems to have passed. How is Lila?

Ned: She's still in the chapel. She absolutely refuses to go home. She's worried.

Monica: Well, she should be.

Edward: What does that mean?

Monica: He's going to need cardiac bypass.

Ned: Then do it.

Monica: He's too unstable at the moment. And if he has any more rhythm problems before he gets to O.R., chances of saving him aren't good.

Alan: I'm so sorry, Father. I am so terribly sorry.

Edward: Well, don't stop now, for God's sake. We may not get another chance.

Edward: Speak up, man. Apologize. How close to death does a man have to be in this family to earn some respect, huh?

Alan: I can't tell you how much it hurts me to see you like this.

Edward: You can try, can't you? Where's the groveling? Would -- would a few tears kill you?

Alan: I'm so sorry, Father. I should've never let things get out of hand like this. But I swear to you I'm going to take care of you. I will protect you. I love you, Father. You can't leave me.

Edward: Ooh. A father could almost die happy after a display like that. Oh, God, what am I saying? I didn't mean that! No.

Alan: I'm going to have a word with Melissa.

Monica: You know we have no proof that she's done anything.

Alan: Look, I thought this was all Skye's fault. If it isn't, I want to know about it. Now, you sure there's nothing else that we can do?

Monica: Your father needs surgery. He's just not strong enough yet. If I could give him anything, it would be a reason to keep living.

Jax: Looks like the coast is clear. Well, go on. Make your peace.

Skye: I don't even know what to say.

Jax: Just say what's in your heart, what you're feeling.

Skye: Thank you for this. I -- I wouldn't have --

Jax: No, it's okay. Go.

Edward: What fresh hell is this?

Scott: Well, you know, Alexis asked me out. It seemed like a good idea at the time. We were at that health club on Vine.

Bobbie: Oh, yeah, yeah, that one that just opened?

Scott: Hey, you know what? Maybe the paint wasn't dry, the fumes got to me.

Bobbie: Could this have something to do with Laura?

Scott: No. Why you got to bring that up? And by the way, this is all your fault.

Bobbie: My fault?

Scott: Yeah. You're the one that gave me the spiel about starting over, getting a new life, you know?

Bobbie: Oh, Scott, for heaven's sake, it's just a date. People break them all the time. Besides, how do you know Alexis isn't having second thoughts about going out with you?

Scott: Now, why would you say that?

Alexis: What on earth was I thinking? That's just awful. Dating is barbaric. It's uncivilized. People shouldn't date. Just dinner, right? Just dinner. Two people eating together. I mean, people have to eat. That's worse than the other one. Listen, I know Scott. We're -- you know, we know each other. We're in the courtroom. We argue all the time, of course, but he's -- you know, he's reasonably attractive. He's a nice guy. I suppose that's better than the others, I guess. We're both lawyers, so we have that in common.

Kristina: Okay, so let's see -- after the fried calamari and comparing bar exam scores, what's left?

Alexis: Scotty Baldwin is left. We have absolutely nothing in common. He represents A.J. Quartermaine, who he knows is not only guilty but he's a lying, underhanded twit. I know that I have represented people knowing they were guilt. One in particular comes to mind. But they have principles and they have the right intent -- if not strict adherence to the law -- on their side. Scott will obviously take money and represent anybody for any reason -- even if he doesn't need the money because he's already wealthy, which shows that he's unprincipled. And he needs a decent haircut.

Kristina: Are you done?

Alexis: Maybe.

Kristina: Okay. If that's the way you feel, then I will go and call him for you --

Alexis: No, donít. I'm not -- I don't want to hurt his feelings. I mean, this was my idea in the first place.

Kristina: I'll tell you, it wouldn't be a bad thing for Sonny to hear about this, either.

Alexis: Number one, little sister -- I have asked you to stop that. Number two -- he wouldn't care if I went out with Mel Gibson. And number three -- even if he did, I would never resort to a tactic like that.

Kristina: So is that why you're so graciously letting Sonny's sister stay here?

A.J.: You stay; work this out with your brother. I'm the one who should go.

Carly: Then leave already. This has to be the slowest, smarmiest good-bye in history, and you're not fooling anyone, A.J. You can't even fake nobility. You're only going after Courtney because she is Sonny's sister and you want to get back at him. I cannot believe you are falling for this.

Courtney: Why should I listen to you about anything? You blew it with A.J. and my brother. You obviously don't know a whole lot about either one of them.

Sonny: Courtney, that's enough. Okay, I'll talk to you later, okay? Let's go. Come on.

Courtney: Get your hands off of me!

Sonny: Hey, hey, hey -- no, okay, okay.

A.J.: It's okay. Like I said, Sonny and I don't get along.

Carly: Did you tell her it's because you're a slimy, vindictive drunk?

A.J.: I've been totally upfront with Courtney about my drinking problem.

Carly: Oh, my God, it's worse than I thought.

Sonny: Hey, you know what? This is not the time.

Carly: Okay, you know what? I am not going to stand by and let this jerk come across like some wrongly accused saint while you sit there looking like the bad guy.

A.J.: Sorry you see it that way.

Courtney: No, no, no, stop apologizing, A.J. My brother should be the one to apologize to you.

A.J.: Sonny apologize? Never. Which is fine by me.

Carly: You have no idea what you are getting into.

Courtney: This is none of your business, so stay out of it.

A.J.: Look, Sonny, this is all completely innocent, all right? I was in the park. I bumped into your sister. It wasn't planned. It wasn't a big scheme. I saw her. I stopped. She's new in town, and I thought she could use someone to talk to.

Courtney: Which I did. And so did A.J. His grandfather happens to be in the hospital.

A.J.: Yeah, and I should get over there. Courtney, remember what I said -- never too late. It's good to see you again. Good luck.

Courtney: Thanks.

Carly: Oh, what a performance.

Courtney: Feel free to get lost.

Sonny: Okay. Don't -- you know what? Don't talk to her like that. Carly's right. You don't -- you don't know what's going on here. You don't know the history between Carly and A.J. You don't know what it took for her to stand up and try to help you. Now, she's just trying to look out for you. We both are.

Courtney: Guys have hit on me before, Sonny. I can smell it coming. So don't come around here playing big brother, okay? I can take care of myself.

Sonny: That's not the point.

Courtney: So, what's the point?

Sonny: You don't know A.J.!

Courtney: No, you don't want me to know A.J. God -- just get this through your head -- nobody tells me where I can go or what I can do or who I can and cannot talk to, whether it is some guy in the park or my own father. You know what? Here. Take this back.

Sonny: Why would I do that?

Courtney: Because I don't want you thinking that you can buy me. I don't need your money, and I don't need you, and I don't need anybody. Okay?

Sonny: No! It's not okay!

Alexis: I offered to let Courtney stay here as a favor to Sonny, that's true. The less pressure she feels, the easier it'll be for her to figure things out.

Kristina: And all the more reason for Sonny to come over here to show you his appreciation.

Alexis: It is a difficult situation for both of them, and if it helps Sonny, good. If it helps Courtney, even better.

Kristina: And Sonny is still a non-issue, right?

Alexis: If anyone should appreciate being given the opportunity to get to know a lost sibling, it should be you and me.

Kristina: Okay, you have a point. I'm sorry. Come here. Listen, wear -- wear the blue one, not the black one. It's a date, not a funeral.

Alexis: One can only hope.

Kristina: Listen, I'll tell you what -- I'll give you and Scott a little bit of time, and then, mid date, I'll call you on your cell phone, okay? And then if everything is going well Ė

Scott: And if everything's going well, I'll just hang up and pretend it's a wrong number. But if not, then I'll make up some kind of an emergency, you know, and then I'll get out of there and get home to the -- there's a James Bond marathon on, you know.

Bobbie: Oh. I'm on duty.

Scott: Wait a minute. Listen, Bobbie, if you just do this for me, I'll take you out to dinner. I'll take you out for stone crabs.

Bobbie: Hey, what makes you think I want to go out for stone crabs with you?

Scott: Oh, come on, please. Just do me this little favor, okay, and settle later?

Bobbie: Oh. Well, okay. Okay, but remember you said that.

Scott: Like you're not going to let me forget it?

Bobbie: Well -- have a good time, babe.

Scott: Sadist.

[Bobbie laughs]

Roy: You have to beg the question. And then when you prove your innocence, you know, they'll have to back down. It's better that way. You got it out in the open.

Melissa: Yeah? Isn't that what somebody said about Pandora ís Box?

Roy: Well, I never did unders --

Alan: Melissa -- I need to talk to you -- alone.

Roy: She already told me that you ordered her off this floor.

Alan: Did she tell you why? Did she tell you about a former patient of hers known as Geoffrey Barnes?

Roy: She told me all about him -- how she helped him, befriended him, was acquitted of any wrongdoing in his case.

Melissa: It was an unfounded accusation, and there was -- there was an investigation. I was cleared.

Alan: You mean like with Joseph Sorel?

Monica: Oh, Alan -- the tox screen results are going to be in before Edward goes to O.R.

Melissa: Excuse me. The tox screen?

Monica: Yes. It's a precaution.

Melissa: You actually think I did something to your father.

Alan: I just want to make sure you didnít. That isn't a crime boss laying in there. That is my father. He changed his will, you became a beneficiary, and he had a heart attack. If he dies, I want to make sure I know who is or is not responsible.

Skye: Believe it or not, I don't want you to die. I wouldn't even be here right now if it weren't for Jax. He insisted that I come, try to make things right, ask for your forgiveness. I don't know. Maybe I -- I would if I thought that would actually do some good.

Edward: Well, you can try, can't you?

Skye: Jax is a good man. Too good, maybe. He's kind and generous and -- well, much too gracious to realize that you're none of those things.

Edward: What kind of apology is that?

Skye: And as long as I'm here, I do have a confession to make.

Edward: Oh, go right ahead. Confess away.

Ned: If you're looking for Grandmother, she's still in the chapel.

Jax: Actually, I came with Skye. She wanted to see Edward.

Ned: Skye is in there? What are you thinking? I want her out of there -- now.

Skye: Jax gives you and me both way too much credit. I'll never forgive you, and you'll always be against me. But Jax -- Jax is with me. He actually believes that I'm worth something.

Edward: For a corporate raider, he can be extremely naive.

Skye: Jax is on my side, and that is where he is going to stay. I don't care how many lies I have to tell or how many mystery intruders I have to invent. Jax -- I don't care how many times he has to come rescue me. It's worth it.

Edward: What a wonderful, wonderful gift. Now, if that isn't a confession worth living for -- ho-ho-ho -- I don't know what is.

Monica: There are some disconcerting similarities about what happened in Chicago and what is happening here.

Roy: Nothing happened in Chicago. It was an unfounded accusation. Melissa was cleared.

Melissa: I don't know how many different ways I can say it. I didn't do anything to your father except for try to help him and -- and be a little understanding. I mean, I've done everything I can to try to get him to write me out of this ridiculous will.

Alan: Barnes left you money and a lake house. Did you keep it?

Melissa: The money -- there was nothing. And the house -- it was more like a cabin. I --

Alan: Did you keep it?

Melissa: Yes.

Roy: You -- you -- you people need to get real here. If Melissa were really some gold digging angel of death, why would she be working double shifts here and dating an ex-con?

Alan: How do I know you're not in on it?

Roy: If she really wanted Edwardís money, she could've left him to die there in the hotel room and collected already, Alan.

Alan: I have a witness. My daughter saw Melissa in the room with my father.

Roy: So what? I'm sure half a dozen people saw her go up the stairs. So what? She wasn't trying to hide it. She didn't do anything wrong.

Alan: My order stands. You're suspended until further notice. I'm sorry.

Melissa: You know what? You should be sorry. I haven't done anything wrong. Geoffrey Barnes was treated horribly by his family, and they were the ones who were after his money. And as far as your father goes, God knows how long he would've been lying there before one of you would've bothered checking on him! And as far as your suspension, forget it. I quit!

Roy: I feel for you, Alan. It's terrifying to face the death of a parent. But you are not honoring Edward or yourself by taking that fear out on an innocent person.

Monica: Look, maybe this is getting a little out of hand. I know you want to believe Skye --

Alan: Don't you have anything to do?

Jax: Look, Edward has nothing to fear from Skye.

Ned: It's not a coincidence that he had a heart attack after she stole his company.

Jax: She's his granddaughter, Ned. She deserves to make her peace with him. So does anyone else in the family.

Ned: No, she's not like anyone else in this family. She's worse.

Edward: Go ahead, please. We have no secrets between us. Tell me all about your plans for our friend Mr. Jacks.

Skye: Jax isn't simply powerful or handsome. He cares. And with Jax by my side, I won't need a thing from any of you ever again.

[Edward chuckles]

Edward: That is very neat and tidy -- except for one little thing Ė [missing] planning.

Ned: If you want to play sucker for Skye, go right ahead, but not here. My grandfather is seriously ill, and I am not going to let that snake make him any worse.

Alan: What's going on?

Ned: Skye is in there.

Alan: What are you doing here?

Skye: Visiting with my grandfather. Don't worry, Dad. I won't need to come back. I've already swept my side of the street.

Jax: You okay?

Skye: No, not really.

Jax: What can I do?

Skye: You can take me away from here. It's all so angry and depressing.

Jax: Leave it to me.

Monica: Well, I'm sure it's a coincidence, but since Skye's been here, Edwardís condition has improved. He's stable enough to operate.

Edward: And make it snappy. I have some unfinished business to take care of -- with all of you.

Kristina: And the award for most stunningly reluctant date goes to -- Alexis Davis.

Alexis: Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm -- I'm so surprised and --

Kristina: Yay.

Alexis: That I'm unprepared and I'm speechless, except to say that you are really weird.

[Kristina laughs]

Alexis: What men would ever get mixed up with either one of us?

Kristina: Oh, I think I could name a few. Ahem.

Alexis: Any of them that stand a chance?

Kristina: Oh, absolutely. They just need a little encouragement.

Alexis: Is that what you're doing with Ned?

Kristina: I don't know what I'm doing with Ned, except I'm having a good time with him, which I think you should be having a good time, too.

Alexis: I don't know if tonight is going to fall into that category.

Kristina: You would be surprised.

Alexis: Okay.

Kristina: You know what? You know what I think would look really good with that outfit? Remember that diamond bracelet that I borrowed from you a few nights ago? I think that would go perfectly, and I'm going to go get that for you.

Alexis: Oh, yes. I think that's going to make all the difference in the world.

[Knock on door]

Kristina: You ready?

[Knock on door]

Kristina: I'll get it. Here. Hello.

Scott: Hi. Is Alexis around?

Kristina: Oh, I don't know. Let me go check. I'm just kidding. You must be Scott.

Scott: Yeah.

Kristina: Come on in.

Alexis: Don't pay any attention to my sister. This is Kristina.

Scott: How are you?

Kristina: Good.

Scott: Well, you look good.

Alexis: Oh. Well, thank you. So do you.

Scott: And you really look good in that sort of Caribbean blue.

Alexis: Oh, well, thank you again. So, how you doing?

Scott: I'm sneaking by. How are you?

Alexis: Oh -- pretty good. I'm hungry, so let's say we eat.

Scott: Sure, let's go.

Alexis: Okay.

Scott: See you.

Kristina: Have a good time. Don't worry about coming home late, okay?

Alexis: Call me.

Kristina: Okay. Bye.

[Phone rings]

Kristina: Hello. Ned? Hi. You sound terrible. What's wrong?

Ned: Um -- Grandfather had a heart attack, and they're prepping him for surgery right now.

Kristina: Oh, my God. Um --

Ned: I just thought you might want to know. After all, you -- you do know him.

Kristina: Okay, you know what? I'm going to come over there. Hang tight. I'll be right there. All right.

Sonny: I understand you don't appreciate being told what to do.

Courtney: Do you?

Sonny: No, but I -- but I know the city. I know the places and the people that are dangerous. You donít.

Courtney: I can figure it out for myself. I've been doing it all my life.

Sonny: Well, you haven't had a brother all your life. I have a history with these people. Some are good. Some arenít. I just don't want to have you go through some heartaches. She doesn't, either. Now, listen, can we go somewhere, work this out, no matter how uncomfortable it is? You haven't eaten all day. I could take you to the P.C. Grill. We can have some dinner. Just the two of us.

Courtney: Sure. Why not?

Sonny: Okay. Now, put your money away. Can you give me one second?

Carly: I will butt out, I swear.

Sonny: Oh, no, no. You know what? You did -- you tried and -- you know, you tried to help. I appreciate that.

Carly: You're welcome. Hey, Sonny, be careful with her. Make her understand about A.J. But you know what? It's not going to be easy. She seems to be a little stubborn -- like her brother.

Sonny: Like somebody else I know.

Courtney: Great. I'm glad I caught you.

Sonny: Okay, you ready?

Courtney: You bet.

Melissa: I just feel like packing it all up and just getting the hell out of dodge.

Roy: Yeah, yeah, running makes sense. You leave this unresolved. Then it can come back and haunt you on the next job you take.

Melissa: I see what you're doing.

Roy: Telling the truth, you mean? You are as wonderful a nurse as you are a person, one of the kindest, most capable human beings I've ever met. Everybody from bikers to bears, little old ladies down the hall -- there's nobody who doesn't see the goodness in you.

Melissa: Except for the Doctors Quartermaine.

Roy: So? Don't you want to stay and -- and fight for the life you've built here? The life you've built with me?

Melissa: When you put it that way, I don't know what choice I have.

Monica: Edward's vitals are weak but they're holding.

Ned: Well, that's encouraging, right?

Monica: I'll be honest with you, Ned. There are no guarantees. Oh, by the way, the tox screen showed nothing out of the ordinary. And I'm going to observe, so I got to go scrub.

Alan: How's Mother?

Ned: She refuses to go home.

Alan: I'm going to go sit with her in the chapel.

Ned: That's a good idea. She may not say it, but she really needs you right now.

Alan: Right now I need her more than that.

Ned: A.J. is the one who should be here right now. I mean, even Skye showed up. Where the hell is Junior?

Carly: Oh, you snake. I knew you would come back looking for her.

A.J.: Whatever you have to say, I'm not interested.

Carly: Yeah? Well, you better damn well get interested, A.J., because I have one thing to say and I am only going to say it once, so you damn well better listen.

Scott: So, what do you say we start out with a little calamari?

Alexis: I'm allergic to calamari.

[Phone rings]

Scott: Hello?

Alexis: Hello?

Scott: Hello?

Alexis: Hello?

Scott: Hello?

Alexis: Occupational hazard.

Scott: Don't I know it.

Mike: Hi.

Courtney: Hi.

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Mike: Courtney called and invited me.

Courtney: We have to work through this, no matter how uncomfortable it gets, right?

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Jax: Why don't you just move back into the room upstairs?

Carly: You are only going after Courtney because she is Sonny's sister.

A.J.: Couldn't be further from the truth, Carly.

Courtney: You say you want to work things out. How are we supposed to do that if you won't even sit down at the table?

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