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General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/15/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Lucky: We can imagine that we're meeting for the first time.

Elizabeth: I guess it's worth a try.

Helena: Once you have the power and the money, what was once clear will become gray.

Alexis: If the two of you are happy together, I'm not going to stand in your way.

Jax: I've had real love. I can't imagine ever feeling like that again.

Nikolas: It's something I want to do. Okay, fine, it's a charitable write-off. Forget the bottom line. And while you're at it, forget the tax benefits, forget the PR. We'll get, and forget about the fact that there's a chance we might actually help somebody. No, you know what-- let me tell you something -- I know enough to know that you work for me. Now, you want to think for yourself, you do that with your own money. Now, you either get this done or I will find somebody else.

Gia: Who was that?

Nikolas: Oh, one of our business managers. It's not important.

Gia: No, I mean who was that guy I was just watching on the phone? I didn't recognize him. It definitely wasn't the man I agreed to marry. What happened to him?

Man: Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Cassadine. I've been reviewing the Kowloon property in Hong Kong. Uh --

Stefan: You should take it to Nikolas. In fact, direct all business matters to him from now on.

Man: Well, I assume you'll maintain some position running the estate?

Stefan: The estate belongs to Nikolas. My role as trustee is finished.

Man: Yes, Sir.

Alan: Father!

Edward: Doesn't anyone knock anymore? What are you doing here?

Alan: You have to take better care of yourself.

Edward: Well, thank you, Alan, but I already have a conscience.

Alan: Please, please, put that away. I've got to tell you something, Sir. I feel terrible. We all do. I don't know how things have gotten this far.

Edward: Now, look, if you have come to berate me yet again, you can just stop wasting your time and mine.

Alan: No, I've come to apologize. My behavior is inexcusable. You have every right to be angry.

Edward: I am, and I don't need your approval.

Alan: You need to understand something -- I don't have your strength, I don't have your wisdom. It has taken me my whole life to appreciate you, but I do now.

Edward: Your words are very pretty, Alan, but they ring hollow.

Alan: No, they're not hollow.

Edward: Huh?

Alan: They're not. Let me tell you what I did. I got rid of Skye. I threw her out. She's gone. I want you to come back. The whole family does. I swear to you, things are going to be different.

[Phone rings]

Edward: Hello? Oh. Oh, yes, young lady. Yes, the trays are still up here in my room and, as the owner of this hotel, I will keep them as long as I want to, hmm? And I'd like for you to send up some antacid. Those lousy cheese blintzes have given me heartburn. And soon.

Edward: Hello. It's Edward Quartermaine. Are you busy?

Alan: Go ahead, say it.

Monica: Oh, Alan, if this is about Skye --

Alan: No, it's about all of us. It's about my father, who is a bitter, vindictive man who would say or do anything to make a point. It's about my daughter, who is a self-serving, conniving con artist who would hurt anybody, including me. And me, I get my head stuck in the sand and I refuse to look at it. So go ahead, what are you waiting for? Tell me. I'm a fool. Say, "I told you so." Oh.

Skye: Good morning.

Jax: Well, certainly seems to be.

Skye: So, would you like to come to bed?

Alexis: Oy. Ow. Okay.

Kristina: Good morning.

Alexis: Morning.

Kristina: What happened to you?

Alexis: Nothing.

Kristina: That doesn't look like nothing. It looks like you can't move your body.

Alexis: I'm fine. Ow.

Kristina: Did you get into an accident? You know, I could tell. I could tell that you were upset last night. Are you okay?

Alexis: I wasn't upset.

Kristina: You were probably distracted and you went driving --

Alexis: I wasn't upset, I wasn't distracted. I went to a gym and now I'm a little sore.

Kristina: You went to a gym? You have never gone to a gym.

Alexis: Well, that's because I hate gyms. They're hell on earth and Mr. Nautilus is a sick and twisted man.

Kristina: Hmm, if you weren't upset, then why in the world would you go to a gym?

Alexis: Because it's healthy.

Kristina: And?

Alexis: Because I'm vain and I want to look good.

Kristina: And?

Alexis: Because I wanted to go someplace new and meet new people and I had an undeniable urge to hit something -- you know, the usual reasons people go to do things impulsively that they swore that they would never do. Oh. I'm stuck. Help me. Help. Kristina, I can't move. You going to sit there?

Jax: You're -- you're inviting me to come to bed?

Skye: I thought something soft and warm might sound inviting after you slept in the chair all night, if you managed any sleep at all.

Jax: Oh, well, that's very thoughtful.

Skye: I knew you were up early. I heard you checking the doors and the windows.

Jax: He didn't come back.

Skye: Who?

Jax: Your intruder. He didn't come back.

Skye: Yeah, well, maybe that's because he knew you were here in the room with me. As much as I hate to admit it, I did feel safer with you here.

Jax: Why would you hate to admit that?

Skye: I make it a rule not to rely on any man.

Jax: Oh, well, I consider it a business decision. You know, an employer looking after his valued employee. Preserving a corporate asset, so to speak. Yeah. Oh, you know, you were right about that chair.

Skye: Oh. Oh, you know what, come here.

Jax: What? Oh, come on. Oh, you don't have to do this.

Skye: Oh. Call it a business decision. A thank-you to a valued employer from a grateful corporate asset, so to speak. I hope you find my work satisfactory?

Jax: You know how you can really satisfy me?

Skye: I think I'd like to know.

Jax: Get those papers that we went over on Monday to London with the amendments before lunch. That's lunch their time. You know what? I'll get hotel security to check for fingerprints --

Skye: Oh, no. You've really done quite enough. I can handle it.

Jax: Okay. Well, then in that case, I'll get going, and thank you.

Skye: Jax? Thanks for last night. You were really great.

Ned: Skye Chandler-Quartermaine. The gift that just keeps on giving.

Edward: Hmm.

[Knock on door]

Edward: Come in.

Melissa: Mr. Quartermaine, hi. You said it was urgent. But I have to tell you, if this has anything to do with that ridiculous --

Edward: All in good time, my dear. I'm glad you could be here. Come on in.

Melissa: What are you doing?

Edward: Well, I'm celebrating, of course.

Melissa: Celebrating? You're a heart patient. You're supposed to be taking it easy.

Edward: Look around you, my dear. How much easier can it get?

Melissa: You're smoking! You're smoking and you're drinking and -- what is that?

Edward: Well, those are some cheese blintzes that didn't really agree with me very well, and I'm going to order something else and you'll join me.

Melissa: You stop right now. Your behavior is unacceptable and it is outrageous and it is dangerous. I'm not going to let you do this to yourself.

Edward: What difference does it make? I have no family. It doesn't matter what I do.

Monica: I love you. The only thing I get out of seeing you hurt is hurt myself. I know how difficult it was to stand up to Edward and to Skye.

Alan: Difficult doesn't even begin to cover it.

Monica: I'm not going to pretend I didn't want Skye out of this house, and I am furious that Edward even thought about having A.J. arrested, but you're not to blame for any of this.

Alan: I called the hotel to check on my father. He's in his favorite room, having a great time driving the staff absolutely crazy.

Monica: Well, are you surprised?

Alan: You would think that he would show just a little bit of remorse, but he's not sorry. He's rewarding himself.

Monica: Because he feels he's justified in all of this.

Alan: He's my father and I love him, but, Monica, something has got to change or I'm not living in this house with him anymore.

Monica: I'd like to get that same assurance from Skye, preferably in writing.

Alan: I hate what Skye did. I thought we were building a relationship, and all the time it was nothing but a manipulation. But I can't deal with everything at one time. I got to take care of Father first.

Monica: How?

Alan: Something drastic, certainly after that last stunt.

Lila: Perhaps I should have something to say about it since it involves my husband.

Gia: I've never heard you speak that way to anyone before, except when you're trying to fool Helena.

Nikolas: I'm sorry.

Gia: Don't apologize to me. Call whoever that was back and tell them.

Nikolas: He works for me, Gia. It was business, that's all.

Gia: Not the way you handled it. Apologize. Tell them you were upset. Tell them it wasn't you. Because it wasn�t.

Nikolas: You're right. You're right. I --

Gia: Is it Lucky?

Nikolas: I don't -- maybe. I don't -- maybe it is, I suppose.

Gia: Look, you can't keep blaming yourself for what happened at Lucky and Elizabeth�s wedding. I mean, it blew up because of something that they did, not because of anything --

Nikolas: Gia, Gia, it is more than the wedding. It's me. I just -- I feel like --

Gia: You feel what?

Nikolas: Like I'm being pulled under, the same way Helena said I would, and I don't want you pulled under with me.

Stefan's voice: "Father's out riding with Stavros. I could've gone with them, but I'm not interested. I don't want to hear about my place in the family. I'll never be one of them. This island, the Cassadine traditions, all the ancient rules and codes -- when I'm grown, I'll break away from them and make a life that's my own."

Melissa: You haven't lost your family.

Edward: My family turned me out. They want nothing more to do with me.

Melissa: I thought you walked out on them.

Edward: No one has even called me to see how I am.

Melissa: Well, you disinherited most of your family and then you almost sent your two grandchildren to jail. As far as I can tell, you've done just about everything you can to alienate your entire family, and now you're wondering why no one's here?

Edward: You just don't understand, do you?

Melissa: I do understand.

Edward: No, no, you don�t.

Melissa: You've put me in the middle of this and jeopardized my whole career. Edward, I work for your son. Now I'm under a cloud of suspicion. You know, you've been unfair to me as well as to your family.

Edward: You know, I was thinking -- there is an upside to this whole mess because if I keel over, you're going to be a very rich woman.

Melissa: Okay, now, you stop that right now. I'm serious. This is just a horrible game. Horrible. Except it's not a game anymore, and you're all too stubborn to call it off.

Edward: I told you, they just don't care!

Melissa: Edward, no one wants anything bad to happen to you.

Edward: Look, I have a daughter. Tracy? Hmm? A few years back, I had a coronary and she didn't lift a finger to help me. Now, I was faking --

Melissa: Oh --

Edward: But she actually would've let me die.

Melissa: Okay. Please, you have to stop this, all right? Your family is too important to lose, believe me. Believe me, I know.

Edward: Are you sure you won't let me adopt you?

Melissa: Oh, Edward. Oh, I'm going to go now.

Edward: What?

Melissa: And no more cigars.

Edward: Okay.

Melissa: Bye.

Skye: You old goat.

Edward: Skye.

Skye: And you, little nursey. Well, I've just about had it with you.

Nikolas: I love you. You know that.

Gia: And I love you. So why are you trying so hard not to tell me what's hurting you?

Nikolas: It was something my grandmother said to me.

Gia: Since when do you listen to Helena?

Nikolas: Well, you know, Gia, it was really something I couldn't ignore. She said that I would find myself starting to use the Cassadine wealth to make things happen the way I want.

Gia: And that's a bad thing?

Nikolas: No, not at first. But then she said I would also find myself starting to enjoy using my position selfishly to my own advantage.

Gia: You couldn't.

Nikolas: I just did on the phone. You heard that.

Gia: You lost your temper. That doesn't make you a power-crazed maniac, no matter what Helena says. You know, yes, okay, part of Stavros is in you. But you are not like him. You are not your father.

Nikolas: Maybe not. But my family has a long legacy of pushing people around, Gia.

Gia: Well, you won�t. You're your own person, with your own mind and your own heart. And you beat Helena. She lost and she can't stand that. That's why she's trying everything she can to make you believe that you're cursed or something. Just don't buy into it.

Nikolas: Do you know that I have been told who I am and what my life will be ever since I could walk? Corruption. That is my family. No one has ever been able to escape that.

Gia: That is not true. What about Alexis? What about Kristina?

Kristina: How did you strain your back? Were you throwing punches?

Alexis: You know what? I feel much better, thanks. Ow.

Kristina: You know, Alexis, you need to ease into a workout routine. I mean, if I would've known that you were going to the gym last night, I would've insisted on coming with you.

Alexis: I did perfectly fine all by myself. I even made a date.

Kristina: Really? With who?

Alexis: He's another attorney. His name is Scott Baldwin. It's, you know, nothing. I just want to have some fun.

Kristina: Hmm. And that is exactly how I feel about Ned.

Alexis: Okay.

Kristina: Look, you keep on insisting that you're okay with this whole situation, and I'm not saying that you're not being honest about it, but --

Alexis: If I seem reluctant about you dating Ned --

Kristina: Which you are.

Alexis: I wasn't -- I'm surprised that you would be -- well, I didn't think he was your type. But apparently he is. Well, I just -- when did this happen and how could I have missed it?

Kristina: You probably need to stretch your muscles so you don't become stiff tomorrow morning.

Alexis: Kristina --

Kristina: Come on.

Alexis: Honey?

Kristina: Alexis, don't avoid this. You need to stretch.

Alexis: How do you feel about Ned? Kristina, how do you feel about Ned?

Ned: Think about what you're doing, Jax. Fine, so Skye helped you get your hands on E.L.Q. Take the victory and move on. Keep going.

Jax: Skye happens to be a beautiful woman who I happen to do business with, okay? Now, despite the fact that she can be the most annoying person in the world, she's actually starting to grow on me.

Ned: Then you don't know her nearly as well as you think you do.

Jax: Don't tell me you're afraid that I might actually fall for your evil cousin. Come on, Ned, give me a little more credit than that.

Ned: I used to. All right, five more.

Jax: Look, I know what Skye�s about, okay?

Ned: Then you need to understand what she's not, okay? It's an ever-expanding list of words, including trustworthy, honest, sincere.

Jax: You know what? I don't seem to have a problem with her. Maybe it's because I'm honest and straightforward with her. You know, perhaps you should try that.

Ned: See, I think you've been working too hard and your mind is starting to play tricks on you.

Jax: Oh.

Ned: So I tell you what, we'll go out tonight. You get yourself a date. Anyone but Skye.

Jax: Yeah, and who are you going to take?

Ned: Kristina.

Jax: What?

Ned: Kristina.

Monica: I'll leave you two alone.

Alan: Father's fine. He's over at the hotel, ordering everybody around, enjoying himself immensely. I spoke to them earlier on.

Lila: But you didn't speak with Edward? Why not?

Alan: Because I don't know what to say to him, I feel so bad about this situation. I'm so upset with him. What about you?

Lila: I love your father, but I hate what he did.

Alan: Yeah, I feel the same way about Skye. What's really troubling me is I don't know how to resolve things.

Lila: Time is running out, Alan. I fear for this family. I'm afraid this is going to end badly.

Edward: Skye, you aren't welcome here.

Skye: I can see why. You thought you were going to make it out in time, didn't you, but you weren't quite fast enough.

Edward: Ms. Bedford and I have done nothing to be ashamed of.

Skye: Well, I'm clear on the fact that Melissa�s not ashamed. She's probably quite proud of her morning's work.

Edward: You're making a fool of yourself, Skye. Now, you apologize to her immediately.

Skye: You give new meaning to the word hypocrite, you know that? You were about to send me off to jail for blackmailing you. Well, I wasn't so far wrong about Janine, was I? You obviously have a thing for gold-digging blonds.

Melissa: Oh, Skye, get your mind out of the gutter and show some respect for your grandfather.

Skye: Oh, I know what kind of respect you have. I didn't think you were interested in my grandfather or his money. Well, how quickly that tune changed, not that I'm surprised.

Melissa: I think I'll go. Would you like me to call security?

Edward: Oh, no, I can handle her. Thank you for visiting me.

Melissa: I'll see you soon.

Edward: All right.

Skye: I am not through with you, not yet.

Jax: You know, when I said for you to look after Kristina, I -- I didn't mean date her.

Ned: Relax. Alexis assures me that she is completely okay with it.

Jax: And you believe her? Come on, Ned, you were going to marry her.

Ned: That was over a year ago. It's time to move on.

Jax: That's what you call moving on, by dating her little sister? One more.

Man: Mr. Ashton, Mr. Jacks? We had a new member in here last night and she put the two of you down as references.

Ned: Who?

Man: An Alexis Davis? One of the staffers found this this morning. Ms. Davis must have dropped it last night.

Ned: Alexis has a membership to this club?

Jax: Or any health club.

Man: Is there something wrong?

Ned: Well, I just find it a little hard to believe. I mean, this place is her idea of hell.

Man: Couldn't be that bad. She signed up for three years.

Ned: Three years? Well, I'll be seeing her later today, so I'll be happy to give her the card.

Man: Cool. Thanks.

Ned: Okay. Wow. Maybe Kristina�s rubbing off on her.

Jax: You know, why don't you just ask Alexis yourself? I mean, you know, because you're going to have the perfect opportunity when you go to pick up her little sister tonight for your date.

Ned: All right. So it's a little strange.

Jax: No, no, no, no. No, no, it's -- it's more than a little, okay?

Kristina: You're stalling, Alexis, come on.

Alexis: I'm not stalling, I'm just not participating.

Kristina: No, stretching will help you. All u have to do is follow my lead. Whoo! Come on, if you do it now, you're going to feel a lot better tomorrow.

Alexis: Oh. Ow. Kristina, I really wish you wouldn't do this.

Kristina: Well, you should've thought of that last night before you overdid it.

Alexis: I thought about a lot of things last night. Mostly about you. How do you feel about Ned?

Kristina: You know what? I'm not having this conversation with you.

Alexis: Why not?

Kristina: About a million reasons why not.

Alexis: Obviously, the two of you are hitting it off.

Kristina: Ned is one of the good guys. All right? I mean, he's smart and funny and, you know, can sometimes be daring and adventurous.

Alexis: Adventurous? Ned?

Kristina: Yeah, Ned. You're my priority, above and beyond anything. Coming here, meeting you, meeting my real family, my real home -- that's at the top of my list. And if you want me to back off from Ned, I have no problem doing that, honestly. You're what is most important to me. You're forever.

Alexis: I feel the same way about you.

[Phone rings]

Alexis: Hello?

Stefan: Alexis. Am I getting you at a bad time?

Alexis: Stefan? No.

Stefan: Good. Is -- is Kristina there with you?

Alexis: Yeah, she's right here.

Stefan: Listen, I wonder if you and Kristina could come to Wyndemere to see me. It's important.

Alexis: Are you all right? What's going on?

Stefan: I'll explain when you get here.

Kristina: What is it?

Alexis: Stefan wants us to go to Wyndemere now.

Gia: You know what I think? Between Lucky and the estate, you're trying to do too much. You should take a step back.

Nikolas: I have responsibilities. You know, the estate doesn't run itself.

Gia: Well, so let Stefan handle a few things, delegate some responsibility. Isn't that part of being rich, I mean, having people do things for you?

Nikolas: Come here. You're right, okay? You're right; maybe I am spread a little too thin, putting so much focus on this business, you know, when all I want to do is help Lucky.

Gia: Well, do what you want to do, Nikolas. I mean, if your heart is telling you to help your brother, then you should.

Nikolas: You know, I was thinking of taking Lucky and Elizabeth away for a while. I promised them this trip to Paris, you know, and I think it might be good for them to see someplace new and let them think for a while. Maybe we could use some time away, hmm?

Gia: You're amazing, you know that?

Nikolas: Of course I do.

Gia: Just one more thing.

Nikolas: What's that?

Gia: Do we get a private jet?

Nikolas: You can have anything you want.

Gia: That smile. That's what I want.

Nikolas: Yeah, "that smile."

Alan: I don't know how things got this bad, Mother. I really don't. Father and Skye have to take responsibility for their own actions. Until they do, this family will continue to fall apart.

Lila: I will support whatever decision you make, even if Edward has to live in the hotel indefinitely.

Alice: A Mrs. Pierpont of the garden club? She's waiting in the living room.

Lila: Oh, thank you, Alice.

Alan: Hey, you. You know, my father never wanted me to be a doctor. I fought him tooth and nail all the way through medical school. And then finally when I graduated, he puts me in front of a window, just like this one, he says, "Close your eyes." And when I open my eyes, outside is the most beautiful sports car with a red bow on it. I couldn't believe it. I mean, it was the most incredible gift from this man. And he says to me, "If you are determined to waste your life, at least you should be successful, and people will trust a doctor who has a nice car." I'm saying to myself, "I think this man gets it. He really feels for me." But I had -- I had no idea what lengths he would go to to protect me with that warped mind of his. I mean, Monica, he sold my child.

Monica: What are you going to do?

Edward: All right, out, Skye, or I will call security.

Skye: Must have been quite a party. Oh, yeah, your little nurse has quite the taste for the fine things in life.

Edward: You are disgusting.

Skye: And you're despicable. Lila really should know the kind of man she's married to.

Edward: Go ahead and tell her, for all the joy it gives you to hurt yet another family member. Add this to the lies that you've told us since you crashed into our miserable lives on that terrible day.

Skye: You made me who I am, Grandfather. You sold me to avoid any unpleasantness, which really does a number on your self-esteem, really makes you trusting of human nature.

Edward: Oh, that's right. Now, you blame me. Oh, God forbid you take any responsibility yourself!

Skye: You didn't take any responsibility for me, did you? No, you got rid of me so there wouldn't be any whispering behind your back at the country club. Well, I can't wait to hear what the resort crowd has to say once I tell them about your little nurse!

Edward: You know what? You are a liar and a manipulator! And what's more, you were a mistake. You were a mistake from the start and you are still a mistake after all these years!

Skye: Look at you. Your family has finally turned their back on you -- for good, if there's any justice. I hope you spend the rest of your miserable life alone, just like you made sure that I started mine. I hope it's hell for you. I hope you suffer. Because you deserve every lousy second!

Jax: They're sisters, Ned.

Ned: I admit it's awkward.

Jax: No, try insensitive and -- it's doomed from the start.

Ned: Why? It's obvious Alexis is over me.

Jax: Are you crazy? I know how much Alexis loved you, okay? She doesn't get attached to people too easily and she stays loyal. I mean, look, she's still loyal to Stefan even after what he did to her.

Ned: He happens to be her brother.

Jax: Okay, it's a bad example. Then take me, okay? I was her husband in a fake marriage, yet she still cares about me. She argues with me, she tells me stuff that, you know, that I don't really -- I don't really want to know, I don't care to hear.

Ned: That's great. I'm happy for you.

Jax: Okay, my point is if she cares that much about me, a man she never loved, how do you think she feels about you? Huh?

Ned: We can't make it work. We tried. You have no idea how hard we tried. Alexis spent her entire life living in the shadows of the Cassadines. And that really is the big part of the problem between us. And Kristina has none of that. She's smart, she's funny, classy, she stands up for herself, she's stubborn. You know, maybe a little too stubborn. She's got a good heart, she's beautiful.

Jax: In other words, she's Alexis without the excess baggage.

Alexis: Hey, what's going on?

Kristina: Is something wrong?

Nikolas: Not that I'm aware of. What are you doing here?

Kristina: Well, Stefan called and said to come over.

Nikolas: I haven't seen him all morning. Did he say what this might be about?

Alexis: He said it was important.

Stefan: It is.

Alexis: Are you all right?

Stefan: There's something I need to share with all of you.

Skye: Good morning, all. Is there any coffee left? Oh, I just heard the news about Grandfather, and I have to tell you, I was so relieved that you asked him to move out.

Alan: Were you?

Skye: Well, yeah, this means that you took my side after all. Now can we get back to the way things were?

Alan: Skye, things are never going back to the way they were. They are going to change dramatically. And the first thing that happens is you move out.

Edward: Oh! Oh! The phone.

Edward: Oh, God.

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