GH Transcript Wednesday 12/12/01


General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 12/12/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Zander: If there's a chance for me and Emily to get back together, you got to help me, man.

A.J.: Either Janine and Sonny or Janine and Mike have a connection.

Carly: I'll do whatever I can to help you.

Laura: Well, may I ask who that was?

Luke: I'm going to have to take off.

Laura: I can't tell you, Amy.

Amy: Oh!

Laura: Hey, Amy!

Amy: Then why did I even bother going shopping with you this morning?

Laura: Because you wanted to avoid the crowds.

Amy: Elton, could you please tell me why my sister turned down Scotty’s marriage proposal?

Elton: Oh, please. It's very distressing. I can't even think about it without taking a sedative.

Amy: No kidding. He is rich, he is --

Elton and Amy: Handsome.

Amy: He's smart.

Elton: He loves his little girl, you know that.

Amy: Absolutely.

Elton: He's very successful.

Amy: He's a great catch. What isn't there to love about that guy?

Laura: Did Phillipe call?

Elton: Oh, yes, five minutes ago. He sent the samples in the overnight. They ought to be on your desk by noon.

Laura: Great.

Elton: Now, you have a meeting with Seghers-McAlpine at 10:00, Lewis at 11:00. Oh, a lunch with mars. McCaffey at noon. That old battleaxe, she frightens me. Now, the sales reps will be expecting phone calls from 1:00 to 3:00.

Laura: Sounds right.

Elton: Now, your meeting with the web site representative --

Laura: Web site rep.

Elton: Is at 3:00 sharp, and the teleconference with Singapore --

Laura: Singapore.

Elton: Is pushed back to 5:30 -- what? Has my schedule become so predictable?

Laura: No, I didn't mean that at all. I'm sorry. I -- I -- it's me. I have the holiday blues.

[Phone rings]

Elton: Oh, oh, coming. Well, cheer up. You have time for bungee jumping between 4:00 and 5:00.


Amy: You know, Laura, I would think with all the chaos that's been going on for the past few months, you would like a nice, calm day of bungee jumping.

Luke: Heads up, boys. Time for travel. Clive, you've had enough. Here's to a successful trip. Ah! Okay, passports, cash --

Roy: Whoa, whoa. Hey.

Luke: Hey.

Melissa: Hey.

Roy: What -- what are you doing?

Luke: I'm packing. What's up with you?

Roy: Blame Melissa.

Melissa: We are decorating, and if you don't like it, we'll just decorate Roy’s half of the club and --

Luke: Go right ahead. Deck the halls. See if I care.

Roy: What happened to Luke the scrooge?

Luke: Oh, he's alive and well, never fear.

Melissa: Luke?

Luke: Mm-hmm?

Melissa: Is there something you want to tell us?

Luke: Me and the boys are going out a mission.

Melissa: I don't know if you should do that, you know. You were sick not too long ago. I don't know if you should be traveling.

Luke: She worries about me, Roy. That is so sweet.

Roy: Yeah, well, she doesn't know you like I do. She's never had to bail you out of Turkey in the middle of the night. Who's the victim of this latest con, anyway? You got --

Luke: Well --

Roy: Oh, wait a minute, this is about Laura. You're going to try to win her back, aren't you? That's the mission.

Zander: I am going to keep calling until you put Emily Quartermaine on the phone. Please? She's there with you, isn't she? Look, just tell her -- tell her that A.J. lied, and if she'll just give me one minute, I'll prove it.

Zander: Emily? Emily, is that you on the phone? Emily, listen, listen to me, please.

Sonny: What are you doing here, Carly? Is everything all right?

Carly: Yeah, I heard from my lawyer that Alexis was anxious to finalize something on the divorce.

Alexis: Oh, Carly's settlement.

Carly: I was just going to leave a note.

Sonny: Well, since we're all here, let's do it.

Carly: Fine, just show me where to sign.

Alexis: You both want to do this right now? I'll get the file.

Carly: So, perfect timing, I guess, all of us showing up here at the same time.

Sonny: Okay, we're alone now. Tell me what's really going on.

Luke: This is a very sensitive situation and I cannot discuss it with civilians.

Roy: Let me guess -- you're going to disguise yourself as some guy Laura doesn't know and have that guy ask her to come back and then, if she turns him down, it wasn't you. Am I close?

Luke: That's a damn good idea!

[Melissa laughs]

Luke: I assume you can take care of things here for me for a few days.

Roy: Luke, if you've got Laura believing that you're off on some dangerous mission, which is a lie, she's going to figure it out eventually. Now, correct me if I'm wrong -- hasn't lying gotten the two of you into trouble in the past?

Luke: Melissa, what do you think, this one or this one?

Melissa: Oh, this one. I always loved that shirt on you.

Luke: I always loved you in a towel.

Melissa: Thank you.

Roy: And if you so help me get in trouble on Christmas Eve, I'm not going to drop everything, come fly to Istanbul to bail you out of jail, okay?

Luke: But he will watch things here for me for a few days?

Roy: If Laura shows up and wants to know what's going on, I am not going to lie for you.

Melissa: Yes.

Luke: Thank you. Okay, well, I guess I got everything. Will you make sure the other guys get back up to their little condos safely?

Melissa: Okay. Will you touch the end of your nose with your finger?

Luke: Oh, I can't do that unless I'm drunk. I'll see you guys.

Melissa: Good luck.

Luke: Thanks.

Melissa: Luke, we're going to be thinking about you.

Luke: Hey, you spend entirely too much time thinking about me. Think about each other. Ciao.

Roy: Ciao.

[Door closes]

Roy: How many times has he seen you in a towel?

Laura: Don't get me wrong, I love running this company.

Amy: Mm-hmm.

Laura: I mean, I really, really do. I don't know. I have three beautiful, healthy children.

Amy: Mm-hmm.

Laura: I suppose a lot of people would love to trade places with me, wouldn't they?

Amy: Mm-hmm. But?

Laura: I don't know. I just feel like there's something missing.

Amy: You know what I think the problem is, Laura? You have spent the last however many months trying to protect your children from Helena and any of the downtime that you have had, Scotty’s been whisking you off to California, proposing marriage to you. And suddenly, I think you kind of realized what it is that you have and what it is that you want.

Laura: Have you been taking night courses in psychology or something?

Amy: No, it's just I do consider myself a student of human nature. You know what? It's kind of like this snow globe that you picked out for Lulu. When you shake it up and the snow's falling, it's really kind of interesting. But once all the little flakes settle, it's kind of boring, isn't it?

Laura: But my life has had as much shaking up as it can take for a while. I mean, boring and back to basics is good for me, right?

[Amy laughs]

Amy: When I get in these moods, I go get a facial. And right now I have got to go to work.

Laura: All right.

Amy: So I will see you. I love you very much.

Laura: I love you, too.

Amy: Bye, sweetie.

Laura: Bye-bye. Hey.

Amy: Oh, don't forget the G.H. -- oh, thank you.

Laura: I won't forget. Don't forget your scarf.

Amy: Thank you! G.H. Christmas party. I'll remind Elton.

Laura: Okay, I won't forget.

Laura: It is boring.

Zander: Emily? Listen, I didn't do what A.J. told -- well, I mean I did know, but -- look, I never poured any vodka down -- but wait, you're -- you're not listening to me.

Zander: Emily, please.

Zander: Emily, you're -- you're lying to me. Emily, don't --

[Phone disconnects]

[Dial tone]

Sonny: Has Jax been messing with your head again?

Carly: My business with Jax is the one easy and honest thing I have going right now.

Sonny: Yeah? Well, all the more reason to watch your back.

Carly: Look, I already told you why I'm here.

Sonny: Oh, right, right, the divorce papers. You were going to leave a note or something?

Carly: Oh, you don't believe me?

Sonny: No -- you got a plan. I can see it in your eyes, your body language. Come on. I know you, Carly. Don't try to pull --

Carly: Thanks for the physical, but you know what? I'm fine.

Sonny: Something's wrong. Why don't you just tell me?

Carly: Okay, well, let's see -- we are finalizing our divorce, I'm about to sign settlement papers. It's a little hard, so maybe that is what's bothering me.

Sonny: Has A.J. been leaving you alone?

Carly: Look, A.J.'s scum and he's going to give me trouble as long as I'm Michael’s mom, so -- what is taking Alexis so long?

Sonny: How's Mike?

Carly: Since when do you care how Mike is?

Sonny: Well, he's my father and he's your friend.

Carly: Look, you know, if you were worried about Mike, then why don't you pick up the phone and call him?

Sonny: He came by on Thanksgiving. He was about to say something and I was worried that maybe, you know --

Carly: Okay, you know what? Worry about Michael all you need to, but don't worry about me anymore, okay? I can't recall which paper it was, but I think you signed away your right to worry about me.

Sonny: You know, this is not easy for me. None of it is, no matter what you need to think.

Edward: You mark my word -- Skye has far more power than any of us give her credit for.

Ned: Hmm, here comes the enemy now.

Skye: Oh, don't worry; I've been called worse by better. Why can't any of you people realize that the real enemy is Sonny Corinthos? I've heard each and every one of you tell me about what he did to Jason, about his friendship with Emily, about how Michael would be living here if it weren't for Sonny, whom Grandfather is now indebted to. I must say that lately, Grandfather, you've shown an appalling lack of taste in partners. Now, I would wield this company so differently.

Edward: Fortunately for E.L.Q., you won't get the chance.

Skye: Maybe. Maybe not.

Edward: Hey, hey, you're not supposed to be on this property!

Alan: What are you doing here?

Zander: I'm here for him.

A.J.: Get out.

Zander: Or what, hmm? You took the only thing that mattered to me.

Alan: Look, I don't know what your problem is, but you need to calm down.

A.J.: I can handle this.

Zander: Oh, yeah? Why don't you try throwing me out? Or you going to have to hide behind daddy?

Monica: Zander, stop this.

Zander: Why should I listen to any of you? You know, I mean, it took a while, but you all got what you wanted.

Skye: If this is about Emily --

Zander: A.J. here told me that if I turned on Sonny that he would tell Emily the truth. Only thing is you knew the whole time that she was with somebody else, didn't you? You all knew, didn't you? You just -- just couldn't tell me to my face.

A.J.: If my sister finally woke up and saw you for the trash you are, that's your fault. You play, you pay.

Ned: Hey, hey, whoa! Zander, Zander, come on, let's take it outside. Think about this. Take it outside. Come on!

Edward: I'm calling the police.

Skye: Oh, think again.

Carly: Look, there are parts of my life you don't get access to anymore, okay, especially now that you --

Sonny: Now that I've what?

Carly: Forget it.

Sonny: Now that I've what?

Carly: Just forget it, okay?

Sonny: No!

Carly: No, no, your life, it isn't supposed to matter to me anymore, and so I'm not going to let it. Okay, I'm moving on.

Sonny: That's not an answer, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, well --

Sonny: You know that's not an answer, so what are you doing?

Alexis: You guys are obviously in the middle of something. Do you really want to do this right now?

Carly: Yeah, I really do. You obviously want to get this taken care of right away, as soon as possible, so --

Alexis: Well, that couldn't be further from the truth, Carly. He was very generous.

Carly: Yeah, I'm sure he was. He always is. Someone have the pen?

Sonny: I don't know.

Alexis: Oh -- well, you know I do, right?

Carly: Well, you should.

Alexis: Right. In here somewhere.

Carly: You took her to a casino? Yeah, well, you really did do it all, didn't you? You bitch.

Melissa: What's the favorite Christmas present you ever got as a kid?

Roy: Well, when I was growing up, there was this guy Vito Campanelli. He was like the Sonny Corinthos of the day. You know, we'd see him in the neighborhood every so often. Everybody knew he was really important, he was real powerful. Sometimes he'd drive past -- he had this big, shiny black Lincoln -- he'd cruise on down the street and all the grownups would look at him with their mouths hanging open. I remember one Christmas he was having breakfast at this diner where I went to pick up some pies for my mother and he saw me, called me over to his table, he said, "Merry Christmas," and he gave me this brand-new silver dollar. So, you know, I took that thing to school and showed it around. It was like I was a king because Vito had given it to me, you know? It was pretty cool. What about you? What was your favorite present?

Melissa: Science kit.

Roy: Science kit?

Melissa: Yeah, with a real microscope and slides and -- in fact, Leo had hurt his nose at Christmas. I was so excited because I could take the slide and swipe it under his nose and try to get some blood on it so I could look at it.

Roy: Oh, God.

[Knock on door]

Roy: We're not here!

Melissa: Go away. We're cl--

Roy: Hey.

Mac: Hey, Roy, you got a minute?

Roy: Yeah, sure. What?

Mac: Are you still interested in that sideline work?

Roy: What do you need?

Mac: I need someone to --

[Mac whispers]

Mac: Merry Christmas.

Melissa: Yeah. Merry Christmas to you, too, Mac.

Mac: We'll talk.

Roy: Yeah.

Melissa: What's going on?

Laura: Yeah, well, we have to have it ready by Christmas. Otherwise, we're going to miss out on Valentine’s Day, right?

[Knock on door]

Laura: Yeah, so I need it to go a little bit quicker. Right. Yeah, so by January 2, okay? That's a Wednesday, I believe. I need photos, I need layouts, I need copy, you know. Sure. Thanks a lot. Bye-bye.

Luke: Oh, I'm sorry to rush you like that.

Laura: You didn't. What are you doing here?

Luke: Well, they let me out of the home every once in a while.

Laura: I thought you had to rush out of the country.

Luke: I do have to leave, but not until this evening.

Laura: Oh. Am I permitted to know which continent?

Luke: Well, let's just say there's no snow where I'm going. Look, I -- I'm sorry about having to take off from Nikolas' party so abruptly last night. I apologize. I -- and I wanted to see you again before I go.

Sonny: See, now, it all makes sense.

Carly: You know, I've never been to the Puerto de Santos. Is that casino on an island? You own that like the one you took me to? What'd you do, Sonny? You put yourself on autopilot? Maybe Alexis and I, we could compare notes.

Sonny: How'd you know that we were there?

Carly: Oh, does it bother you that I know what you're doing or who?

Sonny: No, no, it doesn't bother me.

Alexis: Carly, whatever you're thinking didn't happen.

Carly: You know, Alexis, for once will you just shut your mouth.

Alexis: I understand that you're going through a very difficult time right now, but I can't stand here and let you attack me for something that didn't happen.

Carly: Okay, would you stop? Stop making it worse.

Sonny: We were in Puerto Rico on business, Carly!

Carly: Right. So was it worth it after all the time you were lying in wait?

Sonny: Come here. I needed my attorney to help me resolve a labor dispute that had stopped production at one of my businesses down there. Afterwards, I insisted that she let me treat her to a night on the town.

Carly: Right, right.

Sonny: Now, you -- you're off base about a lot of things, but you're right about one thing. How I spend my time and with who is not your concern anymore. If you want to take it out on someone, you're not going to do it here and you're not going to do it on Alexis.

Carly: Oh, right. Right, I asked for the divorce. I got it. You got it, Alexis got it. We all made our bed. We can just lie in it now. Get out of my way.

Carly: Are we finished or is there anything else you need?

Sonny: No, I'm fine, whatever.

Alexis: We're finished.

Carly: You know what? You talk about betrayal --

Sonny: Right.

Carly: And how you can't forgive me. Well, you know what? Maybe now there's some things that I can't forgive you.

Alexis: Listen --

Sonny: Ah.

Alexis: I got to go. I need to call Nikolas and see how his engagement party went.

Sonny: Tell him -- tell him I'm sorry I made you miss it.

Alexis: I'm -- I'm sorry that I said that to Carly.

Sonny: No, hey, you know, Carly -- she does it to herself. I had a great time in Puerto Rico.

Alexis: Me, too.

Sonny: You know what? Maybe we can do it again. Now that you've let yourself get loose, maybe you can allow yourself to do it a little more.

Zander: I don't care what happens with A.J.

Ned: Think! All right? You're playing into his hand. You go in there and rearrange his arrogant face, he'll have you arrested --

Zander: I don't care!

Ned: And that'll only prove everything he's saying about you. Use your head, Zander, not your fists!

Zander: Look, man, you've got all the money, you've got private jets. This is all I've got!

Ned: What do you think you can win? Tearing into A.J. won't fix anything. Believe me, I know.

Zander: Emily loved me until A.J. lied to her.

Ned: Zander, you -- you're the one who gave her the reasons to doubt you because you don't ever stop to think about the repercussions. A.J.'s not your problem. Your problem is you don't think before you act. This whole family gave you options. I did, Alan did, Alexis did. And what did you do? You chose to work for Sonny. You chose to lie for Sonny.

Zander: Oh, okay, but it's okay for A.J. to lie? Is that what this is?

Ned: I want someone better than A.J. for Emily. Okay? Anyone who loves her would want that, too. The minute Emily left town, what did you do? You went back to breaking the law. Do you think she deserves that?

Zander: Who's this guy? Is this real?

Ned: She saved your life, didn't she, and changed it for the better?

Zander: Come on, man, you know she did.

Ned: Then just take that. Just take what she gave you and move on. Just let her go, the way she's letting you go.

Skye: You're not calling the police.

Edward: Oh, God.

Skye: You've won. You don't need to make some point by having Zander thrown in jail.

A.J.: Who said anything about jail?

Skye: Unless you're becoming more like Grandfather than I can possibly stomach.

Alan: Look, Emily’s finally given up on Zander. Throwing him in jail isn't going to solve anything.

Edward: Why is everyone so concerned about Zander all of a sudden?

Skye: He and Emily were in love.

Edward: Ah.

Skye: When somebody's lucky enough to have that happen, no one should stand in their way. We all do enough to get in our own way.

Luke: Well, I know this town is deadly dull without me, but have heart, I won't be gone long.

Laura: Oh. Will you be home for Christmas? I mean, Lulu was really excited about having you there for Thanksgiving and now she wants to know if you're going to be there for Christmas.

Luke: Well, sure. Definitely. I'll be back for that, in time to ring sleigh bells on the roof, tell her the story about when Santa Claus got stuck in the chimney and we almost cooked his goose.

Laura: How can I be sure?

Luke: You lack confidence?

Laura: No, it's just common sense, that's all. I mean, wasn't it less than a month ago that you got out of the hospital? I mean, I don't know what makes you think you're on top of your game here.

Luke: Well, this is not storming the compound or anything like that. This is more of a surveillance kind of thing.

Laura: "Surveillance kind of thing"?

Luke: Uh-huh. See, there's this guy that they want me to track around the Caribbean.

Laura: Should you be telling me this?

Luke: Well, if I can't trust you, who can I trust? It'll be good. It'll be good for me to get back in the action. You know, some disguises, maybe an accent.

Laura: No, no accents.

Luke: You've lost faith in my linguistic talents?

Laura: Keep it simple, keep it smart.

Luke: You remember what I taught you.

Laura: "Keep it simple, keep it smart"? You taught me that? You had me doing accents all over the place!

Luke: And you were damn good at it, too.

Laura: Thanks.

Luke: Well, I guess I better be going. You know, if you weren't -- hmm.

Laura: What?

Luke: No, I -- no, I can't even suggest it. It's a dumb idea.

Laura: What?

Luke: I could use your help in pulling this scam off.

Laura: Are you kidding?

Luke: No. Not at all. See, the target tends to hang out in these flashy, romantic places, thus, the Caribbean cruise. Lots of couples, honeymooners -- that kind of thing. And he always travels with this curvy dish who distracts people while he does the microchip deals under the cocktail table. So in that environment, I'm going to look pretty out of place wandering around alone, so the W.S.B. thought they'd fly down some Jane Bond type to assist me, but what I'm thinking is that you and I -- you and I would look like a real couple. We'd look like a -- a good couple, a believable couple.

Laura: Lloyd and Lucy Johnson.

Luke: Yeah. Or Jacques and Monique Broussard, jet-setting through Montréal on the trail of the black pearl. And I know that -- well, you're busy and you've got things going on and it's probably way out of line for me to even ask, but it sure would make my gig a lot easier, more fun if you and I could fall back into what we do so naturally, what we do better than anybody.

Melissa: Okay, so Mac just wants you to keep an eye out for this guy and if he shows up, you're supposed to call. Is that right?

Roy: Yeah, yeah. It's simple, really. It's not anything dangerous or complicated.

Melissa: Okay, here's the thing -- I don't know that many people in the pcpd. I know Taggert and Mac, and they both seem like pretty honest guys to me, but what I do know is that I see people come into the hospital all the time, I don't know, shot, stabbed because of some stupid crime deal that went wrong, and I don't want that to be you.

Roy: That's not going to happen to me. That's not what this is going to be like. I'm good at this kind of stuff. I'm -- I'm not that easily surprised.

Melissa: Would that be like you weren't surprised in the E.R. when you were shot last spring?

Roy: I'd like to think that situation was about running out of options. Some of the dirtiest people I've ever met wear a badge, but so do most of the good guys. For the good guys to win, they have to keep showing up. They've got to get in the game. Mac is in the game, he needs help. He asked me to help him. I'm going to help him.

Melissa: Mac is a cop. You are not a cop. All right, so you just -- you just see things and then you tell people. Is that it?

Roy: Like I'm a snitch?

Melissa: No, I'm not saying you're a snitch. I mean, let's --

[Melissa sighs]

Melissa: All right, you're -- you're an informant, but people still get hurt and people's lives still get ruined.

Roy: For the record, I am trained. I trained a long time to learn how to do what needs to be done. And the good news about being a civilian is that you don't have to give any information up about anybody you don't want to. This is about gathering evidence against people who deserve to get punished. It's not about rolling over on some innocent kid like I did with Leo.

Melissa: This is about me loving you.

Roy: I love you, too.

Mike: Hey, Zander? Zander?

Zander: What?

Mike: Look -- look, have you made any progress in finding out where Sonny's men have Janine?

Zander: No.

Mike: Are you all right?

Zander: I'm great. I'm not dead, I'm not in jail. Let's have a party.

Mike: Did something happen to Emily?

Zander: She fell in love. Good for her.

Mike: I'm sorry, Zander.

Zander: Feel better already, thanks.

Mike: Look, I -- I wouldn't ask this if it weren't important, but you're the only one with access to Sonny's people. Can you just ask someone where they're holding Janine?

Zander: If I wouldn't have turned against Sonny to get Emily back, what makes you think I would do it for you? You screwed up, Mike. Now you got to live in it. That's how life works. And all this crap about hope and forgiveness and second chances, it's just that -- crap. Nothing worth having ever lasts. Nothing ever will.

Mike: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Mike: I was just about to call you.

Carly: Yeah, well, have you heard anything about Janine?

Mike: No.

Carly: Well, Sonny's back.

Mike: How do you know?

Carly: I just saw him and I signed the settlement papers.


Carly: What is that?

Mike: It's probably Zander. He just got some bad news about Emily.

Carly: Well, how bad? Is he all right?

Mike: He's -- he's fine. He's just angry. Listen, Carly, did Sonny give you any clue whether he's heard or talked to Janine?

Carly: Okay, look, he didn't say anything, but my guess is that he hasn't. Look, Mike, you have run out of time. You have to tell Sonny. Don't let him find out from somebody else.

Sonny: Ah. Hey, Johnny.

Johnny: Max is here with Janine Matthews.

Sonny: Show them in.

Sonny: Thank you, Johnny. Max, can you stay?

Janine: Ahem.

Sonny: Ms. Matthews. I'm Sonny Corinthos.

Janine: Yeah, no introductions really necessary. I work in Atlantic City and your name, it gets around.

Sonny: Max and the boys taking good care of you?

Janine: Yeah, thanks, except nobody's explaining to me why a man such as yourself would be interested in me.

Max: Ms. Matthews, why don't you have a seat, please.

Janine: Well, yeah, thanks. Ahem.

Sonny: Can I get you anything to drink -- water, soda?

Janine: No, thanks.

Sonny: No?

Janine: I'm all right.

Sonny: Well, you seem to know a little bit about me, but unfortunately, I can't say the same about you. And --

[Sonny knocks]

Sonny: That's why you're here -- so we could get better acquainted.

Luke: Come on, Laura, this mission is tailor-made for us.

Laura: Huh. Yeah. It's tempting. I have to admit that.

Luke: Yeah, well, I guess it isn't such a good idea after all. I mean, it could be very dangerous.

Laura: Excuse me? Wasn't I the one who pulled you out of the abyss this time?

Luke: I stand rebuked.

Laura: Hmm. I -- I think it's just not that easy for me to run off and leave Lulu and drop everything that I have here.

Luke: Oh, come on, Les will watch Lulu. And Elton seems to me like the kind of guy that could certainly handle this business for a few days.

Laura: Hmm, I think he just about ran it in November. But I can't keep doing that to him, that's the point, and I shouldn't keep doing it to my mother, either.

Luke: Oh, come on, Laura. You know you want to do this.

Laura: Yeah. It's just not as easy for me as it is for you, Luke.

Luke: I know. Well, I'd love to have you with me. I'd really love it. But if you can't, I totally understand. Why don't you think about it? The ship is called the Midnight Star and it's at Pier 47 in Manhattan and it boards at 6:00 tonight. Maybe I'll see you there.

Janine: Actually, I think I will have some water, please. Thank you.

Sonny: Ms. Matthews --

Janine: Please call me Janine.

Sonny: Janine.

Janine: Mm-hmm. This -- you have a gorgeous apartment.

Sonny: Thank you.

Janine: And the place that you have me staying at, it's beautiful. I really appreciate the accommodations, thanks.

Sonny: You can repay me by giving me an honest answer. What is your connection to a man named Mike Corbin?


Carly: Okay, okay, the bartender's already on the phone with Jake. Look, Mike told me about Emily.

Zander: Get out!

Carly: What happened?

Zander: I said get out!

Carly: Okay, not until you tell me what happened!

Zander: What happened is that I'm stupid. No matter what I said to you, I thought I had some chance with Emily. But I don’t.

Carly: Zander, don’t.

Zander: Doesn't matter. What does anything matter?

Carly: You matter.

Zander: Why? I'm such a great guy? I'm such a great kidnapping, drug-dealing, monumental screw-up or is it becomes Emily loves me? She doesn’t. She asked me to believe in her, to believe in love. It's all lies!

Carly: Zander, don't, don't!

Zander: Emily said she loved me. She found somebody else.

Carly: Look, Zander, people screw up, okay? They do the wrong things for the right reasons and they push away the people they love when all they want to do is be together, but the love is real. It's not a lie. It is the only thing that's real.

Zander: Then why can't you be with Sonny and why can't I be with Emily?

Carly: Look, I know it hurts.

Zander: No, it's wrong. It's wrong. Why can't the people we love just -- just love us back?

Carly: I know. I don't know.

Zander: What about us?

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Zander: I don't know why that just happened. I don't know why I did that.

Carly: I do.

Sonny: If there's a secret, I'm going to find out about it.

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