GH Transcript Tuesday 12/4/01


General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 12/4/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Kristina: Sonny practically begged Alexis to go to Puerto Rico with him.

Zander: They are friends. That doesn't mean they are sleeping together.

Carly: Sonny tell you to say that, too?

Jax: You want a warm welcome even if you show up uninvited?

Skye: I was wrong to stow away.

Edward: Skye has an agenda, A.J. When she gets backed against the wall, how quickly will she sell you out?

[Knock on door]

Skye: Oh. Go away.


Skye: Ugh. Can't you read the sign? It says "Do Not Disturb"!


Skye: Oh. Oh, it is practically the crack of dawn! Ugh! Go clean somebody else's room. And F.Y.I. -- you don't make people's beds with them in them! Oh.

Jax: Good morning, Ms. Chandler-Quartermaine. You ready for breakfast?

Skye: Oh.

A.J.: Hey.

Janine: Where's Skye this time?

A.J.: She's taking care of other business.

Janine: Well, she knows that I want to deal with her on this stuff. It's just more simpatico, you know?

A.J.: I'll try to be more sensitive to your needs.

Janine: Well, then. Why don't you grab my suitcase?

A.J.: What? What? Where are you going?

Janine: Anywhere but here.

A.J.: First, you have a problem with Kelly’s. Now you have a problem with this place?

Janine: Hey, at least Kelly’s was clean and they make a very nice chicken pot pie. That crust is perfect. This place, on the other hand, is a dump and I'm not putting up with this. I want to check into a suite at the Port Charles Hotel today.

A.J.: Nice try, but you're staying put.

Janine: Look, pretty boy, either you get me a room at a classy hotel or I'll carry my own suitcase and leave town.

A.J.: Suit yourself. But you're going to be walking away from a lot of money and into a lot of danger. I'm the only one that can keep you safe.

Kristina: Hold the elevator.

Zander: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You need some help?

Kristina: Oh, shoot.

Zander: Ah.

Kristina: Oh, great. Now the elevator's gone.

Zander: Well, luckily for you, I know this amazing trick. See this little handy button right here? Just push it and it magically appears.

Kristina: Are you on your way to Sonny's?

Zander: Actually, I was -- I was here to see you.

Kristina: Well, Carly Corinthos wouldn't approve of that.

Zander: Well, I'm sorry about the scene at Jake’s.

Kristina: Oh, no need to apologize. Carly Corinthos, on the other hand, needs a major attitude adjustment.

Mike: Whoa --

Carly: Oh.

Mike: Good timing.

Carly: Hey, Mike.

Mike: Hey.

Carly: You know what, Mike? I need your help. I need to find out where Sonny's staying in Puerto Rico.

Mike: I have no idea.

Carly: Look, I've asked all his men. They won't tell me. Maybe they'll let you know.

Mike: Look, if Sonny wanted me to know where he was, he would've told me. I mean, that goes for you, too, Carly.

Carly: Just call Benny. He'll tell you.

Mike: Carly, what's this all about?

Carly: Sonny went to Puerto Rico on a business trip and Alexis just jumped at the chance to go with him. Mike, they're alone together. But not for long.

Carly: Look, I've already called Sonny's private casino and he's not there, unless that Maria’s lying to me.

Mike: I thought that you and Sonny were going your separate ways, that you wanted your independence.

Carly: Yeah, but independence doesn't equal spinelessness. Look, Alexis has been circling Sonny for months and she's just waiting to make her play. I'm going to be damned if I let her get away with it.

Mike: When Sonny goes to Puerto Rico, it's for business.

Carly: And he's never brought Alexis before.

[Mike sighs]

Mike: Carly, be smart. Stay out of this.

Carly: What, and let that pin-striped barracuda take my place with Sonny?

Mike: It sounds to me like you want Sonny back.

Carly: Look, I'll always want Sonny. I let him go because he can't forgive me, and I cannot spend the rest of my life not having any of his trust. I don't know how you do it, Mike.

Mike: If Sonny can't forgive, I am partly to blame. I left him, and he couldn't rely on me. And I -- I mean, there -- there are things that I've never told him. There's -- there's parts of my life that I have never revealed. Maybe -- maybe now it's too late because if I do, then I could lose whatever I've managed to build with him.

Carly: Well, then that'll be Sonny's loss.

Mike: Thank you. I doubt that he'd agree.

Carly: Well, that is what Sonny can't see -- his inability to forgive. It hurts him more than anyone else because it pushes away the people he loves most and it just leaves avenues for his enemies to hurt him.

Jax: May I come in?

Skye: I don't know.

Jax: Perhaps the aroma will encourage you.

Skye: I smell coffee.

Jax: Yeah. It's fresh from the market.

Skye: Oh. You mean the truck stop across the highway.

Jax: Yeah. No, this is from the French market in New Orleans.

Skye: Very funny.

Jax: I didn't think it was.

Skye: Yeah, well, you already got your cracks in last night.

Jax: For that, I apologized.

Skye: Now you're making fun of my preference for the urban lifestyle.

Jax: Well, you were a little, shall we say, angry at the Blue Oyster last night?

Skye: Fine. I admit it. I have no idea why people go on and on about the deep south like it's some kind of bucolic paradise. I was awake all last night from the sound of loud insects and suspicious wrestling sounds. And then, the minute I got to sleep, I -- there was this humongous blackbird outside my window --

Jax: That would be a crow.

Skye: Cawing all night long. Oh. Oh, perfect. Not only is my outfit stained, but it's crumpled to boot. You're looking rather immaculate this morning. Where did you get those clothes? You didn't have a suitcase when you came here.

Jax: Same place I got breakfast.

Skye: New Orleans?

Jax: Mm-hmm. I know this great tailor there.

Skye: You went to New Orleans this morning?

Jax: That's right. You see, I've been up for hours. The tire arrived, so we -- we had it replaced, and I flew to New Orleans to pick up the best breakfast anywhere in Louisiana.

Skye: Why didn't you take me?

Jax: Because you were sleeping.

Skye: Well, you could've woken me! Every other creature in this godforsaken place did! Look, we could've hightailed it out of here and never returned! Why would you keep me in this place one minute longer than is necessary, huh? What, are you having some kind of psychotic episode?

Jax: No. I'm having breakfast. Now, are you going to have some or not?

Zander: You sure Alexis is going to be okay with you putting all this stuff in storage?

Kristina: Yes, it's just clutter. She'll be fine.

Zander: Well, not to Alexis.

Kristina: Do you think Alexis has any emotional attachment to this?

[Zander laughs]

Zander: Well, I --

Kristina: Whoo!

Zander: Alexis is particular about her stuff, you know? When I lived here, she wouldn't even let me move anything upstairs.

Kristina: Wait, wait, wait a second. You lived in Alexis' apartment? You lived with her?

Zander: Well, yeah, when I was let out of lockup. I didn't have any place to go, so, yeah, she was nice enough to let me stay in the guest room.

Kristina: I hope she fed you something other than microwave popcorn. You get that?

Zander: I get that. Well, actually, no, she would take me to Kelly’s every morning and I'd order half the menu. At night, she'd pull out her full list of restaurants and order some huge gourmet meal. Sometimes we'd get a video, though, and she'd watch it even if it was some action flick that she wasn't interested in. Your sister was great with me.

Kristina: Yeah. Alexis has been great to me also.

Zander: Well, I just wanted to come by and check and make sure you're okay after your run-in with Carly.

Kristina: Oh. Brown-nosing the little sister. I get it now. I get it. So -- hmm.

Zander: I -- you know, it's not a bad idea to stay in good graces with your attorney.

Kristina: Okay, so you can help me by taking all this stuff down to storage.

Zander: Okay.

Kristina: And I promise I'll tell Alexis that you were very helpful towards me. The pink slipper, please.

Zander: Oh, yeah. Well, just as long as you tell her this was your idea.

Kristina: The apartment looks great. She's going to love it, trust me.

Zander: All right, but if she doesn't, you're the one that's going to be bringing this all back up as soon as they get home.

Kristina: Yeah, if they ever do come home. She's in a tropical paradise with Sonny Corinthos, and if they have any good sense at all, they're going to not come back for a long time. Just keep basking in the sun, strolling down the beach, snorkeling. Do you think Alexis snorkels?

Zander: Gee, I don't know. I got the idea that as soon as business was done, that they were coming home.

Kristina: Do you think there's anything romantic going on between Alexis and Sonny? I mean, they are obviously tight.

Zander: Well, just friends.

Kristina: I don't know. Sonny is a pretty handsome guy, in a kind of mobster kind of way.

Zander: Okay, I'll take your word for it.

Kristina: Well, one thing's for sure -- Sonny's soon-to-be ex-wife is convinced that something is happening between the two of them.

Zander: See, I don't know. I -- I think Sonny still loves Carly.

Kristina: I think that he's fed up with her.

Zander: I wouldn't know.

Kristina: Carly strikes me as a type of insecure, miserable woman who's always blaming other people for her problems and always chasing after things that are out of her reach.

Carly: Interesting theory. But if you have something to say about me, you can say it to my face.

Carly: Where'd you get all this brilliant insight into my character?

Kristina: Simple observation.

Carly: Or maybe Alexis phoned you from Puerto Rico while she was taking a break from seducing my husband.

Kristina: Are you always this paranoid?

Carly: Simple observation.

Kristina: Look, I hate to disappoint you, but I haven't even spoken to Alexis today.

Carly: Guess she hasn't had the time. She's been too busy throwing herself at Sonny.

Kristina: Alexis is Sonny's attorney. That's it. It's business. But you know what? If something romantic does happen between the two of them, I don't blame him at all. Alexis is a breath of fresh air after being cooped up in a marriage with you all this time.

Zander: Whoa, whoa, Carly --

Kristina: Hey, hey!

Carly: Listen to me, you don't know the first thing about me or Sonny or our marriage.

Zander: Carly, come on. Let's go, let's go.

Carly: I need you to let me into Sonny's apartment.

Zander: What? Why?

Carly: Because I need to get something.

Kristina: You don't have a key to your own husband's apartment?

Carly: Okay, and when did you get a key to your sister's, huh?

Kristina: Hey.

Zander: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Carly: Did Alexis just welcome you with open arms, because she never mentioned a sister to me.

Kristina: Well, she only mentioned it to her friends.

Carly: So let me get this straight -- you just show up at her door and the two of you probably have loads to catch up on, but she would rather be in Puerto Rico spending time with Sonny than here spending time with you. Oh, in case you've missed this, Alexis is avoiding her long-lost sibling. Or can you be long-lost if you were never wanted in the first place.

Kristina: Oh.

Ned: Alexis happens to be thrilled that her long-lost sister is back. It's you that no one wants around here.

Janine: "Danger"? Yeah, right -- from who?

A.J.: From the man I've been hiding you from -- Sonny Corinthos.

Janine: Sonny Corinthos?

A.J.: Mm-hmm.

Janine: Well, he's a big name in Atlantic City. Yeah, he gets a lot of respect, if you know what I mean.

A.J.: Yeah, unfortunately, I do.

Janine: Yeah?

A.J.: Mm-hmm.

Janine: Well, what's he really like?

A.J.: He's a gangster, that's what he's like. And he's dangerous, and right now, he's got his thugs combing the streets looking for you as we speak.

Janine: Why? I've never done anything to him.

A.J.: It's a little complicated.

Janine: Oh.

A.J.: Yeah. Right now, the best thing for you to do is stay put until after the board meeting. After that, Skye and I will pay you off and you can go. Buy yourself a cute little house with a little picket fence.

Janine: Oh, please. I want a condo and an American-made car for my daughter.

A.J.: Knock yourself out, with money leftover.

Janine: And this whole Sonny Corinthos thing is just going to go away in a puff of smoke, something like that?

A.J.: Yeah, he's going to have much bigger problems to worry about than you. Look, just in the meantime just -- stay put, all right? Just hang in there. You'll be free to go.

Janine: This board meeting better go the way you're promising.

A.J.: Don't worry. Skye's got it under control.

Skye: You want me to have breakfast with you?

Jax: Unless you'd prefer the frog legs from the truck stop.

Skye: Oh, perhaps you missed the point, but I have very important business waiting for me in Port Charles.

Jax: Well, then, you shouldn't have stowed away on my plane.

Skye: Well, I needed your help, and you callously refused. What was I supposed to do?

Jax: Accept my refusal?

Skye: How can you be so maddeningly calm?

Jax: Look, Skye, I'll take you back whenever you want to go.

Skye: No, the point is that we should've been in Port Charles by now if you had woken me up when the tire arrived for your jet!

Jax: Well, I thought you needed to sleep.

Skye: Well, I didn't sleep.

Jax: That's right. Of course. Every creature on God's green planet kept you awake.

Skye: Oh. Well, I'm glad you find this so very amusing.

Jax: Come on, have some breakfast. Be my guest.

Skye: What are those little squishy things?

Jax: They're beignets. It's a New Orleans delicacy, similar to doughnuts but much better. They practically melt in your mouth.

Skye: Ahem. Well, forget the damn beignets. Just get me to the damn airport.

Jax: You sure you want to wear that?

Skye: Well, it's either this or my slip.

Jax: Or the outfit I bought you in New Orleans.

Skye: The what?

Jax: Well, I noticed that you hadn't packed, so I took the liberty of getting you a change of clothes. It's hanging outside the door.

Skye: Let me guess -- overalls and a gingham blouse?

Jax: You peeked.

Skye: Gorgeous! Just my color. How did you know?

Jax: I have an eye for detail, I guess.

Skye: I don't get it.

Jax: What?

Skye: Why you're doing this.

Jax: Having breakfast? Because I'm hungry.

Skye: I mean the friendly bit. Why are you being so nice to me?

Jax: Well, I -- I figured if I was nice, then perhaps you'd be nice in return.

Jax: You made an interesting point last night.

Skye: Oh, yeah? What, about the grease pit we clogged our arteries at or the flea bag we're staying in?

Jax: You said you assume people will treat you badly. And then you make that your reality by being unpleasant.

Skye: And obnoxious and annoying.

Jax: Yeah, a lot like Ginger.

Skye: Ginger? Who's that -- one of your bimbos from your past?

Jax: No, one of my horses.

Skye: Excuse me?

Jax: You see, Ginger had been badly mistreated as a foal. She wouldn't let anyone near her, and when they tried, she would buck and bite.

Skye: I don't need this comparison.

Jax: The stable hands thought she was incorrigible, but all she really wanted was a gentle hand. So I -- I spent some time with her and I talked to her calmly and I stroked her a lot.

Skye: Don't go there.

Jax: All she needed to know was that she could trust me. Lo and behold, now she's one of my favorite horses.

Skye: Well, I've got news for you -- I'm not a horse.

Jax: Yes, I understand that, okay? All I'm saying is that I took the wrong approach with you. I was angry and annoyed, and I fought back, which only encourages your bad behavior. And since you plan to stick around my life --

Skye: It's business.

Jax: I've decided to take a more amicable approach and give you treats. You know, I did consider an apple and a sugar cube, but I figured this was more tasty.

Skye: Well, you think you just got me all figured out, don't you?

Jax: Just trying to find a way to get along.

Skye: Well, here's a tip -- comparisons to large snorting animals isn't going to do it.

Jax: Okay, fine. Then I'll stop.

Skye: You will.

Jax: We'll wipe the slate clean. We'll concentrate on breakfast.

Skye: Well, I suppose I could force down a bite or two, considering room service isn't an option.

Jax: What do you think?

Skye: Not bad. Oh. Okay. They're delicious.

Jax: You're welcome.

Skye: Am I imagining all this? Or are you for real?

Ned: Kristina's done nothing to you.

Carly: It's kind of sweet the way you're defending her. But if you're trying to win points with Alexis, it's too late because she's moved on to the man she wanted all along -- Sonny.

Ned: You shoot your mouth off in every direction just to get a reaction.

Carly: And it looks like I just did.

Zander: Come on. We're out of here.

Kristina: Is it just me or is that the single most unpleasant woman I have ever seen in my life? Oh.

Ned: Don't waste your energy on her.

Kristina: I wasn't planning on it.

Ned: She will unload on whoever is in her vicinity, and I'm sorry that it happens to be you this time.

Kristina: Well, I'm not.

Ned: Don't tell me you enjoyed that little tirade.

Kristina: Oh, only the part at the end where you rode in on your big white horse to defend me.

Ned: Well, actually, I had an ulterior motive.

Kristina: Oh, really? Should I be nervous about that?

Ned: You owe me now. And you have to pay me back.

Kristina: Okay. Well, how about I take you rollerblading in the park, skates are on me?

Ned: Uh-uh. I have a better idea.

Zander: You -- you sure that's a good idea? Sonny wouldn't like it if you were doing that.

Carly: No, he'd be furious because I am not allowed near his desk. You know the last time he caught me, he froze me out for weeks. It got so bad that I had to leave him.

Zander: Oh. Where'd you go?

Carly: Oh, I wandered around for a bit, and then I came back. Now he thinks he can just take Alexis on a romantic getaway and I can just sit here in Port Charles and take it on the chin? I don't think so. What's this? Ah -- the Puerto de Santos. Can't wait to see Alexis' face when I show up.

Zander: What do you do?

Carly: I don't know. I'll figure it out when I get there.

Zander: So you haven't thought about it.

Carly: Know what? I got a plane to catch.

Zander: Carly, this isn't a good idea.

Carly: Why not?

Zander: Because it doesn't work. You're acting first, thinking second. It's what I always used to do until I ended up in jail.

Carly: Don't worry; I'm not going to do anything criminal.

Zander: Okay, then where's this going to get you, huh? What's Sonny going to say? What's this going to get you in the end?

Carly: You know what, Zander? I don't want to stop and think about it because if I do, then I'm going to feel and it'll just remind me that I am the one that let Sonny go.

Kristina: So what is it you want me to do?

Ned: I want you to join me at L&B.

Kristina: Are you serious? Are you offering me a job?

Ned: Well, in a manner of speaking.

Kristina: Oh -- ha-ha! I accept! Oh, this is a very wise decision, Ned. Seriously, you really need me at your office. No offense, but your booking department is a mess. If you started to be more aggressive about it --

Ned: No, no, no --

Kristina: I can --

Ned: You won't be in booking.

Kristina: Okay. Then -- then promotions. I actually had some ideas that I was thinking about --

Ned: No, no, no, no, no. Not promotions, either.

Kristina: All right, then office management. No offense again, but your filing system -- you need to do it alphabetically.

Ned: You make it sound like L&B's falling apart at the seams here.

Kristina: No, it's not falling apart at the seams, but you could do some tweaking.

Ned: "Tweaking"?

Kristina: Yeah. Look, if I came in and moved those blue couches more towards the back, the energy flow in the room --

Ned: No, no --

Kristina: Would probably --

Ned: No rearranging the furniture.

Kristina: Then what is it that you want me to do? You're going to hand me a mop and a bucket?

Ned: I want you to sing. I want to sign you up as an artist.

Kristina: Absolutely not.

Carly: Look, if I go down to Puerto Rico and I chase after Sonny --

Zander: Then what'll happen?

Carly: Then I can --

Zander: What'll happen?

Carly: He will turn to ice. Okay, I can see his face right now, expressionless with these cold, black eyes and then the familiar, "Oh, look at Carly -- she's up to her old tricks again."

Zander: Is that what you want?

Carly: No. Look, you're right. I know it'll be proving that I haven't changed.

Zander: So you'll stay?

Carly: What is the matter with me? Really, I tell Sonny that he can trust me, and then something happens and it just sets me off. I -- I do one stupid thing after the next without even stopping to think. You know, I'm rifling through his desk drawers. I practically go to Puerto Rico and break up a business meeting because I'm jealous.

Zander: See, but you didn’t. You didn't chase him down. You stopped yourself.

Carly: No -- you stopped me. I was ready to go to Puerto Rico without even looking back. Here I am trying to be so strong and independent and I almost blow it.

Zander: But you didn't, Carly. That's the whole point.

Carly: Who am I kidding? I think about Sonny constantly and I miss him like crazy. You know, if I even look at a picture of him with me and Michael, my heart, it just melts. When's it going to stop?

Zander: Carly, I'm the wrong person to ask that question.

Carly: You know what? Don't listen to a word of advice I gave you about getting over Emily because the truth is I don't think I will ever stop loving Sonny. He was everything that I ever hoped for. I had a home and a family and a man who truly loved me. And when that was taken away from me, I felt like the earth had just collapsed under my feet. I wanted him back so badly. And then when he finally did come around, I turned him down because I didn't want to live on his terms. He was just doing the best that he knew. So why wasn't it enough, hmm? Why did I say no?

Mike: Bye-bye, Michael. Now, listen, the next time I come, I want a rematch of that hockey game, okay?

Mike: What the hell are you doing here?

A.J.: Here to see you.

Skye: Mmm. Ooh, that is the best breakfast I have had in a long time.

Jax: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Skye: Well, okay. Let's get down to business. What do you want?

Jax: Well, it's you that wants something from me. You want my E.L.Q. proxy so you can use it against Sonny.

Skye: Which you are very determined not to give me, so what's the catch?

Jax: There isn't one.

Skye: Jax, you're a savvy businessman. Negotiations are like a chess game to you. You make one move, you have the next five planned in advance.

Jax: This is not a move. I simply like to vote my own.

Skye: Why are you being so wonderful?

Jax: Perhaps I can't help myself.

Skye: Jax, I've irritated you, got in your way, and generally driven you crazy, which you've been more than happy to tell me, so fess up -- what do you hope to get by this Mr. Nice Guy act, hmm?

Jax: You know what? You've already -- you've already paid me back.

Skye: How?

Jax: You've been very pleasant company this morning. Perhaps you just needed to be fed.

Skye: Oh, not the Ginger horse thing again.

Jax: No, I wouldn't dream of it.

Skye: Are you sure you don't have an ulterior motive?

Jax: Why?

Skye: Well, I've done some pretty dreadful things to you.

Jax: Well, "dreadful" is a strong word.

Skye: Well, I intentionally stalled your elevator, I ruined your plot against that Cassadine woman. I've tried to perform unnecessary C.P.R. on you, I've hounded you for E.L.Q. shares, I've insulted your friends. Have I left anything out?

Jax: I don't mean to insult you, but it takes a hell of a lot more than that to injure my feelings.

Skye: How do you do that?

Jax: What?

Skye: Well, just let it roll off like water off a duck's back?

Jax: No, I don't let everything go. But with you, I think I can manage.

Skye: Could you stop being so nice? It's a little unnerving.

Jax: You know, you could let down your guard for a minute or two. You might enjoy it.

Skye: You make me really believe that this is for real. I mean, here you are, this eccentric billionaire who actually likes helping people, sort of like the way Bruce Wayne liked turning into Batman and fighting crime, except there's just no rhyme or reason for it. It's just simply this personality quirk.

Jax: Something like that.

Skye: I'm not sure I'm still quite buying this.

Jax: Well, in that case, I need to prove it to you after you get dressed.

Skye: This couldn't be real. Could it?

Kristina: Singing for L&B is absolutely out of the question.

Ned: Why?

Kristina: Because I am a total amateur! Okay? The only thing I've ever done, I was in a production at my high school of "Mikado," okay? I wasn't yum-yum, I wasn't even pitti-sing. Oh, oh -- and I was in the choir at my church when I was a little girl and every time I would forget the lyrics, I would start to giggle. Oh, that would go over really well onstage.

Ned: You just need a little practice, that's all.

Kristina: Ned, a professional singer has to have a gorgeous voice, okay? Not just pretty -- absolutely gorgeous.

Ned: You're close. And with a little training, you could do it.

Kristina: And she has to have a -- a stage presence and magnetism and emote her personality.

Ned: You seemed very magnetic to me.

Kristina: I sing in the shower.

Ned: And you sing at Jake’s.

Kristina: Where everyone had enough beers to make them think that I was actually good.

Ned: You were good.

Kristina: Two words -- forget it.

Ned: Okay. Hmm. You know, I really figured that you'd be interested. I had no idea that you'd prefer the dry, stuffy, pencil-pushing side of the business. Who would've guessed that underneath that blue, spiked hair and false bravado lurked the heart of a suit?

Kristina: I am not a suit.

Ned: Then prove it. You give me six months to transform you into a performer. And if I do, we're rich.

Kristina: You're already rich.

Ned: True. Then you'll be rich and I'll be richer.

Kristina: And what if you're wrong?

Ned: Well, then I'll give you a job in booking as a consolation prize.

Kristina: Oh, great -- so I can hang my head in humiliation at the office every day? Oh, they might as well put a big old sign over my desk that says "failure."

Ned: Oh. So this is what this is about?

Kristina: What?

Ned: You're scared. You're afraid you'll embarrass yourself.

Kristina: I'm not scared. I'm just not as talented as you seem to think.

Ned: Kristina, I trust my instincts and I wouldn't be wasting my time or the money that I'm going to spend in promotion if I don't think you can do it. You're good. You could be great. And you may even surprise yourself.

Kristina: Or not.

Ned: Think of it as a dare. My grandfather said that I couldn't turn you into a star. But I can. So take a leap. Let me try.

Kristina: Okay, Eddie Maine. Go ahead. Make me a star.

Carly: So what do you think of the new look?

Zander: I guess it's all right.

Carly: Yeah. The whole time I lived here, I tried to convince Sonny to redecorate. I would bring home paint chips and fabric samples and wood stains, all for him to look at.

Zander: Somehow, I have a hard time seeing Sonny being interested in anything like that.

Carly: Oh, he wasn’t. And then when I could've had the chance, I was gone. There I go again.

Zander: Well, we all go through it, Carly. I mean, I go through a thousand "what ifs" about Emily a day.

Carly: Because you miss her.

Zander: Yeah. Sometimes I -- I dream that she still loves me and I -- I wake up thinking it's true. Sometimes I -- I miss her so much, I think I'm just going to go nuts.

Carly: So what do you do?

Zander: Well, that's the key. You got to -- you got to get up, you got to keep moving. You got to get in the shower, get out of bed, go to work, do your thing.

Carly: And that works?

Zander: Well, you know, as much as possible, but time passes. You know, you go to work, somebody tells a joke. You laugh. You know, I go out and I have lunch sitting out on the docks and the sun feels good on my face. I shoot some pool, win some games, you know? Time goes by and it starts adding up.

Carly: Yeah, your life without Emily.

Zander: I'm no expert. Hell, I'm not even good at it. But I'm not sitting by the phone anymore waiting for a phone call and I'm not writing letters that I'm never going to send.

Carly: Oh, God, I know about that.

Zander: And I'm also not breaking into the Quartermaines' and making them tell me where they sent her, which for me is a big deal.

Carly: Yeah. I guess work's good and you're right. I mean, when I do work, I don't have the time to just obsess about Sonny.

Zander: It's worth a try.

Carly: I had a good time at Jake’s, too. It was good to shoot some pool again, and I didn't think about Sonny for probably, oh, 15, 20 minutes.

Zander: See?

Carly: See?

Zander: See? That's a start. See, I was so focused on beating you that I didn't even think of Emily.

Carly: Ah, see? You know what? Then we need to go back to Jake’s and just kill some time. I got to keep busy for the next -- I don't know -- hour or two.

Zander: Wait, wait, wait. Wait a second. We already got you off the plane. What --

Carly: Oh. I am a creative person. I can come up with a million ways to make a fool out of myself.

Zander: Oh, God, Carly. Like what?

Carly: Well, I could call the hotel and have them ring Sonny's room and see who answers.

Zander: What if Sonny does?

Carly: Then I'll hang up.

Zander: Or you'll come up with some lame excuse, like you wanted a chicken recipe.

Carly: You know, that's not a bad idea.

Zander: Look, Carly --

Carly: You're right, I won’t.

Zander: What if Alexis answers?

Carly: I will hit the roof.

Zander: Exactly. And you'll flip out like some crazy, angry, desperate ex-wife, right?

Carly: Okay, all right. You know what? You will then be my embarrassment meter. Okay, I won't be able to be an idiot because you will be around me to keep me under control. Okay? Like, if I just stay busy for the next couple of hours and I don't jump on a plane or make some crazy phone call, then I can handle the rest on my own.

Zander: So I'll help you the way you're helping me?

Carly: Yeah. So do we have a deal?

Zander: Deal.

Mike: A.J., why don't you get out of here?

A.J.: You want me to leave before you hear what I have to say, huh?

Mike: You signed away your rights to Michael. That means you're trespassing. One more minute here and I'm going to call it stalking.

A.J.: I have no intention of approaching Michael.

Mike: Then why don't you leave before I call the cops? Or maybe you'd prefer Sonny's men?

A.J.: Will you drop the watchdog act, Mike? I'm only here to give you a message from your lady friend Janine.

Mike: I don't know who you're talking about.

A.J.: Oh. Janine's going to be very disappointed because she was so excited when she saw you at Kelly’s the other day. You know, you should have stuck around, reminisced about old times.

Mike: You're bluffing.

A.J.: You don't want to hear the message she has?

Mike: There is no message.

A.J.: Fine. You don't want to listen, I'll tell Sonny.

Mike: You stay the hell away from Sonny, and you keep Janine away from him, too!

A.J.: Whatever you want, Mike.

[Knock on door]

Max: Janine?

Janine: Who wants to know?

Max: I work for Mr. Sonny Corinthos. He's requested that you come with me.

Janine: Sonny Corinthos, huh? That's very flattering. Please tell him thanks, but no thanks. I think I'm going to stay put.

Max: I can assure you your accommodations will be a little bit more comfortable than this. Look, Mr. Corinthos has no intentions of hurting you. In fact, he'd like to extend his protection.

Janine: Why is it that I should trust him?

Max: Mr. Corinthos gives you his word you won't be harmed. He's out of town on business right now, but he looks forward to meeting you upon his return.

Janine: Well, I guess I wouldn't mind meeting Mr. Sonny Corinthos.

[Knock on door]

Skye: I'll reimburse you when we get back.

Jax: That's not necessary. You look lovely.

Skye: Thanks -- for the dress, for breakfast, and for treating me so well.

Jax: My pleasure.

Skye: Try to reciprocate. And if I start acting devious and conniving, you have my permission to call me on it.

Jax: Well, I don't mind a bit of larceny now and then. It's the anger and spite that gets tiresome.

Skye: Good point. So shall we go to the airport?

Jax: But you haven't received your proof of my good intentions.

Skye: Oh, Jax, come on. You've already proved that you're a decent guy.

Jax: Oh, so you don't want my E.L.Q. proxy?

Skye: Yeah I do, but we can talk about it on the way to the airport.

Jax: I'm prepared to give it to you, as long as you understand it's for this one time only.

Skye: You're serious?

Jax: You don't control them, you certainly can't sell them, but for this one time, I will let you vote them. That should give you all the leverage you need.

Skye: What changed your mind?

Jax: Does it matter? You got what you came for.

Skye: Maybe more.

Jax: Shall we go, Ms. Chandler-Quartermaine?

Skye: By all means, Mr. Jacks.

Jax: After you.

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