GH Transcript Monday 12/3/01


General Hospital Transcript Monday 12/3/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Carly: Get yourself back in the mix.

Zander: What do you say we go out later?

Jax: You're unspeakably rude and you completely lack charm. It's no wonder your whole family despises you.

Bobbie: What if the person Laura really wanted all along was Luke?

[Laura screams]

Luke: Oh!

Luke: What the hell?

Laura: Luke?

Luke: Who were you expecting?

Laura: I thought -- I thought you were a purse snatcher.

Luke: Oh. God, you're like Xena, Queen of the Warriors.

Laura: I'm sorry, but you startled me.

Luke: What do you got in the bag, lady? Bricks?

Laura: Lulu's tap shoes.

Luke: You got a license to carry that lethal weapon?

Laura: Did I hurt you?

Luke: You always did pack a hell of a punch.

Laura: Oh, let me see, let me see.

Luke: Well, put the purse down.

Laura: Oh, just --

Luke: Put the purse down.

Laura: Okay.

Luke: Thank you.

Laura: Oh, wow.

Luke: It's bad, huh?

Laura: Oh, you might need an ambulance.

Luke: No doctors.

Laura: Stitches, I think.

Luke: You got a needle and thread on you?

Laura: You're going to have a little goose egg.

Luke: Yeah, not to mention the concussion.

Laura: But other than that --

Luke: I'll live?

Laura: I think so.

Luke: I must be on a lucky streak.

Laura: So what are you doing sneaking up behind people like that?

Luke: I -- I wasn't sneaking up behind people. I was coming up to say hello to you. And what are you doing wandering around down here at night?

Laura: I'm taking a walk.

Luke: Where's Baldwin?

Laura: I don't know. Why -- why do you ask me that?

Luke: Why isn't he with you? What the hell's wrong with him, anyway?

Scott: No -- wait, wait, wait. You still got paint all over me --

Bobbie: Scott, stop, stand still.

Scott: No, Bobbie -- you know what? You're going to rub my face off!

Bobbie: Okay. You want a little turpentine?

Scott: Oh, I never touch the stuff.

[Bobbie laughs]

Scott: I came over here looking for a sympathetic ear.

Bobbie: And you got one, so say, "Thank you, Bobbie."

Scott: Thank you, Bobbie. You know, you're still that little firecracker you were when I met you.

Bobbie: Thank you, I think. Give me your hand. Is that supposed to be a compliment?

Scott: Of course it is. It's just -- see, you just -- you go after what you want.

Bobbie: Well, yeah, I suppose I do -- assuming I know what it is I want.

Scott: So if one dream slips away, you just got to find yourself another dream, right? So how you do that?

Alexis: The profit sharing kicks in at three years full-time, and then the percentages scale up every five, driven by company revenues. Agreed?

Man: That's right.

Alexis: I have outlined a plan for grievance committees to be led by the workers.

Man: That sounds good.

Alexis: While Mr. Corinthos respects his employees. He wants them to be heard. And the lower the turnover, the better off we all are.

Man: You've covered everything.

Alexis: Do we have a deal?

Second man: We'll take this back for a vote. We should contact you by the day after tomorrow.

Alexis: Excellent. We will have the final drafts of the contract sent over right away. And call me if you have any questions.

Second man: Mr. Corinthos, you have an excellent attorney.

Sonny: I agree.

Second man: Thanks again.  Gracias.

Alexis: Good-bye.

Sonny: Very, very nice work.

Alexis: Well, I have to look over the contract one more time before we officially sign off.

Sonny: No. You know what? You need to relax.

Alexis: Oh. Maybe later.

Sonny: No, no, no. Now.

Carly: My place will be nothing like this.

Zander: Jake's is a dump. Come on, let's face it.

Carly: Hey, I've had a lot of good times at Jakeís.

Zander: Oh, really? When was that?

Carly: Another life when nothing really mattered, not even my name.

Zander: Here?

Carly: You call this a date?

Zander: Who said anything about a date?

Carly: You. You asked me out and you insisted on dragging me here.

Zander: Dragging you here?

Carly: Okay, it's a joke. I'm kidding, all right?

Zander: All right. Sorry, I couldn't tell.

Carly: Oh, Sonny didn't tell you about my fabulous sense of humor, did he?

Zander: Sonny has nothing to do with this.

Carly: Hmm. You know, I am not going to have amateur musicians at my place. My club is going to be elegant and it's going to have only the best entertainment. People are going to be coming around from all over the world just to be seen there. They're going to drive in from the city and they are going to fly in from all over all the time.

Zander: Sounds great.

Carly: Oh, you don't have to tell Sonny all the details.

Zander: Would you stop with Sonny?

Carly: Okay, fine. If you're not spying on me for Sonny, then why are you so interested in me all of a sudden?

Zander: You sell yourself short.

Carly: You need a date.

Zander: Forget about it.

Carly: Hey. Who asked me for advice about women?

Zander: All right, all right. All right, yeah, I know, I know, and I appreciate it, but --

Carly: Sonny didn't tell you that you were going to be my project, did he?

Zander: Look, I can get my own dates, Carly.

Carly: I am sure there's no doubt about it, but you know what?

Zander: Hey, hey, hey. Don't push it, okay?

Ned: Open-mike night?

Kristina: What is wrong with that?

Ned: Maybe because I've listened to enough auditions.

Kristina: Well, maybe you'll get inspired.

Ned: I doubt it.

Kristina: It'll be fun. Come on, Ned.

Ned: It'll be work.

Kristina: You think like a suit, do you know that?

Ned: Look, just because I don't want to listen to a bunch of amateurs doesn't mean I'm a suit.

Kristina: Uh-huh. Yeah, right.

Ned: I don't even wear suits anymore. I hate suits. I barely own a suit.

Kristina: Oh, why do I even try?

Ned: I do have one question.

Kristina: Ask anything.

Ned: How many olives do you want in your martini?

Kristina: Lots.

Carly: Jake's is a great place to meet people.

Zander: And I will, all right, when I'm ready.

Carly: Ooh, check out that redhead. That one. Right there. Her.

Zander: No way, all right? Calm down, no way.

Carly: Just go say hello.

Zander: She's bound to be with somebody.

Carly: Fine. So walk over there, pretend you know her, and then just act like it was a mistake.

Zander: Oh, yeah, because that's original.

Carly: I bet she's a singer.

Zander: No, I'm not going over.

Carly: I bet she is, it's open-mike night. Go ask her. I'll bet. Go.

Zander: No. Would you -- would you drop this, all right? Would you just drop it?

Carly: Sure -- when you go over there.

Kristina: Oh, excuse me.

Zander: It's not what you think.

Kristina: No, someone is sitting in that spot.

Zander: Is he the jealous type?

Kristina: No, but someone is sitting in that spot.

Zander: Okay, then just act like you're interested in me.

Kristina: Act like what?

Zander: Just -- just for a second, please.

Kristina: Is this some kind of a bet or something?

Zander: Not at all. Listen, just say something about the weather, whatever --

Kristina: The weather?

Zander: Whatever. I mean, anything you can say -- look, if your date comes back, I'll cover for you, all right? It's no problem. Just -- anything you can say right now would really help me out.

Skye: Go away.

Jax: Are you all right?

Skye: I said go away.

Jax: No, I don't think so.

Skye: How many times do I have to tell you? Leave me alone.

[Water runs]

Jax: Here. I think you could use this.

Skye: Am I supposed to be grateful?

Jax: I didn't mean to make you cry.

Skye: Oh. Let's see -- I'm insufferable, unspeakably rude and narrow-minded. I'm hostile, one-note, and charmless.

Jax: Well, you were listening.

Skye: Yeah. Not bad for somebody who's uniquely unlikable.

Jax: I apologize.

Skye: Is that supposed to make everything all right?

Jax: Well, I didn't think you cared what I had to say.

Skye: Don't I get to have feelings, or only sweet women get to cry?

Jax: You're a mystery, aren't you?

Skye: Why? Because you don't understand me?

Jax: Well, that's generally how it works, unless --

Skye: Yeah, well, fine. Then we're even because I don't understand you, either.

Jax: Why did you hide on my plane?

Skye: So you wouldn't walk away from the deal.

Jax: We barely have a deal.

Skye: Yeah, well, obviously, you have more important things to worry about than getting Sonny kicked out of E.L.Q.

Jax: Yes, I do.

Skye: Well, I donít. I really want to help my brother.

Jax: Yeah, taking on Sonny Corinthos for the likes of A.J. Quartermaine? Really. What's going on here, Skye?

Zander: Act like you're interested. I mean, I know you're not, but, I mean, if you could just --

Kristina: Tell me that you are not a frat boy, please.

Zander: Not a chance.

Kristina: Oh, good answer.

Zander: I'm -- I'm trying to get somebody off my back, that's all.

Kristina: Your girlfriend, right? You trying to make her jealous?

Zander: No, I don't have a girlfriend.

Kristina: Then who do you keep looking back there at?

Zander: A friend. She's -- she wants me to get out and mingle and socialize.

Kristina: And hit on total strangers.

Zander: You think I'm hitting on you.

Kristina: No, I --

Zander: I'm -- you know what? I'm sorry. I'll leave you.

Kristina: You got your heart broken, didn't you?

Zander: Excuse me?

Kristina: Well, my guess is that you were in love with someone, and she broke up with you.

Zander: How can you tell that?

Kristina: Well, if you'd broken up with her, you wouldn't need encouragement meeting other women.

Zander: Are you a cop?

Kristina: I pay attention, that's all.

Zander: Yeah, no kidding.

Kristina: So, what kind of show does your friend want to see?

Zander: I don't know. Pretend to write your number down. I mean, I'm not asking for it, but, I mean, that would be good if you did that. It would --

Kristina: Okay. Okay. I can do that.

Zander: What are you drawing?

Kristina: Nosy.

Ned: Zander?

Zander: Ned.

Kristina: You two know each other?

Ned: Oh, yeah.

Zander: Have you heard from Emily?

Ned: Yeah, she's doing fine, all things considered. Zander was a client of Alexis'.

Kristina: Really?

Zander: Yeah, she -- she saved my life.

Ned: Zander, this is Kristina, Alexis' little sister.

Zander: What, Alexis has a sister?

Kristina: Alive and well, thank you very much. Hi, Zander. Nice to meet you.

Zander: Yeah, you, too. Alexis never said anything about a little sister.

Kristina: Oh, please. It's a long story.

Ned: Yeah, for another time and place. Great to see you.

Zander: Hey, do you have a second?

Ned: Can it wait?

Zander: Not really.

Kristina: It's okay. I'm fine over here. You guys can go. Oh. Your napkin.

Zander: Thanks.

Ned: Do I want to know?

Kristina: I'll tell you later.

Carly: Hey, excuse me.

Carly and Kristina: You?

Carly: You're Angel's friend.

Kristina: And you're Carly Corinthos. And you lied to me about Jax.

Carly: Oh, you're calling me a liar? Who the hell are you?

Kristina: Well, actually, Alexis Davis is my big sister.

Laura: Are you saying I can't take a walk by myself?

Luke: At night, on the docks?

Laura: What's wrong with the docks?

Luke: Laura, criminals hang out down here.

Laura: Yeah, hanging up Christmas lights.

Luke: Have you forgotten that people actually disappear off these docks?

Laura: That was a long time ago and it's over finally. I mean, I feel like I got my life back again. I'd like to enjoy it a little bit.

Luke: By yourself?

Laura: What are you asking me?

Luke: Well, I'm just curious why anybody would send you out at night to walk around in the most dangerous part of town.

Laura: Nobody sends me anywhere anymore.

Luke: Well, where is Baldwin? Did he ever get sprung from that two-bit jail?

Laura: Yeah, he did. He's fine.

Luke: Fine? "Fine" -- that's a pretty tasteless soup for a new fiancť to swallow, isn't it?

Laura: You know, I don't want to fight with you.

Luke: Well, don't fight with me. I won't fight with you, either. Just marry him, okay? It's better than watching paint dry. What do you see in this guy? Real estate? A house with a picket fence? Can't be his brains.

Laura: If you would just give me a chance, I could explain to you that --

Luke: Laura, go ahead and get married. You make a beautiful bride. Always have. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I apologize. Good luck.

Zander: Does Emily know at least that A.J. lied to her?

Ned: Did he lie about everything? Look, I believe that you love Emily. And I also know what it feels like to be shut out.

Zander: Will you help me?

Ned: Emily's made up her mind. I have to play this her way. I'm sorry.

Carly: Oh, so you're going after Zander now?

Kristina: You sent him over here, didn't you?

Carly: Oh, and the first cute guy that comes along --

Kristina: Yeah, he actually is kind of cute, now that I think about it.

Carly: You're just like your sister.

Kristina: Thank you very much.

Carly: Why don't you tell Alexis that, legally, Sonny is still married.

Kristina: Aren't you and Sonny getting a divorce?

Carly: You know what? That is not your concern.

Kristina: Alexis is not going after Sonny.

Carly: Her hands are all over him every chance that she gets.

Kristina: Are you -- Sonny practically begged Alexis to go to Puerto Rico with him.

Alexis: If I don't finish these contracts right now, I'll forget what is in them.

Sonny: Don't you ever relax?

Alexis: Relaxing is not my best event.

Sonny: Forget the clock. Come here. Look at the beautiful moon out there.

Alexis: You know, technically, there is always a moon somewhere.

Sonny: Okay, what would happen if you just stop for a little while and took some time off?

Alexis: Well, then the contracts wouldn't be ready for signing.

Sonny: Well, I'll take my chances, but as long as we're down here, I am going to teach you how to enjoy yourself.

Alexis: Oh. Well, that's a scary thought.

Sonny: Well, I've been giving it a lot of thought.

Alexis: You know, I have been picturing you in those sunglasses with a -- with a gold chain. What? What's -- what's wrong? Do I have ink on my face?

Sonny: No. You want to change my image? Now I'm going to change yours.

Alexis: Whatever you're thinking, stop thinking it right now.

Sonny: We're going to the casino tomorrow night.

Alexis: Excuse me?

Sonny: And you're going to relax.

Alexis: I am relaxed right now. I am working. I am working tomorrow night.

Sonny: You'll put yourself in my hands.

Jax: What did Sonny do to you?

Skye: You wouldn't understand.

Jax: Try me.

Skye: He made me feel like I'm nothing.

Jax: Why?

Skye: I was really trying to help Edward. I really was. He wanted me to make friends with Corinthos -- not that I think it was going to work, but I was really --

Jax: Sonny turned you down.

Skye: Nobody gets to make me feel worthless. Not some two-bit crime lord and not some billionaire playboy.

Jax: I'm sorry.

Skye: You're no better than Sonny.

Jax: Hey, I'm trying to apologize here.

Skye: Yeah, don't bother.

Jax: If you think for a second that I'm anything like Sonny --

Skye: You're just being nice to me because I'm crying.

Jax: What is wrong with you?

Skye: You think I'm pathetic, don't you?

Jax: When did I say that?

Skye: You know, what difference does it make? I am over it.

Jax: Skye, why are you doing this?

Skye: Just -- you're wasting your time and you're wasting mine. Just get out! Go.

Jax: Okay, fine.

Alexis: I don't take orders from you.

Sonny: Who's giving you orders?

Alexis: You are.

Sonny: Oh, yeah?

Alexis: Yeah, constantly. You know, it would be charming if it didn't get on my nerves so much at the moment. And, in any case, what -- what business would we have to discuss in a casino?

Sonny: I own the casino.

Alexis: Oh. Yet another thing you just forgot to put on your declaration of assets.

Sonny: Just let me take care of you for one night.

Alexis: This -- this is a business trip, and I do not -- I do not need you to take care of me. And even if I did, I -- I would be no fun.

Sonny: You're right. Just imagine dragging my attorney for a night on the town, wanting to have fun with my friend who doesn't know how. Can you think of anything worse?

Alexis: No, actually. No.

Sonny: All right. If you happen to change your mind, you know.

Alexis: Well, I seriously doubt that I will.

Sonny: Nobody in Port Charles would know.

Alexis: Except you.

Sonny: Well, I keep things to myself. Haven't you noticed?

Alexis: I've noticed.

Sonny: One night in my casino. Don't -- don't turn me down.

Alexis: You're ordering me again.

Sonny: I can't help myself.

Alexis: You're on.

Sonny: Yeah?

Alexis: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah. All right. Here you go.

Carly: What do you mean, Alexis went to Puerto Rico with Sonny?

Kristina: He insisted.

Ned: This isn't the time or place.

Carly: But they're in Puerto Rico right now?

Kristina: Yeah, Sonny said it was on business.

Zander: It was just for a couple of days.

Carly: So you knew about this?

Zander: Not the Alexis part.

Carly: Okay, look, what I'm going to tell you is that Sonny is only nice to Alexis because she is a great attorney.

Kristina: Okay, so then what's the problem? Alexis is not chasing after Sonny.

Carly: She has been for months.

Ned: Carly, shut up.

Carly: Oh, now I get why Alexis wouldn't marry you, why she had to flag down a semi at her own wedding.

Zander: Carly, let's go. Come on.

Carly: She was after Sonny all along, Ned.

Zander: I'm sorry.

Kristina: I never realized that --

Ned: She's a dangerous woman.

Kristina: I'm sorry. I didn't know that she would start throwing knives at you like that.

Ned: Blame it on open-mike night.

Kristina: You're having a terrible time, aren't you?

Ned: How can you tell?

Kristina: Well, that is all about to change.

Bobbie: This is your last chance to pitch in.

Scott: If I say no, are you going to paint me?

Bobbie: Care to find out?

Scott: No. I don't think so. So, is that what you do? You just paint over the past?

Bobbie: I try.

Scott: Well, is it working?

Bobbie: Well, I don't know. Are you feeling any better?

Scott: Well, I've done very little painting, and I like my past. Of course, I could go outside in the snow and just yell at the trees, you know.

Bobbie: Yeah. You know, if you want to wake up hoarse with frozen feet, go ahead.

Scott: 20 years, though -- it's a long time to love someone.

Bobbie: Yeah. But you know what? When you stop to think about it, you've been without Laura for most of your life.

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, I've had a couple of great wives.

Bobbie: Yeah. I mean, you know, it's not like you've been pining away.

Scott: It's just that I always seem to come back to Laura.

Bobbie: Maybe you always will.

Scott: What about you? I mean, you've survived a lot of, you know, bad relationships and trouble and stuff. How -- how do you do it?

Bobbie: I don't know. I work and I enjoy Lucas and I try not to let Carly become a full-time job.

Scott: I know, but I've never seen you complain.

Bobbie: Not to you, anyway. Oh, Scott, you know what? I know what a tough life is. Believe me, this is not it. So, let's paint.

Scott: Nice try, but I think I got somewhere to go.

Bobbie: I tried.

Scott: Yes. And you helped.

Bobbie: Take care.

Scott: Okay.

Bobbie: Be happy.

Scott: I'll catch you later.

Bobbie: Okay.

Scott: Oy.

Carly: Puerto Rico. Nice. Left corner.

Zander: Carly, it was, all right?

Carly: I know. Alexis probably already has Sonny down at the beach. Right side.

Zander: Yeah, I doubt that.

Carly: What, did he say a couple of days?

Zander: Yeah, it was some kind of labor deal. He needed a lawyer.

Carly: And they don't have e-mail in Puerto Rico? You know, I can just see Alexis right now. She's probably all over him and probably begged him to go.

Zander: What are you talking about? She's probably working 24/7.

Carly: Isn't it unethical to sleep with your client?

Zander: Sonny and Alexis?

Carly: She ought to be disbarred.

Zander: Hey, wait a second. Wait a second. Back off of Alexis.

Carly: Oh, did Sonny tell you to say that?

Zander: No. I would be in prison right now if it wasn't for her.

Carly: Oh, right. You know, I forgot -- Alexis saves the world. I just keep forgetting this.

Zander: Look, they are friends, okay? That doesn't mean they're sleeping together.

Carly: Sonny tell you to say that, too?

Zander: Sonny will always need a great attorney.

Carly: Well, then Alexis will always be around.

Zander: Look, Sonny loves you.

Carly: Did he say that? Tell me his exact words, Zander. Tell me.

Zander: I pick up on that, okay? That's all.

Carly: Okay, so he didn't say anything.

Zander: Maybe he didn't have to.

Carly: Fine. You know, it's obvious that Sonny is paying you to tell me exactly what I want to hear.

Zander: No, Carly, he isnít. If I knew anything about love, why would I be here in this dump hanging out with somebody else's ex?

Carly: Because a job is a job.

Kristina: Why is Zander hanging out with Carly?

Ned: Who knows?

Kristina: Well, it doesn't look like they're having very much fun.

Ned: Yeah, they're not the only ones.

Kristina: Did your cousin really break his heart?

Ned: I guess so. But Zander's no boy scout.

Kristina: Oh, that I can tell.

Ned: Look, why don't we call it a night.

Kristina: No, we can't call it a night. You're going to miss your surprise.

Ned: My what?

Laura: What a mess. A mess. I'll clean it up.

Lesley: Hi, honey.

Laura: Oh, hi, Mom.

Lesley: So, I guess you've had an interesting evening.

Laura: Yep. I got through it.

Lesley: You know, we could call, like, Lucky or Nikolas to come and do the tree, the lights, the hard stuff.

Laura: No, I can manage.

Lesley: Okay. Want me to give you a hand with the tree?

Laura: No. Let's forget about the tree for a minute, okay? How was your evening with Audrey?

Lesley: Calm, unlike whatever happened here.

Laura: I called over to the Millers'. Lulu's doing just great. They ordered out for pizza. She's happy, happy. I want to get the tree all in the stand, lit so it's ready to decorate by the time she comes home tomorrow morning. You know what? I can't remember the last time I really dug in and I cleaned out this room. I should do that today.

Lesley: So, did you go to see Luke, or did he come over here?

Laura: Is it that obvious to you?

Lesley: You want to tell me what happened?

Laura: Not really.

Lesley: Did he come by?

Laura: I went for a walk.

Lesley: Oh, you ran into him?

Laura: Kind of. I hit him with my purse with Lulu's tap shoes inside.

Lesley: Did you tell him about Scotty?

Laura: I wanted to, I tried to, and -- you know, why should I tell him about Scotty? I don't answer to him.

Lesley: Oh, you had a fight.

Laura: No, no, not really. I don't know. It's kind of hard to tell anymore. You know what it is? He's exactly the same as he always was -- exactly -- but I'm different. Now, why can't he see that?

Lesley: Maybe he does.

Laura: Well, then why can't he appreciate me for what I am now?

Lesley: Honey, you know, you both went through a really time lately. It's entirely --

Laura: Why do you make excuses for him?

Lesley: Whoa -- just, you know, trying to be fair.

Laura: Fair? Fair? You know, I can't live with him, I can't live without him. You want to talk to me about fair?

Lesley: So, you want me to help you with the tree or what?

Laura: No, I don't want you to help me with the tree. You know, I run my own company, for God's sake. I programmed the V.C.R. I survived the Cassadines. I can put up my own tree.

Lesley: And I will be upstairs if you need me.

Laura: I'm sorry.

Lesley: It's okay, really.

Laura: Ow, ow.

Bobbie: Hey, Luke.

Luke: Hey.

Bobbie: Scott was just leaving.

Scott: Maybe I'll stick around.

Luke: So you're over here playing with Barbara while Laura is wandering around alone in the dark.

Scott: Is she all right?

Bobbie: She's a grown woman.

Luke: She packs a mean tap shoe.

Bobbie: What does that mean?

Luke: Never mind.

Scott: Your brother never makes any sense.

Bobbie: Lay off my brother, huh?

Luke: Why don't you try to focus on one woman at a time?

Scott: Where is Laura?

Luke: I don't know.

Scott: Did you upset her?

Luke: I upset everybody.

Bobbie: Okay, boys, you got two choices. One, you can take it outside or, Scott, you did say you were leaving.

Luke: Ciao.

Scott: I don't want to bruise my knuckles.

Bobbie: Why don't you give the guy a break?

Luke: I'd gladly break him, but give him a break? I don't think so.

Bobbie: You know, Luke, he's been going through a very difficult time.

Luke: Let me guess why he was here -- he couldn't wait to do the victory dance over the grave of my marriage. Did he show you the ring?

Bobbie: Oh. You don't know.

Luke: I'll tell you what I know. What I know is that Lauraís ready to go have another bowl of that bland soup. I mean, what the hell is he -- a safety net or a redundant trap?

Bobbie: You got it all wrong.

Luke: Hey, look, what do I care, huh? What do I care if she wants to hang out with some two-bit mouthpiece who can't even talk his way out of Hadleysburg jail?

Bobbie: Luke -- listen to me.

Luke: Barbara, no, you listen to me. I did everything I could, right? I mean, I bought her that stupid house because she loved the idea of it. I bent over backwards to try and give her a dull, dreary life because I thought that's what she wanted. Well, it didn't work, did it? So she's going to dump me. And now what is she going to do? She going to go back and marry this guy again because I guess he can give her flat line.

Bobbie: Laura told him no.

Luke: She what?

Bobbie: Laura told him no. She turned him down.

[Knock on door]

Skye: Can I come in? You were just trying to be nice to me, and I threw it in your face. I'm sorry.

Jax: Anything else?

Skye: Well, you had no reason to be kind to me, and when that happens, I usually attack.

Jax: Yes, an endearing quality in anyone.

Skye: I was wrong to stow away.

Jax: Yes, you were.

Skye: I realize now that you just wanted some time to yourself, you know, you just wanted to fly away.

Jax: Yes, that was the general idea.

Skye: Yeah. Even if you ended up here.

Jax: You -- you expect a lot, don't you? You want a warm welcome even if you show up uninvited. You want a four-star restaurant in the middle of a swamp. And you want people to be nice to you even if you call them trash.

Skye: I embarrassed you.

Jax: You embarrassed yourself.

Skye: That was the best crawfish I ever had.

Jax: And that's supposed to make everything all right?

Skye: Hey, do you think if I apologize to Maggie Lynn, she'll let me take some home?

Jax: It is a possibility.

Skye: Okay, then. Good night.

Jax: Yeah, good night.


Kristina: This song is for a friend of mine. You know who you are. When you just give love and never get love you better let love depart I know it's so and yet I know I can't get you out of my heart you made me leave my happy home you took my love and now you're gone since I fell for you love brings such misery and pain I know I'll never be the same since I fell for you it's too bad it's too sad but I'm in love with you you love me then you snub me oh, what can I do? I'm still in love with you

Kristina: It's too bad it's too sad but I'm in love with you you love me then you snub me oh, what can I do? I'm still in love with you I guess I'll never see the light I get the blues most every night since I fell for you

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