GH Transcript Tuesday 11/27/01


General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 11/27/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

Previously on "General Hospital" --

Alan: I've decided to give my ELQ stock to Skye.

Tony: Are you all right?

Bobbie: We've hit a few complications.

Luke: Did he propose to you?

Laura: Yes, he did propose to me.

Luke: Did you say no?

Laura: No, I didn't.

Luke: Well, there you are.

Laura: But I didn't say yes, either.

Alexis: Why do you suddenly want to sign the divorce papers? You love her.

Sonny: Love isn't enough.

Scottís voice: Will you marry me?

Scott: Laura, the numbskull that's in charge here is finally allowing me one call. Bobbie and I have been wrongfully imprisoned since yesterday morning in the Hadleysburg lockup. It's on the right side of Main -- I can't believe I'm asking you this. Could you come bail us out?


Luke: Barbara Jean, I'm stunned. It's come to this? Uh-uh-uh.

Alan: Good morning.

Monica: That was your younger daughter -- you know, the one with the broken back that's in rehab due to your now favorite, scheming, older daughter.

Alan: That's unfair.

Monica: What? Stiff neck? Well, get used to it, Alan, because you're going to be staying away from the bedroom until Skye is out of here.

Alan: I'm not going to reject my daughter.

Monica: And I'm not backing down. I want her gone.

Alan: Isn't it possible for one of you to make a gesture so that we can live in this house?

Monica: And is it possible for you to realize that at the bottom of this is Rae? Then maybe we'd have something to talk about.

Alan: This has absolutely nothing to do with Rae.

Monica: Oh. Oh, don't insult me, Alan. And I'll tell you something -- if Rae is here at Christmas, I won't be. And if Skye continues to threaten Edward, then I'm going to become best friends with Edward and the two of us are going to make Skye very, very sorry.

Max: May I help you?

Edward: I don't deal with goons. I'm here to see your employer.

Max: Mr. Corinthos is busy and can't be disturbed.

Edward: Get your hands off me.

Sonny: Okay, I want to create a second trust fund for Michael and buy the house Carly and he are living in. Put it in their name, but the taxes and upkeep, whatever, I'll cover it.

Alexis: Well, if your goal is to get divorced without letting go, you're doing an excellent job.

Sonny: It's the only way I know how, Alexis.

Alexis: I know. But as your attorney, I'm obligated to caution you you're leaving yourself wide open to all sorts of legal liabilities --

Edward: I said get your hands off me, and I mean it!

Max: Mr. Quartermaine --

Edward: Listen to me, goon --

Sonny: It's all right, Max. Get in, get in.

Edward: I need to see Sonny alone.

Sonny: Alexis is my attorney. She stays.

Edward: And to think you were once going to be a part of my family.

Alexis: What do you want, Edward?

Edward: I'm here to cut you a deal.

Sonny: How many times have you said you'd rather crawl on broken glass than do business with me? What's changed?

Edward: The truth is I'm in a position to do you a favor.

Sonny: You want to sell me your E.L.Q. shares?

Edward: No. I want to buy yours. I'll pay you twice the market value, huh?

Sonny: Pass. I like owning a part of your company.

Edward: Come on. Everybody has a price. Name yours, huh? Oh, well, no harm in asking.

Sonny: You know, you have a problem, right? And I'm the solution. Either you spit it out, Edward, or get out.

Edward: No, you see, the problem is yours.

Sonny: Yeah?

Edward: Now, I don't know what you did to anger Skye so quickly, but whatever it was, she is bound and determined to amass a block of shares against you, and it was all I could do to keep her from grabbing mine.

Sonny: There's no way Skye could grab your shares unless she's got something you want or knows something you don't want anybody else to know about. Which one is it? What does your granddaughter have on you, Eddie?

Janine: A.J., you and Skye better get your act together fast, or I'm out of here.

A.J.: Janine, we're just waiting for the next E.L.Q. bard meeting. The second it's concluded to my satisfaction, you'll get your money.

Janine: Uh-huh.

A.J.: Now, you can go to Atlantic City or wherever you'd like.

Janine: Hmm. I missed Thanksgiving with my daughter.

A.J.: Well, I've missed several with my little boy. And unless something drastic changes, I'll miss them all. For you, this is about money.

Janine: No. For me, this is about finally providing some kind of financial security for my kid, okay?

A.J.: Okay. But for me, this is -- this is about being allowed to see my son.

Janine: What's his name?

A.J.: Michael. Look, Janine, I understand that you miss your daughter. Believe me, I do. Please, don't lose sight of the prize. Stick around Port Charles, okay, and soon you'll be able to leave $250,000 richer.

Janine: All right. I'll give you --

A.J.: Didn't realize you knew Mike Corbin.

Edward: Janine just won't leave. Now, I know that Skye and A.J. are offering her money.

Alexis: Why don't you offer her more?

Edward: The woman is a blackmailer. If we start paying, it never ends.

Sonny: Lila deserves better than you. Why don't we just have Skye tell her the truth, so that way she can kick you out of the house?

Edward: No, you see, in my marriage, that's not the way we handle our problems. But if you're not interested in doing business with me, fine.

Sonny: No, you know -- hey. Wait a minute. I'd be happy to let you twist in the wind, but I don't want to hurt Lila.

Edward: If it weren't for Lila, I wouldn't care if Janine took her story to the evening news. As it is, she's pitting Monica and Skye against each other. Now, the way I see it, somebody needs to deliver her an offer that she can't refuse. Is that the proper lingo?

Sonny: Oh, I don't know because I'm not in the business of handling people's dirty laundry.

Edward: No, I'm not asking for myself, but for Lila. Do you think that you could find someone to -- to go to Janine and eliminate the threat? Figuratively speaking, of course, you know.

Sonny: Max? Come in here for a second? All right, Edward, describe her.

Edward: Well, her name is Janine.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: Does she have a last name?

Edward: I am sure she does, dear. I just don't happen to know it. She is a croupier in the Stardust Casino in Atlantic City. She's blonde, about 5'8". A great figure. You know, shapely legs, wonderful eyes, and lips -- they're --

Alexis: Edward.

Edward: What?

Sonny: I got it. Okay, you know what? Put a couple of guys on it. Her last known residence is the Port Charles Hotel. She's in contact with A.J. Quartermaine and Skye Chandler.

Max: All right.

Sonny: All right.

Edward: Now, you understand that I don't want Janine hurt. I just want her sufficiently detoured, warned.

Sonny: If she's in town, we'll find her. But now it's time to discuss your -- your part of the deal.

Edward: What? I've already told you that Skye plans to push you out of E.L.Q. What more do you want?

Sonny: Your vote on the E.L.Q. board. Yeah, yeah. You come to me --

Edward: Oh, no.

Sonny: What do you mean, "oh, no"? You come to me. You ask a favor. I granted it. Now it's time for you to repay me. Whichever way I vote, you vote, as well. Unless you want to back out of the deal. It's your choice. Take it or leave it.

Edward: Deal.

Skye: If Grandfather's in trouble, it's not my fault. He's the one who got drunk and had that fling with that floozy in Atlantic City.

Monica: Well, the fact is you're using that to tear this family apart because of a mistake that was made when you were just an infant.

Skye: When your grandfather sells you to the highest bidder and tells your parents you're dead, that's a little bigger than a mistake.

Monica: Yes, and Emily ends up with a broken back. You had to get your revenge just because of your unhappiness, if it's real or imagined.

Skye: Hey, keeping secrets, playing dirty -- those are the rules that Edward set up. He just didn't expect me to come back and play along by them.

Monica: Boy, you must be bursting with pride.

Skye: Hey, I am just using my leverage over Edward to claim the rightful place in this family that I should have had all along.

Alan: Look, this is getting us nowhere. You are both such remarkable women. Is it possible for you to be that way in the same room?

Monica: Well, we've weathered a lot of storms before. I don't think we're going to make it through this one. And I meant what I said about Christmas. I will not celebrate when there is an enemy of this family living under my roof.

Skye: Are you all right?

Alan: No. And neither are you.

Bobbie: Happy Thanksgiving.

Luke: You, too.

Bobbie: I'm glad you're here. We need you to get us out. Did you pay the bail?

Luke: Of course.

Sheriff Breen: You're free to go. You're free.

Scott: What is this?

Sheriff Breen: She's free. You're not.

Scott: What are you talking about?

Luke: Let's go, Barbara Jean. Come on.

Scott: Wait, wait, wait. What about me here?

Sheriff Breen: Now, this fellow tried to pay your bail, but I'm pulling your sheet and checking with the bureau first.

Scott: Checking? Oh, wait a second; if you're going to run any prints, you ought to run this guy's prints.

Sheriff Breen: You're the one who was resisting arrest.

Scott: Resisting arrest? I was keeping her company while she was picking up a mousse cake.

Sheriff Breen: You were going 80 in a school zone.

Scott: No, I wasn't. I was going maybe 70, tops. And it was a holiday. There were no kids around.

Luke: He's addicted to speed. How many times have they pulled your license for that?

Sheriff Breen: I'm going to search your car, Mr. Baldwin.

Scott: No, you're not doing anything of the kind, not without a search warrant.

Sheriff Breen: I'll be back.

Scott: No, wait a minute. Come on. He's playing you like a simpleton.

Luke: Enjoy your stay.

Scott: What? Come here!

Alan: Why does there always have to be a contest between the two of you?

Skye: Since I showed up here, she's tried to throw me out. Monica has never been gracious towards me or warm or ever made me feel like I had a right to be here. Is there any wonder I feel like an outsider in this family?

Alan: But the way you're trying to find a place for yourself isn't helping anybody.

Skye: Well, what do you suggest? Keeping in mind that your devoted wife would be very happy to never see me again. Monica judged me before I had done anything. This is about how she hates my mother and the fact that you never told her about my mother or that relationship. Now, does that mean that I should be denied the rightful place in this family that I should have had all along?

Alan: You're not listening to what I'm telling you. The way you are trying to find a place for yourself is turning my family against one another.

Skye: Well, if you put it like that, I don't think I belong in that family.

Alan: I'm sorry. I didn't mean that the way it sounded.

Skye: No, you never do.

Alan: That's unfair.

Skye: Okay. All right, that was unfair. But isn't it also unfair of you to imply that I'm the one turning people in this house against each other? They were at each other's throats long before I ever got here. Doesn't it exhaust you the energy that it takes to keep Monica happy?

Alan: Sometimes it's hard to understand love if you haven't been along for the whole journey. I've been married to Monica for a lot of years, and I love her. And I don't want you ever to forget that. I don't want you to pick on her, but I don't want her to pick on you, either.

Skye: She badmouths me and my mother any chance she gets.

Alan: Rae Cummings is more than capable of taking care of herself. Now, what your mother and I had together was wonderful, but it's in the past, and we want to keep it that way. I am married to the right woman, but we can't go on in this house like this anymore. One of you has got to make a gesture to the other. I appreciate you hearing me out. I'm going to go to the hospital. I'm going to try and catch a meeting before I get there. You want to come?

Skye: Oh, you know, I'll catch you later.

Alan: I love you.

Janine: Who I know and don't know is none of your business.

A.J.: Well, it's obvious that you and Mike Corbin know each other. I'm just saying if he's causing you any trouble, I'll take care of it.

Janine: All I need, Mr. Quartermaine, is for that $250,000 check that your sister gave me to clear so I can get out of this town. I got my own kid to think about. I promised I'd call her, so if you'll excuse me.

A.J.: How you doing, Mike? I was just speaking to your friend Janine.

Mike: She's not a friend of mine.

Sonny: It never hurts to have Edward under your thumb.

Alexis: Do you have anything in mind for how you'll take care of the Janine problem?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, Max and the boys will find out where she's stashed, and it's pretty easy to discover what a person values most in life. And then you get creative. Relax. I have connections in Atlantic City, and I'll make it worth Janineís while monetarily to go home. That way, I can use the docks as I see fit.

[Phone rings]

Alexis: Please, tell me --

Sonny: There's the phone.

Alexis: Tell me you're contemplating expanding your coffee business and nothing else.

Sonny: Well, the coffee business is all you've got to worry about. Hello. What? Who initiated it? Okay, we'll be there tonight. Okay, we got to go to Puerto Rico. Pack your bags. We'll leave as soon as you're ready. All right? I've got a great place down there.

Alexis: No, no, no, no. No, no, no. No way. I'm not going. No.

Sonny: It's a labor dispute, and I need my attorney. So what are you talking about, you're not going?

Alexis: You can call me anytime.

Sonny: What, you don't -- you don't like Puerto Rico?

Alexis: I can't go there.

Sonny: Why not?

Alexis: I don't have resort wear.

Sonny: What are you -- resort -- you look great. You can use this. Whatever you have is good.

Alexis: No, I would need something. Otherwise, I would -- I would look funny. This is not Puerto Rico. Just --

Sonny: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I need you to go. I need you to go.

Alexis: I -- I have other work to do.

Sonny: Can't you call them from Puerto Rico on a conference call? It doesn't matter. Come on. Come on, let's go.

Alexis: My sister is in town.

Sonny: Well, is she going to be gone when you get back?

Alexis: Just -- you know, just -- just fax me the necessary information, and I'll deal with it here. Teleconferencing is good. So is e-mail. Just have a great trip. Bye.

Sonny: What the hell was that about?

[Alexis screams]

Scott: So now he's got that goofy sheriff out there searching my Bentley.

Laura: Addicted to speed?

Luke: I think the sheriff misunderstood me. Stop pointing the finger at me. I didn't get you arrested.

Scott: What are you talking about, Spencer? If you hadn't opened your big mouth, I would have --

Luke: My big mouth --

Laura: Please, please -- let me handle it, all right?

Scott: Laura, let me handle this.

Bobbie: Scott, please, don't make this worse.

Laura: Can I talk to you outside for a minute?

Luke: Of course.

Laura: Thank you.

Laura: Why are you taking a bad situation and making it worse?

Luke: It's a reflex. I can't help it.

Laura: Luke, I thought you said you wanted me to be happy.

Luke: I do. But I never said I wanted him to be happy. Seriously. Is your memory failing you? Laura, really, think about this. You think you could be happy with this guy in round two?

Laura: That's between Scotty and me.

Luke: Absolutely. You're right. It's none of my business. But strictly as an observer to this train wreck, I just feel that I should point out that you didn't enjoy the ride the first time. In fact, you and I originally got together because Baldwin was boring you out of house and home. Now -- no, please, just hear me out. Now, living with him again is going to be like owning a Ferrari and never driving over the speed limit. It's safe. It's steady. But your engine -- your engine ain't going to hit anything near what it's capable of hitting. And that is going to cause problems. Pressure. It will build up and build up, and eventually, you will explode. I think I'll get Bobbie and go.

Luke: Let's go, Barbara.

Bobbie: Whoa, whoa, wait. What about the allegations you made against Scott?

Luke: Don't worry about those. Laura's here now. She'll have that sheriff eating out of her hand in 10, 20 minutes. You'll be back on the street annoying people before the ink on your ticket is dry. Come on.

Bobbie: Okay.

Luke: I think Laura can handle it from here.

[Luke imitates engine revving]

Laura: I'll have you out of here in no time. I'm going to talk to the sheriff.

Sheriff Breen: Well, looky what I found.

Scott: Don't open that.

Sheriff Breen: What's the matter? Don't want this lady to know the truth about you? You some kind of jewel thief?

Scott: I'm not a jewel thief! This is personal and private. Now, give me that.

A.J.: There you are. Listen, I have great news. Or terrible news. Anyway, I just had coffee with Janine, right? In walks Sonny's father. They definitely know each other. Something we can use. All I have to do is call my P.I.

Skye: A.J., wait. I think maybe we should just pay Janine off, get her out of town, and drop the whole thing.

Edward: Well, did it help?

Monica: What?

Edward: Taking a walk to cool down.

Monica: Oh.

Edward: So, who was the argument with this time, Monica? Alan or Skye, hmm?

Monica: Oh, come on, Edward. Come on, save the sympathy. It was your idiocy with Janine that got us into this in the first place.

Edward: I've handled that problem.

Monica: Oh, I'm afraid to ask. What have you done?

Edward: Well, every business deal requires a little compromise, hmm?

Monica: Define "compromise."

Edward: I asked Sonny Corinthos to help.

Monica: Have you lost your mind?

Sonny: We didn't really see anything. You all right?

Alexis: Clearly not. I saw a rat here in this apartment that you insisted on renting me. And as my landlord, you are obligated to get rid of it now.

Sonny: I'll handle this.

Max: You sure?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. Okay. Alexis, there are no rats on the penthouse floor.

Alexis: I know a rat when I see one.

Sonny: How big was it?

Alexis: It was a big -- a big, gray, furry thing with a tail.

Sonny: Okay, was it, like, this big? Or was it this big?

Alexis: It ran from there -- what difference does it make how big it is?

Sonny: Well, I just need to know if it's a rat or a mouse.

Alexis: Okay, it was the size of a small dog.

Sonny: Like a Chihuahua?

Alexis: No, don't you laugh at me.

Sonny: No, I'm only --

Alexis: I'm scared to death.

Sonny: I'm only laughing because I'm glad that it's a mouse.

Alexis: It's a rat.

Sonny: And you're so important to me that, you know, I don't want anything to happen to you. I'll have Max call the exterminator.

Alexis: Oh, no, no, no. I don't want it killed. Can't you -- can't you just order it out of the apartment?

Sonny: Alexis, can you get down off of that desk?

Alexis: Maybe -- maybe it's time to move.

Sonny: No, you can't move. I need you close to me. Come on. Come down. Come on. Come to Puerto Rico. Come to Puerto Rico with me.

Alexis: Okay.

Scott: No, don't open that up. That's her Christmas -- Laura, Laura, go away. Look away. Get outside. Let me handle this with this guy.

Laura: Scotty, please. You know, this isn't going to help you any.

Sheriff Breen: She's not going anywhere.

Laura: Oh! It's beautiful.

Scott: I hope you're happy now. You just ruined her Christmas present.

Sheriff Breen: You got a receipt?

Scott: Receipt. Do I have a receipt? I'm not walking around with a receipt here.

Laura: Scotty, that's way too much.

Sheriff Breen: How do I know these aren't stolen?

Scott: They're not stolen. I got them from Jerry's Jewelers. Call Jerry himself, and he'll vouch --

Laura: Wait a minute, now. Please, let me handle this. I think I know how to settle it.

Bobbie: What you did to poor Scott was not cool.

Luke: "Poor Scott"? "Poor Scott"? Give me a break. The guy is not poor, he's just needy. And it continues to amaze me how you or anybody else can stand to be around that spud for over five minutes.

Bobbie: Oh, I know that the two of you have a long and tortured history, but as far as the rest of the world is concerned, he happens to be a great guy. He's an excellent attorney.

Luke: Excellent? That's a stretch.

Bobbie: He's smart. He's funny. He's kind. He's courageous. He's a devoted friend and father who also happens to be very rich. I mean, all in all, I think Scott Baldwin is someone to treasure.

Luke: Oh, my God. Please have mercy. I'll give in if you'll just give up the campaign speech.

Bobbie: Oh, what are you getting so upset about? I'm only telling you the truth as I see it.

Luke: Barbara, you've never been able to see Baldwin clearly. Imagine what our lives would have been like if you could have seen through him the day you met. I see him clearly. You be the one with the problem.

Bobbie: No, no, no. The way I see it is you're the one with the problem because you are the one who's miserable.

Luke: I am not.

Bobbie: You still love Laura. And right now, I think you are very afraid that she is about to marry another man.

Luke: I've never been afraid of anything in my life. You're the best nurse G.H. has ever seen, but you're no shrink. Please, give up the mind games.

Bobbie: Up until now, I have kept my opinion to myself. But I can see where you're heading, and I don't want to see you go there. I love you. I care about you, and I'm trying to help you. So could we just talk about this? What have you got to lose?

A.J.: Skye, now is not the time to lose leverage on Grandfather. Now, if there is a connection between Janine and Sonny's father that we can use, we can't give her a chance to run.

Skye: I'm worried about Alan. He's really upset by all of this. The whole family has just turned on each other.

A.J.: That's what the Quartermaines do. Dad included.

Skye: Yeah, well, maybe it's time to move on, start building positive relationships instead of everyone just running around trying to blackmail each other.

A.J.: I'm going to find every way possible to make Sonny's life a living hell until he says uncle and gives me back my son. But I need your help. I can't do it alone. Now, Grandfather doesn't know how to play nice. He doesn't understand people who do. He has no respect for them. Do you want him to look at you and laugh? Or do you want him to see someone who plays the game as well as he does, someone worthy of respect?

Monica: Sonny Corinthos? You asked Sonny Corinthos to handle this?

Edward: I had no place else to go.

Monica: Oh, my gosh. And the first person you think of to ask is Sonny, a man who's not only taken Jason from us but now Michael? What did you offer in return, Edward? This house?

Edward: Lila must not be hurt by this, Monica. I don't care what devil I have to deal with.

Monica: Oh, think, Edward! Think. When Janine just disappears --

Edward: I told Sonny I didn't want her harmed.

Monica: Oh! Oh, why didn't you tell me that before? Because God knows we can always trust Sonny Corinthos. My God, Edward. Just when I think a situation can't get any worse, you accomplish the impossible.

Edward: Well, I haven't heard any better plan from you.

A.J.: Is the new alliance in trouble already?

Monica: Well, thanks to your plotting, Edward here has brought in the big guns. He's asked Sonny for help.

Alexis: On second thought, Max seems extremely capable. Maybe he can take care of that mouse.

Sonny: Drink this.

Alexis: Why?

Sonny: It might help you breathe.

Alexis: Don't you dare blame my breathing. My breathing is exemplary. Especially considering the fact I live in a rodent-infested penthouse, and my landlord --

Sonny: Okay, now, you've got to calm down and get yourself packed.

Alexis: Packed.

Sonny: Yeah, packed.

Alexis: Right. To go to Puerto Rico, which I would never have agreed to do had you not taken advantage of my temporary lapse in --

Sonny: Breathing?

Alexis: Sanity. I can't possibly go to Puerto Rico.

Sonny: We already settled this. I need my attorney. It's only for a couple days.

Alexis: And nights.

Sonny: Well, that's usually the way it works. You can commute. You can fly out there in the morning. Fly back at night, but it's pretty time-consuming.

Alexis: Just what is so urgent? A labor dispute?

Sonny: At the sugar cane plantation that I own down there. It's a molasses refinery, actually.

Alexis: Since when? Wait. The last declaration of assets I filed didn't include any sugar plantations.

Sonny: I bought it two months ago. It's pretty straightforward.

Alexis: Straightforward?

Sonny: Yeah.

Alexis: Oh, that would be good. How complicated could it be? We're talking about a time-honored baking ingredient -- cakes, cookies, gingerbread --

Sonny: Rum. I use the molasses to make the rum. You got a problem with that? Is there some secret code of abstinence I don't know about?

Alexis: Of course not. Rum. Perfectly benign stuff.

Sonny: I'll get the jet refueled.

Alexis: You're here. Great. Which one?

Kristina: Um -- what's the occasion?

Alexis: A labor dispute. I need something that says formidable yet sincere. What do you think?

Kristina: That one.

Alexis: Me, too. Thanks.

Kristina: Are you going someplace?

Alexis: Oh, right, I'm sorry. I hate to be running out on you so soon after you moved in, but something came up, and I just couldn't put it off.

Kristina: Where are you headed?

Alexis: Puerto Rico with Sonny. Just for a couple days.

Kristina: And nights?

Alexis: That's usually how it works. Sonny has a plantation down there.

Kristina: Well, what does Sonny plant?

Alexis: Sugar cane. Which is where the molasses comes from. It's used to make the rum.

Kristina: Rum and molasses. Sounds sticky.

Alexis: Well, Sonny obviously needs me there. How could I say no? It's what he pays me for. Very well, I might add.

Kristina: And the spaghetti straps?

Alexis: Well, it gets hot in Puerto Rico. It's supposed to be that way. You need it to grow the sugar cane. Oh, shoes.

Kristina: Alexis.

Skye: Sonny Corinthos? You would rather do business with the man you hate than deal with me?

Edward: I warned you not to cross me.

Monica: You are the one that started all of this by showing up here, by staying here and doing everything in your power to tear this family apart. Boy, I hope you're happy.

A.J.: You know what? I know you despise me, but to ally yourself with the man who stole my son?

Edward: Why not? You've allied yourself with the woman who is intent on ruining my life.

A.J.: You still want to play nice?

Skye: No. I want to play this thing out to the finish.

Bobbie: I am not going to presume to tell you how to live your life, but at the moment, you do seem to be fighting yourself.

Luke: All right. About what?

Bobbie: Laura. You want her back or not?

Luke: It's not a matter of what I want. There's no way back.

Bobbie: Luke, you seem to have decided that Laura is moving on, and you are going to a lot of effort to make trouble for Scott. What you don't seem to realize is the more trouble you make for him, the more it's going to drive Scott and Laura closer together.

Luke: Thank you, Dr. Freud.

Bobbie: I think you need to take a long, hard look at what you really want. And if you decide you want to let Laura go, then you have to do it in your heart as well as on paper. And if you decide you want her back, you can have that, too, but you better hurry up, or she's going to be lost to you forever.

[Phone rings]

Luke: Oh, that's me. Spencer. Why? What happened? Well, that's a big pain in the -- you -- oh, I got to go. The cops want to see me.

Bobbie: What for?

Luke: I don't know. Maybe Max got a paper cut he wants to blame on me.

Bobbie: Well, call me because I still haven't heard how Thanksgiving dinner went at my house.

Luke: All right.

Bobbie: I sure hope Christmas is better than Thanksgiving.

Sheriff Breen: Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir.

Laura: Mac? Oh, great. Thank you so much. All right. Bye-bye.

Sheriff Breen: If Comm. Scorpio is willing to vouch for you, you're free to go as soon as your fine is paid.

Scott: Hey, you know what? Wait a minute. I ought to send you a bill for keeping me trapped in here like this, you know what I mean?

Laura: Scotty, please, donít. Don't do it. Here we go. There it is. Okay. Thank you very much. Come on.

Scott: By the way, this was a huge violation of my civil rights.

Laura: Scotty?

Laura: Scotty, do you like being in jail? Would you like to stay there another night?

Scott: That boob just ruined your Christmas present.

Laura: I love my Christmas present.

Scott: Well, now, that's a step in the right direction. You know, you're the prettiest girl that's ever come to my rescue. So I think we should hotfoot it out of here and get to some romantic spot where I can convince you to marry me.

Laura: I've been wanting to talk to you about that.

Scott: Well, okay, but not just yet.

Laura: I thought you wanted an answer.

Scott: Well, we have plenty of time.

Laura: You know, I can't think about anything else. It's just not fair for me to keep you waiting.

Scott: Listen, Laura, I do want a nice yes, but I just don't want it here.

Laura: Why?

Scott: Why? I don't want an answer to my marriage proposal in this hick town.

Laura: Okay, all right. So, where?

Scott: Well, you know, I got a lot riding on this, so just give me the keys to the car.

Laura: Oh, Scotty, this isn't necessary.

Scott: No, it is necessary. This is -- this is the rest of my life here, and I just -- just -- let me have the keys.

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