GH Transcript Wednesday 11/14/01


General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 11/14/01

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Gia: I definitely want to be with someone tonight.

Jax: This is the last time you've interfered with me. Is that clear?

Kristina: Is there something more than an attorney-client relationship going on?

Alexis: You can go.

Sonny: I don't think so.

Luke: We're officially divorced.

Scott: Will you marry me?

Jax: What part of "go away" do you not understand?

Skye: Just hear me out. Two minutes. I'd like to think that I can make it worth your while.

Jax: I don't suppose I should ask how you got in here.

Skye: I won't take up too much of your precious time, I promise.

Jax: I'm not helping you go after Sonny, so don't even bother asking.

Skye: Look, I know I've been a bit of a nuisance lately --

Jax: A nuisance? No, no, no. You left nuisance behind long ago. You're well into psychotic.

Skye: Hey, it's not my fault that your stupid button got caught on my sweater.

Jax: Oh, right, right. And it's not your fault that the elevator got stuck, either. You know, Skye, I'd almost prefer that you did plan this stuff because then you wouldn't be a walking accident. You're a liability, okay, so just please -- just stay away from me.

Skye: Hey, you know, anytime you want to thank me for performing C.P.R. on you after that goon clocked you over the head, feel free.

Jax: Can you explain your rationale for performing C.P.R. on a man who's actually breathing?

Skye: Never fear. I never expected any gratitude -- not from you.

Jax: Good. So, if you'll excuse me, because I've had a rather long night.

Skye: No problem. I'll wait.

Jax: I was afraid of that.

Sonny: I don't think I should leave you like this.

Alexis: Like what?

Sonny: Well, you say you're all right, but then you're not acting like you're all right.

Alexis: I'm all right. I said I'm all right. I'm fine, really. Listen -- thank you for driving me home.

Sonny: You already thanked me.

Alexis: Okay, I'm thanking you again.

Sonny: Uh-huh.

Alexis: Thank you. I'm fine. Really. Sonny, why wouldn't I be fine? Everything worked out perfectly. I won. They lost. Helena's in jail. Stavros is gone --

Sonny: Alexis, would you come here?

Sonny: It's me you're talking to.

Luke: Ladies and gentlemen, may I offer the room a careless love? That's a Memphis libation known for its ability to bring strangers together. I think on the house for the house is a good idea since tonight is a night to celebrate. What do you say? Huh?

Mike: Not me, thank you.

Janine: I've changed my mind. May I have a ginger ale please?

Luke: Ginger ale. Yeah, I think we got those. Trixie, would you scare up a ginger ale for this lady, please?

Janine: It's been a long time, Mike.

Mike: Yes, it has. You're not living here, are you?

Janine: Well, thanks a lot.

Mike: Sorry. I didn't mean it the way it sounded.

Janine: How did you mean it?

Mike: Just that some things are best left in the past.

Janine: Hmm -- that, of course, depends on your definition of "left."

Felicia: Hello, Luke. I will never understand why you have this picture of Helena Cassadine hanging up in your club.

Luke: Well, since the favorite pinup of the axis forces is now out of commission, I think I'm going to take that painting down.

Felicia: Congratulations.

Luke: Thank you. I had a lot of help, you know. Orphey, I understand that when I was far gone, I did some -- well, some pretty rough stuff to some people who didn't deserve it.

Felicia: Is that a fact?

Luke: That's what I understand. So, since I was too far gone to really take any punishment at the time, why don't you take this opportunity to, you know, give me your best shot.

Laura: You want me to marry you?

Scott: Yeah, I do. I -- I got a ring.

Laura: Oh, my gosh.

Scott: Notice it's a blue sapphire because it matches your eyes on a Caribbean sunset.

Laura: It's gorgeous. Why are you doing this now?

Scott: Because, I told you, I want to create these new memories for us and because I want you to be happy. And because I was afraid -- I was afraid that I might not get to spend the rest of my life with you. Because I -- I love you. I am so in love with you.

Laura: I love you, too.

Melissa: Make yourself comfortable. I'm going to see if my housekeeper shopped for me while I was away. No, she did not. I'm going to have to talk to her about that. But I do have linguini and pudding mix. Bloody Mary mix. I have chips. You like chips, right? I could maybe find a little dip to go with those chips. Roy?

Roy: I'm sorry. What?

Melissa: Luke's going to be okay, you know.

Roy: Yeah. Thank you for taking such good care of him in the hospital.

Melissa: I'm just happy things turned out the way they did.

Roy: Yeah. I was really worried that Helena was going to -- you know. But she's behind bars and Stavros is gone and everything can get back to normal now. It's all good.

Melissa: So why the blue mood?

Roy: Am I blue?

Melissa: Yeah. I think something else is going on.

Laura: I do love you.

Scott: I haven't heard you say that in such a long time. And I want you to say it again. I just think we need to clarify something. Do you love me like you love fish sticks, or are you, like, in love with me now -- in love? Come on. Come on, Laura. You got to help me out here.

Laura: Okay. There are a lot of reasons why I wanted you back in my life again -- a lot. You're funny. You're -- you're strong. You're very smart. You're --

Scott: Loyal, like a schnauzer.

Laura: Loyal. And passionate. Mostly because you're passionate.

Scott: I thought you might have forgotten about that.

Laura: No. I haven't forgotten. I haven't forgotten anything. You are an incredible combination of things. You're attractive. You're very sexy.

Scott: Let's just stop talking.

Luke: Okay, come on. If I can dish it out, I can take it. Hit me. Come on.

Felicia: I did it.

Luke: No, no, you can't do that.

Felicia: I did it already in the alley, remember? Don't you remember?

Luke: Oh, vaguely, yes, I do.

Felicia: Oh, yes, it's a wonder because you were out of it. You were only half yourself.

Luke: I think I said some pretty rough stuff to you, treated you pretty shabbily.

Felicia: It's over.

Luke: So I'm forgiven?

Felicia: Glad to see you in one piece. So, how you doing?

Luke: Uh -- well, you know, Popsicle kid's back in the freezer and queen of the damned is behind bars. I'm doing pretty good. I was just about to take her portrait down and turn it into a dart board, but I can do that later. Hey, what do you say I break out the best champagne in the joint and you and I dance till dawn?

Felicia: No. Not this time, sorry. You know, you spent the last 10 years of your life completely consumed by Helena, chasing her. And now that's over, as of today. So the question is, now what?

Janine: Oh, don't look so nervous. I'm not here to upset your apple cart, believe me. You're the last person I wanted to run into here in Port Charles. Soon as my business is done, I'll be out of here.

Mike: And what kind of business would that be exactly?

Skye: That was rude.

Jax: What, changing clothes?

Skye: Walking out in the middle of a conversation to do it.

Jax: I didn't realize we were having a conversation. I thought you were trespassing.

Skye: I've tried to be pleasant. You know, I have. I don't know why you insist --

Jax: Well, then I'll take that as an admission that you have absolutely nothing worthwhile to say and show you the door.

Skye: I need $250,000. Cash. And I need it right now.

Jax: Well, then I suggest you try one of your relatives, you know, someone who actually likes you. They have access to plenty of liquid capital.

Skye: And they're using it against me. Jax, Monica gave that woman Janine a huge check to leave town. And if she goes, then I lose my leverage to get more E.L.Q. shares from Edward. So I -- I promised Janine that I'd pay her to stay, and she wants $250,000.

Jax: You promised this woman money that you don't have.

Skye: In a manner of speaking.

Jax: Well, you're not getting it from me.

Skye: God, Jax, what's a measly --

Jax: This woman is conning you, and you deserve it. Why should I lift a finger to help?

Skye: Because --

Jax: Yes? And please make this good.

Skye: How to put this. Um -- look, you have a certain predilection for, shall we say, mature women.

Jax: What?

Skye: Well, personally, I couldn't care less, but I don't think you want to entire world to know that you were about to get hot and heavy with Helena Cassadine.

Alexis: Why are you looking at me like that?

Sonny: Like what?

Alexis: Like you think I'm going to have a nervous breakdown or something.

Sonny: Because you -- you've been through a lot and you're still carrying it.

Alexis: I told you eight times -- I told you I'm fine.

Sonny: I can read you better than that, Alexis. You and me, we got a connection.

Alexis: You're right, all right? It's this place.

Sonny: Oh.

Alexis: I'm not comfortable here. I've never been comfortable here. I'm moving. I'm -- you know, you should know that the air conditioning doesn't work here. It's really too hot in the summer. It's too cold in the winter. And I hate that window. I hate that window. I hate where it is. I've always hated it. I hated it then. I hate it now. Hate it. Hate it. I hate it because it doesn't give me any southern exposure and I need southern exposure. And I hate that vase. And I hate that I hate that vase. I hate that I've hated it for so long and it's still in my apartment.

Sonny: Break it.

Alexis: What?

Sonny: Don't even think. Just break it.

Alexis: That is absurd. I'm not going to break it.

Sonny: Break it!

Alexis: No.

Sonny: Break it. Break it.

Alexis: Oh! Oh, my God!

Sonny: All right.

Alexis: Ooh. Okay.

Sonny: You see that? Ha! What else? What else?

Alexis: That is --

Sonny: That?

Alexis: Really horrible. But -- don't touch it, please, because Stefan gave it to me and he would know it if he sees it --

Sonny: Break it.

Alexis: I can't break it.

Sonny: Break it!

Alexis: Ah! Oh, my --

Sonny: All right.

Alexis: Oh, my gosh.

Sonny: What else?

Alexis: Um -- well, this is pathetic.

Sonny: You don't like that?

Alexis: Actually, it's really --

Sonny: Why?

Alexis: Fake, I think.

Sonny: Think it's fake?

Alexis: Yeah, I know it's fake.

Sonny: All right. This one?

Alexis: I mean --

Sonny: Go ahead. Just do it.

Alexis: Okay! I just hate this. Hate this -- ooh. Hate this. I mean, this is really -- hate this. All -- hate it. Hate it. I hate her. Hate Helena. I hate her. I hate her. I -- hate what she's done. I hate what she stands for. I hate what she did to my mother. I hate how scared she made me feel all my life.

Sonny: Hey -- it's all right. Come on. All right.

Sonny: Hey -- it's okay to be scared.

Alexis: No, it wasn't okay for me to be scared. If I let Helena know how scared I was, she would have destroyed me.

Sonny: I know how that works, but Helena�s not here. It's just you and me now.

Alexis: I mean, the only way to control the situation was to not show my weakness, to just show no fear. That's how I dealt with Helena. That's how I dealt with my life.

Alexis: I dreamed about you. I dreamed that you rescued me.

Sonny: I did? Wow.

Alexis: Look, the good news is that this is over, so -- thanks for this. Thanks for letting me break every ugly thing in my home. So I'm going to go to bed, so I'll say good night.

Sonny: Hey -- feel better?

Alexis: You have no idea.

Mike: There are no roulette wheels in Port Charles, so how could you have business here?

Janine: It's personal. Okay? And I think I'd like to keep it that way. It won't involve you. I notice you haven't asked about my kid.

Mike: So, how is Courtney?

Janine: Oh, she's quite well, thank you for asking -- especially now that you're not around.

Mike: Look, do we have to rehash this? You know what was going on. The gambling thing had a grip on me so tight --

Janine: Oh, no, let's don't rehash it because I know all of your excuses by heart. And just to set your mind at ease because I know you're probably worried about us night and day -- I'll only be in Port Charles a little while longer.

Luke: Trix, would you get the lady a nice glass of white wine, please?

Trixie: Sure.

Luke: Orphey, you're talking like this is the end of something. But it isn't. It's the beginning. I mean, this is the start of something big, something really, really big.

Felicia: What?

Luke: I don't know. When I find out, I'll tell you. All I know is I've been pouring my life into chasing the Cassadines for a decade, and now suddenly I got all this room. I mean, there's all kinds of things I want to do. What do you say I go get Roy, have him cover for me -- he's in the office --

Felicia: Actually, I saw him leave with Melissa.

Luke: He just left without a word?

Felicia: It was a love emergency.

Laura: Wow.

Scott: I'll take a "wow."

Laura: Me, too.

Scott: You know, kissing you -- it's exciting as it was when I first kissed you when -- when we were kids, when we were in that storm shed riding out that hurricane, when we were married, running around LA. -- twice in LA. Kissing you, it's -- it's this feeling that I've never forgotten.

Laura: Know. It all comes back for me, too.

Scott: So, here I am. I'm right here. I'm standing in front of you again, telling you how much I love you. Now, there's got to be a reason for that. Or else I'm just out of my head.

Laura: Well, then I must be out of my head, too, because I do want you to be a part of my life.

Scott: There's a "but."

Laura: I didn't say "but."

Scott: I know, but I can see it. I see it right in your eyes. You know, up in the attic tonight -- what about Luke?

Scott: You know, there's a downside to this history that we have together. See, sometimes, I flip back to when we were kids and we were married and you had this sort of attraction to Luke. And I see it all maybe starting to come back again, or at least I did when he was sick, when he was in the hospital, and through, you know, all this Cassadine mess. I understand the stakes were high, but, Laura, the stakes are high for me, too, you know? I can't be that guy that ended up in Mexico with a bottle of tequila every night. I mean, I got two kids. Now, is Luke going to get in the way of us? Do you still have feelings?

Laura: Yes.

Luke: I want to redo the club a little bit, maybe put in a bigger -- bigger stage and a dance floor. I'm going to start a band. I've always wanted to play vibes. I'm going to be the Tito Puente of Port Charles. You know, turn the joint into a salsa/samba club. I'm going to be such a good tango artist, I'm going to knock you off your feet.

Felicia: Ow. God.

Luke: Oh, I'm sorry.

Felicia: Yeah, if I have any feet left.

Luke: Sorry about that. You ever been to Alaska? I'm going back up to Alaska. We were up there for a while, and you're so close to the northern lights, it feels like you're right inside them. I just got to get out in the world, Orph, you know? I got to tiptoe through the Dutch tulips. I got to rollerblade down the Champs Elysees. I got to climb Mount Vesuvius. I'm going to call the W.S.B. I'm going to tell them I'm available for work. Look out, baby. Luke is back.

Felicia: You and I aren't going back to the way we were, though, are we?

Roy: This whole thing with the Cassadines has -- well, it just got me thinking. They are such cruel people. There's no shades of gray with them, there's no ambivalence. They're bad guys. They're evil. It's made me change my perspective.

Melissa: How?

Roy: Sonny once told me my problem is I don't know which side I'm on.

Melissa: Sonny Corinthos doesn't deserve to walk on the same side as the street as you.

Roy: Sonny knows who he is. He knows which side he's on and why.

Melissa: Right, his own side.

Roy: Yeah. Sonny is out for Sonny. I get that. And Luke -- Luke is always out there shaking things up, you know. He's a good guy, but any day he can bend a rule or break a rule, that makes it a better day for him. See, the thing is with me, I -- I've seen a lot of things that Luke hasn't. Some of those cases I worked for the bureau, you know, the petty snitch jobs I hated, but some of those things, some of the cases I worked did a lot of good. I helped put a lot of really terrible people away. And I liked doing it. I usually do the right thing, but my heart's not in it if there's any kind of authority involved. I don't know what I'm trying to say. Maybe I just -- maybe it's time for me to jump off that fence, to get off my butt, stop whining about the way things are, and start working to try to make them better again, try to do what I can to make the world a little safer for people like you. Melissa, I want to be one of the good guys, you know?

Melissa: You are a good guy.

Skye: I doubt you want the entire world to know about your peculiar taste in women.

Jax: Hey, I love women -- all kinds of women.

Skye: Clearly, age is no factor.

Jax: It's not something I've given much thought to.

Skye: How can a man like you be interested in a woman who's old enough to be his mother? You know, never mind. I don't want to know.

Jax: You see, it doesn't matter. Tall, short, blonde, brunette. As long as it's a woman, I'm interested. See, I love women. I love the way their hair smells, the way they move when they dance or play tennis, or doing a business deal. You know, when I'm with you, I feel something entirely different, something I didn't even think was possible. When I look at you, I see this beautiful woman, and I feel -- I feel --

Skye: Yes? You feel what?

Jax: When I look at you, I feel -- I feel -- heartburn. Yeah. Annoyance, rage, disgust. You know, you have completely revolutionized my idea of women. When I'm with you, I get these flashes of Jimmy Cagney stuffing that grapefruit in someone's face.

Skye: Very nice.

Jax: You know, you waltzed in here attempting to blackmail me, making assumptions, when you don't have a clue what you're talking about.

Skye: I know what I saw.

Jax: You don't know what you saw! Helena Cassadine was holding innocent people prisoner. I was drawing her into a trap, and you blew it. You helped her get away, and because of that, she almost destroyed two wonderful families.

Skye: Frankly, I have more on my plate to worry about than what those ridiculous Cassadines may or may not be up to. Namely, Sonny Corinthos. I would do almost anything to teach that hoodlum that he can't go around messing with people's lives.

Jax: Okay, fine! But you don't need my help!

Skye: Well, then fine! Forget it! You may be laughing about this, you know, but I'm not. Sonny corinthos tries to pass himself off as this nice guy, but I know the truth. He's dangerous. He hurt my brother. And just you wait. Just you wait till he hurts someone that you love.

Jax: Wait.

Sonny: All right, thanks a lot.

Alexis: Look at this.

Sonny: I told you I'd take care of it.

Alexis: You know, it's incredible. Thank you.

Sonny: Not a problem.

Alexis: I thought you'd be long gone by now.

Sonny: No.

Alexis: Well, thank you again for everything.

Sonny: You're welcome.

Alexis: So, I'll see you tomorrow, then, I guess, huh?

Sonny: I'll be here.

Alexis: You don't have to do this. I'm -- go home. Go to your own bed. I'm fine. I can be alone. I do alone just fine.

Sonny: I know. But not tonight.

Scott: So you still got feelings for Luke.

Laura: Yeah. You wanted me to be honest, and I think that that is a good idea. I -- I do still have feelings for him. You know, I think people who have been married for 20 years always will.

Scott: I know. I know something about crisises and emotional and going down roads that you shouldn't go down. I've been there.

Laura: I don't know what's real. I don't know if the feelings are going to last. I'm just saying that they are there. And I owe it to you to be completely honest.

Scott: Honest is good. "Yes" would have been better. Listen, you got a lot to stew about right now.

Laura: Yeah.

Scott: So, why don't you hold on to this? You know how I hate to lose things. Give it some thought. You know where to find me.

Laura: Okay.

Scott: I hope the day never comes that I walk out and I don't look back.

Scott: But so far, so good.

Felicia: We can't go back.

Luke: No. People shouldn't try to go back. You should always try to move forward. That's been my problem. I've been knocking on the same door for a decade. Suddenly, it flew open; I don't even know what room I'm in.

Felicia: I understand.

Luke: You'd be okay with that?

Felicia: Oh, yeah, I'm already okay. Sure a lot of fun, wasn't it?

Luke: Yeah. The best. Not too crazy for you?

Felicia: Crazy? I love crazy. I love excitement. But it's over, you know, and you can't make something last when it's in the past, right?

Luke: Right. Can I get you a fresh glass of wine?

Felicia: No. I got to go.

Luke: Thank you, Orphey. It was fantastic. I wouldn't trade a minute of it.

Skye: What changed your mind?

Jax: Please, just don't ask any questions.

Skye: Why all of a sudden do you want to help me go after Sonny? Or is this about something else?

Jax: Skye, just for once in your life, keep your mouth shut. Just take the money and go before I change my mind.

Singer: Here making each day of the year changing my life with one wave of his hand nobody can deny that there's something there running my hands through his hair both of us thinking how good it can be someone is speaking but he doesn't know she's there I want him everywhere and if he's beside me I know I need never care but to love him is to need him everywhere knowing that love is to share each one believing that love never dies watching his eyes and hoping I'm always there to be there and everywhere here, there and everywhere

Singer: I want him everywhere and if he's beside me I know I need never care oh, but to love him is to need him everywhere knowing that love is to she each one believing that love never dies watching his eyes hoping I'm always there to be there and everywhere here, there and everywhere

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Monica: I took care of everything last night.

Alan: What did you do?

Skye: Hand over your E.L.Q. shares, and this Janine affair will disappear without a word.

Ned: We have to figure out what we're going to do about Alexis.

Sonny: Oh!

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