GH Transcript Friday 11/09/01


General Hospital Transcript Friday 11/9/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Skye: This whole thing's been a setup.

Edward: What's a setup?

Stefan: Shut this down, Helena will be powerless.

Bobbie: So, which way now?

Scott: Laura, where are you?

Helena: Well, Mr. Jacks, which way now?

Laura: Luke, where are you? Luke?

Edward: So, what whole thing is a setup?

Skye: Oh, you're not seriously going to stand there and pretend you don't know what I mean.

Edward: How many meanings does the word "setup" have, huh?

Skye: I'm sorry, but this innocent act just doesn't suit you, so you might as well confess.

Edward: Confess what, for heaven's sake?

Skye: Well, you -- you set this poor woman up and broke her heart, and don't you try to deny it.

Edward: Well, I -- I do deny it most vehemently. This is an absurd accusation, and I'm sure that Ms. Trump will agree. You are up to something, and I won't have it. I will not be manipulated. So just spare us both the theatrics, young lady, and admit to whatever sordid scheme you're cooking up so that we can put an end to it now. Because I have been around a lot more years than you, and I must assure you that I am not easily hoodwinked.

[Janine sobs]

Janine: Oh.

Edward: What? What? What?

Monica: Well, your latest love child is certainly outdoing herself.

Alan: What unpardonable crime has Skye committed now?

Monica: It doesn't bother you that A.J. is giving his E.L.Q. stock to Skye?

Alan: It's his decision, not ours.

Monica: Oh. I cannot believe you are so blind to that woman. She's lying to A.J. She's making him believe she really cares that Sonny stole Michael. She's just trying to get on his good side, and she is succeeding.

Alan: Maybe it's true.

Monica: Oh, Alan, wake up. She is exploiting A.J.'s love for his child so she can get the E.L.Q. stock out of the family's hands. If she succeeds, she gets all the power. We have to stop her.

Alan: The only person that has to be stopped is you.

[Knock on door]

Mac: Come in. Wow. You look great.

Felicia: I need your help.

Mac: Is Luke involved?

Felicia: Luke and Laura and Bobbie and Roy and Scott. Ever since Luke has been missing at the hospital, I've tried to call all these people and they're all missing. And I have this terrible feeling that Helena has them in her lab.

Mac: Any idea how to find this place?

Felicia: I spoke with Bobbie earlier, and, yes, I have a hunch. Let's go.

Mac: Not so fast, Felicia.

Felicia: Well, we have to move fast.

Mac: You're not going.

Felicia: Excuse me?

Mac: I'm not letting you walk into danger. I'll take care of this.

Felicia: Oh, boy. Here we go again. Who was partners with you at the P.I. agency?

Mac: You.

Felicia: Who helped you get the goods of the pcpd men last year in December, was it?

Mac: You.

Felicia: Who helped you with the Sorel case?

Mac: You.

But this time you're staying put.

Felicia: It's about Luke, isn't it?

Mac: It's about you not getting hurt, Felicia.

Felicia: Mac, that is very noble of you and very nauseating. If you walk out that door, you know I'm going to follow you.

Mac: Felicia --

Felicia: How many times do we have to have this conversation? For the rest of our lives? This is ridiculous!

Mac: Have I mentioned you're stubborn?

Felicia: Well, that's the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it?

Mac: Well, let's go.

Felicia: Oh, brother.

Jax: That way.

Helena: Are you sure?

Jax: We'll find out, won't we?

Helena: Do you think you could slow down just a little bit? This is not a forced march.

Jax: I'm aware of your athletic prowess, Mrs. Cassadine. I'm sure you can manage.

Alexis: Oh, ow! Ow! Shoot.

Roy: What happened?

Alexis: Oh, I just twisted it.

Roy: Can you walk?

Alexis: Yeah, I'm fine.

Roy: You sure?

Alexis: Let's go. I'm fine. I'm all right.

Helena: Stop these people.

Lucky: Do you have it yet?

Stefan: Not quite. Everything's encrypted. It's a matter of uncovering the codes.

Lucky: Well, we need to hurry.

Stefan: I'll get it. Helena will never have the chance to hurt my family or yours again. Then we have to deal with Stavros.

Lucky: My father went after Stavros. He'll take care of him.

Laura: Luke, grab my hands.

Luke: No, darling, I'll pull you in with me.

Laura: No, you wonít. Grab on to my hands. I can save you. Come on.

Luke: We don't have time for this. Stavros is lurking around.

Laura: Then get out of here and do something about it. Come on. That's it. Great. Come on. Ooh!

Ned: This box belongs to Alexis.

Kristina: Yeah, I found it in her apartment, and I decided that I was going to hold on to it for safekeeping.

Ned: You know, when I asked her what was in it, she wouldn't tell me.

Kristina: Well, I am inside. All my baby things. My rattle and a little spoon with a K on it.

Ned: Now, why couldn't she tell me this?

Kristina: I think that the memories were too painful. She didn't want to speak about them.

Ned: But when it all came back, I would have listened. She could have told me. You know, it was her deepest, darkest secret, and she decided to keep it locked inside.

Kristina: I think it was just too painful. She didn't want to rehash it. I can't believe that she held on to these things for so many years. You know, she knew about me for so long, and I'm just discovering her right now. And I need to -- I need to spend time with Alexis. I need to hang out with her. I need to laugh with her. I need to pick out clothes for her that she would never normally wear if it weren't for her crazy younger sister. I want to get older with her. I want to go to the hairdresser together and wash all the gray out of her hair and complain about our wrinkles and Ė and get older together. Please just stop me if I'm getting too mushy here.

Ned: You'll have that time with her. I know you will.

Roy: Okay. Which one you want?

Jax: Right now, I'm not a good fight. Why don't you pick?

Roy: Well, hell, I don't really want either one of them.

Jax: Well, take the guy on the right.

Roy: I think the guy on my left is kind of more my size.

Alexis: Going somewhere, Helena?

Bobbie: Think again.

Lucky: Helena's henchmen are everywhere. They could be here any minute.

Stefan: I think I found the code. Damn it.

Lucky: What?

Stefan: I lost it. It's gone.

Lucky: Can you retrieve it?

Stefan: Hang on a second. Something's coming back. We have to give it a minute to process.

Stefan: Well, look at us.

Lucky: Yeah.

Stefan: We've come a long way since we fought in the hospital.

Lucky: Yeah. I'm really sorry about that.

Stefan: It wasn't your fault. It was Helena. You really are a fine young man, Lucky. I can see why Laura is so proud of you.

Lucky: Well, for what it's worth, I was wrong about you, too.

[Computer beeps]

Voice: Security breached. Countdown has started. 15 minutes until fail-safe is activated.

Stefan: That's it.

Lucky: We're out of here.

Laura: Come on, Luke. Come on. No! No! Hold on to me! No, Luke.

Luke: Okay, okay.

[Laura and Luke groan]

Luke: Oh, Baldwin. I never thought I'd be glad to see you.

Scott: Well, I should have my head examined.

Voice: Countdown has started. 14 minutes until fail-safe is activated.

Laura: 14 minutes to what?

Luke: I don't know.

Scott: That's a really deep hole, Spencer.

Luke: Yeah, there's no bottom to it.

Scott: Then, feet, don't fail us now.

Luke: You get Laura out of here. I'm going to find Stavros.

Laura: No, Luke, no. It's way too dangerous.

Luke: Laura, it's high noon. I ain't going to miss it. Get her out of here.

Laura: No, Luke, you canít.

Luke: I'll see you up top, darling.

Scott: Come on. Let's go.

Nikolas: In here.

Voice: Countdown has started. 13 minutes until fail-safe is activated.

Gia: Nikolas --

Nikolas: Gia, just run.

Gia: Get your hands off of him!

Nikolas: Gia, run.

Gia: Let him go!

Nikolas: Gia, go. Just run. Don't ever touch her again. You understand?

Gia: Will you stop him? He's hurting Nikolas.

Nikolas: Gia, stop, just --

Gia: Aren't you going to save your son?

[Janine sobs]

Skye: Oh. Oh, now look what you've done.

Edward: Well, I didn't mean to --

Skye: What, you didn't mean to break this poor woman's heart?

Janine: Thank you.

Edward: I -- I don't know what to say.

Skye: If it'll make you feel any better, you're not the first person that Grandfather has treated so callously. He actually sold me at birth.

Janine: How cruel! How can you be so hurtful? Do you enjoy it or something? And did you like using me and then just throwing me away like some worn-out pair of socks?

Edward: No, no, no, no, no, not at all. And to be frank with you, I actually don't remember all that much about our evening.

Janine: You were so sweet, so gentle. I thought you cared.

Edward: Oh, I -- I didn't realize how much I had hurt you.

Janine: Some men are just unforgettable.

Skye: Oh, Grandfather, I'll take care of this.

Edward: Oh, thank you, I'd -- I'd appreciate that.

Monica: All right, this con job is officially over. I am calling the police and having you both arrested for attempted fraud.

Janine: Well, maybe sweet cheeks should be arrested for seducing me and breaking my heart.

Ned: That was Mac Scorpio, the police commissioner. He's leaving right now to follow a lead.

Kristina: Oh, thank God.

Ned: Where are you going?

Kristina: To the police station.

Ned: No, no, you're not.

Kristina: Yes, yes, I am. I have to go follow him.

Ned: No! You're going to get in their way, and I won't allow that to happen.

Kristina: Okay, well, fine. I'll tell you what -- if I can't make myself useful, then I will just stand there and watch, okay?

Ned: Kristina, you are incapable of doing nothing. You're going to get right smack in the middle of things, and I won't let you be in danger.

Kristina: Why is everyone always trying to protect me?

Ned: I made a promise to Alexis. I gave her my word that I would protect you. And if I break that promise, I will never hear the end of it.

Kristina: I can't just stand here and do nothing. She's my sister.

Ned: She's the woman I almost married. Everything possible is being done to get her back. Believe me, if there was something I would -- if there was something that I could do, I would be the first one out this door, but there isnít. At least not now.

Kristina: Okay. Alexis will be back. So, in the meantime, I guess I'll just stay here and hold on to that thought.

Ned: That's a good idea.

Kristina: You know what? Why don't -- why don't we put some champagne on some ice for her, you know, so she can have it right when she walks through the door.

Ned: Hmm. Actually, I think she'd prefer popcorn.

Kristina: Oh, that's such a good idea. We can get microwave kind with butter flavoring. Although, you know, if you think about it, you never actually see butter listed in the ingredients. It's always, like, something totally unpronounceable, like glucocane or luptosac or whatever. Please stop me fm babbling on and on and on and on. I just need to relax. Alexis will be back. I need to have faith.

Ned: Yeah. She'll be back.

Jax: I got her.

Helena: Oh, I wouldn't look quite so smug if I were you. I have more employees who are undoubtedly searching for me as we speak.

Jax: Yeah, well, I look forward to meeting them, too.

Roy: They can't all be as easy as those two.

Jax: It's possible. Helena hires for looks, not stamina.

Voice: Countdown just started. 11 minutes until fail-safe is activated.

Jax: What does that mean?

Helena: Why ruin the surprise?

Roy: Well, look at this. That makes it nice and official, doesn't it?

Jax: You know, we've seen other doorways like this.

Roy: Yeah, all of them steel, all reinforced, all between here and the entrance.

Jax: When this turns to zero, this place is going to shut down, locking us inside. That's right, isn't it?

Helena: What is that funny expression? Fishing in the dark?

Roy: I'll go ahead and see if it's clear.

Helena: Mr. Dilucca's effort is most admirable, but it would be more so if he knew where he was going.

Alexis: I'd worry about where you are going, if I were you.

Helena: I told you. He went the wrong way.

Jax: And, of course, we're going to believe you.

Helena: This maze was specifically designed to confuse the unwanted visitor. Although I never realized that your sense of direction was quite so poor.

Bobbie: Just ignore her. Come on, let's keep moving.

Helena: Now, each step we take is leading us further away from the opening of the cave. Now, I could correct that if you're willing to make a deal.

Jax: Fine. Here's the deal. You spend the rest of your life in a federal penitentiary.

Helena: Oh, how disappointing.

Jax: You're finished, Helena. You've plotted against me, Alexis, and Chloe, and a dozen other people I care about. Not only are you intolerant of anyone who doesn't share your views and ready to harm people whom you perceive as standing in your way, you're basically a bore. Revenge is a tired, pointless game, Helena, and you've lost.

Alexis: Amen to that.

Voice: Countdown has started. 10 minutes until fail-safe is activated.

Bobbie: Which way?

Jax: This one.

Helena: Oh, poor Jax, you are hopelessly turned around. We're right back where we started. It's only a matter of time and Stavros will be here to rescue me.

Jax: I didn't know you were so maternal. Doesn't really suit you.

Helena: You are lost. Stavros knows every inch of this maze. He will hunt you down and he will destroy you before you can raise one finger to retaliate. My son is strong, intelligent, and resourceful. He was born to lead, and he can certainly overcome you.

Jax: Well, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Helena: Oh, I assure you, Stavros will save me.

Stavros: Let go of my son and return to your post. Now!

Gia: Are you all right? Did he hurt you?

Nikolas: I'm fine. Now what, Father?

Stavros: Take Gia and go.

Nikolas: Come with us.

Stavros: I need to stay.

Nikolas: What's fail-safe and what happens if you don't get out?

Stavros: There are some things that I need to take care of.

Nikolas: But you said --

Stavros: I am so proud of you. You are everything that I prayed for and more.

Nikolas: You say that you want to get to know me. Now, if that is true, this is your --

Stavros: Go quickly. Be well.

Gia: Come on. We have to go.

Laura: Wait --

Scott: I hate caves. They're full of bats and -- come on. What are you doing? We've got to get out of here, and we've got to get to the police.

Laura: No. I can't leave until I know that Lukeís all right.

Stavros: These stones would have looked beautiful around your throat, Laura. As if they were made for you.

Stavros: Would have been nice to see you wear that dress as well while we danced in Milan or Paris, perhaps. There were so many places I wanted to take you.

Luke: She's been as far with you as she's going.

Monica: I'm calling the police.

Alan: You'd better back off, Monica.

Skye: I can handle her.

Monica: What, with more lies?

Alan: Stop accusing her.

Skye: Oh, Monica can't help it. When a problem comes up, she tries to dispose of it -- just like she's be trying to get rid of me since I got here.

Monica: Alan, she is working a scam. And your father -- although he probably deserves it -- is the victim.

Edward: Alan is right. Calling the police would be a big mistake.

Monica: You can't let them take advantage of you.

Edward: I will not let this minor indiscretion be made public.

Monica: And you can't buckle under, either.

Edward: I won't have Lila hurt. Under no circumstances would I allow that.

Monica: Well, I agree, Edward. At least we could talk to Mac about this.

Edward: I don't want everyone in this town talking about poor Edward.

Monica: They don't have to know about things, Edward.

Janine: Well, that was close.

Skye: Yeah, well, a miss is as good as a mile. They don't know a thing.

Janine: He really doesn't want his wife to find out. We can use that.

Skye: Don't -- don't you even think about that, okay? Look, Lila happens to be the nicest person in the entire universe. She stays out of it.

Janine: Okay, okay.

Skye: No, I'm serious. Look, you already ignored my instructions once, and look where it got you. The entire family, including Edward, almost found out that you two never consummated the act.

Janine: But they didnít. And a miss is as good as a mile.

Skye: Look, honey, if this family finds out what you're doing, they're going to grind you to bits. So, come on. Get real with me. What were you really after when you concocted this whole scam, hmm?

Janine: Look, I'm just trying to help my kid, okay?

Skye: Your kid?

Janine: She deserves a decent life with books and school fees and clothes. So you can just back off, okay?

Skye: Are you for real?

Janine: Whatever. I'm working two jobs to try to make ends meet. Last month I needed a new set of tires, and you probably don't have any idea what radials run these days.

Skye: So you happened to see fat cat Edward Quartermaine --

Janine: Yeah, I saw him, and I thought, "This could be my chance." These guys -- they come in there with their tailored suits and their polished shoes, and they are dropping enough money to put a down payment on a house. It's unbelievable. What do they care, right? Edward was drinking and taking some kind of medication. I went up to his room with him, he fell asleep, and the rest is history. So don't give me any lectures, all right? Because I'm willing to do whatever it takes to provide for my kid.

Skye: All right. But get out of here, all right? And no more problems.

Janine: Okay.

Skye: All right. Now, get back to the hotel and stay there.

Janine: Yeah, yeah.

Alan: Father hurt you deeply, didn't he? And you're using what he did with Janine to get back at him. Am I right?

Skye: Yes.

Monica: I am surprised at you.

Edward: I don't need a lecture, Monica.

Monica: Oh, oh, yes, you do. How could you fall for the oldest trick in the book? And by the way, aren't you just a little old for these shenanigans?

Edward: I thought I was.

Monica: A couple of drinks, some phony compliments from a younger woman, and you're cheating on Lila.

Edward: You are no more upset than I am, Monica, and I just wish I could take the whole thing back.

Lucky: Mom?

Laura: Lucky! Oh, Lucky, thank God. Oh, I was so worried. Are you all right?

Lucky: Yeah, yeah. Last I saw, Dad went after Stavros and you followed him. Just -- I was really afraid that you weren't going to make it out of there.

Laura: I was so proud of you, the way you stood up to Helena. I don't know how you found the strength.

[Car approaches]

Lucky: Where did I find the strength? You guys taught me how to do that. You guys taught me to do what's right and take care of the people who love me.

Laura: And you did.

Mac: Scott?

Scott: Hey, Mac, it's about time you got here.

Mac: Who's down there?

Scott: The Cassadines are down there and a bunch of other people, too.

Mac: I'm going down. Follow me.

Scott: Wait a minute. There's some kind of countdown going on, and it's got, like, five minutes left.

Mac: All right. Come on.

Laura: Thank you for taking care of Lucky.

Stefan: He's a fine young man. You always told me so. You were right.

Laura: And I was so wrong about you. I'm sorry, Stefan.

Stefan: I'll always care about you, Laura. It's time that included your family.

Lucky: Hey, brother. You made it.

Nikolas: We have so many good times left, man. You think I was going to miss them? Mom.

Laura: Nikolas. You were so brave.

Nikolas: I love you so much, Mom. And there is not a thing I wouldn't do for you. You know that.

Laura: My two wonderful sons. I love you both so much.

Gia: Where's Luke?

Laura: I asked him to come with me, but he wouldn't. He was determined to try to find Stavros.

Gia: Stavros helped us escape.

Nikolas: He just wanted us to be safe.

Luke: I hope you kept the receipts for all this.

Stavros: Get out, Spencer.

Luke: I mean, it's amazing, really. Jewels, necklaces, perfume. Gowns laying around. I don't usually use the term "weird," but, my friend, if the shoe fits --

Stavros: My son called me "father" today.

Luke: God, you're pathetic.

Stavros: I will reclaim my family, and you won't stop me.

Luke: You got two choices -- either you come along down to the station house and have a nice little chat with the cops about your various crimes --

[Stavros laughs]

Luke: Yeah, that's what I thought you'd say. Well, then, how about this -- you and I end it here, now.

Stavros: I think I'll go for the second option.

Edward: I never meant for this to happen, Monica.

Monica: Famous last words.

Edward: Now, wait a minute. Before you pass judgment, may I remind you that you hold the family record for marital infidelity.

Monica: Well, that's something that I am not proud of, but at least I didn't let anyone use it to manipulate me.

Edward: Well, neither have I.

Monica: Edward, you are trying to sweep this whole thing under the rug by giving in to Skyeís demands.

Edward: She hasn't asked for much.

Monica: No. She's just hoarding the stock, share by share. And bit by bit, you are giving her the power and the means to ruin this family.

Skye: Have I disappointed you again? This is getting to be a habit.

Alan: No, I'm proud of you. I always have been. But I would like the rest of my family to embrace you the way I have.

Skye: Oh, I think that's called trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Alan: It doesn't have to be.

Skye: Oh, come on, Dad, let's face it. My coming here wasn't exactly welcome news. Most of the family, including Monica, has made that pretty clear.

Alan: Maybe you can meet them halfway.

Skye: Why? None of them do. Except for A.J.

Alan: Well, I'm glad that A.J.'s made an effort.

Skye: No, he cares. He doesn't set up hurdles or put me through tests, you know? He just -- he simply accepts that I'm his sister.

Alan: And I accept you as my daughter. But I cannot stand by and watch you become the worst part of what we Quartermaines are -- backbiting and scheming and doing absolutely anything to get what you want. I love you too much for that, Skye. And I'm telling you, if you start something with my father, you will pay for it. He will punish you in ways you can't even imagine. A.J.'s been fighting him for years, and he's been badly hurt by it.

A.J.: Do you mind if I speak for myself? Dad, can't you see? Skye's only doing this for me.

Skye: This isn't about me or grabbing power at E.L.Q. or even getting revenge on Grandfather. This is about getting to Sonny. He's ruined my brother's life, and I want him to pay for it. Please don't try to stop me.

Laura: Bobbie, you're all right?

Bobbie: Oh, gosh, I didn't know what had happened to you.

Laura: I made it out with Scotty.

Bobbie: What about Luke? Didn't you find him?

Laura: Yes, but he wouldn't come with me. He's determined to go after Stavros. I'm so worried. He's barely out of the hospital. He doesn't have his strength back. He thinks that he's invulnerable, and he's not.

Bobbie: Laura, he won't be beaten. And even if he doesn't have his strength back, he does have his wits. Luke can outmaneuver the best of them. And he has.

Laura: You're scared, aren't you?

Bobbie: Yeah, I am, but I can't let myself imagine the worst. Luke will make it out of there. He has to, for all of us.

Roy: Hey, man, is your father out yet?

Lucky: No. We need to find him, though.

Roy: Yeah, let's go get him. Come on.

Mac: Hey, don't go back in there. It's not safe.

Stefan: We made it, Alexis.

Alexis: What would I do without you?

Stefan: You won't have to find out. You know what? I think this is a new beginning for our family.

Nikolas: That's right, and Helena will never hurt you again.

Alexis: We're free.

Nikolas: That's right. Group hug. Why not, huh?

Taggert: Gia -- I want to talk to you.

Gia: Marcus, I'm so glad you're here.

Taggert: What the hell are you doing here? I gave you specific instructions to stay at the hotel and stay away from these psychos.

Gia: Are you going to yell at me, or are you going to hug me?

Jax: Comm. Scorpio -- a little present for you. You might want to book this one.

Mac: My pleasure. Taggert? You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney and to have an attorney present during questioning.

Luke: You've seen too many movies.

Stavros: You tried to kill me with a bedpost last time. This time I decided to be prepared.

Voice: Countdown has started. Four minutes until fail-safe is activated.

Luke: You planning to fall on that sword?

Stavros: I had a better idea.

Luke: You have another sword on you?

Stavros: Um -- no.

Luke: All right.

Luke: Hey, Stavros! I got you on the run now, huh?

Stavros: Things aren't always as they seem.

Luke: Welcome back to the hellhole again, eh?

Voice: Countdown has started. Two minutes until fail-safe is activated.

Luke: Ain't this a shame. You've died twice. And both times, the last face you saw was mine.

[Stavros laughs]

Luke: Yeah.

Monica: I will handle Janine.

Edward: Please be gentle with her.

Monica: Oh. If you can't see she's nothing but a gold digger, then you're closer to senility than I thought you were.

Edward: Monica, the little girl is -- she's heartbroken. That one night meant a great deal to her.

Monica: Well, that little girl will get over it, sweet cheeks. She'll be out of our lives, and so will Skye.

Edward: Oh, no. Not if Alan has a vote.

Monica: Look, Edward, she is manipulating A.J., she's making trouble for Alan and me, she's threatening you and possibly hurting Lila, and I've had it. She's out of here.

Alan: You're an adult capable of making choices. All I'm asking you to do is just watch your step.

Skye: I always do.

Alan: Father will not fade into the woodwork. He will retaliate. I'll do everything I can to protect you and A.J., but you got to be careful.

Skye: All right.

Alan: You take care. Don't do anything rash.

A.J.: Skye -- Dad's right. You could get hurt.

Skye: Trust me; I can fight dirty with the best of them.

A.J.: But this isn't your battle. This is between me, Sonny, and Grandfather.

Skye: Sounds like two to one to me. Guess I'd better stick around, even out those odds.

A.J.: I can take it from here, okay?

Skye: Hey, come on, you're not going to get rid of me. You know, my whole life, I've never had anyone to defend, and it feels too good. So, you see, it really is all about me.

A.J.: I'm not getting anywhere, am I?

Skye: Guess you're just going to have to give in and accept that I'm on your side.

A.J.: And I'm on yours.

Kristina: Tell me another story about Alexis.

Ned: Another story?

Kristina: Yeah.

Ned: Okay, let's see here. She did try to cook me a meal once. Yeah, she got this cookbook called "The Speedy Gourmet: Delicious Dinners in 15 minutes or Less." She figured that was foolproof.

Kristina: No, no, no --

Ned: What?

Kristina: I mean a story like the desert one. You know, one that shows how invincible and tough Alexis is.

Ned: Kristina, she will be back. I guarantee it.

Kristina: You're okay.

Alexis: I'm okay.

Kristina: Come here. Alexis.

Alexis: I wouldn't leave you.

Laura: Lucky?

Laura: Where's Luke?

Roy: He's not out?

Lucky: It's all my fault.

Roy: He got hit from behind. He went out for a while.

Laura: Are you all right, Lucky?

Lucky: Yeah, yeah.

Roy: Bobbie?

Lucky: Dad's still in there, though.

Roy: Can you come take a look at him? Let's just go sit down for a second.

Bobbie: What's going on?

Scott: Wait a second. Laura, you can't go in there. Luke needs you safe. I want you safe out here. Come on.

Laura: I have to --

Scott: No, wait -- wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute -- wait.

Voice: Countdown is complete. Fail-safe --

Laura: Luke!

Luke: Oh. We're safe. The monsters are gone. We're so overdue for a happy ending.

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Monica: "Sugar Dove"?

Edward: Janine is on a campaign to get me.

Skye: Play it cool and back off.

Janine: Why should I trust you?

Ned: I'm glad you're safe.

Luke: Well, well, well. Not your usual fabulous entrance, my darling.

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