GH Transcript Wednesday 11/07/01


General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 11/7/01

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Elizabeth: I'm here, Lucky. You haven't lost me.

Gia: I can't lose you.

Nikolas: I can't just sit around and wait for this to all end.

Bobbie: Helena is the enemy, and the only way we're going to defeat her is if we all work together.

Jax: Game over, Helena.

Skye: Jax --

Jax: Get out!

Stavros: I want you. I love you, Laura.

Jax: Yeah, DiLuca, it's Jax. I'm back at Alexis' place. Listen, I've got my people sifting through every financial transaction Helena's made in the last five years. Yeah, somewhere there's got to be a paper trail that'll lead us to where this lab is. In the meantime, I'm hoping Alexis left a clue to where Helena's taken her. Yeah, I doubt it, too. Hey, listen, I got to go. I'll keep you posted. Kristina. What are you doing here? Why aren't you back at the gatehouse?

Kristina: Because I couldn't reach Alexis, and so I got worried and came over here. Well, obviously, Alexis isn't here. Obviously, something has happened to her, and it doesn't sound good.

[Stefan grunts]

Stefan: It's not going to work.

Man: You're to come with me.

Bobbie: Where?

Man: Mrs. Cassadine wants to see you.

Bobbie: No, I don't want to see Ė

Stefan: You know what? I've got a message for Mrs. Cassadine!

Stefan: Ah!

Alexis: This -- it's -- we're going to get out of here.

Stefan: How? I'm feeling quite incapable at the moment, Alexis.

Alexis: You're not incapable. You are resourceful. You are so resourceful. You are resourceful enough to defy Helena, to raise Nikolas yourself so that he's not one of them.

Stefan: Listen to me. If this is your good-bye speech in case we don't get out of here, I don't want to hear it.

Alexis: It's not a good-bye speech. I'm just telling you in case you haven't heard me all the other times that I've said it, that you are a good person, Stefan. You've raised Nikolas, he's a wonderful boy, and I'm -- I'm proud of you.

Stefan: Alexis, what does all the good I've done matter if Stavros ends up getting Nikolas anyway?

Nikolas: All right, this is the way into the maze.

Gia: I can't do this alone.

Nikolas: I know you can. All right, we're counting on you to bring help. And once you get out of the maze, you're going to come to a tunnel entrance. Go straight to the police, to your brother.

Gia: But I wasn't paying attention when they brought me through here.

Nikolas: You'll be fine, okay? You'll be fine.

Gia: You're right, I will. But you better be okay when I get back.

Nikolas: Guaranteed. Okay, now, listen -- to get out of the maze, you go left at the T, right at the Y, two more rights, one left, and one right. Left at the T, right at the Y -- okay? -- Two more rights, one left, and one right.

Gia: Left, right, two lefts, left --

Nikolas: Two rights, two rights.

Gia: Ugh! Left, right, two rights, left, right?

Nikolas: A left and a right, right.

Gia: Yeah, right -- I mean, no, I got it. Left, right, two rights, left, right.

Nikolas: Good.

Gia: Okay.

Nikolas: I'm going to find Laura and the others, and by the time you get back, you'll be back with help, okay?

Gia: Do you swear to me that I will see you again?

Nikolas: I swear to you.

Gia: Because if you go and die on me, I'm going to have to sue you for breach of promise.

Nikolas: This is not going to be the last time we see each other. I promise that. Okay?

Gia: I love you.

Nikolas: I love you more. Now go. Go, go.

Lucky: Elizabeth. What are you doing here?

Elizabeth: I came to help you.

Lucky: Oh -- no, no, you canít. Helena still has her hooks in my head. I can't even help my family because she'll turn me against them any time she wants to. I think she might have my mom and my dad and my brother. What if she already has you?

Elizabeth: She hasn't. She doesn't know where to look. I'm right here, Lucky. Helena thinks she's banished me, but she's clueless to how love works. You wouldn't be seeing or hearing me if I weren't still here in your heart. I know what you can do, Lucky, because I know who you are, what you've been since birth. You are the son of Luke and Laura. Luke and Laura raised you, and Helena always underestimates that. You're afraid because you think you're alone.

Lucky: No. I'm afraid because I know what Helena's capable of. She'll win.

Elizabeth: Not against us. You think you're alone, but you're not. That's one of Helena's lies. It's a weapon, but it fail if you see the truth. I'm right here, Lucky. But your mom and your dad -- your family -- they need your help. So see Helena's lies for what they really are and grab ahold of the truth. I love you, Lucky.

Luke: Well, this is like old times.

Stavros: Yes, well, this time the ending will be different. Why is it that you never stay gone?

Luke: I ask myself the same about you.

Stavros: I've never had more reason to live.

Luke: You'll not get Laura. I guarantee you that.

Stavros: Well, you're welcome to take her any time you want.

Jax: Look, all I know for certain is that Alexis was here with Helena when I arrived. Someone knocked me over the head, and when I came to, everyone was gone.

Kristina: So the woman who killed our mother now has my sister.

Kristina: Um -- has anyone -- has anyone heard from Stefan? Do you know?

Jax: No. Listen, I've assigned people to track every money trail Helena's left recently. We're going to find Alexis.

Kristina: And Stefan.

Jax: Okay, and Stefan. Kristina, what are you doing?

Kristina: Well, Alexis' apartment is so beautiful, you know, I think that her things should be shown to their fullest advantage. Trust me, Jax -- when she comes back, she is going to love it. And she is going to come back because, I mean, I've barely even gotten to know my sister.

Kristina: And besides, I -- I asked God to keep her safe, so I know that she's going to come back.

Jax: Hey. She's coming back. I promise.

Stefan: I have to get you back to Kristina, and Nikolas safely away from this family once and for all.

Alexis: And what about you?

Stefan: I intend to get out of here. We all will.

Stefan: What are you thinking about?

Alexis: You really want to know?

Stefan: Yes.

Alexis: I was wondering if you ever wondered why I never got married and had a baby.

Stefan: Why are you bringing this up now?

Alexis: I mean, really, haven't you ever been curious as to why I've never been able to commit to anyone, to stay in the same room without running, disappearing, giving up?

Stefan: You know, most people break their word on that. But if you made that kind of commitment, you would not break it, no matter how hard things got.

Alexis: When I get out of here, I am going to be very daring. I am going to live on the edge and take risks. In my own compartmentalized sort of way, I will.

Stefan: Well, that's one good reason we have to get out of here. I want to see that.

Alexis: I think it's time we get one up on Stavros. What do you think?

Stefan: Yeah.

Luke: Well, charming little den. Cheap and tawdry, like all things Cassadine. No wonder Laura took the first opportunity to get away from you.

Stavros: Laura and I shared more on that island than you realize.

Luke: You shared nothing. She hates your guts. She's always hated your guts. The only woman who will ever love you is your mommy. And she yanks your chain so hard, it hurts all the way down, doesn't it?

Laura: No! No!

Luke: Laura, run!

Lucky: You can say let go of the lies and go after the truth, but I don't know how.

Elizabeth: I'll help you.

Lucky: No, I'm only imagining you. There's nothing you can do that I haven't already thought of.

Elizabeth: Here. Look at these.

Lucky: This is a picture of you applying for a job at Kellyís. First time I ever saw you.

Elizabeth: I was catching a hard time from Ruby. You came up and put in a good word for me.

Lucky: Yeah. Who took this photo?

Elizabeth: You did. The moment meant something to you, so you tacked it up in your mind.

Lucky: See, I -- I don't remember liking you here.

Elizabeth: You didn't. What about this night? How did you feel?

Lucky: I thought I should take care of you.

Elizabeth: And the next one?

Lucky: That was right after the H.I.V. test.

Elizabeth: I thought everybody was staring at me, but you said --

Lucky: "Maybe because you're pretty."

Elizabeth: What about the next one?

Lucky: That's how you looked from the floor when I was sleeping in your room when you didn't want to be alone. When we were on the run. The blender fight. Moving into the boxcar. The paint war. Wait.

Elizabeth: What?

Lucky: This is -- this is when I felt --

Elizabeth: This is when you what?

Lucky: When I realized that I had a serious crush on you. Dinner at the No-Name. Wow. You looked so beautiful. My visit to Tammy.

Elizabeth: Every time you were around me, you wanted to touch me. You wanted to kiss me. But you were afraid I wasn't ready. You were so afraid of hurting me.

Lucky: This was after that night at the pier.

Elizabeth: You had this goofy grin on your face.

Lucky: Yeah, I was happy. It was the first time I realized how I felt. I felt like I was -- I'd been standing on the edge of a cliff, you know? Like I was afraid I was going to fall. That was the first night that I wasn't afraid anymore.

Elizabeth: What?

Lucky: I thought I thought of something, but I guess it's gone.

Elizabeth: What?

Lucky: I just felt hope.

Elizabeth: Hope is never gone, not if there's love. And there is love inside you.

Alexis: Well, now that we have our lives figured out, Helena's working on details on how to get rid of us.

Stefan: Alexis, that's not going to happen.

Alexis: Hello, out there. If you can hear me, know that you will be eliminated, too.

[Knocking on door]

Alexis: Hello, somebody? Anybody?

Stefan: Alexis, listen to me. You're forgetting something. Helena has us down here for a reason. She always plans a third act so she can gloat. We'll have our chance.

Nikolas: I want the prisoners released.

Man: I only take orders from Mrs. Cassadine.

Nikolas: Well, these orders are from my father, the prince. Now, he demands that his brother and sister be brought to him at once.

Man: I'm sorry, but as I said --

Nikolas: Sorry is what you will be if I have to go back to my father and tell him that his orders have been denied and that his son, the heir, was ignored. Now let them out.

Gia: Left at the T, right at the Y -- I hope was the Y. Oh, what is up with these Tís and Yís? Or was it one more right and then a left? Oh, God, Gia, think. You cannot screw this up. Everybody is counting on you. Just breathe. If Nikolas thinks you can do it, then you can.

[Gia sighs]

Gia: Okay. A left, a right, two rights, a left, and a right means good-bye.

Roy: Okay. We can pry open these elevator doors and we'll rappel down the shaft.

Scott: Oh, look, look, look, this is a really bad idea. We could break our necks here. The entrance that Lucky knows about would be a lot quicker.

Roy: But Lucky won't tell us where the entrance is.

Scott: Well, you know what we do? We just let him out of the attic and then we just shadow him.

Roy: We don't have a lot of time, Scott.

Scott: Of course, Spencer also knows, but did he bother to tell anybody before he took off? No. You know why? Because he's always got to be the big hero. He's got to save the world.

Roy: Look, I know that you don't like Luke and I know that Laura is the reason why. But he happens to be as good a friend as I've ever had in the world, and I'd very much appreciate it if you would stop ragging on him! Okay? Thanks.

Helena: Ah, Ms. Spencer. Please come in. Well, you must be curious about why I sent for you.

Bobbie: I've given up trying to figure out how your twisted mind works.

Helena: Well, there's no need to be unpleasant. I'm prepared to be lenient if you will provide me with certain information. Your brother is missing from the hospital, and I want him. If you'll direct me to him --

Bobbie: Are you kidding? First of all, I have absolutely no idea where my brother is. And even if I did, you are the last person I would tell.

Helena: Well, if that's your decision, I'll have you escorted back to your accommodations. Well, until you're feeling more cooperative, you and I have absolutely nothing to say to one another.

Bobbie: That's where you're wrong.

Luke: Ooh! Ah!

Laura: No!

Stavros: Laura, when will you ever learn?

Laura: No! No, don't hurt him! I'll go with you. I'll do whatever you want.

Jax: Listen, I don't care how many people you have to hire. Helena's men are coming and going from somewhere. Find out from where. Isolate the quadrants and I'll take the chopper over the area to see if I can pick up anything underground on the infrared. Okay, and get back to me as soon as you can. Listen, Kristina, I know this must be scaring the hell out of you --

Kristina: I'm not scared for myself.

Jax: You know, Alexis doesn't scare easily, either, but she'd never forgive me if I weren't keeping you safe, so I'm going to have the jet fueled and I'm going to get you out of here until this is over.

Kristina: Jax, no. You're not.

Nikolas: I don't like being questioned by the staff. Open the door.

Stefan: Nikolas may need our assistance.

Man: My last orders were to treat you as a prisoner.

Nikolas: Then you are as ill informed as you are ill mannered. Now release the prisoners.

Alexis: I'm not taking one step with that traitorous little snot.

Stefan: Are you one of them now? I gave you my life!

Nikolas: You will be delivered to my father as he asked one way or the other. Now, stop standing there like a fool. Your call. Open the door.

Stefan: Ha!

Stefan: Nikolas. It's good to see you.

Alexis: Are you all right?

Nikolas: Are you?

Alexis: Huh?

Nikolas: Are you?

Alexis: Yeah.

Stefan: Listen, you need to go with Alexis and get help.

Alexis: I'm not going anywhere without both of you.

Stefan: Alexis --

Nikolas: No, I can't leave. My father has Laura.

Stefan: I'll find her.

Nikolas: No, someone has to wipe out Helena's lab. You know how.

Stefan: If I can get access to the computer, yes.

Alexis: All right, well, I'm going to help somebody. Which one is it?

Nikolas: You.

Stefan: No -- no.

Nikolas: You. Yes, you. Okay? You.

Stefan: Nikolas --

Nikolas: Now, I believe it's this way. It's safe now. Just you stay safe, okay?

Stefan: Do you know where your mother is?

Nikolas: No, but I will find her.

Laura: I mean it, Stavros. I'll go with you. I'll do whatever you want, but I want you to leave Luke alone.

[Laura screams]

Stavros: For him! For me you have not one shred of conviction? Am I supposed to be happy with that?

Laura: You want conviction? Fine. I loathe you!

Stavros: Oh, you're wasting your love on that?

Laura: I had a life with a man that I loved, and you stole me out of it. You turned me into a prisoner.

Stavros: I treated you like a queen. You wanted for nothing.

Laura: I wanted Luke.

Stavros: You have no idea what you've just done.

Laura: Luke? Luke? Wake up.

[Luke mumbles]

Laura: We've got to get out of here.

Luke: Oh. Oh.

Lucky: Now, all of these are in my head?

Elizabeth: This is nothing. We're just getting warmed up.

Lucky: But what does this have to do with Helena and what she's doing with my family?

Elizabeth: This is the truth. You can trust what really happened. Helena told you all of this disappeared out of your heart one day. That's a lie. Helena lies. We built an incredible love, minute by minute, one memory after another. She told you it doesn't exist anymore. She lies. How can one person turn off that much love in one day?

Lucky: Oh, it -- there has to be some sort of reason?

Elizabeth: Well, what's the reason? What happened to turn it off?

Lucky: I don't know.

Elizabeth: It had to be something big. It had to be something huge.

Lucky: I don't remember.

Elizabeth: How could you not remember the one thing that took away something this incredible? Could you imagine forgetting something this big?

Lucky: No.

Elizabeth: Then what does that tell you? That it never really happened, that you can beat her, that you can stop working for her and start working against her, that you, Lucky, have the power to turn this whole thing around because she would never expect it from you. Anytime that you have doubt, go back to what's true, starting with I love you.

Elizabeth: And you love me.

Elizabeth's voice: Hope is never gone, Lucky. I know what you can do.

Bobbie: What is it all for? All of this pain that you're inflicting? You made my son Lucas sick to blackmail Tony into reviving a monster. You've gone after my brother, my nephew Lucky, Elizabeth. You've turned their lives inside out. You made Laura's life a living hell. You've made your own grandson hate you. For what?

Helena: Revenge.

Bobbie: Oh, no. That's where you're wrong. You did it for nothing, because if you think you can rid the world of the Spencers, think again. It will never happen. Every time you think you've won and every time you think you're safe, we're going to come back at you, one at a time or all together, and we will keep on coming until you or anyone like you is finished.

Helena: Now, that's a very noble speech, but futile under the circumstances, don't you think?

Bobbie: Maybe my circumstances are about to change.

Helena: Stop her.

Stavros: No. Mother, it's time to finish this. End it all now.

Scott: All right, look, you want to help your pal Luke? That's fine. All I care about is helping Laura here, all right? Do you understand that?

Roy: Yeah, yeah.

Scott: Now, Lucky was the only lead we had. And the elevator shaft here -- it's been sealed off. So I don't suppose Spencer gave you any idea what we should do, where to look, or did he just lay there drooling?

Roy: Let me tell you something. Luke at 20% is more lucid than some people on the best day of their lives. There is always a method to Luke's madness. There is always a method. Which is maybe the answer.

Scott: What are you talking about?

Roy: Well, Luke -- we could just -- we could retrace Luke's steps, and maybe that would point us in the right direction.

Luke: Oh.

Laura: Luke?

Luke: Yeah. I got him, right? I knocked him out?

Laura: Yeah, something like that.

Luke: Oh.

Laura: Are you all right?

Luke: At least I got him off you.

Laura: Yeah.

Luke: Oh.

Laura: How did you get in here?

Luke: I -- the antidote, it started working and I remembered things.

Laura: Can you remember how to get out? We've got to get out of here now.

Luke: Oh -- oh. Oh.

Laura: You're hurt, aren't you? Luke, are you still weak?

Luke: Laura, I want you to know no matter what happens that I -- I love you and I -- I wouldn't want to live this life without you.

Laura: Luke --

Luke: I swear.

Laura: I love you.

Nikolas: You all right?

Laura: Yes, I am.

Nikolas: What happened?

Laura: Stavros.

Luke: Listen, kid, I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to play this game. I may have to check out early. You make sure Laura gets home safe. Yes?

Nikolas: I swear. Luke, I swear.

Laura: No.

Gia: Left, right, two rights, a left, and a right. Hey, I did it!

Man: We've got her.

Kristina: Alexis' half of our mother's necklace. Oh, my God, it's got a K on it. Do you think that this was mine?

Jax: Yeah, probably.

Kristina: Alexis kept all these things in here all these years. Do you think that people actually feed babies out of sterling silver spoons? I mean --

Jax: You know, I don't know. But we can call from the car.

Kristina: I'm not calling from the car. I'm staying here. Look, you have memories with her. I donít.

Jax: Come on.

Kristina: I'm not about to leave when all of a sudden I'm making some.

Jax: Kristina, until we get a full grasp of what's really going on here, we --

Kristina: I don't even have a tiny partial itty-bitty grasp. What is it that everyone knows except me? Look, I'm not afraid of very many things, but I don't like purposefully being kept in the dark. Okay, here's what I do know -- Helena thrives on being feared. She counts on it. Well, this is my way of fighting back. I am not running scared.

Jax: Look, you're not making sense, okay? To stay here in harm's way -- that's exactly what Helena wants.

Kristina: Helena doesn't even know that I exist.

Jax: Exactly, and I'd like to keep it that way. Now, believe me, Stefan and Alexis -- they would want you to come with me, too.

Kristina: Well -- well, tough!

Jax: They would want you to listen to me!

Kristina: Stefan and Alexis are the only relatives that I have, okay? They're in trouble, not me. You know better than anyone that running only lets the bad guy win. So the only thing we can do, the only way to beat them is standing firm in what we believe and fighting as best we can. Now, my way of doing that is by staying close. Jax, there's no way in hell that I'm going to give in to Helena.

Jax: Okay. But you better not make me regret this.

Kristina: Who are you calling?

Jax: Ned.

Helena: Well. The family traitors. Oh, I'm so glad you could make it. And I've been enjoying your brave, albeit futile attempts to flee on the monitors.

Stefan: Let Alexis and Barbara go. They're no threat to you.

Helena: I'm afraid that Ms. Barbara has vowed eternal interference, and as for poor little Natasha, she's becoming far too irritating for her own good and mine.

Stefan: You're sick.

Helena: Tie them up. Well, well, well, look who's here. Oh, yes. Nikolas, my darling, your father and I are quite cross with you.

Nikolas: Go to hell. Actually, the both of you. All I see is a waste of what could have been.

Helena: And I look at you and feel the same.

Stavros: If you harm one hair on Nikolas' or Laura's head, you will be sorry.

Helena: I would never harm Nikolas. I love my grandson more than you'll ever understand.

Nikolas: Let her go. Let go!

Gia: I am so sorry. I made it through the maze the whole way, and they were waiting on the other side.

Nikolas: Are you all right?

Helena: You should cherish every last moment that you have with Ms. Campbell.

Nikolas: Gia hasn't done anything, Grandmother.

Helena: Oh, that's not true. I have dismissed servants for far less than an imprudently placed pastry.

Laura: Why have you brought us all here?

Helena: Why else? What we've all been waiting for. What I've been waiting for. All my friends and enemies, welcome to endgame.

Scott: So that's your big idea? We're going to retrace all of Spencer's steps? Hell, we'll be in every gin joint in Port Charles.

Roy: Well, you can learn a lot in a gin joint, believe me.

Scott: All right, where has he been and why?

Roy: Well, he's been a lot of places. He was checking out a lot of different things, and everything seemed to lead back to General Hospital.

Scott: Well, as you can see, this is useless, so where else has he been?

Roy: Well, he went to that auction where he made some kind of scene, apparently, and then he -- he disappeared and he came back lost in time.

Scott: Where was the first place he popped up after he came back?

Roy: Well, he didn't pop up. Melissa and Lucky and I -- we had to go find him.

Scott: Well, how'd you do that?

Roy: Well, there was a lot of clues that we were -- we were sifting through clues. They didn't make a lot of sense -- at first -- one of which is becoming crystal clear right now. Yeah, it's me. I've got something.

Jax: Did you find the lab?

Roy: I don't have time to explain. I just need you to meet me.

Jax: Yeah, I'll find it. See you there.

Kristina: Alexis?

Jax: Not yet, but Roy Dilucca may have come up with something.

Kristina: Okay, look, I'm going to go track down Ned. You go find Alexis. I promise I will keep the door locked until Ned gets here, okay? Go!

Jax: Listen, seriously, do not open this door unless it's Ned.

Kristina: I promise. I won't. Good luck.

Jax: Thanks.

Helena: This is for Mr. Spencer.

Helena: Now, what would a very special event be without a surprise guest? And it just so happens that we were fortunate enough to procure one at the very last second.

Stavros: God, Mother, will you please get on with it.

Helena: Lucky. Oh, Lucky, I'm so delighted you could join us. I've been trying to reach you for some time.

Luke: Cowboy, don't listen to her.

Helena: Oh, save your breath, Luke. I don't know how you did it, but I'm so glad you could be here to appreciate all that I've planned, the fruits of all that labor that started the night that Lucky went up in a puff of smoke, the year we spent together, and then the weeks of testing his newfound abilities and loyalties when he returned.

Nikolas: Leave my brother alone.

Helena: And tonight, with everybody's help, Lucky will fulfill his destiny.

Helena: Isn't that right, Lucky? Lucky?

Helena: Do we understand each other?

Lucky: Yeah. I understand. I understand that that's just a rock and you're so pathetic and this whole thing is over.

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Roy: It's here somewhere.

Helena: We understand each other, don't we, Lucky?

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