GH Transcript Friday 11/02/01


General Hospital Transcript Friday 11/02/01

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy

Luke: Well, I think I'll live, as long as I don't eat whatever this is that passes for food.

Roy: So better.

Luke: Yeah, I think I am. I know it's 2001 and I no longer have report to work to the campus disco.

Roy: Well, that's excellent. See? There you go. You're good. You think that medicine they gave you is working, right?

Luke: Yeah, I do. I think it see it working.

Roy: Well, I knew you'd beat this. I mean, I've seen you through worse than this, you don't even blink. And you can't stand it sometimes, Luke, I really don't, but -- you remember that time in Europe when -- when I was begging you keep a low profile and you insisted on barging into that bank, posing as an Englishman?

Luke: Oh, yeah, that was a good disguise. Your wig looked like you had it on your head.

Luke: That wig was made of very expensive cat hair.

Roy: You were so busted and you just stood there and you kept telling you said the next 70 things that came in your head, the guy's brain clouded over, and you got away with it. You always do. It's --

Roy. You just don't seem to know when to quit.

Luke:  It quit, too

Bobbie: Right now it's your job to get your strength back.

Roy: He's feeling much better.

Bobbie: So I see, but that doesn't mean you get to jump up and run around.

Luke: Sam.

Roy: You're good. He never listens to me.

Bobbie: Hmm. You want a magazine? Want some playing cards?

Luke: No, but you’d better if you'd take a break and come back and play a little poker with me; let me take your daily wages.

Roy: You’re on. But it's to wait till later because I got to check in with Tony. I want to see how he's doing on duplicating the antidote.

Luke: Okay. Here throw powder. I still can't remember the route to Helena’s playpen. See you later.

Roy: You should get better, man. Don't worry about that or anything else, okay?

Luke: I think the person who ought to be worried is Stavros.

Laura: Oh, Lucky. You startled me.

Lucky: I'm sorry.

Laura: It's all right. I'm glad to see you.

Lucky: I'm glad to you, too. What are you doing?

Laura: It's okay. I --I figured out Dad's map. You see, the lab is built with the same design as Mikkos' lab was on mikkos' island. And the scene is through a cave, probably the one just past Route 52.I'm right, aren't I? You don't have to say so, it's okay. It's all right. I can see that I'm right.

Lucky: You know what, Mom? You need to stay here. You need to be safe.

Laura: I have to do this for your father, for you, for our whole family.

Lucky: No, you don't.

Laura: Yes, I do. This is my responsibility.

Lucky: No, it's not. I'm the only one who can make this right. I have to fight. I have to fight for your brother. I have to fight for Dad. I have to fight for you.

[Phone rings]

Nikolas: Nikolas Cassadine.

Gia: Hey. It's me.

Nikolas: You all right?

Gia: Lucien Cain is your father.

Nikolas: Where are you?

Gia: I don't know. Somewhere underground.

Nikolas: Gia? Gia?

Carly: You booked the same room.

Carly: Whatever it is we need to deal with, we might as well deal with it here.

Sonny: I'm ready.

Laura: Lucky, you’d here Cassadine. [missing] against the people you love once before. She has a chance.

Lucky: Helena's hurt everybody I care about, and she's used me to do it. You know what the terrible thing is? I can't resist [missing].

Laura: It's not your fault, Lucky.

Lucky: It's not my fault? I hurt Lucas! I hurt Dad! And I hurt Elizabeth by erasing all my love for her, and I know I loved her.

Laura: You can't blame yourself for something that you were forced to do.

Lucky: Yeah well maybe if I'd been a little stronger, Helena might have --

Laura: No, Lucky, listen to me. She had you for a year, away from everything you knew and ever loved.

Lucky: You're the one who's in danger. Stavros is after you. That's why he's trying to get Dad out of the way. Give me the gun.

Laura: No. No, honey.

Lucky: Come on.

Laura: Uh-uh.

Lucky: I need to do this, Mom. I need to get my life back. Give me the gun.

Laura: It's okay. This is not a good idea.

Lucky: Give me the gun --

Laura: Not a good idea.

Lucky: Give me the gun!

Laura: Lucky, stop it! See don't do that!

Nikolas: Stavros has Gia.

Stavros: I thought I could trust you. I thought you were on my side.

Gia: You believed what you wanted to.

Stavros: Then this act, your words of encouragement, your words of understanding?

Gia: Oh, I understand. You think you can push people around and yank their chain until they dance the way you want them to. Well, guess again.

Skye: Oh!

Jax: Oh, not you.

Skye: Well, you really know-how to boost a girl's confidence.

Jax: What did you do to me this time?

Skye: I whacked you over the head with a baseball bat. Is that a problem?

Jax: I walked in the door, and then what happened?

Skye: I found you unconscious. Now, either you fell or somebody conked you.

Jax: What are you even doing here?

Skye: I tracked you down. I have the blisters on my feet to prove it. You know, you are just the original man about town. Do you know that? Of course you know that. You spend all your time exacting that very image. Anyhow, I hobbled in here and I got concerned when I saw you sprawled out on the carpet.

Jax: Well, you know, CPR. isn't required for a bump on the head, okay?

Skye: I thought I was helping. You know, you could cough up a thank-you.

Jax: Please don't try to help, okay? Because every time you help, I get stuck in elevators or electrocuted or I get flipped on my head. Whoa. Oh, it's worse than I thought.

Skye: What?

Jax: Now I'm seeing two of you.

Skye: Well now that we have your attention, could you listen to me? I have acquired more shares of E.L.Q. stock from Edward, as promised.

Jax: Oh, please, can we not talk about E.L.Q. right now?

Skye: This from the king of corporate raiders?

Jax: I just have other things on my mind the moment, okay?

Skye: Well, push them aside and focus on my two faces for a minute, would you? I will sell you those stocks if you help me nail Sonny.

Jax: Alexis' apartment. How did I get here? How did I get in Alexis' apartment? 

Skye: I don't know. I haven't a clue. Look, I'll give you a reduced price on those shares.

Jax: I came to warn her. I came to warn Alexis. That's what I'm doing here. Where's Alexis?

Alexis: You can tell Helena that if she's going to coldcock my friends and have me dragged off by her lackey, she could at least have the [missing]

Man: Madam has been unavoidably detained. She sends her apologies.

Alexis: With utter sincerity, I'm sure.

Man: Oh, she hopes you'll be comfortable.

Alexis: You know what? You can tell Helena that she’s nuts.

Stefan: Alexis?

Alexis: Oh boy, am I glad you're all right.

Carly: Thanks for the dress.

Sonny: Actually, you could thank the girl in the boutique because she picked it out and sent it up. You -- you look beautiful.

Carly: Do you remember?

Sonny: Our wedding?

Carly: Yeah. The whole thing. How hard you fought me. How determined you were not to marry me and how I was just as determined that you would.

Sonny: You didn't give up.

Carly: And we finally said our vows in the most beautiful church. We've grown so far apart.

Sonny: It felt right getting married to you. I didn't think it would, but it did.

Carly: You said I filled up your life, that it was just short of a miracle.

Sonny: I believe it.

Carly: Well, maybe that's why this is so hard.

Sonny: It's always about you, isn't it?

Carly: Well, not this time. We're here to get a divorce, and that's your idea, not mine.

Sonny: Well, yeah. Well, you said you wanted to end it where it began, so --

Carly: So what’s wrong now?

Sonny: You fight me tooth and nail, try to seduce me, work up a new scheme to get me back.

Carly: Oh, it's nice to know you think so highly of me.

Sonny: Well, I mean, come on, you -- you play games. I mean, like --

Carly: Every time we are together, you're mad at me about one thing or another. I'm getting sick and tired of it.

Sonny: I am,

Carly: Can we just stop? Can you do that for me, please?

Sonny: We’ve gone too far. Both of us. We need to pull -- we need to pull back.

Carly: I know I pushed you into it. Was trying so hard to break through to you that I have turned into someone that I --I hardly recognize. And I don't like it.

Sonny: Well, I don't like what I've turned into, either. So it's time to fix it.

Jax: Did you see Alexis?

Skye: No. You were alone when I got here.

Jax: Are you sure?

Skye: Do you mean, did I search the apartment? No. Miss Alexis is not hiding upstairs, so she's not here.

Jax: Well, then how did you get in here?

Skye: Well, the door was open. Now, look, Jax, I want to talk to you about those E.L.Q. shares --

Jax: You know what? She may have left with someone. Did you see her perhaps leave with some other people?

Skye: You mean like an irate boyfriend?

Jax: Oh, forget it.

Skye: Somebody obviously wanted you out of the way, at least temporarily.

Jax: I need to go find Alexis, okay?

Skye: Oh, please don't pass out on me again. It's getting a little repetitious.

Jax: I'm okay. Just don't touch me, okay? Just back off.

Skye: Jax, come on, you're going to walk into a wall. Go to the hospital, have it checked out. It could be a concussion.

Jax: Later, I will get myself checked out, just not right now.

Johnny: Where's Ms. Davis?

Jax: She's not here. Someone took her.

Johnny: Hold it.

Jax: Excuse me. I don't have time for this right now, okay?

Johnny: Some joker whacked me over the head. Maybe it was you.

Skye: Yeah, that makes sense. He hit you and came in here and hit himself --

Jax: Skye, please. Okay? Just --

Skye: Oh, please, Jax is not the bad guy here.

Jax: Tell Mr. Corinthos because of your incompetence Ms. Davis is missing, okay?

Nikolas: Helena and my father have taken Gia prisoner.

Lucky: I'll get her back.

Laura: No, Lucky, stop.

Lucky: They took her because of me.

Nikolas: Lucky, it is not your fault.

Lucky: Helena's plans go [missing] because of me.

Laura: No, Lucky. This all started when Stavros took me away from your father all those years ago.

Nikolas:  My grandmother knows how much I care about you, and that never meant a thing to her. She still took away your future and your freedom. Now, I want to get that back for you. Let me give that to you.

Sonny: I don't want to go on like this.

Carly: Well, at least we agree on something.

Sonny: All we're doing is acting and reacting. You tell me Jax is involved with Angel, so I go deal with the jerk. You hang out with this Lucien guy, and what do I do? I tell you to stay away from him. And through it all, you -- you tell me that we belong together but you don't listen to me, and then I blow up and say things to you that I'm going to hate myself for --

Carly: Do you want another apology?

Sonny: I'm saying it's my fault, too, but you do this stuff to get a reaction.

Carly: Is that so terrible?

Sonny: It's phony, and it sets us back.

Carly: And you would rather go forward?

Sonny: Don't put words in my mouth now, Carly.

Carly: Sonny, look -- yeah, I refused to give up on us because I wanted you to admit how you really felt. I thought that if -- if I could break down that wall that you have built so strongly around yourself, that if I did that, you would realize that you still love me.

Sonny: So here we are.

Carly: On the island where we were married. Even in the same room. And you are standing their waiting for me to use it to my advantage, push you into saying you forgive me. Maybe renew our wedding vows.

Sonny: Aren't you?

Carly: No.

Carly: You look surprised.

Sonny: It's not what I expected.

Carly: All the way down on the plane, I was thinking what a great opportunity this was. Swaying palm trees. Romantic sunsets. You and me sitting on the beach, just like we did when we got married, looking out at ocean. I thought you'd [missing] up in the mood, it would all come back to you, and you'd proclaim true love. And, yes, renew our wedding vows.

Sonny: What changed?

Carly: Maybe it was too obvious, even for me.

Sonny: That’s not the reason.

Carly: I just feel different here than I do in Port Charles. More real. Like it just boils down to just us.

Sonny: It does wherever we are.

Carly: But we're out of our routine here. We can just stop and we can look at ourselves without all that -- that baggage that we lug around. And God knows we are way over the weight limit.

Sonny: So what are you saying? You don't feel the same?

Carly: Every time I look at you, I fall in love all over again. I will always love you, Sonny. But I have been wondering all this time that I have been fighting so desperately to get you back, did I ever really have you? You know, this -- this grand and glorious love, was it what it -- was it what it was supposed to be? Or did we sell ourselves short somewhere along the way?

Sonny: Well -- what was so wrong with what we had?

Roy: So -- so what do you think? Is he really on the mend?

Bobbie: I think he's responding very well to the medicine that Jax found in Helena’s suite.

Roy: So why do you seem so worried?

Bobbie: I don't know. I guess I'm just on overload.

Roy: Tell me.

Bobbie: Because I know him and I know that the minute he gets well -- actually, the minute he can walk, he's going to jump right back in this feud. And who knows? Helena Cassadine is capable of anything.

Roy: I think Luke can handle Helena, don't you think?

Bobbie: I think Luke is very smart and very clever and he has more street smarts than anybody I've ever met, but some of the time he has survived out of pure luck, and nobody's luck holds out forever.

Roy: Oh, come on, Bobbie. He has been up to his eyeballs in one mess or another since I've known him, and probably since before I knew him, right?

Bobbie: That's true.

Roy: I mean, you know, next month, we'll be sitting at the bar in the club and he'll be going on about this like it was just another adventure and the outcome was never in doubt.

Bobbie: I hope so.

Roy: I mean, he's got a lot of people on his side, you know? You and me included. He can beat Helena.

Bobbie: Thank you.

Roy: For what?

Bobbie: For trying to make me feel better when I know you're as worried about him as I am.

Roy: Well, it doesn't do any good to sit around dwelling on it, that's for sure.

Bobbie: Yeah. And I'm glad he's got you in his corner. I know how much he means to you.

Roy: Yeah, he means a lot to me. So do you. You always will.

Jax: Hey, Bobbie, I need to see your brother right away.

Roy: Hey, Jax. Oh, actually, you can't because he's resting right now.

Jax: This really can't wait. Luke? I need your help.

Luke: Jax. Oh. What happened?

Jax: The Cassadines have Alexis. Would you know where they might have taken her?

Lucky: No, no, this is just as much my battle as it is yours.

Nikolas: I know that. But Helena wants to use you against your father, and we can't let that happen.

Laura: Nikolas is right.

Lucky: So you guys are going to risk it yourselves? Forget it. I'm the one here that has nothing to lose.

Nikolas: Lucky, my father will never hurt me.

Lucky: I'm glad you think so.

Nikolas: Well, I'm his son, man, come on.

Lucky: Who happens to be siding against him. Tell me this, Nikolas -- what if he decides that you're not worth it?

Nikolas: I still have a better chance than you do. My family doesn't hate me on the spot, for one thing.

Laura: Lucky, trust us. Let us handle it.

Nikolas: Now, you want your life back, right? This is the best way to make it happen. And Elizabeth -- she still loves you, Lucky.

Lucky: Yeah. But I've just been -- been so bad --

Nikolas: She knows that it's not your fault. She knows that.

Lucky: If it's not my fault, Nikolas, how come she's in hiding right now?

Nikolas: She's safe, and she will come back to you when this is all over. Now, you can break free of Helena, and you can find each other again.

Lucky: How do you know?

Nikolas: Elizabeth -- she wanted me to give this to you. It's a letter she wrote. She wanted you to know that you still have a future together, that she will never leave you. Everything you want you can have if you just let us go now. Lucky, everything you want you can have.

Lucky: Everything that I want is you and Mom.

Nikolas: We know that, okay, but we can stop Helena. But we need you to stay here so my family can't turn you against us. Trust me. Okay? Little brother, trust me. Give me the gun. Give me the gun. Come on. Come here.

Man: Get away from him.

Alexis: I assume Helena wanted me to be with my brother, otherwise she wouldn't have locked us up in the same room together.

Man: Yeah, well, you can talk to him from over here. Sit down.

Alexis: I hope you don't mind adding false imprisonment to the list of your troubles.

Man: What's that supposed to mean?

Alexis: I have no idea how you got recruited, but I can't imagine you weren't aware of the dangers. I'm sure the carrot on the stick was financial. I can only imagine that she was very generous with you, but I still can't believe that you went along with it.

Man: I'm just following orders.

Alexis: Well, that's certainly not going to hold up in a court of law. "Mrs. Cassadine made me do it" isn't going to hold any weight with the judge or the jury. You're going to need a good attorney with a viable defense, like childhood trauma, maybe being bullied at school. Did you have issues with your mother? Because –

Jax: I went to Alexis' apartment. Someone whacked me over the head. When I woke up, she was gone.

Luke: Well, it's time to get going.

Bobbie: Hey, no way! You're not moving.

Roy: You need to stay put, pal. Even if you could get up, you don't know what you'd be doing.

Bobbie: Hey, would you keep an eye on him? I'm going to go get Tony.

Luke: All right, you tell Tony I need an extra dose of joy juice.

Roy: We need to cool our jets for a second here and think. I mean, we got to have a plan.

Luke: Plan A is usually storm the castle.

Roy: That would be a great idea if we knew where it was.

Jax: Well, we could draw Helena out, bring her to us.

Luke: How?

Jax: I can use myself as bait.

Roy: What are you talking about?

Luke: Yeah, let's hear what hook you're going to sit on. Give us details.

Jax: Well, Helena’s always had the hots for me, so it might work.

Luke: Yeah, men are her weakness. She must be lonely. I've been out of commission for a while. Go throw yourself on her doorstep and see what happens.

Bobbie: Hi. Hey! Hey! Hey!

Stavros: How disappointing to learn that you can't be trusted.

Gia: Speak for yourself. You will never get what you want.

Stavros: And what is it that you wanted? A happily ever after with the prince? A royal wedding and a diamond tiara? All that could have been yours if you had just helped bring Nikolas back to me. Such surprises to find out that you are so shortsighted.

Gia: You know, a tiara would be great, but I don't need it. I would never want to be in Nikolas' life if he hated me, but, of course, you wouldn't understand that. I know all about your marriage to Laura. Not exactly a match made in heaven, now, was it?

Stavros: Do not presume to know anything about Laura and myself.

Gia: Here's a tip -- when you do hurtful things to people, they tend to remember, and they're not real eager to welcome you back with open arms.

Stavros: We had a wonderful life together. She bore me a son, a magnificent boy.

Gia: Nikolas knows how you treated his mother. You cannot just say "abracadabra" and make it all disappear.

Stavros: We have a future together.

Gia: So you want Nikolas by your side, even if you have to force him, even if he despises you? For the record, Mr. Cassadine, I am betting on the power of love.

[Phone rings]

Stavros: Yes? Excellent. My son is here.

Nikolas: Can you believe this place?

Laura: Yes, I can, unfortunately.

Nikolas: We need to stop Helena, and that means stopping my father.

Laura: We will. Don't worry. We can do it.

Carly: We weren't exactly your typical bride and groom.

Sonny: Neither time.

Carly: You remember how I had to make you follow me here?

Sonny: I tried to let you go.

Carly: You insulted me. You tried to make me believe that you didn't love me. But I knew the truth. You didn't want me in danger, and you felt you couldn't have a family and that no matter how hard you tried, you couldn't guarantee our safety. It's that simple with you, Sonny. You were so afraid to lose what you love that you would rather push it away yourself.

Sonny: I wanted you safe.

Carly: Sonny, the dangers of the life that you lead were your biggest concern, your biggest fears even before we were married. So how come you shut me out so completely when I felt the same way? Maybe you were looking for a way of letting me go. Or maybe you know it's all you can give. But I want more, and I deserve more.

Sonny: You've thought this out?

Carly: No, it's coming to me, slowly, but it feels right. Look, I don't know what's ahead of me, but I have to be valued and wanted, not tolerated. You know, I think I am going to go on down to the beach, start feeling free, letting go. Maybe we both --

Sonny: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Sonny: Maybe I don't want to let you go.

Alexis: I hate violence!

Stefan: Alexis --

Alexis: I hate violence!

Jax: I have to create some sort of diversion and wait for word to get back to Helena.

Luke: That shouldn't be hard. She's got eyes and ears all over town.

Jax: Exactly.

Roy: Hey. Bobbie never made it back to Tony’s lab.

Luke: Well, maybe she's in the cafeteria.

Roy: No, I checked everywhere. She's missing.

Laura: Are we lost?

Nikolas: I --I know the way from here. We -- we go right. Yeah.

Laura: It should lead directly to the basement.

Nikolas: Well, it also connects to the elevator on the roof before they sealed it off.

Laura: Does this seem like it's a little too easy? You know, like they know we're here and they're just letting us past the point of no return?

Nikolas: I think you should go back. I do.

Laura: I'm not going to leave you alone.

Nikolas: There's still time to get help.

Laura: No. I don't want anybody else involved in this. Besides, Stavros wants us alive. That's why we still have the best shot to fight them.

Stavros: At last my wife and my son have come to me.

Sonny: I don't want to hurt you.

Carly: Well, what do you want?

Jax: Helena's taken Bobbie and Alexis.

Helena: Leaving the party so soon? Things are just getting interesting.

Nikolas: You back away from my mother. Now, where is Gia?

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