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General Hospital Transcript  Thursday 11/1/01

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Ned: You knew exactly what to say to Grandfather, make him an ally.

Kristina: It's no big deal.

Gia: You want me to help you convince Nikolas and Laura to love you?

Laura: We thought the entrance to the lab was on the hospital roof.

Luke: The lab. This makes no sense.

Jax: I want to get out of this elevator so I can protect the woman I care about.

Helena: Hello, Alexis.

Ned: Alexis is more than capable of looking after herself. Nothing to worry about.

Jax: Yeah, I couldn't agree more. She's one of the most competent people that I know.

Ned: Yeah.

Jax: Which reminds me, there's an acquisition proposal that she promised to go over for me, so if the two of you will excuse me, I'd --

Ned: All right.

Kristina: Uh -- no.

Jax: Come again?

Kristina: Actually, no. You're not excused. Do you actually expect me to believe that lame attempt at a cover-up?

Jax: Do you have any idea what she's talking about?

Ned: Not a clue.

Jax: Well, then I'll leave the two of you to figure it out. I really need to follow up with Alexis. See, there's an offer from a Belgian finance consortium --

Kristina: Uh-huh.

Jax: On the table and it's a limited time to respond --

Kristina: But this Belgian finance, whatever it is -- it's just an excuse for you to go charging over to Alexis' to save her. From what? Come on, you guys, stop protecting the little sister and tell me what the hell is going on.

Alexis: You aren't welcome in my home.

Helena: Oh, Alexis, you're becoming so strident. It's really quite unattractive.

Alexis: Well, if you dislike my attitude, you're really going to hate my choice in friends.

Helena: I assume you're referring to your handsome neighbor, Mr. Corinthos. I -- I thought he was out of town, that he went away because of his high-strung wife. Well, in any case, I'm here to offer you an olive branch. Wouldn't you enjoy a reunion with your brother?

Alexis: Which one?

Stavros: So, what do you think?

Stefan: It's not really my taste.

Stavros: Well, of course not. There's no purple brocade, no gargoyles, nothing to make it look like it was stolen out of a Russian cathedral.

Stefan: If this is for Laura's benefit, I assure you she won't be impressed. She knows you've returned and the idea revolts her.

Stavros: Ah. Yes, well, did you give her the news, little brother? Did you whisper in her ear how brutal I was, how vicious, how untrustworthy, all the things that you used to say, all the things that you used to turn my own wife against me?

Stefan: Laura never wanted you. She never will.

Stavros: Wrong again, little brother. I built this all for her. And since she will be mine again, and no one will be able to stop me -- not you, not Scotty Baldwin, and certainly not Luke Spencer.

Scott: Come on, Spencer. This is a sad excuse for a recovery. Come on; wake up there, will you?

Bobbie: I heard that. Is this your way of encouraging my brother to get well?

Scott: Well, you know what? I could tell you that I can't wait for him to get better so we can go on that fishing trip we've planned for the last 20 years.

Bobbie: I know. He is getting stronger. And Tony thinks that the medicine Jax found is starting to take effect, and I think he's looking a lot better.

Scott: I think he looks dead, but you're his sister so you should be optimistic.

Bobbie: Why are you here? Are you really here for an update on his condition?

Scott: No, I'm here -- I'm looking for Laura.

Bobbie: Oh. I haven't seen her.

Scott: Do you think he's seen her?

Bobbie: He is asleep, and I would like him to stay that way, so you've got two choices. You can take me over there into the commissary and buy me a cup of coffee, or you can stand out in the hall and wait for Laura, but you may not stay in here and agitate my brother.

Scott: Ah, come on. I'll be as quiet as a little church mouse.

Bobbie: Oh, yeah, right. And I'm Britney Spears.

Scott: Listen, I'm just trying to keep Laura safe.

Bobbie: That's not your decision. That's hers. You can't stop her from trying to help Luke.

Scott: I would never try and stop her from helping Luke. I just want him to get better so that when I take Laura back, he's right there watching me do it because I don't want to win by default. That's not my style.

Luke: Since when?

Bobbie: Hey, you! You're supposed to be resting.

Luke: How can I rest with the two of you going 10 rounds?

Scott: Can we get you a nice bowl of Jell-o?

Bobbie: Okay, that's it. He needs to sleep, you need to leave. Let's go.

Scott: No, no, no. I want to know where Laura is.

Luke: How the hell should I know? Till 12 hours ago, I didn't know where I was.

Stavros' voice: "Dearest Laura, I know you know I'm here. The time is finally right for us. I have prepared a wonderful surprise for our reunion, just you and me. You'll be at my side before you know it. Your husband forever, Stavros."


Laura: Who's there? Stavros?

Luke: Well, Baldwin, it seems you're the one stuck in the past now. Laura's an adult. She knows what she's doing. I'm sure when she needs you, she'll be in touch.

Scott: Now wait a second. I don't like the sound of that.

Bobbie: Well, so call Laura and tell her yourself. He needs to rest.

Luke: That's okay, Barbara. The day ain't come yet when I can't handle a couple of annoying questions from this mouthpiece.

Bobbie: Oh, but of course. How could I forget? Irritating people does wonders for your health.

Luke: That's right.

Bobbie: Okay, go to it, boys. Just don't throw anything.

Scott: You know, Spencer, I'm always going to see you as a nitwit.

Luke: Well, thank you. I appreciate that.

Scott: It seems to me that the only time you're ever really happy is when you're drunk, which is quite a bit of the time, or when you're stealing somebody's wife. You know, look at you now. You're worthless; you're completely helpless, so tell me where Laura is so that I can do something about it.

Luke: I imagine she's somewhere trying to take down the Cassadines.

Scott: Why didn't you try and stop her, dummy?

Luke: "Stop her"? You moron, I taught her to go in swinging.

Scott's voice: Hide. I'll save you.

Stefan's voice: Run, Laura. I'll save you.

Luke's voice: You're the one who's going to save me, darling. Save us all.

Laura: I can't. I can't save you. I don't -- all I have is this -- this map. This map. And it doesn't make any sense to me.

Luke's voice: The answer's in your past.

Laura: Oh, what could I have possibly known when I was a scared, messed-up teenager that could help me now? The past is behind me.

Kristina: Come on. You're gearing up to play knight in shining armor. I can tell by that look in your eyes, that look on your face, that little gleam.

Ned: No, no, no, no. That gleam? That gleam is greed. You should've seen his face after his last leverage buyout. He was practically glowing.

Kristina: Would you please just tell me the truth?

Jax: Okay, fair enough. I'm going to go save Alexis.

Kristina: I knew it.

Jax: From her own worst impulses.

Kristina: What is that supposed to mean?

Jax: How much do you know about Sonny Corinthos?

Kristina: You're not trying to protect Alexis from Sonny. You're trying to protect Alexis from -- from whoever's holding Stefan.

Ned: Why don't you just let him? Look, I understand your frustration at being kept in the dark. I understand that. But Jax is one of the only people Alexis seems to trust and will accept help from. So if she's in any danger, let him go and try to get her out of it.

Kristina: I'm not trying to stop him. I would just like a few details. I would appreciate that.

Jax: I don't know the details at the moment. All I know is protection from Sonny is no protection at all. I'm going to go over there and try to make Alexis understand that.

Kristina: Well, maybe, then, I can help you.

Jax: Well, you can just by staying here with Ned.

Kristina: Would you just make sure that Alexis is okay? Tell her that I said that she should listen to you, okay?

Jax: I'll do that.

Edward: Oh. If you think you're hurrying off somewhere, just think again.

Helena: How long have you known about Stavros? Oh, it was in the study at Wyndemere that afternoon, you -- you heard his voice.

Alexis: Well, I heard someone. It was a stretch to believe that it was Stavros, but then again, with you, the unthinkable is always thinkable. It would also explain why you've been so pleased with yourself lately.

Helena: Well, isn't it marvelous what love and patience and a substantial fortune can accomplish?

Alexis: I really doubt that bringing Stavros back is worth bankrupting the Cassadine estate.

Helena: Oh, Alexis, is that all you care about? I mean, the money? Well, it's a pity. You'll never enjoy any of it.

Alexis: There's nothing I want from the Cassadines except my nephew and my brother. Where's Stefan?

Helena: Oh, he's someplace quite suitable for his dreary personality.

Alexis: What have you done to him?

Helena: Are you trying to intimidate me?

Alexis: And just exactly how would I do that? I mean, you're fearless, aren't you? And heartless. No wonder my father couldn't stand you.

Helena: You can't begin to understand what I shared with Mikkos.

Alexis: Money, power, a talent for bullying people -- I mean, I really shouldn't be so hard on Stavros. His personality flaws came from his parents.

Helena: Well --

Alexis: But what you need to know is there was another side to Mikkos. That was the side that you will never understand, the side that loved my mother because she was able to give him all the things that you never could.

Helena: Now, that is enough. You are treading a very delicate, thin line, and one more careless step and there'll be no turning back.

Edward: I really thought that you would have more sense than to get involved with that red-headed viper.

Jax: I assume you're referring to your latest granddaughter?

Edward: You know, it's a shame that we cannot choose our own relations. But where Skye is concerned, I can and do plan to run her out of town, the sooner, the better.

Jax: Well, you know, Skye may disagree.

Edward: Yeah, well, she's going to ask you to help her and for your own sake, steer clear.

Jax: Well, I am touched by your concern for my welfare, and I'll give your warning due consideration, but right now, I have other priorities, so if you would excuse me.

Edward: Hey, hey, what is more important than the future solvency of E.L.Q.? If -- if Skye has her way, she'd destabilize the whole company. Oh! That Jax -- he is not only untrustworthy, he's rude.

Ned: I've heard something similar about you.

Edward: Well, do you know what he is -- he's planning to do with Skye, hmm?

Ned: Jax has more good sense than to get into bed with Skye, literally or financially.

Edward: Oh, you hope.

Ned: Well, if I'm wrong, it's Jax's problem. Or possibly yours. So, what's got you so anxious?

Edward: Well, Skye is threatening to tell -- excuse me. Could I ask you a question -- are you two joined at the wrists by guitar strings?

Ned: Kristina is my guest.

Edward: But does she have to be with you every minute of the day? I cannot discuss this in front of her, Ned.

Ned: Discuss what? The last time I asked, you wouldn't tell me what Skye had on you. So what's changed?

Edward: Young lady, I'm sorry, but this is a -- it's a private family matter. And, Ned, it concerns your grandmother.

Ned: Kristina?

Kristina: What?

Ned: Grandfather cries "family" whenever he needs to be bailed out of a situation he won't admit he created. Now I'm the rescuer of choice, until of course, I --

Edward: Yeah, until you abandoned your responsibilities so that you could play musician. Oh, Ned, just think of the heartbreak that could've been avoided if you had just paid attention. A.J. wouldn't have lost little Michael, and Emily wouldn't have been involved with that -- that deviant, and that gold-digger Skye wouldn't have made it through the front door.

Ned: You're the one who welcomed Skye into this family with open arms and stock options.

Edward: There you go, bringing up the past again, Ned. When will you get your priorities straight? God.

Stavros: A toast -- to my reunion with Laura and the many years to come.

Stefan: Do you truly believe an over-decorated honeymoon suite can erase the past? That Laura will simply overlook Helena's vengeance? Or that Helena will overlook Laura, for that matter?

Stavros: If Mother gets in the way, I will remove her.

Stefan: Well, it won't matter because Laura is a stranger to you. She always has been. You have no idea how to get to her.

Stavros: Well, if nothing else, you have a talent for observation, a useful byproduct of all those years skulking in corridors. So, tell me, little brother -- who is Laura now? How do I make her mine?

Scott: Remember the day you passed your driver's license test?

Laura: You drove me to the D.M.V. and you were waiting outside when I came out with my certificate. And you told me that I could get any key chain I wanted to celebrate.

Scott: And you had to have that one.

Laura: You let me drive home. I sideswiped the neighbor's mailbox. And you took the blame for it.

Scott: I told you I'd take care of you. When did you forget that?

Laura: I haven't forgotten.

Scott: Then let me keep you safe. It's not your job to deal with the Cassadines.

Laura: I have to, though. Luke told me that the key to the lab is in my past.

Scott: Forget about Luke, the past. Stay in the future here with me.

Laura: I can't do that. I have to keep searching. I know that there is something in here. I know it.

Stefan: You need to run, Laura.

Laura: Stefan. Stefan, did -- did something happen on the island that could help me now? Something that could help me to decipher the map?

Stefan: There are no answers in the past. Only memories. But let me help you escape from Stavros like I did before.

Laura: Why didn't I run sooner, before I married him?

Stefan: You thought Luke was dead.

Laura: Why didn't my life matter? Why couldn't I just save myself?

Stefan: Laura, come with me. I'll hide you.

Scott: Come with me. I'll protect you.

Stefan: Trust me, Laura.

Scott: I will keep you safe.

Stefan: I can help you.

Scott: We'll run away together.

Laura: Stop.

Luke: What's the matter with you two? Didn't you hear the lady? She said stop.

Laura: Luke.

Luke: Those two are full of it, darling. When are you going to start listening to me?

Luke: You're strong, Laura. The strongest person I know.

Laura: I can't find the key. I keep looking and it just doesn't make any sense to me, and we're running out of time. I can't do it, Luke. I can't do it!

Luke: My love letters to you.

Luke: I still dream about the first time I saw you -- so beautiful, so sweet and funny, like no one I'd ever met before. It was more than I could hope for that we'd ever be together. You remember when you first asked me for a job? Seventeen years old and you wanted to be a cocktail waitress. Oh, I was such a sucker for those blue eyes. I risked having the joint closed down every night you worked. That was before I knew how hard I was falling for you, before I knew how brave you are, before I knew the strength hiding beneath the surface. Do you remember the day of my wedding to Jennifer Smith after Scott knocked me overboard and I swam under the boat to escape? When I surfaced, there you were, smiling a dazzling, beautiful smile, like sun bouncing off the water, so bright you could only look at it for a second. You wanted to go with me. You said you wouldn't be left behind. You took my hand, and we ran. In our hearts, we've never let go. Now it's your turn to lead, darling. Reach out your hand, take me with you. You're so close to the answer. It's just like in my dream, Laura. You are going to save us.

Laura: No, stop saying that. Stop it!

[Laura sighs]

Laura: Oh. Why did you give me this -- this jumble of lines that you call a map? I mean, am I supposed to read your mind or something? And why do I have to save you from Stavros? You never saved me. You wouldn't accept the son that I had with him. You couldn't accept that I was too ashamed to tell you the truth about him. You turned on Nikolas and then you turned on me. And that's why our marriage ended -- because I wasn't your angel anymore. I was just a human being. And you couldn't love me that way, Luke. You could only love your fantasy of me.

Luke: You're right. You're right, I was -- I was wrong. So I'm in the way. I'm the one stopping you from finding the answer.

Laura: No. You're not in the way.

Luke: Then what is?

Laura: Me.

Ned: Save the denials for Skye. What exactly did you do?

Kristina: Can't you see that your grandfather is really worried? Okay. So this problem that you're having -- is it about a woman?

Ned: Tell me she's wrong. Grandfather.

Edward: There were extenuating circumstances.

Ned: Ah. You've done it this time. I hope Grandmother files for divorce and takes you to the cleaners! And I guarantee this family, including the entire staff, is going to be testifying on her behalf.

Edward: I did not come here today --

Ned: I can't believe it!

Edward: To have you make me feel worse.

Ned: Oh.

Kristina: Can't you see that he's turning to you for help? I mean, Skye is a selfish, little bully brat who's out to punish your grandfather.

Edward: No, no, listen. Hear me out, both of you. Has anyone ever claimed that you did something that you know you didn't do, but you can't prove that it didn't happen? And this person wants to do it some more?

Ned: What?

Edward: This is a very charming, sensitive young woman, Ned. Don't you ruin her. See, it's all a misunderstanding, dear. And Skye plans to use it against me.

Ned: Which is exactly what you deserve.

Kristina: You see, unfortunately, not all of us can be perfect like Ned. So if he won't help you, then I will.

Edward: Oh. Oh, bless you.

Ned: Boy, are you going to regret this.

Helena: There are highly qualified professionals who can help you with your childhood issues. But at the moment, I'm far more concerned about your unfortunate brother.

Alexis: And here I thought you doted on Stavros.

Helena: Stefan is quite concerned about your safety.

Alexis: Let him go.

Helena: Oh, you see, you're mistaken. The only way you're going to see Stefan, Alexis, is if I take you to visit him.

Alexis: And just how long would this visit last?

Helena: And there you go again, all mired down in trivial details.

Alexis: Like freedom?

Helena: We'll discuss this more when you're feeling more cooperative.

Alexis: What makes you think that I'll let you go?

Helena: What makes you think I came alone? Oh, don't you realize that I'm always planning ahead very carefully.

[Knock on door]

Jax: Alexis, it's your favorite ex-husband.

Helena: Get rid of him or I will.


Jax: Alexis, are you in there?


Jax: What the hell happened to Sonny's bodyguard?

Laura: I don't want to be your salvation. I don't want to find the answer to the map. Because if I do, I have to face the monster again. And I don't think I have it in me.

Luke: You do. You always have.

Laura: Didn't you ever wonder why I always had all those nightmares? That's why I didn't tell you. I knew that you didn't want to hear it. Stavros broke me. He turned me into a frightened little girl.

Luke: But you're not a little girl. You're fierce. You're fearless. When we were on the run, it took both of us to survive. Neither one of us could have done it alone. I can't begin to match your courage.

Laura: That's not true.

Luke: Do you think being scared means you're broken? Real courage means being terrified, facing that fear, and going on.

Laura: But I didn't really do anything except try to make a home for Lucky while we were on the run.

Luke: And what did you make that home out of?

Laura: Nothing. Well, love.

Luke: How did we pay for it?

Laura: Any way we could. We had the farm and the pub and the rug shop in Turkey. That was my favorite one.

Luke: Sometimes we even broke even.

Laura: Yeah. And when we didn't, you would always go to Switzerland. And when you came back, you always had a lot of money. And then we were always on the run again. And I would have to learn enough of a new language to get Lucky a good meal and to give him some sense of security. I had to. I had no choice. That was what he needed.

Luke: What happened when Lulu got sick?

Laura: I had to save her. Even if it meant turning to the Cassadines. Even if it meant facing the son that I had left behind all those years ago. Even though I knew that you would be devastated by the secrets that I kept from you. I didn't want to hurt you. I was afraid of losing you. But saving our daughter -- that was more important.

Luke: Does that sound like someone who's broken and afraid?

Laura: No.

Luke: That's my girl.

Laura: It's all inside me. The past. The good and the bad. And I've learned from all of it. Every person, every place, every city.

Laura: Every island. Every island. That's it. Luke, you drew the entrance to Mikkos' lab on Mikkos' island. And Helena's lab must be built in the same way. That's it. I know where it is. The entrance is in the cave.

Kristina: Here you go.

Edward: At which point this Skye spirited this Janine away and has her under wraps, filling her head with encouragement so she can use it to blackmail me.

Kristina: Janine?

Edward: No. Skye.

Ned: Both. Janine was your partner in infidelity.

Edward: Alleged infidelity, thank you.

Ned: How many times have you told Junior that being too drunk to remember is no excuse?

Edward: I happen to love your grandmother, Ned.

Ned: You have a strange way of showing it.

Edward: Well, perhaps you really couldn't understand because you have been married five times unsuccessfully. And the sixth time, you got stood up at the altar.

Kristina: To Alexis, right?

Edward: Mm-hmm.

Ned: Let's stick to the subject at hand, shall we?

Kristina: Do you always gloat this way?

Edward: It's one of his least attractive qualities.

Ned: Guess who I learned it from.

Edward: I also taught you family loyalty, Ned.

Ned: Which is not the same as covering your philandering butt. I'm on Grandmother's side.

Edward: Would it do any good at all for Lila to hear about this, huh?

Ned: No, which is the only reason why I'm going to help you.

Kristina: Good. Now that we have all that settled, I think that I have a way to fix all this.

[Knock on door]

Jax: Alexis! You've got five seconds to open this door. Otherwise, I'm going to pick the lock. Open up!

Alexis: Did I just hear you threaten to break and enter?

Jax: Where were you?

Alexis: I -- well -- the polite term would be the powder room.

Jax: Well -- well, why didn't you just yell that you were on your way?

Alexis: I answered the door instead.

Jax: What happened to the bodyguard that Sonny put on you?

Alexis: He's in the kitchen having a cup of coffee. I did everything I could to keep him from running out here and throwing you in the elevator.

Jax: No one drinks your coffee, Alexis.

Alexis: Jax --

Jax: Oh -- oh! Oh, what a surprise, Mrs. Cassadine. Oh!

Alexis: Are you all right? Can you hear me? Jax?

Helena: Obviously not.

Alexis: You better pray that he's not hurt.

Helena: Oh, Alexis. I would never hurt Jax. I'm much too fond of him. Which is certainly more than I can say for Stefan, who needs your immediate support, Alexis.

Alexis: Well, he's not going to get it right now because I'm not leaving here until Jax is -- take care of him -- would you get your hands off of me? You better not do anything to him.

Helena: I don't recall asking for your input.

Stefan: I can't advise you on how to win Laura's heart.

Stavros: I'm not surprised, since you never had it yourself.

Stefan: She's afraid of you. If you take away everyone she could run to, she'll simply continue running. You're repellent to her.

Stavros: I underestimated you, Stefan. You learned your lessons early and well. Laura never would have returned to Spencer if she'd been happy with me. My son would never have lost his parents. Our lives would have been completely different if not for you watching Laura, warning her against me, telling her God knows what about my temper, my selfishness, my cruelty.

Stefan: Am I done here?

Stavros: More than you know.

Stavros: Take my brother back to his cage.

[Stavros screams]

Stavros: I will have her.

Scott: Now, come on, stay with me, Spencer. Can't you just give up the idea of you and Laura against the world? I mean, is your silly little pride more important than her safety?

Luke: I have no pride. Laura can take care of herself.

Scott: Oh. So that's how you justify all these years that you forced her to run around the country in the sense of this adventure that you were on, where she had to live out of a duffle bag, for crying out loud. Did you ever -- ever even think about what she wanted?

Luke: I'm not going to stink up my relationship with my ex-wife by trying to explain it to you.

Scott: Oh. You don't have to explain Laura to me. I know who she is. But what I don't know is where she is.

Luke: Counselor, I'm real sorry, but I feel myself slipping into unconsciousness. I won't be able to hear you anymore. Good-bye. Take the bedpan, will you?

Laura: I know what I have to do. And I can do it. For all of us.

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[Laura gasps]

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