GH Transcript Friday 10/26/01


General Hospital Transcript Friday 10/26/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Gia: I couldn't lose you, Nikolas.

Nikolas: You won't.

Roy: You want this as bad as I do?

Melissa: Yeah.

Mac: I need an arrest warrant now.

Sonny: We got to get Angel out of here before the cops bust in.

Carly: And the sooner and the further away, the better.

Jax: I'm taking you home. It's better that way.

Angel: No! I'm going to miss you.

Jax: We'll see each other again before too long.

Sonny: Now, you take it slow now, all right?

Carly: Hmm. Oh, tell me to stop. You can't, can you? No. At night, in bed alone, you think about me, the way my skin feels on yours. Try and sleep, but you dream about me. You wake up reaching for me, don't you?

Sonny: Carly, come on.

Carly: You try and tell yourself you don't want me. You love me, Sonny.

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: Then don't fight it. Just love me.

Jax: Good-bye, Angel.

Woman: Were you speaking to me?

Jax: Excuse me? No, I was just saying good-bye to a friend.

Woman: Oh, I saw her leaving. Beautiful brunette, very stylish. Private jet?

Jax: Yes.

Woman: Hmm. Yours?

Jax: Right again.

Woman: Well, I'm batting a thousand. One more question?

Jax: Fire away.

Woman: Does the name Quartermaine mean anything to you?

Jax: Yes.

Woman: I knew I'd picked the right man. I bet you even know the way to the estate, don't you?

Jax: Well, as a matter of fact, I do.

Woman: Hmm.

Skye: Oh, pour me a cup, would you? Grandfather? Coffee?

Edward: If you want to be waited on, why don't you try Kelly’s?

Skye: Well, not exactly the greeting I'd expect from someone whose reputation I saved. What, no thanks for my discretion and restraint?

Edward: Well, you see, blackmailers don't deserve common courtesy.

Skye: Excuse me, but I'm the one who so graciously refrained from telling Lila your little secret.

Edward: You temporarily managed to rattle my composure. But on further reflection, I realize that you are no threat to me.

Skye: Why don't we put that little theory to the test, shall we? See, while everyone else was off at the hospital pulling plugs on Joseph Sorel, you were out making your own brand of mischief. I'm beginning to think that Grandmother should hear all about it.

Edward: Why would Lila listen to a -- to a gold digger like you? Now, maybe A.J. would believe what you have to say, hmm?

Skye: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Edward: You see, without proof, your threats are empty. You have no power over me.

Skye: "Proof." Why, thank you, Grandfather. What a brilliant idea.

Nikolas: Morning.

Gia: No, it can't be. I won't let it. I want last night to go on for weeks.

Nikolas: I want it to last the rest of our lives.

Gia: Just the two of us, no one else?

Nikolas: Soon.

Gia: Well, we've waited long enough.

Nikolas: Gia, I need you to promise me something.

Gia: Anything. Within reason.

Nikolas: I want you to stay here on the yacht. Don't go back to your hotel room, not even to get your things.

Gia: Well, who needs clothes as long as you're here with me?

Nikolas: You know I can't do that. My grandmother and my father have to be stopped. You know that.

Gia: Well, you don't have to do it alone. Let me help you.

Nikolas: I need to know that you're out of danger. So, please, promise me that you will stay here out of sight until I get back.

Helena: Well, a gracious good morning, my darling. Oh -- what happened while I've been gone?

Stavros: Not a thing, Mother. You should be pleased. I didn't go out, I didn't risk discovery. I spent most of the night right here.

Helena: And what are you looking at?

Stavros: Pictures of my son. Probably the closest that I will ever get to him.

Helena: Well, this has been a terrible shock for Nikolas to see you. He wasn't prepared, but -- oh, Stavros, he'll adjust.

Stavros: Yeah, well, you didn't hear him, Mother. He is determined to protect his mother from me. That's how he sees me, you see. I am his enemy.

Helena: Oh, Stavros. Stavros, you have the power to change his mind. Yes, just the same way that we changed Lucky Spencer's mind, we can erase Nikolas' erroneous feelings and opinions. We can persuade him to return to our family.

Stavros: You want to program my son to love me?

Helena: Well, I'm simply suggesting that you let me help out a tiny bit. Stavros, we can start the process whenever you want.

Stavros: You go anywhere near Nikolas and you will regret it.

Helena: Well, I'm only trying to help. It's only a matter of guiding Nikolas' natural instincts in the right direction.

Stavros: Mother, Mother, he is your grandson! He is your flesh and blood! How could you even suggest that? My God, Stefan was right about you. You have no heart.

Helena: Well, I've only devoted my entire life trying to give you the world.

Stavros: I don't want the world, Mother. I want my son. But you don't understand that, do you? Human feeling is beyond you, Mother. My God! That little girl -- that little girl that my son wants so desperately -- Gia Campbell. Yes, Mother, for all of her youth, she knows and understands more about love than you could ever possibly understand.

Gia: Wherever you're going, I'm coming with you.

Nikolas: We've been over this.

Gia: Not that I remember. You issued an order.

Nikolas: Gia, please, okay?

Gia: What? I love you. I want to be with you. Why is that so strange?

Nikolas: And I love you, too. That is why you need to stay here.

Gia: Let me help. I can stage a distraction along with the best of them. I mean, if you still need to convince them that we hate each other, I can throw a big hissy fit that'll make your grandmother's hair stand on end.

Nikolas: I don't want you anywhere near Helena or my father. If I'm worried about you getting mixed up in the middle of all this, I won't be able to think straight, okay? I need you to promise me that you will stay here on the yacht.

Gia: After all this time apart?

Nikolas: It's only for a little while longer. All right? Promise me that you will stay away from Helena and Stavros -- and Lucien Cain, come to think of it. I don't trust him.

Gia: Forget about Lucien. I am sure he bought my act.

Nikolas: Well, if he's connected to Helena somehow, that means he's trouble.

Gia: Well, if I worked him right, maybe he could let us in on what Helena's plan is.

Nikolas: Gia, please, you've got to understand how serious this is. All right, Helena wants revenge on Luke, even if that means hurting his entire family. I have to stop her.

Gia: Why you?

Nikolas: Because I'm the only one.

Gia: Well, there's me, to start with.

Nikolas: What are you -- what are you doing?

Gia: What any sensible person would do. I'm calling the police.

Mac: Angel Ellis, you're wanted for questioning.

Sonny: Commissioner.

Carly: Ahem.

Sonny: Lieutenant. What brings you here this early?

Mac: Carly?

Carly: Oh, excuse me, but is there a reason the two of you barged in here?

Taggert: Where's Angel Ellis?

Sonny: I don't know because I had other things on my mind.

Carly: Yeah, sorry to disappoint you, but she's not here.

Taggert: Oh, so you took the opportunity to play dress-up, huh?

Carly: Oh, I didn't know you liked to watch, Lieutenant.

Mac: This is very funny, but somebody's going to pay for this. I guess it's going to be the two of you.

Melissa: Sun is up. I can't believe he kept us there all night long. I mean, how do you think he even got access to that house?

Roy: He's the commissioner.

Melissa: Yeah, but do you think that was legal, what he did? I mean, lining up all the suspects and then goading them into turning against each other? I wanted to scream.

Roy: You need to let it go now. You're not going to be accused of anything. The whole Sorel story -- it's over. All that pain that you didn't ask for and you surely don't need, you can let it go now.

Melissa: Easier said than done.

Roy: Well, no, I think if you want to, you make up your mind that that's what you want to see happen. Just decide. You can let it go.

Melissa: I think you have more confidence in me than I do.

Roy: And I'm going to prove I'm right about you sooner or later.

Melissa: Oh, this is really nice. You think I could stay here for about eight hours?

Roy: I think you could, yeah.

Melissa: Look, I'm sorry. It's just do you think that -- that Mac was telling the truth about having new evidence?

Roy: Well, no, I think he was bluffing. I think he was just setting us up and seeing how we'd react. You know, he's probably got the bus station and the airport staked out and seeing if anybody wants to make a run for it, you know?

Melissa: Yeah, well, part of me wanted to.

Roy: Well, the smart thing to do right now is just to behave according to the plan, which in your case means you need to get some sleep. After the day you've had, it should be pretty easy, actually.

Melissa: I'm just wired. I'm just so wired, I feel like I need to take a shower and just wash all this off me -- all the lies and the secrets and just everything.

Roy: That sounds like a plan.

Melissa: Will you be here when I come out?

Roy: Yeah.

Melissa: I would be so crazy without you.

Roy: No, no, no, you'd be fine without me. But I wouldn't recommend it.

Melissa: Thanks.

Roy: Sure.

A.J.: Skye, Mac warned all suspects to stay in town. To take a trip would look awfully suspicious.

Skye: People need to get on with their lives.

A.J.: In Atlantic City? Why would I want to go to Atlantic City?

Skye: To gather incriminating evidence on Grandfather. Look, he's hiding something, and I know what. All we need to do is get the proof and we will have him exactly where we want him.

A.J.: Which is where?

Skye: In a position to force him to sell E.L.Q. stock to Jasper Jacks.

A.J.: And this is a great plan why, exactly?

Skye: Oh, A.J., come on. I thought you were quicker than this. Look, we give Jax the chance to acquire more E.L.Q. stock, he likes that, he's grateful. How does he thank us? By helping us to bring down Sonny.

A.J.: I'm amazed on how your mind works.

Skye: Yeah, well, strategy is my strong suit.

A.J.: Not to be confused with convoluted, harebrained schemes.

Skye: Hey, this is going to work.

A.J.: If everyone does what you want. Unfortunately, most people don't always cooperate.

Skye: Well, then we move to plan B.

A.J.: No. Let's just stick with plan A, okay? So what is so incriminating in Atlantic City?

Skye: Sorry, no previews. Look, A.J., it's simple. Four easy steps -- Atlantic City to Edward to Jax to Sonny.

A.J.: You know, Skye, counting on Jax to just fall into line is a major miscalculation. I mean, this guy will sell you down the river in a heartbeat, stick the stocks in his pocket, and walk away. He has no loyalty except to himself.

Skye: Sounds like my kind of man. Look, A.J., you just help me get the plan rolling, you step aside, and leave Jasper Jacks to me.

Jax: So, are you a family friend of the Quartermaines or a business associate?

Woman: Uh-huh.

Jax: You know, it's a shame about Bart, isn't it?

Woman: Hmm --

jax: I mean, who'd have thought Bartholomew Quartermaine running off with that lap dancer? The family's absolutely crushed.

Woman: Hmm.

Jax: You know, he was actually arrested once for mooning the crowd in Trafalgar square?

Woman: Oh, he's -- he's disgraceful, isn't he?

Jax: Yeah.

Woman: That's why I'm here, actually -- to comfort his poor family during this troubling time.

Jax: Really?

Woman: Hmm.

Jax: Well, that's very nice of you.

Woman: Thank you.

Jax: You know, you happen to be in luck because I'm actually heading in that direction, so I'll give you a ride.

Woman: Well, you're a living doll.

Jax: Do you have any luggage?

Woman: Just this.

Jax: You travel light, I see.

Woman: Hmm.

Andy: Jasper Jacks?

Jax: What can I do for you?

Andy: PCPD. Where's Angel Ellis?

Jax: I have no idea.

Andy: Really? A witness said she saw her board your plane, which the tower said just took off. So why don't you tell us where it's headed.

Jax: You know, I just don't recall.

Andy: Well, maybe it'll come back to you on your way down to the station.

Woman: Does this mean you can't give me a ride to the Quartermaines'?

Jax: I'm sorry. You're going to have to take a cab. It's 66 Harbor View Road.

Woman: Thank you.

Jax: You're welcome.

Mac: Go on, check the place out.

Carly: Look, you want to find Angel, go look for her. Leave us alone.

Mac: First, let's discuss your recent illegal activities.

Carly: You never heard of a woman wearing a wig? We do it all the time. I didn't know it was illegal.

Mac: It is if it's obstruction of justice. Now, where is Angel Ellis?

Sonny: You're asking the wrong person, Mac.

Carly: You see, she only lent us her house for our second honeymoon.

Mac: You're telling me that the woman you accuse of trying to steal your husband donated her lake house for your reunion?

Carly: Yeah, it turns out Angel is a real angel. You know, she's a true romantic, too. See, once she realized she couldn't come between me and Sonny, she insisted on making up for all the trouble she caused.

Mac: And how does Jax fit into all this?

Sonny: I don't know.

Mac: Selective memory kicking in, Sonny?

Carly: Look, Angel didn't tell us where she was going, and she had the respect to just let us enjoy ourselves.

Taggert: Nothing so far. Closets are full. She didn't pack a bag.

Mac: Well, I don't imagine she was planning on leaving until we showed up. Check for a passport.

Taggert: Yes, Sir.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Well, I think this qualifies as police harassment.

Mac: Yeah. Oh, good. Taggert. All right, listen, I'm on my way. They found Jax at the airport. Take over here.

Taggert: My pleasure. So let's take this from the top. Decoying the police makes you culpable for Angel Ellis' escape. So unless you want to be up on conspiracy charges, I suggest you tell me where she is now.

Nikolas: Gia, you cannot get the police involved. The cops would laugh at our faces over this. The Spencer-Cassadine feud is old news. Nobody cares anymore.

Gia: So it all boils down to you? You're going to be the one to save the entire Spencer family all by yourself?

Nikolas: Maybe it's poetic justice -- a Cassadine saves the people he's been raised to despise. What?

Gia: Well, why do you have to do it alone? Why does it have to be you to personally come up with this magic solution? Look, I just got you back. I don't want to lose you.

Nikolas: Come here. I'm doing this for the both of us, okay? Besides, I'm not alone.

Gia: I can't stand it. I can't let you go.

Nikolas: I have to. Okay? I have to.

Gia: No, please.

Nikolas: My heart is with you. Okay? But I will be back to claim it, all right?

Nikolas: Wish me luck.

Gia: Stavros and Nikolas. Oh, my God. Lucien Cain is Stavros Cassadine. Nikolas! Nikolas! 

Taggert: Let's go over the facts. We've got the two of you getting horizontal in here, so that means the blonde Jax carried out over his shoulder must have been Angel Ellis.

Sonny: Well, I wasn't paying attention. I had, you know, my mind on other subjects.

Taggert: Mac and I watched a four-way fight on the porch, probably staged for our benefit. The two of you are left inside, so process of elimination tells me the real Angel headed for the airport. The question is, where did Jax's plane take her?

Carly: Did Angel say anything about a plane?

Sonny: I don't know. All I remember is she told us that we could her house for as long as we wanted.

Carly: Yeah, Sonny and I like the privacy. It frees us up to be creative.

Taggert: Yeah? Well, I can get creative, too. Obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting, flight of a fugitive.

Sonny: Is she charged with something?

Taggert: We were waiting for the real suspect to attempt an escape. Angel ran. In my book, that makes her culpable. The last two people she was seen with are standing right here in front of me. So you tell me, Sonny, did she tell you what she did to her father? Is that why you helped her escape?

Carly: Sonny and I are just enjoying our second honeymoon.

Sonny: Angel and Jax said they were spoiling the mood, so they just -- they left.

Carly: Maybe Jax took Angel out for breakfast.

Andy: Have a seat, Mr. Jacks. The commissioner will be here shortly.

Jax: So am I being charged with a crime?

Mac: That depends. Where was your plane headed?

Jax: That's a good question.

Mac: And that is not an answer. Jax, why was there no flight plan filed?

Jax: Look, my pilot's on a training exercise. He's testing out a brand-new engine. And you know those pilot types. He'll fly wherever the spirit takes him.

Mac: And deliver Angel where?

Jax: Oh, you're looking for Angel? Might try her lake house.

Gia: Comm. Scorpio, I'm sorry to interrupt, but this is really important. You have to arrest Lucien Cain.

Helena: Stavros, I -- I understand your pain over Nikolas, and I know how devoted you are to him. It's the same devotion that I feel for you. I mean, Stavros, look around, look what I've done for you.

Stavros: Because you love me, mother? No. All of this was for personal ambition and power.

Helena: Now, just because Nikolas has hurt you deeply is no reason for you to lash out against me.

Stavros: After you threatened to treat my son the same way you treat Luke Spencer's bastard? Understand me, Mother -- I will not allow you to touch Nikolas.

Helena: Good, then by all means, you win back Nikolas' love any way you can, and I would like to see it. How are you going to do that?

Stavros: I will -- I'll -- I'll figure out some way to convince him that I love him. I --

Helena: That may be far more difficult than you imagine.

Stavros: Oh, no, Mother, far more difficult than you can imagine because it has to do with human feeling! It's about the bond between a father and a son. Nikolas is my son, not a machine for you to program. You have Lucky Spencer for that, Mother.

Lucky: Get out of my way.

Nikolas: Just wait, okay?

Lucky: No, forget it. You don't have any business here.

Nikolas: Lucky, look, you think I'm on Helena's side, and you're wrong. Nothing is the way it seems.

Taggert: Aiding and abetting is only the beginning. This state can charge you as accessories.

Sonny: How many times are we going to go over this same routine? My attorney can sue you for harassment. You break in here and you interrupt Carly and me in a very personal moment, not only are you violating our rights, but you caused severe emotional damage.

Taggert: Angel Ellis tried to steal your husband. You sure you want to go to jail for her?

Carly: Only place I'm going is to bed with my husband as soon as you leave.

Sonny: You heard Carly. We have more important things to do, so move on.

Taggert: Michael Corinthos Jr., Caroline Corinthos, I am formally advising you that you are material witnesses in a capital case. You are not to leave this jurisdiction without express permission from a judge. Is that clear?

Sonny: Good night.

[Carly laughs]

Carly: He can't prove a thing, can he? Can he?

Sonny: Taggert's got nothing.

Carly: You know what? I kind of feel sorry for him. You know, he's got nothing and we have a whole house all to ourselves. So, hey, where were we?

Sonny: Okay, you know, this -- it's not going to work.

Carly: Since when?

Sonny: It's not going to work.

Carly: We were brilliant together. We helped Angel escape, we snowed Mac and Taggert, we -- we're completely in tune.

Sonny: I know, I know, I know.

Carly: You -- you finally admitted that you love me and you want me. And if they hadn't barged in, we would be in bed together right now.

Sonny: And it would have been a big mistake.

Carly: It would have been exactly what we wanted.

Sonny: Until it was over and we're lying next to each other knowing we can't stay together. I -- you can't live in my world; I can't live any other way, end of story.

Carly: You are running again. Now, you would rather be alone than to take a chance and have what you want most in this world.

Sonny: I'm sorry, okay? I don't want to hurt you.

Carly: Then don't.

Sonny: I hate the way we turned against each other. It can't happen anymore.

Carly: Okay, and what about Michael?

Sonny: You know how I feel.

Carly: Oh, okay, you want to end our marriage, but you still want to adopt our son. You know, you want to talk about complicated, tangled-up situations --

Sonny: It could work! It could work. It could work if you want it to.

Carly: I don't.

Sonny: Oh, well --

Carly: I don't, not like this.

Sonny: Why can't we just keep the good stuff and let go of the rest?

Carly: Sonny, that is what I've been trying to do. And if you can't see how good we can be together and how much I love you and I always will, then I am wasting my time.

A.J.: You know, Skye, I have a little news flash -- I don't think that Jax likes you, so what makes you think that you're going to be able to work your magic on him?

Skye: Because he's a man.

A.J.: Okay. Point taken. Now, let's assume you turn his head. Why should you trust him?

Skye: Who said anything about trust? I can act charming and still use my brain.

A.J.: I have a feeling he's going to be the one charming you and you're going to end up with egg on your face.

Skye: He's a businessman. Look, I make a proposal, he sees that it has merit, and, being the self-interested operator that he is, he's going to bite. No hidden agendas, just mutual satisfaction. Why should he resist a legitimate opportunity to take Sonny down?

Reginald: Excuse me. You have a visitor who refuses to go.

Woman: Hi there.

Skye: Hello!

Woman: Hi. You don't know me, but --

Skye: No, of course I remember you! How lovely to see you again. Reginald, it's quite all right. She's not going to bite.

Woman: I really don't want to intrude. I --

Skye: Oh, no, no, please, not at all. Do come in. We're just having a little breakfast here. Maybe you'd like some coffee, juice? Maybe a sweet roll?


Mac: So tell me, why would I want to arrest Lucien Cain?

Gia: He's not who he says he is. His name isn't even Lucien Cain.

Mac: It's not illegal to use an alias.

Gia: This person who calls himself Lucien Cain, he's conspiring to commit a crime.

Mac: What crime? Who is he conspiring with?

Gia: Helena Cassadine.

Jax: How do you know this?

Gia: I saw them together.

Mac: Ms. Campbell, the last time you reported a crime in progress, the PCPD responded and found you were just having a fight with your boyfriend. Now, this wouldn't happen to be another one of those misunderstandings, would it?

Gia: It's not like that. Look, people are in danger. It's true, I swear, okay?

Mac: Go home. Why don't you go home, get some rest. Next time you want to spice up your life, don't come running to the police department.

Jax: You know, Mac's a busy man, but I've got a couple of minutes to listen. Why don't you tell me exactly what's going on.

Nikolas: I couldn't tell you before, Lucky. I didn't want you to betray me again.

Lucky: How convenient.

Nikolas: It is the truth, all right?

Lucky: You know, Nikolas, I thought you were my brother. I thought you were my friend. I thought I could trust you.   Turns out that I'm wrong. You're just a liar like the rest of your stupid family! I should have never trusted you. And you know what -- I'm never going to trust you again. So why don't you get out of my face.

Nikolas: Okay, listen to me. I need you to hear me out. Lucky --

Lucky: Get your hands off of me!

Nikolas: Okay. All right.

Lucky: Hey, where's Elizabeth? What did you do to her?

Nikolas: Just listen to me.

Lucky: No. Elizabeth was on the yacht. You were there with Helena. You did something to her. I'm going to go find out what you did.

Nikolas: God, Lucky, I am not the enemy here!

Lucky: You're not the enemy?

Nikolas: No, I am not!

Lucky: Then tell me where Elizabeth is.

Nikolas: I can't do that, man. I -- I can't, all right? There's still a chance that Helena could get that out of you, but I swear to you, I will tell you the rest. I will. Little brother, all you have to do is stand here and listen to me, that's it.

Singer: I'll give my all or not at all there's no in between I'll give my best won't second-guess this feelin' deep in me you make me want to love you with every breath I'll love you endlessly I'll give my heart, give my soul I won't hold back I'll give you everything all of me completely

Skye: Have some coffee, would you?

Woman: Thank you.

Skye: I'm sure you are exhausted from your trip. You know, I hate traveling at night. All you see is darkness. Me, I personally like to look out the window and see cloud and sun.

Woman: Oh. Well, I just watched a movie.

Skye: Oh, really? Which one?

Woman: Um --

[Woman mumbles]

Skye: Oh, loved that film. Here you go.

A.J.: So how do you two know each other?

Skye: Oh, it's a long, silly story. You'd never believe it.

A.J.: Really? Try me.

Skye: A.J., I'm sure Janine would like to eat before you barrage her with questions. She doesn't need to be interrogated.

Edward: Who's being interrogated?

Janine: Hello! Sweet cheeks! Oh, I missed you so much. Did you miss me?

Roy: There you go.

Melissa: Thanks.

Roy: Safe and sound.

Melissa: Yeah. Oh, I could get so used to this.

Roy: I could, too. How'd you happen to have one of these that fit?

Melissa: I'm not saying that I've imagined this for months or anything, but a girl does have to be prepared.

Roy: It was a nice touch. I really appreciate it.

Melissa: What do you want to have for breakfast? I have frozen waffles that I'm sure are no older than 3 months. Maybe eggs, bacon? Anything you want.

Roy: You. I don't need anything else.

Melissa: You think we can start over again after everything we've been through?

Roy: Well, didn't it feel like the past just washed away in there? I think it's gone. There's nothing left but the future.

Melissa: You know, it almost feels too easy.

Roy: Well, it's easy -- it's easy because it's right.

Melissa: You know what the neatest thing is?

Roy: What?

Melissa: This is just the way I imagined it. Honestly, it's like you're making my every dream come true.

Roy: That's cool. So in your dream, after the robe fits perfectly, what happens next?

Nikolas: Lucky, I am on your side and our mother's, Luke's, and certainly Elizabeth's.

Lucky: Then where is she? You did something to her.

Nikolas: No, I didn't. Elizabeth is safe. Listen to me; she helped me fool my grandmother for me to prove my loyalty as a Cassadine. It was a trick.

Lucky: A trick?

Nikolas: Yes, it was a trick. She loves you, man. She is alive and she is well, and I promise you she will be back here when this is all over.

Gia: Lucien Cain is a made-up name for a monster who's officially dead.

Jax: So what does that mean? He dropped out of sight with one name and then resurfaced with another?

Gia: Sort of.

Jax: So what's his real name?

Gia: This is so complicated.

Jax: Alexis already told me there was another Cassadine in town, some relative that's extremely dangerous. Is this the man you're referring to?

Gia: Yes, that's Lucien Cain.

Jax: So this man Cain is really a Cassadine?

Gia: The worst one, actually. He's Nikolas' father.

Jax: Stavros Cassadine? I thought he was dead.

Gia: Well, he's not. Look, I swear it's true. Stavros Cassadine is alive and well and roaming through Port Charles, pretending to be Lucien Cain, and somebody has to stop him.

Carly: Lucien, what are you doing in my house?

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Carly: How did you -- how'd you get in?

Laura: Listen to your brother. He's telling you the truth.

Gia: I wouldn't be telling you this if I didn't know that it was true.

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