GH Transcript Thursday 10/25/01



General Hospital Transcript Thursday 10/25/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "General Hospital" -- 

Nikolas: I love you. 

Scott: I just want to help any way I can. 

Zander: Sonny wouldn't let A.J. out of the meat locker until he signed Michael away. Sonny did all of it. 

Carly: It was you. 

Mac: We're looking for someone cool and detached. 

Felicia: Someone who knows Sorel's life and hates him. 

Mac: And wanted to make him pay. 

Felicia: Angel. 

Angel: Is anyone getting out of the car? Coming up to the house? 

Sonny: Lights are out, nobody's is moving. They're probably waiting on a warrant. 

Angel: They must have found something incriminating. 

Sonny: If they had, they'd already been here. Okay, you know what? We've got a few minutes. 

Carly: Well, why wait? Go on, honey, turn yourself in. 

Jax: You know, Angel probably saved you and your child by siding against her father. By all means, let's just hand her over to the police. 

Carly: You know, Angel wanted her daddy gone and my husband in her bed, and when that didn't work out, she went ahead and kept me and Sonny and a long list of other people under suspicion just to save her own butt. 

Jax: Angel ended up saving yours. 

Sonny: Okay, you know what? Are you guys done? Because we're wasting time. 

Jax: Don't worry. We're going to help you. 

Angel: No, you won't. 

A.J.: Skye, Jax is a player, okay? Dealing with this guy is trouble. 

Skye: If he can help me get what I want, he's fair game. 

A.J.: He'll outmaneuver you. He's really good. 

Skye: He hasn't gone against the likes of me yet. Look, I have been dealing with people like Jasper Jacks my whole life. 

A.J.: Then why do this to yourself? I mean, why get started with this guy to begin with? 

Skye: Because I want to punish Sonny for what he did, okay? Now, Jax is simply a means to that end. Zander -- 

Zander: What did you say to Emily? 

A.J.: The truth -- that you helped Sonny steal my son from me. 

Zander: Emily never wanted Michael with you in the first place. There's no way she'd bail on me for that. 

A.J.: Maybe you don't know my sister as well as you think. Or maybe she sees what you really are -- bad news. 

Zander: Emily loves me. 

A.J.: Not anymore. 

Skye: Zander, hold it. Come on, now, what's going on? 

Zander: I just called Emily. She broke up with me. She never wants to see me or hear from me again. 

Nikolas: Gia? 

Gia: I'm over here. 

Nikolas: Come here. 

Nikolas: For a second, I thought I was dreaming all of this -- you coming back, forgiving me. 

Gia: Making love. No, this is real. I know. I keep pinching myself, too. 

Nikolas: And when we were apart, I used to dream about the time that we'd be back in each other's arms again. And then I'd wake up, and you wouldn't be here. 

Gia: And you'd feel cold and alone and aching like a part of you was missing. 

Nikolas: So why did you wake up? You couldn't sleep? 

Gia: I did for a while. And then I woke up in your arms, and I laid there and watched you breathe. And then I realized it's not enough. 

Stavros: Hello, my long-lost wife. My darling. My love. 

Stavros: Do you want to scream, Laura? I don't advise it. Aren't you even a little glad to see me? No? Well, that will change in time. 

Laura: No, never. 

Stavros: No one can stop me, Laura. Not Luke. Not Lucky. Not Stefan. I'm invincible. And if anyone else tries to save you, warn them away. This is our time, Laura. It has been so long. But I still love you. And you belong to me. 

Laura: No -- 

Scott: Hey. 

Laura: No, no! 

Scott: Hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, it's me. You okay? 

Laura: Oh, Scotty. Oh. 

Nikolas: Everything I want is here with you. 

Gia: All we need is time to be peaceful and quiet together, the freedom to make it about you and me for a little while. 

Nikolas: I wish I could give you that. 

Gia: I'm being selfish. Big surprise. 

Nikolas: Well, no, if you're being selfish, then I'm being worse because I should be begging you to go someplace and stay safe, but I just can't let you go. 

Gia: Well, good because I wouldn't leave, even if you shoved me out. 

Nikolas: Okay, so then let's be -- let's be selfish together. We can have all that quiet and freedom you're talking about right here, tonight. 

Gia: And what about tomorrow? It's not enough for me to love you. I want to do something. 

Nikolas: You are. 

Gia: I don't mean sit on the sidelines while you distract me with beautiful, expensive gifts -- I mean, no matter how much I love them. Let me fight for you, Nikolas, the way that you've been fighting for everyone else. 

Nikolas: We will think about tonight tomorrow because tonight is ours, and I am not going to waste a single second of it. So, you going to be ready? Let's go. Come on. 

Gia: Where are we going? We're not even dressed. 

Nikolas: Well, for what I have in mind, I think you're a little overdressed. 

Mac: What is taking that warrant so long? 

Taggert: Why don't we just go join the party, Mac? 

Mac: I'm not going to risk blowing this arrest on a technicality. 

Taggert: Look, we don't even need a warrant, Mac. We've already got reason to believe that Angel Ellis committed a felony, right? That's reason enough for her to flee the jurisdiction. Exigent circumstances right there. 

Mac: We have no independent evidence Angel killed her father. 

Taggert: Well, I'm sure we can get whatever we need in there. 

Mac: All the more reason to wait, Taggert. Listen to me. Between them, Sonny and Jax, they can -- they'll hire Ms. Ellis the highest paid legal talent available. We start collecting evidence now, chances are it'll get thrown out in a suppression hearing. I'm not going to go down that road again, okay? Look, I don't like it, either, but we're going to sit here and wait. 

Taggert: Boy, I'd love to know what they're saying in there. 

Mac: It's a pretty volatile mix, isn't it? 

Taggert: Mm-hmm. 

Mac: Sonny, his wife Carly, Sorel's daughter Angel. You add Jax to that mix, you come up with nothing good. 

Taggert: Look, Angel already admitted she knew her father was dead. She didn't call for help. We can nail her on accessory after the fact. 

Mac: That is not good enough. Angel turned her father's respirator off. She is going to stand trial for that. 

Angel: I will handle this alone. 

Jax: How? You know what? I don't want any arguments. I'm getting you out of this country. 

Angel: No, you can't be involved. 

Jax: It's too late! 

Angel: But I did it, jax. You're not protecting me. You're aiding and abetting. 

Carly: Look, if Angel wants to turn herself in, I say let her. 

Sonny: Stay out -- look, stay out of it. 

Jax: The courts won't understand you stopped your father. You're in serious trouble, Angel. You're going to need my help on this one. 

Angel: No, you're just going to be opening yourself as an accessory, okay? It's better, it's cleaner this way. 

Jax: Better for whom? 

Sonny: Angel, you know what? You put yourself on the line. The most important thing is you got rid of that monster. The least I can do is help you get out of here. 

Jax: You know, for once I agree with Sonny. 

Angel: You know what? I appreciate what you guys are trying to do, but there's no way I'm going to let you put yourselves in harm's way. There's too much to lose. 

Jax: We won't lose if we move quickly. 

Carly: Look, okay, if Jax wants to help her, fine, but we don't need to. 

Sonny: No, that's not the way it works. 

Jax: Look, pick a place. Where do you want to go? 

Angel: Santarini. It's the island I told you about. 

Sonny: I hope you find some peace for yourself. 

Carly: You're fleeing the country with charges pending against you. So you can't return, right? 

Angel: No. So please, feel free to gloat. 

Carly: I want you gone. And the sooner and the further away, the better. So what's the plan? 

Sonny: Well, we got to get Angel out of here before the cops bust in. 

Carly: Leave it to me. 

A.J.: I asked Zander to tell the police what happened to me, what Sonny did to me, the hell he put me through. And instead, you lied. He said that he hadn't seen me or been anywhere near a meat locker. 

Skye: A.J., I want to hear Zander's side of this. 

Zander: Yes, I work for Sonny. You already know that and both of you know why -- because he saved me when no one else gave a damn except for Emily. 

Skye: But you knew what he was doing to A.J. 

Zander: Yes. I saw A.J. in the meat locker. But the only reason I was there was to warn him to do what Sonny asked. I didn't want him to get hurt. 

A.J.: You're a liar. 

Skye: A.J. 

Zander: The only reason A.J. was there was because he was trying to take Michael away from Carly, trying to get Carly sent to prison for a murder that she didn't even commit. I don't blame Sonny for trying to stop him. Emily wouldn't, either. But that's not what A.J. told Emily. You told her that I helped Sonny's guys pin him to the floor while I poured vodka down his throat. 

A.J.: If that's what it takes to keep you away from my sister, I don't regret it. 

Zander: You know what, man? I didn't even touch you. 

A.J.: You know what? You started this, buddy! All I did was end it. 

Zander: Emily needed me to learn to walk. Don't you get that? She was doing this for both of us. I was on my way to the rehab center to cheer her on. She was going to walk soon, and you took that away. You broke her faith in me. For what? Revenge? 

A.J.: To protect her. You know, my little sister right now would be in college somewhere, going to dances, trying out for sports. Instead, she's recuperating from a broken back because of you. 

Zander: Skye, you got to help me. 

Skye: Me? 

Zander: Please, listen. You're the only one that knows the truth. Just tell -- whatever else happens, just tell her that I didn't hurt her brother. Now, A.J.'s admitted it. Please, you're the only one that knows the truth. 

Skye: If I do, there's something you have to do for me. 

Gia: Do you know how crazy you are? 

Nikolas: People in love aren't known for their rational behavior. 

Gia: It's late October, Nikolas, in Upstate New York. I mean, it's probably, like, 30 degrees. 

Nikolas: Well, I can't feel it. But if you're cold, maybe I can help. 

Nikolas: Better? 

Gia: Much. As long as we stay in. What happens when we get out? 

Nikolas: Well, if we hold each other tight enough and long enough, we'll manage to stay warm. 

Gia: Your heartbeat is so strong and steady. It makes me feel so safe. I couldn't lose you, Nikolas. 

Nikolas: You won't. 

Gia: Oh, look. 

Nikolas: What? What? 

Gia: A shooting star. It's the brightest one I've ever seen. You know what that means? We have to make a wish. 

Nikolas: I already have my wish. 

Gia: No, we have to make a wish together on the same star. 

Nikolas: We can't. I mean, I didn't even see it, so -- 

Gia: Well, it was bright enough for the both of us. Okay, just trust me, okay? Just close your eyes and start to make a wish. And don't tell me what you wish for. Okay. 

Nikolas: Well, I don't think I'll have to. 

Gia: Twinkle, twinkle, little star -- that's where you come in. 

Nikolas: How I wonder what you are -- 

Gia: Up above the world so high -- 

Nikolas: Like a diamond in the sky -- 

Gia: Twinkle, twinkle, shooting star -- 

Nikolas: How I wonder -- 

Gia: Who you are. 

Laura: I was having a nightmare. 

Scott: Was I in it? 

Laura: No. 

Scott: Well, that's good. So come on, tell me, what was it about? 

Laura: Oh, something terrible. 

Scott: Come on, give me a little taste. 

Laura: The Cassadines are just taking over my life, every waking hour, and now in my -- my dreams, too. 

Scott: Come on, you'll feel better if you tell me what this dream is about. Well, okay. If it was a nightmare, it would have to be about Luke. 

Laura: No. I can't tell you what it was about. 

Scott: Why not? 

Laura: Because you can't fix this one for me. I wish that you could. 

Scott: Yes, I can. I can fix anything. 

Laura: You never give up, do you? 

Scott: Why would I ever do that? 

Laura: Because I give you all kinds of mixed messages. 

Scott: Well, it keeps me on my toes. 

Laura: I push you away, and then I pull you back, and you're still always there right beside me. 

Scott: Well, now, you're making me sound like Rin Tin Tin. 

Laura: I don't know. Is that so bad? 

Scott: Well, as long as you don't make me wear a flea collar. See? Now look at this. You're laughing. That's good. 

Laura: That just makes everything so much worse. 

Scott: Yes, I know. And sometimes you're a tough crowd, like, you know, the Catskills at the midnight show, you know? 

Laura: Scotty? 

Scott: Yeah. 

Laura: I ruined your life once before. 

Scott: Yeah, but you know what? I bounce back really well. 

Laura: But I think what I'm doing now is much worse. 

Scott: What exactly is that? 

Laura: I'm taking advantage of your feelings for me. 

Scott: Do you see me complaining? 

Laura: But I really can't ever return those feelings. 

Scott: Well, now, don't be so sure of that. 

Laura: I am sure about it. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I think we have to end this. 

Zander: I will do anything you want, but you -- please, you have to tell Emily the truth. Right now it is wrecking her to think that she was wrong to have believed in me. I need her, but she needs me right now. Please, Skye, help me. 

Skye: I will. If you help me. 

Zander: Okay, with what? 

Skye: Michael deserves to be with his father. Now help me get something on Sonny to make that happen. Show me that you're on our side. 

Zander: Skye, I can't do that. 

Skye: If Emily is important to you, then her family should be important to you, as well. Now, Zander, come on, show us, after all this time, that our faith in you is justified. 

Zander: I can't betray Sonny. 

Skye: Well, it's either that or betray Emily's family, isn't it? 

Zander: Skye, the Quartermaines have hated me from the very beginning. They -- they got mad at Emily when she stood by me. They sent her to a school in California just to keep her away from me. Please, now, Sonny is the one who saved me. He paid for my lawyer, he got me out of jail, he gave me a future. There's no way I can turn against him. 

Skye: Suit yourself. 

Zander: Skye, I tried to be good enough for the Quartermaines. Okay, I did what they wanted. I was the one who convinced her to go to the stupid rehab center in the first place. I thought letting her go would save her. Now I think the only reason that they took her away was so they could convince her of the lies they tried to tell her. 

Skye: Hey, Zander, you lied, too. 

Zander: So did you. Skye, you put me and Emily on that bus. And you said you were sorry. Now's your chance to prove it. Please. Please, tell Emily the truth. 

Skye: Well, Zander, you need to tell the truth, too. A.J. deserves to have his son back. Help me. Help him or lose Emily. 

Carly: Ow. 

Sonny: I don't give a damn what you want. I don't even know why you're here. 

Carly: We're married, that's why. 

Angel: Sonny, wait. Please. 

Mac: Oh-oh! Here we go. 

Taggert: Yeah, looks like Mrs. Corinthos just hit critical mass. 

Sonny: Stop harassing Angel. Leave her alone. You understand me? 

Carly: I'm just supposed to forget this woman lured you out to her love nest? 

Angel: Sonny's here because he wants to be. He chose me, so accept it, all right? Make it easier for everybody. 

Carly: Oh, make it easier on you? I don't think so. I'm not going to accept anything! 

Sonny: Hey! Hey. 

Jax: Look, Sonny wants Angel, okay? Now just be reasonable. You can't change it, okay? 

Carly: Stay out of it, Jax! 

Jax: Look, I don't like this, either. Angel deserves a hell of a lot better than this thug, but this is the man she wants. 

Carly: You think I give a damn what Angel wants? 

Sonny: It's over! Go home! 

Carly: I'm not going without you! 

Sonny: I'm staying with Angel. 

Carly: Sonny, we're married for better or for worse. You can't bail because some hoochie mama shook her whole butt in your face! Damn it! Let go! 

Sonny: Let's go. 

Nikolas: Turbulence in the atmosphere. 

Gia: Gee, that's romantic.

Nikolas: Okay, picture a long, hot desert highway. And way off in the distance you see the heat that rises up off the asphalt and makes everything behind it shimmer. That's the same thing. 

Gia: I'd like to believe that they twinkle because they're magic. 

Nikolas: Magic? 

Gia: Well, how else could they grant so many wishes? I mean, there must be thousands of constellations out there. 

Nikolas: 88, actually. 

Gia: Don't tell me you've counted them. 

Nikolas: Okay, astronomy was on my Uncle Stefan's list of approved curriculum, yes. 

Gia: Oh. I thought you were more into athletics, like fencing and horseback riding and that karate mei-tei stuff or whatever. 

Nikolas: It's Tai chi. I studied that, too. Yes, I did. 

Gia: So then you just know a little bit about everything, huh? 

Nikolas: Well, it's in the prince's manual, right between good manners and wearing shining armor. Princes are supposed to know everything. 

Gia: Okay, Galileo, pop quiz. 

Nikolas: Fire. 

Gia: What's that one called? 

Nikolas: That is Pegasus, the winged horse. Used to carry armor for Zeus. 

Gia: And that one? 

Nikolas: Andromeda. And that's Cassiopeia. They're mother and daughter. And that is castor and Pollux. They were Greek princes. 

Gia: Hmm. Like you. 

Nikolas: Yeah, like me. 

Gia: What's wrong? 

Nikolas: I'm just thinking. You know, I used to have this -- this spot on our island in Greece where I'd like to go and look at the stars. It was way up over the hilltop, and I used to -- I'd hike there at night sometimes and I would lie there on the grass and just think. 

Gia: About what? 

Nikolas: What it would be like to have a real mother and father. Or even a memory of one of them. I mean, I only knew Laura and Stavros from pictures. And I used to dream of them coming face to face or even telling me they loved me. Now I understand what they nean when they say "Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it." I have a question for you. What's that one over there? And a hint. It looks exactly what it looks like. Or it is what it looks like, I should say. 

Gia: It's -- a crown. 

Nikolas: A fish. It's Pisces. 

Gia: Oh, a fish. Yeah, right. Now I can see it plain as day. 

Nikolas: Well, then you must see the woman. 

Gia: What woman? 

Nikolas: The most beautiful woman in the universe. You don't see her? 

Gia: No. 

Nikolas: That's a shame. Well, you must not be looking where I'm looking. You're not getting away from me, uh-uh. 

Gia: You promise? 

Nikolas: I promise. 

Laura: I'm leading you on, and it's not fair. 

Scott: Ah, come on. Since when? 

Laura: Scotty, you've rearranged your whole life just for me. 

Scott: Well, that's because, you know, you got some problems right now, and I'm good at fixing things. It's no problem. 

Laura: We got married way too young. 

Scott: No, we didn't. I was in love with you. But what does that have to do with giving me the bum's rush here? 

Laura: You know you saved me from myself back then. You put my life in order. 

Scott: Laura, we got married for a number of reasons -- because we're in love with each other, because it made sense in spite of what anybody else believed, you know. Remember, love conquers all. We believed that. I still believe that and I know you do, too. 

Laura: It was a long time ago. 

Scott: Yeah, I know. Some things have changed, but you know what? A lot of things are still the same. 

Laura: But we can't go back to what we had. 

Scott we don't need a time machine to know that we still love each other. 

Laura: We can't have a future together. We just can't. 

Scott: No, the hell we can't. We can have a -- what the hell is this really about? 

Laura: I'm trying to be fair. 

Scott: No. No, you're not. You're pushing me out. 

Laura: I know it's a shock. I don't want to hurt you. 

Scott: Well, Laura, you're not going to hurt me. Come on, we're beyond all of that. You can't hurt me. I'm invincible here. 

Laura: Look, I need to do this right now. You need to respect my choice. 

Scott: Laura. Is it because of Luke? Is it because he's sick, he doesn't know what decade he's living in? Is this what -- 

Laura: Just leave it alone. Please? 

Scott: If you're still in love with Luke, then feet, don't fail me now. However, if that's not the case, I'm not going anywhere. So which is it? 

Scott: Are you still in love with Luke? 

Laura: He needs me. 

Scott: That's not what I asked you. 

Laura: Why do we have to drag ourselves through this? 

Scott: Because I know you well enough when you're trying to hide something. This is what you do. 

Laura: No, it's not you, Scotty. It's just -- it's just everything, that's all. 

Scott: Well, come on, be a little more specific. 

Laura: We had a chance once and we don't anymore. 

Scott: The hell we don't! We do have a chance. 

Laura: I thought you agreed to let me have whatever it was that I needed. Right now I need you to let me go. 

Scott: Come on, look at you. I mean, you're shaking like an Italian greyhound. Now, what the hell is frightening you? 

Laura: Please go. 

Scott: No, I'm not going until you tell me what's going on. 

Laura: All right, it's -- the Cassadines are out to cause as much pain as they can possibly cause and they want to hurt everyone who is close to me. God only knows what they've done to Luke. 

Scott: Well, how is helping Luke going to do any good here if I'm pushed out the door? 

Laura: It's complicated. I -- 

Scott: Laura, let me -- let me tell you something about complicated things. You know, I'm a lawyer, I understand that. And I also know that you tend to try and protect the people that are close to you and push -- 

Laura: No, you don't know what's going on here. Neither do I. All I know is that Stavros and -- 

Scott: Stavros? Why did you say his name? 

Laura: I meant Helena. I -- 

Scott: Ah, come on. Don't start lying to me now about things. 

Laura: No, please. Please just go. 

Scott: No. No, I'm not going anywhere until I know what's going on here. 

Laura: You'd never believe it. 

Scott: You know what? Here's what I don't believe, all right? Let me just break this down for you. I don't believe that you don't love me, I don't believe that you want me to go, and I don't believe that there's not a future with us. 

Laura: You never give up, do you? 

Scott: No, I don't. 

Laura: Okay. I'll tell you. 

Angel: Put me down, Jax! He's my husband! 

Jax: Carly, stop! You were crazy to go back in there in the first place. I'm taking you home. It's better that way. 

Angel: No! Sonny! 

Taggert: Damn. 

Mac: And what did I tell you? Carly never does anything the easy way. What is keeping that warrant? I'm going to call it in. 

Taggert: Whoa -- Mac, Mac, Mac. Look. Sonny and Angel. 

Sonny: All right. Ahem. Cops are still out there. You got to stay, you know, in the window. Make it good. 

Carly: Oh, trust me. I know exactly what I'm doing. 

Sonny: Yeah? 

Carly: Yeah. 

Zander: Please don't. Don't. Don't ask me that -- not to choose between Emily and Sonny. Sonny is more than a friend. He gave me my freedom and my future. But Emily, she's -- she's everything. I love her. She changed my life. Please, Skye. 

Skye: I'm sorry. 

Zander: You know what? If you were -- you wouldn't be doing this. 

A.J.: You know what? You're a hypocrite like your boss. Don't you bother trying to see my sister. Sonny's not the only one that can hire protection. In fact, I've got some pretty high-priced talent surrounding her as we speak. Besides, she never wants to see you -- ever. 

Zander: You know, I'm glad Sonny got Michael away from you. You don't even deserve to be a father. You would have lied to Michael just like you lied to Emily. You would have taught him to grow up to be just like you. Michael's going to grow up to be just like Sonny. He's not even going to know your name. 

A.J.: Ahem. 

Zander: And someday Emily's going to know the truth. It may be next week, it may be 10 years from now. But she'll know. She's going to see me. She's going to look me in the eyes again and she's going to know she can believe me. You know what? Maybe you did screw up her ever loving me again. Maybe you really did trash that forever. But she's going to know that she made me a better person and that you kept us apart when she needed me most. And she's going to hate you for that. Someday, she's going to hate you for that. 

A.J.: Thank you. 

Skye: Yeah, I hope I did the right thing. You know, Emily and that kid really loved each other. 

A.J.: She's better off. I want you to know it means a lot to me to have someone on my side. 

Skye: Be prepared, A.J. Zander might not be through. 

A.J.: The kid can't touch me. 

Skye: Not if Sonny's helping him. 

A.J.: Ooh. 

Carly: This is the part where you're supposed to say you missed me. 

Sonny: We're supposed to be decoying for the cops. 

Carly: Okay, well, then we'd better get to work because being a decoy is serious business. 

Sonny: Yeah? 

Carly: Yeah, we wouldn't want to get distracted by how good it feels to hold each other, kiss each other, and have absolutely no possible reason to stop. 

Sonny: Shut up. 

Jax: Well, so far so good. You okay? 

Angel: I'm not sure how to thank you. 

Jax: No, you don't have to. You came along at an impossible time in my life. You made it bearable. You restored my faith in a lot of things. I'll always be grateful for that. 

Angel: I'm going to miss you. 

Jax: Well, don't make it sound so final. 

Angel: You know, I knew a man once. A very rich, very charming Australian, actually, who told me that every ending is a new beginning. 

Jax: Will you be okay? 

Angel: I got plenty of money, lots of friends in Europe, lots of places to stay. 

Jax: Nice dodge. Answer the question. 

Angel: I need to figure out who I really am. This is as good a way as any. 

Pilot: Mr. Jacks, whenever you're ready. 

Jax: Thank you. You ready? 

Jax: Now, we'll see each other again before too long. I promise. 

Angel: I'll look forward to it. 

Scott: Wait a second. Are you telling me that Stavros Cassadine is alive? 

Laura: I've seen him. And so has Stefan. He's working with Helena. I don't know what their plan is. All I know is that I want to keep the people I love safe until I can figure it out. 

Scott: Wait a second. Let me make a call here, all right? Hey, Gail. It's me. Listen, you know what? I want you and Lee and Serena to go down to that little house I got in Cat Island, all right? You just need to go. No, no -- just -- could you just -- just do it for me. I'll call you when you get down there, all right? It's just very important you leave town right now. Okay. All right. Thanks. 

Laura: When is this ever going to end? 

Scott: We can fight these people. 

Laura: But why should your child be affected? Why should you put yourself in danger? 

Scott: Ah, she loves to scuba-dive. She'll have a good time and -- because I love you. And I know we got a future together. 

Laura: But a future with me might be dangerous. 

Scott: All right, let's get something straight here, okay? You could push me away because you don't love me or because you're in love with somebody else. But don't push me away to try and keep me safe. 

Nikolas: I'm sorry. 

Gia: For what? 

Nikolas: Every time I hurt you. Every time I couldn't tell you how much you mean to me. 

Gia: You were trying to save your brother. 

Nikolas: I haven't given up. Just because Helena blew my cover doesn't mean that I'm going to stop trying to save Lucky. 

Gia: I always knew you were good and true even though it was impossible to see it sometimes. But it's just like starlight in the daytime. Even though you can't see it, it's always there, shining, and it never goes away. 

Nikolas: Neither do I. Not tonight, not tomorrow, and certainly not ever. Believe that. 

Gia: I do. 

Nikolas: Come here. Whatever happens, I will be able to get through it just because I have you again. 

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Nikolas: I need to know that you're out of danger. 

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