GH Transcript Thursday 10/11/01


General Hospital Transcript Thursday 10/11/01

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy


Monica: There's no reason for you to stay here.

Skye: Iím not going anywhere.

Gia: I trust Elizabeth made her escape?

Nikolas: She got away safely, yes.

Mac: Cassadine's missing. Seal off the floor.

Man: He escaped.

Helena: What?

Alexis: Let him go.

Jax: You're making a big mistake.

Bobbie: Luke!

Luke: Hi, darling. Forget we have a date?


Jax: You've signed on with the Cassadines now?

Sonny: Was Stefan responsible for what happened with Chloe?

Alexis: No.

Sonny: Then I don't see the problem, Jax.

Jax: Why canít you see the kind of man Sonny is?

Alexis: Sonny helped your brother. He canít help mine?

Jax: How'd you do it, Corinthos? How did you turn a first-rate lawyer into a naive schoolgirl?

Alexis: Thanks a lot.

Sonny: Alexis knows what she's doing.

Jax: This isn't like you at all.

Sonny: But it's exactly like you to be arrogant and wrong.

Stefan: Iím here, Stavros. Come and get me.

Helena: How? How could Stefan possibly have been allowed to escape?

Stavros: Iím actually disappointed he didn't have a real heart attack.

Helena: If you had disposed of him when I asked instead of allowing yourself to get involved --

Stavros: Mother, I am not interested in your opinion. As a matter of fact, I am glad that Stefan escaped. This gives me a chance to deal with Stefan personally.

Helena: Marsh?

Marsh: Yes, ma'am?

Helena: Find Luke Spencer.

Laura: How could I forget a date with you?

Luke: You forgot.

Laura: No.

Luke: Yes, you did. You forgot your purse, too.

Laura: Oh. So, where are we going?

Luke: Okay. Think of the biggest, wildest, most fantastic discotheque on the whole planet, a place so great that it makes campus disco look like a little storefront mom and pop pool hall, a place where we can party for days, for weeks, forever.

Laura: Where would that be?

Luke: You're kidding, right?

Laura: Is it close by?

Luke: New York City, babe. Studio 54. I got a pal who -- you know, he works the line out front, the security guy -- he's going to let us in.

Laura: Yeah. What about Bobbie, Luke?

Luke: Bobbie? You want to take Bobbie? That's a first.

Laura: Is she still at the cabin?

Luke: Cabin?

Laura: Mm-hmm.

Luke: No. We were on our way to Jacksonville, and I split. I climbed out the window because we had this date and there's no room to dance on the bus.

Laura: Does Bobbie know where you are?

Luke: Nobody knows where I am, baby. Come on, let's go.

Laura: No, wait a minute, wait a minute. I just want to make a quick phone call, okay?

Luke: Oh, no, no, we don't have time for that. Call Lesley when we get to the Big Apple.

Laura: No, Iím going to call her now because I don't want her to worry. All right?

Luke: Okay, make it quick. You know, my dancing shoes are itching to move. D-I-s-c-o

Laura: Bobbie? Bobbie, it's Laura. Luke is here with me, and I don't know what's the matter with him. He's -- he's, like, still stuck thinking it's 1980 or something. The antidote didn't work? Oh, my God. Well, will Tony try it again? Yeah, yeah, okay. We'll wait here for you. Thanks.

Luke: So, what's up with your mom?

Laura: Um -- she just -- she wants us to wait for a little while, that's all.

Luke: Oh, no, no, no, we canít wait. We got to go. We got places to go, people to see.

Laura: Luke, Tony wants to see you.

Luke: Tony, the needle man? No way. Stay away from him.

Laura: No, listen to me. He just wants to help you.

Luke: Darling, all I need is you, a strobe light, and a good sound system.

Laura: Oh, Luke, I just want to be sure that you're all right, okay?

Luke: No, Iím perfectamundo. Really, I -- Iím great. Iím so great. Let's go. Let's -- let's -- you going to go with me or not?

Laura: No -- Luke, no. Stay here. Stay here.

Luke: What -- what --

Laura: We canít go right now. We canít.

Luke: Why not?

Laura: It's too dangerous.

Luke: Danger? That's my middle name, baby. You just point me in the direction and I will take care of everything.

Laura: No.

Nikolas: I used to drive by the cottage all the time, actually, and hope that you would be there.

Gia: So we would run into each other?

Nikolas: And I wanted to call every night. And in the mornings I -- I missed your music blaring throughout the entire house and you -- well, you trying to sing in the shower.

Gia: Excuse me? "Trying"?

Nikolas: I just missed you so much.

Gia: I missed you, too.

Gia: You're amazing. You know that? Do you think I actually meant that as a compliment?

Nikolas: Let's just -- let's just say I was hoping, yeah.

Gia: Do you honestly believe that one sweet, little speech and a decent kiss will make up for everything?

Nikolas: "Decent"?

Gia: Okay, really decent.

Nikolas: Look, Gia, I realize that I have a lot to make up for.

Gia: That's right.

Nikolas: But I love you more now than ever.

Gia: So that makes it all right?

Nikolas: Iím trying to save my brother's life, Gia.

Gia: Even if that means destroying us.

Nikolas: It's not what I want, but yes.

Gia: Were you ever planning on telling me?

Nikolas: Yes, I was.

Gia: When?

Nikolas: When Lucky was safe.

Gia: Which would be never from what I've seen of the Spencers and Cassadines. You know, if I hadn't tried to help Elizabeth, I would still think you didn't love me.

Nikolas: I want us to get past it.

Gia: Like nothing ever happened?

Nikolas: I want to start over.

Gia: You kicked me to the curb. You acted as if I didn't mean anything to you.

Nikolas: I have never stopped loving you.

Gia: Do you think that I was just pining away for you all summer? I had plenty of dates.

Nikolas: Right. Like that ancient businessman, right?

Gia: Lucien Cain, and he is not that old, and Iím not seeing him anymore.

Nikolas: Really? Why not?

Gia: Because he got too friendly with your grandmother.

Nikolas: Wait a second. You were going out with some guy who is involved with Helena?

Gia: Well, I just saw them together --

Nikolas: Gia, don't you realize that you could get hurt?

Helena: I will fire everyone on this floor, the entire security staff. How dare they allow Stefan to escape.

Luke: Let me take a gander.

Laura: No, no, we canít let her see you.

Luke: Is it sally?

Laura: It's Helena Cassadine. You remember her. Come on, take a look.

Luke: Yeah, she -- she looks familiar.

Laura: Can you remember anything else?

Luke: We have to get out of here.

Laura: Right.

Luke: Put on your wig.

Laura: What?

Luke: Your black wig. She'll never recognize Lucy Johnson.

Ned: All right. Where's my briefcase? I know I set my briefcase right here.

Kristina: Ahem. Try over by the door.

Ned: Would you stop moving my things around?

Kristina: Your briefcase makes more sense by the door.

Ned: This briefcase, my briefcase, makes more sense anywhere I plan on putting it.

Kristina: But if you stash your briefcase by the door, then you can pick it up on your way out to work. At least that's what Eddie Maine would do.

Ned: Oh, Eddie Maine? Eddie Maine doesn't have to run a record company, nor does he have to deal with my family.

Kristina: Right, but Ned the suit does.

Ned: If Iím a suit, then who are you?

Kristina: I canít believe you haven't figured it out already.

Ned: Well, I know you're not the scarlet woman of Tunisia. I have no reason to turn you into a star. And Iím pretty certain that you're not one of Alexis' clients.

Kristina: [Country accent] Well, Iím actually a country singer.

Ned: Well, you're certainly a hell of a long way from Nashville.

Kristina: Oh, you see, my bus broke down. My whole band hitchhiked to L.A., left me totally stranded. I have no place to go. My hair even went flat.

Ned: Nobody in country music has big hair. Well, at least not the women.

Kristina: [Normal voice] Since when?

Ned: Two words -- music videos. So, I guess that means you won't be touring with SheDaisy next summer.

Kristina: You are no fun.

Ned: I am when I don't have to look for my briefcase.

Kristina: You know what? I bet that you're not even Eddie Maine.

Ned: Oh, I am Eddie Maine. Iím also Ned Ashton, record executive. Here's the press package. Feel free to ask any questions.

[Kristina laughs]

Kristina: Oh, my. Whatever happened to those leather pants? Whoo!

[Knock on door]

Ned: Oh --

Skye: Have you heard from A.J.?

Ned: Do I look like the drunk-in-the-gutter hotline?

Skye: Iím worried.

Ned: Yes, we're all worried. But we also know that sooner or later he's going to drag his sad, sorry butt on to this godforsaken compound.

Skye: Yes, I guess you're a little too busy with your protťgť here.

Kristina: Hey. How's it going?

Skye: You realize that Ned canít actually make you a star?

Kristina: Well, you realize that Ned canít actually make you a nice person?

Skye: Are we being witty? Is that the idea?

Kristina: Look, you're obviously miserable, but you don't have any right to make everyone else around you miserable, too.

Alexis: Look, I know that it is very difficult for you to deal with this right now because you don't know everything that's going on.

Jax: Do you realize what you have to lose here?

Sonny: You mean Kristina?

Jax: You told him about Kristina?

Sonny: Yeah, why wouldn't she? I mean, we're friends --

Alexis: Would you mind not escalating this --

Jax: You lied to Ned and you told Sonny the truth?

Alexis: Do we have to do this right now?

Jax: You know, I've been dodging Ned's questions for days. Now do you expect me to keep up the lie that Kristina is your client?

Alexis: I need my friends right now, even the ones that you don't like. Do you understand that?

Jax: Helping Stefan escape? Trusting Corinthos? You know, Iím concerned about you.

Alexis: You are as good a friend as I could ever have. Please don't let everything get ruined because of how you feel about Sonny.

Jax: You'll live to regret this, Alexis -- if you're lucky.

Sonny: You okay?

Alexis: No.

Helena: Excuse me. Excuse me! Oh, damn you, Luke and Laura.

Skye: You say Iím miserable? I call it being a realist. Not that Iíd expect a bamboo to understand.

Ned: All right, that's enough.

Skye: Oh, aren't we being bossy today?

Ned: By the way, you have her number perfectly.

Kristina: Ding, ding, ding. Score one for the bimbo.

Ned: Skye, feel free to look for Junior, but don't think you're going to win any points with the family or with E.L.Q.

Kristina: Who's Junior?

Ned: My cousin.

Skye: Yeah, they love to kick him around.

Kristina: Why?

Ned: Because he's happiest sitting on a barstool. So why don't you just leave him alone?

Skye: He's been missing for days.

Ned: Why do you even care? You're not going to be in town much longer anyway.

Skye: Oh, I think that Edward is rethinking my position at E.L.Q. That's right. He's now realizing that Iím much more valuable as an ally.

Ned: That's what he told you?

Skye: Oh, Edward can be quite charming.

Ned: All right. Then let's sort this out right now.

Skye: You don't believe me?

Ned: No.

Kristina: Do you need a referee?

Ned and Skye: No!

Skye: Oh, Jax. Good morning.

Jax: For some of us.

Kristina: What -- what is with that woman?

Jax: Kristina --

Kristina: What happened?

Jax: You're not going to like this.

Kristina: Is it -- is it Stefan?

Jax: We're leaving town immediately.

Kristina: What about Alexis?

Alexis: Iím fine, actually.

Sonny: No, I mean, it's okay --

Alexis: No, I -- Iím just saying I can handle this.

Sonny: Well, I can handle it, too.

Alexis: That's not the issue.

Sonny: Oh, I understand.

Alexis: I just may have lost my -- my close friend, and he's probably the most generous, kindest man that I know --

Sonny: Right.

Alexis: Except for Ned. I mean, truly, his greatest fault is that he puts raw eggs in his protein drinks, which could risk salmonella poisoning, which is particularly dangerous right now in the northeastern seaboard. You going to tell me to breathe?

Sonny: Why would I do that?

Alexis: Isn't it about time for the World Series?

Sonny: You're a baseball fan?

Alexis: I got interested when they played on the subway. That was a joke.

[Sonny laughs]

Sonny: You know what, Alexis? If -- if, you know, you need anything, you can just --

Alexis: You're offering to protect me.

Sonny: No, no, I was just going to ask if you need a cup of coffee.

Alexis: No, you werenít.

Sonny: You're standup, and I like that. You go after what you believe in.

Alexis: But?

Sonny: Iím trying -- Iím just trying to give you a compliment.

Alexis: Why?

Sonny: Because, like I said before, you're the best attorney I've ever had, you're a good friend. So if I -- you know, if I was going to offer you my help -- Iím not saying that I am --

Alexis: But hypothetically --

Sonny: Hypothetically, if I did offer my assistance, would you take it?

Nikolas: Tell me exactly what you saw.

Gia: Lucien and Helena were on the docks, and she touched his face. It was creepy.

Nikolas: Does he know that you saw them together?

Gia: Yes --

Nikolas: You told him?

Gia: He said he was working her.

Nikolas: And you believed him?

Gia: Well, not really, but he said that he would help Elizabeth.

Nikolas: You told him that I was trying to hurt Elizabeth?

Gia: I was scared, Nikolas. He said that he would help.

Nikolas: You know, I really wish you would not have done that.

Gia: Look, after I saw Helena with Lucien, I -- I got out of it, okay? I convinced him that I was wrong about everything.

Nikolas: This guy could be a hit man. He could be a spy. All right, did he -- did he follow you here?

Gia: I don't think so.

Nikolas: You don't think so. That's -- that's great.

Gia: What was I supposed to do? The police wouldn't listen to me, Elizabeth wouldn't listen to me, you shut me out, and, well, Lucky disappeared again. I had no idea that it was a setup because you didn't tell me. So if you don't like it, then blame yourself.

Nikolas: Fine, okay? I am an evil, manipulating, untrusting liar. And I also happen to love you and I don't want you to get hurt. You have no idea how my family works, Gia.

Gia: Well, then, tell me everything.

Stefan: Come closer, Stavros. Let me see you.

Luke: Okay, we're cool.

Laura: Yeah, we're cool. For a while, anyway.

Luke: All right. The night watchman won't be around for about three hours.

Laura: The night watchman?

Luke: Wyndham's has always had a night watchman, but it's all right. We'll just stay ahead of him, and as long as he doesn't see us, we'll be okay.

Laura: Luke, it's 2001. We're not at Wyndham's. We're not. We're in a -- some kind of a theatrical warehouse at the docks, not a department store in the 1980s. Look around. Try to remember.

Luke: Don't worry, darling. We'll find the left-handed boy.

Laura: We already did, Luke. We found him years and years ago. You're sick. You're very sick, and we have to get you some medicine.

Luke: Okay. Okay. We need disguises.

Laura: No, we don't need --

Luke: No, really. If we don't have a disguise, we'll never be able to get out of --

[Music plays]

Luke: Would you like more champagne?

Laura: Yes. Thank you. You know I've never had caviar before?

Luke: You have been supremely deprived. This is a night of firsts.

Luke: You've never been more beautiful to me than you are right now.

Laura: It's all like a dream.

[Music stops]

Laura: Luke?

Luke: That was so beautiful.

Laura: What?

Luke: Nothing but the best for my lady. Oh, look. How weird is this? This is like tap water in a bottle.

[Luke laughs]

Laura: Yeah. It's pretty fashionable these days. And expensive, too.

Luke: What, people pay money for this?

Laura: Oh, yeah. You'd be amazed.

Luke: I am amazed. You are amazing. You've never been more beautiful to me than you are right now.

Ned: Grandfather?

Skye: Oh, there's no need to shout.

Ned: Grandfather!

Skye: Edward, are you in there?

Edward: What is all this bellowing?

Ned: What does Skye have on you?

Skye: Oh, Ned is such a meanie.

Ned: Why do you want her around all of a sudden?

Edward: Well, we might have been hasty, that's all.

Ned: You don't want to vote her out of E.L.Q.?

Skye: And you might even give A.J. another chance. Isn't that right?

Edward: I might consider it.

Skye: And, you know, you'd feel so much better if you would help me look for A.J.

Edward: Well, perhaps that can be arranged.

Ned: Okay. Why don't you just tell me what she's blackmailing you with and Iíll make it go away.

Edward: Ned, all I've ever wanted was to bring this family together.

Ned: Then it must be really bad.

Edward: Why aren't you at work? Both of you.

Ned: All right, do you want to tell me what's going on, or do I find out all on my own?

Skye: You could stay out of it.

Ned: Not a chance.

Skye: Wouldn't it be a shame if Alexis found out about that bimbo?

Ned: That's the best you can do?

Skye: Alexis knows?

Ned: Why don't you tell her? You can find out for yourself.

Skye: How many times have you been married, five? Either all of your exes were fools -- which is a distinct possibility -- or you've lost quite a bit of your charm since then. You're not a man Iíd like to share anything with.

Ned: Thank God for that.

Kristina: Why do you want us to leave?

Jax: Because Stefan just escaped and Alexis helped him.

Kristina: Are they all right?

Jax: Look, Alexis isn't thinking clearly. She's working closely with Sonny Corinthos, and Stefan could be anywhere.

Kristina: He would never hurt me.

Jax: Just get your things.

Kristina: Helena is the real danger, not Sonny or Stefan. Alexis told me that herself.

Jax: Well, her judgment is questionable these days, and I don't want you affected by that.

Kristina: She is my sister.

Jax: Let's go. Come on.

Kristina: Iím not going anywhere.

Alexis: A hypothetical wouldn't stand up in court.

Sonny: Do you need my help or not?

Alexis: Sure. Who should I bet on for the World Series?

Sonny: Iím not a gambling man.

Alexis: Right. Sorry. I forgot.

Sonny: You've asked for my help before. Why not now?

Alexis: Because there is a lot of other people involved that don't necessarily trust you.

Sonny: Yeah, but they can take care of themselves. I'll take care of you.

Alexis: And what if I ask you to leave it alone?

Sonny: Well, then you put me in a difficult position. You are my friend and I should honor what you request, but then again Iím selfish. So I care more about staying out of prison than your feelings. You are my lawyer. I need you alive and safe to do your job. It's in my best interest to protect you.

Alexis: You're not as self-centered as you pretend.

Sonny: Yes, yes, I am. I've gotten this far looking out for myself, taking care of the people that take care of me.

Alexis: You're right. You are self-centered. I stand corrected. What if I refuse?

Sonny: You canít. I mean, you can go ahead and say the words, but you canít stop me from putting guards on you and making sure you're safe. I wouldn't even have to tell you. I can just go along and pretend that Iím doing what you asked.

[Sonny chuckles]

Alexis: So you'd be lying to me?

Sonny: Well, Iím hell of a liar. I've spent a lot of time learning how, until one day my lies cost me somebody who -- who mattered to me. So now I just mostly tell the truth or keep my mouth shut. Which would you prefer?

Alexis: The truth. Always the truth. Even if I canít give it back to you.

Sonny: I accept there are things you canít tell me, and you have to accept it from me, right? So as long as -- as long as you don't lie to me, we'll be okay.

Alexis: Iím the one with ethics here. You're the one who's morally challenged.

Sonny: Yeah, but I pay well.

Alexis: True.

Sonny: Right.

Alexis: That's a good point. You're also an excellent friend.

Sonny: That's nice. Tell me what you need.

Alexis: Iím not sure that you can fix this.

Sonny: Do you want me to -- do you want Stefan to be underground? Do you want him to be in a safe house in town? I can -- I can -- I can keep your brother safe.

Alexis: I don't know that you can. I don't know that anyone can, given what he has to do. Iím afraid for him.

Stefan: You're looking well. Coffee? Scone? Transfusion?

Stavros: Hmm. One of the benefits of cryonic suspension is my younger brother is now older than me.

Stefan: And wiser.

[Stavros chuckles]

Stavros: Well -- so, how long have you known?

Stefan: What difference does it make? Isn't this extraordinary, the two of us sharing breakfast together? You know, Iím so eager to learn more information about what was on those disks.

Stavros: Oh, you have the disks.

Stefan: Our mother has been siphoning money off the estate for years. I assumed she gave it to her young men. God knows they deserve it.

[Stavros chuckles]

Stavros: True. Very true.

Stefan: But, alas, it was all for her darling Stavros.

Stavros: So, who else have you told?

Stefan: Who would believe me?

Stavros: Answer the question.

Stefan: Why should I?

Stavros: Since when did you become so sure of yourself?

Stefan: I've had 20 years to grow, to mature, while you were frozen, stunted. You know, astonishing progress has been made in the field of D.N.A.. research since the night you fell down those stairs and broke your neck. When the D.N.A.. came back a near match, everything made sense.

Stavros: Chloe fought very hard.

Stefan: Don't speak her name.

Stavros: She figured out who I was. Well, I couldn't let that get out.

Stefan: She was an innocent.

Stavros: She was going to warn you. I couldn't allow that to happen. So, in essence, this was really your fault, Stefan. You never did have any luck with women, did you?

Stefan: I did with Laura.

Luke: To us.

Luke: I wish we had some caviar.

Laura: Yeah.

Luke: When I look at you, I see every beautiful thing there ever was in the world. I never thought it was possible to love anyone so much.

Laura: I love you, too, Luke.

Laura: Are you still looking for disguises?

Luke: Iím-- hey. What do you think of this? Wait a minute, wait a minute. Hang on, hang on.

Luke: Good?

Laura: Yeah, very dashing.

Luke: Yeah.

[Luke hums "Fascination"]

["Fascination" plays]

Stefan: You know, you made life so easy for me and Laura on the island. Your rages, your abuse, and your drunken arrogance. You had no idea what was going on right in front of you.

Stavros: Laura never loved you. She felt sorry for you.

Stefan: We were in love. In love for a very long time. And we hated you. That is a bond we will always share.

Stavros: Laura left you for Luke.

Stefan: Laura gave me her first-born child -- your son. I raised your son, Stavros, as if he was my own. I taught Nikolas everything -- everything he knows. Because of me, he is fair-minded and strong.

Stavros: Well, that will soon change.

Stefan: Never.

[Stavros laughs]

Stavros: Soon I will reclaim my son.

Nikolas: Helena has a lab somewhere. That's why it's imperative she knows and/or believes that Iím real Cassadine. It's the only way to stop her.

Gia: It canít work.

Nikolas: Well, you know, she's trying to hurt the Spencers and God knows who else.

Gia: What can we do?

Nikolas: By tomorrow I will know exactly where the lab is and how Lucien Cain fits in.

Gia: Well, I want to help. I mean, you're a selfish, arrogant, spoiled prince of nothing, but I want in all the way.

Nikolas: You are not getting near this situation. It is way too dangerous.

Gia: You canít stops me from helping you.

Nikolas: You are impossible. You know that?

Gia: Turn the boat around.

Nikolas: So now you're giving me orders, right?

Gia: What's wrong, prince? You canít take it? Look, just pull up the anchor. You have to tell your granny that Elizabeth has taken her last swim.

Nikolas: You've got it, Princess Sparky.

Gia: And don't be fresh.

Nikolas: I wouldn't -- I wouldn't dream of it.

Gia: You know, things are not going back to the way they were.

Nikolas: I realize that. You've made that very clear.

Gia: And once we get off of this floating mausoleum, I will pretend to despise you.

Nikolas: Do you despise me?

Jax: Look, you canít stay in Port Charles.

Kristina: My family is here.

Jax: Well, I promised I would protect you.

Kristina: Look, I know that you feel terrible about Chloe, but you --

Jax: You still don't understand the danger.

Kristina: I do understand the danger.

Jax: Then come with me --

Kristina: Alexis made it clear --

Jax: Then come with me.

Kristina: I promised Alexis that I would never leave her, and I wonít. My family can finally be together again -- me and Alexis, Stefan, maybe even Nikolas.

Jax: That's just a dream.

Kristina: Look, Jax, I will be forever grateful to you for bringing me to Alexis. But you have to understand that I am not going to desert my sister.

Ned: Wh-- you and Alexis are sisters?

Alexis: I canít tell you because I made a pact with Stefan and Laura.

Sonny: Okay.

Alexis: What I can tell you is that the past doesn't always stay gone.

Sonny: Not always.

Alexis: And sometimes there are people that you dislike that just never go away.

Sonny: That's right.

Alexis: That's it. That's all I can tell you.

Sonny: You have security as of now.

Alexis: You don't have --

Sonny: You canít change the past, but whatever is coming is not going to get to you if I can help it.

Stefan: Do you honestly believe I will allow you to reclaim Nikolas? Whatever that means.

Stavros: You won't be able to stop me.

Stefan: You overestimate yourself, Stavros. You underestimate me. You always have.

Stavros: You don't have a chance against me.

Stefan: No? Come closer, big brother. Let me show you what I learned while you were sleeping. Come on. What's the matter? You're not afraid, are you?

Laura: Luke? Oh, my God, Luke. Are you all right?

Luke: Iím in a bad way.

Laura: No, no, you --

Luke: Aren't I?

Laura: Catch your breath. We're going to get through it.

Luke: I don't know, angel.

Laura: We always get through it, Luke. Always.

Luke: This is different. Iím-- Iím spinning apart. Oh. Where are we?

Laura: We're in Port Charles. We're in a warehouse down by the docks. It's 2001.

Luke: 2001? Are you sure?

Laura: Iím positive. We're hiding from Helena Cassadine.

Luke: Oh, Helena Cassadine. Yeah, I -- I have a painting of her.

Laura: Do you remember anything else?

Luke: I don't feel so good.

Laura: Luke -- Bobbie is going to bring you some medicine.

Luke: Where's your ring, sweetheart?

Laura: We don't have to talk about that right now.

Luke: Did you lose it?

Laura: No.

Luke: Did you pawn your ring?

Laura: No.

Luke: Oh, we're not that broke, are we?

Laura: No, we're fine. We're fine.

Luke: Laura, mine's gone, too.

Laura: Luke -- we're divorced.

Luke: We're what?

Laura: We split up. We're divorced.

Luke: How can that be? I still love you.


Alexis: You told him?

Kristina: I did.

Scott: What do you know that you're not telling me?

Stefan: I am now in control, and you are shackled to a chair.

Helena: Who else knows?

Luke: I want to go back. Canít we go back, Laura?

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