GH Transcript Wednesday 10/10/01


General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 10/10/01

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy


Sonny: We got to end this. We got to let it be over.

Helena: Did you miss your old friend? She's beautiful, isn't she?

Nikolas: You are not leaving until we work this out.

Laura: I've got to break you out of jail tonight.

Luke: Are you really a doctor?

Bobbie: Tell me where the lab is. We are running out of time.

Stavros: Luke Spencer is almost gone. You should be focusing on what's really important.


Carly: I got bacon for breakfast. Michael? Leticia --

Stavros: They're not here. They're at the park.

Carly: Mr. Cain --

Stavros: Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.

Carly: What are you doing in my house? 

Gia: Well, I hope we're heading back to shore because I'm out of here.

Nikolas: Gia, please. Okay, you're not going anywhere yet. Look, Elizabeth, the pickup boat will be here in a few minutes. They just made radio contact.

Elizabeth: Where are they taking me exactly?

Nikolas: Well, someplace that I hope Helena will not find you. It's a quiet island way off the map.

Elizabeth: My favorite kind.

Nikolas: Let's just hope that you won't be there too -- too long. I mean, Helena's seen what she wanted. You know, Lucky will be safe soon. The hard part's over.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, don't be so sure.

Nikolas: Come on, I thought you were the optimistic one here.

Gia: She's talking about me. 

Helena: Did you hear me, Lucky? Put the vial down slowly.

Helena: Oh. Very good. I must admit that display of courage was most touching. Perhaps you've picked up on your father's gene pool after all. You know, it's amazing how different children can be. Some turn out far better than you ever imagined, while others are a bitter disappointment. But you and I -- we have a mission to accomplish, don't we, Lucky? We need to discuss what you're going to do next. Do we understand each other?

Lucky: Take me out to the ballgame

Helena: Lucky? Lucky?

Lucky: Take me out to the crowd

Helena: Stop singing, Lucky. Stop singing and listen to me.

Lucky: Buy me some peanuts and crackerjack

Helena: Lucky, stop!

Lucky: I don't care if I ever get back

Helena: I want you to stop singing and listen to me, Lucky!

Lucky: 'Cause it's root root, root for the home team

Helena: No, this is childish!

Lucky: If they don't win it's a shame

Helena: Stop!

Lucky: Why? I haven't even got to the big grand finale yet.  For it's one, two three strikes you're out

Helena: Look what you did.

Lucky: At the old ball game 

Bobbie: No -- hey, no.

Luke: I got to keep moving.

Bobbie: No. No, Luke. You're not going anywhere, okay? Hey. Come and lie down, okay?

Luke: Barbara, don't try to stop me. Barbara, don't!

Bobbie: No, I know, I know, but you know what? You're sick. You're sick, and Tonyís working really hard right now on some medicine because he wants to help you, okay?

Luke: No, there's no time for that. Don't -- shh.

Bobbie: We got -- what? Okay. Okay. You know what? Come and rest. Come and rest because you're safe here. You're safe.

Luke: No, we're not.

Bobbie: Yes, we are.

Luke: Get down there, hide.

Bobbie: We are, we are.

Luke: Hide, get down.

Bobbie: Why?

Luke: Get down! He's coming! He's coming!

Bobbie: Okay. All right. All right, you know what? You're not alone. You're not alone, okay? A lot of people are working very hard to help you right now. You're not alone.

Luke: It doesn't matter. They can't help. Nobody can help, Barbara. Nobody can help. Nobody can help. 

Melissa: Officer, we're having a crisis here. There are no available ambulances. I don't know, maybe half an hour. Do you think you could bring the -- the victim over in a squad car? OK, um -- is he conscious? All right, loosen his clothing, elevate his legs, and get him here as fast as you can. OK.

Roy: Oh, I didn't just hear that.

Melissa: Do you think they bought it?

Roy: Melissa, on the bulletin board in Mac Scorpioís office is a list of suspects in Joseph Sorelís murder. Your name is on the top of the list.

Melissa: It's a long list. At least I'm in good company.

Roy: This is a lousy time for you to be getting involved in breaking Stefan Cassadine out of jail. 

Laura: Just relax, it'll be okay. Where is the ambulance? What is taking so long?

Officer: It's only been a couple of minutes.

Laura: Officer, this man is having a heart attack.

Officer: This man is a prisoner. Lady, he's under arrest for murder.

Laura: He is innocent until proven guilty and he is going to die unless you start treating him like a human being!

Alexis: What's going on?

Laura: Oh, Alexis, thank God you're here. I think Stefan is having a heart attack.

Alexis: Oh, my God.

Laura: We were just sitting here talking and all of a sudden he grabbed his chest and he started gasping for air.  Please, will you go check on the ambulance? Tell them that the family has a history of heart problems.

Jax: First I've heard of it. This man is a killer and a liar. Let me have a look at him.

Laura: No! No! Stay away from him! 

Roy: I don't want you involved in this. There's no reason. Why give Mac a chance to throw the book at you?

Melissa: Because too many people have already been hurt, and I just can't stand by and watch this anymore.

Roy: You just gave false information to a police officer. You intercepted a phone call from a police station. If you're busted, you can kiss your career good-bye.

Melissa: Roy, if what they're saying about Helena is true, God knows how many people are going to be hurt. I just think it's worth the risk to try to stop her.

Roy: Well, I -- I agree, but, Melissa, there's no reason it has to be you. I mean, why -- it wouldn't hurt you to put yourself first once in a while.

Melissa: And what about you? You know, this whole caper was your idea.

Roy: That's right, and I wouldn't have mentioned it to you if I thought you were going to jump into the middle of it like this.

Melissa: Yeah, but you already have a prison record. If this thing goes south and we get nailed, then you have to go to Pentonville and I have to come visit you. And I would rather keep you close. 

Laura: Did you hear me? I said stay away from him.

Jax: Is there a problem, Mrs. Spencer?

Laura: Yes! He needs medical attention.

Jax: Well, maybe I can help.

Laura: No, you canít. You're not a doctor. Officer, keep this man away from the prisoner. He is a threat.

Jax: Look, I trained as a lifeguard. The least I can do is take his pulse and see if he needs C.P.R.

Laura: No, you have attacked Stefan more than once because you think he is guilty of killing Chloe Morgan. I won't let you attack him again. Now please, get me an ambulance.

Alexis: Obviously, my brother is ill.

Laura: Is the ambulance here yet?

Officer Lowell: Some kind of crisis at GH. They can't get one here for half an hour at least.

Laura: Oh, for God's sake. He could die by then.

Jax: I doubt it.

Alexis: Will you show some respect? Your prisoner is not only my client, he's my brother, and if he dies on your watch, I will sue you back to the Stone Age. I will freeze your pension, I will cut off your medical, and see to it that you are all pushing brooms in city hall. And if you don't believe that I can do it, just try me.

Laura: Look, we can't wait any longer. Just throw him in a squad car, turn on the siren, and get him to emergency.

Officer Lowell: Let's do it.

Laura: Thank you.

Officer: Come on, Mr. Cassadine.

Alexis: I'll go with you.

Jax: I'll tag along. I'll make sure Mr. Cassadine gets the treatment he deserves. 

Gia: So here I am, the thorn in your side. I know the whole scam, and now you're wondering who will I tell. Will I wreck the whole deal?

Elizabeth: Nikolas and I have been working a long time to pull this off.

Gia: Without bothering to mention anything to me. For my own good, right?

Elizabeth: Yes, that was part of it.

Gia: How considerate are you?

Nikolas: Listen, Gia, just let --

Man on radio: Do you read? This is rendezvous. Come in.

Nikolas: I will -- I will be right back.

Elizabeth: With the best of intentions, you nearly blew the whole thing.

Gia: Excuse me? I was trying to save your life.

Elizabeth: I realize that's what you thought, but that's --

Gia: You know, not that you would've done the same for me.

Elizabeth: How do you do that? How do you make everything about you?

Gia: That's what happens when people who are supposed to trust you have been lying to your face for months.

Elizabeth: I told you Nikolas was going to have to put his brother first.

Gia: And, what, I was supposed to mind-read what that meant?

Elizabeth: I also told you there were bigger things at stake.

Gia: Right -- too big for little old me to comprehend, obviously.

Elizabeth: You said you could deal.

Gia: I could have if you'd been honest. But you and Nikolas chose not to tell me anything.

Elizabeth: And obviously, that was the right decision. You know, I didn't think you were right for Nikolas before. Well, I still don't think you're right for him now. 

Stavros: Your nanny -- Letisha, I believe her name is?

Carly: Leticia.

Stavros: Leticia -- she said that you were out, but that you'd be back shortly. I offered to wait outside, but she insisted, so --

Carly: Oh, did she?

Stavros: Yeah. She's a very nice woman. We had a lovely chat.

Carly: Look, Mr. Cain --

Stavros: It's all right. Obviously, I've come at a bad time.

Carly: Yeah, well, what isn't these days?

Stavros: Perhaps my visit can break the pattern.

Carly: I'm listening.

Stavros: So, um, you asked me about takeovers. I did a little research into Deception.

Carly: Really?

Stavros: Yes.

Carly: And?

Stavros: It turns out that your vision and savvy made the company what it is today.

Carly: That's very kind of you.

Stavros: It's the simple truth, except your husband exercised a betrayal clause, took your half of the company, gave it to your former partner, Ms. Laura --

Carly: Laura Spencer.

Stavros: Spencer, yes, that was it.

Carly: Yeah, and she could've done the right thing, but instead, she decided to double-cross me. End of story.

Stavros: Not necessarily.

Carly: Go on.

Stavros: Well, I think that I can help you deal with Ms. Spencer.

Carly: What's it going to cost me?

Stavros: I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

Carly: What's in it for you?

[Doorbell rings]

Carly: Excuse me.

Stavros: Yes, ma'am.

Carly: Sonny. Hi.

Sonny: Yeah, um -- I just want to talk to you, without the lawyers, just you and me.

Carly: Yeah, sure. About what?

Sonny: How we end this marriage without doing any more damage. Who's the guy?

Carly: Oh, him?

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: Oh, he's my white knight.

Sonny: White knight? What's that supposed to mean?

Carly: Oh, in business, a white knight is someone who saves a company from a hostile takeover.

Sonny: Yeah, I've heard the expression.

Carly: So what are you doing here? You're going to give me back my half of Deception?

Sonny: Carly, you know I can't do that.

Carly: Oh, well, then it seems that Mr. Cain here can do something that you can't -- or won't.

Sonny: Mr. Cain, can --

Stavros: Lucien, please.

Sonny: Lucien? Mr. Cain, what exactly is your agenda here?

Carly: Oh, that's none of your business.

Sonny: Whatever you guys are trying to cook up, it's not going to work with me, so --

Carly: You know, you got a hell of a nerve waltzing on in here, trying to run my life and at the same time trying to hustle me through a divorce.

Stavros: The lady does have a point.

Sonny: Stay out of it.

Stavros: I don't think I like your tone.

Sonny: I don't care what you think about my tone. Now, I'm going to ask you nicely to get out of here.

Stavros: I'd like to believe that my services are needed here. Carly, where were we? 

Gia: Reality check, Elizabeth. Nikolas does not love you. You know, the academy is going to have to come up with some whole new category for the acting job he did to sell your bogus romance.

Elizabeth: This is not about me trying to steal Nikolas from you. This is about me wanting the very best for him and for Lucky.

Gia: I see. So now you've decided that I'm not worthy of Nikolas?

Elizabeth: No, not with the way you're acting. Nikolas has been through hell trying to save his brother, and all you can care about are your hurt feelings?

Gia: So the fact that I got tossed around like a ping-pong ball -- it doesn't count for anything?

Elizabeth: He understands it was tough on you, but why can't you see it was absolute agony for him? He had to choose between breaking up with you or saving his brother.

Gia: Oh, come on. There had to be another way.

Elizabeth: To double-cross Helena when she has spies everywhere? And you can't resist getting in her face every five minutes. He wanted you out, Gia, because he wanted you safe. You have no idea how it tore his heart out to hurt you like that. You have no idea how much he loves you.

Gia: That's not the way you treat someone you supposedly love.

Elizabeth: It went against every instinct Nikolas has. It cost him so much in his soul to go through with this. But he had to make it believable or Helena would have caught on. And now he has to go back to his demented family and risk his life all over again. So listen up, Gia. If you do anything to ruin our plan, you'd better pray Helena gets to you before I do. 

Helena: Stop. Do we understand each other?

Lucky: Yes.

Helena: I think you should say you're sorry.

Lucky: I'm sorry.

Helena: And you will never disobey me again. Do we understand each other?

Lucky: Yes.

Helena: Now, that was very entertaining, those last few moments. But we have something more important, Lucky. Your father. 

Luke: Shh, shh, shh. Okay. You stay right here. Don't move until I come back to get you.

Bobbie: Luke, who are we hiding from?

Luke: The old man, Barbara. He's drunk. He's -- he's looking for us. Can't you hear him screaming?

Bobbie: Luke, listen to me, okay? Listen to me. Dad can't hurt us anymore.

Luke: No, I know. I know because I'm not going to let him. We're going to get out of here, baby sister. We're going to get out of here. I know, we'll go to the train station. We'll hop a freight train to Florida. Ruby will hide us.

Bobbie: Okay, now, look at me, all right, Luke? We're all grown up, okay? And we don't have to run away from Dad because Dad's gone. He's gone.

Luke: Oh. Yeah, I know. I know. Oh. Oh, God. Oh, God, Barbara, I wish everything was different. I'm so sorry about Mama. I wish I could bring her back.

Bobbie: I know. It's okay. It's okay.

Luke: I let her down. Barbara, I wasn't there for her.

Bobbie: You know what? You were 7 years old and you can't blame yourself.

Luke: No, and I sure as hell can do something now.

Bobbie: You did it. You did it. You know, you got me on that bus and you got me out of there safely. You were there.

Luke: Yeah. Yeah, I watched the whole thing happen, and then I went down the same road.

Bobbie: What are you saying?

Luke: Oh, I hate that bastard. I hate him! I swore I'd never be like him, and now look at me. The old man lives again. He's in me, Barbara. He's in me. I did a -- a bad thing. I did a terrible thing to a woman.

Bobbie: Once, a long time ago.

Luke: No, I hurt her and I kept on hurting her, Barbara. I wanted her to hate her own son. And I walked out and I drove her away. All she did was love me, and I punished her just like the old man punished Mama.

Bobbie: And she forgave you, Luke. Laura forgave you.

Luke: Why?

Bobbie: Because she loved you. She loved you and so she fought for you. And she's still fighting for you, Luke. And now you have to fight, too. 

Officer: Need some help here.

Alexis: We need a doctor. This man's having a heart attack.

Melissa: Put him in room two, please. I'll start an I.V. Would you order an EKG, please? Thank you. Just put him down on the table. You all right? Here you go. Easy. Thank you, Iíll take it from here. Thanks, guys. You can leave, please. Okay.

Laura: Careful. Luke has to have that antidote. You are my last hope.

Stefan: Laura, just get me out of here. I know what to do.

Laura: All right. Are you ready for the next step?

Melissa: Yeah.

Jax: All right, what's the game, Alexis?

Alexis: This isn't a game, Jax. It's an emergency, and they're in there trying to save his life.

Jax: You know, it's bad manners to lie to your ex-husband. Stefan Cassadine is no more having a heart attack than I am. I'm going in there.

Alexis: Don't let him in. He's a threat to the patient.

Jax: The patient, as you call him, happens to be a murderer who's faking a heart attack. I'd like to ask him why.

Alexis: What are you going to do, break his neck?

Jax: Fine, then let me speak with a nurse.

Alexis: Jax, can you leave it alone?

Jax: No -- not only for Chloe's sake but for yours, as well. You don't need this kind of trouble, Alexis.

Roy: Dude, it's time for you to make up your damn mind.

Jax: What do you want?

Roy: Don't play innocent with me. I'm talking about you and Melissa. I saw the little box of chocolates you sent her. Who do you think is answering the phone late at night when you call and hang up?

Jax: Okay, this isn't going to work.

Roy: It's easy, isn't it, to go behind my back? I get that. It's a little tougher when it's face to face. Now, you tell me -- you love her?

Jax: I don't even know who you're talking about.

Roy: You hear that?

Melissa: What are you talking about? I told you nothing is going on. Sorry.

Roy: You going to let her explain this to me? You're not man enough to, like, stand here and deal with me face to face?

Melissa: Roy, please.

Roy: One-on-one?

Melissa: This is embarrassing. You remember what happened last time?

Roy: You mean that lying jerk in Chicago? I should have dropped that guy when I had the chance.

Melissa: Well, it was 12 floors up, so it's a good --

Roy: Well, I'm not talking about him right now, I'm talking about you!

Jax: Whoa, whoa! Easy!

Roy: You do remind me of him.

Melissa: Can I get a hand over here, please?

Jax: Get this guy off me.

Officer: Calm down, buddy.

Roy: This is between him and me. Can you give us a little space? Man, you guys are --

Melissa: This is too much. 

Sonny: Lucien, you got 10 seconds to get out of here.

Stavros: Or what?

Carly: Okay, you know what? Lucien, we -- we can discuss this later. My -- Sonny and I have some personal matters to discuss.

Stavros: Under the circumstances, I'm not sure I'm comfortable leaving you alone with him.

Carly: He's my husband.

Stavros: Soon-to-be ex-husband, if I heard correctly.

Carly: I'll be fine.

Stavros: A man who could leave a woman like you -- I don't like it.

Sonny: How would you like if I stuffed my fist down your throat, man.

Carly: Okay, you know, Lucien, I will talk to you later, okay? Please.

Stavros: Of course. How could I refuse a beautiful woman like you -- who is soon to be my partner. Please, call me if you need anything.

Sonny: What was that?

Carly: He is a venture capitalist. He's a man of substance. He's going to help me.

Sonny: You ever been to his offices?

Carly: No. Why?

Sonny: No? Have you talked to anybody who has worked with him?

Carly: No.

Sonny: No?

Carly: Uh-uh.

Sonny: Where did you meet him?

Carly: In the park. He hit on me.

Sonny: Oh, he hit on you.

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: He's a con. You can see that a mile away. Let me see his --

Carly: No.

Sonny: You are smarter than this. What's really going on here?

Carly: You know what?

Sonny: Hmm?

Carly: You can discuss the terms of our divorce, but you have no right to ask who I am seeing, who I'm working with, or who I'm sleeping with.

Sonny: Wait, wait, wait. Don't -- okay, sorry. Go ahead.

Carly: Oh, you're wondering, huh, if I've slept with him?

Sonny: Nope.

Carly: Or if I just want to. You're wondering if you've pushed me that far.

Sonny: Sign the papers, and we can be done with this. All right? Hmm?

Carly: Hmm. 

Nikolas: Sonny's boat will be alongside in a few minutes, so are you ready?

Elizabeth: I think so.

Gia: Bon voyage.

Nikolas: All right, well, let's do it.

Elizabeth: Actually, I -- Nikolas, you've done so much already, but I do have one more favor to ask.

Nikolas: Yeah, sure, anything.

Elizabeth: I want to write Lucky a letter. Will you give it to him when you think it's safe?

Nikolas: Absolutely. Here.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Nikolas: You bet.

Elizabeth's voice: "My dearest Lucky -- by the time you read this, the danger will be over, and Nikolas has decided it's safe. But I need to tell you, Lucky, I love you. No matter how far or how long we're apart, that won't change. Leaving you now was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but it was to protect you and save you. When this is all over, Iíll come back for you and make you understand. I'll make you remember how we loved each other. And then I will cherish each precious moment that we have together."

Elizabeth: Okay. I'm ready. 

Nikolas: Ahem.

Gia: I trust Elizabeth made her escape without falling overboard.

Nikolas: She got away safely, yes.

Gia: Hmm. Mission accomplished. Well, it's time to get back to dry land. So how come it feels like we're barely moving?

Nikolas: Because I cut the engines and dropped anchor.

Gia: So what's next, you going to throw me overboard?

Nikolas: Gia, listen to me.

Gia: No, I mean, it could happen. I could leave here and spill the beans to someone and just wreck your whole plan.

Nikolas: Look, I just -- I just want you to know how much I love you, that's all.

Gia: Okay, either pull up the anchor or get this tin can back to shore or Iíll swim.

Nikolas: God, Gia, please, okay, don't do this.

Gia: What? If you want to say something, make a date; don't strand me out in the middle of the lake at a party you didn't invite me to. It's not good manners, all right? It's -- it's --

Nikolas: It's the act of a desperate man. A man who is dying inside without the woman he loves. A man who will do anything to get her back. 

Luke: Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put humpyís brain back together again

Bobbie: It'll come back, Luke. We'll just keep trying until it does.

Luke: I only know one thing, and that's that the thing I feared the most, the one person I didn't want to be, I've become -- my father.

Bobbie: You are nothing like our father. You're your own man, Luke. You may not be perfect and maybe you have made your share of mistakes and maybe there have been times when I have personally wanted to strangle you --

Luke: I'm the guy you love to hate.

Bobbie: I owe everything to you. I wish to God there were more people in my life like you. You may make a mistake, but you pick up and you carry on and you play the hand that you're dealt. You're my hero, Luke. You embrace each day as if it were your last. And you have a big heart. You fight for the people you love.

Luke: You got me confused with somebody else.

Bobbie: No, no, no. Not a chance.

Luke: Oh, Barbara.

Bobbie: Remember the love, Luke, because you can fight for love just as strongly as you can fight for hate. And we're going to fight for love. You hear me?

Luke: Loud and clear, baby sister. I'm real tired now. It'd be nice to see ruby. Wake me up when we get to Florida, will you?

Bobbie: You bet. 

Melissa: I've told you -- stop -- there's nobody else, nobody, only you. This is all something you're just creating in your imagination.

Roy: Sure, sure. I want to believe you. I'm just not sure I do, that's it.

Melissa: Of course you believe me. Now, come on. Just shake it off, go back to work and --

Mac: Where's Stefan Cassadine? I got a call he was brought in.

Officer: We just brought him in here.

Melissa: Mac, he was having cardiac problems, so these two gentlemen were kind enough to bring him over, and I was in the middle of treating him when I was interrupted.

Mac: So where is he?

Melissa: He was having dangerously low blood pressure, so I hooked him up to an IV. And then I was ordering --

Mac: May I see him, please?

Melissa: Sure. Come on. Excuse me. Oh, my God, he's gone. Did you see this patient coming in or out?

Mac: Great! Cassadine's missing. Seal off the floor right now.

Officer: Let's go.

Mac: Don't go anywhere. You, either.

[Roy sighs]

Laura: Thank you.

Roy: Don't thank us yet. 

Jax: You're not bad for a guy who's having a heart attack.

Stefan: Let me go. You don't know what you're doing!

Jax: You know, Mac Scorpioís really going to enjoy tacking escaping from custody onto your sentence. Not that it will make much difference. You'll already be serving life for killing Chloe.

Stefan: I did not kill Chloe. I know who did. You're keeping me from getting to him.

Jax: Yeah. It's amusing chatting with you, Cassadine, but I ought to do my civic duty and turn you over to the police. I'm sure they're already looking for you.

Alexis: Jax, you're not going to take him anywhere. You are going to let him go. 

Nikolas: I know you're mad. Okay, fine, way past mad. I understand. You were left out of something big and incredibly important. But I -- I can't apologize for what I did because I felt it was something I had to do to save my brother's life, and I know deep down inside you understand that. Gia, I have hated myself every day for hurting you and deceiving you the way I have. And words can't even describe how it made me feel when the whole time all I wanted to do was take you in my arms again and tell you that the game was over. And find the way to show you my true feelings again, Gia. Please, you have to -- you have to hear me. My heart aches without you. Gia, please look at me. I need you. I do. You complete me. 

Bobbie: Hey, Luke?  Luke?  Luke? Luke! Luke! 

Mac: So you were with Stefan when he had this heart attack?

Laura: Yeah. I saw a man in agony, and I reacted the only way I knew how. I tried to get him some help.

Mac: Threatening and browbeating police officers in the process. You know, I'd never expect you to take such good care of that guy, Laura.

Laura: Well, you know how I feel about the Cassadines. I mean, why would you ever think that I would try to break one of them out of jail?

Mac: You did visit him four times when he was in jail.

Laura: Well, there's a reason for that. Stefan was trying to drag my son Nikolas back into that horrible family, and, you know, at least in jail I had sort of a captive audience. And I went there to let him know how I felt about it.

Mac: You got an answer for everything, don't you?

Officer: Commissioner?

Mac: Coming. I hope your ambulance fleet is at full strength real soon. We're not done here.

Roy: Whoa. You think they bought it?

Melissa: I know I did. Gee, I haven't had a guy fight over me like that since -- never.

Roy: Let's get out of here.

Luke: Hi, Darling. Did you forget we have a date? 

Helena: You've seen your father, haven't you, Lucky?

Lucky: Yes.

Helena: How is he feeling?

Lucky: It's pretty crazy. Doesn't make any sense.

Helena: Poor Luke. I'm afraid you may be right. Did he say anything about me?

Lucky: I couldn't figure anything out, what he was saying. He did keep mentioning frank smith.

Helena: Excellent, Lucky. You've done a very good job.

Stavros: Spencer Jr. still alive.

Helena: Stavros, it turns out that Lucky can still be of great use to me.

Stavros: Mother, couldn't you find a more satisfying plaything?

Helena: Lucky has a much more important destiny to fulfill. But not today. You may leave, Lucky, but you must forget everything that happened here. I will call you when I have another fun adventure for you. Do we understand each other?

Lucky: Yes.

Helena: You have news?

Man: I do.

Helena: Well, don't keep me in suspense.

Man: Stefan was taken to the hospital after suffering what appeared to be a heart attack.

Stavros: Oh, such a pity.

Man: Then at the hospital, he escaped.

Helena: What? 

Jax: No way is he walking.

Alexis: Jax, I know that you're positive that he killed Chloe. I'm telling you, I'm positive that he didn't.

Jax: How?

Alexis: For God's sake, could you just trust me.

Jax: Not with this. Your judgment is off when it comes to Stefan.

Alexis: Please.

Sonny: Alexis? Mr. Jacks giving you problems again?

Jax: Hey, stay out of this, Corinthos. This isn't your fight.

Alexis: Jax, there are things going on that you don't know about. If you have ever cared about me, if you ever trusted me, I am begging you to let him go.

Sonny: Come on, Jax. Just do it.

Jax: You're making a big mistake.

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Jax: Trusting Corinthos? Now I'm concerned about you.

Helena: Find Luke Spencer.

Luke: Nobody knows where I am, baby.

Stefan: I'm here, Stavros. Come and get me.

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