GH Transcript Tuesday 10/9/01


General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 10/9/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Edward: Why did you really come back?

Skye: Careful, Grandfather.

Carly: I'm fighting for my family -- for you, for me, and Michael.

Lucky: You're not going to get anything out of me ever again.

Bobbie: I need to find the lab. We all do.

Elizabeth: It worked. 


Carly: Thanks for coming over so fast. Hey, Michael, you see? Uncle Sonny is right here.

Sonny: Hey, buddy. Mama said you had a bad dream?

Carly: Yep. We've been waiting --

Sonny: All right.

Carly: Because we knew that Uncle Sonny would be coming right over. Right, Michael?

Sonny: Yeah? Do you remember what the dream was about?

Michael: You left.

Sonny: Oh, well, you know, now I know why you woke up. Nobody likes to be left. But it's just a dream, okay? And I'm here. I'll always be with you.

Michael: You said you were never coming back.

Carly: Oh, Michael, honey, it wasn't real. Uncle Sonny would never leave you. Neither would I. We love you, honey.

Sonny: This is a bad dream, okay? And they -- they never come true. They're just about things that you're afraid could happen. I know that you're scared that I'm not living with you and your Mother. But we're family, right?

Michael: I love you, Uncle Sonny.

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: I love you, too, kid. We both do.

Carly: That's right. We both do.

A.J.: "I hereby relinquish all rights --" Like hell. Thank God it's you. Come on, you got to get me out of here, man.

Gia: Elizabeth, you're alive?

Nikolas: Thank God you're all right.

Gia: Get away from her. Just get your hands off of her.

Nikolas: Gia, you don't understand.

Gia: He poisoned you. Go to the hospital. Get your stomach --

Nikolas: I was not trying to kill Elizabeth. It was a setup.

Gia: Will you stop lying?

Elizabeth: Gia, I took the drug on purpose to make me look dead. Nikolas and I planned the whole thing, and you are messing it up. He was trying to save my life, just like he's been trying to save Lucky.

Lucky: Where's your power now, Helena? Whatever evil spell you put on Nikolas isn't going to work on me. In fact, without your little Ice Princess, you're just a frail, helpless woman with no defense that I can see.

Helena: Stay back. Do we understand each other, Lucky? That's better. Now, drop your hand to your side and tell me who's in power here.

Lucky: You are. Not for long! Just kidding. You're really no match for me, you know that, Helena? Now, you're going to give me the cure to my father.

Helena: If you insist.

Lucky: Oh, I do. That's definitely more like it.

Luke: Hey, back off, back off. Barbara, we don't need help from strangers.

Bobbie: Okay. It's all right. Try to relax.

Tony: All done, actually.

Luke: Good. You get out of here. I need rest and relaxation.

Tony: His pressure's dangerously low, the fever's rising, and his muscle control is progressively weakening.

Bobbie: Give him the antidote.

Tony: It's not the cure, though. It's just my best guess. I have no way of knowing that it's not going to make him worse.

Bobbie: Tony, he's getting sicker by the minute. The antidote is all we've got.

Tony: It's your call.

Luke: Hey, no, no. No, no more needles. Tony, I ain't taking any more shots, you got that? Barbara, it's a bad trip. Don't take it.

Bobbie: Luke, that's good. That's really good.

Luke: What?

Bobbie: Because you are in the present.

Tony: Luke, Helena --

Bobbie: Will you tell me what happened to you?

Tony: Helena gave you something that made you sick. This is going to make you better.

Luke: No, no. I'm not taking it! No way!

Bobbie: Hey. Hey, look at me. It's me. It's me. It's Barbara Jean. You know I'd never do anything to hurt you, don't you?

Luke: Hey. Hey, baby sister. Where's Mom? Is she feeling any better? Who's this?

Bobbie: Luke, you're -- you're thinking about when we were kids, but we're not -- we're not children anymore.

Luke: He's got a needle, Barbara. Don't let him stick you. Who is this guy, anyway? Huh? Who is he?

Bobbie: He's a doctor.

Luke: A doctor?

Bobbie: He's a doctor, and he's going to help us.

Luke: No.

Bobbie: Hey, remember when we were kids and I had to take my polio vaccine and I was really scared and I didn't want to take it, and you bribed me to stand strong and take it? Do you remember what you bribed me with?

Luke: Yeah.

Bobbie: Yeah?

Luke: White go-go boots.

Bobbie: That's right. I was just a little kid, and I wanted to look so grown-up. And that's what I really wanted. So tell me something -- what do you really want? What can I bribe you with so that you'll take your shot?

Luke: I want that necklace that Mom always stops and looks at in the window of the jewelry store.

Bobbie: I know the one. The gold one. It's got flowers all around it.

Luke: Yeah. She -- she loves it. She never gets anything nice. I got to find a way to get it for her.

Bobbie: Well, you know what? We'll go and we'll get it for her as soon as you take your shot.

Luke: No, I don't -- no, no, not from him. No way.

Bobbie: Hey, hey, you know what? I'm a nurse now.

Luke: Huh?

Bobbie: I could give you the shot.

Luke: Okay.

Bobbie: Okay.

Luke: If that's the only way.

Bobbie: Yeah. I'll give you the shot. Oh, please, God. Please let this make my brother well.

Skye: Now that you've written A.J. off, tell me, Grandfather, how's it going to feel when the family treats you exactly the same way?

Edward: That's impossible.

Skye: Not when I tell them about your whereabouts the night of Sorel's murder.

Edward: Go ahead. By all means, spin some transparent piece of fiction that has no resemblance to the truth.

Skye: Oh, Grandfather. I don't need to create anything. The facts themselves are enough to arouse suspicion. You know, I especially loved that spiffy blue convertible you were driving that night.

Edward: I have no idea what you're referring to.

Skye: Oh, you looked so dapper that night. That blue matched your eyes exactly. Tell me -- was that car weekend rental, or was it your latest acquisition, hmm?

Edward: You're bluffing, young lady.

Alan: Bluffing about what?

Tony: You know, his pulse is stronger.

Bobbie: Well, is it possible for the antidote to work that fast?

Tony: I wouldn't get my hopes up.

Luke: Mama? Mama?

Bobbie: Hey, hey. Luke, how do you feel?

Luke: Barbara, run across the hall to the Hopkins'. Tell them Mama's sick. Ask if you can use the phone. Call a doctor.

Bobbie: No, you know what?

Luke: Go!

Bobbie: Mama's not here. Mama's not here. Mama's been gone a long time. Luke, you're the one who's sick. Do you remember anything? Do you remember -- do you remember something about a laboratory where somebody gave you something?

Luke: Somebody named Lucky.

Gia: You never intended for Elizabeth to die?

Nikolas: No, I only made it look that way to prove myself to Helena.

Gia: So I went crazy, I turned myself inside out to try to stop what I thought was a murder? I even went to Lucky and --

Elizabeth: That's why he showed up here. Have you seen him? Is he okay?

Nikolas: Elizabeth, Elizabeth, relax, okay? Lucky was here a while ago. He's fine. All right? All we need to do is get you some water and try and wash that drug out of your system. Okay?

Elizabeth: Okay.

Nikolas: Here.

Gia: I did everything I could to try to stop you, and it wasn't real? I even offered myself to you, and you turned me down.

Nikolas: I lied so you could be safe. And I hated it, Gia. All I wanted to do was take you in my arms and tell you I was still the person you love. But I couldn't put you in that kind of danger, and I can't stop until Lucky is safe, so the only thing I could have done was to keep you out of it.

Gia: Then it was all fake, from the moment you kicked Elizabeth and Lucky out of the cottage.

Nikolas: That's right. It was all fake.

Skye: Oh, I've just blown Grandfather's cover, and he knows it. I must say, I am a little disappointed, though. You're not nearly as smooth as I thought.

Alan: Come on, Skye, get to the point.

Edward: There is no point.

Skye: Oh, but there is. Grandfather's always pontificating about the good of the family. But, you see, the secret is that some family members are more precious than others. A.J. only counts when he does want you want him to do, and, well, I have no value because I'm human enough to make mistakes. But haven't you made mistakes, Grandfather, and recently? Maybe you'd better sleep on that.

Edward: Perhaps I will. Anything to get away from you. Good night.

Alan: You managed to turn Father around in less than an hour. I am very impressed.

Skye: Call it shameless manipulation. You're not going to yell at me for that, are you?

Alan: No, I'm going to let this one slide.

Skye: Well, good. I'm glad. Because I don't want to fight with you tonight. I want you to help me get A.J. back.

Alan: You love your brother, don't you?

Skye: A.J. is a stinker, a liar, and a manipulator, but, yeah, I love him.

Carly: Ooh, okay. Are you all full?

Sonny: I bet you can go to sleep now with no dreams at all.

Leticia: Is Michael ready for bed?

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah, Mike, are you ready to go? You want Leticia to take you up, or do you want me to carry you?

Michael: No, I'm not a baby.

Carly: Oh.

Sonny: Oh!

Carly: Okay. Well, give me a hug.

Sonny: Excuse me.

Carly: Oh, I love you. All right, Mr. Man, go on up there.

Sonny: See you, buddy.

Carly: Oh, thank you. Oh, someone is feeling better, yes.

Leticia: Come on, you. Good night.

Sonny and Carly: Good night.

Sonny: Good night, buddy.

Michael: Good night.

Carly: Good night.

Sonny: Thanks for calling.

Carly: Yeah, I tried to handle it myself, but he was just so upset that I --

Sonny: No, no, you know, you did the right thing. Michael needs to know that I'll be here, you know, if -- whenever you -- whenever he needs me.

Carly: He loves you, you know.

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: As much as any little boy ever loved his father. That's what you are to him, no matter what he calls you.

Sonny: What you did -- what you did this afternoon wasn't cool. I mean, you did everything to make me mad, and I was, and that made it really hard to come over here. But I was thinking that, you know, I don't want Michael to have to suffer because of what's going on between us. And he -- he needs to know I would never abandon him. Your father is supposed to love you not because you're the best. He's supposed to love you because you're you. And that's what I want with Michael. He's got to know that he doesn't have to earn my love, you know, because it already belongs to him. I want him to be able to trust that completely. Do you know what I mean?

Carly: He does. Look, he knows it. You've proved it to him again, just tonight. Sonny, even though you're filing for divorce, our love -- it keeps pulling us all back together.

Sonny: No matter what happens, Michael -- he needs to know we love him.

Carly: Yeah. But it's more than that. I love you, Sonny, with all of my heart. And no matter what you say, you love me.

A.J.: Come on; let's get out of here before Donny's goons get back.

Zander: Guards are outside, man. The only way you're leaving is if you sign this thing.

A.J.: Are you in on this?

Zander: No. I lied to get in. I thought I could help.

A.J.: You can. Soon as you get out of here, you call the cops and get a hold of my family.

Zander: I won't turn against Sonny.

A.J.: Man, if you don't help me, you're just as guilty as Sonny!

Zander: Hey, listen, Sonny's already covered his tracks, okay? The Quartermaines already got a visit from a concerned bartender saying that you went on a drinking binge and gave them back your keys. It's all set up for you to have a drunk driving accident.

A.J.: Listen, he won't kill me. No way.

Zander: He doesn't want to. Okay? That's why he's trying to do this. Sonny knows that someday that Michael's going to ask about you. Okay? He wants to be able to tell the kid that his biological father gave him up because he would be happier with his mother.

A.J.: Oh, come on! You're not buying this man of honor crap!

Zander: All I know is that Sonny keeps his word, and he promised Carly that you would never get Michael. Okay, I'm not even supposed to know this, okay? I just happened to overhear a conversation. Now, the only way that you're going to leave is if you sign.

Nikolas: It tore me up to hurt you, Gia, but it was the only way that I could win Helena's trust and to stop whatever she was doing to Lucky and everyone else.

Gia: So moving on this yacht?

Nikolas: It was part of the plan.

Gia: Turning on Laura?

Nikolas: An act. My Mother knows everything.

Gia: Well, Lucky doesn't.

Elizabeth: He thinks it's all real. We couldn't risk telling him because we didn't want Helena to find out the truth.

Gia: What about the time when Luke punched you at The Grill?

Nikolas: It was a setup.

Gia: And what about your instant love affair with Elizabeth?

Nikolas: Part of the act.

Gia: Breaking up with me?

Nikolas: I had to, Gia. Helena demanded that I give you up.

Gia: And falling out of love with me?

Nikolas: That never happened. I have never stopped loving you, and I never will. And I've been living for the day that I could tell you the truth and make you understand. I love you, Gia. Tell me you still love me.

Nikolas: I love you, Gia. Please believe that.

Gia: Don't touch me. You ripped my heart out.

Elizabeth: He did it for Lucky. What part of that don't you understand?

Gia: Oh, easy for you to say. You're not the one Nikolas lied to. You're not the one he hurt, deliberately, over and over. The day you dumped me, the night you declared your -- your love for Elizabeth, the day you almost kissed me at the auction, and the day you did kiss me on the docks after Chloe died, I saw the pain in your eyes, so I reached out to you. And how did you respond? You treated me like a piece of meat.

Nikolas: And I hated all of it. Okay? But I did what I had to do to stop Helena and for my brother.

Gia: How many times did you look into my eyes and see that I was dying inside? Huh? How many times did you decide that my pain didn't matter?

Nikolas: I was hurting, too. And it killed me to keep you at a distance. But I made myself -- and I almost caved so many times, Gia, but I made myself stick to the plan.

Gia: Oh, the plan that you shared with Elizabeth and your mother and Luke, of all people. Who else knows about this? The maitre d' at the Port Charles Grill? The guy at the newsstand over on Church Street? Elton, maybe? How about Stefan? Is that --

Nikolas: Stefan doesn't know anything, okay?

Gia: You know, I feel -- I feel so much better. You know, on a scale of people who matter, I rank with the uncle who pretended to be dead.

Elizabeth: Do you think any of this was easy for Nikolas? He's been breaking his own heart to try to save his brother.

Gia: And you helped him do it. You must have loved your little conspiracy, you and Nikolas against the world. Who cares about the clueless girlfriend? Just let her lose her mind.

Elizabeth: Are you going to listen to --

Nikolas: You have every right to be angry! Okay? But do you think that we lied to you for fun?

Gia: You didn't lie, period. You were telling the truth when you said that you don't love me. You have no clue what love is. Otherwise, you would have trusted me!

Elizabeth: Can we deal with this later, after we've located the boat Sonny sent, please?

Gia: Excuse me? The local gangster is in on this, and you didn't tell me?

Nikolas: Yes, he is. We needed Sonny's help to get Elizabeth away. All right? We're meeting one of Sonny's boats so that we can smuggle her out of the country.

Gia: Well, enjoy your cruise.

Nikolas: My God, this is important, Gia. Elizabeth's life is on the line here! If anyone finds out that she did not die tonight --

Gia: Yet another reason that you should have told me what the hell was going on. I wouldn't have been running all around town.

Mac: We got a call about a crime in progress.

Officer: From a Ms. Gia Campbell.

Mac: What's this about a murder?

Lucky: You know, if I drop this vial, you're going to need the antidote just as much as my father does. So I suggest you hand it over right now. My arm is getting awfully tired.

Helena: Patience, Lucky. Now, I -- I have it right here. Remember this?

Luke: Will -- will you come and see my mom? She's real sick and -- and she was saying that her side hurt, and then -- and then she just -- she passed out. I can't wake her up. Doctor, can you come and see her, please, Sir? Please? Please?

Bobbie: His pressure's dropping.

Tony: It means the antidote stopped working.

Bobbie: Give him another shot.

Luke: No, I don't need a shot. I don't need anything. It's Mom -- you have to go see Mom. Go and see Mom.

Tony: Even if I had the right formula, it's too soon. It's too risky to give him a shot again right now. I'm going to have to go back to the hospital. I want you to stay here, all right? Take care of him and --

Bobbie: Okay. Okay. Hurry. Hurry.

Tony: All right.

Luke: Hey, no! Where are you going? Hey! Where's he going? Why won't he help us?

Bobbie: You know what? He's trying. He's trying.

Luke: No, no. Tell him -- tell him I'll give him anything he wants, any kind of money. I'll get it. I'll get whatever --

Bobbie: Luke, listen to me. Listen to me, okay? Now, you have to stay here with me.

Luke: Barbara, please. Try to understand -- this is bad. If Mom doesn't see a doctor, she's going to die.

Bobbie: Luke, wait!

Luke: For what? The old man? He doesn't care! We have to save her, Barbara! You and me -- we have to do it! See if you can wake her up. Just call to her. Tell her you need her. Tell her not to leave us. She'll listen to you, Barbara. You're her baby. She'll listen to you.

Bobbie: Luke, listen to me. Mom wants us to be together. Do you remember that? That's why we had to leave Port Charles -- so the child welfare people wouldn't split us up.

Luke: They're not going to split us up. I won't let them. I swear to you they won't split us up.

Bobbie: Okay, I know. I know that.

Luke: We'll go to Aunt Ruby.

Bobbie: Hey, you know what? We made it as far as the boardwalk. And pretty soon, we are going to be with Aunt Ruby in Jacksonville.

Luke: We just need some -- some money for bus fare.

Bobbie: Okay. All right. But you know what? I am so tired. I am really tired, and I need to rest. So will you stay with me?

Luke: No, no --

Bobbie: Stay with me --

Luke: Barbara, we can't rest now! We have to -- we have to get some money and get on a -- get on a bus. Do you think you can sing for the suckers? You know, like you did in Atlantic City that time? You can do it, just sing a little song. Come on, Barbara. They'll think you're so cute. They won't even notice me lifting their wallets.

Bobbie: You know what, Luke? I -- I will in a little while.

Luke: No, no, no -- now! Now, now! You have to do it now. Please. Now, sing. Sing a song. You can do it, come on. Sing a little song. Go ahead.

Bobbie: Baa, baa black sheep have you any wool?

Luke: Yeah, that's it.

Bobbie: Yes, sir yes, sir three bags full

Luke: That's good.

Bobbie: One for my master

Luke: It's working, Barbara. I got five bucks.

Bobbie: One for my dame one for the little boy who cries in the lane

Luke: Hey, I just palmed a 20.

Bobbie: Baa, baa black sheep have you any wool?

Luke: We're really good at this, little sister. We're really good.

Bobbie: Yes, sir yes, sir three bags full

Luke: Florida, here we come.

Bobbie: Baa, baa black sheep have you any wool?

Luke: Here we come, Florida.

Skye: A.J. was determined to get his son back. All he could talk about was getting him home and taking him to school, teaching him to read, teaching him how to ride a bike.

Alan: How old were you when you learned to read?

Skye: Excuse me?

Alan: It just struck me that I don't know. I don't know how old you were when you learned to walk or if you liked the first day of school. You see, that's why I sympathize so much with A.J. -- because I missed so much of your life.

Skye: Since you're interested, I -- I learned to read when I was 5. I had a nanny who taught me.

Alan: I wish I had taught you.

Skye: Me, too. You're probably right. A.J. probably is off on a bender. I guess I don't want to believe it because I know that Sonny and Carly will use his relapse against him to keep Michael away from him. But most of all, I hate the thought of A.J. out there, alone and desperate, thinking that we don't care.

Carly: You never said you didn't love me -- not when you threw me out or brought over the divorce papers. You can't even say it now.

Sonny: Even if I did say it, you wouldn't listen.

Carly: No, you wouldn't mean it.

Sonny: Well, I say things, you know, that I do mean, and you still don't listen sometimes. You like to fight me, Carly, and, you know, I -- I like it, too, when it's fun, when it's, you know, about what color to upholster the couch. But I don't -- I don't like hurting you. I don't like using the things you hate about yourself to make you hate me.

Carly: Then don't.

Sonny: Okay.

Carly: Okay? Because it doesn't work anyway. I am never going to hate you, Sonny. And even if I want to or feel like I do, don't you know I'm always going to love you even more?

Sonny: Love is not enough. You want it to be. You think it's going to change everything, but it can't make up for the things that are missing. Do you know sometimes I am screaming at you? Your eyes are full of tears, and I'm, like, outside myself going, "don't say it, don't do it, don't -- don't hurt her again. Don't say the words that you know are going to wreck her." So I pull back, right?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: But then, you know, you're in my face, you know, and you want to fight, so I fight, too, but not for fun -- for maximum damage, to get you to go away. And then when you do, when the door closes behind you, I pray that you don't come back because I never want to do that to you again.

Carly: Don't you know that every time I walk out that door, I feel you right behind me and I want to say I'm sorry? And you know what? It's not -- it's not for what we were fighting about. I'm sorry for the way that we treat each other.

Sonny: Well, that's why we got to stop this. We got to end this. We got to let it be over.

Carly: No.

Sonny: Why?

Carly: It's not over. It's not over. I can see it in your eyes. Look, you don't want to divorce me. You don't. You don't want to even go tonight. Do you? Hmm? You want to take me to bed. That's where we ended all our fights. You remember? That's where all the anger just -- just slipped away.

Sonny: Uh-uh. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. We cannot -- Okay. Tell Michael I'll come back in the morning.

Carly: You don't want to go.

A.J.: I don't give a damn about Sonny. He's not Michael's father, I am.

Zander: A.J., you already lost the kid. Okay? Sign the papers and at least you can save your own life. Okay? But you better --

Johnny: Mr. Corinthos just called. He was disappointed to learn you were here against his instructions.

Man: He said to tell you he expected better.

Zander: Look, I can explain.

Johnny: Then you'd better get going.

Zander: Sign the papers, A.J. ,okay? It's going to be better for everybody.

Johnny: Mr. Corinthos asked me to convey his respects. He understands now there's nothing he can do to persuade you to sign the papers.

A.J.: So now what? Hmm? Does he let me go?

Man: You must be hungry. Can we get you anything --

A.J.: I don't want any food! I want out.

Johnny: Don't worry. It'll be over soon.

A.J.: What's that supposed to mean?

Johnny: Must get boring in here.

Man: Yeah.

Johnny: We brought you something to read.

A.J.: All right, he's just trying to scare you. It's a bluff. Huh? What's next, a fake obituary?

Johnny: Compliments of Mr. Corinthos. He says to drink to your health.

Sonny: Thanks, Johnny.

Johnny: No problem.

Sonny: How did it go?

Zander: I think it worked. I think he believed me. I don't know if he's going to sign the papers, though. The guy really hates you.

Sonny: Do you blame him?

Zander: Do I think you're wrong? I don't know. I guess it doesn't matter, though. I trust you. And you asked me to do this, so I did.

Sonny: You think this was a test of loyalty?

Zander: Wasn't it?

Sonny: I wanted you to see how I operate. I needed you to understand what it means to work for me. Not that this is routine, because mostly what I do involves transportation and currency exchange. Very little -- very little violence. It's sloppy, and it creates more problems than it solves. But in this situation, I had no choice because A.J. threatened Carly and when she's scared, there's no telling what she'll do -- usually something crazy, hard to clean up.

Zander: So this is for Carly?

Sonny: And for Michael. When A.J. drinks, he hurts people. He took Michael's little brother, and I can't risk that happening again. Besides, kids look for themselves in their fathers. They try to be like them and try to please them. And when their father doesn't honor that, when he's mean, vindictive and deliberately tries to hurt the mother, the kid takes it upon himself.

Zander: I know how that works.

Sonny: Yeah?

Zander: That's why I left home. But you're wrong about one thing, Sonny -- that nothing can fix it. Because Emily did for me and obviously somebody did for you or you wouldn't be doing this for Michael.

Sonny: I'm doing it because I don't want Michael to ever end up like either one of us. He needs -- I don't want him to understand what was just said. Now, there could be a fallout to this. I'm willing to take the risk. A.J. just saw you. There could be consequences.

Zander: I'll handle them. I'm with you.

Sonny: Good.

Luke: How long before we get to Jacksonville, little sister?

Bobbie: We'll be there soon. Be there soon.

Helena: Did you miss your old friend? She's beautiful, isn't she? Even after a few nights underwater.

Lucky: No. No, I got rid of that.

Helena: You threw her in the lake, Lucky, and then you foolishly bragged about what you had done. Sometimes it's hard to believe you are your father's son.

Lucky: You hurt Elizabeth.

Helena: Power has its price, Lucky. It's the way of the world.

Lucky: No, it's not! People love each other! They care about each other! All you do is hurt and hate! And you need to be stopped.

Helena: By you? I think not. Lucky, listen to me. Put that vial down carefully where you got it.

Lucky: Forget it. You're not going to hurt anybody else in my family. You're not going to hurt my father, my mother, anybody.

Helena: Put it down slowly, Lucky. Do we understand each other? Do we understand each other?

Lucky: Yes. Yeah, we do. And you know what? I am my father's son!

Gia: I made up this stupid story to pay Nikolas back for choosing Elizabeth over me. I -- I thought my brother would go along with it, come here, and break up their romantic evening, but I never thought the police commissioner would show up. I --

Mac: In the future, don't call the cops to solve your romantic difficulties. Let's go.

Gia: You see how that works? You tell me the truth, and I cover for you. It could have been that way all along if you'd trusted me.

Nikolas: Gia, I have to get Elizabeth to the rendezvous, but I will not let you leave here until you understand.

Gia: What, that you're a liar who doesn't trust me? I got that part, Nikolas, loud and clear.

Elizabeth: Okay, okay, okay. We get that your feelings are hurt. All right? And Nikolas and I, we -- we're cruel and we're wrong and we're just awful, awful people. Now, can we get going, please?

Nikolas: Gia, I have always intended on coming back to you and explaining everything. Okay? I have spent every day planning on how we can make up for the time that we've lost.

Gia: Well, guess what -- you can't.

Nikolas: Look, I know this is not going to be easy. But nothing worth having ever is.

Gia: I am not a thing. I'm a person, which you would have known if you'd ever --

Nikolas: I still love you, Gia! Never mind the fact that when I met you, you were a blackmailer, hostile, and -- God, you know what? -- A dozen other things that I could name. Look at me. But the fact of the matter is you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. And I will not lose you without a fight. If I have to tie you up to one of those chairs to make you understand, you are not leaving until we work this out.

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