GH Transcript Monday 10/8/01


General Hospital Transcript Monday 10/8/01

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy


Electronic voice: Warning -- intruder. Zone 6 is unsecured. Warning -- intruder. Zone 6 is unsecured.

Edward: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- all right, whoever you are, you'd better freeze.

Alan: The police are on their way. The place is surrounded.

Reginald: Don't make us hurt you.

Monica: Turn that thing off!

Alan: Somebody get the lights.

Edward: Reginald, get the lights.

Reginald: You know, you guys are going to have to decide whether you want lights or home defense, okay?

Guard: All right, nobody move!

Electronic voice: Warning.

[Alarm stops]

Skye: Hi, Daddy. I'm home.

[Knock on door]

Johnny: Your father's here.

Sonny: All right. Let him in.

Mike: Thanks, Johnny. Oh, am I interrupting?

Sonny: If this is going to be another lecture about divorcing Carly, don't. Save us both some time.

Mike: Oh, that's not why I came. I couldn't sleep, and I figured maybe you were awake, too, having the same kind of problem.

Sonny: What's keeping you awake, Mike?

Mike: You ever get insomnia because of something you've done?

Andy: I'm going to need a little more information.

Gia: Well, haven't you been listening? There's going to be a murder on this yacht at the docks, and it could happen any minute.

Andy: Well, is there anyone who can back your story?

Gia: Look, if I could just please speak to my brother --

Andy: Lieutenant's not due back for another half-hour.

Gia: Well, it'll be too late.

Andy: Ms. Campbell, you have no proof, and the last time you were in here, it was to have your boyfriend arrested for breaking your heart or something.

Gia: You know what? Just forget it. I will handle it myself.

Nikolas: Please, Elizabeth, wake up, please.

Lucky: You get the hell away from her.

Nikolas: Lucky, this is not what it looks like.

Lucky: Get away!

Lucky: Elizabeth? Elizabeth? Come on, baby. Open your eyes up. Come on. Come on, Elizabeth, let me know that you're alive.

Nikolas: Lucky, listen to me.

Lucky: Shut up! Come on, Elizabeth. It's Lucky, come on. You're all right, Elizabeth. You're all right. You're fine, damn it. Come on. Come on, Elizabeth. Come on. No. No, no, no, no! Come on, Elizabeth.

Stavros: Why so glum, Mother? You should be celebrating.

Helena: I told you Lucky Spencer was not to be harmed. He's still useful. You had no business drowning him.

Stavros: It was time, and there's an end. Besides, you should be focusing on what's really important. Luke Spencerís almost gone.

Helena: Soon all of the Spencers will be nothing more than a distasteful memory.

Stavros: All but one. Laura belongs to me. Your silence is deafening, Mother. I understand your prejudice against Laura.

Helena: Alexis.

Alan: Skye. Welcome home.

Ned: False alarm.

Edward: No, it's not a false alarm. This woman broke into my house, and I want you to arrest her.

Alan: Father --

Skye: Somebody obviously changed the code.

Edward: I did -- to keep you out.

Alan: Father, not another word. I mean it.

Reginald: It's a false alarm. This is just how they welcome each other home.

Alan: I'm so glad you're all right.

Woman: The kitchen's secure.

Edward: Thank you.

Alan: Where have you been? A.J. said that you left town because Sonny had threatened you.

Skye: Oh, no, I'm fine. It's actually A.J. that I'm worried about.

Monica: A.J.? Why?

Skye: Well, we've been in constant contact. I haven't heard from him in days.

Ned: I'll bet you were.

Skye: Then it just stopped.

Ned: Hmm, I guess he's finally showing some sense.

Skye: You know, could you put the insults on hold just for a second and manage a little humanity?

Alan: Your comments are not helping.

Skye: I left A.J. messages. He hasn't returned them. It's just not like him.

Edward: Of course it is. There's no mystery here. He's off on another bender somewhere.

Skye: Oh, I don't buy that for a second. I'm an alcoholic. I know the signs that lead to a slip. A.J. was fine. You don't know where he is, either, do you? You haven't even been looking for him. What is wrong with you people? What are you thinking? Where is my brother?

A.J.: You're going down, Corinthos! You're going down. Michael's my son! You will never get near him again! You understand that? Ever! He's my son! My son! Oh.

Alexis: I should have known.

Helena: To what, exactly, are you referring?

Alexis: I thought I heard an intruder, but it was just a vulture.

Helena: I know exactly what you're doing here. Perhaps we should discuss it over some champagne?

Alexis: I don't think so. You were just leaving.

Helena: Well, Alexis, surely you'll have one glass. I don't like to drink alone.

Alexis: You might have more friends if you stopped killing people.

Helena: Oh, now, really, Alexis, reports of my exploits in that area are greatly exaggerated. Feel free. It's open. I knew Stefan would send you for the papers. As usual, he was a step behind himself. No, they've been confiscated on behalf of the estate.

Alexis: You didn't waste any time, did you?

Helena: Anticipation and execution -- those are the key.

Alexis: You got the execution part down, Iíll give you that.

Helena: Well, if you are referring to Stefanís future, I have to agree with you.

Helena: Is something wrong?

Lucky: She's dead!

Nikolas: Lucky, you have to let me explain.

Lucky: How could you do this! How!

Nikolas: I had to, for Helena. Lucky, I had to.

Lucky: No. No, not you, too. She's got you, doesn't she?

Nikolas: You do not understand.

Lucky: No, nobody understands better than I do! When Helenaís got you, she tells you to do something, you can't control it! You can't stop the programming, and killing Elizabeth -- that was just a start, man! They tried to kill me tonight. They tried to drown me.

Nikolas: Who tried to kill you, Lucky?

Lucky: If I hadn't remembered an old trick my father taught me, I'd be dead. Not that that matters, though. I was too late to save Elizabeth!

Nikolas: Lucky, we have got to get out of here. I want you to stay with Elizabeth, please.

Lucky: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I wasn't strong enough to save you. You were the strong one. I should have listened to you. You begged me to go. I just couldn't make myself do it. So you stayed and you fought, even when I couldn't remember loving you. I want to. I want to, Elizabeth. I would give anything to feel that love right now.

Lucky: You didn't deserve this, Elizabeth. You didn't deserve this. I wasn't worth this. I wasn't worth it. I wasn't --

Lucky: Why couldn't you stop loving me first?

Lucky: Oh, God.

Edward: So what were you doing, sneaking around at all hours of the night, setting off alarms and upsetting the staff? Something nefarious, no doubt. Or was it just another cry for attention, huh?

Skye: Oh, stuff it, Grandfather. You know, I can't believe this. A person who lives in this house has been missing for days, and no one seems to have noticed? A human being, a member of this family is suddenly gone, and no one does anything. You know, if it had been Emily or Lila or Monica, they'd have the National Guard out in 10 minutes, but, you know, it's no wonder A.J. is the way he is.

Ned: You're new here. This is what Junior does. We can't very well follow him around with a mop and a checkbook like he's still in high school.

Skye: Could you get past yourself for just one second to maybe realize that something could have happened to him?

Monica: Well, you know, she may be right. He missed Chloeís service.

Skye: Oh, that's it. That's it. I'm calling the police.

Ned: No, you're not. The only thing the police will find is that A.J. falsely accused Carly of Sorelís murder in order to get Michael back. And they tend to frown on that sort of thing.

Edward: You just don't want them to find that little girl that you have down in the gatehouse, Ned.

Alan: What girl?

Ned: She's nobody. It's not important.

Edward: You know what Ned has done? He has rolled out the casting couch again, and he has promised the moon and the sun, no doubt, to an aspiring young thing with stars in her eyes and nothing in her head, and she's going to get what she deserves, and so will you, young man, when it's discovered that she is underage.

Ned: She's not underage.

Edward: Oh!

Woman: Den's secure.

Edward: Thank you. Who the hell's that woman?

Monica: We have no idea.

Ned: I've never seen her before in my life.

Edward: Why is it that no one in this family pays any attention to who we bring in here as staff? I'm going to find out. Reginald! I'm going to find --

Skye: Wow. What a truly special family this is. Has it occurred to any of you that A.J. could be in danger from Sonny? He could be lying hurt somewhere, or worse. Oh, but lucky for Sonny, you'll never miss A.J. because you're too busy ducking the police or nailing a relative for a custody scam or hiding a schoolgirl under your bed.

Ned: She's a grown woman.

Skye: My brother's in trouble, and I know who's behind it.

Alan: Skye, wait.

A.J.: You're going down, Corinthos. Next stop, federal prison.

Sonny: Hey, Mike, if this is where you start talking about my childhood, don't because it never does either of us any good.

Mike: Now, look, I was around long before you ever had a childhood, Sonny. And there's a lot more to me than you think you know or than you've ever bothered to ask.

Sonny: Cut to the end of the story, Mike. What have you done and what's it going to cost me to fix it?

[Knock on door]

Zander: Who is it?

Gwen: Gwen Altman, your ex-nurse.

Gwen: Can I come in?

Zander: Yeah, sure. Come on in.

Gwen: You look good.

Zander: You look good, too. I mean, not like a nurse, I mean, but -- I mean, you were a good nurse. You were a little serious, but, anyway, I appreciate what you did.

Gwen: That's why I came. I need to tell you --

Zander: No, look, Gwen, I -- you're great, and I like you, but I'm in love with Emily, and, I mean, it's the kind of love that doesn't go away.

Gwen: Yeah, I get that. You probably don't know it, but your whole face changes when you talk about Emily. That's how much she means to you.

Zander: Well, thanks for understanding.

Gwen: Don't thank me yet. The police brought me in for questioning tonight. They got me all tangled up, and I blew it. They could be about to arrest you.

Alexis: Something's wrong, all right. Normal people usually use the front door. You, of course, sneak through tunnels and secret passageways.

Helena: Oh, it was the shortest route, so I used it.

Alexis: Why don't you go out the same way you came in?

Stavros: Ah, yes. Little Alexis. So serious, so detail oriented. She could never see the nose to spite her face. She didn't even know I was there.

Helena: Well, enough about that little mouse. We're celebrating, remember? Nikolas has tonight to mourn his little star-crossed lover, and tomorrow, we officially welcome him to the fold.

Stavros: There's still the little matter of Laura that we need to settle.

Lucky: I did this. It started with me, the way Helena used me. Now it's up to me to somehow figure out how to stop it.

Nikolas: Lucky, you can't go.

Lucky: Watch me!

Nikolas: Lucky, come on!

Nikolas: Elizabeth? Elizabeth, come on, we've got to get out of here. Wake up, please. Elizabeth? Elizabeth, please, wakes up.

[Gia gasps]

Gia: Oh, my God. You killed her. No, you stay away from me!

Nikolas: Gia? Gia, stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Listen to me. You've got to let me explain, okay?

Gia: I can see what you did! I knew it would happen! I was here, all right, the day that Helena told you to kill her.

Nikolas: That's why you were with Elizabeth and why you wouldn't leave.

Gia: I never believed that you would do it! I thought that if I stayed with her that maybe you wouldn't get a chance or maybe you'd even change your mind.

Nikolas: Listen to me, Gia.

Gia: No. All of your explanations, all of your excuses, the money, the secrets, the power -- I'm so sick of them!

Nikolas: Gia --

Gia: No, I thought you were different. And I can't believe that I was so wrong. But I'm not. You've changed. You're a killer.

Nikolas: Gia, don't --

Gia: No.

Nikolas: You're going to ruin -- oh.

Gia: This is Gia Campbell. I need my brother, Lt. Taggert. It's an emergency. It's a matter of life and death.

Stefan: What happened?

Alexis: I now know why you're asking me to do what you're asking me to do.

Stefan: Did you see Stavros?

Alexis: I heard him. He must have been the one that killed Chloe.

Stefan: Don't worry. I'm getting out of here. I've already made arrangements.

Alexis: No, you can't do that. I can't allow that to happen.

Stavros: My future includes both my son and my wife.

Helena: Nikolas should be enough.

Stavros: When you can have everything, Mother, why settle for less?

Helena: Stavros, you are making a grave, possibly fatal, mistake. Laura is no different from the other Spencers.

Stavros: Oh, yes, she is -- or, hmm, she will be.

Helena: No, once she knows you're alive, she will resist. She' f fight you with everything she has.

Stavros: Which makes the conquest all the sweeter. I will have Laura, Mother. She will submit to me, because there'll be no Stefan to scheme with, no Luke to run to. And Nikolas will be there. My future is my wife and my son.

Helena: Well, speaking of your future, you'll recall you have a final treatment the end of this month, which will ensure that you stay in the perfect health that you have been currently enjoying -- if it is administered in a timely fashion.

Stavros: Mother, could it possibly be that you're actually threatening me?

Helena: Just a gentle reminder. Oh, I can't always let you have your way. First Lucky, then Laura. Where will it end?

Stavros: It ends when I say it ends. And believe me, Mother, you will be the first to know.

Ned: Her name is Kristina, and for the third time, it's no big deal.

Monica: Okay, then why are you hiding her?

Ned: Monica, can we just forget about it, please? The more people who know about her, the less hidden she becomes.

Edward: Well, I found out. Hmm, that woman in there, that Sherman tank with the feather duster? That's Big Alice.

Ned: That's actually what she calls herself?

Edward: According to Reginald, one of the regular staff took sick leave, and this is the replacement that the agency sent in.

Monica: Well, she gives me the creeps.

Edward: I agree. I think you should fire her.

Monica: Me? No. You fire her.

Edward: I'm not going to fire her. The staff hates me as it is. I don't need another one against me.

Ned: Don't look at me. I live in the gatehouse.

Alan: Skye hasn't answered her cell phone. I'm afraid she's gone to Sonny's.

Monica: I can't believe I am saying this, but maybe Skye does have a point. You know, A.J. has been really pushing to get custody of Michael, and Sonny could very well retaliate.

[Doorbell rings]

Man: Good evening. My name is Sam Watson. Is this the Quartermaine residence?

Alice: He's clean.

Sam: I'm sorry. I realize it's late, but it's about your son A.J. Quartermaine.

Alan: Has there been an accident?

Sam: Oh, not that I knows of, but I might have helped him avoid one. I'm a bartender at the Blue Orchid, over on Third Street. He was in tonight, got pretty toasted. I ended up taking his car keys. Hat t on foot -- stumbled out is more like it. Lost his wallet. His license gave this as his address.

Edward: Didn't I tell you?

Sam: His car's still in the parking lot.

Alan: Thank you very much for your time.

Monica: Yes, and for taking the interest.

Alan: I'm sorry if he caused you any embarrassment. I will make it up to you properly.

Sam: Not necessary. I just wanted you to know what was going on. I'm sorry to interrupt. Good night.

Monica: Good night.

Alan: Good night.

Monica: I got to go find him.

Alan: I'll join you as soon as I find Skye.

Ned: Let's start at Sonny's.

Alan: Yeah.

Ned: Hopefully Johnny hasn't thrown her out on her designer-clad butt.

Mike: You know, who said that I did anything and that it would cost you if I did?

Sonny: You know what, Mike? It would be best for you to tell me what's going on because I'm not going to sit here and play 20 questions with you.

Mike: Well, maybe I did you a favor, Sonny, and maybe I'm still doing it. And maybe I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. I should go back to my room and just keep staring at the ceiling.

Sonny: No, you know what, Mike?

Skye: I don't care if he's in there talking to the Pope. I have to talk to him. Now let go of me!

Johnny: You do not go in!

Skye: Let go of me!

Sonny: Johnny, let Ms. Chandler say whatever she needs to say.

Skye: You have exactly five seconds to tell me what you've done with my brother A.J.

Sonny: Or what?

Skye: Oh, please. Save the tough-guy routine for someone spineless enough to buy it. You donít scare me, Mr. Corinthos, no matter how many goons you have hanging around.

Mike: Goon? I'm Sonny's father.

Skye: My condolences. You ought to get a raise just for admitting that.

Mike: Listen, Ms. Whatever your name is, you're --

Sonny: Mike, Mike, have you seen A.J. tonight?

Mike: No.

Sonny: Neither have I. Anything else you want to know?

Skye: A.J.'s been missing for days. And after the way you threatened us, my --

Sonny: I remember -- I -- I remember giving you advice about leaving Carly and her son alone, staying out of business that doesn't concern you.

Skye: Fine. I'm here about A.J.

Sonny: Since when do you care about A.J. or anybody else in that house? Aren't they the people you wanted to burn in hell, you asked for my help to bring them to their knees? Does the word "payback" ring a bell? I have not seen A.J. Quartermaine in days.

[Knock on door]

Johnny: Alan Quartermaine and Ned Ashton.

Sonny: Let them in.

Johnny: Gentlemen.

Skye: What are you doing here?

Ned: We're here to keep you from making a fool of yourself.

Alan: Or worse.

Sonny: I'm afraid you're too late.

Ned: We got word on Junior. He's been drinking again.

Skye: No.

Alan: It's true. I'll explain it to you on the way home, Skye.

Skye: Don't think you're off the hook yet, Sonny, because you're not.

Alan: We're sorry to have disturbed you.

Mike: So where is A.J.?

Max: Sign it and you're free to go.

A.J.: No. No way. I will never sign away my rights to my son.

Max: You'll be needing this. Mr. Corinthos wants you to keep your strength up so you can consider his proposal with a clear head.

A.J.: You can tell Sonny to shove his proposal.

Max: Enjoy your meal.

A.J.: Ah!

A.J.: Ah!

Helena: Why, Lucky. You're alive?

Lucky: Yes, I am. With no help from you.

Helena: I'm -- I'm so surprised.

Lucky: You know, it's a little trick I learned. You get tied up with ropes, normally you can wiggle yourself free. Of course, you know it is a little trickier underwater.

Helena: Well, your father knew all the tricks, didn't he?

Lucky: Will you knock it off, Helena? I'm so tired of it.

Helena: What do you mean?

Lucky: Chloe, Elizabeth.

Helena: Lucky, I promise you I did not lay a hand on either one of them.

Lucky: Oh, I know you don't like getting your hands dirty, but you are responsible, Helena. Elizabeth was my salvation, and you took her away from me.

Helena: No, you yourself decided that you didn't love her anymore.

Lucky: Because of you and what you did to me. Elizabeth was just trying to get through the programming back into my heart. And when she did, there was nothing. Still, that wasn't enough for you, Helena. You thought that she might just eventually get through. So you took her away from me. You did it, Helena. I know you did because I held her dead body in my arms!

Helena: But you didn't love her.

Lucky: That doesn't matter. She loved me and she died because of it. For no other reason than that, she loved me and she tried to save me. You killed her, Helena. You killed her just like you killed my father.

Helena: No, you did that, Lucky.

Lucky: No, you did! But it didn't work.

Helena: You've seen your father. No, where is he, Lucky? No, there are no secrets between us. Where is your father, Lucky? Lucky, where is Luke?

Gia: Gia Campbell. Look, my brother is Lt. Taggert. I'm trying to -- the Cassadine yacht -- please.

Nikolas: Gia, I need you to listen to me, please.

Gia: No. You stay away from me, all right? Don't hurt me.

Nikolas: Gia, I am not going to hurt you! Okay? I am not going to hurt you. Come on!

Gia: Just let me out of here, Look, I won't tell anyone what you've done, ever, all right? I swear. Just let me go, please.

Nikolas: Gia -- for God's sakes, listen to me! Do you think I am capable of killing Elizabeth, let alone anyone else? Now, calm down! Let me tell you what happened, please.

Gia: How can I believe anything you say after what you've done?

Nikolas: For God's sake, damn it! Stop it! Please!

Gia: Just let me go! Let me go!

Nikolas: I did not kill Elizabeth.

Edward: Well, once an addict, always an addict. Isn't that the mantra of all those programs that you tout so highly?

Alan: If A.J. has fallen off the wagon, we will encourage him to climb back on, that's all.

[Edward laughs]

Ned: Isn't that what they call denial? Well, I've had enough for one night. I'm going to bed.

Edward: Yes, it's getting rather late.

Monica: How can anybody sleep when we don't know where A.J. is?

Skye: Now you're worried?

Monica: Thank you so much, Skye, for your input. Now you know what has happened to A.J. There's no reason for you to stay here.

Skye: He's my brother. I'm not going anywhere.

Alan: No, you're not.

Monica: Fine. I'll have your things taken to the west wing. Sweet dreams.

Alan: I'm so glad you're back. I missed you.

Skye: Me, too.

Alan: Good night, Sweetie.

Skye: Good night.

Skye: What?

Edward: Alan may be a gullible fool, but I'm not. Why did you really come back?

Skye: Careful, Grandfather. If you don't rethink your attitude towards me and A.J., I might have to tell the whole family where you really were the night Sorel was murdered.

Sonny: Thanks a lot.

Mike: You'll let me know if there's anything else?

Sonny: A.J.'s nothing you have to worry about, Mike. Besides, you -- you got so much on your mind anyway.

Mike: Hey, it's getting late. I should go. So, you think the cops will ever figure out who killed Sorel?

Sonny: Hope not.

Mike: I hope not, too.

Zander: It's not your fault.

Gwen: I should have kept my stupid mouth shut.

Zander: You know what? I don't blame you for being intimidated. Who questioned you? Taggert?

Gwen: Right. Lt. Taggert. He got me to admit that you were awake and out of bed the morning they found Sorel and that you used a tongue depressor to jam your alarm.

Zander: Okay.

Gwen: I tried to tell him that you were too injured to hurt anyone.

Zander: You know what? That's not how it works. All the police care about is getting a conviction. I was there once before. I've been charged with major felonies. And I walked. I made the cops look like fools, and now they're looking to take me down.

Gwen: Well, I'm not going to let them use me to do it. How can I help?

Zander: You already did. You came and you warned me. The best thing you can do is just walk away from this thing.

Gwen: What are you going to do?

Zander: Don't know that. I'll think of something.

Gwen: Here's -- here's my number in case you think of anything.

Zander: Thanks.

Gwen: I'm sorry.

Zander: Don't be. Like I said, you've been great. Yeah, here.

Gwen: Thanks. See you later.

Zander: See you later. Thanks again.

Alexis: Escape is too risky.

Stefan: No, listen to me. If I escape, everyone will assume I'm running. Helena and Stavros won't anticipate my coming.

Alexis: You could get caught.

Stefan: I wonít. Now listen to me. I don't want you anywhere near this.

Alexis: If you're going toot insist on this lunacy, you're going to need my help.

Stefan: Yes, I need your help, but not that way. Stavros murdered Chloe. He will not hesitate to kill you if you get in his way.

Alexis: Well, I'm not going to stand here and do nothing.

Stefan: You won't be doing nothing. Laura is helping me with this. Your job is much more difficult. You have to protect Kristina and Nikolas.

Gia: How can you say you didn't kill Elizabeth when she's lying right there?

Nikolas: Because I didn't.

Gia: What, Lucky found you trying to kill Elizabeth, didn't he? And he bursts in here and there was some accident?

Nikolas: Gia, Lucky didn't do anything except walk in at the wrong time.

Gia: I sent him. I told him what was happening, and he came to try to stop you.

Nikolas: See, I never wanted this to touch you, Gia. I never wanted you involved in this.

Gia: Nikolas, just let me go, all right? Please, look, I won't say a word to anyone, I swear. Just let me go!

Nikolas: Damn it, please, stop struggling! Please, Gia!

Gia: Or what? You'll hurt me? Huh? Is that what you told Elizabeth, that you wouldn't hurt her before you, what, strangled her, poisoned her?

Nikolas: That is not what happened, okay?

Gia: I don't believe you. You're so deeply into this, now you've gotten that good. No. Just let me go!

Nikolas: No!

Gia: Just let me go!

Nikolas: Gia, no! Gia!

Gia: Damn it, let me go!

Elizabeth: Nikolas?

Nikolas: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Nikolas, am I okay?

Elizabeth: It worked.

Helena: Tell me about your father, Lucky. Where is he?

Lucky: I don't know. I didn't want to. You know, I knew you were going to try to get that out of me.

Helena: Don't underestimate me. I still have my ways.

Lucky: Not anymore you donít. You're not going to get anything out of me ever again, and you're definitely not going to be hurting anybody in my family. All of this ends right now.

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