GH Transcript Thursday 10/4/01


General Hospital Transcript Thursday 10/4/01

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy

Helena: Where is your lovely young companion?

Ned: Why are you so important to her?

Alexis: You're not even going to ask me who she is, are you?

Sonny: Well, you would tell me if you wanted me to know.

Alexis: She's my sister.

Luke: I saw Stavros.

Laura: Where is the lab?

Helena: This is going to be a most memorable evening.

Ned: Where's my jacket? I remember hanging it up.

[Knock on door]

Jax: Where's Kristina?

Ned: You're asking me? I can't even find my jacket.

Jax: Kristina?

Ned: She's probably in the guest room, rearranging my furniture.

Jax: What? You let her go? Ned, do you realize how dangerous this is?

Ned: Jax, I don't even know who she really is. Why should I care? No one'll tell me.

Edward: Ned, we haven't had any comment from you on that e-mail that we -- get off my property.

Ned: Grandfather, come on, you agreed not to antagonize Jax.

Edward: Chloe's death can be directly traced to his neglect.

Jax: I know where Kristina is. Excuse me.

Edward: Ned, what the hell is going on around here?

Ned: You got me.

Stefan: Alexis.

Alexis: What happened to your eye?

Stefan: A slight altercation with one of these goons in here. It's not important. Where's Kristina?

Alexis: She's in a safe place.

Stefan: Where, with Jax?

Alexis: He set it up.

Stefan: All right, listen. Here's what I need you to do. Go to Wyndemere, open the safe. Here's the combination and list of stock certificates, real estate deeds, cash on hand.

Alexis: You giving me power of attorney?

Stefan: I want to be sure that you and Kristina and Nikolas are provided for if I'm gone.

Alexis: Gone -- what do you mean, gone? Like, die?

Stefan: Either he dies or I do.

Alexis: Who is "he"?

Lucky: I'm so sorry, Dad. You've got to be all right.

[Doorbell rings]

Elizabeth: Hi.

Lucky: Hi. We can't run away.

Elizabeth: I understand.

Lucky: I can't really think of anything else to say.

Elizabeth: Don't worry. We've been through everything I feel for you and what you don't remember feeling for me.

Lucky: I'm sorry, but nothing's changed. I still want you to be safe, though. I really think you should leave town.

Elizabeth: That's why I'm here. I've come to say good-bye.

Laura: You can tell me anything. You know that, don't you?

Luke: I know. I love you.

Laura: Scotty -- why aren't you at the house?

Scott: My investigator followed Spencer here.

Luke: You're having me followed?

Scott: That's right.

Laura: What about my mom and Lulu?

Scott: Lucky's with them.

Laura: Well, I -- I don't think that's such a good idea.

Luke: You don't have to put up with this.

Laura: Scotty, please -- please just go.

Luke: Take your investigator with you.

Scott: Laura, what's wrong with him? He looks like a rabid dog.

Laura: Shh. I'll tell you later. Please, just go. Luke, tell me, where is the entrance to Helenaís lab?

Luke: Go to hell.

Alexis: What were you talking about? What do you mean "he?"

Stefan: Just never mind.

Guard: Got another visitor.

Stefan: Kristina. What are you doing here?

Alexis: Exactly what I want to know. What are you doing here? Is that Nedís jacket?

Kristina: Did you kill Chloe Morgan?

Alexis: The D.N.A. is a preliminary match --

Stefan: Alexis, please.

Kristina: Did you kill Chloe Morgan?

Stefan: No. I didn't kill her.

Kristina: Well, then why does Jax hate you so much?

Stefan: At one time I treated her badly.

Kristina: Why?

Stefan: I did a lot of damage to myself and to others, trying to please my mother, competing with my brother.

Kristina: But your brother is dead. He's been dead for years, right?

Stefan: Helena and Stavros were a lethal pair. They inflicted unspeakable pain.

Kristina: Stefan, you make it sound like Stavros is still alive.

Stefan: We all know how powerful the past can be.

Alexis: Which is exactly why you cannot pull another stunt like this. Do you understand how careful you need to be? Helena's capable of anything.

Helena: I can hardly wait until everything falls into place.

Stavros: And finally, I will be able to meet my son after all these years.

Helena: It's my greatest gift for the both of you. My darling boy.

Stavros: Soon we will have everything.

Helena: But for now --

Stavros: Enjoy the party.

Helena: I will, more than you can possibly imagine.

Stavros: I doubt that, Mother.

Gia: Lucien?

Stavros: What a pleasant surprise.

Gia: So, what's up with the wicked witch of the weird?

Stavros: Why don't you tell me?

Gia: Whose side are you on?

Stavros: Yours, of course.

Gia: Well, then did you find out what's going to happen to Elizabeth?

Nikolas: Four drops. Exactly.

Nikolas: One.

Nikolas: Two.

Elizabeth's voice: You have to be careful. A drop too much and my temporary death could be permanent.

Nikolas: Three.

Nikolas: Four. Damn it.

Lucky: You're leaving tonight?

Elizabeth: Yeah, Sonny is taking care of everything.

Lucky: Oh. I'm glad. I mean, about -- you know, you being safe.

Elizabeth: I wish we could run away together or stay here and fight together.

Lucky: Elizabeth, you know we can't do that.

Elizabeth: I still love you. And I always will.

Elizabeth: Will you remember something for me? Not a feeling, just some words.

Lucky: Okay, sure.

Elizabeth: Loving you was worth it, Lucky. If someone were to come up to me tomorrow and tell me I could be free of everything that hurt and all it would cost is one single moment we had together, I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't trade loving you for anything.

Elizabeth: Bye.

Laura: Luke, you don't have to get so upset. Everything's going to be all right.

Luke: You make me so crazy.

Scott: Laura, come on, what's going on?

Laura: It'll be all right.

Luke: Just why don't you leave me alone?

Laura: Luke? What -- what's wrong?

Luke: Go away, Laura. Get out of here.

Laura: I can't go away and leave you like this.

Luke: Go home, Laura, please.

Laura: No, I wonít.

Luke: Your husband will be waiting for you.

Laura: I'm trying to help you, Luke.

Luke: How? By hanging out at the disco all hours of the night? You think that helps?

Scott: All right, listen. That's why I'm here. I'm -- I've come to pick her up and take her home, Spencer.

Laura: No, no, it'll be okay.

Luke: Why would you let her work in a place like this? Just so -- just so you can pay me back for your law books and your credit card debts, and I have to watch her move and her hands, her eyes. And -- and I get so crazy every time some nut case gets too friendly with her, and then I spill my guts, too, every night she goes home to you!

Laura: Luke. It's all right.

Luke: Why don't you just -- just go home with him? You married Mr. Wonderful. Go bake a pie, iron his shirts, do whatever you want, but just leave me out of it.

Scott: All right, come on. You heard your boss.

Laura: No.

Scott: You're fired. Let's go, let's go, and letís go.

Laura: No! Scotty, please! He needs me tonight.

Scott: No, what he needs right now is he needs the men in white coats to put a net over him, Laura. Come on.

Laura: Shh! Quiet, please. I have to help him. I promise you, I won't -- I won't get hurt.

Scott: Laura, look at him. Come on, look at him. He's completely out of his mind. He's hopped up on something. He's dangerous. I've seen him like this before. I'm not going to let you get hurt again, okay? Don't ask me to do that.

Luke: He can give you everything that I can't give you, Laura.

Laura: Scotty, listen to me. We are family whether you like it or not. I have to do this.

Scott: I'm going to give you two minutes. Then I'm coming in and I'm taking you out of here. Do you understand that?

Laura: Fine.

Luke: You lied right to his face. We're not family.

Laura: Yes, we are. Or we were. We were for a very long time.

Luke: No.

Laura: We have two kids.

Luke: Don't -- don't -- don't -- don't say that.

Laura: We have a boy named Lucky. He was born in Texas.

Luke: I hate Texas.

Laura: You used to call him cowboy. And actually, you know, you stayed here with him in this cabin.

Luke: I'll never have kids.

Laura: You have a beautiful little daughter.

Luke: I would be a lousy father.

Laura: We named her Lesley Lu, after my mom, remember?

Luke: You're so mixed up.

Laura: And you call her sweet pea.

Luke: Did you drop a tab?

Laura: No, no. I'm not on L.S.D.

Luke: I've been warning people about the bad stuff going around.

Laura: Listen, Luke. Try to concentrate, all right? Try to remember we are fighting Helena Cassadine and Stavros. Try to remember those people. Try to come back.

Luke: I remember.

Laura: Good. Good, stay with me.

Laura: Luke? Tell me what you remember.

Luke: Isn't it late for you to be here?

Laura: I'm all right. Don't worry.

Luke: Does Baldwin just expect you to hang out here at the disco all night waiting for him? I dream about you. I dream about you all the time, about us being together. I dream of holding you and making love to you. You're my life, Laura.

Laura: Luke, we had a life together. Try to remember.

Bobbie: Scott.

Scott: Bobbie.

Bobbie: Roy told me Luke is in there?

Scott: Yeah, he's in there and he's completely out of his mind. He's back in the late 1970s in the disco days, you know? Laura's in there trying to get something out of him, but I don't think it's going to work. Now, you're a nurse, maybe you can figure out what it is that's happened to him here, all right?

Bobbie: Okay.

Laura: We're not in the disco. We haven't been there in years. Stay in the present. We are in the cabin. Help me. I need your help. Tell me where Helenaís lab is.

Luke: Hey, Barbara Jean.

Bobbie: Hey, Luke. Hey. You okay?

Luke: Barbara, you remember the night that I fixed the car so that it would break down and Laura would break curfew and get in trouble and you could be with Scotty?

Bobbie: Yeah. And you backed me up even though you thought I was crazy.

Luke: It worked. Laura's in love with me now.

Bobbie: So you're together.

Luke: It's the way it should always be.

Laura: Luke?

Luke: Get out of here.

Laura: Where is Helenaís lab?

Luke: Get out of here.

Laura: No!

Luke: Why do you try to torture me like this? Go away! You know nothing!

Laura: Stop getting so angry.

Luke: Get out! Get out!

Bobbie: You better go. Just go.

Laura: Look, I have to know where Helenaís lab is.

Bobbie: Okay, let me try. Let me try.

Laura: I guess you're right. I mean, I'm just -- I'm upsetting him, so --

Bobbie: Maybe I can get through to him.

Laura: Please. All right?

Bobbie: Okay.

Laura: I'll come back later, okay?

Bobbie: You take care. Hmm? It's all right.

Laura: Thanks.

Laura: Thank you for waiting.

Scott: I told you I wasn't going to leave you alone with him. Now, did you get what you wanted out of him?

Laura: No, I couldn't do it. He's so sick, Scotty. I don't know what we're going to do to help him.

Bobbie: Luke?

Luke: We have to run away.

Stefan: We don't mean to frighten you with tales of Helena and Stavros.

Alexis: Yes, we do. It'll keep her safe.

Jax: Kristina, how lovely to see you.

Kristina: I'm sorry, Jax, but I had to do this. I believe that Stefan is innocent.

Stefan: That means a lot to me.

Jax: What did you say to her?

Stefan: You know, your rant is growing tiresome.

Kristina: I can make up my own mind.

Alexis: Guess that runs in the family.

Kristina: What can I do for you?

Stefan: Kristina, I can't protect you from in here. I want you safe. So does he. Just go with him. Stay out of sight and obey Alexis.

Kristina: Will you be okay?

Stefan: I will now.

Jax: Let's go. Guard?

Stefan: Take care of my holdings right away.

Alexis: All right, you let Kristina go off with Jax. You're letting me take control of all your money. What exactly are you thinking? Now, if this is about Helena --

Stefan: This is much worse than Helena.

Alexis: Then what is it? Or I should say, who is it?

Stavros: Why would you think I was on anyone else's side but yours?

Gia: Well, then do your stuff and help me save Elizabeth from Nikolas.

Elizabeth: Gia?

Stavros: Lovely to see you again.

Gia: You've met?

Elizabeth: Yeah, a while ago.

Stavros: You seem to be in a hurry.

Elizabeth: I'm late for a dinner with Nikolas.

Stavros: Well, don't let us delay you.

Gia: Elizabeth, wait.

Elizabeth: Have a good evening.

Gia: Why didn't you stop her?

Stavros: I thought you agreed to let me handle it. Don't you trust me anymore?

Helena: This is that lovely white powder. It dissolves instantly in the wine. Leaves no taste. Just a few sips. It'll be over very quickly.

Nikolas: So Elizabeth will feel no pain.

Helena: I am so proud of you, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Thank you.

Helena: You are proving that you are worthy of being a Cassadine and leading the Cassadines.

Nikolas: I only wish my father was here to see it.

Helena: I imagine you do.

[Knock on door]

Nikolas: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Nikolas: Elizabeth, come on in.

Helena: Well. Elizabeth, I'm so happy you could join us.

Elizabeth: Mrs. Cassadine.

Helena: Oh. Helena, please.

Luke: Where can we run to, Bobbie?

Bobbie: Back to Florida.

Luke: Anywhere but here.

Bobbie: Luke, why do you want to leave?

Luke: Baldwin's no good for you, darling.

Bobbie: Do you remember a little boy in Port Charles -- his name is Lucas?

Luke: Lucas? Do I know him?

Bobbie: I named him after you. He's my son.

Luke: Your son?

Bobbie: Lucas got really sick last spring. You went to see him in the hospital. Helena Cassadine tried to kill him.

Luke: Cassadine. Cassadine.

Bobbie: Yes! Yes, Luke!

Luke: Your little boy.

Bobbie: Yeah. Helena has a lab, Luke, and you know where it is. I need you to think about it and tell me where it is, okay? I need to find the lab. We all do.

Luke: Like mother, like son.

Bobbie: What does that mean?

Luke: The devil.

Gia: You know I trust you.

Stavros: Sometimes I wonder.

Gia: I just didn't realize you and Helena Cassadine were so close.

Stavros: I was trying to charm her. I think I succeeded.

Gia: Well, did she tell you anything about Elizabeth?

Stavros: Only that Nikolas loves her very much.

Gia: So you don't think that Nikolas is planning to kill Elizabeth.

Stavros: That wasn't my impression, no.

Gia: So you think I was wrong?

Stavros: Is that possible?

Gia: Well, I wouldn't put it past them.

Stavros: Neither would I. If it's any consolation, I don't think your friend is in any danger.

Gia: You're probably right.

Stavros: Why don't I see if I can get your mind off the Cassadines for one evening. Let me take you out for a drink or a late supper.

Gia: I would love to, but not tonight. We'll -- we'll get together soon, okay?

Stefan: I can't tell you, Alexis. You can't know what I know. You could be killed.

Alexis: What, you get to know the enemy, but I don't?

Stefan: Please. Stay out of it. Protect yourself, protect Kristina.

Alexis: Protect her from what?

Stefan: Just go, Alexis. Go, take care of the money. Protect Kristina. Try to help Nikolas. Go.

Helena: Yes? One moment. Cassadine business. Won't take long.

Nikolas: Elizabeth, this is too dangerous.

Elizabeth: Not if we get it right. And we will get it right, Nikolas. Helena will believe I'm dead. You'll take over the Cassadines. You'll figure out whatever she's planning to do with Lucky and God knows who else, okay?

Nikolas: I promise you I am going to get you through this.

[Door opens]

Helena: Well. Ahem. Now let's have our meal, shall we?

Elizabeth: I can't wait.

Helena: Oh, shall we have our unit St. George?

Nikolas: Only if it's ready to drink.

Helena: I'll leave that decision up to you.

Nikolas: Excuse me.

Helena: Do you like apples?

Laura: Hi, Lucky.

Lucky: Hi.

Lucky: How's Dad?

Laura: He's going to be all right.

Lucky: That must mean he's in really bad shape, right?

Laura: He's pretty confused.

Lucky: Yeah. Yeah, because of me.

Laura: No, it's not because of you. It's because of Helena, and your father and I both know that.

Lucky: Does Dad know what I did to him?

Laura: He remembers how much it hurt you. He asked me to tell you that it was okay and that he loves you. It's okay. We will find a cure.

Lucky: But do you think that he'll make it?

Laura: Yes, I do. Of course he will. My God, Helena has devoted her entire life to coming after our family. And look, we're still here -- Lulu, my mother, and your father. He'll get through this, too. We'll find a cure.

Lucky: Yeah.

Laura: The Spencers are unbeatable.

Lucky: Thank you.

Laura: I love you.

Lucky: I love you.

Laura: How's Lulu?

Lucky: Oh, she's upstairs. She's sleeping like an angel.

Laura: I'm going to go check on her.

Lucky: All right.

[Doorbell rings]

Gia: Hey.

Lucky: Hey!

Gia: You know that man that you've seen me with?

Lucky: Hi.

Gia: The one you attacked, Lucien Cain?

Lucky: You stay away from him, Gia.

Gia: Why?

Edward: I never wanted Chloe to get tangled up with that Australian.

Ned: He's not responsible for what happened.

Edward: Oh? Then who is?

Ned: Gee, you're back.

Jax: Would you try to keep an eye on her this time, please?

Ned: Nice jacket.

Kristina: Well, I thought so, too. Thanks a lot.

Edward: Has -- has common courtesy gone completely out of style, what?

Kristina: I'm sorry. I'm Kristina.

Edward: Oh. You're bringing your girlfriends now on to my estate?

Jax: No, nothing likes that. This is Edward Quartermaine.

Edward: How do you know my grandson?

Kristina: Well, Ned, the suit, has promised to make me a star.

Ned: I am not a suit.

Kristina: Don't you know that this is Eddie Maine?

Edward: Oh --

Kristina: You see, my band was performing at this low-class joint, and that's where Eddie discovered me. I mean, I couldn't believe who was in front of my eyes. You know, Eddie Maine. I'm such a big fan. So Eddie -- Ned -- has decided that he wants to manage me and coach me.

Edward: Mm-hmm.

Kristina: But he still thinks that we need a lot of rehearsal, so --

Edward: Oh, oh, oh, you know? I don't like this one bit. And you take my advice, young lady. You stay away from these two.

Ned: You pull a stunt like that again and you're out of here.

Jax: You know, I have to say, I agree with Ned.

Kristina: Okay, okay, I won't, not ever. I finally realized how dangerous this situation actually is. It was made very clear to me.

Gia: Why do you hate Lucien Cain so much? I need specifics.

Lucky: You know, I can almost think of something.

Gia: Well, so think.

Lucky: Every time I see him my blood runs cold.

Gia: Well, is it -- is it Helena? Does it have something to do with her?

Lucky: Yes. That's exactly what it is. I don't know what -- I don't --

Gia: You know what? Just come with me.

Lucky: Well, where are we going?

Gia: Just step on it, all right?

Luke: You'll make a fine nurse someday.

Bobbie: I hope so.

Luke: Ruby will be so proud of you.

Bobbie: She's proud of both of us, Luke.

Luke: Now you're just blowing smoke.

Bobbie: Oh, come on. We're all proud of you.

Luke: Even Laura?

Bobbie: Very much.

Luke: She was here, you know? Wasn't she?

Bobbie: Yes, yes, she was.

Luke: My memory's a little twisted up.

Bobbie: Like a maze?

Luke: She isn't safe.

Bobbie: Who isn't?

Luke: Not with him out there.

Bobbie: Tell me who you mean.

Luke: I have to save her.

Bobbie: From whom?

Luke: Don't you understand? If anything happens to her, it'll all be my fault.

Laura: Lucky?

Laura: Lucky?

[Knock on door]

Laura: Hi.

Scott: Hi.

Luke: Are you done?

Bobbie: Needle's gone.

Luke: Okay.

Bobbie: Luke.

Luke: Hmm?

Bobbie: Any idea why the needle bothers you?

Luke: I don't want people shooting up at the disco or out in the parking lot.

Bobbie: Yeah, no, of course not, but -- you know, Luke, if -- if anything were to happen to Laura, or to anyone else, it's not your fault.

Luke: You're always on my side. Aren't you?

Bobbie: No question about that.

Luke: Why can't I shake this flu?

Bobbie: I don't know. Tony -- Tony will find out. And you will, once he runs the blood through the lab.

Luke: Who -- who's Tony?

Bobbie: He's -- he's a guy I work with.

Luke: Why don't you go after him and forget Baldwin.

Bobbie: You need to get some rest.

Luke: Oh, no, I can't, Barbara. I have too much to do. I can't let them win.

Bobbie: Hey, how can you fight when you don't get any sleep?

Luke: You're always right, aren't you?

Bobbie: Here you go. All right, now. Lie down, get some rest, and I'll rub your back.

Luke: Aw. My baby sister. I can't sleep too long.

Bobbie: Okay. Close your eyes.

Luke: Oh, that's nice.

Bobbie: Mm-hmm. Be quiet now.

Luke: You sure are bossy.

Bobbie: Go to sleep, Luke.

Luke: I always dream of Laura.

Laura: Did you see Lucky out there?

Scott: No, no, I didn't see him.

Laura: He just vanished.

Scott: Maybe he went to see Luke. Now listen, Laura, Luke is very sick right now. He's out of his mind. He needs to be hospitalized.

Laura: I don't know that he would be safe in a hospital.

Scott: Why not? What -- what is going on?

[Doorbell rings]

Scott: Does this have to do with the other night when you had the baseball bat and everything else? Come on, you've got to talk to me here.

Laura: Just a minute.

Alexis: Hi, Laura. Can I come in and talk to you for a second?

Laura: Sure.

Alexis: Thanks. Hi, Scott.

Scott: Hi.

Alexis: Laura, listen. What is going on with you and Stefan? He seems terrified all the time.

Scott: Well, probably because he's about to be guest of honor at Sing Sing.

Alexis: No, it's -- he keeps talking about "he." "He" this, "he" that. Who is "he"?

Scott: Yeah, that's a good question.

Lucky: Nikolas is not going to hurt Elizabeth, Gia.

Gia: Did I say hurt? No, I said kill!

Lucky: You've got it all wrong!

Gia: Lucky, Nikolas is not the man that I fell in love with, okay? He is not the brother you thought you had. Nikolas is a Cassadine. He has gone over to the dark side. And maybe we can't help him, but we can still help Elizabeth.

Lucky: He's not going to kill her, okay?

Gia: Helena will.

Lucky: All right. Stay here, then.

Gia: Where are you going?

Lucky: Don't follow me!

Stavros: Gia. I'm so glad I found you.

Helena: Well, shall I assume that you two will be spending a great deal of time on the yacht?

Elizabeth: Well, Nikolas is taking me sailing tonight.

Helena: Oh?

Elizabeth: We'll find out if I get seasick.

Helena: Well, I've -- I've always loved the water at night.

Elizabeth: Mmm. If this wine is as good as the foie gras --

Helena: Oh, it is. I assure you.

Nikolas: I hope you enjoy it.

Elizabeth: I'm sure I will.

Helena: Well, shall we toast?

Nikolas: The prince usually does the toast, Grandmother.

Helena: Oh. Nikolas is such a stickler for decorum.

Nikolas: I do hope you remember that when I take over.

Helena: But you haven't taken over yet.

Elizabeth: What kind of wine is this?

Nikolas: It's a burgundy. One of the rare ones.

Helena: Yes, I think you'll find it an extraordinary wine.

Nikolas: I really want you to see the vineyards near beaune and nuit St. George.

Elizabeth: My life will be so exciting.

Helena: May I have permission to break decorum just this once?

Nikolas: Certainly.

Helena: To my dear Nikolas and Elizabeth. I would like to propose a toast. To your happiness. To your future. To your rich and productive lives.

Lucky: So, what's for dinner? Mmm. Mmm. Mind if I pull up a chair?

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