GH Transcript Wednesday 10/3/01


General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 10/3/01

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Laura: This is just so unfair.

Elizabeth: How many drops do I take?

Laura: Four.

Ned: Maybe you can tell me who Kristina is to you.

Alexis: It's complicated.

Sonny: Go ahead and sign the papers.

Laura: Luke?



Carly: Hey, about those divorce papers --

Sonny: I said all I'm going to.

Carly: Okay. Well, here's your answer. Tell your lawyer your wife says no way.

Gia: Well, that's Laura's desk. If she caught you --

Stavros: She won't and she hasn't. Something happen? You seem upset.

Gia: I -- I just saw Nikolas hugging his grandmother on the docks, and that could only mean that Nikolas has agreed to kill Elizabeth. I can't let that happen, but I don't know how to stop it. Should I call Laura or should I go straight to the police?

Stavros: I can't allow you to do either.

Nikolas: Elizabeth's death will be painless and swift.

Helena: What do you have in mind?

Nikolas: Poison. Something fast so she will have absolutely no idea.

Helena: Oh, Nikolas, I have just the thing for you.

Elizabeth. Well, we were just discussing you. How lovely you look. We were wondering what you're doing for dinner tonight.

Elizabeth Well, Nikolas and I have plans.

Nikolas: Well, actually, maybe we can change them. My grandmother would like to join us for dinner.

Elizabeth Oh? What's the occasion?

Helena: Well, it's a -- it's a festive celebration just for the three of us. Unless, of course, Laura has persuaded you not to see Nicolas. What exactly did you and Laura discuss?

Luke: Oh, Laura --

Laura: It's okay.

Luke: I -- I thought that I would never see you again.

Laura: I'm here. Shh. It's okay. I'm here.

Luke: But --

Laura: Shh. Shh. I'm here. Shh. I'm here.

Luke: Laura. Oh, God.

Laura: Oh, God.

Sonny: What part do you have a problem with, Carly?

Carly: Oh, the part where our marriage is dissolved.

Sonny: All right.

Carly: Look, the divorce isn't going to happen no matter what kind of settlement Alexis comes up with.

Sonny: What are you trying to prove?

Carly: I'm fighting --

Sonny: Oh.

Carly: For our marriage. Look, no more begging, no more tears. You want to trash this marriage? Go ahead, just try it. You take one more legal step -- just one -- and it's going to be war.

Sonny: Don't do this.

Carly: Oh, it's too late. You see, I'm fighting for my family -- for you, for me, and Michael. I'm getting back what we had, and no one can stop me. Not even you.

Sonny: I am putting my life back in order.

Carly: Well, you know what? You're not going to have a life until you're back with me and Michael. Look, the happiest you ever were was when we were all together. You would walk through our door, and you would see us, and your face, it would just light up at the sight of us.

Sonny: This isn't about who's happy, who's not happy --

Carly: No, exactly. It's about the fact that you ignore your heart. You think it's not important. God, you don't even know what's good for you. But I do. Okay, I know what makes you happy even though you fight it tooth and nail. But fine. You want to proceed with this? Fine. I will have my lawyer, Asher Wilding, tie you up with so much paperwork, you will be spending every day, all day, in front of a judge.

Alexis: How are you going to accomplish that?

Carly: Legal warfare.

Sonny: You print out another copy?

Carly: You know, print out 100 because they're all going to end up like that one.

Alexis: Carly, the terms of the divorce are very generous. So unless you can object to a specific provision or you can cite some unmet demand, the case should proceed smoothly through the courts.

Carly: Fine. Here is an unmet demand -- I want my company back. I want the 50% of the shares that Sonny sold and took away from me.

Alexis: That's impossible because he sold them.

Carly: Yeah, well, he can buy them back and sign them on over to me. Otherwise we're not discussing a divorce.

Sonny: Tell me that was a bluff.

Alexis: It was a bluff. But it wasn't Carly bluffing. It was me.

Sonny: I'll call Laura.

Alexis: I'm talking about the divorce. See, if Asher Wilding is her attorney, he will stall this thing out until you become a gray-haired old man.

Laura: Luke?

Luke: Uh-huh?

Laura: What is this? What's going on here?

Luke: It's just relief and love and gratitude for the miracle of having you back.

Laura: Having me back? What do you mean?

Luke: Where did you go? Where have you been all this time?

Laura: I went on a business trip, remember? I told you about that.

Luke: No.

Laura: I've been back. I've been back for a few weeks now. You were the one who was gone. Where have you been all this time? I searched everywhere for you. I found your bags where you left them at home, but you had vanished.

Luke: Why didn't you wait for me at the boat?

Laura: What boat?

Luke: Our boat, the Haunted Star.

Laura: Luke -- my God, that was decades ago. Luke, that was another lifetime. No, no, no. I need you to come back to this one. Shh. It's okay. Shh. It's okay.

Gia:  Elizabeth could be six feet under any minute, and you're telling me to do nothing?

Stavros: A young man hugging his grandmother is hardly proof of a conspiracy to commit murder.

Gia: I heard them on the yacht. Helena told Nikolas to kill Elizabeth, and then I see them on the docks giving each other a cozy hug? You know, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to put it together -- he said yes.

Stavros: If the Cassadines get wind of your accusations, then you will become as much of a threat as Elizabeth Webber. You could both disappear without a trace. And if you convince Laura Spencer that her beloved son is a killer, then she would disappear without a trace, too.

Gia: It wouldn't come to that.

Stavros: It might. Gia, you are a beautiful young woman. I have become very, very fond of you.

Gia: I can take care of myself.

Stavros: I know that. But in the process, you are endangering other people.

Gia: So, what can I do?

Stavros: Let me handle it. Look -- I can convince the Cassadines that Elizabeth Webber is no threat. As a matter of fact, I can guarantee her safety.

Gia: And what's in it for you?

Carly: Gia, are you crazy? What are you doing with that pig?

Elizabeth: Laura is hoping things will work out between me and Lucky.

Helena: And will they?

Elizabeth No. No, it's over. Lucky's much different now.

Helena: Oh.

Elizabeth I still can't believe he stole your diamond.

Helena: He'll have to retrieve it.

Elizabeth And apologize to you.

Helena: Well, Elizabeth, I owe you an apology. I was very wrong to accuse you of stealing the Ice Princess. Nikolas made it very clear that you are completely loyal and you would never do anything to undermine him or our family.

Elizabeth: I'm glad you understand that.

Helena: Well, I'd like to make amends, so I'm planning a very special banquet to be served just for the three of us on Nikolas' yacht tonight. It's a sort of -- it's a sort of a
”Welcome to the Cassadines” dinner. I trust you are available.

Nikolas: I'd love it if you could be there.

Elizabeth: Of course.

Helena: Wonderful. Then we'll see you on the yacht at 8:00.

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Helena: This is going to be a most special, special evening.

Nikolas: You saw my mother?

Elizabeth: Yes, and she gave me a drug that'll slow down my heart rate and make it look -- make it look as if I'm dead. I really hope your grandmother buys this.

Nikolas: How safe is this?

Elizabeth: You have to be so careful.

Nikolas: What --

Elizabeth: Nikolas, one drop too much, and my temporary death could become permanent.

Nikolas: Oh -- no, we're not going to do this.

Elizabeth: No, no, no --

Nikolas: No, we're not.

Elizabeth: We've come this far. We have to keep going.

Nikolas: Elizabeth, we don't have to keep going, okay? You have got to get out of town right now.

Luke: I don't know what you're talking about, but it doesn't matter. All that matters is that you're here with me where you belong.

Laura: Luke -- sit down. Come on, sit down.

Laura: Years ago -- I think it was 1983 -- I came back to you after being gone for a long, long time.

Luke: Why didn't you tell me you were going?

Laura: I couldn't. I couldn't because someone grabbed me when I was on the docks. I was kidnapped. I was taken to an island and held captive. I desperately tried to get in touch with you, but I couldn't. And then they told me that you died in an avalanche.

Luke: I remember.

Laura: Good. Good. And then I found out that you were alive, and I escaped, and I came back to Port Charles to see you. Except I didn't think that --

Luke: What?

Laura: I didn't think that I could go back into your world, and I didn't want to bring you into mine. Oh, Luke, I'm sorry. All I wanted to do was to see you. I just wanted to see you one more time. I wanted to know that you were all right.

Luke: You were wearing blue, and the leaves were turning.

Laura: Yeah. It was a fall day. You remember.

Luke: I do. I do. I thought I was dreaming. I thought it was an illusion. I'd wanted you back for so long. I thought my mind was playing tricks.

Laura: Uh-huh. And I thought that you saw me. And then I turned around and I started to walk away.

Luke: Laura! I ran across the lawn, still not believing it. And suddenly the miracle. Oh, my God! There you were in my arms. As beautiful as ever -- my Laura. My wife. What happened to us? Why did we give up so easily?

Laura: We didn't.

Luke: Why did you leave without a word?

Laura: Are you talking about back then? I -- I told you I couldn't. I -- I was kidnapped, and Stavros kept me guarded so --

Luke: Stavros. I killed that bastard.

Laura: Luke -- I know that's what we thought, but we were wrong. Stavros is alive. He's come back, Luke, and you've got to help me. 

Sonny: What can you do to stop Carly?

Alexis: Aside from binding and gagging her, I think the only thing is aggressive legal maneuvers, see how she responds. In the meantime, I'll handle A.J.'s custody case.

Sonny: I'm not worried about A.J.

Alexis: Why not? What did you do?

Sonny: He's under control. But the situation at the lake house wasn't. What was Jax doing there? He attacks my guard. He grabs Kristina, takes her to who knows where. How am I supposed to protect somebody if I don't know where she is?

Alexis: She's at the Quartermaine gatehouse.

Sonny: Hmm? Why?

Alexis: I'm sure he had his reasons.

Sonny: Yeah, I'm sure he had his reasons, too. All right, you know what? I'll put -- I'll put some of my men at the Quartermaine estate -- handymen, gardener, and maids, whatever.

Alexis: Thank you.

Sonny: Can you do me a favor? You tell Jax that if he jumps any of them, he'll regret it?

Alexis: You know, he doesn't really have to know about this.

Sonny: Then why tell old candy boy about Kristina in the first place?

Alexis: "Candy boy"?

Sonny: Yeah. He looks so sweet. He melts under pressure.

Alexis: Ugh.

Sonny: Jax has no steel.

Alexis: Can I tell you something? I have been married to the man, and I can tell that he --

Sonny: He is a spoiled, rich kid --

Alexis: That's not true.

Sonny: Who butts into your business --

Alexis: Not true.

Sonny: Overturns your decision --

Alexis: Not true.

Sonny: Has no respect for you.

Alexis: Not true.

Sonny: Not true? Okay. You make arrangements, and Jax cancels them without consulting you. I do that, and you call me a sexist, unethical, and you give me a lecture on manners.

Alexis: You know, if it weren't for Jax --

Sonny: Hmm.

Alexis: I would never have even met Kristina. He's the one that brought her to town, so I -- if it weren't for him, I wouldn't even know that she's alive.

Sonny: Right.

Alexis: I should be very grateful to him for introducing me to her. You're not even going to ask me who she is, are you?

Sonny: I respect your privacy.

Alexis: You do.

Sonny: Yeah.

Alexis: You know, there are some people that push and they take it as a personal rejection if I don't respond.

Sonny: Well, you would tell me if you wanted me to know.

Alexis: She's my sister.

Helena: Impeccable timing.

Jax: Almost. Yeah, 10 seconds more and you would've missed me altogether.

Helena: Well, I won't take long, I promise.

Jax: Promises from you are hardly incentive.

Helena: Humor me. Well -- ooh. Dining alone? That's so unlike you. And where is your lovely, young companion?

Jax: She had to leave.

Helena: Oh.

Jax: Yes, I know it's a little disappointing, but it's probably better that way. She was distracting me from my raid on Cassadine Industries.

Helena: Oh. Business before pleasure.

Jax: Yeah, well, not for much longer because soon you won't have enough money to bankroll a lemonade stand, let alone a grand scheme.

Helena: Do what you want, Jax. Do what you need to do. But nothing will stand in my way now.

Gia: What's your problem?

Carly: Stay away from this low-class creep.

Gia: Will you stop insulting him?

Carly: Look, you may be an ungrateful twit who turned her back on the woman who launched her career --

Gia: Well, if that's your opinion, why do you even give a damn who I see?

Carly: No woman should get within 10 yards of this groping octopus.

Gia: Lucien is a perfect gentleman.

Stavros: Actually, she may have a point. The day we met, I was not myself. I behaved abominably.

Carly: Yeah, that's one word for it.

Stavros: I am not the man you met in the park that day.

Carly: Oh, really? Who was he, your evil twin brother?

Stavros: I apologize for my behavior. I was reacting to a stinging rejection. A woman I loved cruelly betrayed me.

Gia: You didn't tell me that.

Stavros: No, I didn't. It was and is painful to talk about. But I owe you an explanation. That woman held my heart in her hands, and she callously tossed it away. You told me that day about your loss. I was also suffering a loss, and -- please forgive me. Would you introduce me to your friend?

Gia: Carly Corinthos, this is Lucien Cain, an international investor.

Stavros: Why did I think your name was Spencer?

Carly: It's my mother's maiden name. So, you invest money?

Stavros: And I make it.

Carly: In what? Real estate, business?

Stavros: Yes.

Gia: You know what? Do you think you're going to be able to handle that problem we discussed?

Stavros: Yes, I guarantee it. I promise.

Gia: Okay. Thanks. I got to run. I'll see you later.

Carly: So, what do you know about takeovers?

Stavros: Quite a lot, actually. That's my specialty. See, I'm not afraid to do anything to get what I want.

Luke: Stavros is a human plague. He's a demon that somehow escaped from hell.

Laura: That's right, and we have to send him back there.

Luke: No, not you -- me. Me. It's too dangerous for you.

Laura: Luke, Helena has done something to you.

Luke: Exactly. That's why I have nothing to lose.

Laura: Okay. Just try to concentrate, all right? Please, this is very important. Have you seen Stavros lately?

Luke: Yes.

Laura: You have? Luke, do you know where he is now?

Luke: I think so.

Laura: Where?

Jax: You're a psychopath, dangerous, and long overdue to be stopped.

Helena: Pity this annoyingly stubborn streak in a man who is otherwise so adequate. Oh, you should know better than to go against me. I can offer someone like you the world, literally.

Jax: Why would I accept anything from you when I can just take it for myself? When your fortune is in ruins -- which it shouldn't be too much longer now -- then you'll have me to thank.

Helena: Well, I'm sorry to hear that. When someone is foolish enough to go against me, they usually end up with nothing -- or worse. There's nothing you can do to protect Alexis.

Alexis: There's something wrong with me.

Sonny: I don't think so. Maybe it's the asthma? You get it checked?

Alexis: It was so easy for me to tell you about Kristina. Now, why was that?

Sonny: Why was that? Because you know it's okay.

Alexis: Well, why don't I know that it's okay with Ned?

Sonny: Well --

Alexis: I mean, he wanted to know, and I wouldn't tell him. Why do I keep him at arm's length? He's trustworthy. I can certainly trust him with anything, any secret that I have. But I didn't tell him, and it hurt his feelings, and I completely understand that. What I don't understand is me. Why am I so annoying?

Sonny: Ahem. When you love somebody, that doesn't mean they belong in your life. They can love you back, but they might not get the code you live by.

Alexis: The code?

Sonny: Yeah, the code.

Alexis: You're going to talk about the code again.

Sonny: Well --

Alexis: You love talking about the code. I think "the code" is a polite euphemism for "complete disregard for the ethics and principles of a democratic society." I mean, I would no sooner subscribe to that code than I would I don't know what.

Sonny: What?

Alexis: I can't think of anything repugnant enough at the moment. What's that code ever done for you, anyway, besides get you shot at and make your life miserable?

Sonny: It got me money, it got me power, and able to afford the best lawyer in the state.

Alexis: Oh. Thank you.

Sonny: What I'm saying is, Alexis, you can love somebody and not be able to tell them things.

Alexis: Why can't Ned see that?

Sonny: Because he's never -- he's never been trapped or helpless. He never promised himself that he was going to do whatever it took to be so powerful, so smart, competent, and not let anything touch him in his life.

Alexis: The problem is, is that you go through life not letting anything touch you, and it doesn't, even when you want it to. Surviving marks you, and maybe only another survivor can see it.

Sonny: Maybe Ned doesn't respect your privacy.

Alexis: And Carly respects yours?

Sonny: If she did, I wouldn't be divorcing her.

Alexis: You know, this is very interesting because your reason for divorcing Carly keeps shifting. First it's betrayal, and now it's the fact that she doesn't respect your privacy? Are you even sure why you're divorcing Carly? Are you even certain a divorce is what you want?

Carly: I built the company from scratch, I discovered Gia, and I pushed for her to be the face, against the objections of my partner and everybody else. And the minute it took off, it was just snatched away from me.

Stavros: You must've been crushed.

Carly: Do I look crushed to you? Look, I just want a chance to prove that I'm a real player and to prove to my husband how wrong he was to throw me away.

Stavros: I understand.

Carly: So, can I get my company back? And not just the original shares. I want the whole thing.

Stavros: Of course.

Carly: Wow.

Stavros: To acquire what you want, you need to destroy it first.

Laura: Where did you see Stavros?

Luke: I see him all the time reflected in Nikolas' face.

Laura: No. That's not what I meant.

Luke: Nikolas is Stavros' revenge against us. He's a spawn from hell sent to rip us apart.

Laura: No, Luke, that's not what I meant. That was before. Stay in the present, okay? Remember, Nikolas is a good person. He's helping us. He's on our side.

Luke: No, no, no.

Laura: Okay. Where's the lab?

Luke: Uh, down.

Laura: Down where?

Luke: It's close by, but it's below. It's way far below.

Laura: Concentrate. Just concentrate. It's very important. Okay. It's all right. You did see Stavros alive, right? You did. And not just reflected in Nikolas' face. You saw him in the flesh. He was alive. Right?

Luke: I saw Stavros alive.

Laura: Where? Where is the lab?

Elizabeth: I can't leave. I have to do this for Lucky.

Nikolas: I know, Elizabeth, but no one is worth dying for.

Elizabeth: Nikolas, sit down. Listen. If you do this, Helena will trust you. She'll tell you all her secrets, including what she plans to do with Lucky. Once we know, we can protect him and keep him from hurting anybody else.

Nikolas: I just --

Elizabeth: Nikolas, please. You can't bail on me now, okay? You are Lucky's last hope. You can find out everything, and then we can finally stop Helena.

Nikolas: I just -- I hate all of this.

Elizabeth: I know. I know. But you know what? You're going to do it.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Guess I'd better go get ready for my last meal. Come on.

Sonny: I -- I can't -- I can't trust Carly.

Alexis: You know, she's fiercely loyal in her own irrational way.

Sonny: I cannot get past what she did.

Alexis: I don't mean to defend her.

Sonny: Right.

Alexis: To me, she's the human equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard. But I know what she's meant to you, I know what Michael means to you, and I don't want to see you regret anything.

Sonny: There are things Carly will never understand.

Alexis: That's true.

Sonny: The divorce is on.

Alexis: Okay. I'll pursue it.

Sonny: I'll protect Kristina. I'll keep your sister safe.

Alexis: Thank you. Sonny, I really --

Sonny: I know, I know. Me, too.

Stavros: The way to gain control of what you want is to strategically dismantle it. Once the company is destabilized and devalued, then it is ripe for the plucking.

Carly: Okay. Well, take Deception, then. What would you do?

Stavros: Well, first I would have to look at your financial statements. And then I would say a few words to the vendors, create dissension among the staff. A few strategic words to the distributors, and then I would be on my way.

Carly: Well, you're cold.

[Stavros chuckles]

Carly: But I like it. So, are you available for consulting?

Stavros: If my schedule allows.

Carly: Where can I reach you?

Stavros: I'll reach you. And very, very soon.

Laura: Where is the Cassadine lab?

Luke: Underneath.

Laura: Underneath what?

Luke: Underneath. It's -- it's not on any map.

Laura: How would I get there?

Luke: I followed the trace of tar and gravel.

Laura: What tar and gravel?

Luke: On your bedroom rug, there was tar and gravel. I followed it. It was a trail right to the gates of hell. People pass by there all the time. They don't even notice. Nobody -- nobody knows it's there. But it's got no guards. It's got not locks. It was so easy. Laura, I just slid the doors open.

Laura: What doors, Luke?

Luke: It's -- oh -- it's near a place where we had a big party. A big party. Everybody was there. You were there.

Laura: When?

Luke: The Nurses Ball. The Nurses Ball.

Laura: The Nurses Ball?

Luke: Yeah, the entrance to the lab is -- uh --

Laura: It's okay. You can tell me. You can tell me anything.

Luke: I know. I love you. I love you.

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