GH Transcript Monday 10/1/01


General Hospital Transcript Monday 10/1/01

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy

Mac: Are you sure this is the woman you saw outside the ICU that night and not this one?

Man: It was her, all right. I remember the red hair.

Mac: Thank you for your cooperation.

Officer: I'll take the rest of his statement.

Mac: All right. Bobbie, you want to explain what you were doing outside ICU?

Alan: She's a surgical nurse. She has every right to check on her patients.

Mac: According to hospital records, Bobbie wasn't scheduled to work that night. In fact, you didn't even sign in. Your vacation started that morning, didn't it?

Bobbie: Oh, well, Mac, obviously, you know it did. I came to check my locker.

Melissa: Maybe your witness is just confused about where he saw her.

Mac: Staff lockers are no where near the I.C.U. Is that your story, Bobbie? You're sticking to that?

Bobbie: Mac, it's not a story. It's the truth.

Melissa: Just because she was in I.C.U. doesn't mean that she was in Sorel's room.

Mac: Thank you, but I'd rather hear that from Bobbie. Were you in Sorel's room?

Alan: You don't have to answer that question, Bobbie.

Mac: This is a murder investigation. All I need to make inquiries is a reasonable suspicion that you or your staff were involved. So save your moral outrage for some other time.

Alan: You have gone way beyond reasonable. This is my hospital, and you are grilling my staff.

Mac: As a matter of fact, aren't you the one that said you wanted Sorel out of this hospital one way or another? Isn't that right? 

Bobbie: I was in ICU. Is that what you wanted to hear?

Mac: Yeah, well, it's a start. Now, what did you do there?

Lucky: Are you sure this is where my dad wanted us to come?

Roy: Well, if Luke told you I had to hustle, he was referring to a phrase seen we ran the campus disco. We were actually running stolen goods for Frank Smith. That place was an abandoned warehouse we used for storage, and "doing the hustle" meant moving the stuff out of storage, so this ought to be it.

Lucky: Well, it doesn't sound like it's abandoned anymore.

Roy: Yes. Lucky

Lucky: Okay then it's just like the one that was inside the cave wall.

Roy: Except the one in the cave had a little body in the box, right?

Lucky: What does it mean that this one is empty? Somebody that came out of a coffin? Does that make any sense to you?

Stavros: I have some news about Nikolas. It turns out that he's more like you than I had thought. He seems to be contemplating murder. Elizabeth Webber, a matter of fact. I have to hand it to you, Mother. It is the perfect test of his loyalty.

Helena: I only just mentioned a few hours ago. Where did you hear it?

Stavros: From the jilted, heartbroken ex-lover -- a very good traditional source of information. 

Helena: How would Gia know about the plans?

Stavros: She eavesdropped, Mother, of course. You really must be losing your touch.

Helena: Gia heard everything?

Stavros: I assume so, yes.

Helena: And she warns Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Now is not a good time, Gia.

Gia: Trust me. You need to hear this.

Gia: I hate that things are so weird between us just over a guy. 

Elizabeth: Right.

Gia: Look, I think I was wrong about you, and I know you are wrong about me, and I'm going to fix that.

Elizabeth: Well, how, exactly?

Gia: Look, nothing is going to get better between us if we're just avoiding each other. So, well, I was thinking maybe we could hang out a little, or a lot. Maybe we could go shopping or something?

Elizabeth: Now?

Gia: There's never a bad time to shop, right?

Elizabeth: Drop the act, Gia. What do you really want?

Gia: I want you to stay away from Nikolas.

Scott: All right, come on --

Nikolas: Scott, let go! What, are you nuts? Hey!

Nikolas: Hey! Hey! Come on!

Nikolas: Get your hands off me!

Scott: Calm down!

Nikolas: You have no right to attack me.

Scott: He's outside sneaking around like some thief in the night.

Nikolas: Mom, what is this? 

Scott: Hey, you want a punch in the nose?

Laura: Scotty, please sit! He's my son, after all.

Scott: Well, he should show me some respect.

Nikolas: Oh, why is that, Scotty? What has she ever done to earn it? I'm only her son when it suits her, right come on, Mom. You've never seen me for the son I really am, the son of Stavros Cassadine, carrying on a legacy that will last forever.

Laura: Oh, my. You know already.

Nikolas: I know what?

[Knock on door]

Alexis: Hi. I'm looking for Jax is he here?

Ned: Nice to see you too.

Alexis: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. 

Ned: Well, that's a switch. Come on in.

Alexis: Jax is trying to get a hold of me I tried tell him, but I can't find him anywhere.

Ned: Relax. He called. He's running late. So maybe you can explain a couple things. 

Kristina: I think he means me.

Alexis: She's here?

Ned: She's moved in. Kristina is my roommate.

Laura’s: Stop you from turning into your father. You know what hearing his name does to me, and still, you use it just to hurt me.

Nikolas: My father is dead. I don't think there's any need to revisit who's responsible> Now, with him gone, the mantle passes to me.

Laura: I need to speak to you. I need to speak to you alone, and thank you, Scotty, that will be all I ask. 

Scott: I'll go make myself a sandwich, you make yourself at home.

Nikolas: You do that.

Laura: Nikolas, why did you come here? You have any idea how dangerous this is? Helena sees you, do you know what will happen?

Nikolas: Helena wants more than my loyalty. Now she wants me to commit.

Nikolas: My prospective victim is Elizabeth.

Laura: Helena wants to leave?

Nikolas: That's why I came here, Mom. I need your help.

Gia: Trust me, okay? I'm thinking about you.

Elizabeth: Trust you? You don't care what happens to me.

Gia: That's not true.

Elizabeth: Oh, please Gia, you are so transparent, not to mention shallow unreliable, self-abed --

Gia: Well don't hold back anything.

Elizabeth: This is all part of your ridiculous theory because Nikolas and I don't hang all over each other. Well let me tell you something, Gia -- you're in denial. You just didn't want him with anybody else but you, 

Gia: I do want to have anything to do with Nikolas. 

 Elizabeth: That is such a lie. You want to break us up so you can have Nikolas back.

Gia: Why would I want that? Nikolas has my number. And the minute Helena knows, just like she did that night. He does whatever she tells him to. The woman is sick. She knows Nikolas. 

Elizabeth: Get out.

Gia: Okay. I may be way out of line. But I'm being honest Elizabeth. You’re incredibly talented. Isee what Lucky saw in you, what Nikolas sees in you and maybe you're the one. Maybe I'm just jealous of you, and you know that. Look, can't you just find it in your heart to spend time together, maybe teach me to be a better person.

Elizabeth: No. So whatever it you came to say, spill it and leave.

 Roy: So does that ring any kind of bell in your head?

Lucky: Whatever it is it's gone. It's like it comes and goes, like it's hard to pin down, you know?

Roy: Yes.

Lucky: It's definitely something. I know my dad was here. There's no doubt in my mind.

Roy: So let's go ask after him.

Roy: Well, this looks like the kind of place your dad would hang in. I've got a bad feeling already.

Lucky: I think it's worth investigating.

Roy: Yeah. Hey.

Bartender: Yeah.

Roy: We're looking for a friend of ours. We're hoping you might have seen him.

Bartender: This look like missing persons? Put his face on a milk carton.

Roy: Yeah, well, the thing is we're -- we're sort of in a hurry and it'll important to us that we find him.

Bartender: What's this friend look like?

Roy: He's tall. Got whitish-gray hair, earring. Answers to Luke. Does that sound familiar?

Bartender: I seen him, and I hate to break it to you, but the dude ain't long for the world.

Bobbie: I was trying to find Luke because I was worried about him. And you can even ask Taggert. He saw him that night. Came by my house. Actually, Taggert wanted to arrest Luke, but Luke took off, and I didn't know where he went, so I came over here to see if he was here, and he wasn't, so I decided to check my locker because sometimes he'll leave a note for me in there.

Mac: Oh, well, does Luke leave notes for you in the I.C.U. as well?

Bobbie: No. I wanted to look in on Zander.

Mac: So, you were worried about Luke, but you had time to visit a patient?

Bobbie: Well, yeah, because I knew I was going on vacation. I was going to be gone for a while, and I wanted to check Zander's progress. Why are you making this sound so sinister?

Mac: Can Zander verify any of this?

Bobbie: Actually, he can't because he was asleep.

Mac: What about the guard outside Sorel's door? Was he asleep, too?

Bobbie: I don't know. I didn't notice.

Mac: Bobbie, why would you visit Zander Smith?

Bobbie: Because Zander Smith saved my daughter's life. He took a bullet meant for Carly fired by Sorel.

Mac: Sorel -- a man who held your daughter hostage, a man who sent a bomb to Carly and your grandson, a man who was in the room across from Zander Smith just lying there helpless.

Alan: That's enough.

Mac: You all had motive.  Bobbie, whose family was continuously threatened by Sorel, Melissa -- Melissa, whose brother was murdered on Sorel's orders, and the Doctors Quartermaine, whose daughter was targeted that very night. You know, that's enough to haul all of you in right now.

Officer: Commissioner.

Mac: Yes. Well, looks like I've got some information that could narrow down the list.

Mac: There was an EKG simulator found in Sorel's room. This is a teaching hospital, right?

Alan: One of the best in the country.

Mac: And an EKG simulator is used as a teaching aid, correct?

Alan: Generally.

Mac: It says here, Bobbie, that you teach a course in cardiac nursing.

Bobbie: Yes, I do, from time to time.

Mac: There were five EKG simulators listed on the General Hospital inventory master log. Four of them were still in storage after Sorel's death. The one we found in Sorel's room matched the serial number of the fifth, so we know it was supplied in-house. Now, you'd have to know the procedure for signing that out or at least how to get around that pesky little detail. And it sure would help if you had a working knowledge of cardiology.

Alan: That's it. There will be no further questions answered without hospital counsel being present. We have jobs to do.

Mac: This is unbelievable that -- for a group of medical professionals, you sure don't seem too disturbed that a man was murdered in this hospital.

Alan: Monica, let's go.

Mac: Not quite. There's still one piece of evidence you have to explain.

Nikolas: Look, Mom, you faked your own death once. Okay, now I've got to do the same thing for Elizabeth. If I can convince Helena that I have killed her, Elizabeth will be safe. Then I will have proved my loyalty. She will have to tell me her plans for Lucky.

Laura: No. No, no. There's got to be another way to do this.

Nikolas: There's not, okay? I have worked this all the way through. I've got to follow it out. I am tired of hurting the people I love and telling lies. It's driving me nuts. And I got to tell you something -- when this is over, I am going to get down on my hands and knees and beg Gia for my forgiveness. And if by some miracle that she takes me back, I want to start a life with her outside of this insanity. But first thing is first. Elizabeth seems to think that somehow, some way we can make this work.

Laura: That isn't impossible, but it's really dangerous.

Nikolas: Listen to me. I am desperate. Will you help?

Bartender: Your buddy comes waltzing in here like he owns the joint and starts making time with my girl. Guy's all over her, talking her up. Some of the dumbest lines I ever heard. But my girl, well, she thinks he's cute.

Lucky: What kind of lines?

Bartender: How he's going to make her queen of this disco he claims he owns.

Roy: Then what?

Bartender: I threw him out on his head, not that it probably did much damage. And I'll tell you something -- I don't think it's the first time he's gone out looking for trouble.

Roy: Why would you say that?

Bartender: A couple of other guys came in right after he left. Real weird dudes, you know what I'm saying? All dressed in black, like it was Halloween or something. They probably found him now.

Lucky: Helena.

Roy: Anything else you could tell us, man? Like, did he say anything that would give you a clue about where he might be headed next?

Bartender: Nope. And if I never see him again, it'll be a week too soon.

Lucky: I never thought he would do this.

Roy: Do what? Why do you suppose that your father is so hung up on the past all of a sudden? I mean, he sends you through a cave you last saw when you were a kid, then to this place that he and I hung in back in 1979. And the bartender says he was talking about the campus disco like it hadn't been built yet. Where's he going with that?

Lucky: I don't know. The only thing I know is we've got to find him. If Helena gets to him first, we're not going to have any more clues.

Roy: Okay, we got to concentrate on where he might have gone next, Lucky. Let's call this place a dead end.

Lucky: Maybe not.

Man: Do you see him?

Second man: Try over there.

Alexis: What are you doing here?

Kristina: Jax brought me.

Ned: She needed a place to hide out.

Alexis: Did he tell you why?

Ned: Something about a scandal in the Tunisian royal family.

Kristina: Oh, I'm sorry, Alexis. I had to admit everything to him. You know, how the queen threatened me with prison to get her son to marry that insanely jealous princess of Lobelia.

Ned: Lithuania.

Kristina: No, Lobelia.

Ned: There's no such place.

Kristina: Of course there is. It's right in between Burkina Faso and Ellefurtando.

[Kristina chuckles]

Alexis: What's going on here?

Ned: I have no idea. No one seems to be giving me a straight answer, so maybe you can tell me who Kristina is to you and why am I really hiding her out?

Mac: It's my understanding Sorel was hooked up to an I.V.

Melissa: Most patients in I.C.U. are.

Mac: Any idea what drugs he was getting?

Melissa: That would be in his chart.

Mac: Sorel suffered from an embolism?

Monica: A pulmonary embolism, yes. That's blood clots forming on a lung. They had to be removed.

Mac: So the drug you ordered for Sorel had to do with the embolism.

Monica: An anticoagulant, to keep new clots from forming.

Mac: And if they had?

Monica: Well, chances are it would have killed him.

Alan: Commissioner, what's the point of all this? I mean, we're talking about basic medical stuff here. It can be found in any textbook.

Mac: The autopsy showed only trace amounts of the drug in Sorel's body when he died. There's a possibility that someone intentionally turned off the medication so the blood would clot, maybe in his lungs or his heart.

Bobbie: Mac, there were a lot of people who had motive. Why are you coming down on us?

Mac: I'm sorry if this is uncomfortable for you. It's no picnic for me, either. Look, I consider most of you my friends, and I'm telling you as a friend that it's better to come clean now than later.

Alan: We have, all of us.

Mac: Well, just keep in mind that if there's something that someone doesn't feel comfortable saying in front of anyone else, you can tell me.

Alan: Well, in the interests of hospital administration, I am going to hold an internal investigation. I'll let you know the results.

Mac: Thank you. I appreciate that. Let's go. Oh, Dr. Quartermaine.

Alan and Monica: Yes.

Mac: I meant Monica. You were still in the I.C.U. after you escorted Melissa out of Sorel's room, right?

Monica: I told you that.

Mac: And you said he was still alive. Can anyone verify where you went?

Monica: Yes.

Mac: Thank you.

Monica: Wow, I thought the Spanish inquisition was over.

Melissa: He just won't go away.

Alan: Yeah, well, Mac's only doing his job.

Melissa: I meant Sorel.

Alan: Apparently, this case is very complicated. So whatever we did or we didn't do, we have to stick together.

Bobbie: Thanks for suggesting the janitor might have been mistaken about where he saw me. I was real sorry to hear about what happened to your brother. Have you always known?

Melissa: Roy told me shortly before Sorel died.

Bobbie: As far as I'm concerned, Sorel got what he deserved.

Roy: Ooh, I don't think you want to go there, do you?

Lucky: We need information, right? It's exactly what my dad would do. And if nothing else, I am my father's son.

Roy: That's what worries me, man.

[Phone rings]

Roy: Hello?

Melissa: Roy? I can hardly hear you. Where are you?

Roy: I'm in a bar on 12th Street. I can't hear you either, Melissa. Are you -- are you okay? What happened with the police after I left? Hello? Oh, hell. The wonders of technology.

Woman: Thanks. You aren't going to make me drink alone.

Lucky: Nope. I'm actually going to sit here and watch you.

Woman: I should warn you -- buck there doesn't much take to me talking to strangers.

Lucky: Yeah? What's your name?

Woman: Jonnie.

Lucky: I'm Lucky. I guess we're not strangers anymore, are we?

Joonie: I guess not, at that.

Lucky: So I hear you're into disco.

Joonie: You mean that guy who was in here? You know him?

Lucky: He's a friend of my father's.

Joonie: He was different. I'll give him that.

Lucky: Different how?

Joonie: Into some nasty stuff.

Lucky: Really? Like what?

Joonie: For one thing, he wanted me to go with him to some graveyard. Tell me that isn't weird.

Lucky: You got to be kidding me.

Joonie: Swear to God.

Lucky: Do you know which one?

Scott: Hey, what happened to little Prince Cassadine?

Laura: He's gone.

Scott: He's got to stay gone. What'd you say?

Laura: You know, when you use that word, I can't help but think of Stavros, that's all.

Scott: Well, Stavros -- he's dead and gone. So what did Nikolas want?

Laura: The usual, you know. He's angry. He wants to talk about Luke and Lucky and Helena. It's pretty much always the same with him.

Scott: Laura, listen, I'm going to go out on the limb here, all right? I think that with what's going on with the noises you're hearing and all of this mess, I think I should maybe hang my hat here for a while.

Laura: Thank you, Scotty.

Scott: Listen, I'm not trying to take advantage of the situation. I just worry about you.

Laura: No, I know that. I know.

Scott: But you don't think it's a good idea, huh?

Laura: I'm not saying yes or no. I need to think about that a little bit. But you know what? I have to be somewhere right now, actually, and I would feel a lot better if I knew that you were here in the house with my mom and Lulu.

Scott: Okay. I'll stick around.

Laura: Thank you.

Scott: Look, Laura, listen. I know something's going on.

Laura: Scotty --

Scott: Okay, I'm not going to push anything right now, all right? For now.

Laura: Okay. Thank you.

Scott: All right. See you later.

Laura: Yeah.

Scott: Be careful.

Laura: I will.

Elizabeth: I'm waiting, Gia. So try telling me the truth for a change. What are you really doing?

Gia: I don't know, okay? It's nothing sinister or horrible. I -- I'm just trying to save something here.

Elizabeth: Save what?

Gia: Like you, maybe, and me and Lucky, and possibly even what's left of Nikolas. Look, it's not easy seeing someone you loved wind up with another person, especially when you know that somebody is going to get hurt. I know you say that Lucky doesn't care about you anymore and that Nikolas doesn't care about me. And, well, you don't seem to care about anybody. But you know what? Feelings just don't disappear, not for me, not for anyone.

Elizabeth: Things happen. People change, not always the way you want, but it isn't up to you.

Gia: I've been in love, Elizabeth, and I know it doesn't just vanish. I want to believe that love just doesn't fade away like that.

Nikolas: Elizabeth, it's all set. What are you doing here?

Gia: You stay away from her. Do you hear me?

Helena: Oh, damn these children. If Gia Campbell knows as much as you say, she could cause a great deal of unpleasantness.

Stavros: Oh, don't worry, Mother. I have convinced Gia Campbell that going to the authorities would be a mistake.

Nikolas: Liz and I am together, Gia. Why can't you get that?

Elizabeth: That's what I keep telling her over and over, but she doesn't seem to get it. I even asked her to leave, and she won't.

Nikolas: You see, you've heard Elizabeth. Just leave.

Gia: Who died and made you prince? I will leave when I feel like it. What did you mean when you said, "It's all set"?

Elizabeth: It's none of your business.

Nikolas: Well, you know, actually, there's no reason that we can't tell her. I've decided to take Elizabeth away for the weekend, just the two of us.

Gia: Really? Where?

Nikolas: Somewhere secluded and romantic. It really is none of your business.

Elizabeth: I'm ready whenever you are.

Gia: You can't go.

Nikolas: And why not?

Laura: Bobbie, you got a minute?

Bobbie: Yeah, sure.

Laura: Come here.

Bobbie: You okay?

Laura: No. Bobbie, listen -- we are all in danger. This is very important. It's not just Luke anymore, okay? It's up to us to protect each other, okay? And we have to do it without asking too many questions.

Bobbie: It sounds to me as if you're asking for something. What is it?

Laura: Is there a drug that simulates death, something that could fool somebody long enough?

Bobbie: Yeah. Yeah, there is.

Laura: Do you have it here at the hospital?

Lucky: You know, sometimes what Luke does and what he says is not exactly what he means. Now, are you certain that he asked you to go to a cemetery?

Jonnie: It got even weirder. He kept asking me if I knew who was buried in Grant's tomb. Grant's tomb? How strange is that? Of course, I didn't know.

Lucky: I do.

Melissa: Hey.

Roy: Hi.

Melissa: Hi.

Roy: How'd you find us?

Melissa: There's only one bar on 12th Street, so --

Roy: Are you okay? I was afraid you were calling from the police station.

Melissa: Oh, no, no. I'm fine now.

Roy: Come here. We might be on to something, so let's just chill --

Lucky: So is there anything else you remember that he said or that he did?

Jonnie: The guy is totally gothic, you know? Graveyards and tombs and people not being buried where they're supposed to be.

Lucky: Thank you. Thanks. Roy, we got to go.

Roy: Where?

Lucky: Grant cemetery. I'll explain on the way.

Roy: Okay. So, Melissa, this is our cue to leave.

Melissa: Oh, you know what? The strangest thing, though, here. Buck's from Chicago.

Roy: Oh, that's great. We'll have to catch up sometime. Right now we got to hit the road.

Buck: Give the lady some room, man. We're just getting acquainted here, like my girl and your friend there.

Roy: Yeah, yeah. Some other time, yeah.

Buck: No time like the present. Ain't that right, doll?

Melissa: "Doll"? Are you talking to me?

Buck: I could use a little time with the lady here.

Man: Yeah, we've got your back.

Lucky: Whoa, whoa, hey, you guys. You know what? There are plenty of ladies to go around this place. In fact, there's two coming in right now.

Roy: In the back there? Hey! Watch out!

Buck: Oh!

Melissa: Let's get out of here.

Roy: All right. Let's get out.

Melissa: What was that about? All right, where are we going?

Lucky: I got to find my dad. I just hope it's not too late.

Melissa: Are you all right?

Kristina: If you’re thinking about telling him, it’ s okay with me.

Alexis: Kristina is my client.

Ned: Your client? Well, that makes sense.

Alexis: Would you mind if I had a minute alone.  

Ned: Take a minute. Be my guest.

Kristina: Why didn't you tell him?

Alexis: I have no idea.

Monica:  Oh, this ridiculous. I can't concentrate. Let's just go home.

Alan: I meant what after Mac left we have to stick together. They're desperate to make anarrest. You did it that night, didn't you?

Monica: I did.

Alan: Come in. It is just after I got there. Right.

Bobbie: Laura. Whoever it is for has to take serious precautions because it’s dosage will slow down the heart rate and lower the blood pressure point where it seems the heart has stopped. But if the person much, they go into full arrest.

Gia: Lucky is still in trouble, okay? And Nikolas doesn't care.

Elizabeth: Lucky's made it clear that he doesn’t need me. Ready?

Gia: At least let me know where you are going.

Elizabeth: Why?

Gia: At least let me know where I can contact you in case of a matter of life or death, Elizabeth.

Nikolas: Okay, look, the whole point of getting away along is no one knows where we are so that no can contact us, okay? So forget about it, okay?

Gia: Get away from her.

Elizabeth: All right, that's it, Gia. Out.

Nikolas: You know, actually, it's okay. I would like to speak to Gia alone, okay?

Elizabeth: All right, but by the time I get back, I want her gone, okay?

Nikolas: She will be. Don't worry.

Nikolas: All right, Gia. What's really going on?

Gia: Who the hell are you, and what do you plan to do to poor Elizabeth?

Roy: What makes you think Luke meant here, man?

Lucky: It's the only crypt in the cemetery that makes sense.

Melissa: Why?

Lucky: It's a Cassadine.

Roy: Well, it looks like somebody paid a visit recently.

Lucky: Whoa!

Roy: Hey! What? What the hell?

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