GH Transcript Wednesday 9/26/01


General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 9/26/01

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy

Gia: Why bother faking this big romance? What is really going on, Elizabeth?

Sonny: You had an affair with Jasper Jacks?

Angel: I did.

Carly: I bet Sonny was angry. He hates secrets.

Angel: You did really good, Carly.

Jax: My congratulations to your wife on a game well played. I hope she gets you back.

Jax: Why would you assume that I was going to ask you about Sonny?

Angel: Well, I just came from a lovely encounter with Carly at the Port Charles Grill, and, I swear, that woman is a menace. She has absolutely no limits.

Jax: Well, she's not lying about everything. I mean, you are involved with Sonny, right?

Angel: Oh, that depends on what you mean by "involved." We didn't sleep together.

Jax: Is it over?

Angel: Look, I understand you care about this because of your past with Sonny.

Jax: I only bring it up because of my past with you. I care about you, Angel.

Carly: Hey. When did you get here?

Sonny: Well, I -- you know, I -- I thought I'd stop by and read Michael a bedtime story, but he's already asleep.

Carly: Yeah, well, he wears himself out riding that new bicycle. Practices every day, though, just like you told him to.

Sonny: He's going to take off the training wheels next week.

Carly: Next week? Wait, wait, wait. What if he falls?

Sonny: Everybody falls at first. You just got to pick him up, you know, encourage him to keep going.

Carly: It's excellent advice.

Sonny: For bicycle riding. The place looks good.

Carly: Yeah. Settling in.

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: Michael loves his new room and it's nice having a big back yard.

Sonny: Beats the atrium at the Harbor View Towers.

Carly: But the rooms are small, bathrooms.

Sonny: Right.

Carly: And there are so many trees out back, you can't even see the sky at night. And Michael, he still loves to look up at the stars.

Sonny: Jason started him with that.

Carly: Doesn't matter. He doesn't remember. Thought it was you.

Sonny: I'll take him out on the boat one night. You could see the stars real clear from the middle of the river.

Carly: Yeah? Am I invited?

Sonny: Well, I mean --

Carly: Hmm.

Sonny: If you're there for Michael, sure. If you're there for me, no.

Carly: Look, Sonny, we are still family.

Sonny: Not the way you mean. Ahem.

Carly: What is that?

Nikolas: How long do you expect me to put up with this, Grandmother? You know, I got to tell you, I let you meddle in my personal life, even tell me which woman is suitable enough now, that's as far as I go. Now, you either give me what is truthfully mine or I will take it.

Helena: Well, there is nothing I want more than for you to claim your birthright, Nikolas, but I'd to know that you're ready. Before I give wings to you, not to that you're going see it wisely. You need to how to protect yourself and deal with traitors, particularly Elizabeth Webber.

Gia: Nikolas there or not? Most of them , neither one of you see or care to. Elizabeth's all favor -- alone with Nikolas

Gia: Why do you care now when you didn't before? I mean, I told you Nikolas wasn't all talk to have me in bed. He was sitting right here and could deny it.

Elizabeth: Nothing happened,

Gia: Not because he didn't try. I mean he was all vulnerable about Chloe Morgan's death and said that he needs to find a way back to me, He was kissing me and holding me and in that time was right there, ready to

Elizabeth: but when I told you about it, you didn't seem to care, and still don't.† Iím sure there's a point to all of this, but I have better things that I --

Gia: Okay, you know what? Elizabethís point is you blew it, and you are not leaving until you tell me what it is.

Roy: Luke? It's Roy and Lucky you in here, man? Luke! Itís no time to be playing hide-and-seek.

Lucky: Dad!

Roy: As soon as we find food. This stove is still warm. Somebody must've just stepped out.

Lucky: Either that or trying to get away.

Roy: Let's check outside. Let's stay within shouting distance. It may not be just your father out there.

Lucky: Okay.

Roy: I'll say this for him †-- even out of his mind, he's a tough man to track.

Lucky: Yeah, well, the old man used to tell me if you worked hard enough at it, it'll come as an instinct.

Roy: Yeah, but even instinct follows a pattern. I mean, why would he come here after the cave? What does this place mean to him?

Lucky: We faced a lot of truths here.

Roy: What kind of truths, man?

Lucky: Well, after my father told me what he had did to my mother, I tried to cut him out of my life. But he dragged me up here and made me deal with him. I refused until he got hurt.

Roy: What happened?

Lucky: He got his leg caught in a wolf trap.

Roy: Whoa.

Lucky: We were angry. We were throwing things. It was --

Roy: It must've been awful.

Lucky: Well, anyway, his leg got infected, and I couldn't just let him die, and he got very weak and delriouis. He told me that no matter what happened between my mother and my father, that he loved my mother and that it wasn't in my place to judge them. We made peace. So the only thing I can think of why he would come here is to make peace with himself before he dies.

Roy: No, no, he did not come here to die, Lucky. I know he didn't. If he came here, it's for another reason.

Lucky: Yeah, but he drew a coffin on the side of that wall inside the cave.

Roy: Not necessarily his own coffin. For that matter, we don't even know that it was Luke who was actually here. It could've been -- you know, it could've been a transient or something. It could've been --

Lucky: No, it was him.

Roy: How do you know?

Lucky: The food.

Roy: What?

Lucky: Tortillas, eggs, rice, beans -- it's classic Spencer omelet. I actually made one for him after I realized that I loved him. God, I wish I could tell him that right now.

Roy: You'll get your chance. We're going to find him.

Lucky: We need to get out of here.

Roy: What?

Lucky: Just -- I have this feeling that something bad's happening to my mom.

Roy: Okay, let's go.

Lucky: All right.

Scott: Hey, hey --

[Laura screams]

Scott: It's me. It's just me. No, come on, Laura. It's all right.

Laura: Scotty.

Scott: It's just me. It's all right. Calm down, all right? What's the matter? What's got you spooked? Is Luke out here stumbling around?

Laura: No. No, it's not Luke.

Scott: All right.

Laura: It's --

Scott: Should I go call the police?

Laura: No, don't do that. That won't help anything. Did you see anybody?

Scott: No, no, no, I haven't seen anybody. I just, you know, came around the house here. All right, listen, here, give me the bat, all right? You're making me nervous here. Let's go inside. All right, let's go sit down. Come on.

Laura: Are you sure you didn't see anybody?

Scott: There's nobody out here.

Laura: Oh, God. Oh.

Scott: Sit on the couch. All right, now, listen. What's going on? What do you think has happened? Who's out there? You think it's some of Helena's goons?

Laura: You don't have any idea how close you are. Stefan told me that he's that it could be --

Scott: Could be what?

Stavros: She loves me. She loves me not. It makes no difference.

Carly: I thought Alexis was going to have these delivered.

Sonny: Well, this way you can't say you never got them. There's a preliminary settlement offer. I think it's on page three. If it works for you --

Carly: It doesn't.

Sonny: Not enough money?

Carly: Sonny, I'm sure there is plenty. You will support me for the rest of my life. You give me everything I want except you. Is that the deal?

Sonny: Basically.

Carly: Then there's no deal.

Sonny: Well, there's no point in fighting it.

Carly: Look, I have just started and I already proved to you that Angel was two-timing you with Jax.

Sonny: There's nothing going on between me and Angel. How many times do I got to tell you? She brought me back to her place after I was stabbed. I'd have paid her, but she didn't need the money.

Carly: Okay, well, then let me -- let me tell you about this, okay, Sonny? Angel thinks there's a hell of a lot more to your relationship because, according to her, she can understand you and the two of you understand each other in a way that I never can. She's always bringing up how I betrayed you, and I am sure she won't let you forget that one, either, now, will she?

Sonny: Well, there's no need to remind me because it's there every time I close my eyes. I see you lying on my bed before I went to that meeting, a few seconds before you -- you sold me out.

Carly: It was a mistake, Sonny!

Sonny: You've made a hundred mistakes and I was always there. Look at me. Look at me! You were crazy, you were loud, you made me laugh, you filled up my life, and I convinced myself that no matter how much crap you pulled, you were loyal. You got steel in you, something inside that won't let you break. And I thought you were strong enough to stand up, but I was wrong. We're not getting divorced because of -- because of Angel or Jax or any other reason. Our marriage is over because you killed it.

Gia: If Nikolas wants you, then why doesn't he act like it? I mean, he should have been jumping through hoops of fire to keep me from telling what happened.

Elizabeth: Is that your problem? You're disappointed Nikolas didn't beg you to keep your mouth shut? Let me tell you something, Gia. You have no idea what is going on between Nikolas and me, so don't even try.

Gia: Are you, like, using Nikolas somehow?

Elizabeth: The man dumped you, Gia. You didn't have what he needs, okay? So if you'd just -- just drop it, leave it alone, I wouldn't have to --

Gia: You wouldn't have to do what? What are you doing?

Nikolas: Elizabeth is not a traitor.

Helena: Elizabeth stole the Ice Princess.

Nikolas: Grandmother, Lucky already admitted that he took it, all right?

Helena: Yes, but with Elizabeth's help, no doubt. Oh, Nikolas. Nikolas, she's still attracted to him.

Nikolas: That's another great thing I admire about Elizabeth. She has never once lied about her feelings for Lucky, so it is up to me to change them.

Helena: Nikolas. Oh, Nikolas, are you so naive? I mean, if Elizabeth can't tolerate what was done to Lucky, there is no way that she's going to comply with our larger plan.

Nikolas: That's fine. Grandmother, if you are going to make such a big deal over this, well, I will break things off with Elizabeth, too.

Helena: Now, that was too easy.

Scott: Laura, I will do anything to protect you, but I got to know what I'm up against.

Laura: I can't drag you into this. You have a daughter to protect. And loving me can be a dangerous proposition. It has been ever since Stavros took me the first time.

Scott: Come on, that's ancient history.

Laura: Maybe the best thing I ever did for you was to walk away, Scotty.

Scott: No, no, no, that was the worst thing. That was the worst time of my life. I never, ever want to go through that again, all right? I love you.

Laura: I know. I think I just let my imagination run away with me tonight, that's all.

Scott: Okay. But next time anything happens, just pick up the phone and call me. Don't go outside. I'll be here in a flash.

Laura: Okay.

[Phone rings]

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, hey, Jerry. What's up? You think its Spencer? Well, let me know when you get proof. Okay. Yeah, bye.

Laura: Was that about Luke?

Scott: Yeah, I told you I was going to try and find him. It's just a lead that we're working on.

Laura: Well, you follow up on it, please, Scotty. Please, I would appreciate it so much.

Scott: Well, I just don't think I should leave you alone right now here.

Laura: I'm going to be fine. I just -- I got spooked, that's all, and, you know, I'm just glad I didn't hit you this time. But really, honestly, the best thing that you could do for me right now would be to find Luke. Really.

Scott: You know, someday I hope you don't feel that way.

Laura: I would appreciate it.

Scott: Okay.

Laura: Thank you.

Scott: Okay. All right, listen, --

Laura: Call me, all right, if there's any news at all?

Scott: I will. Do not go outside again, all right?

Laura: I won't.

Scott: No matter what happens, just stay inside and call the police if you think anybody's out there or anything.

Laura: Thank you.

Scott: Yeah.

Carly: I never wanted to marry you the first time.

Sonny: Turns out you were right.

Carly: No, Sonny, I took a chance, and now it is your turn. I have learned my lesson.

Sonny: Since when, your last conversation with Jax? You never learn, Carly. After everything we've been through, you couldn't wait to run to him to stir up trouble. You tried to use Jax and Angel to make me jump? What was your plan, to get him to pick a fight? Why? Why should I give a damn what Jax does or who he sleeps with? You know what? The only thing I care about is that my wife went to my enemy to use him against me.

Carly: Look, I wanted you to know the truth about --

Sonny: The truth? I know the truth about you.

Carly: Look, you were with Angel for several weeks, and not once did you pick up the phone to tell me that you were alive. I'm sorry, but I think it was reasonable to assume that I was fighting for my marriage, and that little tramp made me believe it.

Sonny: You want to make this about Angel? You want to trash her and run her out of town? Go ahead. If she's strong enough, she'll fight you. If not, then you'll win, but it's not going to change what's happening between us. Our marriage is over.

Carly: No, no, no, you don't get --

Sonny: No, don't -- don't touch me.

Carly: You don't get to decide that, Sonny. I'm sorry, I took a vow to love and honor you for better or for worse --

Sonny: You lied. You lied the day you took your vows. You made promises with no idea what they meant. The truth is whatever works for you in the moment. Honor is anything that gets you what you want. Come here. No, no, I just -- you're brave, huh? You're brave, you're strong, and you're stubborn. You fight -- you fight more than -- you're a fighter, okay? You fight better than anybody I've ever known. But for yourself, okay? Do you understand what I'm saying?

Carly: I love you.

Sonny: Until the next time we disagree and you go behind my back and you sell me out and screw me over? I can't deal with it. I can't do it anymore. I'm done. I can't.

Carly: You know what? The person that you are trying to convince is you. I can hear it in your voice.

Jax: You know, we should have taken that trip to Paris because if I'd known that you were going to meet Sonny, then I would have insisted on taking you to the Louvre. Not that he's an art lover or anything like that, but Sonny bears the most uncanny resemblance to every painting of St. Sebastian you've ever seen. Now, you may recall this -- a roman martyr tied to a tree, shot full of arrows, eyes rolling towards heaven. Yeah, Sonny has perfected that exact expression. "Look at me, I'm in pain, and you're the only one that can save me." Yeah, it has a remarkable effect on women. They get caught up in his life, and then he destroys them. He lies to their faces; he crushes their self-confidence until they're isolated and completely dependent on him. And when that happens, when these women have nothing except the ruins Sonny left, then he leaves them or they die.

Angel: I am not Brenda, to Sonny or to you.

Jax: I know, you're a strong and capable woman, but so was Brenda when she started. Look, I've seen firsthand what Sonny --

Angel: Jax, I've seen a lot worse than Sonny, so I don't need you to save or protect me, okay? I understand the man. He can't hurt me.

Jax: Where have I heard those words before? Sonny can't hurt you? Well, I'm going to make sure.

Sonny: Go ahead and sign the papers.

Carly: You can't do it.

Sonny: I'll go to the Dominican Republic if I have to. But, you know, the property settlement means nothing to me.

Carly: No, you cannot shut down how you feel about me. Sonny, the only way to make this any better is just to let yourself forgive.

Sonny: You already know I can't do that, so what --

Carly: Oh, right, right, you don't know how. Okay, Sonny, it's an excuse. You don't have to learn how to forgive me. It is already inside of you. Sonny, you still love me, and it's killing you to push me away.

Sonny: Okay, I'm going to let my lawyers handle this from here. Take it. I bought Michael a toy boat. I want you to give it to him in the morning.

Carly: So you're the one now who's going to run?

Sonny: Well, what's the point? You refuse to listen.

Carly: Well, so say something I can understand.

Sonny: You know, everything costs, Carly -- honor, power, even money. You sell something, you get something back -- part of your soul, all of your future. What were you when you got here? A girl with a made-up name who slept with her mother's husband. You wanted to pay her back for leaving you. What do you got now? A son who loves you? A house you live in? All the money you can spend? What did it cost? You tell me. Your body? Your heart? That little part of yourself that you try to keep clean? I've sold my honor, my trust, and all the pretty things that make a good marriage, all the graces that would let me stay with you. I've traded them for power. I can't trade back. I'm not in a position --

Sonny: I'm not in a position to forgive you. I never was.

Carly: Because I broke your code. Don't throw us away because of that. Sonny, don't. Listen to your heart. Sonny, listen to your heart.

Laura: Roy, call me back as soon as you get this message. I don't care what time it is. I need to know that Lucky is all right.


Laura: Who's there? Who is it?

Laura: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Sonny: Yeah, sure, I could stop the divorce. All it would cost is everything I am.

Carly: Sonny, I'm not asking you to give up who you are.

Sonny: You already did that. You set me up to name names, to betray not only my enemies, but my closest associates. Now, if I take you back, that means I wouldn't be loyal to my men. Everything I've gained, the peace that I've just won would be up for grabs yet again.

Carly: Okay, so then divorcing me is a business decision, a choice between family and power, and you're going to choose power?

Sonny: I chose it a long time ago. I'd have died if I snitched to the F.B.I. You didn't know that. You couldn't understand. My honor cannot be questioned. It's who I am.

Carly: No, Sonny, it's who you want to be. You chose it. You don't want to be -- be hurt or feel again. You don't want anyone to ever hurt you. It's too late. You already love me. And our marriage, it might be loud and it may be messy and it may be crazy and all these things, but you want it. You want it more than anything.

Sonny: I want it over right now. I want it to be over.

Carly: Okay, Sonny, so then what's that going to do? What are you going to get then? Hmm? Nights and days that are just filled up with business and nights where you drink yourself to sleep or you stand by the window longing for that family you threw away? What are you going to do when it gets too quiet? How long can you live with that pain of your heart being ripped out?

Sonny: As long as I have to.

Carly: Sonny, don't. Don't wreck us. Fight for us. Damn it, just fight.

Gia: You look upset.

Elizabeth: You're not my favorite person.

Gia: Well, answer the question and I'll leave you alone. What is it you don't want to do?

Elizabeth: Hurt you. Okay? That's why I told you to drop it. He dumped you. Yeah, he's out of your life. Move on. Try to make something positive out of all of this.

Gia: What, out of Nikolas bailing on me for a whiny drip like you?

Elizabeth: Okay, I don't need this.

Gia: No, neither do I.

Elizabeth: Oh, God. That went well.

Nikolas: Make up your mind, Grandmother. When I defend Elizabeth, you call me naive. When I say to you I will give her up, you say that's too easy. What do you want?

Helena: Nikolas, do you remember back in Greece that little puppy. It belonged to one of our grooms, and you used to sneak off to the stable to play with it.

Nikolas: Vaguely, yeah. What does that have to do with anything?

Helena: And then the day that Stefan's horse kicked it and injured it so badly? I said that the puppy should be put down, but you wouldn't listen. No, you insisted on taking it back up to the house. You tried so hard to save it. And when it died, you were inconsolable.

Nikolas: Grandmother, I was 6 years old.

Helena: Yes, and I don't think you've changed. Oh, you're strong, Nikolas, but you have a very soft center. Now, I'm not sure you have the temperament to lead the family, that you have a grasp of the big picture.

Nikolas: So let me get this straight. You are going to try and deny me of my inheritance based on the fact that I cried over a puppy? Well, you know what, Grandmother? You try that because there's not a court in the world that will back you on that.

Helena: Are you threatening me with legal action?

Nikolas: Like I have told you over again. I am the sole heir to the Cassadine estate. I will get my hands on what is mine.

Helena: Nikolas, challenging me is not the way to prove yourself.

Nikolas: You know what? Whatever has to be done, if there's another test, you let me hear it because I can do what has to be done.

Helena: Very well. But I will need some time to consider what that test will be.

Nikolas: What are you doing?

[Laura screams]

Lucky: Mom!

Roy: Laura! Hey.

Lucky: Are you okay?

Roy: You all right?

Laura: Oh!

Lucky: What?

Laura: He's here!

Lucky: Who is?

Laura: He's here!

Lucky: Who is?

Laura: He's in the house!

Lucky: Who is in the house?


Lucky: Did you hear that? That's the porch.

Roy: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Laura: Stop him! You've got to catch him!

Lucky: Mom, who was here?

Laura: The monster. Lucky.

Lucky: I won't let him get you. I swear to God I won't. ††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Jax: You know, I have a yacht docked in the Bahamas. Perhaps I should take you there.

Angel: And how exactly would that work?

Jax: Wouldn't you rather be sunning yourself on the Caribbean than wandering around Upstate New York pining after a married criminal?

Angel: Are you being blunt or just gratuitously cruel?

Jax: No, I'm just being honest. I don't want you hurt.

Angel: Well, I will do my best to keep that from happening.

Jax: Is that a hint? You know, you're not in this alone. I am involved, whether you like it or not.

Angel: Okay, you know the person who really needs your help is Kristina.

Jax: Well, I intend to keep an eye on both of you. And I'm staying the night, and I don't want to hear any arguments.

Angel: I wasn't going to give you any.

Sonny: What -- what is it you're fighting for? How good we are in bed together? I'm sure you can find somebody else. I'm sure I can, too. The family we made together? It's already gone. There's no trust between us, Carly. I say to you that I want to divorce you. You think you can change my mind. You think you can change me. Maybe you have a right to expect that. Maybe that's how a marriage is supposed to work -- accommodation, compromise, the right not to be sent out of the room.

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: I mean, you have a right to ask these things, but I can't -- I can't give them to you. I already told you that. I've never lied about who I am or how I live. Maybe you didn't hear it. Maybe, you know, you didn't want to believe it. But it doesn't matter because we don't work together. No love is going to fix it, and no apology is going to make it right. Now, I'm telling you this. The only thing we have left is ways to hurt each other. I don't want that, and I don't think you want that, either. So let's be over.

Carly: Okay, then why don't you tell me how to stop what I feel? Can I hide, hmm? Should I hide like you did with Angel or like you are hiding right now behind your code?

Sonny: I answered your questions, gave you my reasons. You just won't accept them.

Carly: Yeah, you're damn straight. I am not just going to stand by and do nothing. I will fight for both of us.

Sonny: Okay, you made your choices. You're going to have to live with them, Carly. Now, I'm going to have Alexis pick up the divorce papers once you've signed them.

Sonny: Well Ė

Gia: I was heading back to my room.

Nikolas: Looked like you were hiding to me.

Gia: Give the rich kid a gold star. Look, I saw your grandmother coming and I decided to skip getting into her face, especially after the little chat I had with Elizabeth at The Grill.

Nikolas: What did you say to her?

Gia: Not much. I didn't have much of a chance. The bartender was hitting on her big-time.

Nikolas: Whatever. Well, I have some phone calls to make. Ahem.

Gia: Now I know something isn't right here.

Helena: Well. You're still here.

Elizabeth: You know what I was just thinking? About all the trouble you went through to get Nikolas and me together.

Helena: Oh, and to no avail. It's still Lucky for you. It always will be.

Elizabeth: No. No, you finally got your wish.

Helena: Which one?

Elizabeth: Nikolas. I'm committed to Nikolas now, and I will do whatever it takes to make things work with him -- even get along with you. So good night, Mrs. Cassadine. I hope we can be more pleasant with each other in the future.

Roy: Well, whoever it was got away.

Laura: Did you see his face?

Roy: No, it's too dark. He was already running.

Lucky: The lights.

Laura: Do you think he cut the power?

Roy: I don't know. They were on across the street. Maybe he used a timer or something. I'll check the lines in a minute. I found this laying on the round.

Laura: A Cassadine medallion.

Roy: Yeah. Now, while you were away, Luke was here checking the house, and Helena had him knocked unconscious. It was right up in your bedroom. When he came to, this medallion was in his hand. The last time I saw it, Felicia brought it to the club. She -- she left it on the bar, so somebody must have picked it up. You recognize this mark on the back?

Laura: Oh, my God. It's his.

Roy: Who?

Laura: Stavros.

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