GH Transcript Tuesday 9/25/01


General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 9/25/01

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy

Kristina: I did tell her that you and Angel are close.

Angel: Here's to you, Carly.

Elizabeth: The Ice Princess is gone.

Lucky: Forget about me. Go live your life.

Laura: It's got to be Helena. She wants us to be thinking about Stavros.

Sonny: You're ordering me to stay away from Angel?

Jax: Wow, you got it right the first go. I believe this concludes our business.

Sonny: Well, it would be if I worked for you or owed you a debt or had any reason at all to do that, but, as it happens, I have no obligation to you whatsoever. But you know what? I'd be inclined to grant you a favor, if you asked, which means you would owe me a favor to be repaid whenever I see fit.

Jax: Let me get this straight -- you want me to pay you to stay away from Angel?

Sonny: You are a nuisance, Jax. You're in town, you get in my way. It wouldn't hurt to let you owe me a favor. So, you going to ask for a favor?

Jax: On the contrary. I'm going to do you one. You live a complicated life, Sonny. The last thing you need is what I can bring down on you. You know, I've often thought about it after Brenda's accident -- what would be the best way to pay Sonny back, send him to prison or simply ruin him?

Sonny: Well, you can try.

Jax: You know I never have. For Brenda, mostly. Because she loved you and I respected that. But I've seen firsthand the lives you've ruined, the people you've used up and thrown away. You mattered to Brenda. She didn't want us at each other's throats. So for her sake, I've avoided making you pay for what you did to her.

Sonny: I didn't let Brenda die.

Elizabeth: Our entire plan is falling apart.

Nikolas: Well, it's stalled a bit, but we still have a chance.

Elizabeth: How are we supposed to help Lucky without the Ice Princess?

Nikolas: We can still get it back.

Elizabeth: How? The divers searched for days. It's probably either buried at the bottom of the river or swept out to sea by now.

Nikolas: Well, then, Elizabeth, we come up with a new way to get through too Lucky, that's all.

Elizabeth: We have no idea what Helena plans to do with him, but you know it has to be something big. And if Lucky happens to be a part of this --

Nikolas: We can't give up, all right?

Elizabeth: What if all our hopes were swept out to sea with the Ice Princess?

Nikolas: Listen, we are not going to lose Lucky to Helena. We will save him, all right, whatever it takes.

Gia: Am I interrupting?

Elizabeth: Gia.

Gia: Well, don't stop on my account. I mean, you two look so sweet together -- the prince and his little damsel in distress.

Nikolas: Okay, that's -- that's uncalled for.

Gia: Well, if the shoe fits. You know, I wouldn't get too comfortable. You're in for a very unpleasant surprise.

Elizabeth: I can take care of myself, thanks.

Gia: Oh. Well, then you should've held on to the man you had because the one you've got now is a two-timing dog.

Stefan: Stavros. Was it you?

Laura: Thank you. Stefan, I forgot to ask you if you have a message for Nikolas. What's the matter?

Stefan: Laura, you know me as well as anyone. You know I've made bad choices in my life, I've hurt everyone I've ever loved. But I'm not insane.

Laura: What are you trying to tell me?

Stefan: What I am going to tell you will sound mad. But I've thought it through. I'm not delusional. I'm not unbalanced.

Laura: What is it?

Stefan: I'm beginning to think Stavros could be alive.

Melissa: Something is wrong with Lucky, isn't it?

Roy: I can't say.

Melissa: Roy, I'm not a psychiatric nurse, but I did a rotation or two on a psych ward. I can tell when something's not right, and Lucky is not right.

Roy: Yeah, he has problems, and they're serious.

Melissa: Any specifics?

Roy: I'm not at liberty to talk about them.

Melissa: I was worried about Lucky tonight. I want to help.

Roy: I'm sorry, Melissa, but his problems are his to tell, they're not mine. They're Luke's, they're Laura's. They belong to that family. I have broken trust with too many people in my life, people who matter to me. I just can't break trust with the Spencer's, not even for you.

Melissa: I completely understand. Do you know that my trust in you is totally back?

Roy: That means a lot to me.

Melissa: So that's okay, don't say anything. Just if there's anything I could do to help --

Roy: Sit down a second, will you? You were wonderful with him tonight in that cave. I mean, I was beating my head against a wall making things worse and you stepped in and put him at ease. You just -- you even tapped into the hurt he feels over what he might have done to his father. It blew me away.

Melissa: I just -- I felt for him, you know? He was in so much pain.

Roy: Yeah, but as messed up as he was, he could hear you. I don't know how you do it. It's one of the things about you that amazes me.

Melissa: If there's anything I can do to help with Lucky, I'd be happy to stick around.

Roy: I think that'd be great.

Melissa: Okay.

Roy: I --

[Door closes]

Melissa: Oh, shoot.

Roy: Oh, I hope that's not what I think. All right, that was Lucky going out the back door. Will you stick around and bring Laura up to speed? I'm going to see if I can't catch up to him and keep him out of trouble.

Melissa: Okay.

Roy: Thanks.

Laura: Stavros can't be alive.

Stefan: But could it be possible that Helena has brought him back from the dead?

Laura: No, no, she -- she cannot manage that.

Stefan: We've both felt his presence lately, Laura, stalking us, tormenting us, invading our dreams, our homes.

Laura: That's because he's alive in our minds.

Stefan: I think it's more than that.

Laura: No, it's Helena. She's manipulating all of our anxieties. You know, your childhood wounds have been reopened, mine from the time that I was married to him.

Stefan: But why now?

Laura: I saw him die. I was there, and what you're saying just isn't possible.

Stefan: How do you know that?

Laura: Because there are limits to scientific possibilities.

Stefan: Well, how many times have you seen my family do what no one else can imagine? The rules of probability and nature don't always apply to the Cassadine's.

Laura: Stop it. Please stop it. This really is insane.

Stefan: Laura, Stavros' mark is everywhere. We have to consider the possibility that he could be alive.

Gia: Do you think Nikolas is Mr. Sensitivity? That he's concerned about your feelings, that he's someone you can trust and confide in?

Elizabeth: He is.

Gia: Open your eyes. It's all an act. Nikolas is a player. He uses women, throws them away, and moves on to the next conquest.

Nikolas: Ahem. Gia, stop embarrassing yourself.

Gia: Oh, does the truth hurt?

Nikolas: No, actually, I just think that you're jealous of Elizabeth.

Gia: Is that part of the kick for you, believing that all your former girlfriends are still pining away after you? Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but I've moved on and I'm not even glancing back.

Nikolas: Then why are you putting us all through this?

Gia: You think he loves you? Well, forget it. He's just in it for the sex. I mean, he even tried to use Chloe Morgan's death to try to get me into the sack.

Nikolas: Actually, no, I think you just misunderstood.

Gia: Your arms were around me, you were kissing me. You said, "Letís go back to your room, I want to go to bed with you." But I misunderstood? Wow. Is there some updated dictionary that I don't know about?

Nikolas: That's enough, all right?

Gia: You know what the scary part is? That I almost gave in. I mean, a woman looks into your big, dark eyes and thinks that she sees her soul mate staring back at her. I mean, really, you're that smooth. But it's all a trick just to get her into the sack.

Elizabeth: Gia, I think you're exaggerating.

Gia: That's all you can say when I tell you he tried to seduce me? What is going on? Why are you not getting this?

Elizabeth: Well, I completely understand Nikolas and I have no reason to doubt him.

Gia: Okay, you want to be played for a fool? Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Elizabeth: What did you do?

Taggert: Evening, Howard.

Howard: Ah, good evening, lt. Taggert. I have a very nice table next to the window.

Taggert: You know what -- I think I'll join my sister.

Howard: Certainly.

Carly: Give it up, Bertha. You practically got down on your knees and begged Sonny to sleep with you and he still wasn't interested, so why don't you take your sorry self on back to Jax.

Howard: There's a disagreement in the bar. Perhaps you could have a look?

Angel: I'm not tacky enough to fight with you in public.

Carly: Oh, no, just tacky enough to throw champagne in my face and try and steal my husband?

Angel: Sweetie, you need a life.

Carly: I had one I liked just fine, thank you.

Angel: Don't you have better things to do than to be barging into my home and invading my privacy?

Carly: No, why, it's so rewarding. All these interesting things keep coming up. It's like picking up a rock and finding worms underneath -- although in your case, the worms happen to be photos of men or the men themselves.

Angel: You're obsessed.

Carly: Oh, don't flatter yourself.

Angel: So you'll leave me alone from now on?

Carly: Oh, the day I leave you alone is the day you decide to stop trying to make my husband yours.

Angel: Do you know how desperate you sound?

Gia: Aren't you getting tired of the floorshow?

Taggert: Ahem.

Gia: Want to treat your little sister to her favorite dessert?

Angel: Well, let me give you a little tip, honey Ė

Taggert: Can I get a rain check?

Angel: Men don't like clingy women.

Gia: Fine, blow me off. I don't mind.

Carly: Oh, yeah, and you should be the expert. You've had enough experience. Oh, come on, come on, come get me. I'm ready for you.

Angel: You know what -- when I decide I've had enough of you, and I'm getting real close to it right now, I have better ways to get rid of you than by using my fists.

Carly: Oh, yeah, you going to hire one of Daddy's hit men or you going to take me down yourself? You shove me again -- you shove me again, I'll rip your eyeballs out.

Angel: You know what -- I can get rid of you like that! All I have to do is broadcast where you were on a certain night and what you were doing and to whom. Oh, yeah, I'm sure a lot of people here would really be interested in what I happened to see.

Carly: Yeah, well, why don't you go ahead and do it. Alert the media, call the police. And then you can explain to them why you didn't undo what you think I did or call for help. If you want to be off the hook, you're going to need an explanation, but you don't have one, do you?

Taggert: All right, ladies. Oh, come on now, save the explanations for the station. You're both under arrest.

Jax: I wasn't watching Brenda close enough. I didn't lock her in a cage. I let her follow her heart and that led her to her mother and her mother drove her off a cliff. You know, there's no need to throw it in my face because I see it every day. It's there all the time. Like Lily's death is for you.

Sonny: Okay, you don't want to go there.

Jax: Lily's dead because of you. Brenda's gone because I couldn't save her. Angel still has a chance, if you let her go.

Sonny: Let her -- I'm not holding Angel. It's the opposite. She makes her choices. For some strange reason, she keeps coming back to me.

Jax: Yeah, yeah, Carly told me the story of how you met.

Sonny: Well.

Jax: It's always the same. What happened this time, you were stabbed or something?

Sonny: Yeah.

Jax: She nursed you back to health, she rescued you, saw you in pain, the burden you carry on your shoulders? She's halfway to believing that you can be saved. Tell her the truth, Sonny -- that you don't want to be saved. You love your miserable life just the way it is. A thriving criminal empire, the best lawyer in the state to make sure you're never brought to justice, and a devoted, if marginally psychotic, wife.

Sonny: Okay, say what you want about Angel, even Brenda if you feel like you have to, but I'm serious -- do not mention Carly again.

Jax: You're so protective.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Jax: She'd be thrilled. I don't care what's going on between you and your wife, but she's determined to get you back. You know, actually, she's right where you want her, ready to crawl and beg. You know, personally, I don't see the rewards of being in a relationship with a broken woman, but that's your taste, not mine. As long as you don't inflict it on Angel.

Sonny: Carly doesn't beg, she fights. That's why you're here. She's got you running around like a wind-up toy, pointing you at me to get rid of Angel. I'm surprised you haven't seen that.

Jax: I've seen it.

Sonny: Oh.

Jax: Your wife isn't exactly subtle about it. But Angel's a friend and I don't want her hurt.

Sonny: Then tell her! I mean, come on now. Every little detail -- how dangerous I am, how sorry she's going to be, how fortunate she is to have somebody like you, the prince, to protect her. Hey, you know what -- she might even believe you. But even if she does, Brenda didn't. And that's what kills you.

Angel: This is outrageous!

Carly: You have no grounds.

Angel: I've done nothing! You have no proof!

Carly: Taggert, get your hands off of me!

Taggert: Don't make this difficult. This way.

Carly: You'd better let go of me.

Elizabeth: Why would you let your guard down with Gia?

Nikolas: It was only for a moment.

Elizabeth: Just long enough to blow your cover?

Nikolas: Look, all I did was convince Gia that I'm a total jerk.

Elizabeth: Please be more careful.

Nikolas: Elizabeth, I'm human. Okay? I was grieving for Chloe. I looked up and Gia was there. I didn't stop to think. I needed comfort from the woman I love, and that's Gia.

Elizabeth: Okay. I know you're hurting. I would have needed the same from Lucky.

Helena: Well, it seems we have a problem.

Nikolas: Yeah, and what would that that be?

Helena: Well, I told you your little girlfriend was no more than a common thief.

Nikolas: I don't appreciate that.

Helena: You know perfectly well that she broke into my hotel suite and then proceeded to abscond with a priceless diamond that has very special significance to the Cassadines. The diamond is mine. I want it now.

Stefan: Laura, think back to the night of Katherine Bell's death, the night of my engagement to her. You saw her fall from the parapet and break her neck. So did I. Katherine was mourned and buried, and yet months later she strolled into a courtroom, miraculously alive. Helena revived her to serve as her personal minion. Now, if she could bring back a woman she hated, why not resurrect the son she adored?

Laura: It can't be. It just -- it can't be.

Stefan: My family is capable of anything.

Laura: But the medical knowledge to bring a person back to life just doesn't exist.

Stefan: How do you know that? We don't know how it was done. But in light of recent developments, it is the only solution.

Laura: To what?

Stefan: I just learned the D.N.A. found on Chloe was from a Cassadine.

Laura: It's from Helena!

Stefan: No. The preliminary test results show that it had to have come from a full-blood sibling of mine.

Laura: Helena paid someone off in the police laboratory and she stole your D.N.A.

Stefan: No, it wasn't my D.N.A., Laura. I don't want to believe this any more than you do, but there are too many coincidences in our lives.

Laura: I think that we're probably reacting exactly the way Helena wants us to. We're running scared.

Stefan: Why Stavros now? Why suddenly in these past few months have we both been haunted by his memory? We have to face it, Laura -- Stavros could be back from the dead to seek revenge.


Laura: No. No, no!

Stefan: Laura, I know it's too horrifying to imagine, but the possibility exists that Stavros has come back to life.

Laura: No, it just can't be. I -- I have spent too many years trying to bury all of those memories and --

Stefan: Listen, he won't hurt you again. I won't let him.

Laura: Yeah, what if you can't stop him? My God, that's what Lucky said. He said that the monster was back.

Stefan: "The monster is back"?

Laura: Yes. He couldn't have been talking about Helena. She's been here all along. She must have some grand scheme this time.

Stefan: Maybe that's why she brought Stavros back -- so that he could be a part of it.

Laura: And Lucky's a part of it. Oh, no. I have to go. I have to go. Please let me out.

Stefan: Laura --

Laura: Please let me out.

Stefan: Laura, be careful.

Laura: I will. I'll be back.

Elizabeth: I didn't steal the Ice Princess.

Nikolas: Of course she didn't. Elizabeth is not a thief.

Helena: Oh, could it be that you approve of your little girlfriend's theft, or are you just so hopelessly smitten that you can't see the truth?

Lucky: You want the person who stole the Ice Princess? That would be me.

Elizabeth: Lucky, don't say anything.

Lucky: What are you going to do about it, Helena? You know, why don't you show me what you can do about it.

Sonny: When I left Brenda, she was ready to marry me. That's right -- me. You rescue every woman you meet for the rest of your life, you'll never be able to erase that. Rescue Angel and say, you know, how bad I am for her? You'd be right. Say that I'll never trust her? You'd also be right. No matter what you do for Angel or anybody else will never change what happened with Brenda. She was with you, Jax, in the end because I gave her up.

Jax: Even now you don't see it. You couldn't give Brenda up because she didn't belong to you in the first place. Neither does Angel. And I hope she's strong enough to realize that. You know, congratulations to your wife on a game well-played. I hope she gets you back. I can't think of two people in the world that deserve each other more.

Angel: If you're going to book me for disorderly conduct, then just do it. Otherwise, I'm going home.

Taggert: I'm trying to work with you here, Ms. Ellis.

Angel: Yeah, that's why you forcibly brought me here.

Taggert: You know what I think? I think you know more about your father's murder than you first led on. That's what I think.

Angel: I've told you everything that I know.

Taggert: Really? Well, your accusations to Mrs. Corinthos at the bar would lead me to believe that you encountered her at the crime scene. Did you?

Angel: Our discussion was heated, okay? I said things to aggravate her. Unless verbal assault is a crime, I plead not guilty.

Taggert: Well. Maybe the department's investigative file might help refresh your memory. Wow. Says you're a widow whose husband was killed by a hit man on order by his underworld boss, who was none other than your father, Joseph Sorel.

Angel: Is this leading to an accusation, Lieutenant?

Taggert: Gives you motive.

Angel: Yeah, along with a lot of other people.

Taggert: It also gives you incentive to talk to me. So why don't we start with Carly Corinthos. And don't give me no stuff about, you know, driving without a license, okay? I want facts.

Angel: There's nothing I can tell you about Carly Corinthos.

Taggert: Well, you made some clear accusations at The Grill.

Angel: I made veiled threats because I was angry as hell. How's that for honesty?

Taggert: It's not very convincing.

Angel: Oh, well, I am sorry to disappoint you.

Taggert: Ms. Ellis, how about you, hmm? Your husband was killed by your own father.

Angel: My father was a kingpin. He ordered a lot of hits. Many of his victims were married, so I am sure there are plenty of widows out there that bore him a grudge. Is that all you've got, or was there something else?

Taggert: You can go for now.

Angel: "For now"?

Taggert: Mm-hmm, but I'll be watching you.

Angel: Knock yourself out.

Taggert: Do you want a lawyer, Mrs. C?

Carly: Whoa, you're letting that piece of trash just walk on out of here?

Taggert: Yeah, looks that way to me.

Carly: She's the one who shoved me, so you got no right to hold me.

Taggert: You see, Ms. Ellis -- she gets to leave because she was -- how do you say -- extremely informative.

Carly: About what, a tray of broken glasses?

Taggert: The night her father was killed. It appears you were seen on the premises the night Joseph Sorel was murdered.

Carly: She's lying.

Taggert: Your prints were on the photo of Michael that were found under Sorel's bed.

Carly: So?

Taggert: Care to explain that?

Carly: Look, you know, I'm really hungry. Can I leave and get something to eat?

Taggert: You made some accusations about Ms. Ellis. I'd be really interested in the details.

Carly: I was shooting my mouth off. In case you haven't noticed, I have a tendency to do that.

Taggert: Oh, now all of a sudden you're just going to be quiet, right, let Ms. Ellis implicate you? All the while, she's going to steal your husband right out from under you.

Carly: Ooh. Yeah, nice try. Taggert, you've been watching those cop shows again? Was a good performance.

Taggert: So you're protecting Ms. Ellis now?

Carly: You know, you should keep it up because one day you might solve a crime. Probably not this one, but something someday. So, you going to book me on destruction of stemware or you going to lighten up and let me walk out of here?

Jax: What's up, Max?

Max: Kristina's asleep.

Jax: That's cool. Never did ask Alexis where she found you. You work for a bodyguard agency or something?

Max: I work for one of Mrs. Davis' associates.

Jax: Is that right? Then tell Mr. Corinthos that your services are no longer required.

Carly: Michael, I have to tell you something first, okay? Uncle Sonny, he's not going to be living in this house with us.

Michael: Why not?

Carly: Well, honey, because it's just, you know, sometimes --

Sonny: Michael, listen, things change, okay? Grownup things that I can't explain. But it's not your fault, okay?

Carly: No, it's not your fault, okay? You are perfect. You're a perfect little boy. It's not your fault and it's not Uncle Sonny's fault. It's just -- it's just kind of how things are.

Sonny: The best thing that ever happened to me -- you know what that is, huh? Having you as a family, okay, and that's not going to change, except I'm not going to -- all right, listen to me, okay? I'm not going to be living with you or your mother, but that does not mean that things are going to change. You can call me anytime you want and I'm going to come see you, okay, I swear.

Michael: Why won't you stay with us then?

Carly: Honey, you know what it is? It's like -- sweetheart, it's like when you fall, you know? You know when you fall sometimes, you hurt yourself and it hurts a lot, but you have to get up again. You know, you have to keep loving the people so things can be good again.

Sonny: Your mom loves you. So do I. We always will, okay?

Lucky: Without your rock, you're nothing.

Elizabeth: Lucky, don't.

Lucky: That's why I got rid of it. The Ice Princess? I'm so sorry, Helena, but it's gone.

Nikolas: You're ranting just like your father.

Helena: Thank you, Nikolas, but I'm quite curious to hear this.

Lucky: You can't shove that thing in my face any longer. Your days of casting spells, Helena? They're done.

Helena: Where did you dispose of the Ice Princess?

Nikolas: Grandmother, he's just raving. He has absolutely no idea what he's saying.

Lucky: You're never going to find it.

Helena: Is that so?

Elizabeth: Lucky, please, stop.

Lucky: I'm free now and I don't give a damn what you think about anything anymore, so back off, miserable witch.

Nikolas: Why don't you watch your mouth?

Gia: Lucky, don't do this. Let's get out of here, okay?

Helena: Lucky, you and I are friends. Now, I would hate for you to forget that.

Lucky: I would rather walk on nails than ever, ever befriend you.

Helena: You're making a grievous mistake.

Lucky: I'm not afraid of you, no matter how many people you've destroyed.

Nikolas: I suggest that you stop insulting my grandmother.

Lucky: Oh, I am so on to you, Helena.

Gia: Lucky, why don't you just leave the old bat alone?

Lucky: You've hurt my family for the last time.

Helena: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Lucky: Yes, you do. You know exactly what I'm talking about!

Roy: Lucky, I need to see you right now.

Lucky: We're not done.

Helena: We certainly are not. Well. That poor boy is having a breakdown.

Nikolas: Grandmother, I am sorry for him accosting you.

Helena: Well, I had such trouble making sense of what he was rambling on about. Did you understand it?

Nikolas: I actually think he was completely incoherent.

Helena: Nikolas, we have important things to discuss. I want you in my hotel suite in exactly 10 minutes. Without your devious little girlfriend.

Roy: You trying to get yourself killed?

Lucky: Helena doesn't control me anymore.

Roy: Listen to me, that woman is in a position to do you and your family a lot of harm.

Lucky: Well, at least she can't use me anymore. She's taken down my father. And I'm going to see to it that she doesn't hurt any more of the Spencer's.

Roy: You can't. You can't underestimate her. But for the record, nobody has taken down your father. You hear me? Nobody's taken him down.

Lucky: She has.

Roy: No, she hasn't.

Lucky: It's already happened.

Roy: It has not happened. Lucky, listen to me, she -- Luke called us. Today. Melissa spoke to him in the hospital. It was him. She recognized his voice. It was Luke.

Lucky: Yeah, but he's not okay.

Roy: But he's alive, and he needs you to stay that way, too.

Lucky: Then where is he?

Roy: I don't know. But I believe that somewhere in your mind, you do know where your father would go to hide out. Maybe someplace nobody but you knows about.

Lucky: Maybe -- I don't know.

Roy: Man, whatever you're thinking, it's worth a try.

Lucky: Okay.

Roy: Yeah?

Lucky: I've got an idea.

Roy: Let's do it.

Lucky: Come on.

Roy: Let's go.

Melissa: Hi.

Laura: What are you doing here?

Melissa: Roy asked me to stay here and tell you what's going on.

Laura: What's going on?

Melissa: Lucky was here and then he went out the back door, but Roy went after him and he really wanted me to tell you what's going on with Luke.

Laura: What? What happened?

Melissa: Luke called the hospital. He asked to speak to Bobbie, but I ended up answering the phone and, unfortunately, he didn't have time to leave many details.

Laura: Are you sure that it was Luke?

Melissa: He asked for Bobbie by name and referred to her as his sister and he left a clue that only she would understand. I'm positive it was him, Laura.

Laura: Oh, thank God. Oh, he's alive. You know, I knew it. I just kind of -- I felt it. Oh, if only he would come home.

Jax: Hey.

Angel: Hey.

Jax: Well, I know you play baccarat, but how about a game of bridge? I know it sounds like an old ladies' game, but it's actually quite complicated. Sharpens the mind for other transactions.

Angel: Hmm, like a Stairmaster for the intellect.

Jax: Yeah, more or less.

Angel: Didn't Kristina want to play?

Jax: No, she's already asleep in the guest room.

Angel: You know, there was a rather large bodyguard on duty when I left. What'd you do, give him the night off?

Jax: No, I told him his services were no longer required.

Angel: I see. Would you like some tea?

Jax: I'd love some. I mean, it's the least I deserve for offering a game of bridge. There's also champagne in the fridge if you care for some. It's private reserve from that vineyard I acquired recently.

Angel: Hmm, okay, how long are we going to keep up this small talk before you say the dreaded word -- Sonny?

Carly: Leticia, I'm home.

Gia: Hey, hey, you're not seriously going up to Helena's suite, are you?

Nikolas: I have to see what she wants.

Gia: Let me get this straight -- the queen of the dungeon dwellers zapped your brother with veiled threats, tore into your so-called girlfriend, and you're going to follow her command like a trained dog?

Nikolas: You know, Gia, this is none of your concern.

Gia: Will you tell him that he is out of his mind?

Elizabeth: He knows what he's doing.

Gia: Helena squashes you like a bug and Nikolas doesn't raise a finger, and you're okay with that?

Nikolas: Helena is my family.

Gia: Hello! Yeah, that's the problem. What is wrong with you? Why aren't you telling Nikolas that he's to be a human being and he doesn't need to be like this?

Elizabeth: He's his own person, Gia. He can handle this.

Nikolas: That's right, I can.

Gia: What is going on with you?

Elizabeth: Nothing.

Gia: Please. You just let Nikolas give in to his demented granny without a protest. And I am standing here, yelling, waving my arms, and doing everything that I can to -- to head him off at the pass and you're just -- you're just sitting here doing nothing. You could've at least gone with him to make sure he was okay.

Elizabeth: He doesn't need anyone holding his hand.

Gia: You know, something is really off here. I mean, you two don't act like you love each other at all. That's it. You don't. So why bother faking this big romance? What is really going on, Elizabeth?

Laura: Thank you very much for everything you've done, you know, helping to look for Luke and being so understanding about Lucky.

Melissa: Well, you have a very sweet boy and I just want him to be safe and well.

Laura: From your mouth to God's ears.

Melissa: Is there anything I can do to help you?

Laura: No, not yet, but I may take you up on it one day.

Melissa: I could pour us both a glass of wine and whip up one of my famous grilled cheese sandwiches.

Laura: Oh, thanks, but I think I just want to be alone. I'm going to sit on the couch, read a book, and wait for Lucky to come back.

Melissa: Okay. Roy has my home number if you need it.

Laura: Thanks.

Laura: Bye.

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