GH Transcript Tuesday 9/18/01


General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 9/18/01

By Amanda
Proofread by Kathy

Angel: You know we've been this close before -- the night at the lake house when I said we were both too smart to act on it.

Sonny: Yeah. Nothing's changed.

Angel: You know, I should warn you. A lot of women find that hands-off attitude very attractive. Maybe you should send a stronger message.

Sonny: Like what?

Angel: Well, you could wear a polyester running suit with a big gold medallion on it. Or you could tell people you work for the I.R.S. Don't you think I know you by now? Nobody can make you do anything you don't want to do. No woman in the world can get you if you don't want to be gotten. Not even me, and I'm pretty good.

Sonny: That's pretty much it.

Angel: Hmm. See, I was right about you again.

Carly: Stay away from him.

A.J.: What the hell was that all about back there?

Alan: Could you be a bit more specific?

A.J.: I had her on the ropes, Dad. She was seconds away from giving Michael up to save her own skin until you jumped in. Whose side are you on?

Alan: Things were getting out of hand, A.J. --

A.J.: For Carly. That's right. That's exactly what I wanted. Until you ruined it -- you and Grandfather. It's typical of Grandfather.

Edward: You leave me out of this.

A.J.: You know, the other day, you -- you gave me this whole song and dance about supporting me. You told me that you understood how much I wanted my son back.

Alan: I do understand.

A.J.: Then why'd you stop me? I had her in a corner. She was about to admit what she did.

Alan: No, she wasn't. You don't know if she did anything.

A.J.: This is a woman who shot a man, been put in a mental institution, married to a mob boss, and, on top of it all, has admitted to pulling the plug on Sorel once before.

Alan: It doesn't mean that she's going to do it again.

A.J.: What are you doing? Why do you want to help them? You don't even like Sonny and Carly.

Monica: I think your father has his own reasons, A.J.

A.J.: Yeah? I want to hear them.

Alan: I think there are better ways to get Michael back than by putting his mother in prison.

Edward: Well, I can't think of one offhand. Anyone for a drink?

Alan and Monica: No.

Edward: A.J. is finally showing some backbone. I say we let him do it his way.

Alan: How can putting Carly in prison solve anything?

A.J.: She can't raise Michael from behind bars.

Ned: What the hell's wrong with you people? Did Chloe's death mean nothing to you?

Kristina: Hey.

Jax: Hey.

Kristina: How was the service?

Jax: It was difficult.

Kristina: I'm sorry.

Jax: I keep having these visions of Chloe. She had a certain touch of magic about her. I would have done anything for her.

Kristina: Jax, you're still blaming yourself for not being able to save her.

Jax: I saw this coming. I should have warned her.

Kristina: Jax, you did what you could. Hey -- how's Alexis? I thought that she would be with you.

Jax: No, she has another crisis that she's attending to right now.

Kristina: Well, is she going to be by later on?

Jax: I don't think so.

Kristina: Does this crisis have something to do with Chloe's death?

Alexis: Stefan? Are you here? Hey, I told you to wait for me. I want you to come back to my apartment. My guest -- what are you doing?

Jax: Have you eaten anything?

Kristina: You're changing the subject again --

Jax: Because I'm sure you have that European habit of dining at ridiculously late hours. You probably haven't eaten anything since lunch. You know, I heard the sea bass is really good here.

Kristina: You know what? You know what? You do this.

Jax: Do what?

Kristina: You cover your own feelings by taking care of other people. Now, normally it would never, ever work with me, but you've had a very difficult day, so I'm going to let it slide, but just this once, okay?

Jax: Well, thank you. That's very kind of you.

Kristina: Well, don't you mention it.

Jax: You know, you're too perceptive. It can be a little disconcerting at times.

Kristina: Well, I pay attention. Most people don't pay attention. They're so wrapped up in their own thoughts that they don't see the signals.

Jax: And you, on the other hand, see every nuance.

Kristina: I learned at a very early age.

Jax: Who taught you?

Kristina: I taught myself. You know, my mother never told me who my father was. She just said that he died in an auto accident when I was a little kid, which I never believed. So I started watching every man that she encountered for signals, signs, gestures, hidden secretive things. I started getting into the habit of watching a lot of people. You know, it's amazing. It's fascinating the things that you can pick up.

Jax: I'll have to be more careful.

Kristina: Oh, no, don't, please. You're so much fun to watch.

Jax: Okay. I'm hoping that's a compliment.

Kristina: Absolutely. Shall I -- shall I tell you what I see?

Jax: And here I thought I was a man of mystery.

Kristina: Oh, there's only one mystery that I care about. You're hiding something from me, Jax. I want to know what.

Jax: I've told you all I can.

Kristina: You're hiding things so you can protect me. Admit it.

Jax: Okay. What do you want to know?

Kristina: I want to know about the Cassadines, starting with my father, Mikkos.

Jax: Oh, trust me; you're not ready for that.

Kristina: I do trust you, but I'm not giving up this time.

Jax: You're as stubborn as your sister.

Kristina: Well, thank you very much.

Jax: You're welcome.

Kristina: But you're not going to get away with changing the subject this time. Come on.

Jax: Mikkos was a cruel and evil man.

Kristina: Really? Well, that's hard to believe. I mean, Alexis is such a good person. You know, she said that Mikkos loved our mother very much and --

Jax: Well, if so, that's probably the only selfless emotion Mikkos Cassadine ever felt in his entire life. Helena and Mikkos were monsters. Their offspring --

Kristina: Wait, wait, wait a second. "Their offspring"? There are more of us?

Jax: You have a half brother.

Alexis: Listen to me. Helena has controlled -- controlled us, preyed on our fears all of our lives. And even now it seems like there's no way to escape her, but we have, you see. We have become productive people. She can't ruin us or our ability to care about each other.

Stefan: No, no, she ruined that in me, Alexis.

Alexis: So you're going to kill her? Is that what you're going to do? Is that the answer? That's not an answer.

Stefan: She has to be stopped.

Alexis: There are other ways.

Stefan: Alexis, we've already tried every other way.

Alexis: We will stop her. But we will do it at the right time, in the right way.

Ned: Chloe was a part of this family. Out of respect for her, can we at least for the next 24 hours just have some peace and quiet around here?

Monica: Ned is absolutely right.

Ned: For one day can we just rise above all the stupid and petty arguments?

Edward: You'd do better to lecture your ex-fiancée, Ned. Alexis claims that she is Chloe's closest friend, hmm? And who does she bring to the memorial but the murderer of Chloe.

Ned: Alexis believes that Stefan is innocent.

Edward: Oh, that's absurd.

Ned: I don't like the idea of her defending Stefan any more than you do. But she is convinced that she is doing the right thing.

Edward: She has chosen the Cassadines over Chloe. Why does that surprise me or anyone else? She has been the spokeswoman for a crime lord for years.

[Phone rings]

Ned: Grandfather, please, just back off.

A.J.: Hello.

Monica: Yes, Edward, you've stirred things up enough tonight.

Edward: Oh, that is so fine and so typical. Every time disaster overtakes this family, the blame comes to me.

Alan: Who better? First you attack Carly. Then Alexis.

Edward: Look, among Alexis and Stefan and Carly and the police, poor Chloe's memorial turned into a three-ring circus, and I was just an innocent bystander.

Monica: Where is Lila?

Edward: Well, she's out on the terrace.

Alan: Why don't you join her? Maybe she can transform you into a human.

Monica: Don't hold your breath.

A.J.: Okay. Great. Thanks. What'd the driver take her? All right. I'll be by to show my appreciation.

Alan: Was that about Michael?

A.J.: Got to go. Yeah. Everything I do is about Michael, Dad.

Monica: Are you all right?

Ned: I don't even know why I even try.

Monica: We are an incorrigible bunch, aren't we?

Ned: I realize it's a difficult thing -- accepting Chloe's death. But the important thing is we are a family -- a family that Chloe was very proud to be a part of. Is there any chance that we can possibly behave in a way that she can be proud of now?

Alan: You're absolutely right.

Monica: You are. We should pull together, not tear apart.

Alan: We'll do our best. Thank you for reminding us.

Ned: I've got to go find something for grandmother.

Alan: Why are you looking at me like that?

Monica: Oh, something that happened back at the funeral home.

Alan: Could you be a bit more specific?

Monica: It was when Carly and A.J. were going at it and you said that Carly didn't do anything to Sorel. But you didn't finish what you were about to say.

Alan: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Monica: You did something about Sorel, or you did something to him. What was it?

Sonny: Wait, Carly. What do you want?

Carly: Why don't we ask her what she wants? Although it's pretty obvious. Didn't your mother ever tell you not to throw yourself at married men?

Angel: If you want me to leave, I will.

Sonny: No, no.

Carly: Oh, well, that must be music to your ears -- a woman who actually volunteers to leave the room.

Sonny: Why are you even here, Carly?

Carly: You know what? Never mind. I will take care of A.J. myself. I'll probably end up in prison and Michael will have to go live with his drunken father in the Quartermaine mansion, but that's okay because you've got your angel in white. Oh, sorry. Red now. Your tramp in red to keep you busy.

Sonny: Okay, wait, wait, wait.

Sonny: What's the problem with A.J.?

Carly: Why? Do you care?

Alan: I meant what I said to A.J. I will do anything to protect my children.

Monica: So will I.

Alan: I know.

Monica: So, we leave it at that, huh?

Alan: I think so.

Monica: This house is so empty without Emily.

Alan: Why don't we go and see her? There's no danger now. None of Sorel's men are going to be following us.

Monica: I'd like that.

Alan: Oh, Monica, please, can we just listen to what Ned said? Can we try to remember that we're a family? Can we stop fighting with each other?

Monica: Yeah, I really hate being at odds with you.

Alan: Yeah, me, too. We certainly seem to have a talent for it.

Monica: Practiced and perfected over the years.

Alan: Nothing drives me crazy like you do.

Monica: Well, you're no slouch yourself. Just when I think that you can't pull anything on me anymore, out pops a daughter from the past.

Alan: We've been through this before, Monica. I'm not going to apologize for loving Skye.

Monica: I know that. And I understand on some level. It doesn't mean I have to like her, though.

Alan: Well, there are times when you haven't liked me, either.

Monica: What makes you think I like you now?

Alan: I don't see you pulling away.

Monica: I'm not, am I?

Lila: Ned.

Ned: Hello, Grandmother.

Edward: Hello, Ned.

Lila: Edward, would you please cut me some of those roses that Chloe liked so much?

Edward: You mean the double delight?

Lila: Uh-huh.

Edward: Fine. It would be a pleasure.

Ned: Was that your way of giving us a moment alone?

Lila: You found the box.

Ned: Yes. On the closet shelf, just as you said.

Lila: Ned, dear, how are you feeling?

Ned: I was about to ask you the same question. I suppose we're all still reeling, aren't we? I used to tell Chloe that our pretend marriage was the most successful marriage I ever had. We had a lot of fun together. I remember having dinners with Jax where she and I would flirt shamelessly until Jax had steam coming out of his ears. She was my friend. And I felt like I could tell her anything and she would accept me, warts and all. There's not many spouses that really do that, you know? I was just getting used to the idea of her moving away. I figured, well, I could always call her, E-mail her, fly over there if I have to. And now that she's gone, suddenly I feel --

Lila: Perhaps you should call Alexis.

Ned: No, Grandmother, I -- I don't think that's going to work. Alexis is too busy rescuing the rest of the world to come and rescue me.

Lila: Then who is going to rescue Alexis?

Stefan: Alexis, Helena worked her entire life to make you feel worthless. She hated you. Our chance for happiness was stolen when we were children. We were too young to fight back then, but that's no longer true. Now, I don't know about you, but I want to make my life count for something.

Alexis: You don't think your life counts for anything? You raised Nikolas all by yourself.

Stefan: Oh, yes, and now he's fallen under Helena's control. Isn't it my responsibility to save him at least?

Alexis: By killing your mother and spending the rest of your life in jail --

Stefan: You think I give a damn about prison? I can spend the rest of my life there. What life have I had? It would be a salvation for me.

Alexis: Has spending any time with Chloe meant anything to you?

Stefan: It meant everything.

Alexis: Then live up to it. You wanted her to teach you to be a better man. Then be one.

Jax: Stefan is a masterful liar and manipulator. He'll do any damage to get what he wants. And he'll claim his reasons were justified. He'll say that he did it out of love or a concern for another.

Kristina: This family is absolutely poisonous. I need -- I need to get Alexis out of here. We'll go live in London or New York. She needs to get away from the Cassadine family.

Jax: Alexis won't leave.

Kristina: But she's got me now. I can convince her, you know. The two of us --

Jax: It's hard to convince Alexis to do anything, especially run. Besides, the Cassadines have enough money. They'll find you wherever you go. See, that's why I didn't want anyone to know about you.

Kristina: It must have been so terrible for Alexis. I mean, having to live in the same home as Stefan and Helena.

Jax: It was. She tried to break free for years, but never quite managed.

Kristina: How does she get along with Stefan?

Jax: Surprisingly well. She's quite attached to him.

Kristina: I take it that you don't care for him very much.

Jax: Hardly.

Kristina: Why not?

Jax: Okay. I think enough for now.

Kristina: Oh, Jax --

Jax: I'm going to go and order some food while I still have the stomach to eat.

Sonny: What's A.J. done now?

Carly: It's a family matter.

Sonny: Do you mind?

Angel: No problem.

Sonny: Thanks for bringing by that information.

Angel: Yeah.

Sonny: All right.

Carly: Yeah, go whore yourself to someone else, you tramp.

Sonny: Yeah, that's nice.

Carly: Yeah, it's appropriate.

Sonny: Yeah, well -- can we -- can we get to the point, if there is one?

Carly: A.J. told the cops I killed Sorel.

Sonny: A.J.'s got nothing.

Carly: He told them that he saw me go into Sorel's room the night that he died, and now Mac and Taggert are questioning me.

Sonny: If they had evidence, they'd do more than question you, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, unless they're digging around.

Sonny: Let them dig!

Carly: Look, A.J. said that if I gave him Michael that he would tell the cops he was mistaken.

Sonny: Tell A.J. to go to hell.

Carly: Yeah, I wish he would, Sonny, and the sooner, the better. But you know the truth and you have known it since that night in the interrogation room when our room was bugged and you helped me come up with an alibi. What A.J. thinks I did I really did do.

Alexis: We are a new generation of Cassadines. We don't have to carry on that legacy. We'll create our own. We'll make new choices. We'll be a normal family. Okay, let's just start with happy. We'll get Nikolas back. And if he doesn't come back, fine. There's you, there's me, there's --

Stefan: Who?

Alexis: I want to tell you something, but I can't tell you unless you promise me that you're not going to tell anyone else because it affects your life as much as mine. I need to trust you.

Stefan: You can trust me. Tell me.

Alexis: There's still hope for us.

Jax: Yeah, I'm glad you like Alexis.

Kristina: Oh, I love her.

Jax: You can tell that the two of you are sisters. You know, even if I hadn't known, I think I would have been able to pick it.

Kristina: Really? How so?

Jax: Well, you know me. I'm a very perceptive person.

Kristina: Oh, my God, you're making fun of me.

Jax: You're good at reading people. Just trying to keep you on your toes.

Kristina: Okay. Okay, fine. I'm on my toes. So, how can you tell that we're sisters?

Jax: Well, you finish each other's sentences. Your body language is in sync. You laugh at each other's jokes, and that's amazing because nobody ever laughs at Alexis' jokes. And give me a few more weeks and I'll come up with some more.

Kristina: But there's one thing that you didn't tell me about Alexis.

Jax: What's that?

Kristina: That she's a lot more vulnerable than she lets on.

Jax: Yeah, she hides it well. It's a survival tactic she picked up in her childhood.

[Knock on door]

Ned: Jax, open up. It's Ned.

Jax: Just a sec.

Jax: I don't want him to see you.

Kristina: Isn't that Alexis' friend, though?

Jax: Nobody knows you're here, okay? Let's keep it that way.

Kristina: Oh, my God, you're being paranoid.

Jax: Kristina, why don't you just --

Kristina: Okay, I'll disappear, fine. Okay.

Ned: Sorry to bother you.

Jax: That's all right. Come on in.

Ned: After the funeral service, the Quartermaines are having a luncheon at the Port Charles Hotel in honor of Chloe.

Jax: How's your family holding up?

Ned: Well, we're still pretty much in shock.

Jax: Yeah, I know.

Ned: And, of course, it didn't exactly help that Alexis showed up at the viewing with Stefan.

Jax: Yeah, no kidding.

Ned: And I had to defend her. And I didn't even understand it myself. What is going on with her, Jax? I mean, how could she possibly defend him?

Jax: I have no idea.

Ned: I don't know why, but she respects your opinion. If you get a chance, would you please talk to her? I mean, just talk to her.

Jax: I'll see what I can do.

Ned: Thanks.

Jax: Thanks for stopping by.

Kristina: Why is Ned so upset about my brother?

Jax: I don't know. I guess he has his reasons.

Kristina: You were pretty eager to get him out of here.

Jax: Well, let's leave it alone, Kristina, please.

Kristina: This crisis Alexis is handling has to do with my brother, doesn't it? What's she defending him from, Jax? Tell me.

Scott: Then take Luke's picture around the airports, the bus stations, and see if anybody -- Jerry, come on, you're the best private eye in the business. Do I have to tell you your business? For -- look, man, just do it, all right? I'll get back to you. A.J., I'm busy, okay?

A.J.: Yeah, well, I need you now, Scott. I've got Carly's address. I just found out my son's back in town. I'm getting him tonight.

Carly: I did it.

Sonny: I told you not to tell --

Carly: Sonny, it is just us, just you and me. The room is not bugged, and we do not have to pretend.

Sonny: I don't want to hear it.

Carly: Sonny, we are still married. You cannot testify against me even if you wanted to, which I know you don't.

Sonny: I need you to keep quiet.

Carly: Why, because you don't want to know what I'd do for you and Michael, what I would do to keep our family safe?

Sonny: Because if you say something out loud, it gets easier to say the next time and the next time until you're confessing to the cops.

Carly: Listen, I can keep my mouth shut with the police --

Sonny: Since when? Like how many answers did you give them at the police station?

Carly: Oh -- thanks for the vote of confidence. You know, I thought I did a pretty good job in that interrogation room. You were the only one who knew it was a lie.

Sonny: For the last time -- I'm not going to say it again --

Carly: No, listen to me. A.J. may not know it, but he is right. I went into Sorel's room, and I pulled the plug.

Alan: You know, a couple of months ago, we were closer than we'd ever been, Monica.

Monica: Yeah. But a lot has happened since then.

Alan: We have gotten through every difficulty that life has ever thrown at us. Let's just leave our problems behind us and go back to where we were. What do you say?

Monica: I miss you so much.

Alan: Shall we?

Monica: What about tomorrow?

Alan: Why don't we worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes?

Jax: Oh, there you are. Kristina was hoping you'd stop by.

Alexis: I have an ulterior motive that I think you're going to hate.

Jax: Is everything okay?

Alexis: Oh, that's a loaded question. It will be, eventually.

Jax: Get out.

Stefan: I want to see my sister.

Jax: Absolutely not!

Alexis: He wants to meet Kristina, Jax.

Jax: That is out of the question.

Alexis: I often think it's a good idea just to cut to the chase. Kristina, meet your brother, Stefan.

Stefan: Kristina. The sister I never knew existed. What lies have you told her about me?

Scott: What, are you nuts? You just can't barge in and take a child out of his mother's house.

A.J.: It can't wait. Look, Carly knows that I know she might move Michael.

Scott: What, is she going to do it in the middle of the night? She's going to do that?

A.J.: You don't know what you're dealing with. She's capable of anything, especially if it means rubbing my nose in it.

Scott: Legally you can't touch a hair on that kid's head without his mother's permission.

A.J.: Which will never happen.

Scott: Listen, you got to understand something here, A.J. You cannot get yourself worked up because you're just going to blow the case here.

A.J.: So what? You got a better idea?

Scott: Yes, I do. First thing in the morning, I'll go to court. Now that we have something to work with, now that the kid's in the country --

A.J.: But I want my --

Scott: No, there's no -- no nothing about it, okay? This is the way we're going to handle it. That's it. Over.

[Phone rings]

Scott: Hello. What? They I.D. him? Hold on a second. Look, I got to take this call. Sorry. Busy. Important. So, I'll handle this, all right? Yeah.

Carly: Look, A.J. is right. I went into Sorel's room that night, I pulled the plug on his respirator, and I killed him. I told you. I told you that Sorel's hit man had a photograph of Michael. He was going after my child. I had to stop him, so I killed Sorel. And I would do it again in a heartbeat --

Sonny: Carly --

Carly: Because there's no way that monster is going to do anything to ever hurt another person that I love again.

Sonny: You need to calm down.

Carly: No. I don't regret it, Sonny. I don't. Sorel's dead, and I am glad because he was going to hurt Michael and it was the only way to protect him, but now A.J. is using it against me.

Sonny: You said yourself A.J. has no proof.

Carly: He will find it. You know him. He will do anything to get Michael.

Sonny: So keep your mouth shut.

Carly: Sonny, the police are not going to just drop this one.

Sonny: They will if they come up empty-handed, okay? You need to sit -- sit tight. You're no good to Michael if you blurt out a confession and they lock you up.

Carly: But I did it.

Sonny: Come here. Look at me, okay? Now, hear me out. You did not kill Joseph Sorel. He was already dead.

Carly: But I pulled the plug on his respirator.

Sonny: The respirator was hooked up to a corpse. I swear to you, he was already dead.

Carly: How do you know?

Sonny: Don't ask me any more questions.

Carly: No. Were you there? Sonny, did you do something --

Sonny: What did I just tell you to do?

Carly: Are you sure about this?

Sonny: I am. Now, you go home, and you take care of Michael. Adam? Take Carly home. Make sure she gets in safe, will you?

Carly: Thanks.

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