GH Transcript Wednesday 8/30/00


General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 8/30/00

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>> Previously on
"general hospital" --

jason: I looked at
the poster, and it said "eddie's

Alexis: My picture is hanging
over a bar in texas?

Lucky: I'm missing huge
chunks of my last year.
There's something wrong with me.

[Chloe screams]

mike: I'm sorry.

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emily: That creep zander
showed up here yesterday?
You must've been terrified.
Elizabeth: Well,
nothing happened.
And lucky made him leave.
Emily: Wow.
I can't believe that he actually
tracked you down.
Elizabeth: I know.
He probably just wanted
to figure out whether I was
going to do something about
the bottled water he drugged
and gave me.
Emily: Yeah, like call
the cops.
Elizabeth: Yeah.
But now he knows i'm not
a threat.
Not that i could tell the police
I can't even remember what
happened that night.
Emily: He must've given us
the same drug.
Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.
That's what lucky thinks.
Emily: That is the most
terrifying thing -- not being
able to remember anything.
It's like there's a part
of you missing, and you can't
get it back no matter what
you do.
Elizabeth: I can't even
remember how i got back
to my studio that night.
The only thing i do remember is
waking up in lucky's arms.
He was pretty wonderful to me.
Emily: Lucky still loves you.
He does.
Elizabeth: He cares about me.
It's not the same as being
in love.
Emily: Elizabeth,
remember when you said something
about losing a part of yourself?
Elizabeth: Yeah.
Emily: Well, maybe that's
what happened with lucky while
he was gone.
You know, something happened
to him that makes him act like
a different person sometimes.
Elizabeth: Emily, do you know
something about lucky you're not
telling me?

Ned: Let's go back!
Two, three --
drummer: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Man, we could use a break.
Ned: Just one more time
from the same place, ok?
We've almost got it.
Here we go!
Two, three, four.
[Band plays]
nikolas: Looks like the band
is ready to leave ned.
Juan: Yeah, well, he's been
pushing them kind of hard.
Nikolas: Where's alexis when
we need her?
She's the only one that can get
through to him before
a performance.
Juan: With all the publicity
that eddie's angel's been
getting lately, alexis isn't
about tohow up here tonight.
Nikolas: Yeah, well, I guess
that leaves me.
Ned, we're going to have to have
you clear the stage.
Ned: Now?
Nikolas: Yeah, lighting has
to get set up, all right?
Ned: All right.
I guess that's it.
Juan: Nice save.
Nikolas: Putting out fires,
that's what I do.
Juan: The new number's great.
Ned: It could be -- after
about a week's rehearsal, maybe.
Nikolas: Relax.
Even the promoter's happy.
Ned: Is everybody here?
Nikolas: Yeah, it looks
like it.
Ned: Where's emily?
Juan: Guess she couldn't be
here tonight.
Ned: Did you ask her?
Juan: A lot.
Nikolas: You know, why don't
you go back to the dressing
room, try to relax till
you go on.
Ned: All right.
I think I'm going to call
Oh -- juan, did I tell you that
i want you to open for me
Juan: But I don't have
anything prepared.
Ned: "Heart and soul's"
You've been working ont
for a week.

Security guard: Oh,
whoa, whoa, whoa.
Gia: You don't know who i am?
Then i suggest you get somebody
out here who does.
Security guard: I need to see
your badge.
Gia: And I'll have yours
if you don't let me in.
I happen to be with the band.
Security guard: You know how
many times i've heard that?
Juan: Great.
Nikolas: I'll handle it.
Gia: It's about time.
This guard is hassling me.
Tell him i'm ok.

Taggert: Keep your eyes
Hannah: Ok, ok.
Taggert: No cheating.
Hannah: All right.
Taggert: We're almost there.
Hannah: Did I miss
the sunset?
Taggert: No, there's plenty
of time.
Uh -- ok.
This is it.
Hannah: Oh.
It's so beautiful here.
Taggert: Yeah, I like to call
it my private little beach.
Hannah: Oh, it's so peaceful.
We're probably miles and miles
away from town.
Taggert: Yeah.
The only sound is the noise
of those insects -- whatever
they are.
Hannah: Frogs.
Taggert: Frogs?
Hannah: Yeah.
Taggert: I didn't know
you were a nature expert.
Hannah: Well, I spent a long
stakeout one summer
in the catskills.
I learned a lot about new york
state wildlife.
Taggert: Hmm.
That wouldn't be too hard
to take.
Hannah: What?
A boring stakeout in the woods?
Taggert: Time alone with you.
No one else around.
Nothing to do but get to know
each other better.
Hannah: Mm-hmm.
There's no better time than
the present.
Just us and the frogs.

Stefan: We'll be landing
Has everything been carried out
as i instructed?
You know, my only regret is
i won't be able to see
my mother's expression when
she learns of this recent
She'll be looking over
her shoulder permanently.
Even in her sleep.

Tony: You ok?
Monica: Better than ok.
Tony: Oh, good.
Chloe didn't leave a message
for me, did she?
Monica: Not that i know of.
Did she miss an appointment?
Tony: Well, she was scheduled
to undergo her radiation
treatment earlier this week,
and then she canceled it.
Monica: Ooh.
Is she in any danger
if she doesn't start radiation?
Tony: Not as long
as she takes the medication.
But she was so eager to start
the treatment.
I can't imagine what's happened.
Monica: Now that i think
about it, she called lila last
night to tell her that
she and jax were going to be
away for a while.
Tony: Any idea where they're
Monica: You're going to have
to checkith lila, really.
Tony: Ok, good.
Maybe chloe left a number where
i can call her.
Monica: Well, I don't think
lila expected chloe to be
in contact with her.
Listen, I got to run.
Tony: Oh.
You forget something?
Monica: Oh --
couldn't get very far
without this.
Tony: You sure nothing's
Monica: Nothing that a police
escort wouldn't solve.
Tony: Police?
Monica: Listen, you call
I'm fine.
Really, I'm fine.
Monica: Come on. Be home.
Hi. Oh, hi. It's me.
It's time.
No, I'm not pulling your leg.
I just took my temperature.
And we don't have a big window
of opportunity, you know?
Every second counts.
Listen, I'm leaving the hospital
right now, ok?
I will meet you at home.
Oh -- excuse me.
Go ahead.
Yes, i love you, too.
Just hurry! Please!

Emily: We all know that
lucky's been so different since
he got back.
I'm just constantly trying
to figure out maybe why.
Elizabeth: Why do i get
the feeling you're trying
to tell me something?
Emily: I -- i thought maybe
that you and lucky'd gotten
You know, waking up next to each
other, maybe he opened up
to you or something.
Elizabeth: He was too busy
taking care of me to think about
Emily: Well, something
must've happened, elizabeth,
because I can see it
in your eyes.
Elizabeth: Ok, for one
second, when i first woke up
in lucky's arms, it was like
we had gone back in time.
You know, we were the closest
we'd been since he came home.
Emily: That's progress.
Elizabeth: And we also agreed
toe nothing more than just
Emily: Elizabeth, you can't
accept that.
Elizabeth: That's what
he wants.
Lucky's telling me he doesn't
love me.
And until he says different,
I have to accept it and just let
him go.
Emily: I wish i could do that
with juan.
You know, I know that he loves
me, but when i think about him
kissing those two girls, i don't
You know, I know that he cares
about me a lot, but can I trust
Elizabeth: I don't know.
Take it slow.
Find out.
Emily: You know, he invited
me to eddie maine's concert,
but I turned him down.
Elizabeth: But you really
want to be there with him.
Emily: It's probably too late
Elizabeth: No, it's not.
Emily: Think I should?
Elizabeth: Emily, he says
he wants you there with him
and he's telling you he loves
I would give anything for it
to be like that for me
with lucky.
Emily: Yeah.
All right, thanks.
Elizabeth: And if you see
lucky --
emily: What?
Elizabeth: Will you try
to talk him out of this crazy
scheme he has to trap zander?
Emily: What crazy scheme?
Elizabeth: Oh, he wants
to tell you himself, but it is
way too dangerous.
Emily: Well, in that case,
I probably will talk him out
of it.
Elizabeth: Thank you.
Emily: Are you sure there's
nothing else you want me to tell
Elizabeth: No.
Have a good time tonight.
Be careful.
Emily: Ok.
Elizabeth: Ok. See you.

Nikolas: It's ok.
She's with l&b.
Security guard: As long
as she's got a pass.
Gia: This is so cool.
Nikolas: You actually thought
you could bluff your way
in here?
Gia: You didn't invite me.
How else was i supposed to get
Come on, introduce me to eddie
Nikolas: It's -- it's not
a good time right now.
Gia: You owe me.
Nikolas: He's getting ready
to go on.
Gia: Be nice, or I won't help
you and your friends trap
Nikolas: Keep it down,
will you?
Gia: Be that way.
I'll settle for a look
at the stage.
Nikolas: No, I think
you should stay here until
the show starts, or I will find
somebody -- a guard -- to keep
watch on you.

Ned: Listen, I can't force
you to sing if you don't
want to.
Juan: It's just I haven't
prepared, I haven't rehearsed.
I just, you know --
ned: You've done it before.
Juan: Yeah, but that was
Ned: Juan, if you want
a singing career, you have to be
able to get out there
and perform on a moment's
Alexis: Oh, good.
I was hoping i didn't miss
Ned: Where have you been?
No, don't tell me.
Just come over here and give me
a kiss.

[Motorboat engine revs]
hannah: Do you hear those
high-pitched calls?
Taggert: Frogs?
Hannah: No, peepers.
Taggert: As in peeping toms?
Hannah: Yeah.
You really are a city guy,
aren't you?
Taggert: I told you i've
never even been to summer camp.
Hannah: Well, somewhere
you learned how to build
a really great campfire.
Taggert: I read a lot.
Hannah: So why haven't
we done this before?
Taggert: Could have something
to do with the fact that we're
Hannah: Well, I think tonight
we should start a new tradition.
Taggert: Sounds good to me.
What is up with that boat?
Hannah: It's probably some
teenagers horsing around.
Taggert: You know,
somebody is steering like
a maniac.
Hannah: Well, it's getting
kind of dark.
Shouldn't they have
their lights on?
Taggert: They shouldn't even
be on the water.
Come here.
[Engine revs louder]
hannah: Oh, my god.
Taggert: He swamped it.
Hannah: Let's go.

Tammy: Sorry I'm late.
Elizabeth: Oh, it's
no problem.
Hasn't been very busy at all.
Tammy: Yeah.
Thanks for covering for me.
Elizabeth: You ok?
Tammy: Yeah.
You know, I went over to mike's
place to check on him.
He wasn't there.
He hadn't shown up at work yet,
Elizabeth: What's happening
to sonny must be really rough
on him.
Tammy: You know, mike blames
himself for all of it.
I've never seen him like this.
I don't know how to help.
Elizabeth: Knowing you care
is probably more help than
you realize.
Tammy: Yeah.
Sonny means everything to mike.
He's trying so hard to rebuild
their relationship.
It's -- oh, thank god.
Mike: Hey.
Tammy: I've been hoping you'd
come by.
Mike: Yeah, I --
I got your phone messages.
Tammy: How about a cup
of coffee?
Mike: I'm afraid i'm not very
good company today.
Tammy: Have you had a chance
to see sonny yet?
Mike: I went by
the penthouse, and
johnny wouldn't even let me in.

Lila: What's a nine-letter
word for "done in"?
Edward: Oh -- oh,
that's easy.
Sonny's already done himself in.
Lila: Oh, that's dreadful,
Edward: No, it says it right
here in the paper.
"Corinthos charged with drug
He's on his way to prison.
Lila: Oh, I do hope not.
Edward: I don't understand
your fascination with that
Lila: Mr. Corinthos isn't
the first renegade who's caught
my eye.
Edward: Well, at any rate,
little michael will be living
under this roof in no time.
Lila: Edward, are you really
certain that that's what best
for michael?
Edward: Absolutely.
And I am not giving up until
i win alan and monica over
to my way of thinking.
Having them raise michael is
the only thing that makes sense.
What else could they be doing
that would be more important
than that?
Alan: Reginald!
Bring a bottle of champagne up
to my bedroom immediately,
Edward: Alan, we need to have
a very serious family business
meeting right now.
Alan: Later.
Edward: No -- alan?
We -- alan?
Well -- what the hell was that
all about?
Lila: I can't be certain,
but I wouldn't be surprised
to see monica run in here next.
Edward: Oh.

[A.J. Coughs]
hannah: Should we call
the medics?
He might've taken in too much
Taggert: I'm sure he will
A.J.: You saved my life.
Taggert: Yeah, well, we can't
take all the credit.
You swim like a champ.
A.J.: I need mouth to mouth.
Hannah: Yeah, well, we want
to make sure all the water's out
of those lungs.
A.J.: Ah!
Where'd you learn life saving?
Hannah: I flunked.
Taggert's the expert.
A.J.: Taggert?
Taggert: Don't worry.
You're in good hands.
Hannah: Yeah, taggert'll have
your respiration up in no time.
Taggert: Trust me.
A.J.: What do you know!
I can breathe.
I'm doing good.
I'm good to go.
Hannah: Oh, well,
wonders never cease to amaze.
Taggert: Yeah.
We're both saved.
A.J.: What about me?
Hannah: We don't pass out
towels to rich boys who try
to get attention by swamping

Emily: What are you doing
Gia: I'm nikolas' guest.
Emily: Great. Where is he?
Gia: Busy.
Emily: All right, i'll ask
Gia: He's over there
with the idle rich.
Don't you want to know where
juan is?
Emily: Enjoy the show, gia.
Oh, nikolas.
Nikolas: Hey.
Emily: Hey.
What's with the blackmailer?
Nikolas: She forced
her way in.
Emily: Yeah. Figures.
Nikolas: Yeah.
Emily: Look, I really want
to stay for the concert, but is
there a place that you can sit
me where i won't be seen?
Nikolas: Yeah, sure.
I'll work on it.
Emily: Ok, thanks.
Nikolas: All right.
Ned: Could we lose
the sunglasses?
Alexis: Work with them.
You go out there and have fun.
Ned: One more for the road.
One more.
[Alexis laughs]
nikolas: Juan, give me a hand
with this, would you?

Juan: Yeah, sure.
Hey, you know what?
I'll be right back.
Ned: See you tonight.
Juan: Ned, i changed my mind.
Ned: It's a little late.
Juan: You were right.
"Heart and soul's" ready.
Just let me open.
Ned: All right, look.
Next time, just give me a little
more notice, all right?
Juan: You won't be sorry.
Thank you.
Ned: Good luck.
ned: All right, thank
you very much.
Thank you.
Thank you.
We got a great show lined up
for you tonight, starting
with a surprise opening act.
So let's put your hands together
for l&b's newest artist,
juan santiago.
[Cheers and applause]
juan: Thanks, eddie.
Hey. How you doing?
It's great to be here.
I'd like to start with a very
special song for a very special
[music plays]
juan: I walk around
hiding a smile
girl, you don't know
what you do to me
looks like i'm through
running around
baby, I know
where I want to be
how can i
make you see
what you mean to me?
With all my heart
with all my soul
i need you more
than you know
with all i feel
with all i do
girl, can't you see
that i love you
heart and soul?
Time after time
i close my eyes
thinking about
what the night will bring
dancing alone
your body next to mine
i want to give
you everything
how can I describe
what i feel inside?
with all my heart
with all my soul
Juan: With all my heart
with all my soul
i need you more than you know
with all i feel
with all i do
girl, can't you see
that i love you?
With all my heart
with all my soul
i need you more than you know
with all i feel
with all i do
girl, can't you see
that i love you?
Heart and soul
heart and soul
juan: Thank you.
Thanks a lot.
Eddie will be out in a second
to start real the show.
Emily: They loved you.
Juan: They loved "heart
and soul," the song we made
Nikolas: You were terrific.
Gia: Not bad at all.
Girl: Please, please,
please, can I have your
Juan: Oh, yeah, sure.
Girl: You were so
Juan: I'm glad you liked it.
Girl: Are you going to travel
with eddie maine?
Juan: You know, I can't
really answer any questions
right now.
Security guard: Excuse me,
miss -- you're going to have
to come with me.
Juan: Yeah. No problem.
Gia: How's it feel hanging
out with a star?
Juan: Uh, excuse us.
Emily: No, she's right.
You are a star.
Juan: I love singing,
you know, and I could really get
into this, but the most
important thing tonight -- any
night -- is you.
And I can't tell you what it
meant when i looked over and saw
you there.
Emily: I'm glad i came.
Juan: So, can we hang out
here together?
Emily: Try to get rid of me.

Gia: I saw what you did
getting emily and juan together.
I thought you didn't like him.
Nikolas: Well,
I'm a hopeless romantic.
Gia: Sure you are.
Nikolas: You'd be surprised.
Gia: You're right.
I would.
Ned: Let's make the
I'm ready to go.
Man: Haven't we met before?
Ned: No, no.
It's her first time here.
Man: Really?
Ned: Let's get this show
on the road.
Thank you.

Tammy: Sonny needs time,
that's all.
As soon as the charges against
him are dropped --
mike: If they're dropped.
Tammy: No, alexis will get
him acquitted.
Mike: Look, the evidence is
stacked against him.
He's probably going to have
to do time because of me --
because I didn't have the guts
to go to sonny and level
with him because i was too
damned afraid of losing him.
And now I have.
And I've also cost him
his freedom.
Tammy: Try having a little
Sonny's capable of beating this.
Mike: You know, maybe it's
not too late to help him.
I'll be right back.
Elizabeth: Hey.
Your order's not quite ready
Mac: No problem.
Elizabeth: Ok.
Mike: Excuse me.
Have you got a minute?
Mac: Sure, mike.
Mac: You know i can't discuss
sonny's case with you.
Mike: Yeah, ok.
All right, i understand,
but, you see, I'm the guy that
should've been in that motel,
not sonny.
Mac: Since when do you do
business with sorel?
Mike: I got in over my head
at the track, so i went to this
loan shark to cover my bets,
but it turns out that the guy
i got the loan from worked
for sorel.
It was a setup, mac.
I mean, sorel was using me
to get to sonny.
Mac: Mike, this has
no bearing on the case.
Mike: It has everything to do
with it.
Sorel would not let me pay him
He wanted to get to sonny,
so he threatened to hurt me
unless sonny did what he wanted
him to.
I'm the only reason that sonny
was in that motel room.
Mac: The fact remains sonny
was there.
Mike: Look, my son is
And whatever i have to do
to prove that, i will do it.
I'm the one you should've
arrested, not sonny.

Edward: Lila, how could
you possibly believe that
michael would be better off
living under the roof of a known
criminal than here in his own
home being raised by his family?
Lila: Edward, it doesn't
matter what you think.
Carly is michael's mother.
It is for her to decide where
her son lives.
Edward: Well, not for long.
Now, michael needs a calm,
steady, dependable mother he can
count on, like -- like monica.
Monica: Reginald,
alan and i are not to be
disturbed until further notice!
Edward: Reginald is upstairs
delivering a bottle
of champagne.
Monica: Oh. Alan's home?
Lila: He's upstairs,
dear, waiting.
Edward: With the champagne.
Monica: Perfect.
Edward: No, perfect would be
to have little michael upstairs
in that nursery where
he belongs.
Monica: No way.
The nursery is booked
at the moment.
Edward: It's not too late
to reconsider.
Monica: Excuse me.
Time is up.
Edward: No, no, monica --
please --
lila: Calm, steady,
and dependable?

Taggert: Put this around you.
A.J.: What.
Taggert: Shirt.
A.J.: This is a nice fire.
It's hot.
Hey, look, it was an accident.
It could've happened to anybody.
Hannah: Yeah, anybody
reckless enough to drive a boat
like that.
Taggert: Or drunk enough.
A.J.: I'm not drunk.
Taggert: You know,
it's a criminal offense
if you are.
A.J.: Hey, look, why don't
you just run me down
to the station right now.
I'll take a breathalyzer test.
In fact, i'll take two.
Hannah: Yeah, and ruin
our evening?
I don't think so.
A.J.: Ok, fine.
Just take my word for it.
Say, did you bring food?
I skipped dinner.
Hannah: Hey, the kitchen is
A.J.: Ok. Coffee'll do.
Taggert: You know what?
The game is over, A.J.
I want you out of here.
A.J.: Well, hey, you know,
I'd be gone in a heartbeat,
but my only means of
transportation is bye-bye.
Taggert: Hit the highway.
A.J.: You mean walk?
Uh, is he serious?
Hannah: Don't push it, a.J.
A.J.: Oh, come on,
be reasonable.
Taggert: Reasonable is
you accepting the fact that
hannah and i are together
whether you like it or not.
Reasonable is dropping
the poor-put-upon-rich-boy act,
weaning yourself off the bottle,
and acting like a man.
You don't want reasonable?
But from now on, you stay out
of my way.
You got that?
A.J.: Got it.
Thanks for the rescue.
Try to enjoy what's left
of your evening.
Taggert: Good-bye, A.J.
A.J.: You remember
you saved my life.
That means that I'm
your responsibility forever.
See you.

Mac: This must be rough
on you, watching your son go
through this.
Mike: That's not the point,
I'm telling you the way it was,
why sonny's not guilty.
Mac: And I've got a problem
with that.
Mike: It's the truth.
I swear.
Mac: Even if it is,
it doesn't matter now.
Mike: The hell it doesn'T.
Mac: Sonny was caught on tape
negotiating with sorel
to transport drugs.
Mike: Because he was trying
to buy time to protect me.
Mac: I know you would do
anything to help sonny,
mike, but you can't fix this.
Elizabeth: Here you go.
Do you need anything else?
Mac: No, this is fine,
thank you.
Elizabeth: Ok.
Mac: There you go. Thanks.
Elizabeth: Thank you.
Mac: Mike.
[Mike sighs]
tammy: Hey.
Mike: The cops are still
after sonny.
I mean, they don't want to hear
anything but "he's guilty."
Tammy: Why don't we get out
of here?
Go for a walk by the water.
Elizabeth: I'd be glad
to cover.
Mike: Thanks.
I think I just need to be alone.
Maybe I'll check in
with you later, ok?
Tammy: Ok.
Take care.

Edward: Don't tell me that
you weren't happier with michael
living under this roof.
Lila: But michael wasn't
and that's what matters.
Edward: But, dear, look who
he had for parents -- carly
and A.J.
With alan and monica, it will be
a totally different story.
Lila: Edward, why is it
so hard for you to accept that
monica and alan want a child
of their own?
Edward: Because it is nothing
but mid-life panic that is
doomed to failure.
Why don't you just,
please, talk with them and tell
them how much michael needs love
and stability.
One brief custody hearing would
put him in their arms with them
as his parents.
Oh, just think of the hysteria
that that would save.
It would put an end to that
fertility business up there,
and the dinner hour would be
civilized once again.
Lila: If alan and monica
conceive a child, I shall be
the first to celebrate
with them.
Edward: And if they don't?
If they finally have to face
the fact that they're past
it, hmm?
Lila: Then i'll celebrate
their rekindled love.
Edward: Ha.
Momentary lust.
Lila: Unexpected romance.
Edward: No, it'll never last.
Lila: I don't know.
Some people make it last
a lifetime.
Edward: Oh, you.
Oh, lila.
Oh, me.

Ned: Here we go!
Ned: Born in a hurricane
i'm used to running
i don't play it safe
i just play to win
bet they're taking bets
on my survival
it's not over yet
till i say it is
ned: Guess my trouble is
i love the challenge
more nerve than good sense
everybody says
no, no, no, no
i won't surrender
singer: Whoa, whoa, whoa
ned: I won't go down
without a fight
singer: Whoa, whoa, whoa
ned: Just say my name
and remember
singer: Whoa, whoa, whoa
ned: I beat the odds
by looking trouble in the eye
ned: I am first in line
if fate is tempted
i see by your smile
you been tempted, too
i know that you think
you've got my number
so why don't we see
if what you heard is true
no, no, no, no
i won't surrender
singer: Whoa, whoa, whoa
ned: I won't go down
without a fight
singer: Whoa, whoa, whoa
ned: Just say my name
and remember
singer: Whoa, whoa, whoa
ned: I beat the odds
by looking trouble in the eye
ned: No, no, no, no
i won't surrender
singer: Whoa, whoa, whoa
ned: I beat the odds
by looking trouble in the
ned: Yeah!

Lila: Done.
Edward: So, what was that
nine-letter word meaning
"done in"?
Lila: "Exhausted."
Edward: Well, that's what I'm
going to be if we have to hold
on dinner much longer.
Lila: You know, I think
we can go ahead without monica
and alan.
Edward: Fine.
I much prefer a quiet,
romantic dinner for two, anyway.
No, no, no, no, no.
You're not coming to the table
dressed like that.
Alan: No, you go ahead.
Monica: Yes, we'll get
something later.
Alan: Yeah.
Edward: Well, I take it that
the fertility rites were
a success.
Lila: Edward, that's enough.
Alan: So,
what are you thinking?
Monica: Oh, I'm not thinking.
I'm wishing on a star.
Alan: I've never loved
you more, monica.
Monica: Do you think it's too
soon to hope that we conceived
a child tonight?
Alan: It would be perfect,
especially after a beautiful
night like this.
Alan: I love you.
Monica: I love you.
Taggert: It's a good thing
i had a couple of dry pieces
of clothing.
Hannah: Yeah.
Perfect fit.
Taggert: You warm?
Hannah: Mm-hmm.
As long as you don't go
anywhere, I could stay here
Taggert: Listen how quiet
it's got.
Hannah: No more frogs.
Taggert: No more boats.
Hannah: I'm sorry about what
happened with A.J.
Taggert: No, it's not
your fault.
Hannah: Yes, it is.
If i had cut him off months ago,
he would never have pulled
the stunt he did tonight.
Taggert: You just wanted
to help.
At least i think that's what
you wanted.
Hannah: Yeah, I did.
You know, I thought that once
a.J. Got over the shock of carly
taking michael away from him
that he'd get his drinking under
control, that he'd pick up
his life again, that he just
needed a friend, you know?
Taggert: Well, he wants more
than friendship from you.
Hannah: Well, this woman is
Taggert: You sure?
Hannah: Very.
I have to accept the fact that
i can't stop a.J. From drinking
himself to death.
You know, I can't stop him
from hurting somebody, but i can
stop him from getting
in between us.
You're too important to me
to risk.
Taggert: I want you to know
i'm too smart to let that

Ned: Thank you very much.
You're a great audience.
See you next time.
Nikolas: Whoo!
All right.
Yeah! Fantastic.
Ned: Baby.
Thank you so much for being
Reporter: You made it a night
for all of us, angel.
Alexis: Would you get him
to get that thing out
of my face!
Reporter: Come on, just a few
Ned: Get out!
No, no, no -- security?
Reporter: Well, what color
teddy do you have on tonight?
Juan: Hey, hey, hey!
Back off! Come on.
Nikolas: Let him through!
Get out of here!
Hey, hey, hey! No!
Ned: Back off, please --
nikolas: Back off and let
them out of here.
Turn it down!
Get that out of there!

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