GH Transcript Tuesday 8/29/00


General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/29/00

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"general hospital" --

elizabeth: I am scared.
Lucky: I am so sorry I ever
got you involved in this.

Bobbie: Bring my brother home
safe, ok?

Sonny: I'm not going tośmarry
carly to save my life.

Carly: You promised met+
you were going to take care
of me, you know, and i believed

Jax's voice: I love you,
I always will.
Chloe's voice: I love you,
too, jax.

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zander: I wish i'd known
you worked here.
I'd have stopped by sooner.
Do you make it home
from the rave ok?
Elizabeth: Oh, yeah,
just fine.T+
can I get you something?
Zander: Yeah, coffee.
Yeah, I was worried about you.
Your boyfriend seemed prettyt&
Elizabeth: Oh, we worked
things out.
Zander: Well, at least nowt&
I know where to find you.

nikolas: Who's there?
Stefan: Cordova and
t-his companion?
Man: En route to the balkans.
Stefan: With jax in pursuit?
Man: He's been one step
behind them since they left
Stefan: Good.
He's taken the bait.
Don't let him get too close.T-
I don't want him to catch up
with her.
Not just yet.

[Telephone rings]
roy: Yeah.
Hey, man.
No, it's not a problem.
Where do you want to meet
Got it.
Sure, I'll tell him.T-
but, luke, you know, you got
to watch your back.
Yeah, interpol is good, man.
Tpthey're very, very good at what
they do.

[Knock on door]
hannah: Dad?
hannah: Dad?
Hannah: "Dear hannah, I tried
to reach you.
Left message.
Love, dad."
Hope everything's ok.
Hope you're with bobbie
[Knock on door]
mac: Hannah.
Hannah: Is everything ok?
Mac: I was expecting to see
your father.
Is he here?
Hannah: No.
Mac: Any idea where he is?

Carly: Michael, you know that
the pyramid is that -- you know
the triangle?
Remember the triangle
in the dollar bill that has
the eye inside?T+
jason: Yeah.
Carly: Remember?
Jason: I climbed the biggest
pyramid in the world.
It was night, it was clear.
You could see the stars.
We used to look at the stars
when you were little together.
Do you remember?
michael: Yeah.
Jason: Yeah, you remember.
Carly: He missed you.
Not as much as i did, though.
Michael: Uncle sonny.
Carly: Sonny.

Hannah: Why are you looking
for my father?
Mac: Personal business.
Hannah: Well, he never
mentioned anything to me.
Was roy expecting you?
Mac: Where is he, hannah?
Hannah: I don't know, but I'm
sure he'd want you to produce
a warrant before you start
searching his room.
Mac: Roy's hiding something?
Hannah: No, but he has
My father has served his time.
He's cooperated with the bureau
all those years.
He's earned the chance to live
in peace, mac.
Mac: If that's what he's
Hannah: He's a bartender.
What are you going to do,
ride him until you create
a situation?
Mac: I don't choose
his friends, hannah.
His known associates --
luke, sonny.
One's a fugitive,
the other's out on bail.
Hannah: He hasn't done
anything wrong.
Mac: Where is he, hannah?
Hannah: I don't know.
He could be shopping.
Maybe he's working.
He could've taken bobbie to --
on a vacation somewhere.
I don't know.
Mac: You think roy's out
of town?
A.J.: Is this a private
party, or can anybody join in?

Gia: Hey!
Nikolas: Thought you said
you were going home.
Gia: I changed my mind.
Nikolas: Oh, and decided
to follow me?
Do you have any idea how many
tunnels are down here?
Gia: I admit it's aśoittle
gothic living in a castle over
a dungeon, but the tunnels were
no big deal.
Nikolas: Not if you got lost,
all right?
You could've died.
Gia: And you care?
Nikolas: Look, if the police
came down here searching
for you, they might find ted.
Gia: So this is about
saving your butt?
Nikolas: No, this is about
trespassing in my home
and risking yourself and me
to do it.
Now, what do you want?
Gia: To see this so-called
Nikolas: Oh, really?
Gia: Yeah, really.
Before i get myself in any
deeper, I need to make sure this
is the same guy I saw emily
at the motel with.
Nikolas: You want to see
the body, I'll show
you the body.

Elizabeth: Do you need
anything else?
Zander: No. This is great.
So, am i going to see
you at the next rave?
Elizabeth: Oh, I'm not sure.
Zander: I hope i didn't scare
Elizabeth: Scare me?
Zander: The water that i gave
you --
Q. Elizabeth: Was drugged?
Right, well, i figured that out.
Zander: You seemed upset.
I figured it would cheer you up,
so --
it seemed to be working
for a minute or two.
I really enjoyed hearing about
your paintings.
Elizabeth: I'm not even sure
i know what I said.
Zander: Something about
the world looking better
from the back of a motorcycle.
The point is, you seemed to be
having a good time before
your boyfriend dragged you away.
Elizabeth: Lucky still looks
out for me.
Zander: Yeah, you didn't seem
too happy with him that night.
And, of course, you weren't
in the best condition to deal
with it because of me,
so i wanted you to know I was
You know, I never would've given
you anything ever if i hadn't
thought I'd be able to see
you through thwhole rave.
Elizabeth: Well, I like
to know when i'm taking things,
so maybe next time you could
Zander: Does that mean
there's going to be a next time?
Lucky: Not for you.
Leave her alone.

Sonny: Hey, look who's back.
Good to see you.
Jason: Good to see you, too.T&
sonny: Wow.
Carly: Uh-uh.
Not a chance.
Sonny: What?
Carly: I'm not going
Sonny: Well, michael's got --
he's got to go to bed.
Carly: Well, fine.
I'll call leticia.
Michael, do you see that?
That macho look.
What is that, like, "get rid
of the girl" or something?
If my son ever does that --
sonny: No, see, michael's
cool because he knows when
sometimes people need private
Right, michael?
Carly: I'm going to find out
sooner or later.
Sonny: How about later?
Jason: Good night, michael.
Have good dreams.
Carly: Fine.
All right, michael.
Say good night to uncle sonny.
Sonny: Good night, baby.
You going to dream about jets?
Carly: No, probably pyramids,
do you see how reasonable I'm
You thought he was bad before?
God, uncle sonny is so bossy,
Ell him, michael.
That's all right.
We'll see jason tomorrow.
Jason: He's so big.
Sonny: He's gotten real
He used to be into trucks.
Then it was boats.
How he's into ai planes.
Except you can't call it
an airplane because then
he says, "no, it's a jet."
Jason: Carly told me about
your baby, and i'm sorry.
Sonny: Yeah.
It was hard, you know, for both
of u .
You know how i always felt about
But she loved our child.
She was a good mother to him.
Jason: Right.
She said that you got
her through losing him.
Sonny: It takes a while,
you know?
At first, you don't know what
to feel, then you try not
to feel, and then all
of a sudden everything crashes
in on you, and you start
to drown.
I did everything that I could
to pick her up, but she did most
of it herself.
Carly's a fighter.T&
she --
there's something inside
of her that doesn't give up.
She wasn't going down, and that
was all there was.
Jason: I'm glad you helped
each other.
I thought you would.

lucky: Time to go, pal.
Zander: I'm a paying
We have a reason to be here.
You don'T.
Elizabeth: Look, I don't want
any trouble, ok?
Lucky's family owns this
restaurant, and I really don't
want to lose my job, so maybe
if you could just finish
your coffee and go, it would be
better for everyone.
Zander: I'll go because
you're asking me to.
But if you change your mind,
call anytime.
No reason to be afraid of this
Lucky: Nice.
Elizabeth: Well, you know,
you could have handled things
a lot better.
Lucky: The guy killed a cop.
Elizabeth: Which is exactly
why I was being polite
and careful, like you keep
telling me, so why'd you have
to charge in here and make him
all mad?

Nikolas: Are you --
are you all right?
Gia: That's him.
The rave rat.
I spoke to him a couple of times
before that night with emily.
He wasn't a bad guy.
Nikolas: He was a cop.
He meant to get emily away
from zander and the rave till
her head got straight.
He was doing his job.
Gia: But it doesn't make
Somebody must be missing him.
Unless, like you said,
being a cop and undercover,
maybe nobody even knows he's
gone yet.
Nikolas: No, the cops do
know, which is the reason
we need to get him out of here.
Gia: That plan of lucky'st&
better work.
Nikolas: So you're ?
Gia: I said i was, didn't i?
Nikolas: Ok.
I'll take you home.

A.J.: Ok, so i was walking
in the parking lot, I saw
your car.
She doesn't go anywhere
without her car, mac,
so i figured, you know --
mac: We're in the middle
of something, A.J.
A.J.: You're dating him now?
Hannah: No.
A.J.: She's into cops.
Does taggert know about you two?
Hannah: There's nothing
to know, a.J.
A.J.: I mean, there's got
to be some kind of inter--
mac: Take this someplace
else, A.J.
A.J.: In-ter-de-par--
oh, that's a long word, really.
Mac: Tell roy i was looking
for him.
A.: Yes, sir.
Aye, aye.
Mac: And don't let him drive.
Hannah: Well, that's not
a problem.
Mac: I swear, a.J., You get
behind the wheel of a car
in that condition, i will
personally lock you up myself.
A.J.: Why him?
I mean, why mac?
He's so official.
Mac: Do you want to go now?
I'll take you right now.
There's plenty of room
in the drunk tank.
A.J.: Mac, you'd be then
violating my rights to free
associating with your
Which, of course, I don't blame
She's -- i mean, with eyes like
that --
hannah: We'll be fine, ok?
We'll be fine.
A.J.: E you, mac.
A.J.: What do I get
for saving your butt?

Sonny: Carly and I aren't
exactly --
we're not in a good place right
She doesn't listen.
She comes up with, you know,
little ideas, thinks she's
trying to xelp, but she's not.
Jason: She got you arrested.
Sonny: Yeah, that.
Did she tell you what
the charges were?
Jason: Trafficking.
Sonny: Did she tell
you she was the one who called
the cops?
Did she tell you it was her tape
recorder in the motel room?
Jason: Carly's thorough.
Sonny: No, she's a pain!
Jason: Pretty much.
Sonny: She was hiding
in the closet.
Sorel's negotiating, all right,
using mike's life as leverage.
She pops out of the closet
with a stupid wig and
practically nothing else on.
Jason: Why?
Sonny: Why? I don't know.
Maybe she thinks that, you know,
all junior detectives dress like
Jason: What about
the charges?
Can you make them go away?
Sonny: Alexis is trying.
But they got me on tape.
Not that i agreed to transport,
but sorel makes it sound like
i did.
I never did --
I never dealt with drugs.
You know that.
I always told you they were
stupid, you know.
Too many fools running around
like sorel.
I was always too smart to get
messed up with that kind
of stuff.
But not too smart to get messed
up with carly.
Anyway, she said she was trying
to help.
Jason: I'm sure she was.
Sonny: Yeah.
Her help's going to get me
15 years in pentonville.
Jason: Can't alexis stop
carly from testifying?
Sonny: She's going to give it
her best shot.
Jason: How?
Sonny: Loopholes,
You can come out now.
Sonny: Have you ever not been
Carly: If you would tell
people things, they wouldn't
have to eavesdrop.
Sonny: Oh.
Are you happy now you heard
the truth?
Carly: Your version.
Sonny: I wasn't arrested?
Carly: It's going to be fine.
Everything's going to be fine.
Jason's here.

Elizabeth: Zander killed
a cop.
He won't think twice aboutt-
killing you.
Lucky: No, ted got in the way
of his business.
I'm just cramping his social
Elizabeth: What, do you think
i'm interested in zander?
Lucky: No, but I know you're
mad at me.
And I think maybe that's making
you take a few risks.
Like getting too close
to zander.
[Telephone rings]
elizabeth: Kelly'S.
How can I help you?
Roy: Elizabeth?
Elizabeth: May I ask who's
Roy: It's roy.
Looking for lucky.
Is he there?
Elizabeth: I'm sorry.
One minute.
It's for you.
It's roy.
Lucky: Roy.
Roy: Hey, man.
Listen, I'm going to leave town
for a few days, and I'd like
to talk to you before I go,
so could you stop by the club?
Lucky: Yeah, sure thing.
Roy: Thanks.
lucky: I got to go.
Promise me you'll be careful.
Elizabeth: Welll I won't be
taking any risks if that's what
you're worried about.
Now, i've got work to do.

A.J.: You see, you're always
trying to save me, so I thought
i'd return the favor.
Hannah: You didn't rescue me,
A.J.: You enjoy getting
grilled about your father?T-
hannah: No, but mac has
an agenda.
I can respect that.
He just happens to be wrong.
A.J.: Really?
So you weren't about to lose
your temper or possibly
your job?T&
hannah: No.t&
and you're drunk, so who's going
to listen to you, anyway?
A.J.: Steady as a rock.
Hannah: Well, that doesn't
mean anything.
Most habitual drinkers can
control --
A.J.: Uh-uh --
hannah: Well, you've had
a lot of practice.
A.J.: Not tonight.
Come here.
Hannah: Why?
So you can breathe on me?
A.J.: Nothing would give me
more pleasure.
Well, a few things would give me
more pleasure.
But breathing on you is a start.
All right.
Look, this may come as a shock
to you, but sometimes I lie.
Hannah: Really?
A.J.: Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I pretend to be drunk when
i'm not.
Hannah: And why would you do
A.J.: Because I can.
Hell, everyone expects me to be
drunk, so I figure, why not?
Hannah: So you pretend to be
A.J.: I figure i haven't been
polite for six months.
Hannah: Ooh, record.
A.J.: Yeah.
And I'm proud of that.
But you know what?
I'm willing to share it
with you.
Of course, nominal fee.
Hannah: Right, well, you can
keep your title.
A.J.: Oh, I will.T-
I've earned it, believe me.
No, but I like you,
and because of that I'm going
to make you an offer.
Consider me your own "get out
of jail free" card.
I mean, if anyone bothers you,
you call me.
And I guarantee, in five minutes
with the town drunk, you'll be
free and clear.
Tpyou're considering it.
Look at you.
I can tell.

Carly: Welcome home.
Jason: Thanks.
Sonny: Michael asleep?
Carly: No, leticia's reading
him a book, actually.
So, you never told us --
what are you doing here?
Jason: It's business.
Carly: What kind of business?
Sonny: None of yours, carly.
You should know that by now,
Carly: He's so subtle.
You ever notice that?
Polite, charming.
jason: When have we ever
discussed business with you?
Carly: You know what
i learned?
Most of your truly annoying
habits you got from sonny.
So, you here to stay or what?
Jason: I don't know yet.
I'll have to see what happens.
carly: With what?
Jason: With me.
I've kind of gotten used
to traveling.
Carly: What's the longest
you went without speakingt-t-to somebody?
Jason: When?
Carly: I don't know, the last
six months.
Come on, i know you.
You go to a foreign country.
You don't speak the language.
People don't ask you
for something or start
a conversationl then you just
don't say anything.T&
you could go for months
without speaking.
People probably thought you were
mute, huh?
Sonny: That's never a problem
for you, right, carly?
Carly: I don't know.
I just think it would get
lonely, nobody knowing you.
[Knock on door]
sonny: Oh.
Jason: Carly, i spoke to lots
of people.
Carly: Asking for directions
doesn't count.
Alexis: Hi.
Sorry to interrupt, but I just
thought of something.
Sonny: Oh, no, just go ahead
and come right in.
Alexis: Hi, jason.
What a surprise.
Carly: For all of us.
Doesn't he look great?
Alexis: He does.
He looks -- you look great.
I haven't seen you in ages.
Jason: I saw you the other
You were hanging over some bar
in your underwear.
Alexis: That's not funny.

hannah: It's sweet
of you to sacrifice
your reputation on my behalf,
but, no, thank you.
A.J.: Hmm. Tough girl.
Hannah: Why?
Because I handle my problems?
A.J.: No, because you keep
them inside.
You can tell me, you know.
I know what you're going
through, hannah.
Hannah: What is this?
All-purpose sympathy?
You say you understand,
but vague the details?
A.J.: No.
Tpit's just that i've been through
it, that's all.
Look, your father is not rious.
My whole family's notorious.
But you keep getting blamed
for his mistakes.
Sound familiar?
Hannah: Well, like you say,
I keep it all inside.
A.J.: Yeah, well, I guess I'm
just not as strong as you.
Hannah: No, that's not true.
A.J.: No?
Hannah: No.
You're lazy and you're selfish,
and you spend a lot of time
trying to rub dirt in
your family's face.
But you are strong.
Otherwise you wouldn't be doing
what you're doing.
A.J.: Yeah, look,
back to you, ok?
Can we discuss you?
All right, we can dissect lazy,
selfish A.J. Anytime,
but we can't mention you?
Hannah: Ok, ok. Fine.
Go ahead.
A.J.: Great. Thank you.
Look, you're in a difficult
position, ok?
You're moving up.
You like your job.
You're good at it.
But you could possibly lose
everything because your father's
hanging out with people like
corinthos and people like --
hannah: My father would never
jeopardize my career or anything
else that's important to me.
He has sacrificed his whole life
to take care of me.
And I'm sick and tired of people
always implying --
A.J.: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hannah: Ok. Just back off.
A.J.: Yes, ma'am.
But none of this bothers you?
All right, look, i make it
a strict rule never to imply
anything before midnight.
ever -- about anyone, ok?
Hannah: I love my father,
and he loves me.
A.J.: I got that.
All I meant was if you need any
help, I'm there, all right?
I want to.
Hannah: Ok.
A.J.: Still friends?
Hannah: Don't push it, a.J.
A.J.: Because I was thinking,
you know --
hannah: A.J., A.J. --
A.J.: Well, it's late,
you know, and I'm hungry.
How about dinner?
Let me buy you dinner.
T-that's all. Just dinner.
Don't you ever eat? Ever?
Hannah: I want to know how
much you had to drink.
And I want an answer i can
A.J.: Uh --
let's see, i had a little vodka
with my cornflakes, but they're
earing off.
Hannah: See?
You're not going to drive me
A.J.: Fine, we'll walk.
I like to walk.
You know, it's physical.
Hannah: You know, I have
a better idea.
A.J.: What?
Hannah: I'll take you
to dinner.
A.J.: Well, how great is

Elizabeth: Here you go.
Can I get you anything else?
Taggert: No, I'll pick
something up later.
Elizabeth: Ok. See you.
Mac: Hey, taggert.
You got a minute?
Aggert: Yeah, sure.
What's up?
Mac: I'm --
I'm looking into a potential
problem with hannah, and i'd
like your input.
Taggert: Well, I thought
you already took her off
the sonny case.
Mac: It's about her father.
Taggert: Roy?
Mac: Yeah.
I was over at his place.
He wasn't there. She was.
I asked where he was, if she'd
seen him.
You'd thought I was asking
her to testify.
Taggert: She got protective?
Mac: Worse.
That i was violating his rights,
creating a situation.
Taggert: You know, I wouldn't
look too much into it.
It's all still new to her --
you know, his status.
You know, all her life
she thought he was some big
f.B.I. Hero.
Mac: Yeah, well, I got
the feeling that she knew
something, but i didn't get
a chance to pursue it.
A.J. Walked in.
Taggert: A.J. Was there?

Gia: This is your fault.
Nikolas: You lost an earring,
and it's my fault?
Gia: If i hadn't had
to follow you -- considering i'm
the one in the most danger,
you could be a little bit more
Nikolas: You'd better hope
it's here and you didn't drop it
in the tunnels.
Gia: Well, if i did,
I'm charging you for it.
Earrings, diamond studs,
from tiffany's.
Nikolas: Ok, fine.
You know, maybe someone turned
it in.
Gia: Yeah, it's worth a try.
Nikolas: Yeah.
Nikolas: You mind telling me
how you're not afraid of cops

Roy: Thanks for stopping by.
Lucky: Yeah.
No problem.
What's up?
Roy: Well, I --
I was talking to your dad
Lucky: I'm not interested.
Roy: Lucky,
I'm not him.
Lucky: No, you just do
his dirty work for him.
Roy: Dealing with you is not
dirty work.
Occasionally, it's actually
seemed like it's almost
a pleasure, actually.
Tp lucky: So, what is it that
he wants?
Roy: Well, not that much,
He just wanted to let you know
that he's ok and that he's
thinking about you.
Lucky: Tell him --
tell him that's real special.
Made my day.
Tp roy: You ever get tired
of resenting him so much?
Lucky: Hey, i have good
you want to see the list?
Roy: No, I know.
We've already done that,
haven't we?
We've done that.
You have all kinds of good
excuses if you want to stay mad
at him.
Lucky: Well, it's better than
rolling over.
Roy: What does that mean?
Lucky: Nothing.
I mean, just the man let
you take the fall for mitch
I mean, 20 years, roy.
Roy: "The man, the man."
Boy, the way you talk about
him --
the man is your father.
Lucky: Because he raped
my mother and they got to stay
together because she didn't have
the sense to put him in jail
where he belonged?
Roy: They seem to have worked
it out ok.
Lucky: Yeah, my mom's real
happy that my dad killedt-
her lover.
Roy: That was a cheap shot.
Luke did not kill stefan
cassadine, and you know it.
Lucky: Doesn't matter.
Don't you understand?
You get involved, you're going
to pay.
Not him, you.
My dad is a user, roy.
You take a chance with him,
he will eat you alive.

Alexis: What bar?
Jason: A little town outside
Alexis: Texas?
Jason: Yes, ma'am.
Alexis: My picture is hanging
over a bar in texas?
Jason: We, you know,
at first, I -- i didn't really
recognize you, but i looked
at the poster, and it said
"eddie's angel."
Eddie maine, someone said,
was the singer there.
And I looked again, and it was
Carly: Ooh.
Alexis: Was it a small bar?
A big bar?T&
it was a roadside, wasn't it?
It was a roadside.
That's where big, hairy cowboys
ride mechanical bulls, slug back
whiskey, and stare at
a half-naked picture of meśover
a bar.
You need to find yourself
another attorney.
Sonny: You got to breathe,
Alexis: I'm going to be
laughed right out of court --
that is, when they're not trying
to look up my skirt.
I can't do this.
Sonny: No, no, no, no.
You can, you can.
Alexis: You are a career
It's hard enough to prove that
you're innocent without the jury
picturing me in my underwear.
Carly: No, she's right.
You can't afford a lingerie
Alexis: A lingerie lawyer.
Sonny: No, no, no, no.
She's my lawyer, she knows
my case, and i trust her.
Alexis: Well, I appreciate
I really do.
But your case is difficult
enough without my newfound

Jason: You guys need to work
this out.
I'll see you.
Carly: No. Wait a minute.
You can stay here.
There's plenty of room.
Sonny: Absolutely, jason.
Jason: You know, I think I'd
be more comfortable in my own
Carly: You would be if sonny
hadn't rented it to
your favorite pinup girl.
Jason: You rented
the apartment to alexis?
alexis: Did she just call me
a pinup girl?
Carly: Yeah, but we could
evict her, immediately.
Like --
jason: You know what?
I'm glad someone's staying
It's always been too big for me.
Carly: Well, so, you'll stay
with us, right?
Jason: Uh-uh.
I'll be at jake'S.
Carly: Jason, wait.
You're not leaving, right?
Jason: I'm just --
I'm just getting a room.
Carly: Ok, but you're not --
you're not going to take off.
I mean, you're going to be here,
You're not going to take off?
Jaso not tomorrow, anyway.
Carly: I still can't believe
he's back.
It's like he --
it's like he sensed, you know --
he sensed -- he knew he needed
to come back.
He knew we needed him.
This is great.
This changes everything.
Sonny: Not everything.
Carly: Well, everything that
Jason will fix -- fix it.
You know, that's what he does
for us.
That's what he does for both
of us.
Alexis: You didn't tell her?
Sonny: Tell her what?
Alexis: That she's going
to have to marry you.

hannah: Here you are.
A.J.: Do you have any idea
how long it's been since
someone' 4v*k
hannah: Here you are.
A.J.: Do you have any idea
how long it's been since
someone's cooked for me?
Hannah: Oh, well, you can
thank the can opener.
A.J.: Oh, no, no, no.
I saw you boil the water.
Hannah: Just don't let it get
A.J.: The cheese,
hand grated yourself.
Hannah: If there's one thing
about my father, he loves
his parmigiana fresh.
A.J.: You're an amazing
woman, you know that?
Hannah: And you don't know
when to quit.
A.J.: Ok, fine.
Don't take a compliment.
Won't stop me from giving them.
Hannah: Oh, I've noticed.
A.J.: It's just really nice,
you know, to have dinner
with someone.
Hannah: You know, if you let
people see this side of you --
A.J.: Oh, the kinder,
gentler A.J.?
Hannah: Yeah.
The guy with the good sense
of humor who's sweet
and sensitive, even polite when
he wants to be.
You might make friends.
And not just people that knowt&
your family and your business,
but people you can connect with.
A.J.: You're the only person
i know in this town that i like.
Hannah: That could be
a problem.
A.J.: Garlic bread.
She made me garlic bread.
Hannah: Yep.
To ward off vampires.
And men with a thing for brown
A.J.: You're a tough nut
to crack, you know that?
Hannah: It's part
of my charm.
A.J.: You're absolutely

Mac: Hannah was defending roy
when a.J. Walked in.
Apparently, he was drinking
at jake's and saw her car.
I don' know why she puts up
with him.
Taggert: She thinks she can
Mac: She's wrong.
And if she's not careful,
A.J.'S going to drag her down
with him.
Taggert: Look, she has
a tender heart, ok?
When she sees somebody
in trouble --
mac: Maybe she should rethink
her career, become an outreach
counselor instead of
an f.B.I. Agent.
Taggert: This situationt&
with a.J. Does not affectt-
her work.
Mac: Hannah has situations
with a lot of people,
taggert, including sonny
and her father.
Sooner or later, it's going
to influence how she does
her job.
Now, i respect hannah, but she's
getting closer and closer
to crossing the line.
I know you care about her.
You may want to try and stop
her before she takes that step.
Taggert: I'll see what
i can do.

Nikolas: So what is it
with you and cops?
Gia: Look, I have to go.
Nikolas: So, you were saying?
You and cops?
Gia: Next time you kiss me,
you better have a reason.
Nikolas: Yeah, would it kill
you to say "thank you"?
Gia: Good night.
Nikolas: You're welcome.

Lucky: You were arrested
for rape that he committed.
He let you take the fallt&
for mitch williams.
Roy: Yeah.
You make a great case
for why i should be angryt+
at him, why your mother should
be angry.
What about you?
From where i sit, he has been
nothing but a good father
to you.
Lucky: Yeah, he's also
selfish, a liar, he hurts
people --
roy: Yeah, he's not
the mythical hero you thought
he was when you were a little
I get that.
You grow up, turns out he's justt&
a man.
He's a man --
nothing more, nothing less.
Lucky: You want to rgive
him, that's your choice.
Roy: Yeah, it is my choice.
I don't need you to carry
my weight or your mother's.
You want to be angry at him,
Do it for your own reasons.
You can leave mine alone, ok?
Lucky: He doesn't deserve
Roy: I've had
a hard life, some people might
Maybe even harder than most.
One thing I've learned --
I'll take a decent man over
a perfect man every day
of the week.
Lucky: You see my dad,
tell him if he killed stefan
cassadine, that he better never
come back.

Stefan: Enter.
stefan: Progress?
Man: Everything has been
Stefan: Good.
All things come to those who
and plan.
Man: You will be leaving,
Stefan: Right away.
It's finally time for me
to collect my reward.

Sonny: Why should i tell
carly abou a marriage that's
not going to happen?
Alexis: Sonny, jason
or no jason, carly is going
tpto have to marry you
because that's the only way
to keep her from testifying.
Sonny: I'm paying you to find
another alternative.
Alexis: And I will do
my best.
In the meantime, you need
to prepare her because you saw
her -- she's going after jason
unless you stop her.
Sonny: Jason's back
for his own reasons, with carly
or not, but I'm not marrying --
alexis: Then you're going
to prison.
Drug trafficking, sonny.
Mandatory sentence -- 15 years,
no discretion, no parole.
Sonny: Are you saying you're
not good enough to win this?
Alexis: I'm telling
you exactly what any other
lawyer would say to you,
and that the law is very clear
on this.
You have one option -- one.
You prevent carly from
Sonny: I don't want
to hear it.
I don't want to hear it.
Alexis: Well, you've made
that very clear.
But it's my job to tell
you the truth.
You're going to have to marry

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