GH Transcript Monday 8/28/00


General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/28/00

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"general hospital" --

alexis: He's not going
to find her.
She's dead.
Chloe: He loves her.
Alexis: I'd get on a plane
and I'd go to paris.

Lucky: We transfer ted
into zander's car.
Nikolas: He's not a tennis
Elizabeth: It will never

Roy: Luke?

Sonny: Go to prison
or marry carly?

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elizabeth: Ok, lucky,
do you hear yourself?
This isn't a plan.
This is a group suicide.
There's no possible way this can
Not in the real world.
Gia: Never let it be said,
but I don't admit when i'm
Elizabeth: Excuse me?
Gia: See, i had you pegged
for the cheerleading type --
pompons, do or die, our team,
stuff like that.
Guess not.
Lucky: Nobody asked you,
so why don't you stay out of it?
Gia: All I'm saying is that
maybe it's time you guys didn't
hang on elizabeth's every word.
A lot of good plans have been
doomed to fail by the negative
attitude of one person.
Elizabeth: And you would know
all about that.
Juan: Can we stay focused
We need to decide if this is
what we're doing.
And if so, we need to figure out
a way to make it work.
Lucky: Yes.
Juan: Which doesn't give us
a lot of time for everybody's
weird side trips.
Gia: Everybody being me,
of course.
Nikolas: Of course you would
think that, gia.
But you know what?
As usual, this isn't about
you -- except for the fact where
you are a constant pain
in our collective butts.
Elizabeth: Amen.
Gia: Oh --
nikolas: No, I said knock
it off.
Elizabeth: Ok.
To make sure i'm not missing
something brilliant here,
I'm just going to walk through
the plan as you see it, and feel
free to jump in if i get
anything wrong.
So after you and nikolas cross
the lake with the dead body
from wyndemere, you're going
to stuff it in the trunk
of nikolas' high-pfile jag,
drive it across town, while gia
here -- not the most charming
person i've ever met --
distracts a killer, who doesn't
realize suddenly master criminal
juan lifting and tn replacing
his car keys.
How am i doing so far?
And not to mention the amazing
stroke of luck to have no one
notice the two of you guys
transferring a dead body
from one car to another
in the middle of a rave parking
Lucky, read my lips,
it is not possible.
Lucky: Whoo!
You sound like you want the plan
to fail.
Elizabeth: I don't want
the plan at all.
Juan: Do you have a better
Nikolas: Does anyone?
Gia: Are you giving me
permission to speak?
Nikolas, elizabeth, lucky: No.
Nikolas: So -- juan?
Juan: Look, I'm not crazy
about it, but I can't think
of anything better.
Elizabeth: Oh, come on,
you guys, we can think
of something else.
Lucky: No, I have already
thought about it.
There is no other way.

Roy: I can be there in two
days if I leave tonight.
You mean, like fake I.D.?
It's -- it's in the safe, right?
I'll just swing by the club.
Well, look, I'll see
you in about 48?
Bobbie: Don't hang up.
Roy: Uh, yeah.
Well, ok, hold on,
your sister --
he hung up.
Bobbie: It's ok.
No problem.
I can wait two days to speak
to my brother.
Roy: Two days?
How do you figure?
Bobbie: Well, if you're going
after luke, you can bet I'm
going with you.

Jason: Carly.
Carly: It's really you.
Jason: Can I come in?
Carly: Yeah.
Jason: You know, I thought
about calling, but i thought it
would just be better to show up.
Well, I can come back later,
though, if this is --
carly: No.
Jason: Are you ok?
Carly: Yeah.
Carly: Why'd you leave?
Carly: Don't leave again.
Hey, i missed you
so much.
I need you.

Sonny: You're telling me
the only way to stop this train
wreck is to marry a train wreck?
Alexis: Well, you can look
at it that way.
Or you could take a positive
approach and remind yourself
that you actually once set
a date to marry carly.
Sonny: Yeah, well, I almost
died in an avalanche.
That doesn't mean m going
to do that again.
Alexis: I understand
your adverse reaction.
I do.
But we need to face the facts.
You're going to trial, and carly
is the star witness
for the prosecution.
Now, if she's having a snit
on the day that she takes
the stand, she'll bury you.
If she likes you on the day that
she takes the stand, she'll say
that you're innocent,
and the A.D.A. Will then point
out that she and her son are
financially dependent on you.
So any way you look at it,
at the end of the proceedings,
you're going to jail.
Now, it's my job to prevent
that, and I'm trying to do that
by coming up with this solution,
which, i know, isn't painless,
but it's easy and it's legal.
You marry carly, and she will
not be compelled to testify.
Sonny: Understand what I'm
No way in hell.
Doorman: Mademoiselle just
stepped out of the elevator.

[Car starts]
man: Late as usual.
Woman: Yes.
I'm worth the wait.
Jax: Brenda!
Jax: Brenda!
Excuse me.
Jax: Brenda, wait!
jax: The woman who just got
in the limo and left,
do you know who she is?
Doorman: Uh --
jax: Monsieur.
Do you know who the woman is who
just left?
Doorman: Monsieur cordova's
Jax: Please, her name
and anything else you can
tell me.
Doorman: The man is
an international arms dealer.
The woman travels with him.
I don't know her name.
Jax: Have you ever seen
her without sunglasses?
Doorman: Oui.
Jax: Could this be her?
Doorman: Uh, yes, i think so.
Jax: Please, it is imperative
that i contact this woman.
Do you have any idea where
they might be going?
Doorman: Oh.
Monsieur cordova's business
takes him all over the world.
Jax: Merci.

Juan: Elizabeth isn't wrong
about the risk.
Instead of transferring ted's
body into zander's car,
why don't we just leave it
in an alley somewhere
and anonymously tip off
the cops?
Gia: No!
If zander isn't caught
red-handed so he's got no wiggle
room -- for example
with the body in his
possession -- the cops may not
be able to hold him.
And guess where he's headed
right after he's released?
Straight for yours truly.
None of you have to care about
that, but you'll understand
if i do.
Lucky: I never thought that
i would say this, but gia's
Which makes my plan the only
Sure, we're going to have
to choreograph this thing
by the second.
But we're smart.
We can do this.
Elizabeth: Ok, maybe too
smart for our own good.
Come on, lucky, choreograph?
No, you're going thave
to practically be invisible.
Lucky: Look, I understand
where you're coming from.
You know what,
you don't have to come.
We'll let the others decide
for themselves.
Who's in, who's out?
No hard feelings either way.
Juan: I'm in.
Gia: Me, too.
Nikolas: I'm in.
Lucky: Elizabeth?
Elizabeth: I'll take a pass,
in case someone has to raise
bail money or notify next
of kin.
Gia: That's nice.
Elizabeth: Go to hell.
Juan: Look, it's settled.
We're due at l&b.
The engineer --
nikolas: Yeah, you're right.
He's probably waiting.
Need a ride anywhere?
Gia: I'll manage on my own.
Nikolas: Good. Fine.
Lucky: I'm sorry that you're
so upset.
Elizabeth: And I'm sorry
you're taking chances for all
the wrong reasons.

Bobbie: Well, I assume you're
heading to luke's club to grab
fake i.D.S.
But don't worry about me
because I still have the one
that i used when we were down
in the grand keys.
And I'll make the travel
arrangements while you're gone.
And we can meet at the airport.
So how soon you want to leave?
Roy: Uh, one question.
What about the --
the diabetes center?
Bobbie: I'll call tony
and I'll tell him that luke's
in trouble because it's not
going to be the first time he's
heard that.
And he'll arrange
his schedule.
I'm sure he'll take lucas.
And it'll be fine.
Actually, in a way, it'll be
better because lucas loves
showing off his dad the doctor.
Roy: Yeah.
Bobbie, I can't take
you with me.
Bobbie: Ah, ah, no, no, no.
Listen, my brother is running
from a bogus murder charge,
and I'm sure he needs me.
Roy: Actually, what he needs
is to keep a low profile,
and he won't be able to do that
if his beautiful sister
with the flaming red hair comes
blowing in to the rescue.
Bobbie: Well, then i will
wear a disguise.
I'll keep a low profile.
Roy: No.
Luke wants me to come alone.
He -- he wants me to come alone.
He specifically said not to let
you or felicia or laura get
Bobbie: Right, sure.
So while the two of you are off
running wild god knows where,
I'm just going to sit around
while you're risking your lives
every other second?
Roy: Well, no.
You're supposed to take your son
to the diabetes center
as planned and give
the impression that nothing out
of the ordinary is going on.
That would really be helpful.
Bobbie: If you're not
careful, i will rip your heart
Roy: Oh, come here,
come here.
Ok, I don't know how long I'll
be gone, but i guarantee i'll
come back in one piece, ok?
So can we just let this go right
Because we don't really have
time to fight.
Bobbie: Ok.
I will take care of things
on my end.
How so do you have to leave?
Roy: Not this minute.

Jason: Are you all right?
Carly: Every day since
you left, I thought about you.
Every single day.
I'd see your face, you know,
or i'd think about something
that you said.
Every day.
Jason: I thought about you,
Carly: Yeah?
Where'd you go?
[Jason sighs]
jason: A lot of places.
Oh, you know what?
I --
I brought you something.
I was walking past a toy store
in virginia and
i saw this.
Jason: Did you and sonny have
a boy or a girl?
Carly: It was a boy.
But he didn't make it.
Jason: What happened?
Carly: I, um --
I fell
at the quartermaines'.
I was fighting with A.J. And
i lost my balance on the stairs,
you know.
Jason: Wait, sonny was
supposed to get you out,
carly, you and michael.
I gave him the evidence to --
carly: No, he did.
I mean, probably the same night
that you gave him the evidence,
he came for me and it was -- it
was really great.
After all those months
of fighting, you know, it was
like 15 minutes and it was over.
He gave A.J. Some document.
A.J. Signed his rights
to michael away, and we walked
out, and i shouldn't have ever
gone back.
I wanted to see lila.
A.J. Was drunk.
And you know me.
I can't walk away from a fight.
Not even at five months
Jason: I'm sorry.
Carly: I woke up
in the hospital.
The baby was already gone.
It was the worst thing ever.
It was worse than ferncliff,
But I still think about him
sometimes, you know.
Sonny and my little boy.
Jason: I wish i'd known.
Carly: Why didn't you call?
Jason: I thought it would be
easier on you.
Carly: You thought it would
be easier for me to wonder
whether or not you hated me?
If i had wrecked the best thing
that i ever had in my life?
I know that
i hurt you, you know,
and I know that what i did was
so wrong, jason, but you didn't
even say good-bye.
And you promised.
You promised that you were going
to take care of me, you know?
And I believed you.
Why did you leave me?

Lucky: I get it.
You don't like the plan.
Can't we just leave it at that?
Elizabeth: No, we can't.
Lucky, i know things have
changed between us this past
year, but you keep saying we're
still friends and --
lucky: We are.
Elizabeth: Well, friends tell
each other the truth, which is
what i'm trying to do right now,
so will you at least hear
me out?
Lucky: Go on.
Elizabeth: I was happy to see
you take over, fixing things
that were wrong.
It was the one thing about
you that felt the same,
and I was so desperate for that.
After a while, i was afraid
to disagree with you.
I don't want to give
you a reason to hate me.
Lucky: Elizabeth,
that isn't possible.
Elizabeth: I hope not.
But even if you do, it's more
important right now
for you to hear me out than how
annoyed you get.
Lucky: So what are
you suggesting?
We let zander get away
with murdering ted?
Setting emily up to take
the fall?
Threatening emily and gia?
Drugging you?
Elizabeth: That's why god
made cops, lucky.
You're acting like you can just
make up the rules as you go
along, without any consequences.
Isn't that what always makes
you so upset about your parents?
Lucky: You know what,
don't be bringing my parents
into this!
Elizabeth: Why not?
Because it's easier to forget
It must be nice having selective
memory, lucky.
Lucky: There is nothing wrong
with my memory, all right!
At least -- at least just stay
with the subjects that you know
something about.
Elizabeth: Do you want
to tell me what just happened?

Brenda's voice: The best
times that i've ever had
in my whole life, the times that
i've felt the most at ease
and the most myself --
[brenda sighs]
brenda: The times when i was
the happiest and knew exactly
what i wanted because it was
right in front of me,
were the times that I've spent
with you.
Jax: Brenda --
brenda: You've always given
me exactly what I needed.
Which was usually
to find my own way.
now I have.
And it's led me back to you.
Brenda's voice: I love you,
I love you so much i feel dizzy.
I can't even see straight.
I can't think straight.
I don't even know when this
All I know is that
i want to marry you again right
Jax: Thank goodness for small
Brenda: I want to live
with you forever.
And have a family with you.
And do everything and nothing
Jax: The day I accepted
your proposal, our lives
together began.
So whatever happens to you,
it happens to me.
Brenda: I love you.
Jax: I love you.
[Knock on door]
jax: Chloe.
Chloe: I know.
I'm supposed to be in
port charles starting
my radiation treatments
I put them off.
I figured since my heart was
here with you, i should follow.
Chloe: Has something
Jax: I found brenda.

Sonny: All right, i'm going
to tell you something,
but I don't want to answer a lot
of questions about it.
Alexis: Ok.
Sonny: I married once
to stay out of jail.
It hurt my wife a lot
because I didn't love her.
And it hurt the woman I did love
because I took a wife.
Alexis: My guess is it
probably hurt you most of all.
Sonny: I lived.
But because of the deal
that i made,
lilly didn't and neither did
our unborn child.
I'm not going down that road
I'm not going to marry carly
to save my life.
Alexis: Ahem.
Sonny: You're a terrific
I trust that you'll find another
Alexis: I'll do my best.
But in all honesty, you might be
looking for something that
doesn't exist.
Sonny: I got a meeting
with benny.
Keep me posted, will you?

Jason: Carly, i left
for a lot of reasons.
Carly: Because I slept
with sonny?
Jason: No.
Carly: I guess maybe I was
hoping that it was because,
you know, that i meant enough
to you --
jason: What, for me to leave
Carly: Well, sometimes
when you think that you're
losing something, it's easier
just to -- to take off, not that
you were losing me because
you never could, but maybe
you thought that.
Jason: I left because
you were wrecking yourself
and michael over me and I wanted
it to stop.
There's other reasons,
too, that had nothing to do
with you.
A lot happened
at once and it was just better
for me to be gone.
Carly: You know that the day
that you left is the day that
i found out that i was pregnant.
Guess who I wanted to tell.
Guess who I was going to ask
to save me again.
Jason: Turns out you didn't
need me after all.
Carly: Yeah, I did.
Jason: I went to minnesota
tracking a.J.'S arsonist.
And from there i went
to indiana.
The guy's in prison.
He gave me all the evidence
i needed.
I sent it to sonny so he could
get you away from the
Carly: And he told you that
i was pregnant.
[Jason sighs]
jason: I was --
I was happy for you.
I mean, it hurt.
I knew for a long time that --
that you and me and michael
were never going to be
a family, but --
[jason sighs]
jason: Hearing about
the new baby just
made it real.
It's hard letting go
of something you didn't know
you were hoping for.
But I thought about it
and I knew that you'd be ok.
Carly: Really?
How's that?
Jason: That you would be
a family with sonny,
and he would take care of you.
Carly: He did.
He was good.
He was --
he was really wonderful,
He -- when he wasn't being
obnoxious, you know,
domineering, control freak,
which is most of the time, but
he did a lot for me, you know.
He really helped me out and --
and -- i don't know, long story
short, i wanted to help him out,
too, so I tried to do that
and I wound up getting him
Jason: Sonny's in jail?
Carly: You know, sonny is
actually out on bail.
Jason: What was he arrested
Carly: Drug trafficking.
You know, it was just sort
of this whole big
misunderstanding and it was
partly my fault.
Mike got into debt to
a loan shark who was really
working for sorel.
Jason: Well, it was a setup
to get to sonny.
Carly: By the time mike
realized it, he was too afraid
to go to sonny, so he came
to me.
I should have gone to sonny,
but -- ok, mike said that if --
that if I went to sonny
and sonny found out, sonny would
cut him out of his life forever,
and I didn't want sonny to hurt
like that.
Jason: So you lied --
huh -- instead.
Carly: Was incredibly
I get that.
Sonny holds a lie against
you forever.
But I thought that if I could
help mike, that maybe I could
fix it somehow, you know?
Jason: Oh, carly.
Carly: You believe me,
Jason: Sure.
You're right.
It was incredibly stupid.
But you were trying to help.
Carly: Yeah.
Sonny doesn't care,
though, you know.
He holds a lie over your head
and -- i lied.
I told him that I needed
$40,000 to buy a house for --
jason: Why would sonny buy
you a house?
You live with him.
Carly: No -- yeah, I do now,
but I wasn't living with him
before the arrest.
I was living with my mom.
Jason: You and sonny aren't
Carly: Uh, we were going
to get married, actually.
Um -- july 7.
But you know, the little baby
died in may so --
at first, we stayed together,
you know.
I don't know why.
Maybe just because
neither one of us could think
of anything else to do.
And we needed each other.
Sonny was the only person that
really understood how I felt --
how much it hurt and how empty
it felt and --
but I didn't -- I didn't want
to be an obligation to anyone,
so i left.
Jason: So you helped each
You needed each other,
but you left.
Carly: Well, yeah,
because I wanted him to say that
i mattered, you know,
that i wasn't just a
responsibility that he was just
taking care of for you.
Jason: So you left,
but you wanted to come back.
Carly: Did I say that?
I wanted to come back.
But I didn't want to beg,
so i thought that, you know,
I'd do something really great
for sonny.
I'd -- i'd help mike,
and I'd also get sorel.
And I could set him up,
you know.
I called the cops and I told
them where mike was going to be
paying sorel.
And then i went there
with my little tape recorder.
Jason: But sonny came instead
of mike.
Carly: You haven't heard
the worst yet.
Jason: There's more?
Carly: Yeah. I --
I couldn't get out of the room
in time, so I hid in the closet.
Now I'm the prosecution's star
witness against sonny.

Lucky: I am sorry
that i snapped.
Elizabeth: Obviously, i made
you mad.
Lucky: No. No.
Elizabeth: You bit my head
off, lucky.
I can tell when you're angry.
Lucky: Only for a moment.
And I know when you're scared.
I --
I am so sorry
that i ever got you involved
in this.
Elizabeth: Well, you couldn't
have kept me out.
I mean, my best friend was
in trouble.
But you're right, lucky.
I am scared.
I mean, if you and nikolas get
caught hauling around
a dead cop's body, you're going
to get locked up again
if you don't get killed first.
So please, will you rethink
Lucky: I have listened
to your objections.
I hear your concerns.
But all of us -- we all agreed
to stick to the plan.
I took chances before with you,
and you believed in me.
Whatever happened to that?
Elizabeth: I'm not the one
who changed, lucky.
Lucky: Ouch.
I guess I sort of walked
into that one.
Elizabeth: Will you at least
just think about what I said?
Lucky: I already have.
We've seen this thing this far.
We're going to see this thing
to the end.
Elizabeth: I hope so.

Chloe: You actually saw
Jax: She left the hotel when
i got here.
She got into a car
with someone --
cordova or something, you know.
Apparently, he's an arms dealer
according to the bellman.
Chloe: Did you speak
with her?
Jax: No.
They left before i could get
close enough.
Chloe: But you saw her face?
Jax: No, but it was her.
I could tell it was
her by the way she walked,
the way she titled her head.
Chloe: Jax, that doesn't make
any sense.
You say she was with
an arms dealer.
Does that sound like brenda?
Jax: Brenda's car went off
a cliff.
There's a chance that she may
have had a severe head injury,
perhaps even amnesia.
Chloe: Jax --
jax: And she may have
convinced herself
that i was better off thinking
she's dead.
Chloe: You're grasping
at straws.
Jax: Chloe, there was
a 50% chance that brenda would
inherit a severe mental illness.
And she was afraid -- she was
afraid of what it would do
to our relationship.
I know brenda.
She would stay away spare me.
Chloe: Because she loves
you so deeply.
Jax: Yes.
Chloe: And you still love her
in the same way.
Don't you?
Carly: Sonny hates me.
Not like he used to,
when he used to call me names
and scream at me and stuff.
But he just acts like I'm not
Said he'll give me protection,
you know, money, a roof over
my head, anything, but he'll
never trust me again.

Jason: He's mad.
Carly: But you understand
that i was just trying to help
him, so why doesn't he?
Jason: Well, I'm not the one
who got arrested.
People don't forgive you when
you want, carly.
They do it when they're ready.
Carly: Yeah, but sonny
doesn't forgive at all.
You know that.
Jason: Well, he might not say
the words.
But obviously, you mean
something to him.
Or he wouldn't have done
everything he has for you.
Carly: Yeah, I'll tell
you what i mean to him --
[michael fusses]
carly: A big pain,
you know --
leticia: Mr. Morgan,
you're back.
Carly: Hey, mister.
Leticia: Say hi.
Carly: Well, go on and get
Jason: Oh, no.
He doesn't know me anymore.
He doesn't want some strange guy
grabbing him.
Carly: You could never be
a stranger to michael.
Come here.
You remember jason, don't you?
Look at him.
Can you say hi?
Can you say hi?
Can you say hi?
Jason: Hey, buddy.
Hey, you have gotten so big.
[Michael mumbles]
jason: Hey.
Come here.
You going to walk over here?
Carly: Take him over there.
Jason: You've been having
Your mom and uncle sonny been
taking care of you?
Michael: The fire.
Jason: Oh, yeah.
That's where the fire is.
Come over here.

Jax: The last thing i want
to do is hurt you.
Chloe: Then tell me
the truth.
Jax: Brenda's out there
I can feel it.
And I have to know what
I have to know how she survived
the crash.
I have to know if she's not
being held against her will,
that she's not waiting for me
to find her.
Chloe: You want answers.
And you should have them.
Jax, i cannot say that i am
convinced that the woman
in the picture is brenda.
But I do know that you have
to find out.
And if she is alive,
I want you to be happy.X
jax: I have been
since the day I met you.
Chloe: You're the best man
i've ever met.
And I will hold you in my heart
until the day that i die.
Jax: You make it sound like
you're saying good-bye.
Chloe: I won't look over
my shoulder for brenda.
You need to find out if she died
in that crash or not, and then
you decide what you want to do
from there.
Jax: I don't want to lose
I know that.
Chloe: I don't want to lose
you, either.
That won't change.
But you might
if brenda comes back
into your life.
Jax: I love you, chloe.
I always will.
Chloe: I love you, too, jax.
Chloe: Jax, go.
You are losing valuable time.
If brenda is out there, you need
to find her.
Chloe: And then please come
back to me.

elizabeth: I'll be right
with you.
Elizabeth: Can I help you?
Zander: Oh, yeah.
In any number of ways.
Elizabeth: Zander.
Zander: Alone at last, huh?

Jax: I need a cab, please.
Doorman: Oh,
certainly, monsieur.
Where are you going, monsieur?
Jax: To find my fiancee.

Chloe: Ahem.
Tony, it's chloe.
I just wanted to call and tell
you that i have to put off
radiation for just a little
while longer.
I'm very sorry about my sudden
change in plans.
I just have a few things to take
care of, but i will call
you as soon as i get back
to town.
Thanks, tony.
Chloe: Hello.
This is chloe morgan.
Is this the concierge?
Yes, i would like to make
immediate travel arrangements
into rome.
The first available flight,
Yes, i'd like to book the hotel
near the trevi fountain.
Yes, that's the one.
Thank you.
Chloe: I need to make a wish.
Chloe: What --
[chloe screams]

jason: Do you still have that
little giraffe?
Carly: He sleeps with it
every night.
Jason: Really?
I saw a real giraffe, you know,
in africa.
Carly: You went to africa?
Jason: Yeah.
I wanted to climb a pyramid,
but it's illegal.
[Michael fusses]
carly: That must have been
Jason: Well, I climbed it
at night.
And you can see the stars real
clear from the top.
Hey, you know what?
I used to read to you about
the pyramids, but I wanted
to see one for myself.

Sonny: Everything ok?
Johnny: It's been quiet.
I would've knocked when I came
back from the warehouse,
but I figured why disturb carly?
Sonny: All right, you can go
ahead and go home.
Have the car ready a
7:00 because i'm going
to the warehouse, you know,
early to land a shipment.
Johnny: All right,
good night.
Sonny: All right.

Carly: What if they arrested
you, jason?
I don't think egyptian prison
would be much fun.
Jason: Yeah.
I was careful.
You know, after the pyramid,
I went to this temple that had
statues that were thousands
of years old.
You used to read about it.
It was called abu simbel.

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zander: At least now i know
where to find you.

Nikolas: Who's there?

Stefan: Good.
He's taking the bait.

Mac: I was expecting to see
your father.

Hannah: Is everything ok?

Carly: Sonny.

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