GH Transcript Tuesday 8/22/00


General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/22/00

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>> Previously on
"general hospital" --

lucky: I know you better than
Please come with me.

Stefan: You saw him?
Woman: In the garden
as planned.
He called out "brenda."

Chloe: Jax! Jax!
You saved my life.
Jax: You saved mine, too.

Mac: Carly's testimony is
going to nail sonny, no matter
what she says or doesn't say.

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chloe: I can see the villa
Getting smaller by the second.
Jax: My island paradise
certainly turned into a living
hell for you, didn't it?
Chloe: Oh, it wasn't so bad.
Jax: Helena tried to murder
you there.
I was distracted by --
I'll never know what it was,
a memory or an illusion.
Chloe: Hey, brenda was
your whole life.
If there was a possibility that
she was still alive, you had
to find out.
Jax: Have i told you lately
how remarkable you are?
Chloe: Hmm.
Helena came way too close
to stabbing me.
Just proves to me that my vision
was not really foretelling
the future.
It was a warning about making
sure i keep my guard up around
her all the time.
Jax: Well, she'll certainly
think about coming after us
Chloe: I don't think she'll
even try.
Jax: Don't you get
overconfident on me.
Chloe: Who you calling?
Jax: A private detective
i hired.
It's jax.
Any news on helena cassadine?
Well, just keep tabs
on her wherever she goes, ok?
Talk to you later.
Helena's yacht has left
port charles.
Looks like we've got
her on the run.

Stefan: You're absolutely
certain jax never saw your face?
Woman: My back was to him
the whole time.
Stefan: And you kept
your distance?
Woman: He never got close.
Stefan: To a job well done.
Woman: Thank you.
That g's still hung up
on the real brenda,
whoever she was.
Stefan: Well, how could
you tell if you never engaged
him in conversation?
Woman: The sound of his voice
when he called her name.
Stefan: But you ran away
as i instructed.
Woman: I headed towards
the water.
Stefan: Good.
Thank you for your services.
My valet will escort you back
to the mainland.
Woman: Pleasure doing
business with you.
Stefan: You were close.
But not close enough.

Mac: Whenaggert gets back,
tell him i want to go over
the corinthos arrest.
Officer: Yes, sir.
Bobbie: Then it's true.
Sonny has been arrested?
Mac: Carly told you?
Bobbie: Yeah.
Well, she came to the brownstone
and she was in hysterics.
I couldn't understand everything
that she said -- just that sonny
had been charged and she was
blaming herself.
So do I need to get
her a lawyer?
Is she under suspicion, too?
Mac: Carly's not being
charged with anything.
Bobbie: Thank god for that.
Mac: But she is a witness,
We're going to need
her to testify.
Bobbie: Against sonny?
She'll never do it.
Mac: She doesn't have
a choice.
Sonny's being held on charges
of drug trafficking.
Bobbie: Sonny's never been
involved with drugs, mac.
You know that.
Mac: He was caught when
the deal went down.
Bobbie: There must be some
Mac: Well, bobbie,
if you don't believe me,
why don't you ask him?
I'm sure sonny filled roy
in on all the details.
Bobbie: Hi.
Mac: If you'll excuse me,
I have paperwork to finish.
Roy: So you heard?
Bobbie: What are you doing
Roy: Same as you --
just trying to figure some way
to help sonny.

[Music plays]
elizabeth: Lucky, my feet
aren't even touching the ground.
Lucky: That's ok.
We're going to be out of here
real soon.
Elizabeth: No, wait.
I don't want to ave.
Lucky: Elizabeth, you got
to trust me, all right?
Elizabeth: Will you take me
someplace where I can fly?
A place no one can touch us?
Lucky: As soon as we get out
of here.
Come on.
Follow him.
Go get him.

Zander: Move it.
Nikolas: What's your problem,
Zander: Where is he?
Nikolas: Where's who?
Zander: That buddy of yours.
Nikolas: What buddy?
You know, do i even know you?
Zander: Whoa, cut the bull.
The blond-haired who just left
with that girl elizabeth.
I want to know where
they went now.
[Music plays]
zander: Where'd they go?
Nikolas: You're asking
the wrong guy.
Zander: I saw you with them.
Nikolas: I've been hanging
out with a lot of people
Zander: I've seen the three
of you here together before.
Don't mess with me.
Where did they go?
Gia: Hey!
Remember me?

Chloe: Do you really think
helena's running from us?
Jax: Absolutely.
She's not a good loser.
Chloe: Where do you think
she's headed?
Jax: Greek isles.
She's probably counting
on her connections there
to protect her in case we press
charges against her in this
Chloe: Yeah, but she must
know that we can't prove
she came after me with a knife.
Jax: She knows that you have
a way of tapping into her head.
That night on the yacht when
alexis accused helena
of murdering stefan, she picked
up enough from what was said
to figure out that you can
anticipate what she's up to.
Chloe: Jax, i've been
thinking about our theory.
When my dreams are gone,
I no longer pose a threat
to helena.
Maybe we should make sure
she knows that.
Jax: Somehow I don't think
she'll take our word for it.
Chloe: But the medication
really is working.
And like you said, helena has
access to my files.
She's going to know that once
my radiation kicks in,
the tumor will be gone,
my symptoms will be gone,
and my dreams are no longer
a threat to her.
Do you think it's possible
she'll leave us alone then?
Jax: Helena's obsessed,
you know?
I mean, there's no predicting
what she'll do.
Chloe: Yeah, but it's worth
a try.
Maybe we should make sure that
she knows I'm almost completely
Jax: I'm going to have
you protected day and night, ok?
Chloe: I don't object
to a personal bodyguard as long
as he's tall and blond
with a sexy accent.
Jax: Accent? What accent?
Chloe: Oh, I was talking
about karl.
Jax: Oh.
Ich liebe diech,
mein schnuckelchen.
Chloe: What?
Jax: That's german
for "they'll live happily ever
Chloe: No, it's not.
Jax: But they will.
Chloe: Yes, they will.

Ned: "Eddie's angel,"
"eddie's angel."
"Eddie's angel."
Alexis is going to kill me.
Oh, no.
[Answering machine beeps]
man's voice: Eddie, it's sid,
"rock 'n' roll international."
Ned: Sorry, no more
Sid's voice: What'll it take
to get the exclusive on eddie's
Ned: She's gone
Sid's voice: Call me.
[Answering machine beeps]
man's voice: Angel, i see
you as miss october.
Our centerfold's pay.
Ned: This can't be happening.
[Answering machine beeps]
woman's voice: Hi,
"entertainment hollywood"
We'd like to do a feature.
Ned: On eddie's angel?
Woman's voice: The hottest
new groupie goddess.
Ned: Good-bye.
"The official web site
of eddie's angel"?
All right, this has got to stop.
[Dial tone]
[telephone rings]
man: Whoever you are,
call back tomorrow morning.
Ned: No, don't hang up, kirk.
It's ned.
Look, I need you to get
a picture off the internet.
Kirk: So download it.
Ned: No, I need you
to remove it.
There's some footage of a woman
i know in heavy rotation.
[Kirk laughs]
kirk: Eddie's angel.
You got to tell me who she is.
Ned: She's the woman who's
going to be strangling me soon.
Kirk: There are worse ways
to go, believe me.
Ned: Go back to sleep.
[Door opens]
juan: Hey, welcome back.
Ned: Thanks.
What you doing up so late?
Juan: Nikolas loaned me
his car to drive emily home
and he told me to leave the keys
Ned: Oh.
So does that mean that
you and emily are back together
Juan: We're working on it.
How'd the hartford concert go?
Ned: A very revealing
Juan: Really?
Ned: So what do you know
about that?
Juan: Um, eddie's angel?
It was a surprise, all right.
Ned: Yeah, to you and me
Juan: Yeah, I kept getting
this stuff on the net about
"the angel," so I downloaded
the picture.
Does alexis know she's famous?
Ned: No.
And I plan to keep it that way.
I hope.

Bobbie: You can't get
involved in this.
Roy: Well, I sort of feel
like i already am involved.
Bobbie: Do you realize what
sonny's been charged with?
Roy: I know he was set up.
Bobbie: Did he call
you and ask you to come down
Roy: Mike. Mike called.
Guess he was at sonny's place
when it happened.
Somehow he knew that carly had
been involved.
How's she?
Bobbie: She's a wreck.
She's blaming herself for all
of it and I don't understand
Did sonny tell you why?
Roy: No, he's --
he's not saying anything till
alexis gets here.
Bobbie: I think we should go.
Roy: Yeah.
You know, it's probably a good
idea that you go back
to the brownstone, hang
with carly.
I really think i should wait
for alexis.
Bobbie: Roy, you don't work
for sonny.
You're not obligated to come
running when he gets in trouble.
Roy: He's my friend.
Bobbie: He didn't even ask
you to come here.
Maybe he doesn't want you here.
Roy: I think he probably does
like me being here.
He went out of his way,
he busted me out of pentonville,
helped me nail larkin.
I wouldn't even be standing here
if it weren't for the fact that
he took a lot of risks
on my behalf.
I just -- I feel like I owe him.
Bobbie: Roy, sonny walked
away with complete amnesty
for all of his past crimes,
so why should you jeopardize
your whole future just
because he can't stay out
of trouble?
Roy: Come on, you're talking
like he's guilty.
They charged him with drugs,
He doesn't touch drugs.
Bobbie: Then let his lawyer
prove it.
There's nothing you can do here
except make things worse.
So let's drop all this before
you get in too deep.
Roy: I can'T.
I'm sorry.
I wish i felt like i could do
I can't, so --

bobbie: Sonny has the best
lawyer in the state and plenty
of money.
He'll be out on bail in a few
Roy: Luke wasn'T.
This police department is not
above railroading people
they don't like, and they really
don't like sonny.
Bobbie: Well, excuse me
for pointing it out,
but they don't like you, either.
Roy: Yeah, yeah.
Well, I haven't done anything
Unless you think they're going
to try to frame me or something.
This is going to be interesting.
Hannah: Hey.
Roy: What's up with sonny?
How strong is the case
against him?
Hannah: Sonny's taking this
fall thanks to carly.

Juan: Here.
How did eddie's angel get
started if alexis didn't know
anything about it?
Ned: A hotel room in detroit,
a surprise gone wrong.
I should've just taken the tape
right then and there.
Instead, i thought that I would
just let the footage die
a natural death.
Juan: Well, alexis is
the hottest thing on
the internet.
Ned: Now, how would you feel
if i described emily that way?
Juan: Sorry.
Ned: Do you know what it's
like walking into a bar
and seeing the woman you love
in her underwear staring back
at you and 40 other guys?
In the morning i'm getting
an injunction and I'm going
to shut down the web site.
Juan: Hey, what do you want
me to do with this?
Ned: Bury it.
Juan: I'll throw it
in the trash behind
the brownstone.
Alexis will never see it.
Ned: You know, it's only
a matter of time before
she walks into the wrong place
at the wrong time.
You know what?
I just got to tell her.
I'll just find a way to just
break it to her gently.
Oh, who am i kidding here?
This is alexis we're dealing
Juan: Look, maybe if you just
sleep on it, you know?
Ned: You're right,
you're right.
An idea will come to me
in the morning.
In the meantime, we just have
to hope -- we just have to hope
that she doesn't sign on-line.
Juan: Isn't alexis always
on her laptop?
Ned: That's great.
How do you expect me to sleep
after that?
What's wrong with you?

[Music plays]
gia: I've been looking
for you.
Zander: Look, whoever
you are, we're in the middle
of something here.
Gia: Why so rude?
You didn't want to get rid of me
so quick the other night.
Zander: I've never seen
you before.
Gia: You picked me up last
You wanted to know about
my friends and what kind of car
i drive.
Zander: What are you on?
Gia: What have you got?
Nikolas: You a dealer?
Zander: Look, I'm just a guy
who's looking for elizabeth.
You made a mistake.
Gia: Wouldn't be the first
Nikolas: Hey, careful,
Zander: Look, you tell
your friend he doesn't just get
to blow people off whenever
he feels like it.
Nikolas: Nice save.
Gia: Yeah, watch your hands.
Nikolas: You know, let's just
get out of here.

[Elizabeth laughs]
lucky: Here, give me
your keys.
Thank you.
Elizabeth: Ooh.
I never expected tonight to end
up like this.
Lucky: Me either.
Elizabeth: Wait, how did
we get here?
Lucky: A taxi.
Elizabeth: Oh, tonight turned
out so perfect, and I feel
so light.
Look at the lights.
There's a moon shadow across
the water.
Looks like you can walk out
on it forever.
Lucky: Yeah.
It's beautiful.
Elizabeth: Everything's
Lucky: Do you know what
zander put into your water?
Elizabeth: Does it really
Lucky: Well, I guess not.
You're safe here.
Elizabeth: With you.
Lucky: I need you to do
something for me.
Elizabeth: Ok. Anything.
Lucky: I need you to tell me
if, you know, anything you're
feeling starts to change,
you know, if you're feeling
nauseous or lightheaded.
Elizabeth: Ooh.
You're so serious.
Lucky: Well, this is serious,
You used to know that.
What were you thinking,
anyway, taking anything
fr zander?
Elizabeth: I don't know.
Why are you mad at me?
Lucky: I'm not.
Elizabeth: Yes, you are.
You're always mad at me,
lucky, and i don't need
you telling me what to do.
Lucky: I don't mean to.
Elizabeth: You're constantly
telling me to do things that
i can't --
start loving nikolas and stop
loving you and treat
you as a friend.
How am i supposed to do
that, huh?
Because, you know, i am always
going to love you.
That's who i am --
the person whooves you more
than anything in the world.

Bobbie: Are you blaming carly
for what happened to sonny?
Because mac said she wasn't
Hannah: She isn'T.
Not in the crime itself.
Roy: How much hard evidence
is there against sonny?
Hannah: The D.A. Thinks
there's enough to convict.
Roy: This feels a whole lot
to me like he just walked
into a trap.
Hannah: What did carly
tell you?
Bobbie: Well, not a lot.
She was so upset, she wasn't
making much sense.
But she's blaming herself
for what happened to sonny,
and heade her promise not
to speak to anybody but alexis.
Roy: He's just trying
to protect her.
Hannah: I was one
of the arresting officers.
Just what I never wanted
to happen.
Bobbie: Was carly there?
Hannah: Yes.
She's a key part of
the prosecution's case since
she heard everything.
The D.A. Plans to use
her testimony to prove sonny's
Dara: I don't believe it.
Hannah: I'm very sorry to be
the one to tell you this.
Bobbie: I don't know what
this is going to do to her.
Dara: Agent scott,
could I have a minute?
Hannah: Sure.
Excuse me.
Look, I know what you're going
to say.
Dara: You cannot afford
to let your personal situation
interfere with this
Hannah: I'm not.
Dara: I heard you giving
information to the suspect's
Hannah: Well, then you heard
Do not accuse me of not doing
my job.

Gia: I save your sorry neck,
and this is the thanks i get?
Nikolas: I warned you it was
a walk to the car.
Gia: A walk?
That was more like a marathon.
Nikolas: Well, you're more
than welcome to call a cab.
Gia: I'm not paying for a cab
when your car is right outside.
Nikolas: Ok. Suit yourself.
Gia: Well, get the keys
and let's go.
Nikolas: I have to make
a phone call.
Gia: It's late.
I already have to crawl through
a window at the o'lears
as it is.
Nikolas: Why don't you give
me a break, all right, will you?
Gia: These yours?
Nikolas: Lucky.
Where are you?
Look, I hope everything's all
Elizabeth looked really trashed
when you guys took off.
Gia showed up and I'm taking
her home right now, and then
i'm going to head to wyndemere.
So i guess when you get this
message, please call
my cell phone and let me know
if everything's ok,
how elizabeth is, all right?
I' see you.
Gia: Lucky better watch out.
You've got a real thing
for his girl.

Lucky: I never meant
to hurt you.
Elizabeth: Not loving me
Lucky: Are you
ok if I stay here?
Do you trust me that i can take
care of you?
Elizabeth: I'm fine.
This is my own little world.
It's like you said -- I am
completely safe here.
Lucky: Yeah, but
you shouldn't be alone.
I'll stay with you tonight, ok?
Elizabeth: How about some
Lucky: Good idea.
Elizabeth: Ok.
[Music plays]
elizabeth: Well, you want
to dance?
Lucky: Sure.
Singer: Open up
your heart to me
elizabeth: What do you trust,
Lucky: This.
Elizabeth: You do?
Lucky: You're probably not
going to remember any of this
tonight if you took the same
drug that knocked emily out
in the motel room.
Elizabeth: I remember
everything there ever was
about us --
the subway token,
the pretzel stand,
and the early mornings
on elm pier street,
and our church,
the vows.
Lucky: Then i will be the one
to remember for us.
I'll fill in the blanks tomorrow
when the drug wears off.
Elizabeth: Will you remember
how we are right now for me?
That'll be enough.
Lucky: I wish --
elizabeth: What?
Lucky: Nothing.
Elizabeth: Wait.
You were going to y it,
wen't you --
why you stopped loving me.
Lucky: That's not what
Elizabeth: Then what did?
Why are there these times when
i feel like you want to kiss me
and then there are times when
you shut me out?
Why are you trying so hard
to push me away?
Lucky: Because there's
something wrong with me.
I don't know what it is
just yet.
I didn't want you to know.
I'm on an all-night flight

Chloe: I love you.
Brenda's voice: The times
when i was the happiest,
I knew exactly what I wanted
beuse it was right in front
me, were the times that i've
spent with you.
Jax's voice: Brenda --
brenda: You've always given
me exactly what I needed,
which was usually to find
my own way.
And now I have.
And it's led me back to you.
Chloe: Dreaming?
X: I guess so.
Chloe: Must've been
a goodne.
You looked happy.

Nikolas: You've got a real
thing for making trouble,
you know that?
Gia: You don't want to be
straight about your love life,
ok by me.
Nikolas: Elizabeth is
a friend.
She almost got herself into some
serious trouble with that creep
zander, ok?
I'm worried about her.
Gia: Zander got her loaded?
Nikolas: Yeah, it looked
that way.
Gia: She'll sleep it off --
with her boyfriend by her side.
Nikolas: Yeah, I hope you're
Gia: Uh-huh.
Nikolas: You know,
what the hell were you doing
at the rave, anyway?
The last thing i heard was that
you didn't even want to be
anywhere near zander.
Gia: I changed my mind.
Nikolas: Oh.
Gia: Zander spotted me
at the motel the night ted was
I'm not going to sit back
and let him do me in when I'm
not looking.
Nikolas: So you'rgoing
after him?
You must have some kind
of death wish.
Gia: I'm the one person
in this group who can get some
answers by hanging out with him.
Nikolas: What if I pay
you to stay away?
Gia: Very funny.
Nikolas: No, I'm serious.
Gia: So am I.
Zander offered me drugs
the first time i ran into him.
If i can prove he's a dealer,
can tip off the cops, set him
up, and get him busted for good.
How's that for getting us out
of trouble?
Nikolas: You could end up
getting yourself killed first.
Gia: It's worth a shot.
Your plan to bring him down
didn't exactly pan out.
Nikolas: You know,
what is with you?
One minute you're out hiding
from the cops, acting scared,
and the next minute you're
willing to work with them
side by side undercover.
What's the deal?

Hannah: I do not need
a lecture on the limits
of public information.
Dara: All I'm trying to do is
protect the investigation
so that I can then go
into the courtroom with a solid
Hannah: You have a complaint
against me, you take it up
with mac.
Dara: I will do that.
Hannah: Ok, good.
We have nothing more to discuss.
Dara: You know what?
You were undercover with sonny
for months and you didn't come
up with a stitch of evidence
against him.
Your father is a known associate
of his.
There is every reason to believe
that you may believe that
you may be funneling
departmental information
to sonny through him.
Roy: Excuse me.
If you had listened to what
we were saying more closely,
you'd know that all hannah was
doing was trying to comfort
Dara: Take my advice
and leave before you find
yourself an accessory
to a crime.
Roy: Is that a threat?
Bobbie: Roy --
taggert: Is something
going on?
Hannah: The A.D.A. Seems
to have a problem with
my handling of the corinthos
Taggert: You should be
congratulating agent scott
for bringing sonny in.
Dara: Do you think it's
a good idea, professionally
speaking, to have the suspect's
ex-girlfriend working
on the case?

[Music plays]
singer: I need
[music stops]
elizabeth: We used to tell
each other everything.
Lucky: That was before,
when our days fit and there was
no breaks and no missing pieces.
Elizabeth: We fit now.
Lucky: You're going to forget
all this tomorrow --
the feelings and the words.
But --
elizabeth: Wait. Slow down.
Lucky: We will always have
your moon and us.
Elizabeth: Time out of time.
Lucky: This last year --
elizabeth: Mm-hmm?
Lucky: When i was locked up,
I didn't know where I was
or if I was going to live
through it.
You were my freedom.
If i ever needed you, I'd just
go in my head.
I'd be walking with
you on the docks or watching
you paint,
singing to you.
I fought every day to get back
to you.
Elizabeth: That's all i ever
Lucky: When i got back,
you don't know how bad i wanted
to reach out to you.
Elizabeth: Well, why did
you stop?
Lucky: Something inside of me
that i can't explain.
I have to find out what it is
before i can trust myself to be
with you.
Elizabeth: Well -- well,
why haven't you said anything?
Lucky: Because I was hoping
that i could figure out what it
is before yohad to know.
Elizabeth: You're telling me
all of this now?
Lucky: Because you're not
going to remember anything after
Elizabeth: Oh, you're wrong.
I will remember, no matter what.
And I'm never going to lose
you again.
Lucky: You couldn't.
You're a part of me.
I love you.
Elizabeth: Lucky.
Lucky: You have my heart.
It's a permanent lock.
Elizabeth: Everything i am
is in love with you --
my mind, my body, my spirit --
now and forever.

Mac: Excuse me.
Is there a problem here?
Dara: I have concerns
with the corinthos case.
I don't think agent scott should
be working on it.
Mac: Well, that's not
your decision to make.
What started all this?
Hannah: The A.D.A. Saw me
with my father and has accused
me of unprofessional conduct.
Dara: I'd like to point out
that hannah has two obvious
conflicts of interest in this
She's sonny's ex-girlfriend
and her father is an associate
of his.
Bobbie: The real problem here
is that hannah's dating taggert
and dara can't handle it.
Mac: Look, you and roy
shouldn't even be here.
You have no direct bearing
on this case.
I'm going to ask you both
to leave.
Bobbie: That's fine by me.
Roy: With all due respect,
sonny was set up.
Right now he's being held
without access to counsel.
Sounds a hell of a lot like what
you did to luke.
Mac: Get out of here now
or you can join your good buddy
in lockup.
Hannah: Go, dad.
It's ok.
It's ok.
Roy: This ain't going to fly.
Let's go.
Mac: Look, I appreciate
everything you're doing on this
Hannah: But you'd rather that
i turn over my investigation
to somebody else, right?
Mac: I'm asking you
to consider it.
Not because I think you would
ever do anything unprofessional.
Hannah, this case is very
important to all of us.
I would like to defuse any
conflict of interest before it
gets started.
Hannah: I understand.
And I'll think about it.
Mac: I'd like to have a word
with you.
Dara: Of course.
Hannah: Thanks for standing
up to dara for me.
Taggert: She's wrong.
If anybody can't separate
their professional and personal
lives, it's dara.

Gia: I'm not afraid
of the cops.
Where'd you get that idea?
Nikolas: Oh, I don't know.
It might've been the way that
you grabbed me at kelly's when
taggert walked in, using me
to hide.
Gia: I didn't use you.
I kissed you.
Nikolas: Right,
because you think I'm
so irresistible.
Gia: Oh, you think the only
reason a girl's going to kiss
you is to hide from the cops?
Nikolas: Not any girl.
Just you.
Gia: Well, if it bothered
you that much, it'll never
happen again.
Can we go now?
Nikolas: You know,
whatever trouble you think
the cops may give you,
it's nothing compared to what
zander will do to you
if he suspects that you're
on to him.
Gia: Well, I guess you'll
have to work with me then
to make sure i don't end up
in the morgue.
You got me into this, remember?
Nikolas: Your job was
finished when you identified
zander as the guy that you saw
go into ted and emily's motel
room that night.
All right?
Leave the rest up to lucky
and me.
Gia: Not a chance.
Are you going to take me home
or what?

Jax: Well, this is new
and different -- you watching me
Chloe: It's nice to know some
people have dreams they enjoy.
What was it about?
Jax: I can't remember.
Chloe: I'm going to have
to get you a dream journal.
Jax: It was a beautiful day
when you came into my life.
A flash of lighting, no less.
Chloe: Fate sure knew what it
was doing when it put us
Jax: You made my heart come
alive again.
Chloe: Don't you know you did
the same thing for me?
Jax: Well, I hope so.
I want you to feel loved
and happy for the rest
of your life.
Chloe: I can't imagine
feeling any happier than i do
right now with you.

Stefan: Have my instructions
been carried out?
Man: Yes, mr. Cassadine,
exactly as you requested.
Stefan: Good.
The woman I hired to impersonate
brenda actually proved quite
Man: In what way, sir?
Stefan: Well, clearly jax is
still vulnerable to brenda,
despite his supposed love
for ms. Morgan.
Vulnerable men are easily
Man: Oh?
Stefan: Jax is about
to encounter brenda again --
a brenda he can never have.

Elizabeth: Uh-oh.
You didn't pull away.
Lucky: Not tonight.
Elizabeth: And
you told me that you loved me
and nothing bad happened.
The world did not come
to an end.
Actually, it's starting over.
Will you remember that tomorrow?
Lucky: I'll try.
Elizabeth: And will you not
ever let go of me again?
Not tomorrow or the next day?
Lucky: If you can
trust one thing, trust that
you have my heart.
Elizabeth: I do trust that.
And I'm going to remember.
I promise you that.
Elizabeth: We will always
have tonight.
Lucky: Always.
You tired?
Elizabeth: Oh, I don't want
this night to end.
Lucky: I'll be here
in the morning.
I won't leave you.
Lucky: Come here, silly.
Elizabeth: And
will we still love each other
and be able to say it?
Lucky: We will still love
each other, yes.

Singer: Open up
your heart to me
and say what's on your mind
oh, yes
i know that we have been
through so much pain
but I still need you
in my life
this time
and I need you
i need you right now

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