GH Transcript Monday 8/21/00


General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/21/00

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>> previously on
"general hospital" --

jean: Your girlfriend's
the latest rock 'n' roll pinup.
Ned: You're kidding.

Jax: Brenda, wait!

Elizabeth: What are
we toasting?
Zander: To the night.

Sorel: Move my drugs
on your transport network.
Carly: Sonny, don't say
another word.
Cops are on the way.
Tape's rolling.

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taggert: Am i not making
myself clear, mr. Corinthos?
Give me the tape recorder.
Don't move.
Carly: Look, you
don't understand --
hannah: Over here, cuff them.
Sorel: Do you have a warrant?
Hannah: You think we'd be
here without one?
Sorel: I knew i smelled
a setup.
Taggert: Well, I expected
to catch your colleague,
mr. Sorel here, extorting some
poor fool.
Look what I got instead --
a meeting, on tape, no less.
Carly: That's not
what happened.
Taggert: If this tape has
what i think it does,
I got you drug trafficking dead
to rights, both of you,
probably all three.
Carly: Well, you don't
have anything.
Taggert: It's amazing what
an anonymous tip can do,
isn't it?
Carly: This is
a misunderstanding, taggert.
I can explain everything.
Taggert: I'm listening.
Sonny: Carly, my lawyer
takes it from here.

Ned: Wh the hell?
Jean: Don't tell me
you didn't know.
Ned: How did that get
up there?
Jean: Like i told you,
she's all over the net, and real
posters are a lot easier to make
these days.
Ned: Ok, all right.
Who put you up to this?
The bass player, right?
Because he knows how crazy i am
about privacy.
This is good. I liked it.
That's a good one.
Jean: You think this is
a joke?
Ned: And you probably,
what, paid off the bartender?
How much does it cost
for something like that
these days, you know, up here
in hartford?
And I suppose I'm going to read
about this in "music" magazine?
Jean: You really don't know.
Ned: It is a joke.
Jean: Your friend there has
been shutting down rock 'n' roll
web sites for weeks.
She's a legend on the internet.
Ned: You're serious?
Jean: Yeah.
They call her eddie's angel.
No one knows her real name,
unless, of course, you want
to tell me.
Ned: No, no, no.
Jean: Is she the reason
you split up with chloe morgan?

Chloe: Jax! Jax!
Jax: Brenda?
Is that you?
Chloe: Jax!

Nikolas: What do you mean,
you shouldn't be here, lucky?
You can't leave.
Lucky: Elizabeth is furious
with me.
Why would I go in there?
It'd just set her off again.
Nikolas: Be careful not to.
Look, she is already in there.
The only thing that we can do
now is watch her back.
Lucky: She knows zander's
a dealer and that he possibly
killed an undercover cop.
She's not going to go do
anything stupid.
Nikolas: I've seen her do
some pretty stupid things.
Lucky: All right, but we only
go in there and step
in if she needs our help.
Nikolas: That's fine.
Zander: You don't want
to toast the night?
Elizabeth: One second.
Zander: Whoa, whoa.
You wander off in this crowd
and I'll never see you again.
Elizabeth: I was going to go
get a drink.
I'll be right back, I promise.
Zander: Spring water's
Elizabeth: Yeah, if you want
to get trashed like a friend
of mine did the other night.
Zander: I'll stay with you.
Don't worry.
Unless you're a cop.
Elizabeth: To the night.
Zander: To the party
of your life.
Jax: Chloe?

Ned: Tell me, what does
my divorce from chloe have to do
with eddie maine?
Jean: You tell me.
Ned: Nothing.
And don't print that.
In fact, don't print anything.
Jean: So angel split you up?
Ned: No. No. Not at all.
Is that what they're saying
on the web?
Jean: Well, there's a lot
of speculation as to angel's
place in your life,
and I just thought maybe you'd
like to set the record straight.
Ned: Ok, I will.
That picture was a mistake, ok?
A local detroit tv station was
doing "a day in the life
of eddie maine."
I opened the door --
jean: And found your angel.
Ned: I was stunned,
she was mortified.
Jean: I know.
I've seen the footage
many times.
Ned: It was a local story.
Jean: There's no such thing
Are you sure she doesn't know?
Ned: Yes.
She has a career.
She's got a life.
She doesn't --
she needs her privacy.
Jean: Well, it's too late
for that.
Did you know that the sale
of single roses went up 37%
the night after that story aired
in detroit?
Ned: Does it seem
like i'd know that?
Jean: Well, I hate to be
the one to break it to you,
but that original footage has
aired in every single
marketplace you've played
for weeks and your angel has
helped you sell hundreds,
maybe even thousands,
of tickets.
Ned: Don't call her my angel.
Jean: Then what's her name?
Ned: She didn't sign
on for this.
Jean: Come on.
She'll probably think
it's funny.
Ned: Would you?
Jean: Why don't you just tell
me who she is.
Ned: No, no, no. No way.
Jean: Would you rather some
tabloid run her real name first?
Ned: That's not going
to happen.
Jean: Just let me post it
on the "music" magazine site.
Ned: I have to protect
her privacy.
Jean: Forget privacy.
Think damage control.
I'm a responsible journalist.
I'll be fair.
Ned: No, I'm not going
to tell you her name, no.
Jean: Ok.
Well, let me know if you change
your mind.
Thank you for the interview.
Ned: Yeah. Anytime.
Jean: Bye.
Bartender: Hey, what'll
you have?
Ned: That poster
for 100 bucks.

Carly: Who needs alexis davis
to explain anything?
I can explain --
sonny: That's enough, carly.
Carly: I can straighten it
out in two minutes, sonny.
Sonny: No, I don't want
you to say anything.
Sorel: Got your girlfriend
working the streets, corinthos?
Working the cops for you?
Carly: Would you shut him up?
Sonny: They don't matter,
Sorel: You've been busy,
I got to hand you that --
rigging the tape,
hiding in the closet,
jumping out.
Carly: I'm not a hooker,
Sorel: Oh, wouldn't it have
been a lot easier to plant
the bug and get the hell out
of here?
Sonny: Hey, sorel,
why don't you shut up.
Taggert: Let me get
this straight.
So you set up the tape recorder
and then you hid in the closet.
Carly: The closet has nothing
to do with it.
Taggert: What's with
the getup?
Sonny: Don't tell him
Taggert: Why'd you jump out?
Carly: It wasn't supposed
to turn out like this.
Taggert: How was it supposed
to turn out, carly?
Oh, I see.
We got the sonny-carly tag team.
Never seen anything quite
like it.
Thanks for the anonymous tip,
Really helped us out.
Carly: You can't really prove
i called anyone, now, can you?

Taggert: Oh, you are
so right.
Unless you used a cell phone.
Hannah: Ok, you know what?
We're good to go.
Taggert: We'll share
the bust, agent scott.
I got no problem giving credit
to the feds.
Hannah: Ok, lieutenant.
Taggert: Take them downtown.
Officer: Yes, sir.
Carly: No, no! Come on!
Hannah: It's procedure.
Sonny: See what happens when
you try to cooperate?
They're cops.
Don't forget that.
Taggert: You know what?
You're right.
I apologize, miss benson.
None of us would be here
if you never picked up
the phone.
Get her out of here.
Carly: What,
I'm under arrest?
Taggert: You got it.
Mirandize her in the car.
Drug trafficking.
Officer: Yes, sir.
Let's go, ma'am.
Carly: God.
Officer: Ma'am?
Taggert: Cuff him.
Cuff him.
You have the right to remain
If you give up that right,
anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court
of law.
You have the right to
an attorney.
If you cannot afford one,
we will appoint you one.
Do you understand these rights?
Hannah: I need a second
with the suspect.
Hannah: I never wanted this
to happen to you.
And I know you don't believe me.
But I've always tried
to protect you.
Sonny: Tell it to my lawyer.

Lucky: Hey.
Have you seen elizabeth?
Nikolas: No, man.
What if she found zander
Lucky: Keep it down.
Nikolas: Ok, look,
you know what?
I'm going to check over there,
all right?
Lucky: All right, i'll check
this room with the pillows.
Nikolas: All right,
yeah, yeah.

Elizabeth: I'm a painter,
you know.
Zander: Yeah?
Elizabeth: I go to college
and everything.
Zander: Really?
What do you paint?
Elizabeth: Sloppy,
sentimental portraits.
My professors hate them.
I threw them out.
Zander: So that's it?
No more painting?
Elizabeth: No, no.
I paint everything.
Even the wind.
Zander: Really?
How do you do that?
Elizabeth: From the back
of a motorcycle.
Zander: What's that like?
Elizabeth: Oh, all free
and fast and the lights are like
they're flying in streaks.
Kind of like now.
Zander: Do you like it?
Elizabeth: This place
is amazing.
Lucky: Are you trying to have
the killer recognize you?
Is that it?

jax: Chloe, are you ok?
What happened, chloe?
Chloe: Jax, it's helena.
It's helena.
Go out. She's outside.
Jax: I didn't see anyone.
Are you ok? Are you hurt?
Chloe: I'm fine.
Jax: What happened, chloe?

Lucky: Why aren't
you with juan?
Emily: What if you zone out
Look at this place.
Anything could happen.
Lucky: Yeah, like zander
seeing you, coming after you.
Emily: You need me, ok?
I'm staying, lucky.
Elizabeth: On a motorcycle,
nothing else matters.
Just going fast, holding on,
Zander: I know lots of ways
to fly.
Elizabeth: Do you have
a motorcycle?
Zander: I have all kinds
of things.
Cky: Where's juan?
Emily: He got jealous
and left me at kelly's.
Don't start, ok?
You know that I wanted
to be here.
Lucky: Emily, you're going
to have to leave.
Emily: Where's elizabeth?
Lucky: I'm trying to find
her right now.
Emily: Is she with zander?
Lucky: That's the whole
I can't deal with her
and you right now at
the same time.
Emily: What if you space out?
No one's going to know except
for me, lucky.
Lucky: Since when do you know
what's going on?
Emily: As least i know that
something's going to go off.
Lucky: I can deal.
Emily: Ok, look, I can just
drift into the crowd, ok?
That way i can watch
you and you can look
for elizabeth and zander.
Lucky: No, em,
that is way too dangerous!
Emily: No one's going
to recognize me in 100 years,
Nikolas: Emily!
What are you doing here?
Lucky: Did you find
Nikolas: She's over there
drinking bottled water
with zander.
Emily: Oh, my god.
Lucky: Where?

Boy: Hey, man.
Zander: How's it going?
Boy: Better now.
Zander: Have a nice night.
Elizabeth: You certainly have
a lot of friends.
Zander: Yeah,
I try to help out when i can.
Elizabeth: Whoa, whoa.
I'm sorry. Excuse me.
Zander: What do you say
we get out of here?
Elizabeth: Ok.
Zander: Someplace alone?
Elizabeth: Someplace we can

Alan: Oh, lord.
Monica: Going somewhere?
Alan: Hello, darling.
Monica: Well, you tried
to slip out without me?
Alan: No, no, never.
Monica: Good.
Oh, isn't it a lovely night?
Alan: Well, it's lovelier now
that you're home.
Monica: Lila's rose garden is
so beautiful in the moonlight.
Alan: Yes. Yes, it is.
Monica: So still
and secluded.
Alan: Yes, it is.
Would you like to take a stroll
around the estate?
Monica: Who needs a stroll?
Alan: You mean it's time?
Is that what you're trying
to tell me?
Monica: Uh-uh.
Forget about time,
fertility drugs.
Forget about everything
except us.
All we need is each other
and a beautiful summer night.
There's a nice warm breeze.
The stars are all out.
We could even take a dive
in the pool -- after.
Alan: You're seeing someone,
aren't you?

Ned: I don't care how much
your customers like it -- her.
I want that poster.
Bartender: I'll just print
another one off the web.
Ned: Oh, don't count on it.
Bartender: What,
they're going to pull
eddie's angel off the internet?
Since when?
Ned: All right, $200.
Bartender: Wouldn't that make
my angel a limited edition?
Ned: She isn't your angel.
Bartender: Hmm --
man: Hey, hey.
Where've you been?
You have to run through
the new stuff before we leave.
The whole band's waiting.
Ned: Hold on a second.
Have you seen this poster?
Man: Well, yeah.
Hasn't everybody?
Ned: You didn't tell me
about it?
Man: You didn't know about
eddie's angel?
Ned: Ok, look,
has anyone asked you about
her name?
Man: Like we're going to yell
out alexis?
Ned: Uh --
don't, not until i make
this whole thing go away, ok?
Man: Yeah, right.
Ned: Hey, i'm coming back
for this poster, so you might
as well just take it down
right now.
Man: What's the problem?
It's not like anybody knows
who she is.
But she looks different dressed.
Ned: You don't see
a problem here?
Man: Hey, i'm just
the bass player.
Mac: Showtime.
Taggert: You'll be interested
in this one, sir.
Mac: Nice work.
Taggert: Agent scott
Mac: Congratulations
to you both.
Let's see what you got.
Let's put them in three and four
with garcia and carlisle.
Officer: Yes, sir.
Sorel: That's entrapment.
Corinthos set me up,
him and his hooker girlfriend.
Carly: Ah --
mac: Just to be clear,
sonny, you're not protected
by the f.B.I. On this arrest.
You have no immunity
for new crimes.
Sonny: I'll call my lawyer.
Mac: Gee, all our phones
are busy right now.
Keep an eye on him.
Taggert: You ok with it?
Carly: Oh, you mean can she
do her job?
Don't count on it.
Taggert: It pays to check out
every tip.
Hannah: You never know
who you'll find.
Taggert: Even corinthos.
Hannah: It's just
another bust.
Don't worry about it.
Carly: Ok, well, if you're
just going to stand there
and chat, guys --
taggert: Oh, whoa,
whoa, whoa, hold on there.
Sonny: Hey --
hannah: You're under arrest,
Taggert: She's all yours.
Carly: Ooh, I'm so scared.
Taggert: Have fun.
Hannah: Name, please.
Is carly short for caroline?
Carly: Why is this bimbo
asking me stupid questions?
Hannah: I'll go with carly.
Ok, what's your last name
these days?
Carly: Can I get a real cop,
She's obviously having trouble
with the forms.
Hannah: I'm going to go
with quartermaine.
Carly: No, it's benson, baby.
A.J. Is your problem now.
Hannah: Ok, do you want
to tell me what went on tonight?
Carly: No, I don'T.
Hannah: Ok, let's start
from the very beginning.
Carly: You mean when you blew
into town, brought your butt
in here, and went after sonny,
or when my tax dollars --
sonny: Carly --
carly: Paid your salary while
you slept with him?
Sonny: Carly --
carly: Or you want to talk
about when you almost sent him
to prison?
Hannah: If sonny ends up
in jail, it's because of you.
Carly: Why am i dealing
with this F.B.I. Slut?
Sonny: Carly,
keep it quiet now.
Officer: You need assistance?
Carly: No, you know what?
She ruins people's lives all
by herself, but thank you.
Hannah: I'm fine.
Carly: You keep telling
yourself that.
Sonny: Carly --
hannah: Ok.
Suspect gathered evidence
against corinthos on
hidden tape.
Carly: No, I did not.
[Hannah whistles]
hannah: She called the police
with an anonymous tip.
Good move, carly.
Carly: It wasn't like that.
Hannah: And she is solely
responsible for his arrest.
Carly: You know what?
Officer: Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Sonny: Let her go!
Mac: Hey, hey,
what's going on here?
Hang on, everybody.
Put them in one.
Officer: Move.
Carly: I'm going!
Mac: Put them in one.
Officer: Move.
Mac: What just happened here?
Hannah: Suspect got agitated.
Mac: Why?
Hannah: She's unstable.
Mac: Isn't it your job
to keep her stable?
Dara: Shouldn't sonny
and carly be questioned
Mac: Does the d.A.'S office
run interrogations now?
Dara: No, but I think that --
mac: Good.
Carly: Let me tell you what
Sonny: I don't want
to hear it.
Carly: Sonny, i didn't --
sonny: From this point on,
you do what I say.
Keep quiet.

lucky: Get her out of sight.
Emily: Elizabeth can't leave
with zander.
Lucky: I'll go.
I'll find her.
Nikolas --
emily: Listen to me.
You guys stay here.
I'll go home by myself.
Lucky: Stay with her, please.
Nikolas: Yeah, yeah.
Emily: Be careful,
ok, lucky, please?
Lucky: Don't worry about me.
Nikolas: He'll be all right,
Emily: I hope so.
Nikolas: Well, why
wouldn't he?
Emily: Because elizabeth
needs him, ok?
And if she goes off somewhere
with zander --

juan: Emily?
Nikolas: Why didn't you stay
with her, juan?
Juan: You can't be here.
Nikolas: You know what?
You're going to take her home.
Emily: No way.
Elizabeth: Where are
we going?
Zander: Anyplace you want.
Elizabeth: Do you have
a motorcycle?
Zander: Do you want
to find one?
Elizabeth: You're so nice.
Zander: I'll stay with you,
just like I said.
Elizabeth: Thank you.
Lucky: Elizabeth, wait.
Zander: Oh,
not the boyfriend.
Elizabeth: Great.
At do you want?

Chloe: It was the same
as the vision I had in the park.
Jax: In port charles?
Chloe: Yeah, when helena was
coming after me.
Jax, that was really
a premonition.
Jax: What happened, chloe?
Chloe: She was here.
Jax: Are you sure helena
was in this room?
Chloe: Yes, i'm positive.
She had a knife.
I felt that knife against
my throat.
I tried to fight her off.
She is so strong.
Jax: You sure it was helena?
Chloe: She had a scarf over
her face, but I saw her eyes.
I know it was her.
Jax, they're never going
to believe me.
Jax: Yes, a guest was just
assaulted in this room.
Please send the police

Monica: Huh!
I try to make things easy
for you, and this is what I get.
Alan: Oh, I recognize
all the signs.
Monica: I pump myself up
with hormones,
I rearrange my entire career --
alan: You look gorgeous --
monica: I put myself
in great physical risk --
alan: You're being great
to me.
Monica: Give you what
you want --
alan: You're being sweet
and attentive.
Monica: And you accuse me
of having an affair.
Alan: It is so obvious!
Monica: I am desperately
trying to give you what
you so desperately want.
Alan: And are good at it.
I don't dispute that.
So who is it? Townsend?
Monica: Ok, yeah,
it's townsend, the gardener,
and an orderly at the hospital.
What are you doing,
transferring all of your guilt
onto me?
Alan: Are you accusing me
of having an affair?
Monica: Well,
it's rae cummings, obviously.
I mean, is she talking about
my fertility treatments
on the air right now
as we speak?
Alan: You were planning
on seeing this guy tonight
because I can tell by the smell
of your perfume.
Monica: You were the one
trying to sneak out.
Alan: Do not let me stand
in your way.
Monica: Who is it,
the student nurse?
Alan: Go to this man,
whoever he is.
Monica: Where are you going
to meet her?
Alan: Hey, listen,
that moonlight isn't going
to last forever!
Monica: Tell me who's
out there!
Alan: No one!
Monica: Liar!
Alan: Tramp!

Taggert: I'm not questioning
you, sir, but isn't it procedure
to separate the suspects?
Mac: I'm aware of that.
Hannah: Why give them
a chance to get their stories
Mac: Is that what you think
they're doing in there,
matching up stories?
Hannah: Yes.
Dara: Yes, i do.
Mac: After the stunt carly
pulled, sonny's got to be
furious with her, so we leave
them in the same room together.
Taggert: Ah, wait for sonny
to explode.
Mac: And after sonny is
finished mopping the floor
with carly --
dara: She's ours.
Mac: We comfort her.
We bring her candy bars,
coffee, we listen.
Tagger: Good cop, bad sonny.
Mac: We're nice to her.
We let her cry on our shoulders.
She'll tell us everything just
to get back at him.
Hannah: That could work.
Dara: I'm impressed.
Mac: That i'm doing my job?
Thank you.

Carly: I'll tell them
that you're innocent.
Sonny: Carly, do you get --
do you get this room's wired,
that they're watching us?
Can you understand any of this?
Carly: Well, it's my fault,
you know.
I'll just swear
that it's my fault.
Sonny: No, say nothing.
Carly: Sonny --
sonny: Just -- no.
wait for alexis.
Do you un-- do you understand?

Dara: They aren't exactly
chatting it up.
Mac: Sonny needs
a little push.
Taggert: You want me
to question him, sir?
Mac: Question carly.
Sonny will watch.
Dara: That ought to calm them
right down.
Taggert: Oh, wait, wait.
Carly gets upset, sonny breaks.
I like it.
Hannah: He'll see right
through it.
Mac: Do you have any
better ideas, agent scott?
Taggert: It works for me.
Carly: Sonny --

Alan: Mmm.
Edward: Oh, for pete's sake!
Alan: Father.
Monica: Edward.
Edward: It's bad enough that
you two want to reproduce,
but here in the den?
Alan: Want to do it
on the terrace?
Monica: Any place.
Edward: You are both
a disgrace.
You know that?
Alan: We're a disgrace?
At least we want to have
our children with each other.
Edward: Well, not that
you're any good at it.
Monica: Oh, and you're
the expert, huh?
How many stray quartermaines did
you manage to create, edward?
Alan: Oh, let me see now --
there was jimmy lee holt --
monica: Bradley ward --
alan: Yeah, and what about
the possibility of that teenager
showing up at the door tomorrow
saying, "i'm looking for dear
old dad"?
Edward: You have a teenager
of your own crying desperately
out for help.
Alan: Oh, emily's fine.
Edward: Oh, really?
Do you know where she is
right now at this moment?
Monica: Yes.
She is at a party
with her friends.
Alan: There is no problem.
Monica: Not anymore.
[Monica and alan laugh]
alan: Oh, my goodness.

Emily: Look, I'm not leaving
my friends, ok?
Juan: I shouldn't have
gotten jealous.
Emily: Lucky needs me.
I don't apologize for that.
Nikolas: But we don't need
you here, emily, all right?
You're not helping.
Emily: You don't understand,
Juan: Look, I should have
stayed with you, and
i'm sorry, ok?
But it's way too dangerous
for you to be here right now.
Let me take you home.
Lucky: So how many times are
we going to have to do this?
Keep your hands off
my girlfriend.
Zander: Your cal
elizabeth: Your "girlfriend"?
Your girlfriend since when,
five minutes ago when
you changed your mind -- again?
Lucky: Let's go.
Elizabeth: Why?
So you can tell me how much
i don't matter?
So you can tell me that things
are never going to be the same
between us?
So you can kiss me
and then shove me away?
Zander: You must be crazy,
Elizabeth: You don't love me,
so quit acting like you do.
And quit following me around
and quit looking at me that way
because you don't want me.
And you know what?
That's fine because I found
somebody who does.
So leave me alone.
Zander: We're out of here.
Lucky: Elizabeth,
please don't go.
I know this doesn't make
any sense.
Please, come with me anyway.

Taggert: Take corinthos out
of here.
Officer: Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Sonny: I'll call alexis.
Carly: Tell her to hurry.
Sonny: I got to make a call.
Officer: Cuffs.
Here's a phone.
Taggert: First of all,
I want to apologize
for the handcuffs.
I got a little carried away,
and I probably shouldn't have
even arrested you.
I'm sure mac's going to let
you off.
After all, you did serve up
corinthos on a silver platter.
We listened to the tape.
That's good work.
Nice, clean.
Sonny's definitely doing drug
business with sorel.
Drug trafficking's what
we call it.
Where were you headed?
Bahamas to cleveland.
That should get you about
20 years.
See, i'm a fair man,
carly, contrary to what sonny
has told you.
I mean, maybe those charges
won't stick.
I mean, why should they?
Nothing else does.
So you were saying you want
to explain.
I'm listening.
Nobody else can help sonny.
Taggert: Unless, of course,
you don't want to help him.
Carly: Why can't you just
leave him alone?
Taggert: Got an
anonymous tip.
What do you want me to do,
just ignore it?
I mean, you made the call,
didn't you, carly?
Wasn't it you who made the call?
I know you didn't mean for sonny
to get in this much trouble.
I mean, maybe we got this
all wrong.
Can you clear it up?
It's your last chance.
Nobody else wants to help poor
little sonny.
Maybe nobody else can.
Unless, of course,
you're upset with him.
Sonny hurt you in any way,
Did he threaten you?
I want to help you, carly,
I really do,
but I'm just a cop here,
and maybe I got this all wrong.
Can you make me understand,
get it right?
Wouldn't it feel better just
to explain everything, get it
all off your chest?
I know you didn't mean for any
of this to happen, but
you got to get it out.
You got to make me understand,
Sonny: Call him off.
Mac: You're ready to make
a statement?
Sonny: Yeah.

Jax: We already told
you there won't be any prints.
Officer: I assume nothing,
Chloe: The woman who attacked
me was wearing gloves.
Jax: Helena cassadine tried
to kill chloe tonight
in this room.
You have an excellent
description of the attacker.
Why aren't you out looking
for her?
She should be in custody by now.
Officer: You saw this,
mrs. Cassadine's face?
Jax: Yes, we already told
you that.
Chloe: She had a scarf
covering most of her face,
but I did see her eyes.
I am sure it was
helena cassadine.
Officer: Or a thief
you frightened --
jax: That is not
what happened.
It wasn't a thief, ok?
Officer: I apologize
for any inconvenience.
Jax: Wait a minute.
Officer: If we find
the suspect, we'll let you know.
Jax: She got to the cops.
Chloe: Mm-hmm.
She's probably sailing
the pacific by now.
Jax: Sorry.
I should never have left you.
Chloe: Oh, god.
You heard me.
What if you hadn't have
heard me?
Jax: I was chasing a dream.
Chloe: You have your visions,
I have mine.
Jax: Yes, but mine don't try
to kill me.
Chloe: Did you see the woman
in the garden?
Was it brenda?
jax: I saw a woman
in the garden in the moonlight.
I didn't see her face.
I called brenda's name.
She hesitated.
Chloe: Did she turn around?
Jax: I called her name again
and she walked into the shadows,
and that's when I heard you.
Chloe: Thank god you were
so close.
Jax: And when i went out
on the terrace to look
for helena, there was no one
in the garden.
If it was brenda,
she would have waited.
If she heard me call her name,
she'd have waited.
Chloe: Yeah.
Jax: Brenda was never
in the garden.
Chloe: But you wanted
her to be.
Jax: She's gone.
I just thought i was past
all this.
Chloe: Hey,
letting go takes a long time.
You loved her so much.
You'll always love her.
Jax: I don't deserve you.
Chloe: You saved my life.
Jax: You saved mine, too.
Chloe: So we're even.
Jax: I won't lose you, chloe,
not to a memory or the sea
or helena cassadine.
Jax: Let's go home.
Chloe: Tonight.
Jax: Immediately.
Chloe: Yeah, I'll be packed
in 47 seconds.
Jax: Chloe,
I love you.
Chloe: I know.
I love you, too.

Helena: Andreas.
Andreas: Madam.
Helena: Yes.
Who were you expecting?
Andreas: Only you.
The launch boat is waiting,
and I'm taking care
of the police.
Helena: Oh, that was awfully
rude of jax to contact
the police.
Andreas: Yes, madam.
Helena: But our jax is best
avoided when he's cross.
As am I.
I'll take care of miss chloe

Stefan: You saw him?
Woman: In the garden,
as planned.
He called out "brenda."
Stefan: That's exactly
what i wanted to hear.

Nikolas: Take emily straight
home and leave my car
at the parking lot at l&B.
Juan: No problem.
Nikolas: And don't mess up
my jag, juan.
Juan: Don't worry about it.
Emily: Ok, will you call me?
Nikolas: Yes, i will, ok?
I will call you as soon
as i know anything new.
Emily: Ok, and don't let
elizabeth leave with zander.
Nikolas: Emily, we won'T.
Emily: And tell lucky i said
be really, really careful.
Nikolas: Ok, look --
all right.
I will show you guys where
i'm parked, all right?

Lucky: She isn't interested.
Zander: Yes, she is.
Lucky: Elizabeth, i know
you better than anyone.
Please, come with me.
Lucky: Let's go.
Zander: We made other plans.
Lucky: Now they're changed.

Ned: 200, 250, three.
Bartender: 50.
Ned: 300.
And you don't print any more,
Bartender: Whatever.
[Telephone rings]
ned: Ned ashton.
Hi, sweetheart.
How's it going?
Oh, yeah, well, you know,
new clients always take a lot
more work.
Yeah, well, no,
everything's going great.
Everything's fine, and,
in fact, i can't wait
to see you.
I'm on my way home.
Well, you know, hartford just
couldn't be more -- couldn't be
more terrific.
Everything went great. Perfect.
All right.
I can't wait to see you.
Ay --

sonny: Let's get this
over with.
Mac: Statement of
sonny corinthos, police
In regard to his arrest
on drug trafficking.
Taggert: Go ahead.
Sonny: Ahem.
I will answer questions
under the guidance and counsel
of my attorney.
But the problem is i haven't
been able to reach her
at this point, so I don't know
what i got to do.
Mac: Suit yourself.
Taggert: Thanks for
your cooperation, mr. Corinthos.
Hannah: What did he say?
Mac: Forget about it.
You listen to the tape again?
Hannah: Yes.
Sonny never actually agrees
to transport drugs.
Mac: Is that your take?
Dara: The silence may have
been interpreted as
an agreement.
Corinthos may have nodded
indicating yes.
Taggert: In any case,
he never said no.
Dara: That's right.
Hannah: We still can't
be sure.
Mac: So we let carly go.
We give her more time.
Taggert: Do we know if carly
even saw anything?
Hannah: Is it just me,
but why was she in the closet
dressed up like a hooker?
Dara: Who knows?
Mac: Who cares?
Her testimony will nail sonny
either way.
If she saw him agree
to run the drugs, we have him.
If she didn't,
she's responsible for the tape.
She made the call.
I mean, she must have
known something.
Hannah: And if she refuses
to testify?
Dara: She can plead
the fifth amendment,
but that will hurt sonny, too.
If she decides
to support him on the stand,
I'll just point out that she
and her son are financially
dependent on him,
she was recently pregnant
with his child.
I can use all of that
to taint her testimony,
no matter what she says.
Mac: Carly is such
a loose cannon.
She just might give sonny up.
Taggert: I suggest metal
detectors in the courtroom.
Mac: That's a good idea.
But the bottom line is
carly's testimony is going
to nail sonny no matter what
she says or doesn't say.

Carly: Did you see me
with taggert?
Sonny: You did good.
Carly: Where's alexis?
Sonny: I left a message.
Carly: Well, why isn't
she here?
Sonny: You can do this.
Carly: How long do you have
to wear this?
Mac: You're free to go,
Carly: I'm not under arrest
Mac: We'll be in touch.
Taggert: We're going to keep
mr. Corinthos in lockup a little
a while longer.
Carly: Well, his lawyer
just called.
She's going to be here
any minute.
Mac: Thank you for
your cooperation.
Carly: Well, you can't just
take him away.
Sonny: Go home, carly.
I'm fine.
Carly: Please don't take
him away.

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Stefan: To a job well done.

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Lucky: I need you to do
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Elizabeth: Ooh,
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