GH Transcript Friday 8/18/00


General Hospital Transcript Friday 8/18/00

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>> Previously on
"general hospital" --

chloe: The woman you were
looking for --
jax: Chloe --
chloe: It's brenda, isn't it?

Emily: Elizabeth was just
asking me if i knew why you've
changed so much since you got

Carly: Do you know
the gangster sorel?

Taggert: We just got
an anonymous tip about sorel.
Something is going down.

Sonny: Where's the meeting?
Sorel: A motel on tanglewood
Sonny: I'll be there.

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lucky: So what if elizabeth
thinks i'm different?
I am.
That's what I've been trying
to tell the both of you since
i came back to port charles.
Emily: Well, maybe
if she understood why, lucky --
lucky: Because people change.
Elizabeth gets that.
Why are you making such a big
deal out of this?
Emily: Because I have two
best friends who keep coming
to me because they can't tell
each other something.
All right?
And I feel like I have
to translate.
Elizabeth: Wait, wait --
did I ask you to translate any
of this to lucky?
Emily: This is getting
ridiculous, elizabeth,
because I'm caught in
the middle.
Elizabeth: Well, who asked
you to be in the middle, em?
Emily: I'm just trying
to help.
Elizabeth: Well,
you can't, ok?
And this whole back-and-forth
thing, lucky -- it's
getting old.
So why don't we all just agree
that my lucky disappeared
the night in the fire
and he isn't coming back.
Emily: Elizabeth, don't give
up on this.
Elizabeth: So let's just
leave it at that, ok?
Lucky: That's all i'm trying
to do.
Elizabeth: Then why don't
you decide what you want from me
and stick to the plan.

Taggert: The caller said
we could get sorel tonight
red-handed, extortion.
Hannah: Any idea who
the caller is?
Taggert: Female.
The office took it.
Said it's going down tonight,
7:00, at a motel on tanglewood.
Hannah: So you're just going
to dash right over there?
Taggert: What are you saying,
I should wait for a written
Hannah: Well, it just sounds
a little convenient.
Taggert: Anonymous tips pan
out all the time.
Hannah: Yeah, but sorel knows
you have a major jones
for organized crime.
He knows that, so why jump
at the first bait?
Taggert: You trying to say
i don't know the difference
between a tip and a setup?

Sonny: I am going
to the meeting, benny.
I don't want to have to say it
Standard security.
I know what sorel wants.
It's the same song,
second verse.
You're damn right I shouldn't
have to deal with this.
But who else is going to save
my father's sorry butt?
No, you just -- look,
calm down, will you?
I'll see you.
Mike: What, do you think
you can haul me over here any
time you like it?
I thought you said everything
you wanted to say.
Sonny: You are staying here
while I have my meeting
with sorel.
Mike: No, I can't let you do
Sonny: You don't have
a choice, mike.

Carly: You've already been
tossed out of here once today.
A.J.: Have you met my new
attorney, craig johnson?
This is my ex, carly babes.
Well, that's what she likes
to be called when she gets like
Carly: Leave.
A.J.: What's your hurry?
What, are you late for work now
that you've found a job you're
qualified for?
Carly: Listen up,
A.J., And see if you can retain
just a little bit of this.
And you listen up, too,
mr. Attorney.
Your client here signed away all
of his rights to his only-born
Did he mention that?
Did he tell you why he did that?
A.J.: You think my son should
have to deal with this?
Carly: You don't like it?
Meet me in court, buddy.
A.J.: Ooh, in this getup?
Let's go right now.
You see, carly babes is
her reaction to stress.
You know, she gets a little
panicky, up to no good.
Carly: You don't think
the cops will arrest him
for trespassing, now, do you?
A.J.: Is there a god
after all?
Are you blowing up sonny's
life now?
Carly: Ok, breaking
and entering, trespassing,
harassment -- what do you think
the bail will be?
Craig: My strong advice is
strategic retreat.
Carly: Yeah, mine, too.
And bill him extra -- he can
afford it.
Come on, get out!
A.J.: You know what, craig?
Carly: Get out of my house,
Come on!
A.J.: You're fired, buddy.
Sweetheart, we'll see you soon.
Carly: Ugh.
If he made me late for that
meeting --

helena: Don't be so dreary,
andreas, on such a lovely night.
Andreas: My only concern is
for your safety, madam.
Helena: I suppose you expect
me to believe that.
Andreas: You have employees
who specialize in such projects.
Please, don't take the risk
of doing this yourself.
Helena: Oh, but I so enjoy
the personal touch,
as you so well know.
Dispatching jax's silly little
paramour --
oh, it is such a grand night.
Andreas: If madam would
reconsider --
helena: My thoughts are
my own, andreas.
I intend to keep it that way.

Chloe: That's why you've been
so distracted, isn't it?
Why you keep looking out
into the garden.
You asked the bellman to look
for a woman with long,
dark hair.
It's brenda, isn't it?
Jax: I haven't seen her face.
Chloe: But she's dead.
Jax: Yes.
Chloe: You can tell me, jax.
Jax: Look, I know brenda's
She's gone.
I know that, ok?
There's no way she could've
survived that crash.
But I saw her.
Chloe: When?
Jax: The other night.
Chloe: When you went out
to look for someone
in the garden?
Jax: Yes.
Chloe: But you said the only
person you saw was the property
Jax: I couldn't find her that
But I've seen her again since,
or someone that could be her.
Chloe: Jax, we're
on an island that reminds
you a great deal of brenda.
You're seeing someone
with a strong resemblance.
Jax: Maybe.
I just have to know for sure.
Chloe: Set your heart aside,
jax, just for a moment.
Pretend we're discussing
a closing or a takeover.
Think about numbers and facts
and absolute truth and tell me
how it could be possible that
brenda could be alive.
Jax: She can't be.
It defies logic.
I know that.
I was there that night.
Her car went off the cliff
into the ocean.
I dove after her for two hours
until I couldn't breathe
anymore, till jerry stopped me.
The current was so strong that
Chloe: The current carried
her to sea.
Jax: I know that's what
happened, chloe.
But her body was never found.
Chloe: The sea took brenda
and her mother.
Isn't that what you told me --
"the sea doesn't always give
Jax: Yeah, but what if I'm
wrong, you know?
What if I'm wrong?
What if she survived the crash?
What if she was thrown clear
and she survived the impact?
Chloe: Wouldn't you have
seen her?
Jax: It was dark that night.
She could've fallen anywhere.
A boat could've picked her up.
Chloe: Did you hear a boat?
Jax: The current was
so strong that night that
she could've been pulled out
to sea unconscious.
She could've been floating
for days.
It happens sometimes.
People -- it happens.
She could've been rescued.
And she could be living
with strangers.
Brenda might not remember who
she is or what her life was
or me.
Chloe: Jax, it's fantasy.
Jax: I glanced out over
the garden, and I saw her.
Chloe: It's almost
Jax: She pushed her hair back
like she used to do.
Chloe: Jax, you saw
a beautiful woman standing
in the moonlight.
You've seen her more than once.
But it cannot be brenda.
Jax: Are you telling me not
to hope?
Chloe: I would never tell
you that.
Brenda isn't in the past,
is she?

Lucky: I'm not trying to send
mixed signals.
Emily: Do you have any idea
why you do?
Elizabeth: I don't need
an interpreter, ok?
Lucky: I care about you,
I always will.
Elizabeth: As a friend.
Lucky: That's all i can be.
Elizabeth: So we're clear
on that?
All of us, for the one millionth
Any questions, emily?
Lucky: Look, I'm sorry that
i was unfair.
Emily: Elizabeth, wait.
Elizabeth: I need to get
ready for the rave.
Emily: Do you realize
everything you just said was
a total crock?

Taggert: I know who the bad
guys are.
I don't apologize for going
after them.
Hannah: Like mac's going
after luke?
Taggert: The commissioner
hasn't broken any laws.
Hannah: Oh, come on.
He is this close to fabricating
Taggert: Can you prove that?
Hannah: That doesn't make it
any less true.
Mac will buy any theory,
any shred of half-baked evidence
to make luke spencer guilty
for murder.
Taggert: I'm off that case
Hannah: So, how's the ted
wilson investigation going?
Are you getting any support
around that at all from
the commissioner?
Taggert: The commissioner's
doing his job.
Hannah: Yeah, he's making
the luke spencer case
so personal that he's forgetting
about everything else.
Taggert: What are you saying,
I'm making an anonymous tip
Hannah: Think, taggert.
Sorel is major.
Since when does he end up
in a motel room to extort money?
He has people doing that
for him.
Taggert: You are making these
guys more than they are.
Hannah: Now, that's not fair.
Taggert: They're thugs,
all right?
They see something they want,
they take it.
I mean, I don't know,
maybe sorel is going to send
some of his foot soldiers on it.
Maybe it's a setup or a scam.
You know, maybe he just needs
a couple bucks, we'll get him
on a two-bit bust, you know,
when it counts.
And I like it.
Hannah: What if you break
down the wrong door on a false
tip, huh?
Whoever's in that room is going
to yell harassment, and you're
going to lose your job.
Taggert: I'm trying real hard
not to take this the wrong way.
Hannah: Just kp some
That's all i'm saying.
Taggert: I know what losing
perspective costs, and
so do you.
Hannah: Look, I am not
doubting your integrity,
taggert, so please don't doubt
Taggert: I'm just a cop.
I get a tip, i follow it up.
It's not my job to pick
or choose.
Hannah: So you're going
to track down every crank
Taggert: I'm taking this one,
hannah, with or without you.

A.J.: Well, well.
Trouble in paradise?

Mike: Look, I got set up.
I admit it happens.
I should've seen it coming.
Sonny: I don't want to hear
this, mike.
Mike: Look, I got myself
into this mess, sonny.
I can get myself out.
Sonny: You got me into it!
Don't you understand that?
Consider yourself under house
Mike: Sonny --
sonny: Johnny, mike's
Mike: Sonny!
Carly: Always works on tv.
Maid: May I help you?
Carly: I left my wallet
in that room, and if you could
just let me in --
maid: Nobody's been in there
since day before yesterday.
Carly: But see, my husband's
really furious.
I left my driver's license
and all my credit cards.
Maid: You and your husband
are on the register?
Carly: It's been a long
night, ok?
Look, my boyfriend will mess me
up really bad if i go back
empty-handed, and last time
i couldn't work for three weeks
and I got a little kid,
you know?
I got a little boy, and I really
need the money, you know?
If you could just let me in,
Maid: I'm not doing this.
Carly: No -- I mean,
me, neither.
Maid: Don't be here when
i get back.
Carly: I won'T.
Thank you.
Carly: Testing, testing one,
two, three.
Carly's voice: Testing,
testing one, two, three.
Carly: Perfect.
Carly: All right.

A.J.: Sorry to interrupt.
Taggert: We're busy.
A.J.: Well, when taggert's
finished lecturing you,
how about dinner?
Hannah: Forget it.
Taggert: We're discussing
police business here, A.J.
A.J.: All right, look, let me
get this straight.
I can't discuss personal
business at the cop shop,
but you can do police work here,
Hannah: Would you give me
a break?
A.J.: 10-4.
Carry on.
Taggert: Are you in or not?
Hannah: Any chance of getting
a warrant?
Taggert: Why slow this down?
Hannah: How many times have
you said to me, "by the book"?
Taggert: We don't have time,
Hannah: Look, you want
f.B.I. Backup?
Get a warrant.
Taggert: I don't need
f.B.I. Backup.
Hannah: I'm trying to watch
your back, taggert.
Let me.
Taggert: I'll call you when
judge hearnes signs off.
Hannah: We'll get the bad
Taggert: I'll be in touch.
Hannah: You know where
to find me.
Taggert: Mm-hmm.
A.J.: Well, I guess --
I guess you told him.
Hannah: Don't you have
anything to do at all?
A.J.: I'm just trying to be
nice, and look what happens.
Hannah: Well, unlike you,
taggert's very passionate about
his work.
A.J.: Is that really what
you want in a boyfriend?
Hannah: Taggert helps people.
His life matters.
He isn't wasting it getting
drunk, clicking icons,
and trying to waste money that
he never had to work
for in the first place.
A.J.: Come on, i offered
to buy that guy some stock.
He could be rich now.
Hannah: Taggert risks
his life every single day
to keep this town safe
for bored, rich dilettantes
like you.
A.J.: Ouch.
Hannah: Am i getting through?
A.J.: That's harsh.
The dilettante thing's a little
over the top, don't you think?
Hannah: Life matters to some
of us.
Life is serious.
A.J.: All right, look --
you want serious, taggert's
your man.
But you want to have fun --
you know the rest.

Emily: Look, I know you love
elizabeth, ok?
I can see it even if you can't.
Lucky: That's why
you threatened me?
Emily: I what?
Lucky: You just threatened
to tell elizabeth that there's
something wrong with me.
Emily: Lucky, i was just
opening a door, that's all.
Lucky: Well, if you can't
keep a secret, tell me.
Because I would much rather be
prepared than blindsided.
Emily: I didn't mean
to blindside you.
Lucky: You are stuck
in the middle of this thing,
Elizabeth is your best friend.
Emily: Yeah.
And do i think that she deserves
to be shut out like this?
Absolutely not.
Do i think that she could
help you?
She knows you better than
anybody else, lucky.
Lucky: Maybe, once.
Emily: Give her another
Lucky: I can'T.
Emily: Why not?
Look, forget i said that, ok?
Just -- you know i'd do anything
for you, right?
I mean, I'd even lie to my best
Lucky: I'm sorry I jumped all
over you.
Emily: No, I'll be more
careful when i say things next
Lucky: You shouldn't have
to be dealing with any of this.
Emily: Neither should you.
I mean, if i had just --
if i had remembered what
happened in that motel room --
lucky: Emily, we're going
to get you out of this.
Emily: I can't imagine how
hard this must be for you,
just missing huge chunks
of your life.
Must be terrible.
Lucky: You always understand
me, even when you think I'm
Emily: Which you are this
Lucky: What would i do
without you?
Emily: You'd think
of something.

Woman: Ned ashton.
Or should I say eddie maine?
Ned: And you must be jean
Jean: Thank you for
the interview.
Ned: Well, I'm honored.
I've loved "music magazine" ever
since -- oh, way, way too far
Your story about whatever
happened to surf bands was
great, by the way.
Jean: Well, thank you.
I'm already glad i drove all
the way to hartford.
Ned: Now, that's not
something you say every day,
is it?
Jean: You set for dinner?
Should we get a drink?
Ned: Let's get the work out
of the way first.
Have a seat.
Jean: Good idea.
Thank you.
Ned: Mm-hmm.
Jean: You ok if I record
Ned: No problem.
I'll be careful what i say.
Jean: Well, you took quite
a gamble coming back out
on the road as eddie maine.
Ned: I did it for the cash.
Jean: Which must be
flowing in.
You were brilliant last night.
Ned: Oh.
Jean: You were.
Ned: Well, thank you.
I'm loving your magazine more
every minute.
Jean: So, what's it like not
performing for years and then
stepping out in front
of a crowd?
Ned: Well, I almost didn'T.
It's a long story.
Jean: Which I want to hear.
But last night, when they called
you back for the third time,
how did that feel?
Ned: Even better than
i remembered.
Jean: So the road's agreeing
with you?
Ned: Starting to.

Jax: Do you see why i didn't
tell you about the woman
in the garden?
Chloe: Because she upset you.
Jax: Because I don't want
to fight.
Chloe: Who's fighting?
I'm trying to understand.
Jax: Ok, well, what
if you caught a glimpse
of your mother somewhere?
Wouldn't you want to know
for sure?
Chloe: I watched my mother
die, jax.
Jax: I'm sorry, that was
a lousy example.
Chloe: Maybe that's
the difference that counts.
You watched brenda vanish.
It's not the same thing.
Jax: I know brenda's gone.
I thought I did.
It's just I don't --
I'm --
chloe: Go on.
Jax: I'm not sure
anymore, ok?
Not 100%.
If there is a chance, if there's
the slightest chance that brenda
survived, then -- she was
my wife.
I have to know.
Chloe: I can fight helena.
I can deal with you trying
to take over my family's
This disaster in my brain,
I am winning, thanks to you.
I can't fight a ghost.
I have no idea how.
Besides, it seems like a losing
Jax: You don't have to fight
I just need to know.
Chloe: Then go.
Look for her.
Find out anything you can.
Jax, you cannot get past brenda
until this is settled.
Neither can I.
Jax: Will you be here when
i get back?
Chloe: I'm not going
Jax: Thanks.
Carly: That ought to do it.

sorel: Corinthos is right
where I want him, finally.
I knew he would be.
It's only a matter of time.
Sonny corinthos is surrounded
by too many people that he cares
It makes him vulnerable.
Man: Yes, sir.
Sorel: Patience is
a beautiful thing.
It's hot as hell in here.
Hang this up for me.
Man: Ok.
Man: The door's stuck.
Sorel: I hate these cheap
Man: Do you want me to break
it open?
Sorel: So management can call
the cops?
What are you thinking?
Put the jacket on the chair.
[Knock on door]
sorel: Mr. Corinthos,
come in.
I'm glad you decided to make
this easy.
Sonny: Let's get this over
Tell me what you want.
Sorel: Your tone
of antagonism concer me,
mr. Corinthos.
This is a simple business
Sonny: To the point.
Get there.
Sorel: Your father -- he owes
me money.
Interest compounds daily.
He doesn't have it.
That makes him mine.
I have looked forward to working
with you for quite some time.
Please feel free to express
my appreciation to him.
He has made it so much easier
for you to cooperate.

Ned: Bringing back eddie
maine was an obvious risk,
and so that's why we started off
Jean: I would say that
the risk is definitely
paying off.
Ned: So far.
Jean: You know, I am amazed
at how well the old songs still
hold up.
Ned: Thanks.
Jean: Now, weren't
they inspired by your wife
at the time?
Ned: Yes, they were.
She was my manager, too.
And actually, she is the one
who's completely responsible
for the development of eddie
maine, and i wouldn't be here
right now if it wasn't for her.
Jean: Sounds like a friendly
Ned: Lois is thrilled
at my comeback, and my daughter
is also getting to know eddie
for the first time, so that's
Jean: And that would be
brooke lynn?
Ned: You've done
your homework.
Jean: She's 5 now, right?
Ned: Mm-hmm.
Perfect in every way.
Jean: So, what about the new
They seem much more
Ned: Yeah, well, I grew up.
Don't print that.
Jean: Are there any other
Ned: Well, there's a new
woman that values her privacy,
so i'd rather not say.
Jean: Understood.
Ned: But I will say that,
you know, these new songs are
definitely more personal.
Jean: Well, they still rock.
Ned: Would you like to do all
my interviews?
Jean: Is there any truth
to the rumor that you're going
to be headlining your next tour?
Ned: Well, who knows?
I mean, the tour would have
to be short because I don't want
to fly away from my own life
or my new lady.

Emily: Wow.
You look amazing.
Elizabeth: Thanks.
Emily: I mean, the whole
rave's going to just stop dead
when you walk in the room.
Elizabeth: Can we go now?
Emily: Doesn't she look
Lucky: Maybe you shouldn't go
to the rave.
Elizabeth: No possible way.
Lucky: The rave is too
Emily: He does kind of have
a point, elizabeth.
Elizabeth: What?
Lucky: Maybe leaving emily
alone isn't the greatest idea,
Emily: I mean, if we stuck
together, that wouldn't be
so bad, right?
Elizabeth: Why?
Here at kelly's?
All I have to do is find zander.
Lucky: Yeah, but see,
nikolas and I can handle that.
Elizabeth: Zander already
knows me.
Lucky: Yeah, but he'd be
You'd have to come up with some
other idea.
Elizabeth: And leave the cops
more time to find the body?
Lucky: They won't.
Trust me.
Elizabeth: All I have to do
is corner zander, pump him
for as much information
as i can.
That's it. It's no big deal.
Emily: Yeah, but if zander
really did kill that cop --
elizabeth: I'm going,
all right?
With you and nikolas,
or in a cab.
Either way is fine by me.
Nikolas: Wow, you look
Juan: Yeah.
Lucky: I was just telling
elizabeth that she probably
shouldn't go to the rave.
Elizabeth: I'm going.
Juan: Like we could chat up
Elizabeth: Exactly.
Lucky: You and emily would
both be safer here.
Elizabeth: I'm sticking
to the plan, remember, lucky?
Nikolas: You know,
maybe lucky's got a point.
Juan: Why don't I stay
with emily?
If that's ok with mr. Wonderful.
Emily: That's not funny,
Lucky: Whatever.
Elizabeth: Do you want
to leave now or meet me there?
Nikolas: You know,
let's go now.
Emily: Elizabeth.
If i said something before --
elizabeth: Just forget
about it.
Emily: Ok, well,
thanks for doing this for me.
Elizabeth: We're going
to figure out what's going on,
one way or another.
Emily: Be careful, ok?
And thanks.
Elizabeth: Ok.
Juan: Is elizabeth mad?
Emily: Yeah.
Yeah, she's way mad.
Juan: I think I know why.
Juan: I went by your house
I saw you with lucky --
you know, close.
Emily: So you came straight
over here and told elizabeth?
Juan: She said something
about it?
Emily: Yeah, she told me
the whole deal, juan.
Why would you even mention it
to her?
Juan: Because I like to know
what's going on.
Emily: Why?
Don't you know how upset she is
right now?
Juan: Why?
It's not like lucky's
her boyfriend anymore.
Emily: They love each
other, ok?
Juan: Yeah, right.
Emily: Haven't you noticed
the way that lucky looks
at elizabeth?
Juan: Sure, yeah,
when his hands aren't all
over you.
Emily: Ok, ok.
If you have a problem with me
and lucky, you need to come
tell me.
Juan: I have a problem
with you and lucky.
Emily: Shh. What is it?
Juan: Why are you alone
with him all the time?
Emily: Because I can depend
on him.
Juan: And of course,
you can't depend on me.
Emily: Not the way
i thought, no.
Juan: Look, I made some
mistakes, but I'm trying --
emily: Lucky cares about me
all the time, no matter what.
Juan: And I don't?
Emily: Sometimes I wonder.
Juan: You're hiding something
from me, aren't you?
You're shutting me out again.
Emily: Look, lucky needs me
right now, ok?
Juan: "Lucky needs me
right now."
Then what am i hanging
around for?
Nikolas: Ok, so we're sure
on the plan?
Elizabeth: Find zander.
No problem.
Lucky: I think we should ask
around first.
Nikolas: Look, we just need
to know what kind of car
he drives, which drugs he's
Lucky: His connection to ted.
Elizabeth: I know the drill,
all right?
Nikolas: Ok, look, we just
need to be careful, all right?
That's it.
Elizabeth: Look, you guys be
I'll find zander.
Lucky: Elizabeth.
Don't be doing anything crazy.
Elizabeth: Don't tell me what
to do.

Sonny: I'll cover my father's
Sorel: You're a family man,
mr. Corinthos.
I respect that.
Sonny: How much?
Sorel: Money cannot cover
what mr. Corbin owes me, as I've
already explained.
I'm giving you the opportunity
to wipe your father's slate
Simply agree to what i've been
asking for all along.
Move my drugs on your transport
network starting next week.
I need a shipment to go
to the bahamas from cleveland.
I will take that as a yes.
Carly: Sonny, don't say
another word.
Cops are on their way.
Tape's rolling.
sonny: Don't even think
about it.
Sorel: You set me up?
Carly: No, no.
Sonny: Don't say anything,
Carly: He didn't know
anything about this.
Sonny: Why would I set myself
up for a bust?
Sorel: You've been working
very closely with the F.B.I.
Carly: Come on, don't be
a moron.
Why would sonny call the feds?
Sorel: My regards
to your father.
Come on.
Sonny: Get the tape.
Carly: Sonny, i'm sorry.
Sonny: I don't want
to hear .
Just give me the tape.
Carly: Well, hit erase.
Get the --
taggert: Well, well, well.
Let's not hit that erase button,
shall we?
Give me the tape recorder,

Zander: Hey, girl.
Elizabeth: Sorry
to interrupt.
Zander: We're just dancing,
that's all.
Elizabeth: Do you
remember me?
Nikolas: Hey, lucky,
so what's wrong with elizabeth?
Lucky: We're doing
the just-friends thing again.
Nikolas: But she's
really mad.
Lucky: She'll cool off.
Nikolas: Ok, how do you know
Lucky: She always does.
Nikolas: You haven't seen
elizabeth when she gets all
reckless and hell-bent.
Lucky: Yeah, well, she's not
like that anymore.
Nikolas: How do you know?
Lucky: She was wild when
she first moved out here,
but things have changed.
Nikolas: Look, lucky,
you have missed a lot while
you've been gone.
Lucky: She's over the whole
rebel thing, all right?
Nikolas: When i tried to pull
her away from jason,
forget about it.
She ran straight to him.
She was completely out
of control.
Lucky: And now she's angry
with me.
Nikolas: You know what?
Let's just get inside
and find her.
Lucky: No, I'm just going
to make her angrier.
I always do.
You know what?
Maybe I shouldn't even be here
right now.
Elizabeth: I didn't mean
to scare your girlfriend away.
Zander: Oh, she's a sweet
kid, but -- you know.
Elizabeth: Not your type,
Zander: So, should i be
expecting the boyfriend to come
crashing in any minute?
Elizabeth: Oh, we are
so over.
Zander: You're here alone?
Elizabeth: Not anymore.
Zander: I've been waiting
for you.
Elizabeth: You have not.
Zander: All my life.
Ok, most of the night.
Elizabeth: What made
you think I'd show up?
Zander: I'm just lucky,
I guess.
Elizabeth: So wasn't there
so much traffic?
Zander: You know, why don't
we toast, get our minds off it.
Elizabeth: Oh, yeah?
And what are we toasting?
Zander: To the night.

Ned: Well, I've really
enjoyed our conversation here.
Jean: So have I.
I have one more question.
Ned: Sure.
Ask anything you want.
Jean: Well, given
the popularity on your mystery
lady, do you ever intend
on revealing her identity?
Ned: Did I miss something?
Jean: You've seen the poster.
Ned: Poster?
Jean: Yeah, your girlfriend's
the latest rock 'n' roll pinup.
Ned: You're kidding, right?
Jean: No, she's being
downloaded all over
the internet, and, well,
posters are a lot easier to make
these days.
Ned: The kind you put up
on the wall?
Jean: Yeah.
Her picture is in bars all along
the east coast and detroit,
and probably seattle by now.
Ned: Well --
you're sure this is
my girlfriend?
Jean: Take a look.

Jax: Is this the woman
you saw?
Maid: I only saw
r from the side.
Jax: Well, look carefully.
Maid: Her hair looks
the same.
Bellman: Very beautiful.
Maid: As many women are.
Jax: But you're not sure.
Maid: I didn't see her face.
I'm sorry.
Jax: Ok, listen, if either
one of you see her again,
please notify me, ok?
Ask her if her name is brenda.
Bellman: We will, sir.
Jax: Remember, brenda.
Bellman: Thank you, sir.
Maid: Sure.
Jax: Brenda, wait!

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