GH Transcript Thursday 8/17/00


General Hospital Transcript Thursday 8/17/00

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"general hospital" --

emily: Whatever's wrong
with you, we're going to fix it,
I promise.

Elizabeth: They just seem
so comfortable with each other.
I just miss that with lucky.

Jax: Brenda?
Chloe: What's going on?
Jax: I just thought i saw
someone look up at the balcony.

Mike: You got the cash
from sonny?
Carly: Yeah,
it's in my account.

Sorel: I thought
you and I could come up
with a mutually beneficial

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chloe: Hey.
Jax: Hey.
Chloe: Missed you when I woke
up this morning.
Jax: Oh. You were sleeping
so peacefully, i didn't want
to wake you up.
Chloe: Well, a rose
on my pillow isn't the same
as the real thing.
Jax: Is that better?
Chloe: Much.
How long have you been out here?
Jax: Woke up early this
Watched the sunrise over
the water.
Chloe: This island has really
captured you, hasn't it?
Jax: In more ways than
i imagined. R
chloe: Am i imagining it,
or is there something here
you're searching for?

Emily: Lucky.
Lucky: Hey.
Emily: I've been calling you.
Where have you been?
Lucky: I had to check
in at my job.
Emily: Have you spaced out
or anything?
Lucky: Well, if i have,
I'd be the last to know.
Emily: That's not funny.
Lucky: Emily, you've got
enough to handle right now.
Forget about what I said about
keeping an eye on me.
Whatever's going on with me,
I can handle it on my own.
Emily: Wrong.
We're going to do this
together, ok?
And I'm sticking by you until
we do.
Look, I think that you should
take it easy until we figure out
what's going on with this memory
lapse thing, ok?
Lucky: Take it easy? How?
Emily: Well, for starters,
I don't think you should go
to that rave tonight.

A.J.: Hello?
Anybody home?
Carly has struck.
Bobbie: Who let you in?
A.J.: Hey. Nobody.
The door was open.
Bobbie: Hmm.
Well, don't let it hit
you on the way out.
A.J.: I see you're still
picking up after my ex, huh?
Bobbie: Why are you
here, A.J.?
A.J.: To take you away
from all this.
Bobbie: You've been drinking.
A.J.: No.
I'm stone-cold sober.
For you.
Bobbie: If you think you can
bribe me --
A.J.: It's not a bribe.
Bobbie: So that you can see
michael --
A.J.: No, bobbie.
Strictly business.
I'm here to buy your brownstone.

[Knock on door]
sonny: Yeah, johnny.
Johnny: Benny's here.
Sonny: Oh.
Benny: What's up?
[Sonny sighs]
sonny: I got a meeting
with sorel.
I'll let you know when
and where.
Benny: Did you call this
Sonny: Mike got himself
into debt with sorel.
Benny: Setup.
Sonny: Classic.
Benny: So what does sorel
Sonny: Well -- what he always
Benny: He wants to run drugs
through our transport network.
Sonny: That's right.
Because of mike, i'm
in no position to say no.
Benny: Oh.
Mike didn't see this coming?
Sonny: Mike's an addict.
The next race, the next card
game -- that's all he sees.
Benny: Boy.
I thought he had the gambling
under control.
Sonny: Never happen.
So let's stop believing
in miracles and deal with what
is, huh?

Mike: You got it?
Carly: Yeah.
No, I'm not carrying dirty
diapers in here, mike.
Mike: All 40,000?
Carly: Yep. It's here.
Mike: Oh, thank god.
Listen, you'll never know how
grateful i am --
carly: Ah -- just you wait.
Before you get this cash, I want
to know when and i want to know
where you're meeting sorel.
Mike: I'm not going to tell
you where I'm meeting sorel.
It is too dangerous.
Carly: Ok, suit yourself.
Mike: Hey, wait, wait, wait.
Wait a minute.
Why do you want to know all
of a sudden?
Carly: I don't trust you,
What's to say you're not going
to take my 40 grand and split
Mike: I wouldn't do that
to you or sonny.
Carly: Ok, well, your track
record says differently.
Mike: That was a long time
Carly: And unfortunately,
mike, history has a way
of repeating itself.
And I don't want sonny to get
messed up again because of you.
Mike: I don't want that,
Carly: I put my neck
on the line for you.
The least you can do is tell me
where that meeting is.
Mike: A motel.
Carly: What time?
Mike: Tonight, 7:00.
Carly: Motel have an address?
Mike: How do i know you're
not going to pull something?
Carly: Well, you don'T.
Ok, but how do i know you're not
going to take my money
and disappear to vegas?
Kind of puts us on level ground,
don't you think?
Mike: 354 tanglewood road,
room 68.
Carly: That wasn't so hard,
now, was it?
Mike: Just don't do anything
we'll both regret.
Carly: Yeah, same goes
for you.
Mike: Hey.
Tammy: Hey, mike.
Sonny called.
He'd like you to stop
by the penthouse.
Mike: Ok.
I'll do that.
Carly: If sonny finds out
about this, you do not tell him
this money came from me.
Mike: Sonny will never find
out about this.
We finally have a good
relationship, and I'm not going
to let anything mess it up.
Carly: Here.
Mike: Thanks.
Carly: Mike --
be careful, you know.
Mike: Yeah.

Jax: The only thing that's
distracting me from you is
your competition out there.
Chloe: The ocean?
Jax: Yeah, living
in port charles, i never
realized how much I missed it
till i came here.
Now I just can't get enough
of it.
Chloe: You couldn't have
picked a more beautiful spot.
Jax: Well, if we're going
to hide from helena, we may
as well enjoy it.
You feel like going exploring?
Chloe: Yeah, as long as it
doesn't involve any kayaking.
My arms are still in recovery
from yesterday.
Jax: No, actually i was
thinking about sailing.
Chloe: Oh, that sounds good.
Jax: How about renting one
of those little catamarans
and maybe go and see some
of the other islands.
Chloe: Sounds like heaven.
Jax: Being out on the water
with you alone --
I have to agree.
Meet me back at the villa.
Chloe: Ok.
you would tell me
if something had happened --
there was some new threat
from helena, right?
Jax: There's no way helena
can find us here.
Chloe: Ok.
I just --
I feel like there's something
you're not telling me and I know
it's to protect me.
Jax: Do you realize that this
is the first time since we've
been together that we haven't
looked over our shoulders?
We have nothing to worry about
We're not hiding from gertrude.
We're safe from helena.
Actually, we could be in danger
of living perfectly ordinary,
everyday lives.
Chloe: Life with you could
never be ordinary.
Jax: I hope you know how
precious you are to me.
Chloe: I love you.
Jax: See you back
at the villa.
Chloe: Ok.

Emily: Look, lucky,
nikolas, elizabeth, and juan are
all going to that rave, ok?
If they find out any information
about zander -- I don't know,
they don't need you, you know?
Lucky: I'm forgetting things.
I'm not falling apart.
Emily: I know that,
lucky, but i'm not going to be
Which means if you zone out,
who's going to help you?
Lucky: Who's been there up
until now?
I have been losing time and I've
been moving all of my life.
Nobody's seemed to notice.
Emily: I know, lucky,
but we realize that something's
wrong now, you know?
I mean, you even said it
yourself that you need me.
Lucky: I can't drop out
of this all of the sudden.
I got nikolas and elizabeth
into this whole thing.
What are they going to think?
Emily: Well, tell them
that i can't be alone right now.
Lucky: Yeah, and juan is
going to go for that in a big
Emily: Well, pretend like
you're sick or something.
Lucky: I have to go
to the rave, for myself more
than anyone else.
I will not let faison control
any part of my life.
And as soon as i stop doing
things because i'm afraid --
it's just like living in another
kind of prison.
Emily: Look, lucky, i lost
you once, ok?
I'm not going to do it again.
If something happens
to you because of me --
lucky: Nothing is going
to happen to me,
for sure not at the rave.
Emily: Ok.
Do you maybe want to tell
somebody to get it off
your shoulders or something,
like maybe nikolas?
Lucky: No, nikolas needs
to depend on me.
I can't have him worrying about
every move that I make.
And elizabeth is out
of the question.
I've already hurt her enough.
Emily: She'd want to know,
[Alan coughs]
emily: Dad?
Dad, are you all right?
Alan: Just some water.
Emily: Are you all right?
Get him some water.
Dad, do you need a doctor?
Are you having a heart attack?
Alan: No, no -- no doctor.
Nobody can know.

A.J.: Go on. Take it.
It won't bite.
Bobbie: This check is
for over a million dollars.
A.J.: Yeah.
It's just to prove that
my heart's in the right place.
Bobbie: Well, the brownstone
isn't worth a third of this.
A.J.: It is to me.
And lately, when it comes
to business, i've been
on a winning streak.
Bobbie: Well, did I mention
the brownstone isn't for sale?
A.J.: Ok, bobbie, then i'll
I happen to know you have
an empty apartment.
Bobbie: Mm-hmm.
Well, I happen to be choosy
about my tenants.
A.J.: Really, you could have
fooled me.
Taggert: Everything ok?
Bobbie: Stick around.
I may need the police.
A.J.: Ha. She's kidding.
You know what?
You're looking at your new
Taggert: What's the matter,
P.C. Hotel throw you out
A.J.: No, you see,
I'm looking to put down some
roots and I think this is
the place.
Taggert: You wouldn't.
Bobbie: Never.
A.J.: What, bobbie?
Come on.
Can't turn me down.
Bobbie: Well, you know what?
It is my house, A.J., And I can
rent to whomever i choose.
A.J.: Wait a minute, let me
get this straight.
He's in and I'm out?
Bobbie: That's about the size
of it.
A.J.: Well, that's reverse
Taggert: Oh, I don't believe
A.J.: What, because I'm rich
and handsome?
I know my rights, bobbie.
I will fight.
bobbie: Don't threaten me,
A.J., Because I have the right
to decide who lives here and who
doesn't, and you don't even
make the wait list.
A.J.: Oh --
taggert, you're my witness.
Bobbie, the law says you can't
discriminate because of age
or sex.
Taggert: Look, why don't
you just move along,
A.J., Before i take
you in for harassment.
Bobbie: I don't have time
for your games, A.J.
Some of us work for a living,
so just take your million five
and go.
A.J.: Wait a minute,
you're turning me down
because I'm not a working stiff
like taggert?
Bobbie, I'll bet the bill
of rights says something about
financial discrimination.
Taggert: Look, the lady asked
you to leave, A.J.
A.J.: Bobbie, I really hope
that you have the money to fight
this in court because I do.
Bobbie: You would actually
sue me?
Taggert: I wouldn't put it
past him.
A.J.: Well, I'm glad
someone's finally taking me
Bobbie: What are you after?
A.J.: Roots, family.
What else?
Bobbie, come on, we're family.
My son lives here.
Bobbie: Not for long.
A.J.: Well, he'll always
And so will the woman I plan
to have a future with.
Bobbie: Hannah?
Taggert: She comes to visit
me, A.J.
A.J.: What's up?
You can't handle the competition
living too close?
Hannah: I got a report that
somebody's civil rights were
being violated?
A.J.: Yeah, that's me.
Bobbie: You called
in the f.B.I.?
Hannah: I should have known
you were behind this.
A.J.: I was just making sure
that justice is done.
Bobbie: Oh, A.J., You set
this whole thing up?
Hannah: What kind of a stunt
are you pulling?
A.J.: Uh -- I'm just trying
to rent an apartment
and I'm being discriminated
against, that's all.
And it's up to you as a federal
officer to make sure that
my rights are protected.

Tammy: You've been going like
gangbusters all afternoon.
Take a break.
Elizabeth: Oh, thank you.
Sounds great.
Juan: Hey.
Do you have a minute?
There's something I want to run
by you.
Elizabeth: Sure.
Sit down.
So did you and emily have
another fight?
Juan: No, but I figured out
why she's in no hurry to get
back together.
Elizabeth: Oh, come on,
juan, you know how she feels
about you.
Juan: Look, I went
by her house and i saw
her with lucky -- in his arms.
And the way he was holding her,
it looked like something more
than friendship.
Elizabeth: Well, did you ask
them what was going on?
Juan: I left.
They didn't even know I was
Look, something's going
on between them.
Do you know what it is?
Emily: It's the heat,
ok, dad?
Maybe you shouldn't be jogging
out in this weather.
Lucky: Power walking might be
a better way to go.

Alan: What do you know?
I'm the doctor.
Emily: Why are you doing this
to yourself?
Alan: I told you about
the project that me
and your mother are working on.
Emily: Oh --
don't you think that maybe
napping would be better than
running around?
Alan: Yeah, but sleeping
doesn't build up strength,
you know, or performance.
Emily: Ok.
I think that was a little more
information than i needed
to know.
Are you feeling any better now?
Alan: Yeah, I'm fine.
You can stop hovering now.
Emily: Ok.
Lucky and I are going to go
to kelly's.
Alan: Ok, go have fun.
Nice to see you, lucky.
Lucky: Thank you.
Emily: You know, mom loves
you just the way you are.
Lucky: What was that all
Emily: Later.
[Alan sighs]
edward: Should i call
for the undertaker yet?
Alan: Do you have a problem
with physical fitness, father?
Edward: Yes, i do,
if the reason for it is
because a middle-aged man wants
to play daddy again.

[Knock on door]
johnny: Mike's here.
Should i tell him to come back
Sonny: No, no, send him in.
Mike: All right?
Thanks, john.
Tammy gave me your message.
What's up?
Sonny: Drink?
Mike: No. No, I'm good.
Hey, i really enjoyed breakfast
Sonny: Yeah.
Well, we spent most of the time
discussing me.
How you doing?
Everything ok?
Mike: Hey. Can't complain.
Everything's good with tammy,
job's all right.
Sonny: A man with
no problems.
That's fantastic.
Mike: Yeah, nothing I can't
Sonny: Right.
Mike: Oh, I -- i ran
into carly earlier.
Sonny: Oh, yeah?
Mike: Yeah, you know,
I was thinking that maybe
you and me and tammy and carly
could go out some night,
kind of a double date.
You know, dinner, shoot a little
pool at jake's.
Sonny: I don't think so.
Mike: Well, I know that tammy
and carly don't really get
along, but if they figure that
you and I are trying to get some
new family traditions going,
they'd probably back us up.
Sonny: Yeah -- family
traditions, we have a lot
of those, don't we?
You ever wonder why they all
seem to start with you getting
in trouble with gambling and me
having to clean up the mess?

Chloe: Hi.
Thanks for bringing that
so quickly.
Bellman: I have a message
for your friend.
Chloe: He's not here.
You could just leave it with me.
Bellman: It's about the woman
he saw in the garden.
Chloe: What woman?
Bellman: Maybe I should wait
and speak with him directly.
Chloe: No, no, no,
that's -- it's ok.
I know who she is.
I just didn't realize that
he had asked you to look out
for her.
Bellman: Well, I'm sure it
was her.
Brunette, long hair,
beautiful woman.
Chloe: And she was
in the garden?
Bellman: Right where he first
saw her.
Chloe: Ok, thank you.
I will -- I will tell him.

mike: Who told you about
the gambling?
Sonny: Not you.
That's what counts.
Mike: No, because there
wasn't any need.
It's taken care of.
I've got the money, and I can
pay the debt, including
interest --
sonny: You can't begin to pay
this off, mike.
You don't understand what I'm
saying to you.
Mike: No, what i'm telling
you is that as of tonight
it's over.
Sonny: Yeah, it is over --
after I have a meeting
with sorel.
He showed up last night
and he made it clear to me that
no amount of money can settle
your debt.
I am the payoff.
Mike: Oh, my god.
Sonny: Why didn't you --
why didn't you tell me?
Mike: Because I couldn't.
Sonny: Why?
Mike: I didn't want
you involved!
Sonny: I'm already involved!
I've been involved from
the start!
The guy you took money
from works for sorel.
Mike: I found out,
and then i --
sonny: Why didn't you come
to me?
Mike: Because I thought I had
it covered!
Sonny: Oh -- a drug
trafficker like sorel,
somebody you know has tried
to wipe me out more than once.
You didn't maybe think that
there was more to it than
your gambling debt?
Mike: No, sonny.
All I could think about was
getting the money.
Sonny: Oh -- like always,
getting the money.
Mike: Sonny, don't go to that
Sonny: No.
I'm going to go because I'm not
going to live with your blood
on my hands.
I'm going to go and take
whatever deal sorel offers me.
But I've had all the family
tradition I can stomach.

Juan: I know i'm probably
totally out of line.
You know, emily and you are best
friends and --
elizabeth: Well, I haven't
known her nearly as long
as lucky.
They were tight before nikolas
and I ever came along.
Juan: Yeah, I've heard all
Elizabeth: Well, it's true.
Juan: Look, ever since lucky
came back, i've had this
Things have changed between me
and emily.
And every time i turn around,
there's lucky.
And I know i have no right
to question what emily's doing,
not after the way I hurt
her with alison and sherry.
But the bottom line is
i do love her.
Elizabeth: Then hang
in there.
Emily's just going through
a real emotional time right now,
and she needs all of us.
Juan: Lucky is the only one
she listens to.
Whatever he says, she does.
I mean, half the time I wonder
if she even notices I'm around.
Elizabeth: I think
it's because emily has become
a little more dependent on lucky
ever since he rescued
her from the motel.
Juan: Well, what about
you and lucky?
I know how you feel about him.
Elizabeth: Things aren't
the same between us.
Juan: Are you still together?
Elizabeth: No.
No, lucky's made it very clear
that he doesn't love me anymore.
Juan: I'm sorry.
Probably the last thing you need
is me coming down here
and making things worse.
Elizabeth: No, it's ok.
It's ok.
Things don't always turn out
the way you hope, that's all.
Juan: Well, at least
we know what's going on now.
Lucky ended his relationship
with you so he could be
with emily.
Elizabeth: I think if that
were true, emily would have
told me.
Juan: Yeah, well, maybe she's
not sure how she's feeling right
But the way lucky was holding
her, he knows exactly what
he wants, and he's going for it.
Elizabeth: I don't think it's
that simple.
I mean, lucky's been acting
pretty different ever since
he got back, and i just --
juan: You know what?
I could care less what lucky's
problem is.
He's not going to push me away
without a fight.
I want to help emily through
this, and I will.
Starting at the rave tonight.
I want emily in my life.
And I'm going to find a way
to win her back.
Elizabeth: Well, you may not
believe this right now, but it's
what emily wants, too.
Juan: I hope you're right.

Hannah: Discrimination is
a serious charge, A.J.
A.J.: I'm serious about
living here.
Bobbie: There's nothing
in the bill of rights that says
i have to rent an apartment
to my daughter's drunken
A.J.: Oh --
hannah: You're right.
There isn'T.
A.J.: Ok, so now
i'm undesirable because
i happen to have a disease
that i'm unable to control.
Hannah: Oh --
time to go, A.J.
Your federal rights have not
been violated, and bobbie's
reasons for turning you down are
Bobbie: And take this
with you when you leave.
A.J.: You know, bobbie,
you leave me no choice.
I'll see you in court.
Bye, hannah.
Bobbie: Tell me he doesn't
have a case.
Taggert: Not a leg
to stand on.
Hannah: I am so sorry about
all of this.
I think the reason why he did
this was to get me over here.
Bobbie: You're not
responsible for what a.J. Does.
I do want to thank you,
though, for the way you handled
Hannah: Sure.
Let me know if he bothers
you again, ok?
Bobbie: Well, I'll
see you two later.
Taggert: Boy, he sure wants
your attention.
Hannah: Yeah, and he always
gets it.
I mean, I don't understand.
A.J. Likes being a childish,
irresponsible pain in the butt.
I don't know why i bend myself
over backwards trying to help
Taggert: Only you can answer
Hannah: Well, I better get
back to the station
because I have to finish writing
the report on this.
What a colossal waste of time.
Taggert: I'll see you later.
Hannah: Ok.
Taggert: Bye.
Hannah: Bye.
Taggert: Bye.

Alan: I just want to thank
you so much for your unqualified
Edward: Well, alan, you can't
expect me to condone
your bringing another child
into the world just so you can
feel young again.
Alan: It is much more than
Edward: Why don't you just
buy a sports car or have
an affair like any other man?
Alan: I have a sports car.
And monica happens to be
the only woman for me.
Edward: Well, that's new
and different.
Alan: Just stay out of what
you don't understand.
Edward: Well, I hope that
when you and monica turn out
the light tonight, you will have
some regard for global
Lila: Just ignore him, alan.
Edward: Don't tell me you buy
into this whole fertility
nonsense at his age.
Lila: I am minding my own
business, and I advise you to do
the same.
Alan: Thank you, mother.
Edward: Well, at least
your mother and I have the good
sense to accept our golden years
gracefully and not make damn
fools of ourselves like
you and monica.
Lila: That's enough, edward.
Edward: What?
Alan: Peace.
Monica: It's a glorious day.
I did 10 laps in the pool.
It was so invigorating.
Alan: Well, I'll take
your word for it.
Monica: Come on, alan.
You are turning into a couch
Alan: You have no idea.
Monica: Mmm.
It is time
to rise and shine.
Alan: You spend
your day your way,
I'll spend my day my way.
Monica: Come on, this is
the one day we have to spend
It's time.
Alan: Now?
Monica: Mm-hmm.
You don't want all those
fertility treatments to go
to waste, now, do you?
Monica: Come on, daddy.
We don't have a big window
of opportunity here.
Alan: What ever happened
to foreplay?
Monica: Well,
time is wasting.
Alan: Monica, monica --
wait a second.
Wait a second.
Monica: Hey.
Fast and furious doesn't turn
you on?
Alan: Well, sex on demand
never used to be part
of your game.
Monica: Yeah, but we don't
have a choice.
Alan: Yeah, well, it's just
going to take a little bit
of getting used to, that's all.
Monica: Oh, well,
what happened to "anytime,
anywhere" husband of mine?
Hey, you're not having any
trouble, are you?
Alan: No, no, not at all.
It's just -- i would just
appreciate a little sensitivity
on your part, that's all.
Monica: Oh. Sensitivity.
Kind of like the sensitivity
i might have needed when
you were discussing
my reproductive system
and my pending menopause with,
oh, family, friends, the guys
at the car wash?
Alan: I said i was sorry.
Monica: Yeah, well,
after the fact.
Alan: Ok.
Well, we're running out of time.
You want to fight or you want
to conceive a child?
Monica: I'm really not
in the mood.
Alan: What do you mean?
You can't afford not to be.
Monica: Hmm.
Alan --
alan: This could be our lucky
day, baby.
Monica: Well, it isn't.
I thought we could use a trial
run, so I went for it.
You're off the hook this time.
Alan: What a dirty trick!
Monica: Well, maybe I was
still a little mad at you making
a spectacle of me.
Alan: Are we even now?
Monica: Well, I guess
we should call a truce.
After all, we should be
on friendly terms when that
fertility bell does go off.
By the way, sweetheart,
that's exactly as much notice
as you're going to get.

Mike: What i did
to you as a kid still haunts me.
And I have tried to change that.
I have fought this gambling
thing for you.
And when i slipped up, i didn't
come to you for the money this
time because i wanted to keep
something good going between us.
I mean, if i had known that
sorel was involved in this debt,
I would have --
sonny: What? What?
You would have stopped gambling?
Mike: I would have
done something.
Sonny: The only thing that's
changed here is me.
I'm not a kid anymore.
I can fix it this time.
Mike: Let me help.
Sonny: It's between me
and sorel now.
Mike: I'm sorry.
Sonny: Johnny,
mike's leaving.

Carly: Look, never mind
my name.
I'm calling with a major tip.
Do you know the gangster sorel?
Well, you can catch him
in the act of extorting money
from someone tonight.
A motel.
Yeah, it's 354 tanglewood,
room 68.
Yeah, this is for real.
Get some cops over there, ok?
Bobbie: Hey.
I have been calling your cell
phone all afternoon.
Carly: Oh.
You know, if this is about
the living room, like I said
before, I'm going to clean it up
later, so don't make a federal
case out of it.
Bobbie: No, actually,
we already had one of those play
out today.
You know, your ex showed up.
Carly: He didn't take
Bobbie: No, no,
michael's fine, but I'm not.
Carly: Mom, look, i'm really
in a rush.
Bobbie: Well, look, you know,
I'm happy to see that you have
time to shop the day away,
but not to deal with a.J. Trying
to move in here.
Carly: Well, you told him no,
Bobbie: You know, we are not
dealing with a rational human
Carly: Ok, well, I want
to hear all about this
and everything, but I really --
I have to go.
I'm in a really big rush.

Emily: Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: Hey.
Emily: I feel like I'm
holding so much inside i'm going
to explode.
How did my life become all these
Elizabeth: Well,
hopefully it'll all be over
Emily: Also, it's kind
of weird.
You know, I haven't seen juan
Elizabeth: Well, he was here
Emily: He didn't --
he didn't wait for me?
Elizabeth: Emily, he saw
you and lucky together
at your house, and,
well, you see, he said it seemed
like you guys were pretty tight.
Emily: No.
Elizabeth: Are you?
Emily: No.
Yes, but not in the way
that he thinks we are.
Elizabeth: Well,
I saw you guys together as well,
and -- i don't know --
I'm starting to wonder if maybe
you guys are feeling more
for each other than you realize.
Emily: No, no, no, no, no.
Elizabeth, we're not, ok?
I promise.
Elizabeth: And what you said
earlier about secrets.
Are you and lucky keeping
something from the rest of us?
Emily: Yes.
ever since lucky rescued me
from that motel room, it's like
i've just been turning to him
for everything, you know,
especially since juan
and I aren't together anymore.
Elizabeth: I understand.
That's what I told juan.
Emily: Look, I'm really
afraid that something's going
to happen to one of us at this
rave tonight, ok, like maybe i'm
going to get busted for murder
or something.
Elizabeth: No --
emily: And I don't want
anybody worrying about me,
so i've been turning to lucky.
Maybe a little too much.
But that's all.
I mean it, elizabeth.
Emily: You know, I've been
Maybe I should tell juan what's
going on.
Do you have any idea
where he went?
Elizabeth: No. I don'T.
But I think he's going to be ok.
He just overreacted.
Emily: Yeah.
Kind of the way that i did when
i saw him and alison kissing
elizabeth: Yeah,
but this is different.
I mean, you and lucky weren't --
emily: No way. No way.
I mean, he was -- he was just
holding me because i was upset,
you know?
But lucky just wants you to be
happy, elizabeth.
He's confused right now.
Elizabeth: You know, I didn't
honestly believe that
you and lucky were romantically
But it doesn't stop me
from being jealous every time
i see the two of you together.
He's so easy with you,
like he was with me at one
point, and i just miss that.
Emily: I know, I know.
He does, too. Trust me.
Elizabeth: I still have
to believe what he says that
he doesn't love or need me
I just wish I understood why
his feelings changed towards me,
why there's distance between us,
you know?
Lucky: Hey.
Glad i found you two together.
Emily: Yeah, perfect timing.
Elizabeth was just asking me
if i knew why you've changed
so much since you got back.
Care to explain that one?

Taggert: Hannah?
Looks like we're working
together tonight.
Hannah: I don't think so.
I just got off duty.
Taggert: We just got
an anonymous tip about sorel.
Something is going down.
We can nail him.
Are you in?
Sonny: I said i'd be there.
Sorel: Well, you pull
anything like you did last time
we entered negotiations, and
mr. Corbin is the one to pay.
Sonny: Understood.
Where's the meeting?
Sorel: A motel on tanglewood
Number 354, room 68.
Sonny: I'll be there.
Sorel: Alone.
Sonny: Agreed.

Carly: All right,
even if the cops don't show up,
sorel's still going down
because this little baby's going
to pick up every word mike says.

A.J.: Hello?
Door's open.
Hello, hello.
Come on in. Shut it.
Well, well, well.
How typical is this?

Jax's voice: Brenda was
the center of my world.
Chloe's voice: Sounds
Jax: Well, it wasn't always.
Brenda was challenging, to say
the least.
But she was worth it.
We weren't just lovers,
you know.
We were best friends.
Then one day she was gone.
And losing that --
that was a huge adjustment.
Jax: It's like having
something amputated.
You think you can't go on.
But then to your amazement,
you can.
And one day you realize that
having known her
has made you more,
not less.
Jax: All set.
Finally tracked down
a catamaran.
Sorry it took so long.
What's wrong?
Chloe: The bellman came by.
He had a message for you.
Jax: Where is it?
Chloe: He left it with me.
The woman you were looking
for in the garden was seen
A beautiful brunette
with long hair.
Jax: Chloe --
chloe: It's brenda, isn't it?

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elizabeth: Decide what
you want from me and stick
to the plan.

Jax: I haven't seen her face.
Chloe: But she's dead.

Taggert: You trying to say
i don't know the difference
between a tip and a setup?

Carly: Breaking and entering,
trespassing, harassment.
What do you think the bail
will be?

Sonny: Mike's staying.
Mike: Sonny!

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