GH Transcript Wednesday 8/16/00


General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 8/16/00

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>> Previously on
"general hospital" --

carly: Michael and I will be
back in sonny's penthouse in two
Sonny: You make sure whatever
offer she makes on the house is

Roy: Mike will pay his debt.
Sorel: His time has run out.
I own him.

Lucky: Touch her, i'll break
your arm!

Elizabeth: You always protect
your queen.

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carly: Michael, mommy's home!
Is he here?
Bobbie: No, leticia took him
to the park.
And you are just in time to take
all of this upstairs.
Carly: Mom, you'd have a much
easier life if you'd just accept
the fact that I'm not ever going
to be a good housekeeper.
Bobbie: I have accepted that,
believe me.
"Cochran realty."
Carly: Yeah, they're supposed
to be good.
Bobbie: Uh, carly --
rly: What?
I will get it, all right?
I thought you might want to know
what i've been doing all
Bobbie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Obviously, running all over
"Vista realty,"
"park heights drive" --
carly: Well, I have to make
it look like i'm shopping
for a house.
That's what you'd do, right?
I mean, you'd set up meetings
with the real estate agents
and people like that.
Bobbie: You're not shopping
for a house.
Carly: I know, mother,
but sonny has to think that
i am.
So if -- if you were sonny,
what do you think that
i would buy?
A colonial or something
contemporary, more like --
I have to show him something,
so --
if i'm me, what do i want?
Bobbie: Therapy.

Sonny: Yeah, take it out
of the money market, transfer it
right into carly's account.
[Knock on door]
sonny: Uh -- yeah.
40-- 40,000.
End of day?
What's in the bag?
Mike: Oh.
Oh, pastries.
I thought maybe we could have
some breakfast together.
Sonny: Really? Why?
Mike: Well, if you've
eaten --
sonny: No, no, I haven't
I'm actually a little hungry,
but --
mike: Well, I thought
you might be missing michael.
I know you used to make
breakfast for him and carly.
Sonny: Carly doesn't do
Brunch, if she's up.
Mike: You know, a little
coffee might work with these.
Sonny: Oh.
Now you're going to make me
Mike: Well, wait a minute.
Are you offering to let me
in your kitchen?
Sonny: No, but you can go
ahead and have a seat.
How do you like your eggs, mike?
Mike: Any way you make them.
Sonny: All right.

Waitress: You re i can't
get you anything else?
Mac: I'm fine, thanks.
Waitress: Before i forget --
the rodeo's coming to town.
I thought you might want to take
your girls.
Mac: Well, they'd love it.
I have to go back to new york
after breakfast, but i'll call
Waitress: Hope they enjoy
Mac: Maxie?
Maxie: I'm not staying here.
I don't care.
I want to go home with you.

Nikolas: Hey.
Thought you were working at l&b
Elizabeth: I'm going to go
in a little bit.
I just thought i'd hang out
and --
nikolas: And see if lucky
stopped by?
Elizabeth: How are you?
Wait -- aren't you supposed
to be at l&b?
Nikolas: I'm going later,
Have to meet with gia.
Elizabeth: So, do you want me
to stick around?
Nikolas: No, I want you to go
find lucky.
Elizabeth: What's the point,
Nikolas: Well, first of all,
this is not one of your better
So maybe you should goind him.
Maybe you'll feel better.
Elizabeth: You're the best.
You know that?
Nikolas: Get out of here.
Elizabeth: Thank you.

Lucky: "Woke up.
Worked on chess problems.
One question answered for every
game i win.
Faison comes in."
Then what?
"Faison comes in."
Had to have said something.
He had --
emily: Whoa, you missed.
Lucky: I'm sorry. Ahem.
Emily: Yeah.
Are you ok?
Lucky: No.
Emily: What happened?
Lucky: That's it.
I can't remember.
Emily: You want to tell me
what happened?
Did you zone out or something?
Lucky: Read it.
Emily: Ok.
Lucky: That's it.
That's all i can remember.
Emily: Is that from when
you were kidnapped?
When faison had you?
Lucky: The first few weeks
are real clear.
After that, I woke up,
faison came in.
It's like I ran out of film.
It's like it's a big black hole.
Emily: Well, maybe it's like
what happened to me when i was
at that rave, you know?
Maybe you got drugged.
I mean, I woke up in that motel
room, lucky, and i didn't
remember anything.
Lucky: It's not -- it's not
like it's all a blank.
It's like there's missing
Let's see -- we played chess,
you know, two or three times.
We talked about my dad once
or twice.
I had a computer program where
i worked through chess.
It's like I can see faison, but
i don't know what happened next.
Emily: Well, ok.
What about when helena
rescued you?
Lucky: I don't remember that,
I thought I did.
When she told me about it,
it seemed real.
It was like, "yeah, ok.
This makes sense."
But -- but the truth is I don't
remember any of it.
One minute i'm in my cell,
and the next minute I'm
with helena.
And I have no idea how i got

Mac: Would you like some
Maxie: I'm not hungry.
Mac: I thought you were
having a good time.
Last time, you said you were
going to cut your mom some slack
and give her another chance.
Maxie: I wanted to.
I don't know.
I couldn't go to sleep the other
night, so I got up to get
a glass of water.
And mom wasn't in her room.
I got really scared.
Mac: Where was she?
Maxie: On the porch,
looking at the moon.
Mac: Well, did you go back
to sleep?
Maxie: I tried, but i just
kept thinking, what if mom takes
off again?
And even if she doesn't,
we're never going to be a family
again like we used to.
I just want to go home.
Please, mac?

Mike: You know, I -- i was
kind of hoping that carly
and michael would be here.
You know, that -- th they'd
moved back in.
Sonny: Yeah.
She's buying a house.
Mike: Really?
Sonny: Yep.
I put 40,000 into her account
for the down payment.
Mike: Well, maybe --
you know, maybe she's just going
through the motions -- you know,
looking for a house
because she thinks that
she should.
You know, hoping things will
change around here.
Sonny: You never know.
Mike: Carly really cares
about you.
I mean, I know she's not
perfect, but deep down she's
a very loyal person, and i --
you know, I know for a fact that
she'd put herself at risk
for somebody that she really
cares about.
Sonny: Since when are
you a fan of carly's?
Mike: Oh, look, I know i've
been hard on her in the past
and you don't usually listen
to me as a rule, so I hope that
i didn't say anything or --
sonny: You don't have
to worry, mike.
Mike: So you -- you haven't
given up on her?
Sonny: No.
Mike: That's good.
That's good.
You know, things haven't always
been easy between us, but I want
you to know that i love you,
And I've always wanted the best
for you.
And I've been a fool a lot
of the time, and i've made
the same mistakes over and over.
But I swear to you,
when i finally get my life
straight, I'm --
sonny: Mike, mike --
mike: I'm going to do
everything --
sonny: You don't --
mike: Sonny, i need
you to know.
Sonny: I do.
You know, I know you've changed,
the effort, and I'm glad
you stuck it out.
I mean, I like, you know,
pastries first thing
in the morning.
But you I n take,
a little bit, if you behave

Bobbie: It's really ry
You say, "sonny, i made
a mistake.
Michael and I would like to come
back home."
Carly: I won't do that.
Bobbie: Why not?
I mean, what, you think it's
better if you're going
to deceive him?
You're going to pretend you're
looking at houses and just take
his money?
Carly: He doesn't care abt
the money.
Bobbie: He cares about
you lying to him, and
you know it.
Carly: So, what, I'm not
going to just let him win.
Bobbie: It's not
a competition, carly.
Carly: Well, sonny has
to want me, mother.
Bobbie: Hasn't he made it
clear that he does?
Carly: No.
Bobbie: Oh.
Carly: Not to me.
And I made it very clear after
a.J. -- I refuse to be
with another man unless it's
I am not going to be somebody's
Bobbie: Haven't I made it
clear to you that I refuse
to help you manipulate sonny?
Carly: Well, did I ask
you to?
Bobbie: What do you call
Carly: This is you.
You made it clear that
you don't want me here.
So if you expect me to move back
in with sonny in two weeks,
then you had better not say
anything to him.
Bobbie: It's going
to backfire.
It always does.
Carly: Well, so what?
By then I'll be long gone,
so what do you ce?
Taggert: Bobbie?
I'm sorry to interrupt.
Bobbie: Oh, you're not.
Actually, carly was just going
to start picking up her things.
Taggert: Look, I've been
on a stakeout for the past
24 hours.
I just got home, and --
do you know why there's half
a flower shop in my apartment?

Hannah: At, no flowers?
A.J.: Well, I thought I'd try
the more direct approach.
Hannah: I don't know if I can
take the suspense.
A.J.: Have breakfast with me.
Hannah: That's it?
No marching bands?
No singing telegrams?
A.J.: Just you, me,
a cup of joe.
Come on.
Hannah: I'm honored.
A.J.: Is that a yes?

Gia: Are you trying to get me
Lucky: Coffee?
Gia: No, how about
you back off?
I'm not your friend, i'm not
your ally.

Nikolas: Tammy, would
you mind grabbing some coffee
and a couple of muffins?
Tammy: Sure. Blueberry?
Nikolas: Yeah, that'd be
Thank you.
Tammy: Right.
Nikolas: Have a seat.
Ok, don'T.
You remember your employer,
mrs. O'lear?
Well, I asked her if you could
have a little time off to come
and meet me, so -- and she was
very understanding, so i don't
think you'll have a problem.
Gia: You don't listen,
do you?
I don't want anything to do
with you or your whiny friends.
Nikolas: This isn't about me.
It's about your favorite
subject -- you.
Remember zander?
Gia: The freak who cornered
me at the rave.
What happened?
Did he get pictures of little
ms. Quartermaine and
the oh-so-inappropriate ted?
Nikolas: It's a little more
complicated than that.
We have reason to believe that
zander is a murderer.
was going to recognize you.
Now that he has, we cided
that it was best that you knew
what really went on.
Gia: You and your ft hds?
Nikolas: The night
of the first rave, somebody
slipped something into emily's
drink -- probably zander.
Now, ted got her out of there
and back to the motel.
She didn't remember anything
until she woke up the next
morning and ted was lying next
to her, dead.
Emily had a syringe in her hand.
Ted apparently o.D.'D,
so we think that zander killed
ted and set up emily to take
the fall.
Gia: Why?
Nikolas: Because zander is
a dealer.
And ted was an undercovecop.
Gia: You got me mixed up
with the cops?

A.J.: You work too hard.
If i didn't buy you breakfast,
you wouldn't eat until 2:00.
Besides, i enjoy sitting across
the table from you.
You have beautiful eyes.
They look right back at me.
I could stare into them
for days.
But I'll settle for breakfast.
You hungry?
Hannah: How could I refuse
such a poetic invitation?
A.J.: I have no idea.
You've been doing it
for weeks now.
Hannah: Yeah, and obviously
it hasn't worked.
A.J.: You have no idea.
You see, i look at you as my --
my own personal lotto.
One day -- may take the rest
of my life -- but I will hit
the jackpot.
Hannah: And what exactly
would that be?
A.J.: You, me, a cup
of coffee.
Hannah: Ok.
A.J.: Finally, the icicle
Hannah: But breakfast, a.J.
That's it.
A.J.: Ok.

Bobbie: The -- the flowers
are from a.J. Because when
hannah didn't come home,
A.J. Assumed she was here.
Taggert: Was she?
Does she know about that?
Bobbie: She thanked A.J. And
she sent him on his way.
Taggert: Oh.
Carly: Personally, I'd have
sent them back or given them
away, but then, I hate a.J. And
obviously hannah doesn't.
Better watch your back,
marcus taggert.
Bobbie: If you like,
I can arrange to have
the flowers delivered
to the hospital.
Taggert: I'd appreciate that.
Thank you.
Carly: You know, you could
get a really good price for this
place if you ever decided
to sell it.
Bobbie: Carly, hannah is
roy's daughter.
I really like her, and i don't
appreciate you cutting her down.
Carly: Yeah.
Look, I'm really glad that
you found your long-lost love
or whatever, but that doesn't
change the fact that hannah's
a snake.
Look what she did to sonny.
Personally, I think hannah
and A.J. Make a great couple,
don't you?
I mean, worthless drunk,
F.B.I. Bimbo.
We get lucky, maybe he'll drive
them both into a tree.
[Doorbell rings]
sonny: Hey, bobbie.
Bobbie: Oh, thank god.
Come on in.
Sonny: Yeah?
Bobbie: Yeah.
And for the record, two more
weeks is about all i can stand.
She's in there.
Carly: Michael and leticia
are at the park.
I could call and have her bring
him home.
Sonny: What happens in two

Mac: So you're not hungry
and you're not sleeping very
Maxie: But if i went home,
I'd be fine.
I'd be really hungry and i'd
fall right asleep.
Mac: Why do you think
that is?
Maxie: Because you won't
Mac: Neither will your mom,
Maxie: She did before.
And she keeps saying she's
sorry, but then she does it
I'm tired of waiting for that
to happen.
I wish that she would just go.
Mac: Do you think your mom
would do that, just snk out
in the middle of the night?
Maxie: Not when i think
about it.
But when i wake up and it's
quiet and I can't hear her --
mac: You know, this may sound
funny, but i'm glad you're
having these feelings.
I mean, part of the reason
your mom and i wanted you all
to come up here was so you could
work through all this.
Maxie: You wanted me to be
Mac: When your mom took off,
it shook everybody up.
So it's natural to be afraid
that she might leave again.
But she won't, sweetheart.
You need to learn to trust
her again.
Maxie: I don't want
to trust her.
Mac: Yes, you do.
Maxie, this may be hard
to understand.
But your mom can only hurt
you the way she does
because she matters so much
to you.
If you didn't love your mom,
you wouldn't care whether
she left or not.
Felicia made a mistake.
But she's trying to show
you that she won't do it again.
You think you could give
her a call?

Emily: Do you remember when
you started to lose time?
Lucky: Yesterday,
after you told me that i had
zoned out.
I tried to remember how often it
had happened before.
Two or three times i could
remember, you know,
speaking to people.
They we saying one thing,
and then all of a sudden
they were saying something else
without a connective.
Emily: Mm-hmm.
Lucky: You know,
like they had missed sentences
or a thought.
But it wasn't them.
It was me.
Emily: Ok.
Maybe you were thinking about
something else, you know?
I mean, sometimes when
my parents are going
on and on and on about
something, i just kind
of blank out.
I'll start thinking about juan
or something else like that,
and then by the time i'm back,
I don't -- i don't remember
anything that they've said.
Lucky: It's different.
Until now, i've been trying
to forget what happened
with faison and being
his prisoner, and I haven't
wanted to remember.
But after you and I sat down
and figured it out,
I tried to piece it together --
you know, a to b to C.
I have a and i have K.
But b, c, d?
Who knows?
Emily: Well, maybe it's some
kind of delayed stress reaction.
You know?
Like a soldier.
Lucky: No, I'm not jumpy.
I'm -- i'm not having
I'm just -- I'm missing
huge chunks of my last year,
There's something wrong with me.
Emily: Listen.
Listen to me.
We're going to fix this.
Whatever's wrong with you,
we're going to fix it,
I promise.
Elizabeth: Lucky?
elizabeth: I didn't mean
to interrupt.
Emily: Oh, no, no, no.
You weren't at all.
We were just talking.
Lucky: We were just talking
about some memories when we were
Elizabeth: Such as?
Lucky: Stupid things.
A business deal I had selling
worm farms.
You know, it doesn't really mean
anything to anybody else
except us.
Elizabeth: Right.
The good old days.
Emily: Like there was this
one time lucky and my
grandfather were having
a custody battle over a dog.
Lucky: Or the go-cart.
Emily: Oh, my god,
the go-cart!
I forgot about that.
How old were you, like, 12?
Lucky: Yeah.
Emily: Oh, man.
He used to go dumpster-dipping.
Lucky: Serious scavenging.
The whole thing only cost
27 bucks.
Emily: Yeah.
Elizabeth: Wow.
Must've been great.
Lucky: Until I totaled it.
Emily: Right into a wall.
Lucky: Yeah, the poor wall
was never the same.
Emily: Yeah.
Lucky: Tell her about
your aunt.
Emily: Oh, you know that
story, right?
I mean, I didn't want to be part
of the quartermaines
for a while.
Elizabeth: Yeah, so you ran
away to arizona.
Of course.
Emily: Right.
Lucky: Well, eventually.
We started in boston first.
Emily: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We went to b.U. Looking
for an address, and of course
they wouldn't give us any
information, so --
lucky: Till emily gave them
an offer they couldn't refuse.
Emily: I said i had
to throw up.
Elizabeth: And did it work?
Emily: No.
I mean, yeah, we got
the information, but i obviously
never found my aunt.
Lucky: Sometimes you have
to cut your losses and move on.
Elizabeth: I'm going to go
back to l&B.
I'll see you later, em?
Emily: Yeah, absolutely.
Elizabeth: Ok.
Emily: Bye.
Emily: Lucky, why did
you shut her out?
Lucky: Because she doesn't
need to know.
Em, swear to me that you're not
going to tell her.

Carly: Uh, mother wants me
out of here yesterday.
That's no secret.
But she gave me two weeks.
That's her idea of being
Sonny: Oh.
Well, I don't think you can
close escrow on a house in less
than a month.
Carly: I think she just wants
me to put a down payment
on a house.
She'll be happy, so --
did you bring the money?
Sonny: You mean in
a briefcase?
I transferred it into
your account.
Carly: Oh, ok.
Thank you.
So, do you want to see what I've
been looking at since you're
making it possible?
You like this?
Sonny: Colonial.
Carly: Yeah.
It's kind of homey, huh?
Sonny: Yeah.
Carly: I like this one, too.
It's got a huge back yard.
Sonny: Mm-hmm.
Fairacres road.
A little remote, don't
you think?
Carly: Well, they have
a school bus.
I checked.
Sonny: Michael old enough
for that, or --
carly: No, he's not,
but, you know, later.
I mean, down the road a couple
Sonny: Oh. Planning ahead.
That's new for you.
Carly: Yeah, that's me.
New and improved.
Sonny: Yeah.
Carly: There's one other one,
actually --
sonny: Ok.
Carly: I really like.
This is great because you can
see the harbor from the deck.
Sonny: Oh, but the railing --
Michael could fall off of that,
Carly: Yeah, but we could
hire a carpenter, and he could
reinforce it.
You know?
Sonny: Whatever you want,
It's your house.
You're going to be living in it.
Carly: Yeah, but I thought
you'd be interested.
Sonny: Oh, I'm --
you're doing fine.
Just let me know if you need me
to do anything to get it moving,
you know?
Carly: Sure.
Sonny: All right.
I guess I should probably go.
You tell michael that I'll catch
him later.
Carly: Ok.
Sonny: All right.
Carly: You can come by any
Sonny: Yeah? All right.
Carly: Damn it.
You want me back.
And you are going to admit it.

Maxie: Mom's outside
in the car.
Mac: Ok.
You need any help with your bag?
Maxie: No, I can get it.
Mac, can i ask you something?
Mac: Anything.
Maxie: If i'm supposed
to trust mom and give her this
second chance, shouldn't
you have to trust her, too?
Mac: Sweetheart,
it's complicated.
So much has gone wrong with us
that it's hard to know how
to make it better.
Maxie: But if mom wants to,
shouldn't you trust her?
Mac: I do trust felicia, ok?
You need to, also.
Maxie: I love you.
Mac: And I love you.
Maxie: You'll call me
Mac: Right after the roundup.
Maxie: Cool.
Mac: Give your sister a big
kiss for me.
Maxie: I will.
Mac: Ok.

Gia: Look, I'm going to get
out of here, ok?
Nikolas: We haven't had
our coffee yet.
Tammy: Muffins are coming
right out.
Nikolas: Thank you.
We'll wait.
Gia: You set me up.
Nikolas: You did this
to yourself -- following emily,
blackmailing emily.
Look, we could've let you take
your chances with zander,
but we just thought that maybe,
just maybe, you were worth
Gia: This is how you protect
me, by flashing me in front
of a cop killer?
He thinks I'm a witness now.
Nikolas: You are.
Look, look, look -- there's only
one way to get out of this,
and that's to build a case
against zander.
Gia: And take it to the cops
with my help?
I told you, no cops for this
Elizabeth: Hey.
Everything all right?
Gia: What do you think?
Rich boy just informed me that
i'm involved in a cop killing.
Well, guess what -- not
for long.
As far as I'm concerned, this is
your problem.
You get to solve it.
Nikolas: Look, if your safety
isn't enough to help us,
ok, I'd be glad to --

emily: Look, lucky,
when i was in trouble,
I didn't want to tell anybody.
But you said --
lucky: We had a dead body.
Emily: I know.
I know, lucky, but elizabeth
didn't help me hide it, ok?
She just helped me.
That's what I'm trying to say.
She's so caring and she's
so loving, and she would never,
ev let you down.
Lucky: I can't hurt elizabeth
I don't want her dealing
with whatever faison did to me.
Emily: Yeah, but she's going
to find out eventually.
And it'll hurt her just as much
that you didn't tell her.
Don't you get it?
I mean, elizabeth thinks that
you don't trust her.
She just wants you to share
with her, that's all, lucky.
Lucky: This isn't about
There's something wrong that's
in my head right now.
I don't trust anyone
except you, ok?
Emily: Lucky, elizabeth
loves you.
After the rape, you were
the only person that she would
let in.
And she wants more than anything
for you to just trust her.
Lucky: It's just not fair.
I can't push her away after
i bring her so close.
Emily: Look, lucky,
we're going to figure out how
they messed you up -- whether it
was drugs, or whatever it was --
and we're going to fix it.
Then you'll be ok.
And then you and elizabeth,
you guys can --
lucky: Can live happily ever
I'm running out of time
here, em.
I don't know what's wrong
with me.
I don't know what faison did
to me, and until i figure out
what's wrong, I don't want
anyone knowing.
I don't want anybody watching
me, I don't want anybody making
excuses for me -- "oh,
poor lucky, he doesn't know what
he's doing."
I do know what i'm doing,
and I can handle this
on my own, ok?
But please promise me
you're not going to tell anyone.
Gia: Stay away from me,
both of you.
Elizabeth: What?
Wait. What was that?
Nikolas: She just lost it,
I don't know.
She hates cops, and maybe
she recognized taggert from that
night in the alley and panicked
and, i don't know, thought she'd
hide behind me.
Whew! Jeez.
Elizabeth: Well, charming.
Nikolas: Yeah, yeah.
Well, you know what?
Forget about gia.
So --
so, what happened with lucky?
Elizabeth: Oh.
I found him with emily,
and they made it pretty clear
they wanted to be left alone.

Hannah: So, they finally let
you off that stakeout?
Taggert: Yeah, yeah,
the perp's in lockup.
Stopped by the apartment,
found I was out of eggs.
Hannah: Oh, that's
because we ate them.
Taggert: Oh, yes.
Oh, by the way, A.J., I wanted
to thank you for the flowers.
It was very thoughtful.
It adds immeasurably
to my decor.
A.J.: That's me.
Taggert: Well, you two enjoy
your breakfast.
I'll see you later.
A.J.: See you.
Hannah: Sorry to
disappoint you.
A.J.: Do i look disappointed?
Hannah: Come on, a.J.
You went to a lot of trouble
to try to provoke taggert,
and he didn't bite.
A.J.: Hannah, those flowers
were a gift for you.
Though i'd be happy to send some
to taggert if you think it would
make him feel better.
Hannah: Send all the flowers
you want, A.J.
It still doesn't change what
you are to me -- a friend.
On your good days.

Mike: Oh.
Who is the best-looking woman
in port charles?
Tamm hmm, let's see --
I give up.
You didn't sleep last night,
did you?
Mike: Oh, I feel bad about
carly lying to sonny, so this
morning I decided that i was
going to tell him the truth
Only i get to the penthouse,
and sonny is actually happy
to see me.
He even made me breakfast.
I mean, what could i do?
It took so long for me to get
him to even trust me this
little bit.
I can't destroy that, tammy.
I can'T.

Sorel: Mr. Corinthos.
Sonny: Johnny, show mr. Sorel
to the elevator.
Get him the hell out of here.
Sorel: First we have some
business to discuss.
Sonny: Not with me.
Sorel: I'll be sure to tell
your father that you weren't
Sonny: What'd you say about
my father?
Sorel: Mike corbin is
in to me for a considerable
amount, and I thought I'd give
you an opportunity to make
things right.
Professional courtesy.
Otherwise, your father

[telephone rings]
tammy: Kelly'S.
Carly: Hi. Is mike there?
Tammy: Just a sec.
Mike: Ahem. Hello?
Carly: I got it.
Mike: You got the cash
from sonny?
Carly: Yeah, it's
in my account.
Mike: Look, as soon as i get
on my feet, I promise I will pay
you back.
And in the meantime, you should
probably tell him the house
didn't work and that you want
to move back in with him.
Carly: I'll call
you tomorrow, mike, and we can
talk about the when
and the where.
Mike: Are you sure you're ok?
Carly: Yeah.
There's always another way
to get what you want, right?
Whatever that might be.

Sonny: How much does he owe?
Sorel: Oh, a lot.
But I'm not looking focash.
I thought you and I could come
up with a mutually beneficial
Sonny: What are the terms?
Sorel: Oh, we could discuss
the details later.
Or i could simply finish
my business with mike,
which might simplify matters
for you in the long run.
Sonny: Let me tell
you something, sorel.
You touch my father,
you'll regret it.
Sorel: In that case,
I'll call you later and we'll
work on the details
of our agreement.

Elizabeth: They were
at the boxcar.
Nikolas: Lucky and emily?
Elizabeth: They're
friends, ok?
I know that.
They just seem so comfortable
with each other.
Nikolas: Right.
Elizabeth: The way they laugh
and talk, and I just miss that
with lucky.
Nikolas: They saw you?
Elizabeth: Well,
yeah, I was there for a couple
of minutes.
But I could tell lucky wanted me
to leave.
Since when did that happen?
I mean, it used to be us.
It used to be lucky and me
hanging out at the boxcar,
spending time together,
just being there.
It doesn't have to be romantic,
just -- I don't know, close.
Do i sound crazy?
Nikolas: No.

Emily: Lucky, you know I'd do
anything for you.
Lucky: So you'll keep it
a secret from the others?
Nikolas, elizabeth, and juan?
Emily: If that's what
you want, yes.
But still --
lucky: Look, right now
i don't know what's wrong,
and I'm going to need everything
as normal as possible so you can
watch me and we can figure
this out.
Emily: Ok, maybe you should
talk to somebody, you know,
like a doctor, a shrink.
I mean, kevin collins -- he's
really cool, and he wouldn't
tell anybody, lucky.
Lucky: I wouldn't even know
what to say to him.
Emily: Tell him what you just
told me.
Lucky: No, you know, it's not
a psychiatric thing.
It's like -- it's like someone's
rewired my head.
Emily: Well, for what it's
worth, i mean, everything's been
pretty normal with you except
for that one instance and --
and the way that you've been
treating elizabeth.
Lucky: Don't start again.
Emily: Lucky, listen to me.
You wanted my feedback.
I'm giving it to you.
The way you've been acting,
the way you've been treating
her, idoes not make sense.
Lucky: All my life I have
counted on one thing,
and that was me.
Even when they grabbed me,
I held on.
I would not let faison twist me
Maybe he got to me.
He must have.
Do you knohow weird that is,
to have sobody tiptoeing
around through your head,
moving furniture?
I mean, I'm afraid to sit down
because I'm afraid i'm going
to fall through the floor.
I don't even know who I am
I don't even trust my instincts,
my reactions.
Emily: We're going to make
this right, ok?
It's ok.
It's ok.

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"general hospital" --

A.J.: For you.

Chloe: You would tell me
if something had happened?

Juan: I saw her with lucky.
It looked like something more
than friendship.

Sonny: Mike got himself
into debt with sorel.

Carly: I want to know when
and I want to know where you're
meeting sorel.

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