GH Transcript Tuesday 8/15/00


General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/15/00

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"general hospital" --

sonny: If you're worried
about roy, take it up with him.

Edward: I was forced to turn
him in to the feds.

A.J.: Well, you want to pat
me down?

Gia: I want to know what's
going on.
Somebody better start
talking now.

Stefan: My mother has always
underestimated me.
It sometimes works to
my advantage.

Jax: Brenda?
Manager: Maybe your eyes are
playing tricks on you.
Jax: Well, thanks anyway.

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delivery man: Well, it's guys
like this that make the rest
of us look bad.
Either that or he screwed up big
Bobbie: Well, not that i'm
aware of.
Delivery man: Behind you.
Bobbie: Oh.
Roy, you're insane.
Delivery man: We're just
getting started.
A.J.: Hey, boys.
Listen, eventually they're going
to have to go downstairs.
How you doing, bobbie?
Bobbie: A.J., Hi.
A.J.: Hi.
Bobbie: Oh.
What's all this?
A.J.: Oh.
These are for hannah.
Bobbie: Oh.
Hannah doesn't live here.
A.J.: Not technically,
but she did spend the night
here, so --
hannah: Whoo.
Looks like somebody won
the kentucky derby.
What's going on?
A.J.: Well, a gift
from me to you.
But I didn't know your favorite

Edward: I want no more
Ned: I don't see an ambulance
out front.
If i've flown up here
from philadelphia and there's
not an emergency, I'm going
to create one myself, and it's
going to involve that phone
and your throat.
Edward: What were you doing
in philadelphia, hmm?
Ned: I'm doing a concert
there tonight.
So, is someone sick or dying
or not?
Edward: The drunk is out
of control.
Ned: Why?
Because he made a killing
on that internet company that
you were stupid enough to sell
to him?
Edward: The question is,
are you going to let a.J. Get
away with it, huh?

Waitress: Ready to order?
Mac: No, actually, I think
i'll wait.
My wife is dropping the kids
They're staying at the dude
Waitress: Fly in to visit?
Mac: Yep.
Waitress: Divorce?
Mac: Is it that obvious?
Waitress: I see a lot of dads
in here taking their kids out,
trying to stay a part
of their lives.
Mac: Well, my family means
everything to me.
Waitress: You want to work
it out.
You're still wearing
your wedding band.

Bellhop: Mr. Schmidt?
May I be of assistance?
Jax: Yes, actually, you might
be able to help me with
I thought I saw someone
from my balcony last night --
a woman that i knew.
She has dark hair.
She's very petite, very
Bellhop: Hmm.
Sad eyes?
Jax: Yes, i -- I guess.
Bellhop: I know who you mean.
Jax: Do you know her name?
Bellhop: No, but I remember
passing her on my way home.
Jax: Well, please, you have
to tell me everything you know
about her.

Elizabeth: Here you go.
Emily: Hey.
I cannot believe you are
actually working.
Two hours of sleep.
You must be exhausted.
I mean, I am.
I didn't even go to the rave.
Elizabeth: Soon as I got
to bed last night, i just stared
at the ceiling and thought about
You should've seen him, em.
The second he thought I was
in trouble, he was all over
Emily: Thank god.
Elizabeth: And ever since
then, I keep going over
and over it.
I mean, it was so obvious how
he feels about me, even though
i know it was all an act.
God, em, i hate this.
I'm starting to resent it.
He's being so unfair.
When did that happen -- lucky,
Emily: You know,
elizabeth, i love lucky a lot.
But I love you, too.
I mean, you're my best friend
in the entire world, and i --
I hate to see you tied up
in knots like this.
I just --
I think you should stop
second-guessing everything that
he does, you know, and just do
what you want.
Elizabeth: I'm not even sure
i know anymore.
Nikolas: The door is
right there.
Go tell her.
Elizabeth: So i told lucky
about kissing nikolas and how
i only did it to make lucky
Emily: What did he say?
Elizabeth: He was glad.
He said it was a step
in the right direction,
that maybe it'll help me realize
that we really do belong
Emily: What?
Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.
Emily: That's ridiculous,
Elizabeth: I know.
Emily: You know that he was
protecting you because he cares
about you.
That's what happens in a crisis.
You show your true feelings,
you know?
And what did his mind do?
He said that he was
your boyfriend, elizabeth.
I mean, come on.
It all happened so quickly that
he didn't have time to edit how
he truly feels.
Elizabeth: So why does
he keep pushing me towards
There's got to be a reason.

Lucky: I was waiting for you.
I've been rethinking what I said
last night.
I don't think it's such a smart
idea to tell gia that zander
murdered ted wilson.
Nikolas: That puts
her at risk.
Zander saw her in the motel
parking lot, which makes
her a witness who can put him
at the murder scene.
He knows that.
She doesn'T.
Lucky: Why do we know gia?
Because she's a blackmailer who
targeted emily.
Now, if we tell her that emily
is a potential suspect
in a murder against a cop -- not
to mention our brilliant
coverup job --
she's going to be living off
of us for the rest of our lives.
Nikolas: Look, I'm not wild
about her, either.
He wouldn't have remembered gia
if it hadn't been for us.
She is in danger, lucky.
She just does not know how much.
Lucky: Well, I don't think
it's just our vote.
I think we should run this
by elizabeth and emily.
Nikolas: That's -- yeah,
that's fine.
Let's go.
Nikolas: Hey, guys.
Lucky: Hey.
Elizabeth and emily: Hey.
Lucky: We have to make
a decision right now.
Do we tell gia what happened
in the motel room that night?

Ned: I don't see what a.J.'S
temporary cash flow has to do
with me.
Edward: You've always said
that you could best him, ned.
Now's your chance.
Ned: Oh -- I'm not going
to play this game, grandfather.
Edward: No, no, no, wait.
You don't understand.
A.J. Must be stopped.
Ned: Why are you taking
a.J.'S success so personally?
I mean, even for you, this seems
a little vindictive to want
to ruin him.
I mean, why don't you just hire
someone to lock him
in his closet?
Edward: Now, believe it
or not, ned, i am trying
to save A.J.
He needs an incentive to stop
this drinking.
He needs to bottom out and lose
everything, and this is where
you can help.
Ned: I have no intention
of doing your dirty work
or cleaning up your messes
or even ruining A.J. For his own

Monica: Thank you.
A.J.: Well, you know,
you didn't come home last night,
so i figured you stayed here.
Hannah: So you sent a rose
float to my boyfriend's
A.J.: I wanted to let
you know i was thinking about
Oh, and future reference --
what is your favorite color?
Hannah: A.J., Do you think
this is clever, or are
you drunk?
Delivery man: This is all
of them.
A.J.: Oh, great.
Here you go, fellas, huh?
Delivery man: Thank you.
A.J.: Thank you for
your troubles.
Delivery man: Thank you.
A.J.: All right.
Hannah: This crosses a line.
A.J.: Get used to it.
I'll see you.
Bobbie: Hmm, a.J.
A.J.: Oh, hannah -- you know
Your favorite color really would
Ok? Bye-bye.
Bobbie: Hannah,
forget about the flowers.
We need to talk about A.J.

Bellhop: I'm afraid i can't
help you.
I only saw the woman.
I don't know her.
Jax: Are you sure she's not
a guest of the hotel?
Bellhop: I don't think so.
She might be staying at one
ofhe villages.
Jax: Well, how do i get
to one of the villages?
Bellhop: Well, since she was
here, you might try this path.
It leads to the jungle and over
the gorge to kyakaytoe.
The other village is mine.
I would know if she were there.
Jax: Ok. Thanks very much.
Chloe: Hey, jax.
Jax: Hey.
Chloe: Where are you going?
Jax: Oh, I was just -- I was
just going to go down
to the beach.
You want to go?
Chloe: Uh-uh, i have a better
Let's go back to bed.
Jax: What, you want to take
a nap?
Chloe: Hmm, no.
Jax: You're on.
Chloe: I cannot thank
you enough for bringing me here.
We are so far away from everyone
and everything.
Just feels like the real world
doesn't really exist.

[Mac laughs]
maxie: Oh, my --
I've missed you so much.
Mac: I miss you, too.
Where's georgie?
Maxie: Oh, she'll be here
I bribed her into letting me
have you to myself as a special
I didn't want her to know
the truth.
Mac: Is something wrong?
Sit down.
What's going on?
Maxie: I've missed you.
Mac: Maxie, i thought
you were having fun at the dude
Maxie: Georgie is.
But all that i can think about
is going home with you.
Can I?

Monica: You've got to be
the only person, edward,
who thinks bankrupting a.J. Is
a way to help him.
Edward: Well, at least i am
trying to come up with
a solution.
But, oh, no, you and alan --
you would rather pursue some
ridiculous quest to have another
child rather than deal
with the difficult one
you already have!
Monica: Well, you've got
to be the only person that
doesn't know about my fertility
treatments because edward has
done a bang-up job alerting
the rest of the planet.
Where have you been?
Ned: Out of town at a gig.
This is a big step.
Monica: Mm-hmm. I know.
Alan and i have discussed it,
and we think it's a chance
at a brand-new start.
And time is running out
if we want to do it.
Ned: And why would
you want to?
Monica: Well, let's say we'd
like a shot at being better
parents than we were to jason
and A.J.
Ned: Well, what about emily?
I mean, she more than balances
the scales.
Monica: Oh, I think em
was her own person when she came
to us.
I don't think alan and i can
take credit for what she's
turning out to be.
Ned: Oh, no, you're getting
her through her teenage years.
That has to be the hardest job
in the world.
Monica: Ok, then let's just
say we'd like a shot at just
starting at square one.
Ned: Well --
Monica: Well, hey, come on.
You know, don't hold back.
Nobody else is.
Ned: Is it going to make
a difference?
Well, then why get into it?
Monica: Because I value
your opinion.
Ned: I think you're making
a mistake.
Bobbie: I don't want to pry,
but since A.J. Has turned
my house into a rose garden,
I think I have the right
to offer an unsolicited opinion
or two.
I -- i've seen you with
a.J. Now, more than once.
Hannah: Bobbie, I'm not
interested in A.J.
Bobbie: And I know you really
like him.
Hannah: As a person,
a friend.
Bobbie: And I find that very
admirable, you know?
I have known a.J. Since he's
a little boy.
Hannah, he's always felt second
best, and in order to
compensate, he acts out
for attention.
That's why he started drinking,
and that's why he's still
And I'm not saying that it isn't
about alcoholism, but
a.J. Really likes the attention.
I was in the o.R. When jason was
brought in this close to death,
and A.J. Just walked away.
Now, i don't want to see that
happen to you.
And I don't want to watch roy go
through what alan and monica
Hannah: I would never --
I would never drive with a.J.,
Even if he had one drink.
Bobbie: It isn't only
the driving.
If it weren't for A.J.,
Carly would still be pregnant.
Hannah: With all due respect,
bobbie, I don't see how you can
hold a.J. Accountable any more
than carly.
She knew he was drunk.
She kept pushing anyway.
Bobbie: Hannah, this is what
concerns me.
Do not make the mistake
of excusing A.J.'S irresponsible
Now, i'm not saying that carly
shouldn't shoulder some
of the burden of her
miscarriage, but you are not
flirting with carly.
Hannah: I'm not flirting
with a.J., Either.
Bobbie: Well, take a look
around you.
What do you call this?
You're getting involved
with a man who is actively
A.J. Is headed for tragedy.
The only question is who he's
going to send to the e.R. Next.
And if he hurts you, how do
you think roy is going to react?
Hannah: Well --
bobbie: All I'm saying is use
your head before your heart
won't let you.
Hannah: Bobbie, I'm
with taggert.
Bobbie: Then why are
you encouraging A.J.?
Hannah: I'm trying to be
a friend.
He doesn't seem to have any.
Bobbie: Well, look around
A.J.'S not seeing you
as a friend.
Hannah: I realize that.
Bobbie: Oh, honey, all i'm
saying is don't kid yourself.
You may want to be a.J.'S
savior, but you can't save
an alcoholic.
They have to do that
for themselves.
Anyone who tries is going to pay
a very high price.
So, make a list.
Make a list of all that it could
potentially cost you.
And you ask yourself right now,
at the outset -- is
a.J. Worth it?

Lucky: The three things
we know about gia -- she's
a liar, blackmailer,
and an opportunist.
Now, if we tell her what
happened in that motel room --
that ted was murdered and that
the whole place was staged
to make it look like emily
helped him o.D. --
Elizabeth: And that
we covered it up en after
we found out ted was
an undercover cop?
Lucky: Gia will be bleeding
all of us for the rest
of our lives.
Emily: Ok, look, you guys,
I'm not exactly wild on the idea
of telling gia.
Ok, but if we're right
and zander really did kill ted,
he knows that gia can probably
trace him back to that motel,
maybe into the room, too.
Now, he's killed once.
What's stopping him from doing
it again, you know?
Especially if he thinks that gia
can send him to prison.
He has nothing to lose,
you guys.
He's already killed a cop.
He's probably going to kill gia.
Lucky: So i guess we tell gia
the truth.
Emily: Yeah.
Well, I know that elizabeth has
to work, so, do you want
to drive me home?
Nikolas: Yeah, sure.
Emily: Thanks.
Bye, guys.
Elizabeth: See you.
Lucky: That was subtle.
Give me a second with her.
Nikolas: Yeah.
Elizabeth: Nikolas, this is
driving me crazy.
Lucky: That was real smooth.
Emily: Yeah, well,
someone has to help you get back
together with elizabeth.
Obviously, you're not going
to do it.
Lucky: Nikolas and elizabeth
belong together.
Emily: Save it, lucky!
Save the act!
I'm sick of it!
All right, i'm running on about
two hours of sleep here, ok?
So save the whole "elizabeth
belongs with nikolas" junk
for someone else, someone who
doesn't know you.
Because I do, and I'm not
buying it.
Now, i know that you love
and care about elizabeth,
and that's why you tried
to rescue her the other night.
Lucky: I would've done that
for anyone.
Emily: This is different!
Man, it's -- it's something
organic, you know?
It's like it comes through
your heart and it shows through
your eyes.
It's like this book that i'm
reading about camelot.
Lucky: What, now you're
comparing elizabeth and me
to a book?
Emily: Yeah, I am.
Why not?
Love doesn't only happen
in books, lucky.
It happens in real life.
Real people feel that way.
You do. You've proved it.
It's like elizabeth's guinevere
and you're lancelot.
You always protect your queen.
before my mom died, she taught
me one of the most important
lessons, which is that we only
have now.
Ok, if you don't want to listen
to me, at least listen
to elizabeth.
What's wrong?
Emily: Lucky?
Lucky, hello?
Lucky: What's wrong with you?
Emily: What?
I was just about to ask
you the same question.
I mean, we were just discussing
arguably the most important
relationship of your
entire life --
well, unless you're not
Lucky: What do you mean?
Why did you grab me?
Emily: What do you mean,
why did -- because you checked
It's like you weren't listening
to me anymore.
Lucky: You were telling me
that -- that you thought
i belonged together
with elizabeth.
Emily: Yeah, and then it got
all weird and you just zoned out
or something.
You looked off and --
lucky: Well, how long did
i zone out?
Emily: You're telling me
you don't remember?

Nikolas: What can i do
to make it easier on you?
Elizabeth: Nikolas,
sometimes I get so focused
on myself, i forget how hard
this must be for you.
I mean, it can't be easy having
your brother constantly pushing
me at you.
Nikolas: It's not.
You know, maybe --
I don't know, maybe I should
just stay away from
you for a while.
I mean, that way lucky will get
that we're not together
and he'll give it up.

Mac: Mm-hmm, thank you very
Waitress: You're welcome.
Mac: Looks good, huh?
Maxie: Yeah, real good.
Mac: So, how'd georgie do
on the pack trip into
the mountains?
No parents, just kids?
Maxie: Just kids.
Georgie did great.
There's, like, three other kids
on the ranch in her same grade,
so she had them and then
she had me.
We got in this huge water fight,
the guys against the girls.
Mac: Whoa, ho!
Who won?
Maxie: Well, it kind
of depends on who you ask,
you know.
Mac: Sounds like fun.
Maxie: It was.
But except for that, it's been
pretty boring.
Mac: That's not how it
sounded on our phone calls.
Maxie, hey, if you're having
a good time, you won't be
hurting my feelings.
Maxie: I can't stand how mom
hovers all the time,
putting on this act like
everything's fine.
That's the only reason why
i enjoyed the pack trip,
was because mom wasn't there.
Mac: Yeah, I'm sure your mom
doesn't think everything's fine.
In fact, it seems like she's
trying to work things out
with you and georgie.
You know, it might not be a bad
idea if you could try and meet
her halfway.
Maxie: Hate how we have
to work towards everything
and act like some happy family
just for georgie's sake.
Mac: Maxie, you are in a fun
place, ok?
Listen, why not take a vacation
from all that past stuff
and just try and have a good
I mean, you're not afraid you'd
be betraying me?
Maxie, god knows, what would
make me happy is to know that
you're in colorado riding
horses, having a great summer.
Maxie: What about you?
Mac: Let me take care of me.
Maxie: That's what I hate
about vacations.
When you go home, you go back
to what you've left.
Have you caught luke spencer
Mac: Not yet.
Max, you've got to give your mom
another chance, cut her some
Maxie: Why should i have
to if you didn't?
Mac: It didn't work out
for us.
But you are her daughter.
Maxie: Well, maybe being
her daughter just doesn't work
for me.

Ned: I'm sure you and alan
have great intentions.
So did i when I found out that
lois was pregnant.
I promised myself that my child
was not going to grow up the way
i did --
with divorced parents
and a father she rarely saw
and hardly knew.
And now here i am,
300 miles away from her,
reduced to phone calls
and visits that are always too
monica: I know how much
you miss brooke lynn.
Ned: My point is
when lois decided that
she wouldn't raise our daughter
here in this madness, I agreed.
It's the hardest decision
i ever had to make.
But it was the right one,
and I've never
second-guessed it.
Monica: Well, I mean,
jason was ok up until
the accident.
Ned: Was he?
I mean, underneath jason morgan,
I sometimes glimpsed that old
jason quartermaine.
So did that accident really
change him or did it free him?
Are you sure you want to raise
a child in this house?
Monica: Well, hey,
alan and i have changed a lot.
I mean, we've weathered some
pretty heavy storms.
I think -- well, when I look
back and think of the things
that he and I did while A.J. And
jason were growing up, we would
never act that way today.
Ned: But grandfather is
the same, and you are kidding
yourself if you think you can be
a barrier between him
and your child.
Monica: Ok.
Well, thank you --
thank you for not pulling any
I guess alan and i hope that
we can just beat the odds.
Ned: Well, if anyone can,
you will.
Monica: Thanks.
Ned: I wish you luck.
I'm going to go say hi
to grandmother.
Monica: Ok.
Ned: Hello, angel.
Lila: Ned, dear.
I thought you were out of town.
Ned: Well, grandfather sent
out an emergency summons.
I have to be back in
philadelphia tonight.
How are you?
Lila: Delighted to see one
of my favorite grandchildren.
Ned: We're all your favorite.
Lila: So what's the crisis
Ned: Well, it seems
grandfather is actually
concerned about A.J.'S drinking,
and he wants me to bankrupt him.
I said no.
Lila: You know, ned,
much as edward tries to hide it,
his heart is in the right place.
Ned: Know you believe that.
Lila: I hope you'll stop
by next time without
an invitation.
Ned: The invitations are
the best part.
Lila: Your grandfather is too
proud to admit it, but he misses
you, ned.
He feels that you're
the grandson most like him.
Ned: That's always been what
scares me.

Hannah: I know you're trying
to help, but i can handle
Bobbie: You have a weakness
for bad boys.
I know because i have done
a personal study of all
the symptoms.
And one of my early chapters was
falling for your father.
Hannah: I've never thought
of my father as the bad boy.
Bobbie: Roy?
Hannah -- he worked for frank
smith and he did all
of the things that that brings
to mind.
And whatever these assignments
were that he was doing
for the F.B.I., I don't think
they included teaching
kindergarten or holding down
a job at a factory.
Hannah: Yes, but my father
managed to straighten himself
Bobbie: I hope so.
Hannah: Did my dad do
Bobbie: No.
No, but
when a man gets released
from prison, there is
a tremendous pressure to fall
back into the old ways.
Now, i'm not saying your father
He hasn'T.
But sonny has made it perfectly
clear that there is a job there
if roy wants it.
Hannah: Yes, but,
bobbie, my father would not do
anything that puts him at risk
and he ends up back in prison
He loves you too much.
Bobbie: A big part
of your dad's happiness is you.
So, do him a favor --
be careful with A.J.
Hannah: My friendship
with a.J. Is just that --
I'm not going to get hurt.
But thank you for worrying.
[Pager beeps]
hannah: Ooh, that's work.
I've got to go.
Would you mind if I took care
of this late
bobbie: Oh, sure.
Hannah: Thanks.

Chloe: Jax?
Tony: Karate kid's here.
Bobbie: Hey!
How was class?
Lucas: What's with all
the flowers?
Bobbie: Oh, they're not mine.
Lucas: For a second,
I thought you were getting
married again.
Tony: For a second, I thought
roy knocked over a flower shop.
Bobbie: Why are you always
so negative about roy?
Tony: No, I'm not negative.
It's just he spent 20 years
in prison, you know --
bobbie: You don't know
the whole story.
Tony: Well, I'm -- i'm sure
i don't, but it's pretty obvious
he likes living on the edge,
and I just don't want him
to fall and take you with him.
Bobbie: Tony, what the hell
are you trying to say to me?

Monica: I catch you trying
to ruin A.J.'S life one more
time, edward, I will personally
throw you out of this house.
Edward: I was merely trying
to intervene before your son
hurts either himself or someone
Monica: Well, much as I hate
to say this, you cannot force
a.J. Into sobriety.
He has to come to it on his own
Edward: No, no, no.
A.J. Must be stopped, and if ned
won't take action, i'll do it
Alan: Leave A.J. Alone.
Edward: Oh-oh-oh.
Someone who is foolish enough
to want to be a father again
at your age is hardly
in a position to tell me what
to do.
Excuse me.
Monica: Hell must be freezing
over because i actually think
he's trying to help.
Alan: Well, you're obviously
so hopped up on hormones,
you're not thinking straight.
Elizabeth: How can you even
suggest we stay away from each
Nikolas, you're my friend.
I need you, and I count on you.
And, yes, in this case it is all
about me.
Besides, i only have a handful
of friends.
How could I possibly lose you?

Emily: Look, lucky,
if there's something wrong,
you can tell me.
Lucky: You're making a big
deal out of nothing.
Nikolas: Sorry, guys,
but -- you still need a ride?
Emily: No, no, no.
I'm fine, thanks.
Nikolas: You sure?
Emily: Yeah.
Nikolas: Ok. I'll see you.
Lucky: All right.
Emily: Look, lucky, it is
a big deal when someone just
blanks out and doesn't remember
anything that just happened two
seconds ago.
Lucky: So i got distracted.
Emily: No, no, no,
no, no, no.
It was way more than
You, like, checked out.
You were gone.
It was like you were on another
world or something.
What's the last thing
you remember?
Lucky: Um --
you were saying something really
sappy about how I feel
for elizabeth and it shows
in my eyes.
Emily: I said that you cared
about her, and that's the reason
that you rushed to her rescue
when you thought there
was trouble --
that it was kind of like a book,
um --
that you were her knight,
and then --
and then, that's it.
You were just gone.
Lucky: Then what?
What --
emily: I was worried.
I mean, I must've said your name
four or five times, and then
i shook you.
Lucky: You're right.
It is a blank.
I don't remember.

mac: Maxie, i know deep down
you want to be able to count
on your mom, and i think
you can.
Things have been better since
she brought you here, right?
Maxie: Yeah, but it's
a vacation.
What happens when school starts
and then we have to go back
Mac: Hey, no one really knows
what's going to happen next.
I just wish you'd stop worrying
so much, ok?
Come on, you'd be surprised how
thin have a way of working
themselves out.
Georgie: Mac, i missed
you so much!
Mac: Oh!
I missed you, too.
Hey, haven't i told you you're
not allowed to grow when you're
out of my sight?
Where's your mom?
Georgie: She said it's
our time, but now it's just my
Maxie: I know.
I had mac for lunch, and then
you get him this afternoon.
Take him on a hike without me.
And then i get to take him
horseback riding after this.
Georgie: And we both get
to take you out to dinner.
Maxie: And afterwards
i thought we could go see
a movie.
Georgie: Oops.
Maxie: Come on.
Let's go wash it off.
Nothing changes.
Georgie: Be right back!
Mac: I'll be right here.
Waitress: Looks like you have
a real nice family.
Mac: I do.
Monica: I am -- I'm taking
these hormones so you and I can
have a baby.
A little sensitivity would be
Alan: How can you side
with father?
Monica: Because I think
his intentions are good.
Alan: I rest my case.
You're deluded.
Monica: Well, dr. Townsend
doesn't think so.
He thinks I'm in perfect health.
Alan: Who's having this baby,
you and me, or you and townsend?
Monica: You know, I don't
think I like your attitude.
Alan: Well, that makes us
even because i don't like
the idea of townsend flirting
with you.
This baby better come out
looking like me.
Monica: I am going through
this only so you and i can
have a child.
Now, if you're not ready when
the time is right, i will go
to dr. Townsend.

Bobbie: Roy is working hard
at luke's club, and he's turned
his life around.
And that doesn't sound to me
like someone who's going back
to prison.
Tony: Bobbie, I --
I know that you love him.
And I'm sure he loves you.
It's just, you know, the guy
spent half his life on the other
side of the law.
It's what he knows.
It's what he's comfortable with.
I'm not wishing this on him.
But you know, the odds are,
sooner or later, he's going
to end up back behind bars.
And I -- you know, i just don't
want you and lucas to get hurt.
I mean, for instance --
somebody helped luke escape.
Was that you?
I don't think so.
Bobbie: Well,
lucas and I will be fine.
And so will roy.
Tony: I hope so.

Jax: Brenda?
Chloe: Jax?
Chloe: What's going on?
Stefan: That will be all.
Jax: I -- i just thought
i saw someone look up
at the balcony.
Chloe: Helena?
Somebody that works for her?
Jax: No, no, it was probably
no one.
I'm just being overprotective.
Just had to make sure that
you were safe, that's all.

Emily: Has this ever happened
Lucky: I've never really
thought about it.
Guess there has been a couple
of times when people have said
some things out of nowhere.
I don't know.
Emily: Do you think that it
could've happened then?
Lucky: I'm not sure.
Elizabeth: Hey, is everything
Lucky: Yeah -- just fine.
We were just getting ready
to leave.
Emily: Uh -- yeah.
Well, I mean, we were just
discussing some things.
I --
elizabeth: Oh.
Emily: Lucky, are you with me
Did you see what you just did
to her?
You completely shut her out.
You hurt her.
This is not the lucky I know.
This is not the lucky that i've
known since I've been here.
Lucky: You're right.
Something is wrong with me.

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