GH Transcript Monday 8/14/00


General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/14/00

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>> Previously on
"general hospital" --

chloe: Oh, jax.

Gia: I think that's him.
Nikolas: Where?
Gia: The one with elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I'm still looking
for my friend.
His name is ted.

Tammy: You sure about this?
Mike: Carly's the only
solution i've got.

Sonny: How do you know
you need 40,000?
You haven't found the house.
What's going on?

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sonny: I didn't know
you actively started looking
at houses.
Carly: Yeah, um --
sonny: Mm-hmm.
Carly: You remember
my gracious mother bobbie,
who's threatening to throw me
into the streets.
Don't get amnesia on me.
Come on, we discussed this.
We agreed.
You know, we both talked
about it.
Better if michael and I moved
out of the brownstone.
Sonny: So you found a house?
What, overnight?
Carly: Was a first
appointment that i had,
and, wham, you know,
there it was.
Sonny: So, wham, all
of a sudden you need 40,000.
Where is this place?
Carly: It's in park heights,
which is my favorite
Sonny: Amazing.
Carly: It's not bad,
do you think, 40 down,
40,000, I mean, for a house?
It's not too bad.
Sonny: Yeah, it's reasonable
in a -- current market.
Especially in that part of town.
Carly: Right.
Sonny: What's the asking
price on the house?
Carly: Do we have to do this?
Sonny: What?
Carly: Well, you're
interrogating me.
Sonny: No, I'm just asking
you a question, and it's not
an unreasonable one considering
the circumstances.
Carly: Well, I'm not,
you know, very good
with numbers.
Sonny: Really?
What do you mean, you're not
good with numbers?
So you don't -- you don't
remember the asking price.
Carly: Well, I didn't,
you know.
I mean, I didn't exactly
find the house,
you know, but I know the view
that i want, and i have a real
estate agent, and I'm all ready
to move.
I just need access to cash,
you know.
That's what I really need.
Sonny: Hmm.
You haven't found the house.
How do you know you need 40,000?
How do you know you don't need
80,000 or 120,000?
What's going on, carly?

[Music plays]
nikolas: You're sure that guy
with elizabeth is the one that
you saw at the motel that night?
Gia: Are you hard of hearing,
Yes, that's what i said.
Nikolas: You know what?
You need to understand
This is important, all right,
And you're going to knock
the attitude off and you're
going to tell me everything
you know.
Gia: You already heard most
of it.
Nikolas: Well, fill
in the blanks.
Gia: I followed emily and ted
from the rave to the motel.
I saw them go into a room.
It looked like a situation that
could develop into something.
Nikolas: So you have
something you can exploit.
Gia: Do you want to hear this
or not?
Nikolas: Yeah. Go on.
Gia: I decided to wait
in my car.
A little time went by and --
nikolas: Ok, how much time?
Gia: I don't know.
15 minutes, a half an hour,
I'm not much of a clock watcher.
Time is all a wash to me, ok?
Nikolas: Look, under any
other circumstance, I might find
that mildly interesting,
all right?
But not here and not now,
so keep going.
Gia: You know, you're pretty
rude for a guy that needs
something from me.
Nikolas: If i have to shake
this out of you, i will.
Gia: A car pulls up
and parked.
That guy got out and -- I don't
He bothered me on some level,
so i decided to take off.
Before i pulled out
of the parking lot, I looked
in my rear-view mirror,
and I saw him go into the room
where emily and ted were.
Nikolas: You sure it was
the same room?
Gia: I'm positive.
You're worried, aren't you,
about elizabeth?
You think that guy's going
to hurt her?
Nikolas: Not while I'm still

Elizabeth: I'd look ted up
in the phone book, but i'm kind
of stuck since i didn't get
his last name.
And you seem to know a lot
of people in here, so I figured
you might have an idea of where
i can find him.
Zander: It's a psibility.
Elizabeth: Well,
either you do or you don't.
Zander: Well, that depends
on what you want.
Why are you looking for ted?
Valet: Sir, someone was
spotted on the -- are you hurt?
What happened?

Stefan: It appears my mother
may have caught up with me.
Jax: I take it they meet
with your approval?
Chloe: Oh, I love them.
Almost as much as I love
the fact that you thought
to order roses ahead.
Jax: Oh.
Just seeing the smile
on your face, that's all
the inspiration I need.
You look happy.
Chloe: I am.
I can almost feel helena melting
out of my brain like the wicked
witch that she is.
Come and breathe.
Smell that jasmine.
Oh, it looks like we took
a right turn into heaven.
Jax: Well, there's a lot
Chloe: Everything about this
trip is perfect.
The beach, this villa,
the jasmine night,
and you, my best and only love.
Stefan: Well?
Valet: Dead, sir.
Stefan: Unfortunately,
I can't take credit.
I would have incapacitated him,
but it was sheer good luck that
his head struck this chest
on the way down.
Evidently he gained access
through the doors here.
Valet: How did he get past
the guards?
Stefan: That's an excellent
I trust you'll find the answer.
But my more immediate concern is
whether he spoke to my mother
before this attack.
Valet: There was no cell
phone on the body.
Stefan: Well, then there's
a chance helena doesn't know
i was located.
All right, you take the least
incompetent of the guards
and search the grounds
for anything he could have used
to get word out.
And then i want you and no one
else to throw the body off
the cliffs.
Take pains to make it look like
an accident.
Maybe helena will believe
it was.
Chloe: Wait until you see
that dressing room.
I could fit every piece
of clothing I own in there
and more.
And here's me, not even wanting
to dress up.
Jax: Well, I guarantee you,
by this time tomorrow, you won't
want to wear any clothes at all.
Chloe: All right, is that
a fact?
Jax: Yep.
This island has this -- this
side effect that will make
you do that.
It's one of the reasons I wanted
to buy it.
Chloe: Hmm.
And brenda?
Does being here make you miss
Jax: I always miss her.
It's not about being
in a particular place.
I mean, when someone that
you love is gone for good,
they take a part of
you with them.
It's like
you have this empty space where
something vital used to be.
And that loss you feel all
the time.
But you adjust.
You learn to accomodate it.
I'm not sure that answers
your question exactly.
Chloe: It tells me what
you've learned to live with.
It tells me what you expect.
Wh do you do when you get
blindsided, jax, when you're
walking down the street
and someone's wearing brenda's
Or when you bring me
to an island that you meant
to buy for her?
Jax: Well, I mean,
sudden reminders that come out
of nowhere, they still hurt,
But they don't incapacitate
anymore because of you
because I love you.
And when i think of brenda,
when i miss her,
I hear her voice inside my head,
and you know what it says?
"Be happy, jax."
And that's exactly what I am
with you.

[Music plays]
lucky: Any luck?
Nikolas: Yeah, we've got
a situation.
Lucky: Yeah? What happened?
Nikolas: Gia recognized
the same guy she saw
in the motel parking lot
the night ted was murdered.
Juan: Well, that's great.
Lucky: Well, that's what
we came here for.
Where is he?
Nikolas: Over there
with elizabeth.
Look, I didn't want to do
anything stupid, something that
we'd be sorry for later, so I've
been keeping an eye out.
But we need to get her away
from him right now.
Lucky: Yeah, I've got
an idea.
Why don't you come with me.
Stay with -- stay with gia.

Gia: I don't need a watchdog.
Juan: Not a problem.
Gia: Guess that leaves us.
Juan: My luck.
Gia: Look, be straight
with me, juan.
I won't tell the others.
Juan: I don't know what
you mean.
Gia: I'm not oblivious, ok?
I've got eyes in my head.
What is it about the guy
from the motel that makes lucky

Elizabeth: Why would anyone
want to find someone they've met
at a rave?
Zander: I asked you first.
Elizabeth: Ok.
Well, I want to find ted
because I like him, all right?
Zander: Which one?
Elizabeth: Which one what?
Zander: You said you met ted
at a rave.
Which one?
Elizabeth: Does it really
Zander: Only to me.
See, i'm kind of suspicious
by nature, so I listen when
people tell me things.
I look for that one little
detail that doesn't quite fit.
You'd be surprised how often
it's there.
Like right now, with you.
Elizabeth: You think I'm
lying to you?
Zander: Convince me you're

Carly: You know what?
Forget it.
I'll get by on my own like
i always do.
Sonny: What are you getting
so upset about?
Carly: You offered to help me
get a place to live, you know.
Sonny: Yeah.
Carly: Forgive me
for thinking that you actually
meant it.
Sonny: I did!
And, you know, whatever cash
you need, I may give it
to you if the investment is
a good one.
Carly: And, what, i wouldn't
be able to make such a decision
because I'm so, what,
stupid, big dummy and all?
Sonny: You said yourself
you're not good with numbers.
Carly: I'm not, sonny.
Sonny: Right.
Carly: But I'm good
with houses, so I'm sure
whatever i pick will be
Sonny: It's not that simple,
Carly: What's so complicated?
Come on, i picked something out,
I like it, i buy it.
What's the big deal?
Sonny: Before money changes
hands, the house has to be
The foundation, the structure
has to be looked at
and evaluated.
The electrical wiring has to be
to code.
Is the irrigation system fine?
You know how much the property
taxes are in park heights?
Have you checked into the school
Carly: So, wait, who made
you chief interrogator
of the world anyway?
Sonny: You did!
Since you're asking me
for 40,000 bucks.
Carly: What do you want me
to do, sonny?
Sonny: Well --
carly: You want me to beg?
Is that what you want?
That's not going to happen if --
you don't want me to buy
a house.
Why don't you just say so,
sonny: I didn't say i don't
want you to buy a house.
I just want you to be smart,
that's all.
This isn't like, you know,
seeing a purse you like
at wyndham's.
Carly: Oh, you know what?
I hate it when you treat me like
i'm a kid or something.
Sonny: That's not
my intention.
Carly: Well, then stop.
Why are you giving me a lecture
on the pros and cons of buying
real estate?
Sonny: If you want -- ok.
If you want me to back off
because you want to do this
on your own and you want to be
independent, whatever, i have
no problem with that.
I just want you and michael
to be happy, and if you find
a house that makes you guys that
way, then
i'll give you whatever cash
you need.
Is that good enough?
Carly: Yeah.
I mean, I kind of need it now.
Sonny: What is the rush?
You -- you just told me,
carly, you haven't found
the house yet.
Carly: No, I haven't,
but the real estate agent said
it would be good if I had cash
in my bankccount because,
you know, then it proves that
i'm not such a horrible credit
You know, when i have to grovel
for a loan, it's not like I have
some sort of big, fat paycheck
to show them or anything,
you know.
Sonny: Ok.
I'll put the money together.
You'll have it
in a day or two.
Carly: Thank you, sonny.
Sonny: Now that we've got
that settled,
how about dessert?
Carly: I'm --
carly: Really kind of full.
Sonny: Really?
Carly: But maybe I could have
a rain check or something.
Sonny: Yeah?
Carly: Yeah.
Because -- no, because,
see, bobbie's at the brownstone,
and I want to get back there
because she's --
sonny: I know.
Carly: Alone.
Sonny: Right.
Carly: For once.
And we didn't fight at all
And, you know, maybe
we could have
a warm, fuzzy moment before
i move out.
Stranger things have happened.
Sonny: Aim for the stars?
Carly: Never come up
with a fistful of mud.
Sonny: That's the ticket.
Tonight was nice.
Carly: Yeah.
Sonny: Yeah.
Carly: For me, too.
Sonny: I'll go get michael.

[Music plays]
elizabeth: Well,
actually, I'm kind of new
at the whole rave business,
and to tell the truth,
it's a little intimidating.
Zander: It's just a party
by another name.
Elizabeth: Yeah, that's what
i'm starting to see.
Well -- but I was a newbie
at the last one, the one that
was here, to answer
your question.
I backed myself into a corner
and watched everybody.
You know, and then ted came
over, and he was so friendly
and just so -- so nice, I just
wanted to, you know, hang out
with him.
Zander: But?
Elizabeth: Well, he left
with another girl.
Zander: Oh, I hate when that
Elizabeth: Yeah, tell me
about it.
Zander: But here you are
Elizabeth: What can i say?
I'm a glutton for punishment.
Zander: Well, you ought
to work on that.
Elizabeth: Really?
Where should i start?
Zander: Right here.
I'm much nicer than ted.
More thoughtful.
Here, look, I even brought
you a drink.
Elizabeth: Is there anything
in there i should know about?
Zander: Just bubbles.
It's soda.
Elizabeth: Diet or regular?
Zander: Anything you want it
to be.
A drink -- it won't hurt you.
Lucky: Hey, get the hell away
from my girlfriend.
Zander: Whoa, chill out,
We were just talking.
Lucky: And now you're done,
so take a walk.
Elizabeth and I need some
Elizabeth: Lucky, you don't
Zander: Wait, you don't tell
me when I go.
Elizabeth: No, you've got
this all wrong.
Lucky: No, I don'T.
You know what?
I can't believe you're doing
this to me again.
The moment i turn my back,
you start hitting on some guy.
Elizabeth: I didn't do
Lucky: I was watching you,
all right?
You were sending him signals,
the "i'm available" signals.
How much more do you expect me
to put up with?
Elizabeth: I said hello.
And this is zander, by the way.
Why are you yelling at me?
Zander: Forget about this
He's an idiot.
Come on, i'll take you somewhere
Lucky: You touch her,
I'll break your arm!
Elizabeth: Lucky, stop it.
Look, I can't go with
you because -- this is
my boyfriend, and I don't want
to fight with him.
Lucky: Stop playing stupid
That was too close.
Elizabeth: Lucky,
wait, what's going on?
Lucky: Now, wait a second.
Hold me.
Make it look like we're
making up.
Elizabeth: Ok.
Lucky: You ok?
Elizabeth: Well,
yeah, I'm fine.
I didn't touch that drink,
if that's what you were worried
about, and i think i was getting
I'm almost positive zander knew
Lucky: No -- try zander
killed ted.

Jax: That's where i'm going
to take you sea kayaking
Chloe: Oh.
You know what?
You don't even have to worry
about capsizing the boat
because I just brushed up
on my lifesaving skills.
Jax: Haven't you figured out
the only reason I capsize is
because you look so sexy when
you're wet?
Chloe: Haven't you figured
out that i can achieve that look
any time?
Jax: That's too easy.
Chloe: Oh, it's always
a challenge with you, isn't it?
Jax: Well --
chloe: Oh, look at the way
the moonlight bounces silver off
the water, like fairies dancing.
Doesn't it make you want to just
fly out over the garden and join
Jax: You want to dance
by the light of the silvery
Chloe: You making fun of me?
Jax: Oh, a little.
Do you mind?
Chloe: No.
Standing here on this terrace
with your arm around me, i am
at total peace.

[Music plays]
juan: Hey.
Nikolas: Guys, it's -- it's
Lucky got elizabeth away from --
from zander, i think
his name is.
Gia: Great.
Can I leave now?
No offense, but I could probably
think of about a million other
plac i'd rather be than stuck
here with the bunch of you.
Nikolas: Yeah, well,
you're no day at the beach,
Gia: Oh, then we finally
agree on something.
Hand over the money for a job
well done, if I may say so,
and I'm out of here.
Nikolas: No, hold up.
I can -- i'll give you a ride.
Gia: I can find my own way
home, thank you.
Lucky: Hey.
Juan: Hey.
Nikolas: Hey.
Juan: So, are we good to go?
I want to get back to kelly'S.
I'm sure emily is going nuts
waiting for us.
Lucky: We're ready.
Gia, not a word of this
to anyone.
Gia: Or whatever this was.
Zander: Where'd your friends
go in such a hurry?

Leticia: Hi.
Carly: Hi.
Sonny: Hey.
Leticia: Hey. Is he tired?
Carly: Yeah.
He actually was asleep.
Sonny: Here you go.
Leticia: Hey, buddy.
Carly: He woke up when
we pulled into the driveway,
so i think half a story,
tops, he'll be out again.
Leticia: Ok, well, we'll just
go find out how that talking
giraffe ends up.
Sonny: Thank you for dinner,
See you again real soon, buddy.
Michael: Grandma --
leticia: Yeah.
Carly: She's going to be here
in a minute.
Sonny: Thank you, too.
Carly: You are the one who
slaved over the hot stove.
Sonny: That's true.
Carly: And dinner was yummy,
as usual.
You know what -- it might be
good if you had an occasional
failure every now and again
because you're awfully smug,
you know that?
Sonny: Yeah?
Carly: Yeah.
Sonny: In a good way, though.
Carly: Oh, yeah?
You think so, huh?
[Door closes]
bobbie: Well, hi.
Sonny: Hey.
Bobbie: How was your evening?
Carly: It was --
it was perfect.
I'd say it was a 10.
Sonny made a great, great meal,
and he agreed to give me
the money I'll need to buy
a house.
Bobbie: Of your own?
Carly: Yeah, of my own.
Who else?
Bobbie: Whoa.
Very generous of you.
Sonny: Yeah, I'm -- i'm glad
to help out, i guess.
I guess -- ok, i should be
going, huh?
Bobbie: Well, have a nice --
have a nice rest of
your evening.
Sonny: All right.
Carly: Ok.
Sonny: Ok, I will put
the money transfer in motion
first thing tomorrow.
Carly: Ok.
Sonny: Ok?
Carly: I won't forget that
you did this for me.
Sonny: I won't let you.
Carly: Yeah, I know that.
Sonny: All right,
so, it was -- it was nice having
you two back.
Carly: It was nice being
Your home,
I mean.
Sonny: Yeah.
Well, guess I --
carly: Ok, yeah, because --
sonny: Yeah?
All right.
Carly: Good night.
Sonny: All right!
Yeah, yeah!
Carly: Go away.
Carly: So, listen, what do
you know about sonny
and his father?
Bobbie: I know that mike has
worked really hard at building
a relationship with sonny.
But sonny hasn't always made it
But if it's all the same to you,
I'd rather not get sidetracked.
Carly: Ok. That's fine.
I've actually thought enough
about mike for one day, anyway.
What about you?
How are you, mother?
Are you good? Tell me.
Bobbie: No, no, no, no.
You first.
Now, what is all of this about
a house?
Last i heard, you re moving
back in with sonny.

Chloe: Ok, I'm going inside,
and you have to wait out here.
Jax: Whose rule is that?
Chloe: Mine.
You have a surprise
in the making.
Now, wait here and no fair
Jax: Ok.
Chloe: Did I leave my shoes
out here?
Jax, what's wrong?
Jax: Um -- I just thought
i saw someone in the garden.
Chloe: Helena?
Jax: No, no, it's probably
just a shadow.
But, you know, i'd feel better
if i checked it out.
Chloe: Ok, yeah.
I'll wait right here.

Emily: What happened?
Elizabeth: Lucky,
can you wait a second?
Lucky: Um, sure.
What's up?
Nikolas: We found him.
Emily: Gia's positive?
Nikolas: There was no doubt
in her mind.
Juan: She saw zander go
into the same motel room
you were in with ted.
Emily: So that's it.
We found ted's killer?
Elizabeth: I just wanted
to say thank you for stepping up
like that and getting me away
from zander.
He was starting to creep mout.
Lucky: Well, no one would
have known.
Elizabeth: Really?
Lucky: You were awesome.
The guy didn't have a clue
you were working him.
Elizabeth: Right.
Meryl streep, that's me.
Lucky: No, really.
You were great.
Elizabeth: If that's true,
it's only because I have
the best possible backup.
Lucky: Well, I would protect
you with every last breath,
Emily: Gosh, elizabeth.
I cannot believe how incredibly
brave you are.
I owe you my life.
Elizabeth: Oh, you would have
done it for me.
Besides, it was a group effort.
Emily: I can't believe
we did it.
Elizabeth: I know.
Emily: I mean, you guys
did it.
You guys found ted's killer!
Elizabeth: With a little help
from gia, with a price,
of course.
Emily: Well, wait,
were you scared -- i mean,
when you were talking to that
zander guy?
Elizabeth: Well, I didn't
know who he was at the time,
so, no, I wasn't scared.
But zander is definitely
And it was weird because it was
like we were alone in a room
full of people.
But I knew the boys were right
behind me.
And something kind of cool did
come out of all this.
Lucky: Hey, we're going to be
Emily and elizabeth: Ok.
Emily: Well, tell me.
What happened?
Elizabeth: All right,
so i was working zander,
and lucky shows up and starts
telling zander to back off
and that i'm his girlfriend.
And then he takes me away
and starts putting his arms all
over me -- and it felt so good.
Of course, it was a coverup,
but, emily, it felt so right.
Emily: You know it's
because he still loves you.
Elizabeth: Well, maybe.
Look, there I go again.
Will you please stop me when
i do this?
But the important thing is is
that we're closing in on who
killed ted and framed you.
It's going to be over soon.
Emily: I can't believe how
much you guys have done for me.
You are like the best friends
on the entire planet.
Elizabeth: Come on, let's go
figure out our next move.
Emily: Ok.
Nikolas: Hey.
Juan: Hey.
Is everything ok?
Emily: Getting better all
the time.
Lucky: That drink zander gave
you -- did you see him put
anything in it?
Elizabeth: No, he just seemed
to have it there.
Lucky: I'm sure it was laced.
The way I'm seeing it is zander
was a dealer.
Ted was a cop.
I'm sure ted had enough evidence
to bust zander.
Nikolas: So zander killed ted
and set emily up because she was
Emily: Wait a minute,
you guys.
This guy is still walking around
on the loose.
He could kill again.

[Music plays]
gia: What do you want
from me?
Zander: Well, I asked where
your friends went.
Gia: I ask myself that same
Who knows?
It's a big world.
Zander: You and your friends
from around here?
Gia: My buddies live
in brooklyn.
Did you know there's
a merry-go-round in prospect
Zander: I've seen you a lot
closer to home than brooklyn.
Gia: Nope, don't know
you at all.
You don't know me well enough
to do that.
Zander: Look, I'm just trying
to stop you from moving off
so fast.
Are you driving?
Gia: What are you, a cop?
Zander: Do i look like a cop?
Gia: I guess not.
Zander: All I'm saying is
you're in no condition to drive.
Why don't you give me the keys,
I'll get your car, i'll take
you wherever you need to go.
Gia: You can't fool me.
There are no cars on
the merry-go-round.
Zander: No, but cars do end
up in motel parking lots.
I knew i'd seen you before.
Gia: With a little help,
maybe I'd recognize you, too.
Are you carrying anything that
might jog my memory?
Zander: Well, now that
you mention it.
Gia: Uh-oh.
Zander: What?
Gia: I have to throw up now.

Carly: I haven't necessarily
decided not to live with sonny.
I'm just keeping my options
open, you know, in case I find
the perfect house for michael
and me.
I want to be able to take it,
you know.
Bobbie: I guess I just missed
the part where you went out
Carly: Why are you always
so suspicious of me?
Bobbie: Gee, carly.
I wonder why.
Carly: Well, don't let it rub
off on sonny.
If you do, i will never forgive
you, mother.
Bobbie: Is there a reason why
you don't want sonny questioning
your actions?
Carly: I can't win with you,
can I?
Bobbie: Can't pull one over
on me is more like it.
Ok, ok.
If you won't say it, i will.
I think this sudden urge to go
out house hunting is really just
a bluff to get sonny to ask
you to come back to him so that
you don't have to admit you made
a mistake by moving out
in the first place.
Carly: You don't know
anything about it at all.
I was right toeave sonny
because otherwise he was going
to look at michael and myself
like an obligation to him.
You know, a responsibility.
I n't want that for my son,
and I sure as hell don't want it
for myself.
And this way, you know,
we're a choice that sonny has
to make.
Bobbie: What if he were
to take out a full-page ad
in the newspaper.
Would you be satisfied then?
Carly: Well --
bobbie: Or if you were
to just like write it across
the sky in these big puffy
letters for the whole world
to see?
Would that make you happy?
Oh, carly, carly.
Nothing is ever enough for you.
I think you ought to try to stop
manipulating this man
into jumping through hoops
to prove that he loves you.
Carly: That's not what I'm
I am trying to do right
by evebody involved.
Bobbie: Ok, if you really
mean that, then why don't you go
to sonny right now?
Tell him you want to come back.

Stefan: It's done?
Valet: No sign helena's man
was ever in here.
Stefan: Good.
It's imperative that we not
leave a trace of our presence,
Once helena learns her man has
disappeared, she'll look
for him.
That search will eventually lead
her here.

Manager: Good evening,
mr. Schmidt.
I hope you found your suite
Jax: We're very pleased.
Thank you very much.
You know, perhaps you could help
me with something else.
Manager: I'll certainly try.
Jax: I -- i saw someone
from my terrace, a woman
i thought I recognized.
Manager: Well, there's
a mrs. Bledsow, sometimes
strolls here with her children.
Jax: Oh, no, this woman was
by herself.
She was about 5'2",
long, dark hair, dark eyes --
manager: Oh.
You could tell the color
of her eyes from your terrace?
Jax: Let's just say it was
a wild guess.
Manager: No one is staying
here at the villa who fits that
description, and the grounds are
closed to nonguests after
Jax: Oh.
Well, thanks anyway.
Manager: Maybe your eyes are
playing tricks on you.
They say this garden casts
a spell.
Good night, mr. Schmidt.
Jax: Good night.

Valet: The captain is ready
to lift anchor.
Stefan: Good.
I'm sending you and a small
staff to the retreat in greece.
Valet: Isn't that taking
a risk?
Stefan: Helena considers
the mediterranean her territory.
It would never occur to her that
i would appropriate it.
You see, my mother has always
underestimated me.
It sometimes works to
my advantage.
At any rate, you will go ahead
and prepare for my arrival.
I'll meet you after I make
a short detour to ensure that
our miss morgan is safe
from helena.
She's far too valuable to allow
her to die.
Chloe: Hey, did you see
Jax: Just the property
Chloe: Yeah?
I hope you shooed him away
and told him this was
our private world and we don't
want any intruders.
Jax: Yeah.
[Knock on door]
chloe: Sweetheart, relax.
It's just your surprise.
Jax: Sorry.
Chloe: It's ok.
Go on the terrace.
I'll come get you when it's
Jax: All right.
You're the boss.
Chloe: Ok.
Jax: Brenda?
Chloe: Hmm.
Chloe: It's ok.
You already looked.
Jax: Never hurts to be sure.
Chloe: Stop worrying.
Come inside.
I have something delicious
for you.
Manager: May I help you?
Helena: Are you the property
Manager: I am.
Helena: Well, I've heard
wonderful things about this
Would you have a suite
Perhaps -- perhaps that one
with the terrace?
Manager: Oh, I'm sorry,
We're at full occupancy.
Helena: Well, how lovely
for you, but what a shame
for me.
I guess I'll just have to settle
for your card.
Manager: Call ahead next time
and we'll do our best
to accomodate you.
Helena: I will.
Manager: May I escort you off
the grounds?
Helena: Oh, aren't you kind?
Thank you, but my car is right
over there.
Manager: Well, we hope to see
you soon.
Helena: Thank you.

Juan: I'm concerned about
Lucky: What do you think
the rest of us are?
Juan: Look, if zander
realizes his cover's blown,
emily's automatically a risk.
I say we just get this guy put
in jail where he belongs.
Emily: Well, wait a minute.
We may not have enough
for the cops, you guys.
Gia: I don't know which one
of you is going to tell me what
went on in that motel room,
but I don't even care,
but somebody better start
talking now.
Nikolas: It's nothing
you need to know.
Gia: You want to bet?
Just like I saw zander
in the parking lot at that
motel, he saw me.
Lucky: Oh, no.
Gia: Yeah, and he told me so.
After you guys left, he got
in my face, questioned me,
and stared at me until
he figured it out.
Juan: Did he threaten you?
Gia: No, I beat him
to the punch.
I pretended to be high
and threatened to throw up
on him.
Nikolas: Well, that --
that's nice.
Gia: Hey, it worked.
The point is the guy is
seriously not wired right,
and he's awfully interested
in you.
And now, by extension, me.
I want to know what's going on.
Lucky: You had an unpleasant
experience with zander.
He didn't hurt you, right?
So why don't you just go back
to wherever you live and count
the money you made tonight.
I'm willing to bet that'll make
you feel much better.
Gia: You're going
to stonewall me after I got
cornered by some freak you guys
got beef with?
You know, I didn't even have
to tell you who he was.
Nikolas: Come on.
Don't act like you did this out
of the goodness of your heart.
Ok, you offered and put up
the information.
We bought it.
End of transaction.
Gia: You know what?
From now on, stay away from me.
All of you.
Elizabeth: Just like
you stayed away from emily?
Emily: Yeah, maybe you should
think about that before
you blackmail people, you know?
Because sometimes it comes back
around and bites you
in the butt.
Gia: What a sorry pack
of losers.
Juan: Well, there's one thing
we can be grateful for.
That's the last we'll see
of her.
Lucky: I don't think so.
Elizabeth: What do you mean?
Lucky: I wasn't going to give
this to gia at first,
but she has a right to be
Zander recognized her.
If he sees her as a threat --
and he probably will -- he's
going to come after her.
Don't you guys think we owe gia
a warning?

Carly: No, going back
to sonny's is out of
the question.
Bobbie: Why?
Carly: There's mitigating
factors that i can't get
into right now.
Bobbie: Oh, carly.
This is a perfect example of how
you overcomplicate your life.
If you want to move back
in with sonny, just tell him.
Carly: If io crawling back
and begging to -- he will hold
it over my head for the rest
of my life.
Bobbie: So you -- you just
admit, this is an emotional
power play.
Carly: I don't expect
you to understand since you're
always right and i'm just
a whack job who does everything
Bobbie: Ok, fine.
It's your life.
You get to screw it up however
you want.
Carly: Thank you.
Bobbie: But the fact remains
that you are still parked
in my house while you are
twisting yourself into knots,
trying to avoid something that
should really be very simple.
And I won't put up with it much
Carly: Here comes,
what, the ultimatum?
Bobbie: Good instincts.
I'm giving you two weeks.
Carly: What happens in two
Bobbie: If you and michael
are moved back in with sonny
or in a place of your own,
I'll buy you a housewarming
If you're not,
I'm going to go to sonny.
And I'm going to tell him that
you have been manipulating him
all along.
And I will personally move
you back into the penthouse.
Carly: All right.
Michael and I will be back
in sonny's penthouse in two
weeks, but i get to decide how
to make that happen.
Sonny: Benny, hey.
I need you to make something
happen for me.
I want you to find out who
carly's realtor is and make sure
whatever offer she makes
on a house is declined.
Yeah, that's what -- that's
I want her to --
I want her to move in here
with me.

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