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General Hospital Transcript Friday 8/11/00

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"general hospital" --

mike: If he finds out that
i'm in debt to sorel, I'll lose

Elizabeth: If he thinks it's
really happening, he'll realize
it's the last thing he wants.

Jax: Helena won't get
anywhere near you, chloe.
I'll make sure of that.

Stefan: I want chloe morgan
under 24-hour guard.

Helena: I have reason
to suspect my son is alive.
Find him.

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jax: You know, I could pull
that up on the computer if you'd
Chloe: I know.
I like drawing it.
Show me where we're going.
Jax: Really?
Chloe: Yeah.
Jax: Ok.
Right there,
somewhere between fiji
and the solomon islands.
Chloe: Potato.
Jax: No, it's popato.
Chloe: Oh.
Jax: It's actually an active
Has been since the 1800s.
The original owner built a house
on the south side of the island
and -- well, it's more like
a tropical villa.
Most of the population moved
to the north side of the island,
leaving a very secluded,
very beautiful estate,
which the current owner turned
into an exclusive hotel.
Chloe: Hmm.
Where we, I'm sure,
are registered under false
Jax: Absolutely.
Thought it was about time
collins eager had a last name.
Chloe: Oh, what is it?
Jax: [German accent]
mr. And mrs. Schmidt.
Chloe: [German accent]
oh, segrid schmidt.
Jax: Segrid schmidt.
Chloe: I like it.
[Normal voice]
it sounds amazing.
How'd you find this place?
Jax: [Normal voice]
I came close to buying it one

[Knock on door]
man: Your investigator called
with an urgent message.
Jax and chloe are en route
to an island between fiji
and the solomons.
Stefan: So,
jax is trying to protect chloe
by hiding her.
He should know helena is not
so easily deterred.
Stefan: That will be all.
Bellman: This suite has been
booked by guests who should
arrive this evening.
Helena: Well, thank you.
I'd like to be left alone.
Bellman: You can't stay long.
Helena: Well, I won't be
Helena: Perfect.
Alexis: Miss me?
Ned: Life on the road sucks
when my favorite groupie's not
Alexis: Favorite?
You have others?
Ned: There is no other.
I'd give anything to see
your face.
Alexis: You know, that can be
Ned: Oh, don't tease me.
Alexis: Well, you know,
listen, I'm just an hour away,
and I would surprise you,
but I did learn my lesson
the last time.
Ned: Just get here.
Alexis: I have to go.
Ned: Hey, hey -- I love you.
Alexis: Back at you.
Sonny: Sorry about that.
Carly and michael are coming
over for dinner, and she's late
as usual.
Alexis: I need your signature
on these ortiz contracts.
Sonny: Yeah.
So, how's it going across
the hall?
You settling in?
Alexis: Actually, I'm really
starting to like it,
so if you're going to evict me
and let carly move in,
would you let me know now
so i don't get too attached?
Sonny: I told you,
carly's moving in here.
I'm working it out tonight.

Emily: Hey.
Carly: Hey.
Um, you know, I never got
to tell you, i liked your act
at the nurses' ball.
Emily: Thanks.
Carly: Yeah.
Emily: How's michael?
Carly: He is great.
He's really great.
Emily: Great.
Carly: Yeah, he's great.
Emily: So, I heard that
you moved in with bobbie.
I'm sorry that things didn't
work out with sonny.
Carly: Yeah.
You know, it was my choice.
We didn't fight or anything.
Actually, I'm going over there
for dinner tonight,
michael and I, so --
emily: Great.
Carly: How's summer?
Emily: Oh, you know,
there's actually never a dull
Carly: Really?
Mike: Hey. Hi.
Emily: Hi, mike.
Mike: Sorry I'm late.
Carly: No, that's ok.
I meant what i said, though.
You can visit michael anytime
you want, you know.
Emily: Thanks, carly.
Carly: You're welcome.
Mike: Um -- ahem.
Carly: Excuse us.
Mike: Yeah.
Listen, I got your message.
Did you get the cash from sonny?
Carly: Not yet, actually.
I was planning on asking him
for it tonight.
Mike: "Was"?
Carly: Mike, I get that
you're in a jam, but i don't
want to mess things up,
you know, between sonny and I.
I don't want this to blow up
in my face.

Lucky: What's up?
We the first here?
Emily: Actually,
elizabeth's upstairs getting
ready right now.
Lucky: Did she mention
anything to you about nikolas?
Emily: Such as?
Lucky: Like that they stopped
fighting their feelings.
I saw them kissing the other
Emily: Maybe as friends.
Lucky: No, no, you and I are
friends and we've never kissed
like this.
This was definitely
a more-than-friends kiss.
Emily: Well, whatever
you saw, i mean, i don't know,
but it obviously got to you,
didn't it?
Lucky: A little.
But I'll get past it.
It's no big deal.
Elizabeth: Hey.
Emily: Hey.
Elizabeth: How is everything
Lucky: Oh, everything's --
everything's great.
So far so good.
Elizabeth: Good.
Emily, listen to me.
Lucky's plan is going
to work, ok?
Whoever killed the undercover
cop and framed you is going
to be at the rave, and we are
going to find him.
It's all going to end tonight.
Lucky: I'm going to call
nikolas, make sure he picked up
gia without a problem.
Emily: You kissed nikolas?
Elizabeth: To make lucky
But it didn't work.
Emily: Yes, it did.
Yes, it did, elizabeth.
Elizabeth: Why?
What'd he say?
Emily: He said that he was
hurting, but that he'd probably
get over it.
Elizabeth: Ok, so i was lying
in bed last night, and just
before i fell asleep i had this
What if lucky did something
or he was with someone when
faison had him and now he feels
like he doesn't deserve me
or he couldn't tell me?
Emily: Wait, you mean
something he'd be ashamed of?
Elizabeth: I don't know.
All I know is that i've tried
to walk away and i can't
because I love him.
Lucky: Nikolas isn't
Emily: Well, do you think
he's all right?
Elizabeth: He's probably just
at the a.T.M. Picking up more
bribe money for gia.
Emily: You know, I really
don't like the fact that someone
who's helping us has been
blackmailing me for the last
Lucky: Yeah, that reminds
me -- we've got to always
remember that gia doesn't know
anything about what went
on in that motel room.
We've got to watch what we say
around her.
That goes for juan, too.
Emily: He wouldn't say
Lucky: Yeah, well,
all we need from gia is
her I.D. Of anyone she saw
outside the motel room.
Emily: Right.
Juan: Hey.
Elizabeth: Hey.
Juan: We're all set.
I got us on the guest list.
Where's nikolas and gia?
Emily: We're not sure.
Look, you guys, I know you're
not going to be wild about this
idea, but if gia all of a sudden
decides to back out,
I'm the only other person who
can I.D. Anyone who followed ted
and me to that motel.
If gia doesn't show up,
you guys, I'm going.

Carly: When sonny finds
out --
mike: But sonny is not going
to find out that you did this
for me.
Carly: But sonny always finds
out, mike, firstly.
And second, he's got to be able
to trust me.
So let me tell him.
Mike: No!
I would rather face sorel's
thugs than have my son find out
that i'm in this kind of trouble
But you know what?
Know what?
It's not your problem
because if you can't help,
I don't want you to worry.
Carly: No, no, I want
you to understand something.
Do you know the situation that
you're putting sonny in?
Mike: Yeah.
Carly: Because if sorel's
henchmen rough you up,
then sonny has to respond,
and if he doesn't, he loses
Mike: I told you, I didn't
know it was sorel!
Carly: And with your luck,
mike, then the f.B.I. Will
finally get something on sonny.
So now i got to lie to him?
Mike: I'd really appreciate
this, carly.
Carly: Well, I'm not doing it
for you.
Just so you know.
Sonny didn't -- he didn't
deserve what you did to him when
he was a kid.
And the way he is now?
The anger that he has
at himself?
That's all because you left.
But you know that, right?
Mike: You're right.
Carly: So i'm going to get
you the money, mike, but don't
come to me again.
Mike: Thanks, carly.

Alexis: I'm not a
relationship counselor.
As you know, i'm an attorney.
Sonny: Well, I don't need
Here you go.
Alexis: Thank you.
I was just wondering if you were
considering michael in any
of this because you're going
to bring him in here and make
him think that he has this
family, and then you're just
going to yank it out from under
Sonny: That won't happen.
Alexis: You're planning
to spend the rest of your life
with carly?
What if you meet somebody else?
I mean, true, I find you morally
repugnant, but i'm sure there's
someone out there that would
find you very charming.
Certainly someone that you'd
like better than carly.
Sonny: I've been in love.
It doesn't work for me.
Can't think clearly.
It interferes with my business.
Now, what carly and I have is
We have a child we both love,
we have a comfortable life,
and nobody's feelings get hurt
because nobody's heart is
on the line.
Alexis: You don't want
something more than that?
Sonny: I know what I'm doing.
Alexis: Good luck.
You'll need it.
Sonny: Oh.

Jax: The hotel's right here.
Chloe: Mm-hmm.
Jax: And the jungle is over
Chloe: It's gorgeous.
When you were thinking about
buying it, was it to turn it
into a resort?
Jax: No, the exact opposite,
I wanted a retreat,
somewhere I could get away
from the world with someone that
i loved.
Chloe: You mean brenda?
Jax: Yeah.
I -- i was going to buy it
for brenda and me.
How U.S. Gymnast vanessa atler
Chloe: Is this going to be
hard for you, taking me
someplace that you shared
with brenda?
Jax: Well, brenda and i never
actually made it.
We never got past looking
at the brochure.
And after she died, I forgot all
about that island.
Until the other day,
until I realized that we needed
a place to get away from helena.
I found myself looking at that
book that you gave me.
Chloe: On the islands
in the south pacific.
Jax: Yes.
And I remembered how much
you wanted to go.
So --
you know, asked me before
if this was going to be
a problem for me.
Is this going to be a problem
for you?
I mean, going to someplace that
i meant to go with brenda?
Chloe: No.
It looks incredible.
But you have to promise me,
if it does become difficult
for you, you tell me.
Then we go someplace else.
Jax: I'll be fine.
Come here.

Ned: Ok, I'll try to -- try
and catch it on the news
Well, thanks, it was a great
[Knock on door]
ned: Just a second.
Thank you.
Hey, sven.
Sven: You've been summoned.
Band's in the bar with a few
ladies that want to meet
eddie maine.
Ned: Oh, well, thanks,
but the only lady I'm going
to meet tonight is flying
in from port charles.
Sven: Just come down and say
Ned: No. No, thanks.
I'm going to stay here and work
on some music, and i'm going
to try to catch this piece
on the tv.
Sven: You know you're giving
rockers a bad rep here.
Ned: Jeez.
I tell you what -- when alexis
gets here, we'll try to do
something to get ourselves
Sven: Yes, please.
Johnny: Hey, michael,
good to see you.
We miss you around here.

Carly: Tell johnny you miss
him, too.
So what's for dinner?
Johnny: I don't know.
Carly: Let's go play.
Ready or not, here we are!
Here, baby, look.
Let's get this all set up
for uncle sonny, ok?
It's your new toy.
Sonny: Whoo. Hey!
Carly: Hey.
Sonny: It's about time
you showed up.
You look good.
Carly: Thank you.
Sonny: Wow.
You hungry, buddy?
Carly: He's been looking
forward to this all day.
Sonny: Yeah?
Carly: He's been asking when
he could come to uncle sonny's
ever since i told him about it.
Sonny: Yeah, I've been
looking forward to it, too.
Michael: Pooh bear's sleepy.
Sonny: It's good to have
you back -- I mean, you guys.

Emily: Wait, you guys.
Wait, come here.
Look, I know that we're running
out of time here, ok?
And it may be a risk for me
to go to that rave and try
to identify whoever killed ted,
but if gia doesn't help us,
we have no other choice.
Lucky: Emily, that choice is
so bad, it's not even
on the board.

Elizabeth: You can't
recognize the guy.
You were passed out.
Juan: Even if there was just
one, i mean.
Elizabeth: So the deck is
stacked in his favor
because he's definitely going
to recognize you.
Emily: Ok, well,
maybe if i see him,
it'll trigger something
in my subconscious.
Lucky: No, that's too big
a maybe.
Juan: Yeah, I agree.
Emily: Hey, i could wear
a disguise.
Monica: Well, hi, guys.
Elizabeth and lucky: Hi.
Monica: Oh, lucky, i saw
you at the nurses' ball,
but I didn't get a chance
to welcome you home.
It's good to see you.
Lucky: It's good to see you,
Thank you.
Emily: Um -- I thought that
you were working.
Monica: Well, I am, actually.
One of the transplant candidates
got lucky, so I only have to be
there at the beginning
and the end, so I thought I'd
get out of the hospital
for an hour.
You guys look like you are
plotting something.
Should i be concerned?
All: No.
Lucky: Not at all.
Elizabeth: Not at all.
Monica: Why am i not
Elizabeth: Ok.
Emily: Let's go outside.
Emily: All right, you guys,
look, I have an idea.
I can go up into elizabeth's
room, ok.
I can change my hair, my makeup,
what i'm wearing -- everything.
No one will even know it's me.
Juan: You're not putting
yourself in danger.
Lucky: Well, you're not going
to have to.
Was there a problem?
Juan: Like you raised
your rates?

Gia: You know, I'm going
to charge double if you guys
don't stop dissing me.
I'm doing you guys a favor,
Nikolas: You're doing a job
and getting overpaid.
Lucky: Are you clear what
we want?
Gia: To see if I recognize
anyone else who might have
caught little miss emily going
into the sex shack with
the lover boy.
What i'm not clear on is why.
Nikolas: For what i'm paying,
you don't get to ask questions,
all right?
We should go.
Elizabeth: Em, here,
take these if you want to hang
out in my room.
If not, just give them back
to tammy, ok?
Emily: Thanks.
Juan: You're not going.
Emily: I'm just going to walk
you guys out to the street.
Lucky: No, you know what?
You're going to sit tight,
and we're going to be back
as soon as we can.
Nikolas: Come on.
Gia: What did i tell
you about touching me?
Emily: Wait, you guys.
Just remember this for me, ok?
We don't know who we're dealing
with here.
This was someone that murdered
an undercover cop.
Please be safe, you guys.
Juan and lucky: Don't worry.
Elizabeth: We're going
to watch out for each other, ok?
See you.

Singer: Out of the island
into the highway
past the places
where you might have turned
Carly: Hold on here, honey.
Let me just clean up your little
face just a little bit there,
Boy, next time -- don't even
look at the floor.
We have to put garbage bags all
around the highchair next time.
Sonny: Pasta's supposed to be
messy, especially when
a 2-year-old kid's eating it.
The important thing is he's
having a good time,
right, michael?
Look at this.
Carly: I shouldn't tell
you this because you're
conceited enough about
your cooking, but michael
really -- he misses it.
Sonny: Yeah?
Carly: Yeah.
At the brownstone he'll only eat
two meals -- peanut butter
and jelly and macaroni
and cheese.
Sonny: He's got a
discriminating palate.
He knows good food when
he tastes it.
Carly: You're spoiling him.
He's going to refuse to eat
his snack at preschool.
Sonny: Oh --
when does preschool start?
Carly: Couple weeks.
Sonny: Right.
Carly: They want the parents
or responsible adults to --
to go to this orientation ahead
of time and get together,
you know, and then to go
with the kids the first day.
Sonny: Yeah.
Carly: Did you still want
to do that?
Sonny: Yeah, yeah, I filled
out the form.
Carly: Did you?
Sonny: Sent it in, you know?
Yeah, because, you know,
I'm looking forward to it.
Carly: I appreciate that.
Sonny: No problem.
I mean, michael matters to me.
Carly: Well, that's good
because uncle sonny matters
to you, too, huh, baby?
Isn't that right?
He's got to be getting tired,
sonny, you know.
Oh, yummy.
I've got his p.J.S in the bag
over here.
I thought maybe, you know,
we could change him, and then
that way i won't have to wake
him up when we get back
to the brownstone.
Sonny: Yeah, why don't I just
put him up to sleep
in the crib -- if you want.
You know what I'm saying?
Carly: Yeah.
Yeah, I have some -- something
that i want to discuss with you.
Sonny: Ok.
I'll go ahead --
I'll get him.
Carly: Make sure he's
Sonny: Oh, it'll dry tonight.
Did you get his -- a book?
Carly: Yeah, yeah.
Guess what book he wanted.
Sonny: Oh, let me guess --
the boat one.
Carly: No, not just the boat
The boat one that uncle sonny
got for him.
Sonny: Yeah?
Carly: Yeah.
Sonny: How do you do this?
Carly: Oh, you forgot.
Pull. Ready?
Sonny: Pull.
There we go.
Carly: That's sort
of it, but --
sonny: There you go.
Carly: Well, maybe we could
just lift him out of it.
Sonny: There you go.
Carly: Oh! Big boy.
Sonny: Got to do that
and you got to get him here.
Carly: I'm hopeless.
Sonny: There you go.
Come on, buddy.
Get the bag.
Carly: Yeah, get uncle sonny
nice and pastaed up.
Sonny: It's all pastaed up.
What are you talking about?

Tammy: Seven, eight,
nine, and 10.
Thanks, monica.
Monica: Thank you.
You know, the apple crisp always
reminds me of ruby.
Tammy: That's what everyone
Monica: Ok, thanks.
Oh, mike. Hi.
Mike: Monica, how are you?
Tammy: Hey.
Mike: Hey.
Tammy: Where have you been?
Mike: I was in earlier.
Tammy: I was probably
upstairs leaving another
You know, I keep thinking
sorel's men have caught up
with you.
So where are you staying?
Mike: I think it's best that
you don't know.
Besides, we're not going to have
to worry about sorel much
Carly's going to help me out.
Tammy: Oh.
You're counting way too much
on carly.
There's no reason for her to put
herself out for you.
Mike: No, but she'll put
herself out for sonny.
That's why she'll get me
the money -- because it's a way
to help him.
This is going to work.
Monica: Well, what are
you doing here?
I thought you'd left
with your friends.
Emily: Oh, no, they went
to a party and i wasn't
in the mood.
Monica: You feel ok?
Emily: Yeah, just not social.
Monica: Would it be
because juan was going?
Because I know you've had some
sort of a disagreement.
Do you feel like telling me
about it?
Emily: We both made some
stupid mistakes.
I would give anything to take
them back.
Monica: Well, welcome
to the world of relationships.
Really, adulthood in general.
You want to know what I have
Emily: Isn't that what moms
are for?
Monica: Absolutely.
Once you accept a mistake has
been made, which is usually
the hardest part of the whole
thing, you have to deal
with the consequences
of your actions and then
you just move on.
Emily: That's what I'm doing.
That's what we're both doing.
It's just it's hard, you know?
I mean, I know juan still has
feelings for me.
Monica: Yes, i know he does.
Emily: You -- you do?
Monica: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Oh, well, I mean, I didn't like
juan at first.
You know that.
But I have seen how devoted
he has been to you,
and, well, he's kind of won me
You want to know a little secret
about men?
There's not one perfect one
in the lot.
Emily: Unlike women, right?
Monica: Definitely unlike
Emily: Right.
Monica: Now, you take
your father.
Now, half the time i just want
to strangle him.
But I think about when i first
laid eyes on him and,
warts and all, i knew there
would never be another man
in the world for me.
Emily: I know what you mean.
I mean, no matter how mad I get
at juan, i still could never
imagine feeling that way about
another guy.
Monica: Then i suggest
you follow your heart.
Emily: Thank you, mom.
Now, um,
I have a serious
question for you.

[Music plays]
lucky: Hey, guys, we need
a plan before we go in there.
All right, we'll split up.
Be cool.
You know, let it drop that
you're looking for ted.
You saw him at the last rave,
you want to see him again.
Keep it vague.
And remember, always keep one
of us in sight at all times.
Any questions?
Gia: I have one.
Lucky: You don't count.

Juan: Look, I'm on it.
Nikolas: Uh-uh, uh-uh.
I promised that I'd
be your date.
Gia: I'm not on a date.
Nikolas: Look, I will --
I will stay with gia,
ok, to make sure she stays
focused on her job.
Lucky: You know what?
Why don't I take gia?
Nikolas: Because I'm
your brother and i wouldn't do
that to you, ok?
Lucky: Well, I --
elizabeth: Lucky, now that
we've got a second alone,
sort of, there's something
you need to know.
When you saw me and nikolas
kissing outside of kelly's, I --
lucky: No, you know what?
I'm glad.
It's totally cool.
Elizabeth: No, it's not.
We did it on purpose.
We knew that you'd see,
and I wanted to make
you jealous.
Don't you see what you're making
me do?
I'm playing games, lucky.
We promised we would never do
Or did all of our promises burn
up in the fire?

[Music plays]
girl: Do i know you?
Juan: No, I'm pretty sure I'd
Maybe you guys can help me.
I'm looking for a guy I met
at the last rave.
His name is ted.
He has short, blond hair
and drives a black trans am.
Girl: Wait a minute.
I know.
Juan: You remember him?
Girl: No, I know where we've
seen you before.
You're a singer, right?
You opened for eddie maine.
Second girl: Oh, my god, yes!
And I heard your interview
on wpcu.
Juan, right?
Juan: Yeah, right.
Listen, I --
girl: You rule.
Juan: Thanks, but, you know,
I really need to find this guy

Gia: I don't recognize
You know, this job's getting
to be a lot more trouble than
its worth.
What if I quit?
Nikolas: I'll have to call
mrs. O'lear and let her know
that we got into a terrible
fight at a party and she needs
to come pick you up.
Back to work.
Gia: What part of "no" do
you not understand?
Lucky: Look, whatever
your reason was for kissing
nikolas, you guys belong
One of these days you're going
to realize that, and when
you do, please know that i'm
happy for you.
Elizabeth: Stop telling me
how I feel.
Lucky: You know what,
This is actually bad timing.
We have to find the killer.
Elizabeth: You're right.
This isn't helping emily.
Elizabeth: Lucky, i --
boy: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm sorry, i don't mean
to intrude, but are -- are
you ok?
Elizabeth: Yeah.
Boy: Yeah, probably just
your allergies, huh?
Elizabeth: Yeah, right.
Oh. Thanks.
Boy: Hey, my name's zander.
Elizabeth: Zander?
Zander: Zander, yeah,
with a z -- as in this place is
a zoo.
Elizabeth: Elizabeth.
It's nice to meet you.
Hey, maybe you can help me.
I'm looking for a friend.

Emily: Is there something
that you're not telling me?
I mean, I overheard you and dad
discussing something about
a doctor's appointment?
Monica: Oh, no, it's just
the opposite.
I'm fine.
I'm really, actually,
better than fine.
I'm in perfect health, to tell
you the truth.
I know that because a specialist
told me, and he happens to be
a specialist in helping women
my age get pregnant.
Your dad and i have decided
we want to be parents again.
So, that's what all
the appointments have been
Are you very embarrassed?
Emily: No.
No, but the doctor's all right
with this?
Monica: Yeah, seems to think
it's worth a try.
Emily: Wow, a baby?
Monica: You think I'm crazy.
Emily: No, I don'T.
I mean, if you and dad want
to have a baby, it just takes
all the focus off me.
Monica: Well, now, come on.
But really, you don't --
you don't have reservations
about your dad and i being
parents again?
Emily: No. No.
Not at all.
You and dad are the best parents
in the entire world.
Monica: Well --
emily: I mean, you took me
into your home and your hearts
when i thought i had absolutely
nothing left.
You loved me and supported me
through all of my mistakes.
And trust me, my little brother
or sister's going to feel
the exact same way.

Mike: You know, the last
woman in the world that I would
have picked for sonny is carly.
I mean, I wouldn't have wished
that nightmare on my worst
But, you know, i'm seeing
Against all odds, carly seems
to be the woman that makes
my son happy.
And that's all i want, you know?
Sonny deserves it.
Tammy: Carly sold jason up
the river every time he turned
around, and she loved him.
Mike: Yeah, but this is going
to work out.
Tammy: Well, if carly's
so right for sonny,
do you really think it's a good
thing asking her to lie to him?
Mike: If it'll protect him,

Carly: Oh, you've still got
the touch.
Sonny: What?
Carly: He goes right to sleep
for you.
Sonny: I told you, it's a guy
Carly: It's not a guy thing!
Sonny: No?
Carly: It's a room thing.
Sonny: Right.
Carly: He just feels more
comfortable in that room than
he does anywhere else
in the world.
Thank you.
Sonny: Well, I'm glad he
thinks of this place as home.
Carly: Uh --
I need to talk to you about
something that you sort
of mentioned before.
Sonny: Mm-hmm?
Carly: You know, the thing
with bobbie at the brownstone.
It's really not working out,
you know, and michael's starting
preschool and it's sort
of putting a time crunch on me,
and I need to find a real place
to live, you know, so I can stop
thinking about that
and concentrate on michael
because preschool can be --
it can be really hard for kids,
you know, especially
if they haven't been around
other children at all.
And eventually he's going
to make good friends and he's
going to want them to come over
to the house and have
play dates, you know, and things
like that.
And like i said, living
with bobbie's sort of like
a slow torture for us.
I mean, it's really not working.
So, that's why i need to ask
you a favor --
it's kind of a big one.
Sonny: Whatever you need.

Tv reporter: Coming up next,
adventures in remodeling
as an amazed homeowner finds
a litter of kittens --
[knock on door]
tv reporter: Living inside
a wall and redesigns his family
room to make a place
for their --
[ned mutes tv]
ned: Just a minute.
Ned: Hello.
Alexis: Am i safe?
Any reporters?
Ned: Only one under the bed,
a couple in the closet.
Alexis: Oh, see you
in the lobby.
Ned: No, no.
The interview was this morning.
There's no one here but me.
Alexis: That's a good thing
because being photographed
in my teddy once in a lifetime
is more than enough.
Ned: I told you that footage
in detroit would die a natural
death, and of course it did --
one airing, never to be seen
And how was your day?
Alexis: Busy, lonely.
How was yours?
Ned: Oh, the same,
until you called and said
you were going to be here.
Would you like to sit down
on the bed and rest from this
long, arduous journey?
Alexis: Hmm.
Yeah, flying from port charles
to philadelphia is -- ooh,
it's really far.
You know, I'm feeling much
better now.
Ned: How's this?
[Tv plays]
tv reporter: Eddie maine
and the idle rich will be
in concert at patriot hall
for two nights only,
starting tomorrow.
Ned: Oh.
Guess I missed the piece
on the band.
Well, no great loss.
So, have i ever told
you how stunningly attractive
you look in a teddy?
Alexis: Hmm.
Only if you're the only one that
sees it.

Stefan: You have the fax
in front of you?
Yes, i want you there
Well, if you have questions
about the location -- no?
All right.
Now, ms. Morgan is of use to me.
She is in grave danger
from my mother.
Oh, that's no concern of yours.
You should know that when helena
wants someone dead, they usually
end up that way.
[Helena hums]
[voices approach]
maid: I'll turn down the bed.
Second maid: Ok.
Are they in the lobby?
First maid: I think so, yes.
Chloe: Oh, jax.
Bellman: Will there be
anything else, sir?
Jax: I think we're fine.
Jax: So what do you think?
Chloe: It's perfect.
Jax: Yeah.
Stefan: I want you
to understand that protecting
chloe morgan is the most
important assignment you will
ever receive.
You will treat it as such.
I want to hear from you when
you are one hour outside
your destination.
That's correct.

Sonny: Well, I agree michael
should be settled before school
Carly: Ok.
This is hard for me to do.
But you did offer to help.
I found a house that i like
and I need for $40,000
for a down payment.
[Music plays]
boy: Yeah! Yeah!
Second boy: Whoo!
All right!
Third boy: Oh, yeah!
zander: Instead of looking
for an old friend, why not make
a new one?
Elizabeth: Does that line
usually work?
Zander: It was worth a shot.
You know, as soon as i saw
you tonight, i wanted to know
you better.
Elizabeth: Really?
For any particular reason?
Zander: Oh, I get
your secret.
See, you're only pretending
to be a good girl.
You're really a rebel.
Gia: This is useless.
Nikolas: Well, ok,
look, keep looking, all right?
People are still coming in.
Gia: You just love to give
orders, don't you?
I think that's him.
Nikolas: Where?
Gia: The one with elizabeth.
Yeah, I'm positive.
That's the guy i saw
at the parking lot at the motel.
Elizabeth: All right,
now that you've uncovered
my inner rebel, maybe you can
help me.
Zander: Is this going to be
Elizabeth: I'm stl looking
for my friend.
Sandy blond hair.
His name is ted.

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Nikolas: We've got
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Elizabeth: You think I'm
lying to you?
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Chloe: It looks like we took
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