GH Transcript Thursday 8/10/00


General Hospital Transcript Thursday 8/10/00

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"general hospital" --

gia: As far as I can see,
we're even.

Nikolas: What's the plan?
Lucky: Assuming sherry says
yes, we'll all go to the rave
Elizabeth: Except emily.

Jax: Is helena going to get
rid of chloe?
Andreas: Get chloe out
of port charles, out
of the country.

A.J.: You know, you don't
have to arrest me to keep me
hannah: Go home.

Alan: I just don't want
to lose you.

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chloe: Hey.
Tony, thank you for seeing us
on such short notice.
Tony: Are you ok?
You're not scheduled for another
appointment till next week.
Jax: Well, there's something
that we thought you should know
Tony: Oh, ok.
Well, sit down.
Chloe: Thanks.
Tony: I do have to tell
you that being your doctor has
given me a lot of points
with the nurses because they've
all read the newspaper articles
about your new fashion line.
Chloe: Oh, good.
I can't tell you how nice it is
to be back at work full-time.
Tony: So, not too tiring,
Chloe: No.
Physically i've been great,
and the headaches are way less
and much less severe.
Tony: Good.
I just saw your latest test
results, and the medication's
working even better than i'd
expected, so you should be
symptom-free very soon.
Jax: Well there's been
a complication.
Chloe: Tony, I had another
psychic flash about helena.
Only this time i wasn't
I was wide awake.
Tony: And what did you see?
Chloe: She had a knife
to my throat.
She was going to kill me.

Monica: Hello.
Audrey: Hello.
Monica: What?
Audrey: Well, it's just good
to see you looking so happy.
Monica: Oh.
I haven't felt this good
in i don't know how long.
And it's because of
dr. Townsend.
He's given me such hope.
Audrey: Oh, so you've decided
to go ahead with the fertility
treatments after all.
Monica: I start today.
He is so reassuring about me
getting pregnant.
Audrey: You know, the last
time i spoke with alan,
he seemed to have some
Monica: Oh, well, that was
about the doctor, not the baby.
Audrey: The doctor?
Monica: Mm-hmm.
Audrey: Well, didn't alan
choose dr. Townsend?
Monica: Yes, he did.
And he had to hound me to go
to the appointment.
And then i went, and then
the tables turned.
Audrey: Well, what happened?
Monica: Alan met
dr. Townsend.
Young dr. Townsend.
[Audrey laughs]
monica: All he saw was this
young hunk who was going to get
intimately involved with our sex
Audrey: So alan's just
a little threatened, huh?
Monica: Yeah, but once i'm
pregnant, he's going to be
After all, he is a quartermaine
They can't get enough of family.

Hannah: Your call sounded
urgent, but everything seems
Edward: Well, looks can be
Hannah: Is this some kind
of a joke?
Why did you call in the F.B.I.?
Edward: I'm sorry to report
that there has been a breach
in the federal securities laws.
And it's a very sad day for this
family, I can tell you.
Because, you see, my grandson is
involved in insider trading.
Hannah: A.J.?
You can't be serious.
Edward: Oh.
I've never been more serious
in my life, and I want
you to arrest him.

Taggert: What's this?
Dara: Next time you put
a file back, make sure you take
all the loveotes to agent
scott off first.
Taggert: No problem.
Anything else?
Dara: I just hope you know
what you're getting yourself
into, that's all.
Taggert: If this is about
my personal life, it's
Dara: I just don't want
you to get hurt, that's all.
Hannah is trouble.
You know that.
Taggert: If you want
to discuss hannah to me
professionally, I'll listen.
Otherwise, i'm not interested.
Dara: You can really forget
about the connection
to corinthos?
Taggert: Past history.
Damn it.
What's wrong with you?
Dara: And what about
her relationship with A.J.?
There's obviously something
going on there.
Taggert: Really?
Dara: Yeah.
Are you so caught up on hannah
that you can't see what's right
in front of you?
She is dating you and playing
a.J. At the same time.
Taggert: You know what?
Well, that must be a pattern
of mine because I sure missed it
when you and i were seeing each
other and you had something
going on with justus.
Mac: Problem?
Dara: No.
Taggert and I just seem to be
working at cross-purposes these
days, that's all.
Mac: Yeah, well, it must be
rough on you, seeing him
with hannah.
Dara: I just want to see him
happy, that's all.
Hannah doesn't have a good track
record with men.
Mac: You think taggert's
relationship with hannah's
affecting his job?
Dara: I'm not a good person
to ask.
Mac: I trust your opinion,
and I need you to be honest.

Elizabeth and emily: Hey.
Emily: Have you seen juan?
Elizabeth: No.
Emily: Ok, good, I'm not too
How do i look?
Elizabeth: Great, why?
Emily: Yeah? Ok.
Juan's meeting sherry today
to ask her if she'll go to that
rave with him to i.D. Any
of ted's friends.
She always looks really hot.
Elizabeth: Well, so do you.
Emily: Thanks.
Elizabeth: So, you honestly
think sherry's going to help
you guys?
Emily: Well, I mean, she'd do
anything for juan.
Elizabeth: I thought you were
ok with this.
Emily: Yeah, I thought I was,
too -- until gia backed out
of everything and she won't help
us, so sherry's our only hope.
Elizabeth: But?
Emily: But I -- i just --
I can't stop imagining
her and juan at l&b, you know,
when they were making out.
Elizabeth: But don't
you believe juan when he says
nothing happened?
Emily: Yeah, but, i mean,
something could happen again.
Elizabeth: Hey, juan only has
eyes for you.
Emily: I know, I know.
And I --
honestly, I have no right to be
I'm the one thatold him
i didn't want a serious
relationship, that i just wanted
to take it slow.
Elizabeth: Trust me,
juan wouldn't give sherry
the time oday if he didn't
believe it was helping you.
Emily: Yeah.
He's been really, really
amazing, you know, ever since
i told him what happened
with ted and how i woke up
in the motel room.
Elizabeth: Well, how do
you still feel about him?
Emily: I still love him.
I haven't stopped, you know?
I mean, we both -- we both hurt
each other, but so much has
So much has changed.
Sherry: Hey, emily.
Emily: Sherry.
Sherry: Seen juan?
Emily: No.
Sherry: He called and asked
me to meet him.
Emily: Well, then i'm sure
he'll be here.
Elizabeth: You know,
why don't you take a seat.
I'll bring you some water.
Sherry: Thanks.
See you.
Emily: Yeah.
Emily: Elizabeth --
I can't believe that awful girl
is my only hope.

Boy: I win.
Girl: Did not!
Boy: Did, too.
Did, too, didn't i, gia?
Gia: Beats me.
I wasn't at the finish lin
you guys want some drinks?
Boy: Yeah.
Girl: Yeah, I want the orange
Boy: I want the apple one.

Chloe: Jax and I had been
in the park.
It had been a perfect evening.
I was as hpy as I could be,
ani was wide awake.
Suddenly, I had a vision.
I saw myself sleeping in a room.
And then someone was coming
toward me, carrying a knife.
I could feel the cold metal
of that knife on my throat.
It was helena.
She was trying to kill me.
Jax: Tony, do you think that
this could be a side effect
of the new medication?
Tony: It's possible
the medication set up a chemical
reaction in a portion
of the brain, and that would
cause the hallucinogenic effect,
or it would keep stimulating
the premonitions that you've
already had.
Chloe: So, is this what
i have to look forward
to the rest of my life?
Tony: No.
As you heal, all these incidents
should disappear.
And you're almost ready to begin
the new radiation treatment,
and that will completely
eliminate all these symptoms.
Jax: Well, that's
Tony: Actually, before
our next appointment, I think
i'm going to do some research
and I'll try to ha some
answers for you, all right?
Chloe: Ok, thank you.
Thanks so much, tony.
Tony: Sure. Bye.
Jax and chloe: Bye.
Chloe: Jax, if these
premonitions are my only defense
against helena, I don't know
if we should be so anxious
for me to get rid of them.

Monica: No, I mean, my fear
about getting pregnant was
the fact that I'd had cancer.
But dr. Townsend and
my oncologist have said there's
no risk.
Audrey: You know,
you and alan are going to be
setting up a nursery and serving
on school committees when most
of your friends are going to be
planning for retirement.
Monica: That's exciting.
I mean, look what elizabeth has
brought into your life since
she's moved in with you.
Audrey: Oh, it's been
Of course.
Oh, but she was so much older.
I mean, I'm not sure i could
ha handled those early years.
Monica: I know.
I know we're going to need some
But, audrey, alan and I have
gotten so much closer since
we've decided to have a baby.
That's worth everything to me.

Edward: A quartermaine
in the slammer.
Think what the newspapers will
do with that.
You know, this --
this disgrace could kill lila.
Hannah: A.J.'S not arrested
yet, let alone convicted.
Edward: He will be.
Now, unless you take charge
of this case today, I'm going
to contact the f.B.I. In
washington directly.
Hannah: This doesn't make any
Every time i run into A.J.,
He's done all he can to lose
money, not make a killing.
Edward: My dear young lady,
I'm afraid you have allowed
your personal sympathies
for my grandson to cloud
your professional judgment, huh?
Hannah: Are you sure you're
not using the F.B.I. To bend
a.J. To your will?
Edward: Look, he stood
in this very room and
he swindled me out of
a worthless internet company.
And I handed it over to him,
and the stock turned to gold
and posted record returns.
A.J. Had insider information,
and he used it against me.
Hannah: Maybe he simply
guessed correctly.
Edward: Oh, come.
Nobody gets rich by accident.
And A.J. Grows richer every day.
The profits from that company
belong to me, and I want them.
Hannah: So fight it out
with a.J., Then, because this is
a family matter, not a federal
Edward: So you're refusing
to make the arrest?
Hannah: You're actually going
to press charges?
Edward: I thought that was
Hannah: So you'd ruin
your grandson's life over money.
Edward: A.J. Has ruined
his own life.
Now, look, if he is locked up
behind bars, at least he won't
be able to do any more harm.
Hannah: Yes, out of sight,
out of mind.
Edward: How dare you.
I demand a full-fledged
Hannah: Personally, I think
your whole family's crazy.
But I'll give this matter due
Edward: Thank you.
Hannah: Good day.
Edward: Good day.

Dara: I'm not exactly
unbiased when it comes
to hannah.
Mac: I'm not asking you about
Dara: Too bad.
In my book, she definitely lets
her person life affect
her work.
Mac: Dara, I'm interested
in taggert.
I'm concerned about the way he's
handled recent investigations.
Dara: I know you
and he disagree on the cassadine
But taggert is a pro.
Whatever's going on
in his pernal life, it's not
affecting his work, ok?
Mac: Yeah, well, it better
I'm getting pressure
from the mayor's office on this
case and the disappearance
of the undercover cop.
I don't need any departmental
problems, ok?
Taggert: Pcpd.
Mac -- maxie, line three.
Mac: Thanks.
How you doing?
You won a blue ribbon
in the horse show?
Yeah, of course I want to see
When's the rodeo?
I'm absolutely free that
Sure, yeah.
Give georgie a hug for me.
Tell your mom I said hi.
I miss you, too.

alan: Monica --
edward: Alan, I need to have
a word with you.
Alan: I'm sorry, i don't have
I've got to meet monica
at the fertility specialist.
Edward: Oh, alan.
If you and monica spent more
time with the children
you already have, then
a.J. Wouldn't be on his way
to prison.
Alan: Oh, no.
Not another drunk driving
Edward: No, no, no.
It w no accident, and I'm
sorry to report that
the F.B.I. Had to be called in.
Alan: Oh, my god.
Have you contacted our
Edward: No attorney can help
him now because it's
an open-and-shut case.
Alan: Why do i get
the feeling that you're up
to something?
Edward: Wh--
A.J. Left me no choice, alan.
I was forced to turn him
in to the feds.
Alan: For what?
Edward: Insider trading.

A.J.: All work, no play puts
hannah right in my court.
Taggert: She's not here, A.J.
A.J.: She will be.
Taggert: You know what, a.J.?
Go play somewhere else.
The pcpd doesn't have time
to fit you into their schedule
A.J.: What's up, taggert?
All out of handcuffs?
Taggert: No one's going
to handcuff you to a chair
today, a.J., So you can harass
agent scott again.
A.J.: I had the distinct
impression she enjoyed it.
That's why she's asked me
to meet her here today.
In fact, you know what?
I'm just going to hang out right
over here.
Taggert: Why don't you wait
outside, all right?
The squad room is for
professional police business.
Hannah: He is police
A.J.: Told you.
He was going to throw me out.
Taggert: You asked to see
Hannah: Yes.
Can I have a word with
you privately?

A.J.: Your place or mine?
Juan: Be right back.
Emily: Sherry's here.
Juan: Everything is going
to be all right.
Thanks for meeting me.

Sherry: I have to admit,
you've got me curious.
Juan: Why don't we sit
Sherry: We'll have more
privacy, that's for sure.
Emily: Hmm.
Wait a minute.
Why are they going outside?
Now I can't hear anything
they're saying.
Juan: So, like i said
on the phone, I need your help.
Sherry: Name it.
Juan: I need to I.D. Someone,
a guy that was probably
at the rave the night that
we were all there.
Sherry: I know most
of the regulars.
What does he look like?
Juan: Well, that's just it.
I don't know.
I was hoping you could go
to the rave with me and point
out anyone that might have been
hanging out with ted.
Sherry: Ted?
The guy emily took off with?
Juan: Yeah.
We think someone might have
a grudge against him.
Sherry: You're helping emily
and her new boyfriend track
someone down?
Juan: Emily's not seeing him.
Sherry: Let me guess.
You and emily are back together.
Juan: Not like you mean.
Look, I still have feelings
for emily, and i don't want
you think that because
i called you i'm --
sherry: Yeah, I get
the picture.
Juan: I know i led
you on before, and i'm sorry.
And I probably have no right
to ask you for help.
Sherry: It's ok.
Juan: So you'll go
to the rave with me?
Sherry: I can'T.
Juan: I wouldn't ask
you if it wasn't important.
Sherry: I'd help if I could,
But I'm grounded.
I came home high a few nights
ago, and i was really out of it
the next morning.
My mother caught on and laid
down the law.
No parties, no raves, nothing.
If it weren't for my summer job,
she probably wouldn't even let
me out of the house.
That's the only reason i was
able to meet you.
I'm on my way to work.
Juan: I understand.
Sherry: I hope you find who
you're looking for.
Juan: Thanks.
Sherry: It was really good
to see you.
When you get over emily,
call me.

Emily: Hey.
What'd she say?
Juan: She can'T.
She's grounded.
Emily: What?
Juan, sherry was our last hope.
What are we going to do now?

Gia: Ok, you guys can go
on the swings.
Boy: Ok.
Gia: But stay where i can see
And no fighting.
Boy: Ok.
Nikolas: Two great kids.
Gia: Are you following me?
Nikolas: Actually, no, I was
here first.
Gia: Oh, get a life.
Nikolas: You know what?
I have a proposition for you.
Gia: First the blond guy
breaks into my room
and threatens me, and now you're
propositioning me?
Look, I'm working.
Get lost.
Nikolas: I can make it worth
your while.

lucky: Hey.
I just got your message.
How'd it go with sherry?
Juan: It didn'T.
Elizabeth: She's grounded.
Emily: Yeah.
I can't believe everything's
working against us.
Lucky: Well, we'll just have
to do the detective work
ourselves, that's all.
Elizabeth: But how?
Lucky: Well, we'll split up
at the rave.
We'll question everybody that's
there about ted.
Emily: What are they going
to tell you?
I mean, he's dead, so no one's
seen him.
Lucky: He was an undercover
He had to make it a point
to know some of the regulars.
Emily: I have a better idea,
you guys.
Why don't you let me go?
Juan: No way.
Lucky: No.
Elizabeth: Absolutely not.
That's too dangerous, em.
Emily: You guys,
listen to me -- listen.
I'm the only one in this group
who may have seen the killer,
If i go to the rave, i may
recognize him or her.
Juan: That works the other
way, too.
The killer could recognize you.
Emily: I got you guys
into this mess.
I want to help.
Lucky: We're in this
to protect you.
Now, if you go to that rave
and the killer spots you,
all bets are off.
So you got to promise me that
you're going to stay away
from there.
Let us handle this.

Gia: I don't know what
your buddy told you, but i am
not that kind of girl.
Nikolas: This is not that
kind of proposition.
Gia: I think you're missing
the point.
I don't work for peanuts.
Nikolas: I could sweeten
the deal.
You want to know what the job is
or not?
Gia: I know what the job is.
I go with you to the next rave
and see if i recognize some guy.
Nikolas: Someone who might've
followed emily and the guy that
she went to the motel with.
Gia: Why are you
so interested in finding this
Nikolas: Look, I'll pay
you $500 just for a couple hours
of your time.
No questions asked.
Gia: 500?
I don't think you heard me
Nikolas: Take it or leave it.
Gia: Bye.
Nikolas: So, how long will it
take you to earn that kind
of money working as an au pair?
Mrs. O'lear: Oh, I thought
i might find you and
the children here.
Gia: Yeah, they're over there
having a great time
on the swings.
Mrs. O'lear: So i see.
Aren't you going to introduce
Gia: Yeah, sure.
Nikolas: I'm a friend
of gia's.
Nikolas cassadine.
Actually, just trying
to convince gia to go to a party
with me friday night.
Mrs. O'lear: Well,
that's her night off.
It's time you had some fun.
Nikolas: Told you it was
going to work out.
Mrs. O'lear: You know,
I've decided to take the kids
to a matinee.
Gia: Oh, they'll probably
need to go home and get cleaned
up first.
Mrs. O'lear: Oh,
well, I'll take them.
You and nikolas enjoy
the afternoon.
Nikolas: Thank you.
Mrs. O'lear: No problem.
Gia: That's an extra hundred
for the grope.
Nikolas: Talk about
Gia: Take it or leave it.
Nikolas: Are we on
for the rave?
Gia: I'll take the hundred
as a down payment.

Alexis: Bonsai tree.
Chloe: I was thinking about
getting you a puppy.
Alexis: It's better that
you got me the bonsai tree.
So this, i understand,
needs special handling?
Chloe: Care instructions are
on the card.
They say that raising one can be
a meditative experience,
and I thought we both could use
a little bit of that to calm
our nerves.
Alexis: More helena
Chloe: No, not since the one
in the park where I saw
her about to slit my throat.
Alexis: What does tony think
about all of this?
Does he think that you're seeing
these things because of this new
Chloe: He thinks that's
a possibility.
He also thinks that these
visions are going to end as soon
as i stop treatment.
Alexis: Well, that's a good
thing, right?
Chloe: I don't know.
As long as i can predict what
helena's going to do,
maybe we can stop her from doing
any more harm.
Alexis: What are you saying?
Chloe: I'm saying maybe --
maybe I should ask tony if i can
stop the medication.
Alexis: And risk losing
your eyesight?
Chloe: Well, no, just stop
the treatment for a while,
just so we can see what she's up
Alexis: We know what she's up
She's trying to kill you --
which is why you need to leave
town so she finds herself
another target.
Chloe: You think what i saw
is real?
Alexis: You're making it very
hard not to think that.
I don't want you taking any
chances because I have seen what
helena can do.
And if she wants you out
of her way, she will not
hesitate to do them to you.

Alan: You charged your own
flesh and blood with insider
Have you completely lost
your mind?
Edward: It's called tough
love, alan.
It's something you should have
practiced with a.J. Years ago.
Alan: One evil patriarch
in this family is enough.
I'm not going to let you destroy
my son.
Edward: Your son robbed me
of an internet company, and it
cost me a fortune.
Alan: He beat you at your own
There's no crime in that.
Edward: Oh, really?
We'll let the F.B.I. Be
the judge.
Alan: The idea of A.J. Being
involved in insider tradg --
You are going to be the butt
of jokes in the investment
community for years to come.
Edward: What are you doing?
Are you going to warn A.J.?
Alan: He doesn't need any
help from me.
You said he wasn't any good
at business.
He showed you.
Edward: You're going to be
sending care packages to that
crook up in pentonville before
i'm through with him.
You'll see.

Hannah: A.J., Charges have
been made against you.
A.J.: Really?
So, who's out to get me this
Is it him?
Taggert: Don't tempt me.
Hannah: You've been accused
of insider trading.
Taggert: Oh, hey.
Federal offense.
That should be good for a long
A.J.: Yeah, look.
Can we get a little privacy
[Taggert sighs]
A.J.: All right,
so, who brought the charges?
Carly? Sonny?
Hannah: Your grandfather.
A.J.: That sly old dog
playing cupid again.
Hannah: No, maybe you're not
comprehending the seriousness
of this.
A.J.: No, no, you're not
You see, grandfather sees what
everyone does.
I think he's just trying to help
out our little romance.
Hannah: There is no romance.
A.J.: But it's in the air.
Come on, can't you feel it?
Hannah: A.J., Your
grandfather's not playing games.
A.J.: All right,
look, I admit that, you know,
charging me with insider trading
is a little extreme,
even for him.
But the quartermaines have never
been known for their subtlety.
Hannah: Yes, i've noticed.
A.J.: Ok, so when do we start
this interrogation, huh?
You want to pat me down, huh?
Hannah: That won't be
A.J.: I'm ready to assume
the position when you are.

Emily: Look, you guys,
it's worth the risk if i can
identify the killer.
Lucky: Wait a minute.
Here comes our star witness
right now.
Elizabeth: It's her.
Nikolas: Everybody, meet gia.
Emily: Would you mind
if i called you blackmailer?
Gia: Fine.
Would you prefer underaged slut
or teenaged druggie?
Juan: Hey, knock it off.
Nikolas: Every time you make
a crack like that, it's going
to cost you 50 bucks.
Gia: And every time you try
to cop a feel, my price goes up
Lucky: So, what, you suddenly
just got a conscience?
Gia: You ought to take
lessons from this guy.
He knows how to get what
he wants.
Lucky: Nice work.
Gia: Well, if it isn't
the census taker.
Looks like i'm not the only scam
artist in the room.
Elizabeth: The name's
Gia: Everyone call you liz
for short?
Elizabeth: Never.
Gia: Ooh, touchy.
Emily: Look, you guys,
do we really need to do this?
I mean --
gia: What's your problem,
You've got all these guys
watching out for you, and you're
still not happy.
So, which one's your boyfriend?
My money's on the blond.
Lucky: Nice try.
Elizabeth: We're all
friends -- something
you obviously know nothing
Gia: Every putdown will cost
you another hundred.
Emily: Wait a minute.
You're paying her?
Nikolas: Look, if gia can
help us find the person that
we're looking for, it's worth
every penny.
Anybody disagree?
Gia: Looks like i'm in.

Monica: Oh -- are there any
side effects to the fertility
treatments i should know about?
Dale: No.
But if you have any problems,
you have my numbers.
Use them.
Monica: Do you give all
your patients this kind
of attention?
Dale: Well, I try, but not
all my patients have
your positive attitude.
Monica: Well, you've given me
a lot of confidence
because I really -- I have
to admit, I started off thinking
impossible for me to get
Dale: I have a feeling
you won't have a problem this
Monica: Well, with your help,
but --
Alan: I'm so sorry.
I think I must have missed all
the fun.
Monica: Hello.
Alan: Hello.
Could you excuse us
for a minute?
Dale: Of course.
You take care.
Monica: Yeah.
Could you have been any ruder?
Alan: Are you so busy making
goo-goo eyes at this fertility
specialist you don't even know
that a.J.'S gone off to jail?
Monica: He got arrested
for drunk driving?
Alan: No, this time father
had him arrested for insider
Monica: Oh, that's
Alan: Tell me something.
Are you so besotted with this
dr. Townsend you can't even
pretend concern for your own
Monica: You are jealous.
Alan: You deliberately cut me
out of an appointment
with dr. Townsend.
Maybe we ought to forget
the whole thing.
Monica: Oh, no, you don'T.
You got me into this.
And now that i've had my first
fertility treatment, you are
on 24-hour call, doctor.
When the timing is right,
you're going to make love to me
whether you're in the mood
or not.
Edward: Tell agent scott
to notify me the minute that
a.J. Quartermaine is in custody.
No, no, no, I'm not
his attorney.
I'm a victim of his crime.
You idiot.

Lila: Oh, edward.
What on earth are you up to now?
Edward: Well, lila, I --
I wish there were an easy way
for me to break this to you,
but I have had to turn a.J. In
to the f.B.I. For insider
Lila: Oh, nonsense.
Edward: Now, wait.
Before you begin to defend him,
let me explain something.
Lila: You don't have to.
Throwing a.J. Into jail was
the only way that you knew how
to save him.
Edward: This isn't about
saving him.
Lila: Of course it is.
Time away might keep a.J. From
drinking for a while, but it
won't solve his problem.
You can't force sobriety on him.
Edward: Lila, watching
from the sidelines while
our grandson flushes his life
away doesn't sit very well,
Lila: I know.
I know, dear.
Oh, if only people knew what
a good heart you have.
Edward: Huh?
Lila: Don't worry, dear.
Your secret is safe with me.
Edward: Oh, lila.

A.J.: Ok, fine.
If you're not going to pat me
down, then all right -- why
don't you just seize all
my business records.
Hannah: Yes, it could come
to that.
A.J.: Fine.
My hotel room, under the bed --
maybe we could move
the investigation over there.
Hannah: A.J., Maybe
you should get a lawyer.
Ok, your grandfather's out
for blood.
A.J.: No.
He's just grumpy because i wiped
the floor with him on
an internet deal.
That's all.
Hannah: Did you act on any
insider information when
you bought out that company?
A.J.: Not while I was sober.
Hannah: Is that a yes
or a no?
A.J.: No.
Hannah: That's what
i thought.
You're free to go.
A.J.: Investigation's over?
Hannah: Yes.
It's clear you're not guilty.
A.J.: Is it too late
to confess?
Hannah: A.J., Sorry,
case closed.
A.J.: Oh, come on.
If you take it that easy,
everybody's going to think
you're playing favorites.
Hannah: Look, leave.
Leave before i have you removed
from the premises.
A.J.: You miss me.
Admit it. Come on.
Hannah: Good-bye, A.J.
A.J.: You have a great smile,
you know that?
Get back to work, mister.
Taxpayers -- we're counting
on youbuddy.

Taggert: Hmm.
Alexis: I'm not trying
to scare you.
I'm really not.
It's just there's been way too
many helena casualties so far,
and I don't want you to put
your health or your life
at risk.
Chloe: I don't, either.
I just feel like there's some
reason that I'm having these
[Knock on door]
alexis: To be continued.
I mean it.
Chloe: Ok.
Jax: Hello, ex-wife.
Chloe: Hi, you.
Jax: I got your message.
Chloe: He insists on knowing
my every move.
Alexis: He's like that.
Jax: Well, that's just easier
for me to keep tabs on you --
at least for the next few days.
I'm taking you away.
Alexis: Where are you going?
Jax: I'll tell you when
we get back.
Chloe: What, alexis can't
Alexis: You know what?
It would ruin the surprise.
I don't need to know.
You two have a wonderful time.
Chloe: Ok.
Jax: Take care of yourself.
Alexis: I will.
Chloe: Bye.
Alexis: And you be careful,
all of you --
jax: All right.
Alexis: Both of you.
Talk to you soon.
Jax: See you.
Alexis: Ok.
Alexis: Don't die.
[Knock at door]
alexis: What'd you forget?
Oh, shoot.
I forgot to have you banned
from the building.
Helena: Aren't you going
to ask me in?
Alexis: No, I want you right
here where those guards across
the hall there -- they can keep
an eye on you.
Helena: Well, we can hardly
discuss business in the hallway.
Alexis: I'm warning you.
One word from me, and you're
Helena: Natasha --
alexis: Go ahead.
Make my day.

Taggert: If you knew edward
quartermaine's charges were
bogus, why'd you follow up?
Hannah: I had to.
It's my job.
I had to call A.J. In.
He's bored.
He gets his kicks out
of challenging authority.
Especially the p.D.
We should have just gone out
for coffee.
Taggert: Or something.
Hannah: I still have to file
my report on the quartermaine
Taggert: It'll keep.
Hannah: I'm trying to be
professional here, but you're
not making it easy.
Taggert: If you keep looking
at me like that, i'm just going
to have to kiss you.
Hannah: Well, then we'll both
be in big, big trouble.
Taggert: Well, maybe
we should take this discussion
someplace else.
Hannah: The park?
Taggert: You lead.
I'll follow.
Hannah: Hurry.

Lucky: I think we all should
ride together to the rave.
We'll meet here on friday.
Nikolas: And I'll pick you up
at mrs. O'lear's.
Gia: I don't want
you anywhere near where I live.
Nikolas: Yeah, well,
she'll expect to see me.
Juan: Where are you going
to be while we're at the rave?
Emily: I don't know.
I guess just hanging around.
Elizabeth: We'll check
in with you, ok?
Lucky: Is everybody clear
on what we need to do?
Nikolas: When we get there,
the five of us circulate and can
try and gather some information
on ted.
Gia: And I'm being paid
to see if I spot anyone who
might have been in the motel
parking lot the night you were
getting it on with ted.
Nikolas: And that just cost
you 50 bucks.
Gia: You need me, remember?
I don't need any of you.
Nikolas: Ok, well, if you're
thinking about double-crossing
us, don'T.
Lucky: Yeah, because we could
always tell mrs. O'lear
and the police how we happened
to meet you.
Gia: You just can't resist
a threat, can you?
Elizabeth: Like you couldn't
resist blackmailing emily?
Gia: See you.
Emily: Man, she is even worse
than i thought, you guys.
Lucky: She's agreed to help
That's all i really care about.
Emily: How can I thank
you guys?
I mean, you've done so much
for me.
Juan: You don't have to.
Lucky: If gia spots
the killer at the rave,
this whole thing could be over
by tomorrow.
Emily: Yeah.
And then we can all get
our lives back to normal.
Elizabeth: Ok.

Helena: Wait till
the attorneys for the cassadine
estate learn that you threatened
to sic one of that mobster's
bodyguards on me.
Alexis: Probably give me
a medal.
What do you want?
Helena: Actually, I didn't
come here to see you at all.
I was hoping to catch a moment
with chloe.
Alexis: She's not here.
Helena: She was.
Did she already leave?
Alexis: What makes you think
that i would tell you?
Helena: All right.
Then i'll have to consult one
of my other sources.
Alexis: Go ahead.
But if anything happens
to chloe, I will see to it that
you wear steel ankle bracelets
for the rest of your life.
Helena: Making threats --
tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk --
with mr. Corinthos' bodyguard
as a witness?
You know, as an attorney,
you should know better.
But, then, you've always been
It's always been your downfall.
You'd do well to remember that,
Alexis: Did you hear that?
Don't die.
Be a good bonsai.

Chloe: So, why don't you tell
me where we're going?
Jax: I thought you liked
Chloe: This surprise wouldn't
be your way of keeping me away
from helena, would it?
Jax: Well, when a homicidal
sociopath has you in her sights,
it's probably not a bad time
to go on a vacation.
Chloe: Well, she may be
coming with us -- in my dreams.
Jax: If tony's predictions
are right, a few more days
on the medication and you'll be
rid of her9572alena completely.
Chloe: Somehow I don't think
Jax: Want me to give
you a hint?
Chloe: Yes.
Bathing suits or formal?
Jax: Both.
Chloe: Hmm.
Jax: And the staff have
instructions to prepare a few
special things for us.
Jax: You ok?
Chloe: Yeah -- whoo.
Probably just helena walking
on my grave again.
Jax: Helena won't get
anywhere near you, chloe.
I'll make sure of that.

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Lucky: I saw them kissing
the other day.
Emily: It obviously got
to you, didn't it?

Man: Jax and chloe are
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Stefan: You should know
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