GH Transcript Tuesday 8/8/00


General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/8/00

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>> previously on
"general hospital" --

A.J.: Pasta that late?
Who can sleep?
Taggert: Who wants to?
Hannah: See you later, a.J.

Ned: Are you sure you want
to live across the hall
from this sideshow?
Alexis: It'll never be

Juan: Do you think the killer
was at the rave?
Lucky: Maybe.
Juan: Well, there's another
one next week.
We could check it out.

Mike: Just one hand.
Roy: You want my help, we do
this my way.

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taggert: Ow, ow, ow, ow.
Hannah: Oh, my god.
I'm so sorry.
Taggert: Whoa.
Hannah: Don't surprise me
like that.
You could get hurt.
Taggert: I could, huh?
Maybe you should show me some
of your moves.
Hannah: Well, I could make
a corny joke about how
you already know a few
of my moves, if you know what
i mean.
Taggert: Yeah, I do, now that
you mention it.
[Hannah laughs]
hannah: I could show you some
of my larkin judo moves.
Except it's not very effective.
I used it on him right before
he kidnapped me.
Taggert: I could kidnap you.
Hannah: Oh, really?
Where would you take me?
Taggert: Wherever you wanted.
Hannah: Well, it's not really
fun being kidnapped if i get
to choose.
Taggert: Oh.
So, abduction appeals to you,
Hannah: Depends who's
abducting me.
Larkin, on the other hand,
I could fight, but you,
I don't know.
Taggert: Yeah? Yeah?
Hannah: Ooh --
taggert: How about I spring
for lunch?
Hannah: Yeah, sure.
Ooh, big spender.
[Taggert and hannah laugh]

monica: Well, I always go
to the finance committee
Alan: No, all I'm saying is
you don't have to go to this one
if you don't want to.
Monica: Ah, but I want to.
Alan: Fine. Be my guest.
Monica: Why are you trying
to convince me not to go?
Alan: I'm just trying
to protect you, monica,
from some unnecessary strain.
Monica: As opposed
to necessary strain?
Alan: Look, you need to take
care of yourself.
You're trying to get pregnant.
Monica: Oh, come on.
Listen, if i can survive
a quartermaine breakfast, I can
certainly get through a finance
committee meeting.
Alan: Well, not when
the cassadines are involved.
You weren't there at the last
showdown between helena
and alexis.
Monica: Well, it couldn't be
any worse than you and edward
in top form.
Alan: Fine.
You just wait and see.
Monica: Ok, I will.
Audrey: Do you think
they have resolved the issue
of cassadine funding?

Tony: I certainly hope so.
Otherwise general hospital's
going to have big problems.
Audrey: Hmm. I think so.
Edward: And I for one am
through kissing up to helena.
Alan: Oh, is that so?
Edward: Absolutely.
There comes a point when pride
and dignity are the order
of the day, and this is it.
Now, either she comes through
with the funding, or we show
her the door.
Oh! Helena!
How nice to see you.
May I say you just look
wonderful today.
Helena: Well, thank you,
What an elegant tie you're
Edward: Thank you.
It is, isn't it?
Lila picked it out.
Alan: Shall we begin
the meeting?
Edward: Oh -- all right.
Helena: Yes, we shall.
Alexis: Hello, everyone.
Nice to see you.
Excuse me.
What in god's name are you doing
Helena: I could ask the same
of you.
Alexis: Deranged plot not
withstanding, you are not
and never will be a trustee
of the cassadine estate.
I am representing the family
interest, and it seems a waste
of everyone's time here to be
bickering about it until it's
Helena: Delusions
of grandeur.
Alan: Shall we adjourn
to the boardroom?
Edward: Yes, let's.
I think that's an excellent
Audrey: Excuse me.

Roy: So, thanks a lot.
And, you know, i'll give
you guys a call if you want
to get in.
And get some sleep.
Ah, jeez.
Mike: How did you do?
Roy: I did ok.
Mike: What?
Hey, come on, there's a few
thousand here at least.
Roy: There's 10.
Mike: 10,000.
Damn, roy, you are good.
Roy: I got lucky.
Mike: Yeah, well, I'll take
that kind of luck any day
of the week.
Roy: You're going to need it,
mike, dealing with sorel.

Nikolas: Any news about lucky
and gia?
Elizabeth: He caught up
with her in the alley where
you guys left the money,
and she admitted to being
the blackmailer, but apparently
she had no idea that ted was
Nikolas: You sure?
Elizabeth: Well, lucky is.
Well, he said all she saw was
emily leaving the rave and going
to the motel room.
I guess she figures emily's just
some spoiled, rich little brat
who parties way too hard.
Nikolas: And who'd end
anything to keep her parents
from finding out.
Elizabeth: Ll,
emily's spending days are over.
Nikolas: What o you -- how
do you mean?
Elizabeth: Lucky said
he convinced her to back off.
Nikolas: Well, that's great.
So he finally caught a break
and the rest is still a secret,
so no one but the four of us
knows what really went down.
Elizabeth: Five.
Emily told juan.

Emily: Hey.
Juan: Hey.
Emily: What --
what do you have behind
your back?
Juan: Well, I'd say close
your eyes and hold out
your hands, but you'd have
to trust me, and i know I have
to earn that.
Anyhow --
gia: You've got exactly five
seconds to get out.
Lucky: I'm not leaving.
Gia: You want to hear how
loud i can scream?
Lucky: Oh, yeah?
Why don't you go ahead?
I'm sure your employers will be
real interested to know that
you've got a boyfriend
in the room.
Gia: You're not my boyfriend.
Lucky: Oh, look at that.
It's morning now.
You think they'll figure i was
here all night?
Gia: Get out.
Lucky: You've got two
choices -- you either scream
and lose your job, or you can
hear me out.
It's your move.

Mike: I don't know how
to thank you.
Roy: It's not a problem.
Mike: I mean it, roy.
I owe you big time.
Roy: Uh --
not so fast with that, man.
Uh --
you were originally in to him
for, what, 30 grand?
It's kicking over every day,
the interest.
Probably up to 40 now, right?
Mike: Yeah, well, don't worry
about it.
I'll take care of the details.
Roy: Mm-hmm.
By doing what?
You going to head off
to the track right now,
try to turn that into more?
Mike: That's my business.
Roy: Actually, since it's
my money, it's my business.
I'm going to take that to sorel
myself, see if i can get him
to lay off of you till you can
come up with the rest.
Mike: You just don't get it,
do you, roy?
Sorel already told me I need
to pay the whole amount now.
This is not a guy to fool around
Roy: Exactly my point.
Mike: I need the full amount
And the only way i can get that
is by gambling for it, just like
you did.
Roy: I know how it looks
from there.
Be that as it may,
that's my money.
I'm going to take it to sorel
and make a deal, or i'm going
to keep it.
Mike: All right.
Go talk to sorel, for all
the good it'll do you.
Roy: You're welcome.
Mike: Roy, why --
why do you keep
busting yourself to help me?
Roy: Like i said,
I owe sonny.
Mike: I'm not sure that sonny
would think that your bailing me
out is the best method
of payment.
Roy: Well, it'll have to do
for now.
My advice would be to stay out
of sight so sorel doesn't see
you till i can make some kind
of a deal.
Mike: You got it.
Roy: Yeah, this is roy
I want to talk to mr. Sorel.
Tell him i have something that
belongs to him.

Emily: Thanks, but I --
I can't take the flowers.
Juan: They're just
No big deal.
Emily: It is a big deal
to me.
Juan: Emily, i care about
That's all i'm trying to say.
I want us to be together again.
Emily: I know, but you can't
just wave a magic wand and --
juan: Oh, I know.
I know, you know?
It'll take time.
And that's ok because I've got
plenty of it.
Emily: You know, I'm really
glad that I told you about this
whole mess that I'm in.
I wish i would've told
you from the start, but I was
just really scared.
Juan: I would do anything
to help you.
I can't believe you didn't know
Emily: Well, I never thought
you'd be with alison, let alone
sherry, but you were.
Look, all I'm trying to say is
that we both hurt each other.
Juan: At least you're
speaking to me.
That's a good start.
Emily: Yeah, definitely.
Juan: Oh -- happy tuesday,
Woman: Oh, thank you.
Juan: Yeah.

Nikolas: How do we know that
juan's not going to say anything
about ted?
Elizabeth: He won't.
Nikolas: Elizabeth, the guy
lives with a cop.
Elizabeth: So?
Nikolas: Look, he and taggert
are pretty tight.
Elizabeth: Listen, juan would
never tell emily's secret.
He's been trying to gain back
her trust.
Nikolas: And too bad she did,
you know?
Elizabeth: Emily needed
to tell him.
It's been tearing her up inside.
And if there's any hope
for the two of them,
then she needs to be completely
honest with him.
Nikolas: Look, I'm sorry.
You know, emily and juan
reuniting does not change
the fact that we have -- we're
stuck with a body.
Elizabeth: I thought
you and lucky got rid
of the body.
Nikolas: Well, it's --
it's complicated.
Elizabeth: Like how?
Nikolas: You don't want
to know.
Elizabeth: Yes, i do.
You have to tell me.
We're all in this together.
Nikolas: Ok, look.
We stashed the body in a freezer
at wyndemere.
It was only supposed to be
temporary, until the search died
Elizabeth: Died down?
Died down?
Nikolas, this is an undercover
Nikolas: I know.
Look, I wish we would've known
that from the beginning.
Elizabeth: What are we going
to do?
Nikolas: We can bury him.
I mean, I think the police will
still keep searching.
Elizabeth: There are so many
loose ends.
Nikolas: And one to only tie
them all up.
We need to find ted's killer.

Gia: I already admitted i was
blackmailing emily quartermaine.
What more do you want?
Lucky: To take you to a rave.
Gia: You must be pretty
desperate, busting in here just
to ask me for a date.
Lucky: It's not a date.
It's more like a deal.
Gia: What kind of deal?
Lucky: I'm looking
for somebody who might've seen
emily go into the motel.
Maybe you saw him at the rave
or in the motel parking lot.
Gia: Look, I got some cash,
you got my word I'd lay off
your precious little friend.
As far as I can see, we're even.
Lucky: You go to raves
anyway, right?
Why can't you help me out
at the same time?
Gia: I must've missed
the part where i'd be interested
in helping you out.
Lucky: It'll be easy.
All you have to do is tell us
if you recognize anybody.
And who knows?
Maybe you'll have a good time
and surprise yourself.
Gia: What's the big deal
about finding this guy, anyway?
What, did he con you
or something?
Lucky: Why do you care?
Gia: You're right.
I don'T.
Your friend got into trouble.
She can find her own way out.
Lucky: Fine.
Thank you for nothing.
Gia: Anytime.
You can't go down the front
What if the o'lears see you?

Lucky: Then you're going
to have a lot of explaining
to do, aren't you?
Taggert: You want another
Hannah: I know your game.
You're trying to distract me
from my five-mile run.
Taggert: You were about to go
for a run?
Hannah: Um, yeah, half
an hour ago.
Now I'm so full with pretzel
you'll probably have
to carry me.
No -- no.
[Taggert laughs]
[pager beeps]
taggert: Oh.
Hannah: Are you serious?
Taggert: Uh, yep.
I got to take this one.
Hannah: All right.
Taggert: I'll see you later?
Hannah: Count on it.
Man: Keep your mouth shut
and no one will get hurt.
Give me your watch.
Nikolas: So emily told you.
Juan: Yeah.
No thanks to you.
Don't worry, i'll keep my mouth
Nikolas: Especially
with taggert.
Juan, that means there are
no slip-ups, even when you're
at home.
Juan: I would never do
anything that would get emily
in trouble.
Nikolas: Good.
It's more than that.
It's more than not telling,
It's sticking with the group
and going along with whatever
the rest of us decide.
Juan: No problem.
I just want to help.
Nikolas: Good.
What's up?
Lucky: Hey. How you doing?
Nikolas: Good.
Elizabeth: Lucky.
So, did you speak with gia?
Nikolas: You went to see
her again?
Lucky: We figured she might
be able to i.D. The killer,
so i went back to try
and convince her to come
to another rave with us.
Nikolas: Well, how much did
you tell her?
Lucky: Only that we were
looking for somebody that
might've tailed emily and ted.
Emily: Did she seem
Lucky: Believe me,
she doesn't have a clue.
Elizabeth: Good.
Lucky: It's not so good,
Emily: Wait, wait, wait.
Why is it not so good?
Lucky: Because she's not
going to help us.
Alan: Well, I'm sorry to have
to postpone the meeting.
I just don't think that
a finance committee meeting is
the appropriate forum
for you two to be settling
your differences, certainly
until the trusteeship is

Alexis: It already has been.
At this stage, my appointment is
merely a formality, so i don't
understand why we just don't
Helena: Well, such haste.
One would think you'd realized
your time was running out.
Alexis: Is that a threat?
Helena: Ah. Melodramatic
as well as deranged?
I'm simply pointing out that
your involvement with
the cassadine estate is
transitory at best.
Alexis: I am just actually
curious to figure out why
you insist on wasting
everybody's time.
Alan: You know, I look
forward to continuing this
discussion, ladies, after
the attorneys tell us who's
in charge.
Helena: I've already spoken
to them.
And they agreed that it would be
quite unseemly for the cassadine
estate to be managed by a woman
with ties to organized crime.
Alexis: As you already know,
sonny is a client.
Helena: And he's also
your landlord.
Or were you hoping to rush
through your trusteeship before
your present living arrangements
became public knowledge?
Alan: Is that true?
Alexis: I signed a lease
to move into the apartment
across the hall from sonny.
It is aboveboard, perfectly
legal, and in no way compromises
my integrity.
Helena: Do you honestly think
that people are going to believe
Alexis: Yes, i do.
Helena: Alexis will be living
under the sway of a racketeer.
Now, surely you can see how that
could result in mr. Corinthos
having undue influence
on general hospital.
Alexis: Talk about being
Helena: I'll be in touch when
this matter is resolved.
Edward: Well, I assume that
since you're the one left
standing, that you are
the official cassadine trustee.
Can we get on with this, please?
Alexis: I'm all for that.
Alan: I'm not.
Seems alexis' objectivity is
somewhat in question now that
she lives across the hall
from sonny corinthos.
Monica: Jason's apartment?
Edward: Oh, now, this is too
close for comfort.
Alexis: You're a hypocrite,
you know that?
And so are you.
You fawn all over helena knowing
very well that she's corrupt,
and then you pass judgment on me
because I simply move across
the hall from sonny corinthos?
You all ought to go home
and practice groveling.
It may come in handy when I'm
named trustee.
Edward: Wait a minute.
If you think that I am going
to allow you to use
your newfound financial clout
to push sonny's agenda
at the hospital, you are wrong,
He is a plague!
And I will be damned if I will
allow him to take not only
my great-grandson but
the hospital to boot.
Lila, let's get out of here.
Excuse us.

Bobbie: Hi.
Roy: Hey-hey.
Hi. Hi.
Bobbie: I was hoping i would
hear from you last night.
Roy: Yeah.
I --
I was going to call you,
but the -- the poker game went
all night, so --
bobbie: How'd it go?
Roy: I won.
Bobbie: Roy, i -- you know,
I thought we went over this
in hawaii.
I really -- I don't understand
what it is you're trying
to prove.
Roy: I'm not trying to prove
Bobbie: You keep thinking
that you have to earn all
of this money so that we can
have a great life and so you can
buy me things.
But it's really not about that
for me.
It's about us.
We waited a long time to be
together, so -- so let's not
screw it up.
Roy: What -- what are you --
I'm not -- i'm not doing
anything to jeopardize us.
Bobbie: Then why weren't
you with me last night instead
of sitting in on some card game
trying to make a fast buck?
Roy: Bobbie, the money I made
last night is not for us.
I -- i --
I just did something
for a friend.
Bobbie: Oh. Who?
Roy: Uh, you know, I can't
say right now.
I just -- I'll tell you what.
How about I give you a call
later, and we can make a plan?
We could, you know, do -- do
whatever you like.
Bobbie: You trying to get rid
of me?
roy: This is not a good time
to get into this.
Bobbie: Why not?
What's going on?
Roy: I told you.
Bobbie: You told me that
you had to make the money
for a friend.
But you won't say who
and you won't say why.
Roy: I need you to trust me
on this.
Right now, it's better to leave
it alone.
Bobbie: Roy, we waited a long
time to be together.
I'm not going to sit around
and do nothing while you put up
this big wall between us.
Roy: Bbie, there's no big
wall here.
You're overreacting.
I just --
bobbie: I'm overreacting?
You're trying to shove me out
the door.
I know you too well for this.
Now, what's going on?
Roy: There -- it's --
sorel: I was pleased to get
your call.
Roy: Mm-hmm.
Sorel: The lovely
miss spencer.
It's always a pleasure to see

Tammy: No, something's wrong,
I can tell by your voice.
No, stay right where you are.
I'm on my way, ok?
Elizabeth: So that was it?
She just said no?
I mean, nothing else?
Nikolas: You know,
lucky, i could have told
you that gia would blow you off.
Elizabeth: Well, it was worth
a try.
I mean, she's obviously
into taking risks.
Lucky: Well, I figured that
she'd be up for one more.
Nikolas: Ok, let me ask
this -- how or why do you guys
think gia can I.D. The killer?
Elizabeth: Well, she followed
emily and ted to the motel room,
and obviously so did the killer.
Lucky: She sat in her car
and said that she watched them
from the parking lot.
Elizabeth: Our guess is
she probably saw the guy even
though she had no idea who
he was.
So we figured if we can bring
her to the rave, maybe she could
recognize him again.
Lucky: Or her.
It could be anybody at this
Elizabeth: So if gia's not up
for it, I mean, what's our next

Nikolas: Um -- what about
Emily: Sherry?
Nikolas: Yeah.
I mean, she goes to a lot
of raves, and she told us --
you know, she told us ted's
Lucky: That's right.
She said that she had seen him
a couple of times before.
Nikolas: Right.
Elizabeth: You know what?
I bet she'd remember the people
he hung out with.
Emily: No, no, wait,
wait, wait, you guys.
How -- how would sherry help us?
Nikolas: Juan could ask her.

Hannah: Oh -- hey! Hey!
A.J.: Uh, hey.
You know what?
Let him go.
Hannah: Did he hurt you?
A.J.: No. No, not really.
He was moving a little too fast.
I tell you, this guy's not
the einstein of muggers.
He could've made off with a big
fat wad of cash, as well,
not to mention the most valuable
item of all.
Hannah: A.J., You're drunk!
A.J.: Uh, yeah.
I mean, not as drunk as I want
to be.
I've only been at it since this
Hannah: Well, don't let me
stop you.
A.J.: I won'T.
Hannah: You know, if you set
your mind to it, you could pass
out right here on the grass.
A.J.: Who'd drive me home?
Hannah: I don't know about
home, but I'm sure the patrol
cops would love to take
you to the drunk tank.
A.J.: I'll keep that in mind.
Hannah: Mm-hmm.
A.J.: Nice to see you.
Hannah: Yeah, I'll see you.
A.J.: Ok.
What are you doing?
That is a family heirloom!
Hannah: You know what?
Time to retire it.
Come on.
I'm taking you back
to your hotel.
Let's go.
A.J.: Oh, really?
That's the best offer I've had
in weeks.

[Knock on door]
ned: Hi.
Alexis: Hi.
Alexis: Let me guess.
A trojan horse from edward.
ned: I got a mysterious call
from grandmother, and
she implied that you might be
in need of some cheering up.
Alexis: Do you want to hear
all the go details?
Ned: My favorite kind.
Alexis: Helena showed up
gleefully at the hospital
telling everyone that sonny was
my new landlord.
Alan went into a panic,
telling anyone who would listen
to him that I have lost
my objectivity.
Ned: Disappointing, but not
an unusual reaction from alan.
And I suppose grandfather
Alexis: You told me that
if i moved in here it would be
And I didn't listen.
Ned: I love that about you.
Alexis: Well, I'm listening
What do I do?

Bobbie: What's he doing here?
Sorel: It's good to see you.
I regret the circumstances
of our last meeting.
Bobbie: You held me hostage
and almost beat roy to death!
Roy: Bobbie.
Bobbie: Roy, he could've
killed you.
Roy: Yeah.
Bobbie: He kidnapped me.
Roy: Can I handle this,
Bobbie: Fine.
I'll wait outside.
Roy: Thanks.
Sorel: You seem to have some
Roy: No.
No, what i got is
10,000 bucks.
It's a down payment on mike
corbin's debt.
Sorel: What is your
involvement with corbin?
Roy: Ah --
if you want to count it,
go ahead.
Sorel: I trust you.
Roy: Then we can work out
a schedule to pay off the rest?
Sorel: I'm disappointed,
I thought that you had
reconsidered my job offer.
Roy: Not a chance.
Sorel: Then we have nothing
to discuss.
Roy: You're going to walk
away from $10,000 here?
Sorel: Mike corbin's debt is
not your problem.
The only person that can settle
that account is his son,
mr. Corinthos.

Mike: Hey.
Tammy: Hey.
So what happened at the poker
Mike: Roy made out like
a bandit.
Tammy: Yeah?
How much did he win?
Mike: 10,000 bucks.
Tammy: Oh, thank god.
That'll buy you some time
with sorel, give you a chance
to come up with the rest.
That is what you're planning
to do, isn't it?
Mike: Actually, no.
Look, I was thinking about --
about hitting the road.
You know, atlantic city,
vegas, maybe.
Tammy: You're running away.
Mike: Well, it's the only way
that i can make enough to get
sorel off my back.
Tammy: Oh, mike, come on.
Mike: Look, look,
honey, i -- I was hoping that
maybe you'd come with me.
You know, be my good luck charm.
Tammy: Mike, gambling won't
fix anything.
What's it going to take to make
you see that, huh?
Mike: Look, it's the best
shot that I have at making
the money I need.
So what do you say?
Come on.
Are you up for a little vacation
on the road?
Tammy: Mike,
I have a life here.
Work, friends.
So do you.
Mike: Tammy, trust me.
I can win.
I know it.
Tammy: I have a better idea.
Ask sonny for the money.
And if you don't, I will.

Hannah: Oh -- ok, A.J.
Don't overdo it.
A.J.: Oh, but I'm -- i'm --
I'm incapacitated, and i need
all the help i can get.
Hannah: What, you don't have
time in your busy day to go
through your mail?
A.J.: Dividend checks.
They come in faster than i can
cash them.
Not that i bothered to.
Hannah: Oh, I don't want
to hear this.
A.J.: Oh, go on.
Take one as a souvenir.
Hannah: Look, are you ready
to file an official report
on the mugging?
A.J.: No.
It was my fault as much as his.
I left myself wide open.
Hannah: Oh, come on, a.J.
He knocked you down, he stole
your watch.
A.J.: That he did,
and he could've ran off
with a wad of cash, as well,
the idiot.
Anyway, I learned a valuable
Public park is not the most
congenial spot for my
happy hour.
Hannah: Don't you care what
happens to you?
A.J.: No. Not really.
See, the handy thing
about my chosen vice
is it allows me to
live a little distance
from my body.
Like watching a movie about
someone else.
Hannah: You like how
the plot's going so far?
A.J.: I don't look back.
I -- i think that it's much more
entertaining to wonder what's
going to happen.
Hannah: Why don't you go
and clean yourself up a little.
A.J.: No.
I'd rather rest, to be honest
with you.
Hannah: Well, would
you prefer ice on your head
or a cold wash cloth?
Hannah: Haven't you ever
heard of mutual consent?
A.J.: I thought that's what
it was.
Hannah: Don't you ever
give up?
A.J.: You tell me.
Hannah: How many times do
i have to spell it out
for you, a.J.?
You and I are friends,
nothing more.
A.J.: I got to be honest
with you.
That kiss didn't feel like
Hannah: I'm surprised
you feel anything at all
with a blood-alcohol level
in the double digits.
A.J.: Admit it.
You liked it.
Hannah: You're hallucinating,
A.J.: Oh, if that's your nice
way of saying I'm drunk,
ok, I admit it.
Hannah: I don't get it.
You have everything going
for you.
And yet you wake up every
morning dead set on deliberately
ruining your life.
A.J.: Actually, I woke up
hoping to get you alone.
And here we are.
So i'd say my life is going
amazingly well.
Hannah: Ok, well, the party's
over, A.J.
A.J.: Whoa, I thought we were
just getting started.
Hannah: No, I have work
to do.
A.J.: What, running off
with taggert?
Hannah: Look, the only reason
why I brought you here was
because I was concerned
for you as a friend.
A.J.: Hey, you keep saying
that enough and maybe eventually
you will believe it.
Hannah: Ok, I give up.
I give up.
A.J.: What?
Hannah: You're pathetic,
all right?
And I feel sorry for you.
I really, really do.
A.J.: No, you don'T.
I'm an expert on pity.
I see it in my family's eyes all
the time.
Your eyes?
I see something different.
Your guard's up.
You'll do anything to keep
from admitting it.
But it's there.
So go on.
What would you like to call it?
Hannah: Do not expect me
to bail you out again,
all right?
From now on, you're on your own.
A.J.: Oh.
Not for long.
Not for long.

Ned: I take it you want me
to be objective, which may be
a stretch since i
absolutely loathe you living
here with every fiber
of my being.
Alexis: But you'll put
your feelings aside.
Ned: I was afraid you were
going to say that.
But for you, we will work
through this methodically.
Do you like it here?
Alexis: I love it.
Ned: And does it fit
your criteria of the kind
of apartment that you need?
Alexis: Basically,
it's perfect.
Ned: Do you think you should
move out in order to make
your fiance happy?
Alexis: Sorry, but no.
Ned: Ok.
How about to placate a finance
committee full of quarreling
Alexis: Definitely not.
Ned: I think you've answered
your own question.
Alexis: Thank you.
You were very good at that.
Ned: My pleasure.
You're very sexy when you're
making up your mind.
Alexis: Even when I don't
agree with you?
Ned: That's half the fun.
Alexis: It is, isn't it?
Ned: Speaking of fun,
it's time to open your
housewarming gift.
Alexis: I love presents.
Ok, you tell me if i'm hot
or cold.
Ned: Ok.
Alexis: Napkin rings.
Ned: Cold.
Alexis: Grand piano.
Ned: Colder.
Alexis: A painting that I'm
going to have to put on my wall
that i don't really like.
Ned: Ice.
Alexis: I give up.
It's a cappuccino maker.
Ned: Yes.
So you can have a cup every
Alexis: Only if you'll make
it for me.

Tammy: Mike, this is life
and death.
Sorel doesn't mess around.
Believe me, I know.
Mike: Roy is getting him
the 10 grand because he thinks
that he can make sorel listen
to reason.
Tammy: No, sorel's going
to want all the money now.
And if he doesn't get it,
he's going to come after you.
Mike: Which is why i have
to do it my own way.
Tammy: No gambling, mike.
That's what got you
into the mess in the first
Please change your mind about
going to sonny.
If you don't want to do it
yourself, then let me.
Mike: Tammy, i can't.
I've fought too hard to make
a place in sonny's life, and i'm
not about to throw that away.
Tammy: You wouldn't.
Sonny loves you.
Mike: He thinks --
he thinks that i cared more
about gambling than I did about
And those feelings run deep.
And I'm not going to dig them up
Tammy: Look.
It's not much, but i can g
more, ok?
Mike: Sweetie --
honey, i can't take your money.
And even if I could,
it's not enough.
Tammy: Then what are
you going to do?
Mike: I don't know.
I don't know, but I'll come up
with something.
Tammy: Watch your back,
will you, mike?
I couldn't stand if something
happened to you.
Mike: You can't get rid of me
that easily.
Tammy: Oh.

Roy: Mike
will pay his debt.
He just needs a little time.
Sorel: That is exactly
my point, dilucca.
His time has run out.
I own him.
And the only person that can buy
him back is corinthos.
Roy: Come on, come on.
This is between you and me,
all right, joe?
Sonny doesn't have to be
involved in this.
Sorel: Oh, my guess is
he already is.
You needed a job, roy.
I made you a respectable offer,
and yet you turned me down.
The only logical explanation is
that you're working
for corinthos now.
Roy: Maybe I turned you down
because I don't like the way
you do business.
Sorel: Well, you give
your boss a message from me.
You tell him that if he wants
to save his father, I need
to hear from him personally.
No more middleman.
Bobbie: You're working
for sonny, aren't you?
Roy: No, I'm not.
Just --
just trying to help him.
Bobbie: Well, that
distinction is a very fine line,
roy, and we both know it.
Roy: Mm-hmm.
I'm aware of that.
I have not crossed that line.
Bobbie: Can't you see what's
Can't you see you are getting
pulled back into a life that
almost destroyed you?
Roy: Bobbie, the fact that
i'm doing somebody a favor does
not mean that I'm working
for them.
Bobbie: I'm asking you,
please stay out of this,
whatever's going on.
Just let sonny handle it
Roy: It's not as simple
as all that.
I gave somebody my word.
Don't ask me to go back on it.
Bobbie: Yeah.
What would be the point?
Roy: Bobbie?
[Roy sighs]
roy: I love you.
Bobbie: I love you, too.

Juan: Forget it.
I'm not asking sherry.
Lucky: Then we're stuck,
Juan: Maybe you could ask gia
Lucky: No, there's no way.
We've already played every angle
on that.
There's no way she's going
to come through for us.
Nikolas: Wait a second, juan.
I thought that you agreed that
you were going to do whatever
was best for everybody.
Lucky: Yeah.
Juan: "Everybody" includes
Emily: Well, wait
a minute, ok?
Maybe you should.
It's no secret that she has
the hots for you.
Juan: That's why i won't ask
Emily: Yeah, but she could
help us.
Juan: Look, I'm not going
to hurt you any more than
i already have.
Emily: Would you excuse us
for a minute?
Come here.
Juan: There's got to be
somebody else we can ask.
Emily: She's our best choice
right now, ok?
She'd seen ted at a lot
of parties, and she's also
talked to him.
I mean, she's bound to recognize
someone he's hung out with.
Juan: The minute i say,
"hi, sherry," she's going
to take it as a come-on.
That's the way she is.
Emily: Then you'll handle it.
Juan: This is what you want?
Emily: It's not what I want.
It's what needs to happen.
Juan: Ok, look.
If i do, you have to know that
i'm not going to let anything
If you have any doubt --
emily: I believe you, ok?
Juan: Ok.
I'll do it for you.
Emily: Thanks.
Juan: Ok, I'll do it.
Nikolas: So you'll ask her?
Juan: Yeah.
What's the plan?
Lucky: Well, assuming
sherry says yes,
we'll all go to the rave
Elizabeth: Everyone except [
Emily: Wait a minute.
If you guys are going, so am i.
Lucky: No, elizabeth is
This is really too big
of a risk.
Emily: But it's a risk
for everybody, lucky.
Elizabeth: What if the killer
recognizes you?
He might think you're looking
for him.
Nikolas: It would be better
if you stayed home.
Lucky: All right, guys.
Let's get ready to find
a killer.

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mike: I need to borrow
Can you get it from sonny
and not tell him it's for me?

Bobbie: Is roy working
for you?
Yes or no.

Nikolas: My grandmother is
using lucky.
I just don't know how.

Helena: I expect full
Lucky: And I expect to be
left alone.

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