GH Transcript Monday 8/7/00


General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/7/00

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>> previously on
"general hospital" --

gia: I've told you
Lucky: Except the truth.

Emily: When i went to that
rave, I left with this guy
and I woke up the next
morning -- he was dead.

Mike: Are you checking
this out?
Sonny: Don't worry about it.

Jax: What's wrong?
Chloe: It was helena.
She's going to kill me.
Helena: Very soon.

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helena's voice: How can I get
rid of chloe?
I can't use poison so soon after
And a hit-and-run would be
Any suggestions?
Andreas' voice: I wouldn't
presume to advise you, madam.
Helena's voice: Sometimes
the answer to a dilemma is right
under one's nose.
I'll dispatch chloe the same way
i did alexis' mother.
Helena: Well.
I have a traitor onboard.
Helena's voice: Chloe morgan
has been a thorn in my side long
The idea of her traveling around
inside my head is intolerable.
She'll be able to witness all
my activities.
It can't be allowed to continue.
I'll have to accelerate the plan
to eliminate her.

[Knock on door]
stefan: Yes, come in.
Man: Today's surveillance
report on chloe morgan.
Stefan: Chloe is in the park,
and I'm just now being informed?
Man: The report just
arrived, sir.
Stefan: Do you realize how
vulnerable she is to attack?
Helena could have killed
her at any moment.

Jax: What do you mean she's
going to kill you?
Chloe: Helena was --
something sharp -- she was about
to --
I saw her, jax.
Jax: What'd you see?
Chloe: I was sleeping.
Jax: Where?
Chloe: I don't know.
Somewhere in a room.
Jax: What can you see?
Chloe: A woman's hand.
It was -- it was helena'S.
I just know.
And she had something silver
in it, something -- some sort
of a knife.
Right here.
Jax: Was she going
to cut you?
Chloe: She didn't.
I don't know.
She just disappeared,
vanished like a dream.
Jax: Like when you saw stefan
being poisoned?
Chloe: Except i'm not
Jax: So what's the last thing
you remember?
Chloe: Dancing, looking
at the stars.
And then i --
jax: Was it like a vision,
or what?
Chloe: Jax, this was
a premonition.
I'm next.
Helena is going to come
after me.
Jax: I'm not going to let
that happen.

Juan: So, you woke up
with a dead guy?
Emily: The night of the rave.
Juan: Well, how did he --
emily: We don't know.
I mean, the last thing
i remember was going
to the motel room with him
and --
you think I'm terrible,
don't you?
Juan: Did he just die, or did
somebody --
emily: We think somebody
killed him.
We don't know, though.
Juan: They could've killed
you, too.
Emily: Unless i shot him up.
Juan: You didn't.
Emily: I had a syringe
in my hand.
Juan: You didn't kill
Emily: I was so scared.
I mean, his arm -- his arm was
lying across me, right here.
I didn't know what to do.
It was heavy, and it wasn't warm
Then i realized that it was way
too quiet in that room and i was
the only one that was breathing.
Then i got out of bed.
I was so scared, and then
i freaked out because I was
Juan: Did he hurt you?
Emily: No.
I'm sure of it.
I mean, elizabeth took me
to the women's health center
the next morning.
Juan: Ok, so,
you're in a hotel with this
dead guy --
emily: Don't say "dead guy,"
Juan: Well, how did you get
Emily: Lucky found me.
Juan: That's when you called
Emily: Yeah. Right.
Juan: I should've come
with him.
Emily: I didn't want
to tell you.
I -- i didn't want you to know.
You were already so angry
with me.
Juan: After what i did --
emily: I just wanted to go
Juan: You had to get through
this whole deal without me.
Emily: Um --
there's more.
A lot.
Juan: Ok.
Emily: We think that somebody
saw everything.
Juan: Who?
Emily: Don't know.
But I'm being blackmailed.

Lucky: Tell me what's up
with the blackmail, or i call
my good friend taggert.
Gia: You don't hear so good,
you know that?
Lucky: Maybe.
But my eyes work just fine.
I saw you at the rave.
Gia: I don't do raves.
Lucky: You slipped something
in emily's drink, didn't you?
Gia: Some rich kid shows up
at a place like that, she takes
her chances.
Lucky: So you were there?
Gia: Is that what i said?
Lucky: And you know emily's
last name.
Gia: I read the society
Lucky: You saw emily leave
the rave with some guy,
and you're blackmailing
her for that.
Gia: What rave? What guy?
What blackmail?
Lucky: Fine.
Let's go see taggert.
Come on. Come on.
Gia: As if emily quartermaine
can't afford it.

Carly: Almost forgot
my drink.
Roy: Put a little extra magic
in there.
Like it?
Carly: Thanks.
You're good.
Roy: I bet you are, too.
Carly: Ok, come on.
What about my mom?
Roy: What about her?
Mike: Do you see what I see?
Don't turn around.
They're way past flirting.
Sonny: Sure looks that way,
doesn't it?
Carly: Come on.
You're kidding, right?
Roy: Are you?
Carly: Quit answering
my questions with a question.
Roy: Why?
Carly: Because I need
to know.
Roy: You need to know what?
You -- you started this.
Carly: I know.
That's why i'm saying we should
be very careful because
sometimes when i get started i'm
not very easy to stop.
Bobbie: Carly, get your hands
off him.
carly: I can explain, mom.
Bobbie: I'll bet you can.
Carly: Can we just go outside
for a minute?
Bobbie: I promise, you don't
want to step outside.
Roy: Take it easy here,
will you please, guys?
Bobbie: You took tony,
but you are not taking roy.
Roy: That's not what's going
on here.
Carly: I don't want roy.
Bobbie: You know, on second
thought, she's all yours.
Carly: Mama, come on!
Roy: It's not what you think.
Sonny: Bobbie, wait.
You know what?
You should listen to roy.
Bobbie: Sonny, stay out
of this.
Sonny: Carly was coming
on to him.
Bobbie: I got that much.
Sonny: She's just trying
to make me jealous.
Carly: Oh, dream on,
sonny boy.
Sonny: Roy was just teaching
her a lesson.
Bobbie: You really expect
to believe that?
Sonny: Mm-hmm.
Roy: Yes, that's the truth.
Carly: What, this was all
a scam?
Lucky: You know emily's
a quartermaine and you only
asked for five grand?
Gia: So far. And it's 10.
Lucky: Don't you get that
this is over?
Gia: Since when?
Lucky: Everybody already
knows what you saw.
Gia: Yeah?
And what did i see?
Lucky: Probably nothing.
Gia: A rich high school kid
leaves a rave with some guy
in his 20s and ends up
in a cheap motel room.
Lucky: Oh, and you can prove
Gia: Well, if it didn't,
why'd she shell out the five
And that's only the beginning.
Lucky: Which motel?
Gia: Fieldcrest.
Lucky: Wrong.
Gia: I followed them
in my car, all right?
Don't get cute.
Lucky: Ok, well, maybe it was
the fieldcrest, but I was
with emily.
Gia: Do i look stupid to you?
Lucky: Then who was with her?
Gia: Some guy, ok?
Lucky: Who?
Gia: What difference does it
Lucky: You don't know?
Gia: Did I ask I.D.?
No. Sorry.
But I watched the whole thing
from my front seat.
Little miss emily stumbled
into a no-tell motel with a man.
It isn't that hard to figure out
what happened next.
Lucky: What happened?
Gia: Well, I hope
she had fun.
And you can tell her i said
But I saw all I needed to see.
Lucky: You have your money.
Why can't you just let this go?
Gia: You want the whole town
to know about your sweet little
Fine. I don't care.
But if you don't, little miss
emily q still owes me $10,000.
Juan: So that's why you were
so scared on the phone.
Emily: Yeah.
Juan: You thought it was
the blackmailer.
Emily: I never know when
she's going to call.
Juan: It's a she?
Emily: I already gave
her $5,000.
Now she wants 10.
Juan: How did you get that
much money without letting
your parents in on it?
Emily: Nikolas paid.
Juan: Nikolas. Right.
Did the blackmailer kill
this guy?
Emily: We don't know.
I mean, she kept saying that
she knew what I did.
Juan: You didn't do that.
You couldn't have.
I just wish you would have let
me in on it, you know,
from the start.
Emily: I wanted to.
I tried to, juan.
Remember that time with sherry?
Juan: You were going to tell
me then?
I'm so sorry.
Emily: Look, nobody can
know, ok?
Juan: No --
emily: Nikolas, elizabeth,
and lucky -- they're way too
deep intthis.
Juan: You can trust me,
I swear.
Emily: Taggert can't even
begin to suspect.
Juan: Well, I mean,
aren't the cops, you know,
checking out the dead guy?
Emily: I've said too much.
Juan: Ok.
Whatever you think.
Emily: Maybe I shouldn't have
told you anything at all.
Elizabeth: So, did
you tell him?
Emily: A little.
Elizabeth: How'd he take it?
Emily: Ok.
I don't know.
Should i trust him, elizabeth?
How much more should i tell him?

Chloe: How can this be
One minute we're dancing
and looking at the stars,
and the next minute helena was
about to cut my throat.
Jax: It's a side effect
of the medication.
Chloe: It was real.
Jax: Look, the mass is
shrinking, ok?
The pressure on the optic nerve
is becoming less.
Chloe: I know what
i saw, jax.
Jax: I know, but tony also
said that you may have some odd
Chloe: This wasn't a dream.
You were right there.
You saw me.
This was a premonition.
What if helena comes after me?
Jax: I'm not going to let
her hurt you, chloe.
Let's go home.
Chloe: No, I'm safer out
Jax: You need to rest.
Come on.
Chloe: Jax, this premonition
was in a room.
What if it was our room?
Helena came in once before.
She left an earring.
What if she's waiting for me
right now?
Jax: Ok, we'll search
the room, ok?
We'll lock the doors.
You'll take your medication
and leave helena to me, ok?
Chloe: Ok.

Elizabeth: Maybe we should
quit while we're ahead.
Emily: And not tell juan
anything else?
Elizabeth: What if he tells
Emily: He won't.
He won't.
Look, I need to trust him.
I really do.
Elizabeth: That doesn't mean
it's a good idea, em.
Emily: I may have told him
just enough to go ask taggert
Elizabeth: You know,
taggert cornered me earlier
about this.
Emily: Does he suspect
Elizabeth: He wants to kn
why we're all so mad at juan.
Emily: Well, maybe
we shouldn't be.
Elizabeth: There he is.
Juan: Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: Can I get
you something?
Juan: Thanks for sticking
with emily, you know,
through all this.
Elizabeth: She's my best
What was i supposed to do?
Juan: Yeah.
Look, I -- i know I let
you down, but I want both
of you to know that you can
trust me.
And I wouldn't blame
you if you don't do it now,
but I want to help.
Elizabeth: Well,
taggert wants to know why we're
all so upset with you.
Juan: I'll tell him we worked
everything out.
Elizabeth: And you'll make
sure he doesn't suspect
Juan: I'll do my best.
Elizabeth: Maybe we should
just leave it at that.
Emily: No, elizabeth.
I need to tell him the rest.
Elizabeth: Well, let me check
with the boys first.
Emily: No, I don't care what
nikolas and lucky want, ok?
This happened to me.
This is my deal.
I get to decide what happens
with it.
Elizabeth: But you're not
the only person being affected.
Emily: Look, I know, ok?
I know that you guys have all
been my friends and you've
really helped me out with this.
But juan's my friend, too.
He needs to know.
Juan: I won't tell anyone.
I swear.
Elizabeth: Well, if the cops
find out, we'll know who told
Juan: They won't, I promise.
Emily: I believe you.
Juan: Thanks.
Emily: I was telling him
about the blackmailer,
Juan: Any ideas who it is?
Elizabeth: Lucky's working
on it.
Emily: Actually, we think
that it might be this girl gia.
But we're really not sure
for sure.
Juan: Hmm.
What about the guy?
Emily: His name is ted
He's an undercover cop.
Juan: Oh, no.
Emily: We didn't even know
who he was until after we found
out that --
juan: Where is he?
Elizabeth: The police won't
find him.
Juan: But what about
the body?
Emily: We're not quite sure.
Elizabeth: Lucky and nikolas
took care of everything.
Juan: The whole police
department is looking
for that guy.
Taggert's been on overtime
for weeks now.
Emily: We can't even tell
anyone he's dead, juan.
Elizabeth: And neither
can you.
Emily: His family must be
going nuts right now.
I mean, what if he has kids
or somethingor a girlfriend?
Juan: If i would've just
stayed with you at the rave,
none of this would've happened.
Elizabeth: But you didn't.
Juan: Look, it's all
my fault.
You know, I was a total jerk
to all of you.
To mostly you.
And I don't know how i'm going
to make it up, but i'm going
to try, ok?
I promise.

Lucky: Emily made a mistake.
Gia: Big time.
Lucky: And she paid for it.
Gia: Says who?
Lucky: You want taggert
showing up at that fancy house?
Gia: For all you know,
I was lying.
Maybe I don't even live there.
Lucky: I don't need this.
Gia: So, where's my $10,000?
Lucky: It's over, gia.
Gia: If that's even my name.
Lucky: Go ahead, call emily
You see what happens.
Forget you saw anything.
Gia: We're finished here.
Lucky: Well, that's fine.
I'm telling taggert you owe
emily five grand.
Gia: I get hassled
by you or your little friends,
that cop shows up anywhere
looking for me, emily's name
will be all over the evening
I'll make sure her parents know
and everybody at that hospital.
I'll call that old man who runs
this town.
I'll skip the society page
and go straight to page one.
I can ruin her life in a half
an hour.
Lucky: You do that,
and I will tell taggert
Gia: So let's call it even.
Lucky: As long as you keep
your mouth shut.
Gia: As long as you don't
call the cops and I keep
the five grand.
Lucky: Whatever.

Helena: Andreas?
I hope that champagne is on ice.
Andreas: As you requested.
Helena: I'm feeling very
festive this evening.
Andreas: I'm glad to hear
Forgive me.
Helena: You seem unusually
awkward this evening.
Andreas: Yes, ma'am.
Shall I turn off the computer?
Helena: Is it on?
I can't imagine why.
I haven't been using it.
Andreas: Who understands
these things?
Andreas: Have you been
recording to a cd/rom?
Helena: Why on earth would
i do that?
Andreas: How then is this
Helena: What's wrong?
Andreas: I'm afraid someone
has been recording you.

Carly: They are lying.
Can't you see that?
He was coming on to me.
Roy: I was, was i?
Carly: Yeah, you were.
What, you don't think I can
Sonny: It was a scam, carly.
Let it go.
Carly: Ok, they've covering
for each other.
Bobbie: You will do anything
to save face, won't you?
Carly: So, what, it's all
my fault now?
Roy: It was all in good fun,
right, carly?
Just fun, right?
Bobbie: Fun?
You call this fun, hitting
on my daughter?
Carly: That's it.
He just admitted it.
Roy: You know what I mean.
Bobbie: Don't count on it.
Carly: Oh, you know,
believe whatever you want.
Bobbie: You aren't getting
away with it, carly.
Carly: You've always had
lousy taste in men, mother.
Sonny: Bobbie, you just
showed up at the wrong time,
that's all.
Bobbie: No kidding.
Carly: Yeah, so why don't
you go out and come back
in again?
Maybe roy and I can give it
another shot and get it right
this time.
What do you say, roy?
Sonny: That's enough.
Carly: Don't you touch --
sonny: Ok, either you calm
down, come to my table, or i'm
going to have johnny drive
you home.
Carly: Home?
That's funny. "Home."
Bobbie: I hope you don't mean
the brownstone.
Carly: No, that's fine.
I'll just live in the streets.
Sonny: Ok, both of you,
let it go.
Bobbie: What about you, roy?
You want to take her home?
Sonny: Come here.
Your mother takes you
in and gives you a place
to live.
This is how you treat her?
Carly: Oh, give me a break,
You were all for it until
she actually walked in.
Sonny: Roy was just kidding.
Carly: Well, I'm glad that
you two find me so amusing.
Sonny: Bobbie doesn't
Carly: And I do?
Sonny: You came in here,
you know, looking for trouble.
Carly: Just leave me alone.
Roy: Your daughter needed
a lesson.

Bobbie: And all of a sudden
it's your job to teach her?
Roy: Somebody needs to call
her bluff once in a while.
Bobbie: Just how far were
you planning to go?

Emily: I feel so much better.
Elizabeth: I hope we haven't
made a mistake by telling you.
Juan: You haven'T.
Maybe I can help.
Elizabeth: But not
without checking with us first,
Juan: How about I call sonny?
Emily: We already thought
of that.
Elizabeth: He can't fix this.
Juan: Why not?
Elizabeth: An undercover cop,
Emily: Yeah, we were going
to tell sonny until we found out
who he was.
Elizabeth: So glad we didn'T.
Juan: Yeah, the cops would
probably think sonny did it.
Elizabeth: Especially
Juan: Well, we'll just have
to think of something else.
Elizabeth: I'm supposed to be
covering the outside tables.
Juan: Thanks for telling me.
Elizabeth: Yeah,
well, don't make us sorry
we did.
Juan: You know, you've been
so good to me.
I wouldn't be here if it weren't
for you.
L&b wouldn't have signed me,
I probably wouldn't be singing.
Emily: I've missed
you so much.
Juan: I don't know why i did
those stupid things.
Emily: I was afraid you'd
hate me.
Juan: I couldn't.
I can'T.
Not ever.
I -- i just got scared.
But I'm going to help you out
of this, you know?
Lucky: Ahem.
Elizabeth: Hey.
Lucky: Hey.
Elizabeth: So, what'd
you find out?
Lucky: Is emily around?
I could tell you both
at the same time.
Elizabeth: She's inside
with juan.
Lucky: Well, can you get
her out here without him?
Elizabeth: He knows.
Lucky: What do you mean
he knows?
Elizabeth: We told him

Helena: Are you saying that
someone has been spying on me?
Andreas: Apparently so,
Helena: With that machine?
Andreas: Unless it's some
sort of malfunction.
Helena: Why do i imagine that
i'm surrounded by people
i trust, people devoted to me?
Andreas: Because you are.
Helena: Then who did this?
Andreas: Perhaps lucky
Helena: Why would lucky
spencer record my conversations?
Andreas: To help his father.
Helena: Lucky hates
his father.
Andreas: But there may still
be some loyalty.
Helena: So i was careless
in my work with lucky?
Andreas: No, madam.
But young master spencer has
shown up here quite agitated
He is familiar with the yacht.
He could come and go with ease.
Helena: Isn't it your job
to see that that never happens?
Andreas: Perhaps he gained
access while we were away.
Helena: Well, I suppose
if anyone could slip
by the guards, it would be
Andreas: And he understands
Helena: So do you.
Andreas: To some extent.
Helena: You have full run
of this yacht, of my most
private places.
Andreas: I have dedicated
my life to being loyal to you.
I would never betray you.
Helena: Your brother did.
Andreas: And I know what it
cost him.
Helena: Well, I suppose
i shouldn't rule out alexis.
Andreas: She did seem upset
the night of the party.
Helena: She could have bribed
someone to help her.
Alexis isn't clever enough to do
this herself.
Andreas: Do you believe
there's any member of the staff
who would take a bribe?
Helena: I want you
to find out.
We'll leave the computer
on and see who comes
for the C.D.
Andreas: That's a very good
Helena: Well, I suppose
there's always stefan.
Andreas: He's at the bottom
of the river, madam.
Helena: What if he escaped
Andreas: The poison made him
You saw me kick him.
You almost burned his hand.
Helena: There is no better
spy than a dead man.
Andreas: Your son's body sank
like a stone.
I made sure of it.
Helena: The captain is off
duty this evening.
Find him. Bring him here.
Andreas: Yes, ma'am.
Helena: Andreas is leaving
the yacht.
I want to know exactly where
he goes.

Sonny: You did all this
because I rented jason's
Carly: I'm a slut, remember?
What did you expect?
Sonny: Why do you do that?
Carly: I wanted to live
Sonny: You could've moved
in any time you wanted.
Carly: So why don't you kick
alexis out?
Sonny: We have a lease.
Carly: What is it you want,
What do you want me to do?
Do you want me to beg?
"Can i move back in with you,
sonny, please?"
Is that what you want?
Because that's never going
to happen.
Sonny: Why'd you drag roy
into this?
Carly: He came on to me.
Sonny: The disagreement was
between the both of us.
It had nothing to do with him.
Carly: Well, all you ever do
is try to control me,
tell me to eat.
It's true.
Besides, he reminds me of jason.
Sonny: Oh, really?
You don't even know roy.
Carly: Well, he doesn't try
to control me, and he listens.
Sonny: Oh.
He's the love of your mother's
Carly: For this week, yeah.
Sonny: Why do you say stupid
Carly: Why would you guys
make fun of me?
Sonny: I'm not making fun
of you.
All I'm saying is I want
you and michael to live
someplace where you're going
to be happy.
That's all.
Carly: That's all
i want, too.
Sonny: All right, then I'll
have johnny go back
to the realtor's office.
Carly: Forget it.
I am perfectly capable of taking
care of myself and michael
and roy dilucca, too, if that's
what i want.
Sonny: Oh.

Roy: There wasn't any --
it was a goof.
Bobbie: Carly split up
my marriage with tony,
and you know it.
Roy: You have nothing
to worry about.
I love you.
Bobbie: I love you, too.
You got to watch out for carly
because she's dangerous.
Roy: She's not half
as dangerous as her mother.
Bobbie: Want to go home?
It's almost last call.
Roy: I'd really like that,
but --
bobbie: Claude, could
you close up the place tonight?
Claude: Sure.
Bobbie: Thanks.
Roy: No, the thing is, I --
I can't leave.
Not tonight.

Juan: I can't believe I was
so wrong about everything.
Emily: Yeah, well,
I didn't do much better.
Juan: You were just scared,
and you were trying to cover
it) up.
I should've seen that.
Emily: Well, I'm glad that
you didn't automatically assume
that i left the rave with some
guy and ended up in a motel room
and he was dead.
Juan: I could tell something
terrible had happened,
but I thought it was about me.
How's that for selfish?
Emily: No, no.
I'm glad that you didn't know.
It would've been too much
for me.
I felt dirty, juan.
Dirtier than i had ever felt
in my entire life.
And elizabeth told me that
i couldn't take a bath
or a shower because she thought
that i might've been raped.
She didn't want me to destroy
all the evidence, so i spent
the entire night lying
in the bathtub just staring
at the faucet, wanting more than
anything in the world to be
And any time i would reach out
and try turn on the water,
I would just tell myself,
"no, emily.
You're going to be fine after
you go to the clinic.
You'll be fine.
There will be nothing to worry
No one will ever have to know.
Especially juan.
He won't think of you
differently or look
at you and imagine you
with another guy."
Juan: I would have never done
Emily: I know.
I know that now, but i didn't
Do you see?
If i had found out, then it
would've been way too much
for me.
Juan: Well, I hate the fact
that i couldn't help you.
Emily: You did help me.
You did anything that I asked
for even though it hurt you.
You weren't selfish.
You were respectful.
Juan: I'm just glad that ted
didn't hurt you.
Emily: You know, I think that
ted saved me.
I think that he was
an undercover cop that saw me
getting stoned and took me back
to the motel room so that
i could just sleep it off.
And then he got killed.
So in a way I owe it to him,
you know?
So that his family or the police
or whoever -- so they know what
happened to him.

Lucky: Why did emily have
to tell juan now?
Elizabeth: She loves him.
Lucky: He's a jerk.
Elizabeth: She needs to be
able to trust him.
Lucky: Why?
He went out of his way
to hurt her.
Elizabeth: Well,
sometimes people hurt the ones
they love the most.
Lucky: Yeah, but that still
doesn't make it right.
Elizabeth: People can change.
Lucky: You honestly think
juan has?
Elizabeth: I hope so.
Lucky: So do I.
Emily: Hey.
Elizabeth: Hey.
Juan: Thanks for helping
Lucky: Why don't we all just
take a seat.
Lucky: I really wish that
you weren't involved in this.
Juan: I want to help.
Lucky: We don't need
your help.
Juan: Emily does.
Emily: He won't tell anybody,
Lucky: You better not.
Elizabeth: So, what's
with gia?
Emily: Yeah.
Lucky: Well, she doesn't
actually know that much.
Emily: Well, how much?
Lucky: She knows that
you went into the motel
with some guy.
Elizabeth: Are you absolutely
positive that's it?
Lucky: She doesn't know
anything about the murder,
and she's terrified of cops.
Elizabeth: So there's no way
she could've done it.
Lucky: That's right.
Juan: So the blackmailing's
Lucky: Well, nikolas is out
5,000 bucks.
But nobody will be getting
a call from gia anymore.
Emily: Lucky, thank
you so much.
Oh, thank you.
Lucky: We still have the body
to deal with.
Elizabeth: And whoever killed
him --
lucky: Is definitely still
out there.

Bobbie: So why can't you come
with me?
What's going on?
Roy: It's just a card game.
Bobbie: So, skip it.
Roy: Not tonight.
Bobbie: Why not?
Roy: Well, it's just that
i got to stay.
Bobbie: Is sonny involved
in this?
Roy: No.
Bobbie: Because, you know,
roy, if you get caught running
a card game, you could go back
to jail.
Roy: It's not going
to happen.
We have protection.
Bobbie: So why take the risk?
Roy: I'll call you.
Bobbie: Don't do me any

Roy: No --
carly: Mama -- mama, come on.
Bobbie: Not now.
Carly: Roy, you can't just
let her walk away like that.
Roy: Can I get you something?
Carly: She loves you.
Roy: Don't worry about me
and your mom.
Carly: Look, she waited most
of her life for you.
You can't just let her walk out
like that.
Come on.
Roy: We'll work it out later.
Carly: How?
You going to say the opposite
of how you feel by letting
yourself lose the one person
that you really love more than
anybody in the world?
Why can't you just admit how
much you need her?
Roy: You'll forgive me if i'm
a little confused, carly.
Are you talking about me
and bobbie or you and sonny?

Jax: You should be a little
more careful.
You left the pier and never once
looked over your shoulder.
Andreas: So you were
following me?
Jax: That's right.
Andreas: What do you want?
Jax: You're going to tell me
what helena has planned
for chloe.
Roy: Whatever is going
on between the two of you has
nothing to do with me.
Mike: Hey, roy.
Listen, I've really got
a feeling about this game
You don't have to play for me,
especially with your own money.
Roy: You think nobody will
notice the shape you're in,
Mike: Yeah, but that grand is
all you got.
Roy: So i'll turn it
into more.
Mike: Just one hand.
Let me see how it goes.
Roy: No.
You want my help, we do this
my way.

Sonny: If i take
yoto the brownstone, you think
bobbie will let you in?
Carly: She knows I was just
Sonny: You know, if there's
any problem, i mean, you could
always come -- you know --
carly: I feel stupid.
Sonny: Well, at least
you know how to liven a place.
Carly: You were right about
one thing.
Sonny: I was what?
I couldn't hear.
Carly: You were right.
I was trying to get back
at you with roy.
Sonny: Maybe you were
right, too.
Carly: Maybe how?
Sonny: Well, I rented that
apartment right out from under
your nose.
Carly: So kick alexis out.
Sonny: We have an agreement.
Carly: So break it.
Sonny: Alexis is the best
lawyer i ever had.
The idea is to keep her happy.
Carly: Ok.
At least we won't be neighbors,
I guess.
Sonny: That's something, huh?
Carly: I still need a place
to live.
Sonny: You know what?
Why don't you just go ahead --
carly: Ok.
Sonny: Come -- you know --
carly: Fine. I will --
sonny: What?
Carly: I will look at some
Sonny: All right.
That sounds like a great idea.
Let's go.

Lucky: Maybe the killer
thinks you saw him.
Elizabeth: Or her.
Emily: But I don't remember
Juan: Maybe you should leave
town for a while.
Lucky: No, we have to stick
Elizabeth: Yeah, definitely.
Emily: Yeah.
I can handle it now.
I mean, especially after --
juan: Hey -- do you think
the killer was at the rave?
Lucky: Maybe.
Juan: Well, there's another
one next week.
We could check it out.
Elizabeth: Yeah, but we don't
even know if we're looking
for a man or a woman.
Emily: Yeah.
Lucky: Maybe gia does.
Emily: No, let's leave
her out of this, really.
Lucky: If she followed
you and ted to the motel,
maybe she saw somebody.
Elizabeth: Why would she even
tell us anything?
Lucky: She will.
Don't worry about that.

Gia: It isn't working out,
all right?
What else do you need to know?
Forget the job.
I'll quit.
The town sucks.
I'm so out of here.

Helena: I have reason
to suspect my son is alive.
Find him.
Man: And when i do?
Helena: Find him first.
Man: Yes, mrs. Cassadine.
Stefan: That's right.
I want chloe morgan under
24-hour guard.
She is extremely valuable to me.
Protect her at all costs.
Jax: Is helena going to get
rid of chloe?
Andreas: I don't know.
Jax: Tell me.
Andreas: She wants you.
Jax: So she's going to kill
Andreas: Get chloe out
of port charles, out
of the country.
Jax: Why?
Helena does her best work out
of town.
Andreas: Chloe's in real
That much I do know.
But I will not get caught
in the middle between
you and my employer.
Helena will know what went
on here tonight.
Jax: Good. You tell her.
And while you're at it,
tell her from me --
she backs off chloe, or I'll
make sure she does.
Got that?

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Juan: No big deal.
Emily: It is a big deal
to me.

Sorel: I was pleased to get
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