GH Transcript Friday 8/4/00


General Hospital Transcript Friday 8/4/00

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>> previously on
"general hospital" --

jax: No bad dreams last
Chloe: No bad nothing.

Stefan: As long as she's ill
and dreaming, she's of use.

Lucky: Why are you
blackmailing emily?

Juan: I would give anything
to go back and undo what
Emily: Trust me, so would i.

Carly: Hey!
Get out of my house.

hannah: A.J., Do yourself
a favor and find a woman who's
A.J.: I can wait.
I'm a patient guy.
Taggert: I'm not
interrupting, am i?
A.J.: Well, as a matter
of fact --
hannah: Hey.
What a surprise.
Taggert: Yeah.
Well, we didn't lock down dinner
A.J.: She's working.
Hannah: So, what do you have
in mind?
Taggert: Well, we're both
working, so I was thinking
a couple of kelly's specials
to go.
Hannah: As long as it's not
onions and liver, you're on.
Taggert: I'll check.
Hannah: Ok.
A.J.: I'd go with
the pastrami myself.
Hannah: Ooh.
Food of the gods.
Taggert: Really?
A.J.: See how well i know

Gia: What are you,
some mental case following me
around, accusing me of the same
thing over and over?
For the la time, i don't know
any emily, and i am not
a blackmailer.
Lucky: You're not homeless,
Gia: So what?
Lucky: Why did you lie?
Gia: You think I'd tell
the truth to some guy who jumped
me in an alley?
Lucky: You have a key
to a mansion on 5557 grand
Gia: You followed me?
Lucky: I watched you let
yourself in.
Gia: I don't believe this.
Lucky: You better start
leveling with me, gia,
or whatever your name is
because you're not going
to leave here till you do.

Stefan: Excellent.
Which is which?
Man: This is the medication
the patient is currently taking.
Stefan: So this is
the placebo?
Man: It's identical
in appearance to the real drug.
Stefan: So if the pills were
switched, the patient would
never know.
Man: Well, not until
the symptoms reappeared.
Stefan: All of them?
The headaches, the vivid dreams?
Man: I'm afraid so.
And the patient could lose
his or her sight completely.
Stefan: Well, that is all
merely speculative at this
However, i will take
your precautions under
For your expertise
and your discretion.
Man: You can count
on me, sir.
Stefan: Good.
Stefan: Would be a shame
for chloe morgan to lose
her sight.
But her dreams must continue
no matter what the cost.

Helena: How should i get rid
of chloe?
I can't use poison so soon after
And a hit-and-run would be
Any suggestions?
Andreas: I wouldn't presume
to advise you, madam.
Helena: Sometimes the answer
to a dilemma is right under
one's nose.
I'll dispatch chloe
the same way i did alexis'
And with any luck, alexis will
have a nervous breakdown,
and I'll be rid of them both.
Ow. Ooh.

Carly: Sonny can't rent this
apartment to you or anyone else.
He doesn't own it.
So take your junk and get out.
Alexis: Well, see, that's not
going to happen, and i'm going
to tell you why -- because i did
the legal work for this
And he has the right to rent
to whoever he wants.
And he wants me.
Leticia: Carly, why don't
we just find mr. Corinthos?
Alexis: That's a good idea.
And why don't you leave the key
on your way out.
Carly: I'm not leaving.
You're trespassing, alexis.
Ned: Ok, when i described
the down sides to moving
in here, did i happen to mention
Carly: That's funny.
Get out!
Take your stupid boyfriend
with you.
Sonny: Thought I heard
your voice.
What's going on?
Alexis: Howdy, neighbor.
Carly: What are these two
doing here?
I'm all set to move in.
I got my stuff packed
downstairs --
sonny: Ok, wait, wait, wait.
You're way out of line, carly.
Carly: I'm out of line?
Sonny: Yes, you are.
Carly: These two are making
out in my home!
Sonny: First of all, it's not
your home.
And I won't have you yelling
at my new tenant.
Carly: What are you trying
to do, sonny?
Sonny: Leticia, can you take
michael across the hall, please?
Leticia: Sure.
Carly: No.
My son stays with me.
Sonny: There's no fighting
in front of michael.
That's not negotiable, remember?
Carly: Fine.
This won't take long.
Ned: How about no fighting
in front of me and alexis?
Carly: You and alexis don't
like it, you can leave.
Alexis: Hold on.
This is like watching a really
good bad b movie.
Ned: Popcorn.
Carly: All of our things are
packed up at the brownstone
waiting to be moved in here.
Sonny: I had no idea.
Carly: Well, I told you.
Sonny: Well, you never made
a commitment.
Alexis: I did.
That's why my things are here.
Sonny: You know what?
There's just a misunderstanding.
What do you want me to do?
Carly: Tell it to michael,
He now has no place to live!
Alexis: Do you hear
the violins?
Sonny: I am renting this
place for michael.
Ned: I do now.
Sonny: Having the place
rented is income for him.
The money goes straight
into his bank account.
You should have told me you were
Carly: I did!
I said it straight out.
Come on.
Sonny: Well, that's not what
i heard.
So she comes along.
I can't go back on my word now.
Carly: Oh, not to her,
but to me it doesn't matter.
I don't get it.
If michael and i are living
across the hall from you,
you can monitor every bite that
we eat, you can see everything
that we do.
You can oversee michael's entire
Why would you do this?
Oh, you trying to force my hand?
Is that what you're doing here?
You, wait -- you think if I get
desperate enough that I'll move
back in with you?
Is that what you think?
Is that what you're doing?

Roy: Hey, mike.
Mike: Hey, roy.
Roy: Some of sorel's muscle
was in here a little while ago
asking about you.
Mike: Yeah, well, if i don't
come up with that 30 grand,
they're going to be carving
my name on a stone slab.
Roy: Maybe I could help
you get out of town for a while
until we can figure something
Mike: Does that mean
you couldn't come up
with the money?
Roy: I hit a dead end.
Mike: All right,
look, I really appreciate
the effort.
Roy: You're running out
of options, man.
Mike: Roy, i got to get
in that poker game tonight.
Roy: You in the mood to throw
some good money after bad, huh?
Mike: No, no, man I can win.
I feel it.
If you just stake me.
All I need is a couple
of thousand.
Roy: I don't have a couple
I can maybe scrap together
a grand.
But if i put up my money,
I'm not sticking it
in your pocket, man.
I'm dealing myself in.
Mike: How good are you?
Roy: I played a couple hands
recently down in the caribbean.
Won enough to get bobbie and me
out of a jam.
Maybe I could do the same thing
for you.
Mike: Look, no offense,
but "maybe" isn't going to keep
me breathing.
Roy: Well, that would have
to be the deal.
Take it or leave it.
Mike: Ok, ok, I'll -- I'll
take it.
Roy: With any luck,
I'll double or triple the cash.
It's not enough to get you out
of trouble, but ought to buy
you some time.
Mike: Ok.
I'll see that you get it back.
Roy: I'm not worried.
Mike: All right.
So i'll meet you here,
what, around 9:00 --
roy: No, no, man.
You come anywhere near this club
tonight, all bets are off.
We straight on that?

A.J.: There's not much about
this woman i don't know.
Hannah: The pastrami was
a lucky guess.
Taggert: Not the key
to your soul?
Hannah: No, not even close.
Taggert: You about done here?
A.J.: Well, aren't you going
to tell the lieutenant about
what his ex-girlfriend tried
to pull?
Taggert: Dara?
Hannah: No, it was nothing.
It was a work-related problem.
A.J.: Sounded to me like
she was trying to get you fired.
Hannah: You're a
A.J.: I'm just looking out
for your best interest.
Hannah: I'll explain it
to you later.
A.J.: You get the feeling
you're always playing catch-up
with her?
Taggert: Well, you're really
starting to get on my nerves.
Hannah: You know, why don't
we just forget about takeout.
Taggert: We got a long night
ahead of us.
Hannah: I know.
So why don't we make it longer?
We can go to mario's at midnight
for pasta.
Taggert: I like how
you think.
A.J.: Hmm.
I don't know, you know?
Pasta that late?
Who can sleep?
Taggert: Who wants to?
Hannah: See you later, a.J.
A.J.: You can count on it.
[Pager beeps]
hannah: Oh --
Taggert: It's a disturbance
I got to take it.
Hannah: All right.
I'll see you at the station.
Taggert: Ok.
Tammy: Ain't love grand.
A.J.: How would you know?
Tammy: Order something
or leave.
A.J.: Pastrami on rye,
with everything.
Tammy: Mm-hmm.
A.J.: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: Jax.
Jax: Does it meet
your approval?
Chloe: It's beautiful.
Jax: I thought it was time
for us to celebrate.
Not in new york or
st. Petersburg, but right here
where we live, where i want
to continue living with
you for the rest of my life.
Thank you.
Chloe: Thank me?
Jax: Well, you never stopped
fighting to get well.
Chloe: And now my tumor is
smaller and my headaches are
almost gone.
Jax: And soon your dreams
will be gone, too.
Chloe: And my eyesight is
Jax: Maybe we can call this
our second chance night.
Chloe: I love that.
Jax: You hungry?
Chloe: I'm starved.
Jax: Oh. Allow me.
Here you are, madam.
Chloe: Thank you.
Jax: Dinner is served.
Chloe: Hotdogs.
Jax: Yep.
Chloe: Perfect.
The only thing missing is
a saxophone player.
[Saxophone plays]
Chloe: Do you remember
the first time we held hands
in a park?
Jax: Central park.
Chloe: Mm-hmm.
We could hear the sound
of the horse-drawn carriages
everywhere we walked.
And those little white lights
in the trees outside
the restaurant -- remember that?
That was magic.
Jax: There was a lot of magic
in the air that night.
Chloe: Hmm.
The missed opportunities.
So many things i wanted to say
to you and i didn'T.
Jax: Like what?
Chloe: Oh, like i knew
already that i was falling
in love with you.
Jax: Well, you didn't let on.
Chloe: I was sending
you signals like mad.
[Chloe laughs]
jax: Subtle doesn't always
work with me.
Chloe: I didn't want
to jinx it.
What if you didn't feel the same
Jax: But I did.
Chloe: Who knew?
Jax: And because of you,
I started to feel alive again,
just when I thought I had
nothing left to live for.
Chloe: If only you said
Jax: I didn't want to scare
you off.
Chloe: So we said good night
Jax: Yeah, and then week
later, you married ned.
Chloe: Oh! I so desperately
wanted you to stop me.
Jax: Well, you almost got
your wish.
I mean, the last thing i wanted
to see was you marrying someone
But I told myself I didn't have
the right.
Chloe: Do you know what
the best thing about tonight is?
Jax: What?
Chloe: That i can say to you,
loud and clear, I love you,
jasper jacks.
Jax: And I love you, chloe.
You gave me a second chance
at life.
And it's better than i could
have ever imagined.

Sonny: Have i ever forced
you to do anything you don't
want to do?
Carly: Oh, let me count
the ways.
Sonny: I told you before
you can live wherever
you want -- my place, anywhere.
You choose.
Carly: I choose here.
Sonny: Oh, of course.
The one place you cannot have.
Carly: Let me ask
you a question, sonny.
If i go out and find the perfect
house tomorrow, is it going
to become suddenly unavailable?
Sonny: I don't know.
Carly: Let me guess --
anything i find from here on out
will become unavailable,
bought, sold, rented, or given
away to johnny or johnny's
cousin or the lady who does
your stupid dry-cleaning, right?
Sonny: Things happen.
What do you want me to do?
Carly: Things don't just
happen that you don't manipulate
to come out your way.
Get this, sonny --
sonny: Hmm?
Carly: I will never move back
in with you, ok?
Not if i have to take michael
and go and live in a homeless
Sonny: Mm-hmm.
Carly: Don't even think about
following me next door.
Sonny: Hey.
Carly: I've had enough
of your face for one day.
Sonny: Ooh. No problem.
I'm headed to the club anyway.
Carly: Good.
Sonny: Bye.
Alexis: Popcorn?
Sonny: I never touch
the stuff.
Sorry for the intrusion, guys.
Ned: Oh, I give it a high
score for entertainment value.
Alexis: I'm going to give it
a 9.7 for level of difficulty,
but please don't make a habit
of it.
Sonny: You got it.
Ned: So?
Alexis: So --
ned: Where were we?
Alexis: You know what
i think?
Ned: What?
Alexis: I think that carly
was right.
Sonny is forcing her hand.
Ned: I think they deserve
each other.
Alexis: Did you see how cool
he remained even when she nailed
What a client.
Ned: Are you sure you want
to live across the hall
from this sideshow?
Alexis: It'll never be
Ned: No, I'll make sure
of that.
Come here.

Emily: Oh, man.
Elizabeth: Hey.
Emily: Hey! Hello!
Was anybody going to call me?
Elizabeth: Well, I left
you two messages.
Didn't you get them.
Emily: It must have been
after I left.
What happened?
Elizabeth: Oh.
The disguise worked.
Emily: The nerdy census taker
Elizabeth: Yes.
Emily: Tell me!
Elizabeth: Well,
nikolas and lucky hid,
and I went to the door,
mrs. O'lear answered.
She didn't buy my census-taking
line at first, so I had to do
a little tap dance.
Emily: Ok.
Does she live there?
Elizabeth: Works
as an au pair.
Emily: What?
Elizabeth: Just as I was
leaving, she was exiting
the house.
Emily: You saw her?
Elizabeth: Yes.
Emily: Oh, my god!
I'm getting goose bumps.
Is she the blackmailer?
Elizabeth: I couldn't tell.
She seemed to answer
my questions like she had
nothing to hide.
Emily: Well, maybe she was
Elizabeth: Well, her name is
gia, and she's definitely not
a runaway.
Emily: Oh, man.
I was hoping this was going
to be over today.
Now it looks like we're back
at square one.

Gia: If you found a bag
of cash lying in an alley,
what would you do?
Leave it for the next guy?
Lucky: You didn't find it.
You knew it was there.
You went right for it.
Gia: No, that's your story,
and you're sticking to it.
Lucky: Yeah.
And yours seems to be changing
by the second.
Gia: Look, I know you're
trying to help out a friend,
but I am not the person you're
looking for.
I'm not after anyone.
And I don't live in that mansion
you saw me go into.
I work there.
Taking care of the o'lears'
children for the summer.
Lucky: I buy that. So far.
Gia: Three nights a week
i have off, and I go out.
When you and that other guy
jumped out at me, I was headed
home from the movies.
This alley's a shortcut.
And sometimes people dump stuff
back here that's still good.
I found a portable radio one
night, so I'm always
on the lookout.
That's how i noticed the paper
I barely got to see what was
inside, and you two guys were
in my face accusing me
of blackmail.
I got scared, so i made up
a story and ran.
Lucky: Oh, you're good.
Gia: It's the truth.
I swear.
lucky: Uh-oh. Cops.
Gia: He can't see me.
You have to let me go.
Lucky: Are the cops after
Gia: No. I swear.
Taggert: Who's down there?
Gia: I've got to get out
of here.
Lucky: Stay put or he'll see
Lt. Taggert.
Taggert: Hunkering
in the alleys is becoming
a habit for you, lucky.
Lucky: No, actually i was
headed to the docks.
I heard a man and a woman back
Sounded like they were fighting.
Taggert: So you figured you'd
check it out, huh?
Lucky: Well, you know, I know
it's not smart to get involved
in domestic quarrels.
Taggert: So why did you?
Lucky: I heard a woman yell.
It was my natural instinct.
Taggert: Next time call
the police.
Lucky: Is that why you're
Did somebody call it in?
Taggert: P.D. Got a report
a couple of people loitering
down here.
Nothing about a fight.
Lucky: Well, I guess we both
struck out.
taggert: What was that?

emily: Ok, so what did this
gia girl tell you about herself?
Elizabeth: Well, her name is
gia campbell, and she's taking
care of the o'lears' children
for the summer.
Emily: Ok, so she's not
from port charles?
Elizabeth: Brooklyn.
Soon at columbia university.
Emily: Really?
When did she get here?
Elizabeth: June 10.
Emily: The rave was after
Elizabeth, she could have been
there that night.
Elizabeth: So, have you told
juan or --
emily: No. No.
That's the hard part,
too, you know?
I mean, he still thinks that
there's something going
on between me and lucky.
If only he knew how much worse
it was.
Elizabeth: Are you rethinking
telling him?
Emily: Lucky would be
so angry.
Elizabeth: Well, he's just
trying to protect you.
Emily: I know.
I just -- I wish that there was
a way that i could trust juan.
Elizabeth: You think you can
really trust him after all
this --
emily: I know, I know.
It's dumb. I know.
Elizabeth: No.
No, sometimes you just know
a person.
Emily: Like you and lucky?
Elizabeth: Oh.
Emily: No matter what
he says, elizabeth, he still
loves you.
Elizabeth: Well, if he does,
I wish he'd get past whatever's
keeping us apart.
And I'm trying not to push him.
I really am.
Emily: Must be hard.
Elizabeth: You know,
it's funny.
Ever since i've backed off,
lucky's been a lot more relaxed
with me.
You know, I just keep thinking
if i don't bring up the past
or talk about the way things
were between the two of us,
then maybe we can have a future.
Meanwhile, i'm just trying
to get on with my life.
Emily: Hmm.
Wish i could say the same.
It's like without juan,
it's like my life is on hold.
Not to mention i've got this
blackmailer breathing down
my neck.
Juan: Hi.
I was hoping i'd run into you.

Jax: There's the first one.
Make a wish.
Chloe: I already have
everything i could possibly wish
Jax: Well, make one
for the both of us, anyway.
Chloe: Ok.
Um -- I wish --
jax: What?
You wish what?
Chloe: It's an easy one.
Jax: Where are we going?
Where are we going?
Chloe: I wish that we were
Jax: Oh.
Ok, then.

Roy: On the house.
Mike: Oh -- thanks.
Thanks, roy.
You know, I just -- I don't know
how I got myself into this mess.
Roy: You might want to take
some time to figure that out.
Mike: Well, it's not going
to happen again.
That's for sure.
And I'm sorry that i got
you into it.
Roy: Ah, man, it's only
Besides, no matter how much
i win tonight, you're still
going to owe those guys.
And with interest.
Mike: You trying to give me
a heart attack?
Roy: I'm just trying to get
you to go to sonny.
Mike: No, I can'T.
And sonny cannot find out.
Now, you gave me your word
on this.
Roy: Yeah. Yeah, I know.
We play it your way.
Mike: You know, you could
tell me to get lost.
You hardly know me.
Roy: That's true.
Mike: So why don't you?
Roy: Because I owe sonny.
And from where i sit,
it wouldn't do him a whole lot
of good to have his father turn
up dead in the port charles
Sonny: How's it going, roy?
Roy: Can't complain.
Mike: Hey, sonny.
Good to see you.
Sonny: So, what, you don't
return my phone calls now?
Mike: No, I -- i've been
I'm sure you two have business
to discuss.
Sonny: Well, don't run off
because I need to speak
to you about something.
Mike: No, it's all right.
I'll be down here at the table.
Sonny: Ok.
Roy: What can i get you?
Sonny: I understand
sorel was in the other night.
Roy: Yeah, he ran a job offer
by me.
Sonny: If he's a problem,
roy, you need to tell me.
Roy: I handled it, man.

Taggert: All right,
come on out.
Lucky: You know,
it's probably just a cat.
I saw a couple back here
by the dumpster.
Taggert: Didn't sound like
an animal.
Lucky: You see anything?
Taggert: No.
Lucky: You know, when nikolas
and I ran into you the other
night, i was doing some thinking
about stefan's murder.
Taggert: Playing detective
again, huh?
Lucky: Can you blame me?
Mac's after my father
for a murder that he didn't
Taggert: I know it's tough,
lucky, but it's still a police
Lucky: You know, if you guys
are looking for a murder
suspect, i'd go after helena.
Stefan and helena hated each
Taggert: I thought
you and helena were close.
Lucky: She rescued me
from faison.
I owe her that much.
But I also know what she's
capable of when she's been
Taggert: You discuss this
with nikolas?
Lucky: No.
He has his own suspicions.
But as long as my father's
the chief suspect in this,
I just avoid the conversation
all together with him.
Taggert: Well, that's
probably best.
Lucky: Has the police
searched helena's yacht?
Taggert: It's been done.
The evidence keeps leading us
back to your father.
Lucky: Somebody is framing
Mac's out to get him.
You know that, right?
Taggert: Stay out of this,
Lucky: Would you in my place?
Taggert: In your place?
Lucky: Mm-hmm.
[Taggert sighs]
taggert: I hope i'd be doing
just what you and nikolas are
doing -- sticking together,
not letting the
spencer-cassadine war carry
on into the next generation.
Lucky: Well, until the real
killer's found, there will
always be tension between us.
Taggert: Could be worse.
If one or two of you start
investigating stefan's murder,
you could end up on opposite
The two of you are brothers.
You're close.
Try to protect that.
Taggert: Well, I guess I'm
going to call in my report.
You need a lift?
Lucky: No, thank you.
I think I'll walk.
Taggert: Stay out of trouble.
Lucky: Always.
[Taggert whistles]
lucky: Come on.
He's gone.
Gia: I owe you one.
Lucky: Hey, not so fast.
Why are you afraid of cops?
Juan: How are you?
Emily: Good.
Elizabeth: You know,
I'm going to go.
I'll be right back.
Juan: I still haven't taken
you for that soda to thank
you for not letting ned sell
my contract to that other record
How about friday night?
Emily: I can'T.
Juan: Some other night, then.
Emily: Yeah.
Yeah, definitely.
Juan: It was good to see you.
Emily: You, too.
Elizabeth: You wanted to go.
Emily: Yeah.
More than anything.
Elizabeth: Well, could you be
with him and not tell him?
Emily: No way.
Elizabeth: Em, I'm sorry.
[Telephone rings]
emily: I miss him so much,
Elizabeth: I know.
Emily: I miss us together.
Tammy: Emily -- phone
for you.
Emily: What if it's her.
It's her, isn't it?
Elizabeth: You can handle it.
It's ok.
Come on.
Emily: Hello.

Mike: I didn't order this.
Claude: Roy told me not
to take no for an answer.
Mike: Thanks, claude.
Sonny: Hey, roy?
Roy: Yeah?
Sonny: Remember last time
you tried to handle sorel?
You almost ended up
in a body bag.
Roy: This time he's playing
Sonny: Until he doesn't get
what he wants.
Unless maybe you didn't turn
down the offer.
Roy: What do you think, man?
Sonny: Sorel doesn't take
rejection well.
All I'm saying is if you suspect
there's trouble --
roy: I've got your number.
Sonny: Use it.
Roy: I will.
Sonny: So what's up
with mike?
Roy: You better ask him that.
Sonny: I think I will.
May I?
Mike: Yeah, sure.
Mike: What?
Sonny: You tell me.
Is there a problem i should know
Mike: No, but you got
a problem.
She just walked in the door.
Sonny: So, everything ok
with you?
Mike: Yeah.
Couldn't be better.
Claude: What'll be?
Carly: I see what i want.
Roy: Hey.
Carly: Long island iced tea.
You know how to make one, right?
Roy: Yeah.
Coming right up.
If you're looking for sonny,
he's right there.
Carly: Actually, I'm right
where I want to be.
Emily: Reginald.
Why are you calling me here?
No. Right, right, right, right.
No, I haven't forgotten.
I have to meet grandfather
at the country club for dinner.
Right. Yeah.
Ok, I'll be home to change soon.
Ok, bye.
Oh. Ugh!

Elizabeth: I was so sure it
was the blackmailer.
Emily: My nerves cannot take
this anymore, elizabeth.
Elizabeth: I know.
Emily: Oh, man.
Juan: Can't take what?
Emily: Oh, nothing.
Just -- you know, my family
bugging me.
Juan: No, it's more than
I saw the look on your face when
you went to the phone.
If you're in trouble, I want
to help you.
Trust me, there's nothing
i wouldn't do for you.
Elizabeth: Trust what
you feel.
Juan: Do you want to go
Juan: Something's really been
bothering you, hasn't it?
I mean, besides you and me.
Emily: I've wanted to tell
Juan: You can, you know.
Emily: This is big.
Juan: It's ok.
Emily: Um --
emily: When i went to that
rave, I left with this guy,
and I woke up the next morning
in bed with him.
He was dead.

Gia: Cops make me nervous.
You ought to understand that.
It sounds like your family's
having problems with the law.
Lucky: I'm not the one that's
running for cover.
You are.
Gia: Well, if you figure I'm
the blackmailer, why didn't
you hand me over to that cop?
Lucky: Oh, believe me,
that's still an option.
Gia: I've told you
Lucky: Except the truth.
If i don't start getting some
real answers from you,
the family that you work for is
going to get a little visit
from lt. Taggert asking about
their au pair and the missing
Gia: You wouldn't.
Lucky: Try me.

Sonny: You're not eating.
Mike: And you're acting like
nothing's going on.
Sonny: Why are you so jumpy
mike: Carly.
I mean, come on, she's coming
on to roy.
Sonny: She gets like that.
Forget about it.
Mike: And you're not going
to do anything about it?
Sonny: Nah.

Roy: One long island
iced tea.
Carly: You sure you won't
join me?
Roy: I'm working.
Carly: So's bobbie.
She got the late shift
at the hospital again.
Roy: Yeah, I know.
Carly: Thought it'd be a nice
time for us to get to know each
other better.
Roy: How much better?
Carly: I've got all night.
So did i ever manage to thank
you for being so nice to me
Roy: Oh, that was
my pleasure.
Carly: You don't treat me
like some people i could name.
But I won't, you know?
You make me feel good about
myself when I'm with you.
Roy: You should feel good
about yourself.
You're a remarkable woman.
Carly: I like a guy who says
what he thinks, you know.
You know where you stand
with a guy like that.
Roy: You've got me all
figured out, haven't you?
Carly: Not yet.
But I'm willing to learn.
Roy: It could take a while.
Carly: That's fine with me.
Roy: You know, you've got
really amazing eyes.
I was blown away by your eyes
when i first came back to town.
Carly: Really?
Roy: Yeah.
I've been thinking about
you a lot.
Carly: You have?
Roy: I have.
I mean, I know i couldn't make
the first move, things being
the way they were.
I had to wait for you to come
to me.
We'll have to be careful,
you know that?
Mike: Are you checking this
Sonny: Don't worry about it.
Roy: I bet you really know
how to treat a man,
especially one who has been out
of the loop for 20 years.

Helena: Soon.
Very soon.
Helena: Andreas?
Helena's voice: How should
i get rid of chloe?
I can't use poison so soon after
Another hit-and-run would be

[Knock on door]
stefan: Enter.
Man: A courier just delivered
this for you.
It seemed important.
Stefan: Mm-hmm.
My evening's entertainment.
That will be all.
Helena's voice: Chloe morgan
has been a thorn in my side long
The idea of her traveling around
inside my head is intolerable.
She'll be able to witness all
my activities.
It can't be allowed to continue.
I'll have to accelerate the plan
to eliminate her.
Stefan: Haste makes waste,
Oh, there are so many ways young
chloe morgan could be of use.
I can't let you kill her.

Jax: Thanks, man.
You really made our night.
Musician: Anytime, jax.
Jax: What do you say we call
it a night?
Chloe: Not yet.
Chloe: I was just communing
with the stars.
Jax: Yeah?
Chloe: Mm-hmm.
Telling them about hotdogs
and fireflies, sweet music,
and how perfect life is when
you're sharing it with someone
you love.
Chloe: Oh, my god.
Jax: What's wrong?
Chloe: No --
jax: Chloe, tell me what's
Chloe: Jax.
It was helena.
She's going to kill me.

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emily: You think I'm
terrible, don't you?

Carly: What about my mom?
Roy: What about her?

Chloe: This was a
I'm next.
Helena is going to come
after me.

Stefan: Chloe is in the park.
You realize how vulnerable
she is to attack?

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