GH Transcript Thursday 8/3/00


General Hospital Transcript Thursday 8/3/00

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"general hospital" --

mac: Keep your personal
feelings out of the workplace.
Don't let me see them.
Don't let me hear about them.

Elizabeth: Have you been
counted, young man?

Jax: It's time to go home.
Alexis: I am home.

Ned: I can't lose her,
not over something as silly
as an apartment.

Carly: The best birthday
present I could give you was
if i moved into jason's
Bobbie: Thank you
for the party.

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jax: Hey.
Would you like a late breakfast?
Ned: You couldn't just call
me last night?
Jax: You know, this is good.
It's protein powder,
orange juice, wheat germ.
Ned: Why isn't alexis
answering her cell phone?
Jax: She's fine.
Tammy could fix you one
of these, you know.
They're really good.
Ned: You got nowhere
with her, didn't you?
Jax: Last call.
Ned: All right.
I'll make this simple.
If i go over to crime central
right now, will alexis slam
the door in my face?
Jax: Listen to yourself.
Ned: What?
Are you saying that it's a good
idea for her to move across
the hall from sonny?
Jax: Ok, let me ask
you something.
Did you actually yell "you have
to choose" right in her face?
Ned: We spoke strongly.
Jax: Unbelievable.
Why should anyone have to oose
between an apartment and you,
Ned: Is this your way
of saying that you got nowhere
with her?
Jax: Well, I didn't tell
alexis what to do, if that's
what you're asking.
Ned: Did she throw you out?
Jax: Why should she
throw me out?
I'm not the one making
unreasonable demands,
questioning her judgment,
stepping all over her freedom.
Ned: She threw you out.
Jax: She didn't throw me out.
She was resting quite
comfortably when i left.
Ned: Did she finish that
whole bottle of champagne?
Jax: Ned, i've never seen
her so upset, except
in the sahara when we ran out
of water and when we almost lost
So i got to hand it to you --
you did a real good job.

[Knock on door]
alexis: Go away.
Chloe: Alexis?
Are you all right?
Alexis: Just a sec--
just a second.
Chloe: Are you ok, alexis?
Alexis: I'm fine.
Chloe: Is this a bad time?
Alexis: No.
What makes you say that?
I'm coming.
Chloe: Ok.
Alexis: I'm getting closer.
And now I'm going to let you in.
Chloe: Ok.
Chloe: Whoo!
Coffee or something fizzy?
Alexis: I'm never going
to drink anything again for any
Chloe: Something fizzy.
Alexis: Are you going to tell
me that this is the worst
mistake that i've ever made
in my life?
Chloe: I am not going to tell
you that.
I am going to tell you to have
a croissant.
Or not.
And that i will help you pack
or unpack -- whatever you need.
Alexis: I need seltzer,
coffee, and a reason to live.
Chloe: Ok.
Doctor is in.
I'll see what I can do.
Kitchen back here?
Alexis: I don't know.
I don't care.
Bobbie: Ah.
Keys, keys, keys.
Carly: Look what I found.
Bobbie: Honey, have you seen
my car keys?
Carly: Do you know that home
decorating shop at the mall?
Bobbie: How can I find
anything in this mess?
Carly: Well, I hit
the early bird special this
Bobbie: Some of us have
to get to work early.
We can't do it without our keys.
Carly: Well, take a cab.
That's what I did.
I got there before anybody else.
Bobbie: Honey, come on.
Come on.
Help me look.
Carly: Ok, in a sec.
Would you look at these?
Aren't they gorgeous?
Bobbie: Yeah, they'll be
They'll be lovely er
at jason's.
Carly: Mom, they're for you.
Bobbie: I don't need any more
I need my keys and my living
room back.
Carly: Oh.
They're a going away present,
if it makes you feel any better.
Bobbie: When are
you planning to move?

Taggert: You have a good run?
Hannah: Yeah, a really good
Taggert: You left kind
of early this morning.
Hannah: Did I wake you?
Taggert: I was just surprised
to see you gone.
Hannah: So you're following
me now?
Taggert: No.
I just know you like to come
here and crash after a good run.
Hannah: So you're keeping
tabs on me?
Taggert: Is that a problem?
Hannah: I just wanted some
time alone.

Lucky: All right.
One more time.
Elizabeth: Ok.
Lucky: I just answered
the door.
Elizabeth: Right.
Lucky: Yes?
Elizabeth: Hi.
I'm mary mcginnis, u.S. Census.
I need more information
on the residents at this
Nikolas: Yeah.
That sounds great.
Elizabeth: Yeah?
Lucky: Uh --
elizabeth: What?
Lucky: Flash your badge
quicker and sound like
a bureaucrat.
Elizabeth: Like what?
Lucky: You know, stupid words
and kind of a bored and busy
thing at the same time,
like you have a million houses
to hit and you're just about
ready for your coffee break.
Elizabeth: Got it.
Lucky: But the most important
thing is we need to find out
as much as we can about this
girl in the alley, so do not
get sidetracked.
Elizabeth: I won'T.
Nikolas: Yeah, yeah.
We're going to get caught
if we don't stop hanging out
Lucky: All right.
Elizabeth: Ok, let's go.
Nikolas: Ok.
Lucky: You ready?
Elizabeth: Go.
Let's do it.
Lucky: All right.
Lucky: Knock again.
Woman: Yes?
Elizabeth: Hi.
Mary mcginnis, u.S. Census,
requesting further information
regarding the occupants of this
We appreciate your cooperation.
Woman: Oh.
Well, I sent back my census form
months ago.
Elizabeth: Oh.
Well, is this 557 grand?
Woman: That's right.
Elizabeth: Well, I'm sorry,
I'm afraid there's no record
of your form.
Woman: Isn't the census or?
Elizabeth: This is simply
a followup call to provide you,
the taxpayer, one final
opportunity to stand up and be
Lucky: That's too much.
Woman: What do you really

alexis: What's so terrible
about living here?
Chloe: I think this place is
really nice.
Alexis: "Nice"?
It should be nice.
I'm sonny corinthos' puppet.
Chloe: Oh, that's ridiculous.
Alexis: No, it's true.
The whole town knows about it.
I sold out for what?
Three bedrooms, two baths,
a fireplace, a view.
I'm kept.
I'm alexis davis, kept counsel.
Chloe: Aren't you paying
Give me that.
Alexis: Quite a bit,
Chloe: All right.
Well, if you keep your office
here, then you can write off
most of this, right?
Alexis: That's right.
I made a very good deal.
So why can't ned be happy
for me?
Chloe: He wants to be.
Alexis: Have you seen him?
Chloe: I spent last night
with him.
It was our one-year wedding
Alexis: Did I call?
Did I send a gift?
Chloe: It's ok.
We played gin all night.
Alexis: Who won?
Loe: Alexis.
Alexis: I know.
He can't play at all, can he?
He always wants me to play
with him, but I won't
because he's so bad.
I really miss him.
Chloe: Alexis, he loves
you very much.
Alexis: If he can strut
around in his leather pants,
why can't I live here?
Chloe: Is that why you're
doing this?
Because of eddie maine?
Alexis: No.
Not completely.
I want my own place.
I'm tired of living out
of a hotel.
Chloe: There's nothing wrong
with that.
Alexis: Well, then why can't
ned understand that?
Chloe: I think he was just
Alexis: I know that phone
message was a bit of a dodge.
Chloe: Maybe you both needed
a little time.
Alexis: Do you think i should
call and apologize?
Chloe: Not on an empty
At least not without a cup
of coffee.
Alexis: Thank you.
Chloe: Oh, you're welcome.
I'll check in on you in a little
while, ok?

Ned: Ok.
So, maybe I did push alexis
a little.
Jax: You know, alexis was
much happier married to me.
Ned: So what's my next move?
Give her some room?
Stage a rescue -- champagne,
Jax: Oh, I'd probably leave
out the champagne.
Ned: Yeah, yeah, and she'd
probably throw the strawberries
in my face.
Jax: Ok, here's an idea --
try to be nice to her.
Ned: Jax, alexis is the only
woman who ever loved
the real me.
Jax: Oh, please.
You're not going to go on about
love and love and all this.
Ned: We, I just can't --
I can't ruin this relationship
over some real estate.
Jax: Ok, you know what?
If it makes you feel any better,
she wasted most of the night
telling me how much she still
loves you.
Ned: Well, thank you.
Why didn't you say that when
i first walked in?
Jax: Why should i?
I mean, you haven't figured
it out.
It's so obvious.
Ned: Well, why don't
you enlighten me?
Jax: Ok, starts with A.
Ned: Apologize.
Jax: Yes.
A little apology -- that would
be a great way to start.
Ned: Thank you.
Jax: Ok.

Carly: Sorry.
I keep forgetting that you're
in such a hurry to get rid
of me.
Bobbie: Sweetheart,
do we have to have this fight
every single day?
Carly: No, we don't.
I'll get your grandson out
of your way as soon as possible.
Bobbie: The pillows are
They really are.
Thank you very much.
Carly: Oh, yeah, sure.
And they were on sale,
so i can't take them back.
Of course, you could always pawn
them off on roy, unless he's
planning on moving in here
the second michael and i are
Bobbie: You know we make
lousy roommates.
You told me that yourself.
Carly: I know, but why did
i think you weren't going
to throw it in my face all
the time?
Sorry if my surprise party
interfered with your busy
Bobbie: Oh, knock it off,
will you?
Carly: I found them.
Michael was probably playing
with them again.
Bobbie: How many times have
i asked you not to let him do
Carly: Well, he likes
to pretend he's starting sonny's
Bobbie: Why don't you forget
about jason's, move back
in with sonny?
Carly: Sonny doesn't want me
Bobbie: Well, michael will be
a lot happier.
Carly: So what does that
make me?
The nanny?
The hired help?
Oh, the obligation.
Bobbie: You know what, honey?
I really think you and sonny
ought to sit down and work
things out for yourself,
just forget about elizabeth.
Forget about everything.
Just give each other a chance.
Carly: What do you care?
You're getting what you want.
Michael and I will be out
of your way soon enough.
You'll have the house almost
to yourself.
I mean, hey, you know, you could
ship lucas off to boarding
school, or maybe tony will take
care of him permanently.
Bobbie: Oh, thank
you for finding my keys.
Carly: Uh-huh.
Aren't you in a rush?
Bobbie: Mm-hmm.
You want to clean this place up
while I'm gone?
Carly: Sure, if i get
a chance.
Bobbie: Yeah, right.

Taggert: Am i pushing you?
Hannah: Not at all.
Taggert: You know,
because I can back off,
no problem.
Hannah: No, that isn't it.
Taggert: I know you like
to run when you're upset.
If there's something you need
to tell me, you can --
hannah: Well, running just
helps me think.
Taggert: Think about what
a great night you had or "how
the hell did i get myself
into this one"?
Hannah: No, what a great
night I had.
Don't worry.
It's just that with us,
everything seems so easy,
and I'm not used to it.
Taggert: And that's
a problem?
Hannah: I keep thinking that
something terrible's going
to happen.
You know, like you'll turn on me
or you'll suddenly change
your mind.
Taggert: I'm not corinthos.
Or anybody else.
Hannah: It just takes some
getting used to, i guess,
that's all.
Taggert: I'm not trying
to change you, hannah.
I don't want you to turn
into another person.
I don't want you to worship me,
although that would be nice.
Hannah: Well, don't get
your hopes up.
Taggert: I don't want
you to save my life.
I just want you to share it,
if that's what you want.
Hannah: It is.
Taggert: I like the person
you are right now, today,
this morning.
Hannah: Thank you.
Taggert: And if we have any
roadblocks, we'll deal.
You just let me know.
Hannah: I will.
Taggert: Ahem.
Morning, counselor.
Dara: Sorry to bother you.

Lucky: Get what you need and
get out.
Elizabeth: Um -- I apologize
for any confusion you may be
However, the information
regarding this residence is
Woman: Would it help
if we called your office
to clear things up?
Elizabeth: Ok, look.
I'm not supposed to tell
you this, but the computers are
chewing up these forms like
candy, especially in this
And I know this is such
a bother, and I'm sorry
about it.
And my boss would absolutely
kill me if he found out I was
telling you.
Woman: I understand.
Elizabeth: And I really just
wanto fill out these little
blanks so I can go home
and study.
Woman: Oh, you're in college?
Elizabeth: Yeah.
I'm taking 12 hours
of art history this semester.
Woman: Oh.
Elizabeth: My advisor says
it's too much, but this job pays
really well.
And if i can just finish
for the day --
and the art in western
civilization test tomorrow,
and I haven't studied and I'm
really far behind, so I --
I promise you this will only
take a second.
Woman: Well, ask away.
Elizabeth: Thank you.
So, how many people live here?
Woman: Four.
Elizabeth: And they would be?
Woman: Myself, my husband,
and two children.
Elizabeth: Ok.
What are the ages of
your children?
Woman: 6 and 9.
Elizabeth: Does anybody else
live here?
Woman: No, only the family.
Elizabeth: And what about
last year?
Woman: That's it.
Now, are we finished?
My kids have been way too quiet.
Elizabeth: Of course.
Thank you.
I really appreciate
your cooperation.
Woman: Good luck on that
Elizabeth: Thank you.
I'm going to need it.
Girl: Skim milk and
whole wheat on my way back?
Woman: , You're an angel.
Elizabeth: Excuse me.
I don't mean to be rude,
but does she live here as well?
elizabeth: I am required
to ascertain the identity
of everyone who resides at this
Woman: Oh.
Gia is our new au pair.
Elizabeth: Mary mcginnis,
U.S. Census.
Gia: I've already filed
my form.
Woman: Well, there's been
some kind of problem
with the computers.
Elizabeth: I apologize
for the inconvenience.
Woman: You don't mind
answering a few questions,
do you?
Gia: Not at all.
Woman: I'm going to try
to pry the kids away from that
new video game.
Gia: I've already bribed them
with frozen yogurt.
Woman: Oh.
Well, maybe I'll just pull
the plug.
Excuse me.
Gia: Make it fast.
Elizabeth: Of course.
From which location was
your original form mailed?
Gia: Brooklyn.
Elizabeth: And is that where
you live?
Oh, of course.
What is your full name?
Gia: Gia campbell.
Why are you counting me twice?
Elizabeth: Census information
is utilized in determining
the allocation of public funds.
Gia: Meaning?
Elizabeth: It's policy.
Gia: Does this neighborhood
seem to need any public funds?
Elizabeth: Are you currently
matriculating at an accredited
Gia: Does columbia university
You know, the one in
new york city?
Elizabeth: Of course.
How long have you lived here?
Gia: Since june 10.
Elizabeth: And that's when
you moved to port charles?
Gia: You need anything else,
find my form.
Elizabeth: You guys,
they bought it.
They bought it.
Lucky: That was great.
Elizabeth: Oh, I was
Nikolas: No, you were --
you were terrific.
Lucky: I'm going to find out
where she went.
Elizabeth: Ok.
We're going to meet up
at kelly's?
Lucky: Yeah, sure.
Nikolas: All right.
You know, we should probably get
out of here, too.
Let's go.
Elizabeth: That's a good

[Knock on door]
alexis: Yeah?
Ned: Alexis?
Alexis: Are you mad?
Ned: Just sorry.
Alexis: Me, too.

Taggert: Any ne about
the undercover?
Dara: Not yet.
But I do need to go over
your testimony in the hacker
Hannah: Now?
This second?
Dara: I enjoy walking through
the park, hannah.
I'm sorry if that upsets you.
Taggert: Hey, we have that
meeting at 3:00, right?
Dara: You'll bring
e original paperwork
from t arrest?
Taggert: You got it.
Dara: Ok.
I really did just happen by.
Taggert: I know.
Dara: Well, have a nice day,
both of you.
Hannah: Mm-hmm.
Taggert: See you later.
Hannah: Well, that wasn't
awkward or anything.
Taggert: Look, I -- i work
with dara every day.
You going to be able to handle
Hannah: Yeah.
I guess I should have been
a little nicer to her.
Taggert: She's a good person.
Hannah: Especially when
she stays away from you.
Taggert: Any plans
for dinner?
Hannah: As a matter of fact,
I'm glad you asked.
How about breakfast first?
Taggert: Oh.
You read my mind.
Hannah: I'm sure i did.
Taggert: Uh-huh.

A.J.: Hey.
Have you seen hannah?
Tammy: No.
A.J.: No, not this morning?
No, not last night?
No, not for the past couple
of days?
Tammy: Do i look like
the doorman?
A.J.: Is she sleeping here?
Tammy: Like i care where that
one spends the night.
A.J.: So she hasn't been
Tammy: You planning
on ordering anything?
A.J.: I'll let you know.
Tammy: Ok.
A.J.: Jeez.
A.J.: Hey.
How's my son?
Bobbie: I'm not in charge
of keeping you posted
on michael.
A.J.: Is he living with you?
Bobbie: I don't have time
today, a.J.
A.J.: Come on, bobbie.
Don't you get tired of tripping
over sonny's goons?
Bobbie: If you would leave
carly and michael alone,
maybe sonny wouldn't have
to bother.
A.J.: If i --
if i were shacked up
with an ex-con, maybe I'd like
Bobbie: Carly and michael are
moving into jason'S.
A.J.: When?
Bobbie: As soon as
possible -- today, right now.
A.J.: Do you really want
her living there with michael?
Bobbie: You don't give a damn
what i think or where carly
A.J.: You know, I keep
forgetting i'm the b guy here.
Bobbie: A.J., If you want
a relationship with michael,
stop drinking,
get control of your life,
grow up.
A.J.: Bobbie, what if a bunch
of goons break in one night
looking for jason?
A shootout breaks out
in the hallway?
I mean, you know, bullets can go
through most anything.
Is that really where you want
your only grandson to live?
Bobbie: If you're so worried
about michael, find a way to be
part of his life.
A.J.: What do you think I'm
trying to do here?
Bobbie: Try harder.
A.J.: Bobbie, come on,
I'm not the only parent
in the world here that enjoys
Bobbie: A.J --
I don't have time.
A.J.: I like myself.
I like who i am now.
I mean, isn't that supposed
to be healthy?
Bobbie: Order something
or leave.
A.J.: Tammy, how about
a stack?
Bobbie: Tammy, toss him out
anytime you feel like it.
Tammy: Which would be
about now.
A.J.: Oh, come on.
And tear me away from this warm,
welcoming atmosphere?

Michael: Big.
Carly: Guess what.
Mr. Man?
We're going to move again.
You're getting to be quite
the little expert, aren't you?
Mr. Moving man.
Michael: Chicken.
Carly: We are going to move
again, and we're going to be
close to uncle sonny again,
so that would be good, huh?
Michael: Uncle sonny.
Carly: Yeah.
Uncle sonny's not going to be
living with us, but he'll be
close by, so that will be good.
Do you know that door?
Do you remember the door kind
of near where johnny sits?
Remember across the hall?
You know where johnny stands
there outside uncle sonny's
door, you know, there's another
You know that one?
That's going to be our house.
That's our new home.
Do you remember that place?
Do you remember it?
It used to be --
michael: Look, look.
Carly: You lived there when
you were a little baby.
Do you remember?
You were really tiny,
but we lived there with jason.
You remember?
It's jason's house.
Michael: Jason's house?
Carly: That's right.
But, listen, jason's not
coming back, so -- so don't look
for him.
And don't wait for him
because he loves you,
michael, but --
it's his house, but he doesn't
live there anymore.
Michael: A flower.
Carly: It's just going to be
you and it's going to be me.
And uncle sonny, almost.
Boy, you're too cute.
Oprah: We're digging
into our book club mailbag,
and some famous faces are
talking up— #mt,az
carly: Ooh.
Boy, he's getting heavy.
Leticia: Come here.
Carly: Why don't you go ahead
and pack his bags.
We're moving.
Leticia: To sonny's?
Carly: Across the hall.
Leticia: You're moving
into jason's?
Carly: Is that ok with you?
Leticia: Well, michael likes
his room at sonny'S.
Carly: We'll see sonny all
the time.
Why don't you go ahead and pack
the bag, leticia.
Sonny doesn't w-a-n-t us
with him.
Leticia: You know he does.
Carly: Then he can say so.
Leticia: Are you sure
he hasn't already?
Carly: Yeah.
Why should we move in
with sonny, anyway?
There's a perfectly good
apartment right across the hall.

Ned: I worry, that's all.
Alexis: I know.
Ned: Is living here really
what you want?
Alexis: Not if it costs
me you.
Ned: We aren't breaking up
over an apartment.
Alexis: Even if sonny's
my landlord?
Ned: You understand why i'm
Alexis: And you know this is
probably the safest penthouse
per square foot in the country.
Ned: Do you really want
to live with goons in
the hallway, knowing that
criminals could crash
in any time?
Alexis: Honey, it's not like
Ned: I used to worry when
jason and michael lived over
here, and now I got to worry
about you.
Alexis: Do you want me
to move out?
Ned: I don't have the choice
about where you live.
I wish i did.
Alexis: Thank you.
Ned: I just need some time
to get used to it.
Alexis: And will this help?
Ned: A little.
Alexis: And this?
Ned: Maybe.
Alexis: And this?

Juan: Late for something?
Emily: Oh.
Hey, juan.
Juan: Is it ok if I sit
with you?
Emily: Yeah, sure.
Go ahead.
Juan: I mean, unless you're,
you know, waiting for someone
Emily: Oh, no, no, no, no.
Juan: I just saw you looking
at your watch.
Emily: Oh.
I was -- i was counting the time
until I have to -- have to go
home to my family.
Juan: They still giving
you a hard time?
Emily: Yeah.
Don't they always?
Same as usual.
I don't want to bore
you with the details, though.
Juan: It wouldn't bore me.
I like knowing what's going
on with you, you know.
I mean, I miss hearing about
your crazy family and listening
when you're upset.
I started to think that maybe
something terrible happened
to one of them, you know,
and that was eating you up
inside and --
and that's whayou weren't
telling me.

Tammy: Anything else?
A.J.: How about a little
service with a smile?
Tammy: You want to see me
Look over your shoulder when
you leave.
A.J.: Ah.
A.J.: Ok, let's check it out.
That stock was supposed to crash
last week.
Who knew blowing my inheritance
would be so difficult?
Bobbie: Hmm.
I don't need this.
Tammy: Oh, don't tell me it's
from the health department.
I mean, I filled out all
the paperwork after
the quarantine.
Kept copies.
Bobbie: It's from the city.
Our restaurant license is about
to expire.
Tammy: And that's a problem?
Bobbie: Well, they need
my signature -- and luke's.
Tammy: Oh, boy.
That's a problem.
Bobbie: Yeah.
So what am i supposed to say
to these people?
"My brother escaped from police
headquarters and hasn't been
seen since.
He's being framed for murder"?
Tammy: Is luke still the only
Bobbie: Mac won't even
consider anybody else.
Tammy: Speaking of which --
Dara: Hey.
Tammy: The usual takeout?
Egg sandwich with cheese,
french fries and scrambled?
Dara: You got it.
Mac: Thanks, tammy.
Tammy: You guys sit down.
It'll take a few minutes.
Dara: Ok.
Bobbie: Hi, you two.
Dara: Hi.
Mac: Bobbie.
Bobbie: You know what m
about to ask.
Mac: No one's heard
from stefan.
Dara: The case is still under
Bobbie: So you're actually
considering those yacht keys
as serious evidence against
my brother?
Dara: Who told you about
the yacht keys?
Mac: I did.
Dara: I didn't know that was
public information.
My mistake.
Mac: It's revant
to a family member.
Bobbie: It's flimsy evidence,
mac, and you know it.
You do, too.
Dara: The investigation is
being carried out in a fair
and careful manner.
Bobbie: Did he tell
you to say that?
Mac: If you want to discuss
it any further, bobbie,
I suggest we do it in my office.
Bobbie: Mac.
You and felicia have been two
of my closest friends for a long
I wake up in the middle
of the night because i can't
believe this is happening.
Mac: So do I.
Bobbie: Look, I can
understand you being angry
with luke.
I can even understand you hating
He's done some serious damage
to you, but we both know
he didn't kill stefan cassadine.
Mac: Then where is he?
Bobbie: Who?
Luke or stefan?
You don't even have a body.
Dara: That isn't
unprecedented in a murder case.
Mac: If luke is so innocent,
bobbie, why did he disappear?
Bobbie: Because he's luke
and because he knows you're out
to get him.
Mac: Yeah, well, you know
Luke made his choices.
Now he has to suffer
the consequences.
Bobbie: It's against the law
to try and frame a person
for murder, mac.
You already lost your wife
to my brother.
Do you want to lose your career,
Mac: Maybe we should find
another place for takeout.
Hannah: Hi, mac.
Dara: I hear that.
Hannah: Have you heard
from quantico about luke spencer
Dara: You didn't check
your messages?
Hannah: My shift hasn't
started yet.
Dara: I'd hate for your job
to interfere with your personal

Emily: My family's fine --
whatever that means
for the quartermaines.
Juan: Grandfher's not
giving you a hard time anymore?
Emily: Actually, yeah.
Yeah, he is.
He wanted to give me a drug
Juan: You're joking.
Emily: Well, he told
grandmother that the reason that
i was so quiet and so behaved
was because I was doing drugs
Juan: I hope your grandmother
set him straight.
Emily: Yeah, she did.
She kicked him out of the room,
and then she asked me what was
I told her about how we broke up
and how hard it's been for me.
Juan: And what did she say?
Emily: Well, grandmother
mostly listened, you know?
She's really good at that.
She lets you feel whatever
you want and then doesn't judge
you for it.
And I think that really helped
me clear a lot of things up
in my mind, you know?
One thing that i realized was
that what happened at that rave
was both of our faults.
I mean, I was completely acting
like a little brat, you know.
I didn't even want to be there
in the first place, and instead
of telling you, I just --
I went and --
and I acted really dumb and --
juan: Look, I would go back.
I would give anything to go back
and undo what happened.
Emily: This has nothing to do
with forgiving, ok?
Has nothing to do with it.
I'm not mad anymore.
I just -- I don't want to think
about what happened, ok?
I just want to -- I want to get
on and deal with what's going
on right now.
I mean, I'm in the park.
It's a beautiful day,
and the wind is blowing,
and the sunshine is out.
And I have a really good book
that i'm reading, so --
I just want to live in the now,
you know?
Juan: Yeah.
Well, enjoy your book.
I just want things to be good
for you.
See you.
Emily: See you.

Hannah: If the message was
so important, dara, why didn't
you tell me when you saw me
in the park?
Dara: You and taggert were
on duty?
Sorry, my mistake.
Mac: Time-out, ladies.
Is there a problem here?
Dara: Look, either you check
your messages or you don't.
Hannah: Ok, what was
the message?
Dara: Just that quantico
acknowledged your request
for more information on spencer
and that you needed to light
a fire.
Hannah: That seems urgent
to you?
Mac: Any information
involving spencer is top
Hannah: Why didn't
you beep me?
Mac: Are we having
a communications problem between
Dara: Look, the
f.B.I. Liaison needs to be
Hannah: I carry my pager
on me 24/7.
Dara: Fine.
In the future, i will just
assume that you don't check
your messages.
Hannah: Do you need my pager
Mac: Hannah, got a second?
Dara: I'm going to go check
the order.
Mac: You know, dara's not
the only one that's noticed
you and taggert.
Hannah: Ok, is there a policy
against dating co-workers?
Mac: Not a formal one.
Hannah: So what's
the problem?
Mac: I've mentioned it
to taggert as well.
I'm not singling you out.
Hannah: Ok, I keep
my personal life separate
from my business, ok?
Mac: Since when?
Sonny corinthos?
Hannah: That was a huge
Mac: Yeah, but don't you see
that going from sonny to the cop
that hates him most might be
a problem?
Hannah: For who?
Mac: It looks bad, hannah.
People notice.
Hannah: Ok, but there's
no connection.
Mac: Beside the point.
People are way too quick to say
our personal lives affect
our work.
Don't make it any easier
for them.
Hannah: Point taken.
Mac: A little discretion goes
a long way.
Hannah: I understand.
A.J.: Didn't i tell
you the cop was trouble?
Hannah: Don't start, a.J.

Elizabeth: Hey.
Taggert: Hey.
Elizabeth: How you doing?
Taggert: Hi.
Just the person I was looking
Elizabeth: What's going on?
Taggert: You seen juan
Elizabeth: We've all been
pretty busy.
Taggert: I guess him
and emily are still on the outs,
Elizabeth: Shouldn't
you discuss this with juan?
Taggert: Yeah, you know what?
I'm --
I'm sorry for putting
you on the spot, elizabeth.
I realize emily's one
of your closest friends
and juan's made some mistakes.
But I have to wonder about
you guys shutting him out.
Elizabeth: Juan's been
a total jerk.
I'm sorry, but he has.
Taggert: Sure that's all it's

Chloe: Hey.
Jax: Hey, beautiful.
How are you?
Chloe: If you are hiding
a protein shake, i'm so walking
right on by.
Jax: No, no, no.
You're safe, you're safe.
Sit down.
Chloe: Did you see ned?
Jax: Yep.
He's a wreck.
Chloe: Oh.
Jax: How's alexis?
Chloe: So hungover.
Jax: I was afraid of that.
Chloe: They love each other.
Jax: Yeah, so there is hope.
Chloe: What's this?
Jax: It's an invitation.
Chloe: From?
Jax: Guess who.
Chloe: "Chloe morgan is
cordially invited to dinner
and dancing with jasper jacks
tonight in the port charles
Jax: Yeah.
No friends, no dreams,
no cassadines.
Just you and me.
Chloe: I'll be there.
Let's go.
Jax: Ok.

Ned: Ok, shall we christen
the place?
Alexis: I thought you'd ver
Carly: Oh, we are going
to like it here, michael.
Just you and me, honey.
And leticia.
When she isn't with reginald.
All right.
The key still works.
What are you doing?
Get out of my house.
Alexis: Well, technically,
this is an apartment.
Carly: Well, get out.
I live here now.
Alexis: I think you might
want to check your lease
because I just rented the place
from sonny.

Elizabeth: Juan's had to deal
with a lot in port charles,
and I'm not sure we've made it
any easier.
Taggert: It's just that
shutting h out seems a little
extreme, that's all.
I mean, I realize emily and him
had this fight at some rave.
Elizabeth: That's what
he told you?
Taggert: He's hurting,
He's not telling me much
of anything.
You know what?
Maybe I'm out of line here.
I mean, kids, you know,
they break up all the time.
I mean, I should just stay out
of it.
Elizabeth: No.
Listen, emily and nikolas,
lucky and I -- we've been
friends for a long time.
Taggert: I realize, you know,
juan doesn't quite fit in.
I realize that.
Elizabeth: We don't mean
to close ranks, but juan was --
he really did hurt emily.
And after lucky, we all
understand what losing a friend
is like, and i don't think juan
Taggert: Yeah, he doesn't
think all the time.
Elizabeth: And people are
still getting hurt.
Taggert: Agreed.
But if you could just cut him
a little bit of slack --
elizabeth: I'll keep it
in mind.
Taggert: And don't tell him
i said anything, all right?
Elizabeth: Well, I won't
you won't.
Taggert: Thanks.
Elizabeth: No problem.

A.J.: Why do you need this
two-bit F.B.I. Job anyway?
Hannah: Have you been sitting
around here all day?
A.J.: Don't you think it
would be a lot more fun to help
me squander away my fortune?
Hannah: A.J., Jobs are good.
We like jobs.
A.J.: Especially when you're
on the rebound.
Hannah: Oh, so, now I'm
on the rebound?
A.J.: You tell me.
Hannah: No, thank you.
A.J.: Sure?
They're really good.
Hannah: No.
You know what?
I'm going to be late for work.
A.J.: All right,
look, when you get this cop out
of your system, you know where
i am.
Hannah: Mm-hmm.
That's the scary part.
A.J.: Hey --
come on, don't i get some points
for being persistent?
I mean, let's face it --
I'm starting to wear you down,

lucky: What's the story this
You looking for food?
Gia: Stay away from me.
Lucky: Not until you answer
that pesky little question that
just doesn't go away.
Why are you blackmailing emily?

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gia: I am not a blackmailer.
Lucky: You're not homeless,

Elizabeth: Her name is gia,
and she's definitely not
a runaway.
Emily: Oh, man.

Helena: I'll dispatch chloe
the same way i did alexis'

Carly: Why would you do this?

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