GH Transcript Tuesday 8/1/00


General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/1/00

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>> Previously on
"general hospital" --

mac: You think spencer is
You are off this case as of now.

Nikolas: She doesn't know
that lucky's on her,
and she could possibly lead him
to whoever killed ted.

Roy: What are you doing here?
Bobbie: Call me when you're
feeling more communicative.

Carly: It means it would
probably be better if I moved
into jason's penthouse.

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emily: Hey.
So did lucky give you any
details when he called you?
Elizabeth: It was after
Emily: Yeah, that's when
he called me, too.
Elizabeth: He just said
to meet him here, that he had
some news.
Emily: I bet you it's about
that girl who tried to pick up
the blackmail money.
Elizabeth: He must've found
something out when he followed
Emily: Is this right,
I mean, are we doing the right
thing, or should we just go
to the police?
Elizabeth: Believe me, I ask
myself that question every day.
And the answer is always
the same.
We can't, emily.
Someone staged a motel room
to make you look guilty
in the death of an undercover
And we can't prove that you're
And lucky and nikolas hid
the body somewhere.
I'm sure that breaks plenty
of rules.
Besides, you've already got that
record for past drug use.
I mean, things could get all
twisted around.
You could end up in prison.
We could end up in prison
because you know what we are?
A conspiracy.
Emily: Yeah, elizabeth,
but what if the blackmailer's
the murderer?
Elizabeth: Well,
lucky and nikolas said
they didn't get that vibe off
the girl they caught
in the alley.
Emily: Yeah, but we don't
know if she's in on it
or if she really did see that
bag and thought that it was
filled with food or something,
like she said.
We don't know if she's a front
for a major gang or, you know,
some lowlife drug dealer paid
her to get the pickup
or something.
I'm just saying we don't know
who we're dealing with.
And, of course, the idea
of going to jail is terrifying
and it's horrible, but it's not
worth having one of my friends
killed to stay out.
Elizabeth: No one is going
to get killed, ok?
Thank you.
Emily: So did you get
a chance to talk to lucky about
why he's so jealous about sonny?
Elizabeth: I was just glad
he was ok.
But I decided I am going
to confront him.
I mean, he can't blow me off one
second, then total wig out
the next when he sees me
in a conversation with sonny.
Emily: I don't know.
I guess I can't really speak
about it.
I have been giving juan mixed
Elizabeth: Emily,
lucky caught a friend
comforting me.
You caught juan kissing one girl
and then seriously fooling
around with a second.
That's a little different.
Emily: You know, he left me
a message saying he's going out
of town for a few days.
Checking out a potential backup
It's funny.
You know, I always thought that
i was going to be with him when
his career would take off.
broken up, let alone i'd be
keeping secrets about dead
bodies and blackmailers.

Hannah: I'm going to start
the coffee.
An: Morning.
Hannah: I thought you were
out of town.
Juan: I came back early.

Audrey: Oh -- hi.
Well, I just saw monica,
and she and amy are heading
Tony: Is anyone else
remembering the last time carly
threw a surprise birthday party
for bobbie?
Audrey: Hmm.
If you mean are we wondering
about the hidden agenda,
yes, mm-hmm.
Now, you are going to have
to stall bobbie.
Tony: Stall?
Nobody said anything about
My contribution's mechanical.
I'm a driver.
Monica's mission is to occupy
bobbie until i take her home.
Audrey: Hmm, since you're
clearly unprepared, I'm afraid
you're going to have to wing it.
You're on.
Bobbie: Well, one nurses'
meeting out of the way.
Why monica insisted I head that
one up, I'll never know,
but -- is she still in surgery?
Audrey: Oh, no, she just
She said she was going out
for a while.
Bobbie: Oh.
Ok, well, I'm headed home.
Tony: No, you can'T.
Bobbie: Why not?

Carly: Need some help?
Lucas: No. See?
It goes with the baseball theme.
Up here.
Carly: Ok.
Are you sure that my cake wasn't
Lucas: Ask betty.
Mom will like this one
because she'll know I picked
it out.
Carly: It's sugar free,
Lucas: Yeah.
This party was a good idea.
Even though you and mom fight
a lot, it's still fun having
you and michael around.
Carly: I like being around
you, too, kiddo.
Thank you.
Listen, though, I think
mom needs her space, so michael
and I are going to be moving.
Lucas: Who will you live
with this time?
Carly: In our very own place.

Sonny: All right.
Leticia: Last night when
i told michael that we were
going to come over, he started
piling up his toys to bring
Sonny: Yeah?
Hold on, hold on.
There it is.
Leticia: Then on the way up
in the elevator, he said,
Sonny: Yeah?
Well, this is going to be like
your home -- your second home,
once you and your mother move
across the hall.
Leticia: I know that carly's
thinking about taking over
jason's apartment but --
sonny: But what?
Go ahead, you can say it.
I mean, you know, you should be
able to weigh in on this.
Leticia: I'm just thinking
about michael, you know.
I mean, jason's apartment's
nice, but it's not home to him.
This is.
I need to put this away.
Sonny: Go ahead, go ahead.
I'll watch him.
Don't you worry, michael.
If there's a way to get
you and your mama back in here,
I'm going to do it.
Can you give me a little kiss?
Michael: Yeah.
Sonny: All right.
Good boy.
tony: No, that's fine.
Oh, wait -- bye.
Wait -- could you do me a big
See, my car wouldn't start this
morning, and i promised lucas
that i would take him
to a karate class, and i was
just wondering i could get
a lift with you.

Bobbie: I saw your car
in the parking lot.
Tony: After I got here,
though, when i went to run
an errand, it wouldn't turn
over, so i'm sure it's
the battery.
Bobbie: Oh, well, why don't
you just call security?
They'll give you a jump-start.
Tony: Would you just give me
a lift?
Just do it my way one time,
please, ok?
Bobbie: Ok. Fine.
You ready?
Tony: I have two more charts.
Excuse me.
Audrey: Oh -- bobbie,
since you're waiting, I have
been wanting to get your input
on elizabeth and lucky.
They seem to be having problems
Bobbie: Oh, yeah.
Well, carly's not helping.
Audrey: Carly?
Bobbie: Mm-hmm.
Well, you know, things have been
very tense between elizabeth
and carly ever since jason left.
And then the other day, I guess
carly walked in on sonny
And they were in some kind
of an intense conversation,
and apparently carly went
Audrey: Oh.
Well, I guess I wasn't aware
where carly and sonny stood.
I mean, I thought that -- well,
after she lost the baby,
that they went their separate
Bobbie: Well, actually,
they did.
But, you know, it gets -- it's
never easy when my daughter's
I guess you've noticed that.
Audrey: Yes.
I was wondering, how are things
with you and roy?
Bobbie: Oh -- well, you know,
that has its bumps.
He's lost 20 years of his life
and it's hard.
Tony: Ok, ok, let's move it.
Women always keeping a guy
waiting, aren't you?
Audrey, we're about to go.
I promised lucas i'd take him
to a karate class.
That is if bobbie hasn't made me
miss it.
Bobbie: Come on. Come on.
Bye, audrey.
Tony: Bye.
Audrey: Bye.
Lucas: Some people are here.
Carly: We need ice.
Lucas: Told you it would melt
out here.
>> The role of tammy is now
being played by tamara
Tammy: Problems?
Carly: Nothing a giant air
conditioner wouldn't fix.
Monica: Oh -- the party is
out here?
Tammy: Welcome to the sauna.
Carly: You know, when lucas
and I decided to have the party
out here, it was 15 degrees
Monica: Yeah, well --
carly: Does bobbie suspect
Monica: Oh, carly,
when you plan something,
everybody's suspicious.
Tammy: You know,
maybe I should take this cake
It's starting to melt.
Monica: Oh, yeah.
Tammy: Oh -- no,
honey, let's save that.
We need it for later, ok?
Come on.
Monica: Hi, amy.
Amy: Hi.
It is so hot.
Please tell me that you have one
of those spray-mister things.
Carly: Nope.
Didn't think of it.
Amy: Oh. Well, even so,
this is a nice thank-you
to bobbie for taking
you in after --
carly: Sonny and I are
actually really good friends.
We parted friendly,
and michael's with him right
Mac: Hi. Am i late?
Carly: Not at all.
Mac: Here you go.
What should I do with that?
Carly: How about if i put it
with felic-- sorry.
Mac: That's allight.
No harm done.
Carly: I didn't mean to --
mac: No harm done.
I'm going to grab something
to drink.
It is hot as hell out here.
Lucas: Going great, isn't it?
Carly: Yeah.

Hannah: Taggert, juan's here.
Taggert: Hey.
When'd you get in?
Juan: This morning.
I know you thought i was
in albany.
Taggert: Why aren't you still
Juan: Uh -- the band got food
We had to cancel.
You know, if i would have known
you were having a friend
over, I --
did she do that?
Taggert: No.
Isn't there some other place
you could be?
Juan: No.
Well, I guess I could go to l&b
or -- did anyone call?
Taggert: No.
Juan: All right.
Taggert: No, wait,
wait, wait.
Where are you going?
Juan: To brush my teeth.
Taggert: No, no, no.
You buy one on your way out.
Juan: On my way out where?
Taggert: On your way out
to wherever it is you're
so happy to be going all
the time.
Juan: Wait, wait, wait.
Should we have a signal,
you know, for when i come back?
Taggert: Just call me.
Juan: All right.
But, look, when I come back,
we're going to have to have
a discussion --
taggert: Out.
Juan: About all this stuff --
taggert: Out. Get out!
[Juan laughs]
[door closes]
[taggert sighs]
taggert: I am so sorry.
Hannah: It's ok.
Could've been worse.
Taggert: How did I ever
come a guardian for
a teenager?

Nikolas: Hey.
Elizabeth: Hey.
Emily: Hey.
Nikolas: Lucky's not here
Emily: What did he tell
you about last night?
Nikolas: Only that
he followed the girl and he got
home safe.
How about you guys?
Elizabeth: The same.
Nikolas: Ok.
Can I grab a second with you?
Elizabeth: Sure.
Emily: I got to check
my messages.
Excuse me.
Elizabeth: Ok.
What's wrong?
Is it lucky?
Nikolas: Look, I just wanted
to warn you.
Last night when lucky and I were
waiting for the blackmailer,
he asked me about you and jason.
Elizabeth: What did you tell
Nikolas: The truth --
that you and jason lived
together for a while
in your studio.
I'm not going to lie to him.
Elizabeth: Well, how did
he react?
Nikolas: He was a little
upset that you didn't tell him.
Elizabeth: Well,
the opportunity hasn't exactly
presented itself.
And where does he get off even
acting like it matters?
Nikolas: It does.
I just thought that you should
Emily: Hey.
All right.
We're all here.
What happened?
Lucky: Either the girl made
me or she was really careful.
She stayed on foot and seemed
to know her way around
the neighborhoods.
Elizabeth: Well, nikolas said
she alluded to being homeless,
so that tracks, right?
Lucky: Just wait.
Emily: Well, wait.
Did she make any calls?
I mean, did she pull out a cell
phone or something?
Lucky: Well, she did use
the restroom once.
I guess she could've made a call
Emily: The blackmailer called
me again.
She said something about seeing
you guys jump that girl
in the alley and that she was
really upset that she was
set up.
Lucky: There's really no way
to say that was the same girl
or not.
Elizabeth: Ok, so,
lucky, where'd she go?
Lucky: She went to one
of those mansions on grand
Elizabeth and emily: What?
Lucky: She had a key to get
in, and she used the alarm code.
So she definitely doesn't need
any money.
After a few minutes, i saw
a light go on in an upstairs
Then it went out.
I hung around over two hours.
She never came back out.
We can be pretty sure that she's
not a runaway living
on the streets.
Elizabeth: Ok, so, she lied.
That doesn't guarantee she's
the blackmailer.
Emily: Yeah.
Elizabeth: Or that she has
anything to do with this at all.
Emily: I wish i'd been there.
I mean, I probably could've
recognized her voice
or something.
Nikolas: So, the next step is
to confirm or eliminate the girl
we saw as the blackmailer.
Lucky: The question is how.

Taggert: I'm sorry.
Hannah: It's not your fault.
You thought juan was out
of town.
Unless you don't want anyone
to know about us.
Taggert: You know me better
than that.
Hannah: How's your wound?
Taggert: It's --
you know -- ahem -- actually,
you know, I think maybe
you should take another look
at it because -- you know,
make sure it's healing right.
Hannah: Ok.
Because, you know, i learned
at the academy that when you get
a knife wound, you have to be
very careful.
You can't be up and around too
Taggert: Oh.
So what do you recommend,
nurse scott?
More bed rest?
Hannah: Something --
something like that.
Taggert: Really?

Alan: Oh, A.J. -- I'm glad
you're here.
Listen, have you got a second?
I'd love to have a word
with you.
Lila: You can have him right
Don't leave without saying
A.J.: I won'T.
All right, listen,
if you're going to give me one
of your lectures on how I'm
squandering my birthright,
you can save it.
Alan: No, it's not that.
Listen, your mother and I have
come to a very important
decision, and I just wanted
you to hear it from one of us
A.J.: You're getting
a divorce.
That's great!
So who cheated this time, huh?
Alan: We're going to try
and have another baby.
A.J.: Is that even possible?
Alan: Thanks to fertility
health care, women older than
your mother are having babies
right and left.
A.J.: No,
dad, not right and left.
Alan: Ok.
But it's not unheard of.
A.J.: What about the cancer?
Alan: Well, we've spoken
to her oncologist, and she's
A.J.: So you're serious?
Alan: Look, A.J. --
A.J.: Oh, man.
This guy should be sending
you to a shrink.
Ok, I mean -- all right,
let's forget about the cancer.
Have you thought about
the stress that this could put
on mom physically?
Alan: We've spoken
to her doctors, and her health
is excellent.
A.J.: Two words --
seek counseling.
Dad, procreation in this family
doesn't work out.
Alan: Listen to me, A.J.
We made so many mistakes
with you and jason, even emily.
I need one more chance to try
and get it right.
I want to have this child,
so does your mom, and we will be
there for this baby 24/7.
A.J.: No.
You won't, dad.
I'm sorry, but i really think
this is a lousy idea.
I'm sorry.
Alan: I want to do this
for your mother, and i want
your support.
And believe me, we're so well
aware of your situation
with michael.
We don't want to seem
A.J.: Well, could you have
a better example not to bring
another child into this circus?
Edward: All right,
where is he?
Oh. There, there, there.
Don't you think you can get away
with this swindle.
So, you want to go to jail,
I'll put you there.

Sonny: So what do you think
about moving across the hall,
I know what I think.
Michael: Where mommy go?
Sonny: I'd rather have
you and your mommy move back
in here.
I think we're a pretty good
What do you think?
Michael: Who's that?
Sonny: I don't know.
[Michael babbles]
sonny: Yeah.
I know your mama was loud
sometimes and, you know,
sometimes she was messy
and she put herself where
she doesn't belong.
But you know what I think,
Michael: Yeah.
Sonny: I think that
we fit together pretty good.
[Knock on door]
sonny: Yeah?
Johnny: Ms. Davis.
Sonny: Oh.
Alexis: Hi.
This is something you don't see
every day.
Sonny: Leticia?
Michael, remember ms. Davis?
Michael: Hi.
Sonny: Michael's visiting
for a few hours.
Could you do me a favor?
We got to work some business
Can you entertain him for a few
Leticia: Sure.
Come on, michael.
Let's go check out lunch.
Sonny: Take your ball.
See you, buddy.
Alexis: Bye.
Leticia: Bye.
Alexis: May I?
So i have your contracts here.
Sonny: Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Alexis: I made the
adjustments that we asked for.
Sonny: All right.
Alexis: And they signed off.
So all you have to do is sign.
Sonny: Got a pen?
Alexis: I do.
Sonny: Ok.
Thank you.
Alexis: Sorry that
the turnaround took a day.
At some point, i'm going to have
to break down and move out
of the hotel suite.
Sonny: What do you mean?
Alexis: I'm just spoiled,
having lived in jax's penthouse
because of the library that
i used as an office.
So after dinner, i would be able
to just go off and do my work.
And the hotel -- well,
at the hotel, it doesn't really
accommodate that.
Sonny: Right.
Alexis: You wouldn't happen
to know any realtors, do you?
Sonny: Actually, I do.
But I may have something else
in mind.

Audrey: Good heavens,
it's dreadful out here.
Carly: Refreshments are right
over there.
Help yourself.
Audrey: Oh, thank you.
Carly: Lucas! Lucas!
Honey, i need --
never mind.
Got one.
Excuse me.
Monica: Oh! Careful.
Carly: Oh --
monica: Oh, that's nice.
Carly: Like that?
Amy: Oh --
lucas: No!
Monica: Oh, that's not nice.
Mac: Turn it off.
Monica: Carly, turn it away.
Audrey: Turn it off.
Monica: Here, I got it.
Here we go.
Mac: Hey, shh.
Hey, shh, they're here.
Monica and audrey: What?
Mac: They're here.
Tony: No, I'm telling you it
was not the problem.
The car just wouldn't start.
And you --
all: Surprise!
Lucas: Happy birthday!
Mac: Happy birthday.
Carly: It was lucas'
and my idea.
Bobbie: Oh, wow, thank you.
Lucas: Are you surprised?
Bobbie: Yes, i was totally
I can't believe you all did this
for me.
Amy: Happy birthday.
Carly: Did she know?
Tony: I don't think so.
Bobbie: No, no, I had
no idea.
Your car really all right?
Tony: Yeah.
Roy: Bobbie?
Bobbie: In here.
Isn't it just like you to be
late for a surprise party.
Lucas: Where's my mom's
bobbie: Well, roy knows how
picky I am, so we're going
shopping later so I can pick out
exactly what i want.
Tony: Hey, you want to help
me get some ice?
Lucas: Oh, sure.
Check out the sign i made.
You're going to love this.
Tony: Ooh, signage.
Bobbie: You didn't have
a clue, did you?
Roy: I didn't have a clue.
Obviously, i would have --
carly: Hey.
Roy: Yeah?
Carly: I left a message
with claude.
Didn't he give it to you?
Roy: Claude is probably not
the most reliable message taker.
I'll have to have a talk
with him.
Carly: Guess I should've
checked back.
Bobbie: That's ok.
His intuition got him here.
Mac: You know, I think carly
had the right idea with this
fan, so everyone grab something
Tammy: Oh, ok.
Carly: Excuse me.
Roy: I know this isn't
the best time or place,
but about the sorel thing last
night --
lucas: Mom, everyone has
to go back to work, so you have
to open your presents now.
Bobbie: Let's go.
Oh, my god.
This is so amazing.
Now suddenly a lot of things are
beginning to make sense,
like that nurses' meeting.
Monica: Oh, well,
guilty as charged.
Bobbie: And you.
You had me totally convinced
that your car made it all
the way to the parking lot
and then broke down.
Tony: Thank you.
Lucas: This one's from daddy.
Bobbie: It is?
From dad?
What did dad do?
Do you know what it is?
Lucas: Yeah.
Bobbie: You do?
Oh, wow.
Carly: That's pretty.
Audrey: That's beautiful.
Bobbie: Audrey and i saw this
in wyndham's last week.
Tony: Isn't that odd?
I sent her on a fact-finding
And she did a good job.
Bobbie: Aw. Aw.
Thank you.
Tony: If you don't want it,
I could take it.
Roy: Carly?
Bobbie: It's beautiful.
Roy: Could you tell bobbie
i had to leave and i'll hook up
with her later?
Carly: Ok.
Sorry again about the mix-up.
Roy: No, it's no big deal.
This is great.
You made her really happy,
so -- enjoy.
Carly: Thank you.
Mac: Roy?
Roy: Yeah?
Mac: So have you heard
from your buddy luke?
Roy: Sure haven't.
Mac: You know, I'm still
wondering how he broke out
of custody.
Roy: Yeah, well, you'll have
to ask him about that next time
you see him.
Mac: I will.
Bobbie: That's so beautiful!
It's so -- thank you, honey.
It's really -- i just --
i really love it.
Carly: Do you?
Bobbie: Yeah.

Alexis: You want me to move
in across the hall?
Sonny: You said you're
looking for a place with room
for an office.
I have a penthouse available.
I don't want to rent it
to somebody I don't trust,
and I trust you, you know --
most of the time.
That's a solution.
Alexis: Jason's place.
Sonny: Would you at least
look at it?
Alexis: Sonny?
Sonny: Hmm?
Alexis: I don't even want
to be your attorney.
Sonny: Right, right.
Alexis: Being your neighbor
doesn't seem like the next
logical step.
Sonny: Ok. You know what?
It's your call, but you're
passing up an amazing deal
on a great place.
Would it hurt you to check
it out?
Alexis: I haven't made up
my mind.
Ok, fine.
I'll look at it.
Sonny: Right.
Alexis: Because it'll be
a basis of comparison --
sonny: Right.
Alexis: When i look at other
Sonny: Ok.
Alexis: But I know there's
a catch.
Sonny: Yeah.

Edward: Your weasel of a son
set me up.
You're not going to get away
with this.
The gall coming here,
oozing concern for your
I want you off this property.
Alan: Do you have any idea
what he's going on about?
A.J.: Not a clue.
Edward: You know what little
worthless internet company that
you bought from me?
A.J.: Yeah.
Edward: Turned itself around
on a dime overnight, and it's
currently worth millions!
Alan: Congratulations!
A.J.: Thank you.
Edward: Congrats for what?
Biting the hand that fed him?
What are you going to do when
the I.R.S. Comes nosing around
about insider trading?
You going to congratulate him
then, huh?
Alan: You're just angry
because he outsmarted you.
A.J.: No, no, you both are
so wrong.
Look, I didn't have an inside
And my move on the company had
nothing to do with being savvy.
I bought it because you said it
was a loser.
I haven't even checked it since.
It's is the first I've heard
anything about it.
Edward: What do you take
me for?
Alan: Apparently a few mil.
A.J.: Ha!
Ok, well, dad, thanks
for the bombshell.
And you know what I think.
And now that i've just made
a lot of money despite my best
efforts yet again, now i have
to find another way to blow it
and be the disgrace you know me
to be.
I'll see you later.
[A.J. Laughs]
edward: Alan, do you wonder
why I question the sanity
of you and monica gifting us
with another of your offspring?

Lucky: We need to get access
to this mansion, find out who
this girl is and as much about
her as we can.
Elizabeth: Lucky,
if she didn't do anything
and you get caught, it's going
to look like you're stalking
Nikolas: And if the police
get called in, she says that
we accused her of blackmail,
won't they want to know what
that's about?
Lucky: Hey, i'm not saying
we break in, guys.
But we do need a plan.
Nikolas and I can work on that.
Emily: Just be careful, ok?
I mean, things are getting worse
and worse every second.
Nikolas: Don't worry.
Lucky and I can handle it.
Emily: All right.
I need to get home.
Nikolas: And I'm going
to l&b.
You want a lift?
Emily: Yeah. Thanks.
Nikolas: You want to come
along, figure out what
our cover's going to be?
Lucky: Actually, I have
something I wanted to --
elizabeth: We have something
to discuss.
Nikolas: Sure. All right.
Well, call you later, all right?
You guys be careful, all right?
Elizabeth: Bye.
Elizabeth: You first.
Lucky: Ok.
I wanted to know about
you and jason.
Did you sleep with him?
Elizabeth: Nikolas said
you asked about me and jason.
And, no, we did not sleep
Nikolas thought we did.
But jason and i
were just friends.
For some reason, it turned out
he was the only person who could
help after the fire.
Lucky: Nikolas said you lived
Elizabeth: It was more like
jason stayed at my studio.
He was in some trouble,
and I practically insisted that
he stay there until everything
was ok.
Lucky: But you lived
at the studio, too.
Elizabeth: Yes.
But nothing happened.
Lucky: But you care about
Elizabeth: I wanted you.
But you weren't coming back.
Jason was the one person i could
open up with.
I didn't -- I didn't have to put
on an act around him or be brave
or take care of his feelings.
For quite some time,
everyone else around me was
taking their cues from me about
how they're supposed to act.
It was a lot of pressure, lucky.
Lucky: Jason didn't need
you to do that.
Kind of like
after the rape
when you had me.
Lucky: I'm glad you had
somebody to be there for you.
I wish i'd never been gone.
Elizabeth: Me, too.

Hannah: Hi.
Mac: Thought I recognized
your car outside.
Hannah: Um -- well,
I'd better get to work before
carly makes a scene.
You know what I mean?
Taggert: Yeah.
It's bobbie's birthday today.
Hannah: Oh, ok. Yeah.
Uh -- happy birthday, bobbie.
Bobbie: Oh, thanks, hannah.
Hey, you want to stay and have
a piece of cake?
Hannah: Oh, no, thanks.
I got to get to work.
Have fun.
Bobbie: Ok. All right.
Thanks. Bye.
Hannah: I'm leaving.
Carly: Good.
Taggert: I know.
Office romances are a hindrance
to everyone.
Mac: Just keep your personal
feelings out of the workplace,
all right?
Don't let me see them, don't let
me hear about them.
Taggert: Like i told
you before, mac, i've learned
to keep my personal feelings,
good or bad, from interfering
with my work.
I'll see you later.
Monica: How is my grandson,
I was hoping i'd get a chance
to see him.
Carly: He's good, monica.
Amy: You will fall asleep
by the count of three.
One, two three.
Tammy: Right. Exactly.
Bobbie: So you realize i am
never chairing another nurses'
meeting ever again.
Monica: I'm sorry.
But listen, we were afraid we'd
be intruding on you and roy's
But from the look on his face,
he didn't know it was
your birthday, did he?
Bobbie: No, no.
We had this stupid fight last
He is having a really hard time
adjusting to being free after
all these years.
But I suppose he'll work it out.
Monica: Sure he will.
Come on.
He's got too much to lose.
Bobbie: So, how'd
your consult with
dr. Townsend go?
Monica: Well,
we're going to go for it.
Am i crazy?
Bobbie: Well, probably,
but -- how's the family taking
Monica: Um -- mixed reviews,
so far.
Bobbie: Aw.
Well, you know, they'll come
Monica: No.
Bobbie: Yes, they will.
They'll come around.
They will.
Edward: Lila, do you know
that a.J. Made that enormous
profit just to spite me?
Lila: Oh, edward.
A.J.'S success may have nothing
to do with you.
Leave the boy alone.
Edward: He has to be taught
a lesson.
I don't care how long it takes.
I am going to get that internet
company back.
Lila: Here we go again.

Hannah: Hi.
A.J.: Just the person I'm
looking for.
Hannah: I'm really running
late, A.J.
A.J.: This will only take
a minute.
Please, have a seat.
Guess who is five times richer
than he was yesterday.
Hannah: What, more darts?
A.J.: Better. Better.
I picked up a loser company that
grandfather couldn't drop fast
It turned around.
Hannah: Great.
A.J.: How do you feel about
Hannah: Why?
A.J.: Well, I'm not spending
any effort to make money,
so i might as well spend some
to enjoy it.
Join me.
Hannah: No, thank you.
A.J.: Greece?
Hannah: No.
A.J.: Paris? Venice?
Hannah: No.
A.J.: Barcelona?
Hannah: A.J. --
A.J.: What?
Hannah: Destination is
immaterial, ok?
You're my friend, but taggert's
my guy.
A.J.: Your guy, right.
Hannah: Yeah.
A.J.: Not for long.
See you.

Elizabeth: I don't get it.
If it bothers you to think of me
with jason or being around
sonny, then why doesn't it
bother you to think of me
with nikolas?
Lucky: You belong
with nikolas.
Elizabeth: What does that
mean, I "belong with nikolas"?
Why him and not jason or someone
Like you.
And why do you keep saying one
thing when the look in your eyes
says something else?
You're doing it right now,
I can tell.
You want to say "i care"
and that, yes, it does bother
you to think of me with someone
Is that why you want me to be
with nikolas?
Because it's safe since you know
that i have always and only
thought of nikolas as a friend?
Please, make some sense of this
for me, lucky.
Lucky: I -- i don't
understand, either, elizabeth.
It's just how I feel.

[Music plays]
carly: Here.
It's your birthday.
Let me do this.
Bobbie: No, that's ok.
I got it.
You know, carly, this was really
And I know a lot of the people
here weren't exactly
your favorites.
Carly: Actually,
no, it's the other way around.
But I'm glad you had a good
Bobbie: Actually, I did.
Carly: Good.
I have one more present for you,
You might disagree, but I think
that we make a pretty good
mother-daughter te most
of the time, although I don't
think we make very good
housemates any of the time,
so i thought that the best
birthday present i could give
you was if i moved into jason's
Boie: Oh, honey --
carly: Happy birthday, mom.
Bobbie: Wow.
So when are you moving?
Carly: Don't miss me too
[Bobbie laughs]
bobbie: I will miss you.
You know that.
But, you know, putting a little
distance between us may keep us
from strangling each other.
I love you very much.
Thank you for the party.
Carly: Mm-hmm.
All right.
I'm out of here.
The cleaning crew will come.
Next time I throw you a surprise
party, it's going to be a real
surprise because it's going
to be in march.
Bobbie: Tell sonny i said hi.
Roy: Happy birthday.
Bobbie: Thank you.
Roy: I'm sorry about last
I'm really sorry.
Bobbie: Me, too.
Wait, you know -- it's --
when i --
roy: Just -- because it is
your birthday, i was really
hoping that we could seal
my apology with a dance.
Roy: So.

Singer: Oh, this love
singers: This love
this love
this love
singer: Is like nothing
i have ever known
singers: This love
is like
singer: Oh, no, no, baby
take my hand, love
singers: Ooh
singer: I'm taking
you home
alexis: That place really is
Sonny: Yeah.
Alexis: I mean, I -- really
is great.
I'm just trying to figure out
what your angle is because that
place has been vacant
for months.
So why all of a sudden are
you trying to lease it out now?
Sonny: Because you mentioned
today you were looking
for a place.
Leticia: Michael's asking
to see you.
He had a great nap in his old
So much nicer than his room
at jason's.
Sonny: Hey, guy. Yeah.
Leticia: It's too much
afternoon sunlight over there.
Sonny: Yeah.
Leticia: Maybe you can
mention to carly that when
you're explaining that it'll be
better to move in here instead
of across the hall.
Sonny: Well, that's not going
to be necessary.
I'll take him, i'll take him.
Come over here with uncle sonny.
Uncle sonny!
Alexis: You want me to move
into the same place that carly
Sonny: Carly's going to move
in here.
She's not going to give you any
Alexis: Not me, you.
Sonny: Really.
Alexis: Hell hath no fury
like c-a-r-l-y when she doesn't
get her own way.
Sonny: Do you want
the apartment or not?
Alexis: Why not?
Sonny: When do you want
to move in?
Alexis: I'm going to live
to regret this, aren't i?
Sonny: Why do you even say
I'm a great neighbor.
I'm quiet, i don't play loud
music, i'm a member
of the neighborhood watch.
And now you don't have to go
check out a bunch of other other
places just to figure out that
this is the best one.
But you know what?
If you don't want it, I got
a ton of --
alexis: No, no. I want it.
Sonny: Ok.
Alexis: I think.
Sonny: Here you are.
Sonny: See how easy that was,
You want someone to do what
you want them to do, all you got
to do is convince them that's
the best thing for them.
And if that doesn't work,
you take away all their other
Guess what i got for you here.
Michael: An airplane.
Sonny: There you go.
Michael: A jet.
Sonny: Yeah.
Michael: What's that?
Sonny: That's a black jet.

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