GH Transcript Monday 7/31/00


General Hospital Transcript Monday 7/31/00

Provided by Laura

jax: Look, we know going
in this stretches credibility.
Chloe: And we have not
forgotten your reaction
to the first couple times
we spoke with you, but the fact
remains that my dreams are
somehow giving me access
to helena's point of view.
Mac: I appreciate you both
still seem to think so, but this
theory isn't something i can
build a case around.
Jax: Just hear chloe out, ok?
Mac: I already have.
Jax: Again.
Chloe: We wouldn't ask
you to be here if we didn't
believe there was merit to what
we're alleging.
And I promise, we won't take up
much of your time, but we really
would like the opportunity
to make you maybe see things
the way that we do.
C: I'm here, aren't i?
Chloe: Ok.
When i first started
experiencing dreams as a part
of my illness, tony jones asked
me to keep a complete record
of all of those dreams,
which I did in this book,
as close as possible to when
i had them.
Jax: You can take that
with you and look over it
whenever you get a chance.
Chloe: Jax and I looked over
all of those dreams,
and we realized that this
ability to witness things
through helena has been going
on for quite some time.
Weeks before i had the dream
about stefan dying,
I dreamed about jax.
And in this dream he was angry,
he was confrontational,
and at the same time i was
having that dream, jax
and helena were having an angry
Jax: It's true.
Chloe: And then i had
the dream about stefan drinking
something and dying in a place
that i had never seen until
i was on helena's yacht.
Mac: We've been over all
Chloe: And after that,
there were two more that matched
helena's actions, including one
where she was standing over me
in our penthouse, watching me
while I slept.
Mac: Threatening
you in some way?
Chloe: No.
Jax: No, but then later
on we found evidence that
she actually was there.
Mac: What kind of evidence?
Chloe: We found a diamond
Mac: Hypothetically speaking,
why would helena be
in your penthouse?
Jax: That's a good question.
Chloe: Maybe she wants
to hurt me.
Mac: You're saying helena
knows you think you can see
through her eyes?

Nikolas: Put it down!
Put it down!
Wait a second.
Who are you?
Lucky: And why are
you blackmailing emily?
Girl: Help! Rape!
Somebody help --
nikolas: Get back here!
Lucky: Just wait a second.
Girl: Let me go!
Nikolas: Not until we get
some answers.
Lucky: I am going to ask
you one more time --
who the hell are you, and why
are you blackmailing emily?

Man: Something told me
i should've stayed home tonight.
Second man: Who was that guy?
He couldn't lose for trying.
A.J.: Lot of fun, fellas.
I hope to see you again real
Man: Not if we see you first.
A.J.: Hey, drinks
on the house for as long
as the money holds out.
Starting with the little lady
right here.
[Music plays]
singer: Some people
fall in love
or just spin round the edges
i'm still not really sure
'bout what it is
and how to get it
is love by chance
or seduction?
All that i have
are vague assumptions
of what
love must be like
and what
love must feel like
tell me what
does it look like?
Is it
as beautiful as you?
Is it
as beautiful as you?

Sonny: Oh, excuse me.
I need to speak to you.
Carly: I'm kind of
in the middle of a conversation
right now, actually --
roy: It's nothing that can't
I got to get to the club,
Carly: I'm sure sonny doesn't
mean to run you off, roy.
Roy: It's not a problem.
Hey, man.
Sonny: Hey, roy.
Carly: Ok, well,
thanks for being so nice.
It's a rarity in men these days,
it seems.
Roy: Yeah, yeah.
Don't mention it.

Carly: So, what's up? Hmm?
You have an overwhelming desire
to yell at me, tell me what
a disgusting tramp i am again?
Sonny: It's nothing like
I just came to apologize.`

Sonny: I'm going to try
to get this out.
Can you just sit there
for a minute and not interrupt?
Carly: Sure.
Sonny: Is that even a remote
Carly: Of course it is.
Sonny: All right.
This --
this is not meant to excuse how
you treated elizabeth --
first in my home,
then out in public,
twice so far this week.
Absolutely unacceptable.
Carly: Sonny, wait a minute.
If this is going to be another
lecture about how I should
respect the sanctity
of elizabeth webber, then I'll
take a big, fat pass.
Sonny: Is this how you keep
I'm trying to apologize,
and then --
you know what? Forget it.
Carly: No, sonny, wait.
Don't go. Don't go --
sonny: No, no, I'm out
of here.
Carly: No, no, no.
You know what? I'm sorry.
I'm going to sit down,
and I want to hear what you have
to say and i'm just going to be
really quiet.
I'm not going to say anything.
I really to --
sonny: You swear to god?
Carly: I want to hear what
you have to say.
Sonny: All right.
like i said, your behavior
with elizabeth is inexcusable,
but mine wasn't any better.
You make me crazy.
You bulldoze yourself
into a situation you know
nothing about.
You start yapping, and it makes
things worse, is all i'm saying
to you.
Carly: Ok, now, i know I'm
supposed to be silent here,
but if this is your idea
of an apology, you got to take
it back to the drawing board.
Sonny: Well, you need to stop
and think before you open
your mouth and go off on people.
That's all i'm saying.
There's always a reason things
go down.
If you would --
if you would just wait to hear
you wouldn't get so mad and turn
around and get me mad.
Carly: Ok, but I just hope
that someday i can --
I can aspire t you know,
set off the same kind of defense
reflexes in you that elizabeth
sets off without even having
to try.
Sonny: You see, that's what
i'm talking about.
What i'm trying to make
you understand is a separate
issue from elizabeth entirely.
Carly: What, we have
issues now?
Sonny: Ok.
When we start to fight,
one of the first things you do
is put yourself down.
Then you try to make it like
it's the way i feel.
You start saying, you know,
you're trash, you're a slut --
those are your words, carly,
not mine.
But then you push my buttons,
and I let you think that
i agree.
But the bottom line is
you lost your temper, I lost
mine, and
i shouldn't have come down
on you so hard, and I'm sorry
about that.
Carly: Finally.
You're not very good at this
whole apology thing.
Sonny: Well, what,
you're such an expert?
Carly: I'm better than you.
Sonny: Well, that's
because you got more practice.
Carl well, I'm not going
to deny that, but I'm better
than you.
Would you like me to
Sonny: Knock yourself out.
Carly: Well, you just got
to come right out and say it.
I'm sorry, too, sonny, because
you're right.
I know that I'm like that.
Jason used to tell me that all
the time.
You know, he used to say that
i need to stop and think about
what i'm doing before I make
Sonny: Wrong assumptions.
Carly: Ok.
And I don't want to and I don't
mean to.
It's like some programmed
response or something.
Sonny: Wipe the floor
with someone and ask questions
Carly: I can't promise
you I'll never do it again,
But I --
I can say that i will definitely
try my best not to, if that
counts for anything.
Sonny: It counts.
Carly: Yeah?
Sonny: Yeah.
Carly: Because I don't want
to fight with you, you know?
Sonny: Feeling's mutual.
Now, you want me to drive
you to the brownstone so you can
fight with bobbie instead?
Carly: That'd be nice.
The company, i mean.
Sonny: Are you saying that
you kind of miss me
a little bit?
Carly: Don't get ahead
of yourself, ok?
Sonny: Let's go.
Girl: Maybe I should put this
on tape so you thickheads can
play it back over and over until
it finally sinks in.
I don't know anything about
blackmail, and i don't know
anyone named emily.

Nikolas: Then why did you try
to run from us?
Girl: Gee, let me think it
I'm a defenseless woman alone
in an alley at night, and you're
two freaks who jumped me.
Lucky: Yeah, and you just
so happened to go for the money.
Girl: Since neither one
of you two seems to be real
swift on the uptake, i'll try
not to speak too fast.
Here's the deal --
I'm out here on my own,
and that's how i like it.
I put a lot of road between me
and that p( stop I was supposed
to call home, and I don't want
to end up back there
because a couple of creeps
i don't even know got me
into trouble.
I was hungry, I saw the bag,
I thought there might be food
inside it.
As far as I know, that's not
a crime -- unlike assault,
which is what I'm going to tell
the cops you guys did to me
unless you back off right now.
And don't make the mistake
of thinking I'm so
disenfranchised that i won't.
Lucky: Fine.
Get out of here.
Girl: No offense, but I hope
i don't see you around.
Nikolas: Did you buy that?
Lucky: Not a word.
I'm going to go follow
her and see where she went.
Nikolas: No, lucky, just --
lucky: I'm not going to take
any chances.X

alexis: I'll pass
on the drink, but feel free
to bestow your largess
on the rest of the room while it
a.J.: Well, and there's that
I'd recognize it a mile away.
You think I'm being reckless.
My winning streak tonight was
a fluke, right?
Blind, drunk luck.
You're wrong.
This is not an isolated
For once in my life,
I can't lose.
I mean, how can anyone not love
the irony in that, huh?
Alexis: Remind me to let
you buy my lotto tickets next
A.J.: That was good.
Very smart.
Quick with the comebacks.
Ned must like that.
Alexis: We do all right.
A.J.: And they say it
wouldn't last.
Alexis: Who said?
A.J.: Me, for one.
Alexis: You don't count.
You're a natural pessimist.
A.J.: It doesn't run that
deep, really.
I just know ned.
Alexis: That's funny
because he says the same thing
about you.
A.J.: Is that why you don't
like me?
Ned warned you off.
"Oh, don't waste your time
with a.J.
He's just a drunk and a loser."
Alexis: Who can't be trusted.
And u have gone out
of your way to prove him right.
A.J.: Well, turnabout being
fair play, i think it's only
right that i get a chance
to issue a warning of my own.
Ned: What would that be,

Jax: Look, at this point,
I think helena's merely curious
about chloe.
Chloe: Except i did make
a mistake.
On the yacht when I recognized
the music box, i mentioned which
song it played.
Mac: So, why is that a big
Jax: Well, each music box
like helena's played a different
tune, which made them uniq.
Plus, helena's has been broken
for over 20 years, so there's
no way chloe could've known what
it played.
Chloe: Which strengthens
our point, don't you think?
Mac: How did helena react?
Chloe: It's hard to tell.
She certainly didn't give
anything away.
But then she is not the easiest
person to read.
Jax: Intentionally so.
But she was intrigued enough
to askony if chloe had been
having any psychic side effects
from her illness.
Mac: Don't get me wrong, ok?
It's not that I wouldn't like
the chance to bring helena down
once and for all.
I find her as offensive
as the next person.
I can't arrest helena based
on chloe's dream.
Chloe: So, what are
you saying, that there is
nothing we can do to stop this
Because I can't accept that.
Mac: Chloe, if you think
your dreams are actually
a reflection of reality,
then i suggest you anticipate
helena's next move.
If we can catch her in the act
of doing something illegal,
I'll have a better leg
to stand on.
Chloe: I'm willing to try
Jax: I'd still appreciate it
if you would keep an eye
on her because we firmly believe
that she was the one that
murdered stefan.
Mac: Forgive me if I'm not
My money is still on spencer.
Jax: Thanks for coming, mac.
Chloe: Thank you very much
for seeing us.
Mac: I'll be in touch.
Chloe: Ok.
Jax: Well, that went well.
Chloe: You know what?
At least he's listening,
and he did give us a good idea.
Jax: Well, you know, it's one
thing to see what helena is
doing as it happens.
But do you really think you can
manipulate your dreams to tell
you what she might do?
Chloe: If that's what it's
going to take to convince mac
of helena's guilt, it's worth
a shot.

hannah: Does it hurt?
Taggert: Nothing hurts.
I feel no pain.
Hannah: I wish i had
a camera.
Taggert: Agent scott, i'm not
Hannah: Well, there's that.
But I mean because you look
so happy.
Taggert: And nobody would
believe it if you didn't have
any hard evidence?
You know what?
I will have you know that I've
been known to have an occasional
moment of happiness.
More since you've been around.
Hannah: Hmm.
I think he likes me.

A.J.: Well, you might want
to cover your ears.
What i have to say you probably
don't want to hear.
Ned: Well, that's never
stopped you before.
Why start precedents now?
A.J.: Sure you can handle it?
Ned: Oh, think so.
Why don't you give it your best
We'll see.
A.J.: Remember when
i mentioned irony before?
Well, I'm becoming a student
of it.
Not that i'm trying.
It's just there -- irony --
everywhere i look.
That winning streak I was
telling you about?
And despite all of our
differences, ned, you and I are
very much alike.
Ned: Speak for yourself.
A.J.: I speak for us
all, ned.
That is my mission in life.
The truth according to a.J.
Here goes, folks.
Now, growing up a quartermaine
may look good from the
outside -- money, power,
community standings, all that
rot --
but you and I know there's
a price to pay, don't we, ned?
First we lose our souls,
and then we lose our women.
Now, you might be asking
yourself, "well, where does this
leave me?"
Alexis: Or not.
A.J.: Disillusioned
and miserable.X
it may take a while, you know.
At first the lies, the fights,
the constant stabbing
in the back.
Well, you know, he seems
Then you'll realize we're
serious as hell.
And all of a sudden, it won't be
so funny anymore.
Maybe you'll try to fix us,
show us by example how
to function as a family.
Till of course you realize
you're banging your head against
the wall.
You'll throw your hands
in the air.
Who knows, maybe you'll jump in,
go a few rounds.
But in the end, disillusioned
and miserable, you'll walk away.
The women we love always do.
Am i right, ned?
It's been swell.
See you, ned.
Alexis: Well, he sure
told us.
Ned: Oh, yes.
Alexis: You're not taking any
of that nonsense seriously,
are you?
Ned: Out of the mouths
of babes and drunks.
But he's not all wrong.
Alexis: True.
Your track record with women is
deplorable, but I suppose
you had to do something to pass
the time while you were waiting
for me.
Ned: Water, please.
Alexis: Hey.
What really matters here is
despite any superficial
similarities between
you and A.J. As a result
of your common upbringing,
you have survived edward
and become the smart,
talented, sensitive,
successful-by-all-rights man
that i'm crazy about,
not the bitter shell that just
walked out of here.
So much for you and A.J. Being
Ned: You know what?
This is not the place where
i want to be right now.
How about a change of plans?
Alexis: Ok, well, what do
you have in mind?
Ned: Someplace, anyplace
where we won't run into downers
like a.J. Or anyone else
for that matter.
Alexis: I am spontaneous.
I am spontaneous.
Ned: That's what I love
about you.
Alexis: I am spontaneous.
Ned: It's not the only thing
i love about you, but --
alexis: Hi.

Roy: Hi.
Claude --
mike: Roy, roy, excuse me.
You got a minute?
Roy: Yeah, mike. What's up?
Mike: Look, there's no easy
way into this.
I have to ask a favor.
Roy: I'll do my best.
Mike: I need to borrow

[Knock on door]
bobbie: Roy?
Bobbie: Hmm.
Carly: Thanks for driving me
I guess I should break down
and learn how to drive.
Sonny: I wouldn't advise it.
Carly: Why?
Think I'll aim my car at whoever
i'm mad at?
Sonny: Mow them right down.
Then where would you be?
Carly: Rescued by you,
I imagine.
Can you stay?
Do you want to sit?
I mean, do you have to go?
Sonny: No, I got time.
Carly: Ok.
Get some of this --
sonny: You know, I can get
graciela over here, you know,
for a couple days, help
you clean up.
Carly: No way.
She's incompetent.
Sonny: Yeah?
Carly: Besides, she doesn't
like me any more than
i like her.
And a housekeeper wouldn't help.
Sonny: Well, I don't see how
it would hurt.
Carly: She can't fix what's
wrong, which is that bobbie
and I basically are --
we make the worst roommates
on the face of the earth, and --
it's hard to believe that we're
distantly related sometimes,
you know, much less mother
and daughter.
Sonny: Give it time.
You'll make the adjustment.
Carly: I don't want
to adjust.
She doesn't want to, either.
She wants me out of here
so she can do the horizontal
boogie with roy at will.
Sonny: Nothing wrong
with that.
Carly: Anyway, I've been
putting it off, but I have
to find a different living
The sooner, the better.
Sonny: Well, you know, I --
I still got that list of houses
that the realtor found.
Or, you know, you could,
whatever --
carly: What? I could what?
Sonny: You could move back
into the penthouse with me,
if you want.
Carly: Yeah?
I mean, are you sure that you'd
be ok with that?
Sonny: Well, I was never not
ok, carly.
You're the one who decided
to move out.
Carly: Well, because I wanted
to give you space, you know.
Sonny: What does that mean?
Carly: I don't know.
I think that it means it would
probably be better if I moved
into jason's penthouse across
the hall.
Sonny: Whatever you want.
Carly: What do you want,
Or do you even know?
Sonny: What do I want?
Carly: Not such a tough
question, is it?
Sonny: Want you and michael
to be provided for.
I want you to live somewhere
where you're going to be safe
and happy.
Leticia: I was reading
to him.
Sonny: What are you doing out
of bed, buddy?
Leticia: He heard your voice
and he wanted to see you.
Sonny: Yeah?
What's going on?
I'm glad you did because
i missed you at the penthouse.
What do you got there?
You got a little plane, huh?
[Michael babbles]
sonny: Oh, really?
You know, I still stand by that
window that I used to hold
you at, and I think about this
plane, how beautiful it is when
you held it.
Carly: Michael, uncle sonny's
going to be coming with us
to preschool a couple days
a week.
Sonny: That's right.
Carly: You guys are going
to get to see a lot more of each
Sonny: That's right.
But right now it's time for all
big guys to go to bed.
You ready?
Michael: Uh-huh.
Sonny: Let's go!
Come on, mama.
Roy: 30, as in three-oh,
Mike: Yeah.
Roy: That's some favor.
Mike: Look, I wouldn't ask
if i didn't need it.
Roy: Help me out here, man.
Give me some details.
Mike: I can'T.
Roy: Then i've got to turn
you down.
Mike: Hey, look, i came
through for you before.
You needed money in hawaii,
I wired it to you, no questions
Roy: It wasn't yours
to question.
That money came from the club.
I'm a partner and I paid it
right back.
Will you be able to do the same?
Mike: Point made.
I'll find another way.
I'll fd another way.
Roy: Aw, hell, man,
you know --
Sorel: Don't rush off,
mr. Corbin.
This will give us an opportunity
to discu our mutual business.
Mike: I don't have any
business with you.
Sorel: That matter
of an outstanding debt?
Mike: You?
Sorel: You owe me $30,000,
and if you don't settle up fast,
I guarantee you that
the interest is going
to kill you.

Hannah: You think you'll have
a scar?
Taggert: You want me to?
Hannah: I wouldn't hate it.
In fact, it would be a constant
reminder of the exact moment
i realized just how much
you mean to me.
Taggert: Well, then that's
a scar i'd be proud to wear.
I'll never forget the first time
i laid eyes on you.
There you were, all up
in my face, all fire
in your eyes, defending
corinthos for all you were
No one had to te me you were
something special.
Hannah: I wish i would've
known that about you sooner.
I feel like we've wasted a lot
of time.
Taggert: Well,
maybe we'll have to get
to making up for that lost time.

Elizabeth: Sorry.
I'm telling you, if I make it
through this day and still have
my job, it's going to be
a miracle.
Between watching the door
for lucky and nikolas
and jumping every time that
stupid phone rings, I'm earning
the world's worst waitress
Emily: Do you really think
they're in trouble?
I mean, the blackmailer is
a girl.
How much harm could she do
to two buff guys?
Elizabeth: She could have
You know what?
Forget i even said that.
Emily: No, no, no.
You're right.
You're right, she could.
She could also be the killer,
Elizabeth: Ok, we have
to stop because the guys are
going to be just fine.
They're together, and they know
how to watch each other's backs.
Emily: We should've called
sonny, i mean, the minute this
It would've been over,
we would've been out
of danger --
it still is too late, right?
Elizabeth: Yeah, absolutely.
Now that we know ted's a cop,
there's no way we can involve
He'd go to prison for sure.
And that's not the only reason.
Emily: You mean because
of lucky's whole jealousy thing
with sonny?
Elizabeth: You know, I tried
to explain to him that sonny
and I are just friends,
but he wouldn't let it go.
Emily: You know, I admit that
i've been kind of clueless when
it comes to lucky's feelings
for you lately.
But why would he care about
you and sonny being close unless
it made him jealous?
Elizabeth: Hey.
Where's lucky?
Emily: What happened?
emily: Did the blackmailer
Nikolas: Yeah, as far
as we know.
Elizabeth: What does that
Emily: Yeah, what happened?
Come on, we're dying here.
Nikolas: Ok, ok.
Look -- so we plant
the money, ok?
And this girl, she shows up
and goes for it, so we grab
her and ask her point-blank why
she was blackmailing you.
Emily: Ok, what did she say?
Nikolas: She denied knowing
you and made up some story about
being a runaway -- how she'd
seen the bag, thought it was
full of food.
Emily: Did you believe her?
Nikolas: No, but we had
to let her go anyway.
Elizabeth: Why?
Nikolas: Because
she threatened to yell rape
and call the police.
Elizabeth: Oh.
Nikolas: Well, I mean,
she actually did yell rape,
come to think of it.
But anyway, that's not a road
that lucky was going to go down
again, ok?
We don't need police coming
around asking us questions that
we won't answer.
Elizabeth: Nikolas, you never
said if lucky was --
nikolas: No, no, no.
I'm sorry.
Lucky's -- he's fine,
elizabeth, ok?
He did follow her, though.
Emily: What if she works
for the killer and now she's
figured out that lucky's
trailing her?
Elizabeth: Did you even get
her name?
Nikolas: No, but lucky's
pretty good at following people
without being seen.
Besides, he wasn't going
to confront her again.
He just wanted to know where
she goes next.

Mike: I can come up
with the money, it's just
a matter of time.
Sorel: I don't make it
a practice to offer extensions.
Mike: There are exceptions
to every rule.
Sorel: True.
But why should it be you?
Because you're sonny's father?
Professional courtesy, perhaps?
Mike: Does that work?
Sorel: It might, if you can
convince your son to personally
intercede on your behalf.
Roy: I got to tell you,
I'm kind of surprised to see
you here, joe, right
in the middle of sonny's
What are we going to call that?
Is that an amazing displ
of courage or just your
garden-variety stupidity?
Sorel: I've come here to see
you, mr. Dilucca.
Roy: For what reason?
Sorel: Perhaps we can go
somewhere a little more private.
Roy: Say what you came to say
or leave.
Sorel: I came to make amends.
I've had time to reflect
on our past encounters, and I'm
willing to admit that I acted
rashly in not giving
you the benefit of the doubt.
I have nothing but regret
for the unfortunate
misunderstanding we had when
you came looking for miss
Roy: The unfortunate
misunderstanding -- you mean
the beating?
The beating your goons gave me
after you kidnapped her?
Sorel: I want a chance
to make that up to you.
Roy: And how would you do
Sorel: I'm sure we could come
up with a mutually beneficial
Roy: I'm not interested.
Sorel: Maybe you'd like
to give it some thought.
Roy: I just did.
Sonny will know about this.
I wouldn't recommend a return
Sorel: I hope you change
your mind.
Mr. Corbin, I'm sure i'll see
you around.

Bobbie: Somebody want to tell
me what that was about?
Chloe: It's funny.
I have been dreading sleep
for months, and now I want
to run home and jump in bed just
so i can have another dream.
Jax: Well, I'm not adverse
to the "running home,
jumping in bed" part.
Chloe: I'm serious.
Jax: So am I.
Chloe: We have a major
decision to make here, jax.
In order to get mac to take
helena seriously as a suspect
in stefan's murder, wee got
to catch her doing something
wrong in my dreams.
Now, tony said that my dreams
are going to lessen
and eventually stop
if i continue taking
the medication.
So if we want him to take us
seriously --
jax: Ok, you know, I know
where you're going with this,
chloe, and the answer is no.
You're not going to stop taking
the pills and you're not going
to delay the radiation.
You're certainly not going
to alter your treatment
in any way.
End of discussion.

Nikolas: Lucky did the right
thing about following that girl,
I mean, she could've been
telling the truth about being
a runaway.
You know, but if she wasn't
and really is the blackmailer --
elizabeth: She could also be
the killer.
Emily: Mm-hmm.
Nikolas: No, I don't
think so.
She had a big mouth,
but she didn't really seem
Emily: She also could be
working for him or her.
Nikolas: Not necessarily
a bad thing.
She doesn't know that lucky's
on her, and she could possibly
lead him to whoever killed ted.
And if that's the case,
then we know what we're dealing
[Telephone rings]
elizabeth: Kelly'S.
One moment.
Emily: Oh, man.
Hi, this is emily.
Girl: We still seem to have
a situation, unless you've
decided it doesn't matter
if the whole world knows what
you did.
Emily: I don't understand.
Girl: Clearly you don't,
otherwise you wouldn't have
tried to set me up.
Emily: Why would you say
Girl: What, do you think i'm
There were two bozos
in the alley waiting
by the money.
They jumped some poor homeless
girl who wandered through
looking for something to eat.
No more games.
I want that money.
You've got exactly one more
chance to get it to me.
Emily: Ok.
What do you want me to do?
Girl: I'll be in touch
with further instructions.
For your own sake -- yours,
emily -- don't pull another
fast one.
[Hangs up]

hannah: I should think about
getting home.
Taggert: Oh --
hannah: What's wrong?
Taggert: I don't know if it's
my stab wound or the blow
to my heart, but i do know i'm
going to need your expert care.
At least overnight.
Hannah: It's that bad?
Taggert: Actually,
it's worse.
I'm being macho.
Hannah: In that case,
why don't you show me where it

Roy: Sorel just came
to see me.
I didn't ask him here.
Bobbie: So, what did he want?
Roy: Nothing new.
Bobbie: Mike, how do
you fit in?
Roy: He doesn't.
He's just -- he's just
a bystander.
Excuse me a second.
Bobbie: Roy.
Roy: Yeah?
Bobbie: You know, I really
don't like this.
You just got clear with the cops
and the F.B.I., But you still
have a record.
If you get involved with sonny's
business --
roy: This is not the time
or the place for that speech,
What are you doing here?
Bobbie: What?
Roy: I didn't expect to see
you tonight.
Bobbie: Oh.
Well, that was the whole point.
I went to your apartment
because I wanted to surprise
you when you got off from work,
but you didn't show up, so --
roy: Got backed up.
Bobbie: So can you leave now?
Roy: No. I have to close.
Bobbie: Ok, fine.
You know what?
Call me when you're feeling more
Mike: That's -- that's great.
Now bobbie's ticked off
because you were protecting me.
Roy: Bobbie is not
your problem.
Now, be straight with me.
How much trouble are you in?
Mike: I went to a loan shark
and got in debt, and it turns
out that that was sorel
and I had no idea.
Roy: Mm-hmm.
So you go to sonny, and sonny
makes it right.
Mike: I can't, roy.
Roy: Why not?
Mike: Because it would bring
up everything that got between
us a lifetime ago, and i'm not
going to let my screwup destroy
the progress that I have made
with my son.
Thanks for the cover.
Roy: Wait a minute.
Wait a minute, mike.
Wait a minute.
I'll help you get the money.

Sonny: You know, that was
I miss putting michael to sleep
at night.
Carly: You do?
Sonny: Yeah.
Carly: Yeah?
Sonny: Yeah.
Carly: Well, you're always
welcome, you know?
Anytime, anywhere.
Just come on by.
Sonny: Thanks.
Carly: You're welcome.
Sonny: So, I should go.
Carly: Sonny, wait.
Um -- I'm throwing a little
surprise party for bobbie
tomorrow night, so, what do
you say we -- maybe leticia
could bring michael over
to your place and he could hang
out with you for a while.
Sonny: Absolutely.
That'd be great.
Carly: Yeah?
Sonny: Yeah.
Carly: Ok.
Sonny: All right.
I should go.
Carly: Bye.

Jax: Look, I won't let
you take chances with
your health or your sight.
Chloe: What if it's the only
way we can stop helena?
Jax: Then she goes
on as usual.
We let this moment pass
and we wait for another one, ok?
So we're safe for the moment.
So promise me -- no slacking off
on the treatments, ok?
Chloe: Ok.
I promise.
Jax: Good.
So, are you still up for running
upstairs and running into bed?
Chloe: Try and keep up
with me.

Andreas: Madam.
I came as soon as you called.
What's the emergency?
Helena: Chloe morgan has
become more of a threat than
i ever imagined.
Andreas: How so?
Helena: She has a fascinating
but dangerous ability to uncover
secrets that should be left
We have no choice, andreas.
Chloe must die.

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bobbie: I'm headed home.
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Carly: Does bobbie suspect
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Alan: We're going to try
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A.J.: Is that even possible?

Emily: What if the
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