GH Transcript Friday 7/28/00


General Hospital Transcript Friday 7/28/00

Provided by Laura

jax and chloe: Hey.
Chloe: Hey, what's -- what's
Jax: Ah, it's nothing
to worry about.
Chloe: So that frown isn't
directed at me?
Jax: How's this?
Chloe: Are you ok?
Jax: Yeah, now that you're
I was about to leave
you a message.
Are you free tonight?
Chloe: Hmm.
For you, i'm sure something
could be arranged.
Jax: Good, because I think
it's time we told mac what
we have on helena.
Chloe: My psychic dreams?
Jax, you and i believe them,
but mac has made it clear that
he wants facts.
Jax: Fact -- she dropped
an earring in our apartment.
It's bound to be one of a kind
and traceable to a jeweler
who'll identify helena
as the owner.
Chloe: So, what, we charge
her with trespassing?
Jax: No, as long as mac
understands that helena
perceives you as a threat.
Chloe: Yeah, but he's still
not going to take my dreams
as evidence.
It's too much of a leap.
Jax: I don't care what
he says, ok?
As long as he listens.
The point is to open his mind.
That's why i've asked him here
tonight for an informal dinner.
Are you with me?
Chloe: I will do anything
i can to convince him to put
that woman away, not just
for my safety, but for
My god, she murdered her own

Stefan: Yes.
Have you gone over chloe
morgan's last clinical report?
I need a detailed projection
of her treatment program.
Estimated progress,
stage by stage.
Now listen.
The most important thing i need
is a timetable for the radiation
Yes, yes, that is correct.
Time is of the essence.
T back to me immediately.

Roy: Will you have a drink
with me or are you still
on duty?
Alexis: I wear my uniform all
the time.
Roy: Yeah.
It suits you.
Alexis: Is that a compliment
or a putdown?
Roy: It's a pun.
It was like a joke.
If i could convince you to have
a drink with me, will you ease
up on the counseling
for a while?
Alexis: Most people pay
for my advice.
Roy: Well, you should save it
for them.
Alexis: I can see that you're
touched by my lawyerly concern.
Roy: I don't need a lawyer.
I just need somebody to toast
Do you bill for that?
Alexis: You'll get my invoice
next week.
Roy: Just bear with me here.
I just have to top this off.
It's like a secret.
Here you go.
To freedom.
Alexis: To freedom.
May you discover the secret
of making it last.
All right.
Roy: Oh -- hey --
alexis: Oh!
Roy: You know, you talk
to much.
You should have kept the toast
Alexis: I wasn't expecting
a luke special.
Roy: Where do you think luke
Alexis: Diesel trucks run
on that.
How do you stand it?
Roy: It's an acquired taste.
Alexis: Acquired where?
In a petroleum refinery?
Roy: Well, I outgrew
champagne cocktails a while ago.
What can i tell you?
Alexis: And advanced
to gasoline.
You know, where some people have
stomachs, you and luke have
Then again, where some people
have a caution reflex,
you and luke have --
roy: Alexis, can I get
you a champagne cocktail?
I mean, I could ask jake to make
one for you.
She'd laugh at me, but
for you I'd be willing
to endure it.
Alexis: Should you happen
to contact luke --
roy: I am not going to hear
from luke anytime soon.
Alexis: Tell him that I know
that he didn't kill my brother,
and he's making that very
difficult to prove,
however, because the longer
he stays away, the harder it's
going to be.
Roy: Like i said,
luke and i are not in touch.
Alexis: The last thing
you need right now is to be
charged with aiding and abetting
because you've worked so hard
to get your life back the way
that it is now.
You could just throw it away
just like that.
Roy: Yeah.
You know, the thing is,
I just have a hard time --
I basically can't stand the idea
of dancing to somebody else's
Alexis: You've paid dearly
for that little quirk.
Roy: No. No, I've done too
much of it is the problem.
For 25 years, I have been
playing by the rules.
And I'm
really looking forward to making
some of my own.

Hannah: F.B.I.! Drop it!
Smart move assaulting
an officer.
Are you ok?
Taggert: Yeah. Thanks.
Hannah: You're under arrest.
You have the right to remain
Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court
of law.
You have the right to
an attorney.
If you cannot afford one,
one will be appointed
for you by the court.
Taggert: Yeah, hey,
listen, this is taggert.
We have an officer assaulted
in the alley behind the northern
warehouse at rigsby and clark.
Could you send backup?
No, everything's under control.

Nikolas: Hey, tammy.
How are you?
Tammy: Hey there.
What can i get you?
Nikolas: Has lucky stopped
in or come by at al ?
Tammy: Uh-uh.
No, he hasn't been here.
Nikolas: Ok, listen,
if he does come in or if you see
him, will you let him know that
i went ahead?
Tammy: Went ahead where?
Nikolas: Lucky will know.
Tammy: Ok.

Bobbie: I have a right
to disagree with you.
I have a responsibility to tell
you when you're wrong.
Carly: Which is always,
according to you.
Bobbie: Honey, you keep
repeating the same old patterns.
When are you going to catch on?
When are you going to learn
to work out your own problems
without blaming everybody else.
Carly: No, mother, I know
this spiel by heart,
so, please, just for variety's
sake, can you change
the channel?
Bobbie: Look, you're angry.
I know you're an ry.
And you have a right to be, ok?
A lot of things have gone wrong
in your life.
Some of that's your fault.
And -- and some of it has been
just plain bad luck.
Carly: And, you know,
some really rotten things have
been done to me.
Bobbie: Not by elizabeth.
Carly: The saint.
Bobbie: This is a girl who
has had problems of her own.
Carly: Oh, you know what?
Spare me, please.
Bobbie: You know, her life
hasn't exactly been charmed.
Carly: So, what, mine has?
Bobbie: No. No.
So why not have a little
compassion for a girl who's been
through as much as you have?
Carly: You know what?
That pie-eyed, little two-faced
slut is chasing after sonny,
and that is provocation enough
for me.
Bobbie: Oh, carly. Come on.
Carly: What? I'm lying?
I'm delusional?
Mother, I saw them.
Does that ac@ount for anything,
or do you just automatically
dismiss everything that I say?
Bobbie: I happen to know
elizabeth very well --
carly: Oh, and she is a much
better person than i am.
Bobbie: No!
No, I didn't say that.
Carly: No, you didn't.
But, what, she would never
pretend to be in love with one
guy and beat a path to another
guy, right?
Bobbie: Elizabeth is not you.
She's less experienced, she is
a lot less complicated.
Carly: So, what, I'm a jaded
old slut?
Bobbie: No.
Oh, carly.
You -- you process things
in your own carly way.
Carly: I'm a jaded old crazy
Bobbie: Oh -- what do
you want me to say to you that
is not going to make you angry?
You're unique?
Ok, you are unique.
Now, will you at least admit
that you have an approach
to things that can be a little
Carly: You know what
the bottom line is ere?
I'm a nightmare, and elizabeth
is an angel, which is why
you allow her to live above
your diner and you're throwing
me out of your house.
Bobbie: Oh.
Is that what this is about?
Carly: You talk about
my bad habits, you know,
my repeating process,
but I think you should really
examine your own.
Like the fact that you have this
habit of refusing to see the bad
in people until it jumps up
and bites you in the face.
Ok, like hannah, for instance.
That was the last sweet little
innocent waif that you took
under your wing.
You remember?
You see things through
rose-colored glasses, mother.
Everybody but me.
Bobbie: All right.
You're saying we have issues.
And, yes, I guess we do.
And hopefully we will be able
to work them out.
But why don't you leave
elizabeth out of it?
Carly: Elizabeth --
bobbie: She has never done
anything to hurt you.
Carly: She went after jason.
Now she's going after sonny.
Oh, you know what?
Nobody wants to believe me,
that's fine.
I have to live with that.
She's going to have to live
with me.
Bobbie: So, what does that
What are you saying?
You're going to keep
on harassing her?
Carly: I'm saying i'm going
to call it as I see it,
no matter what anybody says.
Elizabeth is over lucky.
Way over lucky.
She tried to trade up.
I'm not going to let her.

Elizabeth: Nothing carly said
was true, not a word of it.
Sonny and I are friends.
That's all.
Lucky: Why don't you explain
your track record with
your friends?
How they end up getting hurt
or dead.
Elizabeth: That's not fair.
Lucky: What do you think?
Am i being unfair?
Maybe we should just run down
the list.
Starting with lily.
And not to mention brenda.
Sonny: You know -- hold on.
You're obviously looking
for a fight, lucky, but it
doesn't make any sense to start
one with me.
lucky: What is that?
Is that a threat?
Sonny: A question, lucky.
You got no argument with me,
so why start one?
Elizabeth: Carly got him all
Lucky: Hey, you're the one
that ran out of there.
Elizabeth: Well, it was
either leave or rip her lips
She should be grateful
i picked a, lucky.
Lucky: Hey, by the way,
carly had a lot to say about
your friendship with elizabeth.
Sonny: You ever hear
of the saying "consider
the source"?
Lucky: Well, is there any
truth to it, or is she just
making it up as she goes along?
Elizabeth: Lucky,
I've already told you.
Lucky: You know what?
I'd actually like to hear it
from sonny right now, thank you.
Sonny: You know wha lucky?
I don't owe you any answers
and neither does elizabeth,
as far as I can see.
But I'll tell you this
because I like you.
I consider elizabeth a friend.
Lucky: Well, would you mind
defining "friend"?
Elizabeth: Yes, he would.
Lucky: Friends can be taken
in a lot of ways.
What exactly does "friend" mean
Sonny: I don't owe
you or anybody an explanation.
Lucky: So this friendship is
open to interpretation?
Elizabeth: Why are you doing
Sonny: You know --
lucky, you should concentrate
more, you know, on your own
stuff than trying to
interrupt me.
Now, you say you're through
with elizabeth.
Why do you get a vote in who
she sees?
Lucky: Well, I don't really
see that as any of your
Sonny: Well, who my friends
are are none of your business.
But as elizabeth's friend,
I personally hope you treat
her with more respect
because you're not honoring her.
And what you're doing doesn't
make you look good, lucky.
Elizabeth: What was that?
Lucky: I overreacted.
Elizabeth: I am so confused
right now.
Sonny's right.
If things are over between us,
then why do you care who i see?

Bobbie: Carly, you know
better than anyone how kind
sonny is to his friends.
Carly: Sonny doesn't have
women friends, mom.
He has lovers, he has wives,
and he has exes.
But elizabeth is a regular buddy
What does she need with sonny?
The whole town worships
at her little altar, so why --
why does she go to a man that
she doesn't even barely know
with her problems?
Bobbie: Well, it's not
because she's after him.
Carly: Or because he's rich
and powerful and handsome.
And god forbid, no, I'm sure
she's totally immune
to his eyes.
Bobbie: You've got it worse
than i realize.
Carly: Elizabeth has got
Or almost.
Bobbie: Well, I would love
to convince you otherwise,
but since when do you listen
to me?
And I have to go to work.
So will you at lst consider
what i said?

Taggert: Book them.
Two counts of assault.
One against an officer.
I'll be down later to file
a report.
Mike, you want to tell me what
i missed?
Hannah: Hello, can't we do
that later?
You've got a wound to deal
with first.
Taggert: It's nothing.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Hannah: It's bleeding.
Mike: Look, maybe you could
use a couple of stitches.
Taggert: It's a surface
cut, ok?
Mike: Yeah, but you should
still have somebody look at it.
Taggert: But, mike, just tell
me, how much do you owe those
Mike: I never saw the guys
Taggert: Look, I heard enough
to know that they were shaking
you down.
Mike: Look, you probably know
more than I do.
I mean, maybe they were going
for my wallet.
I don't know.
To tell you the truth,
it happened so fast --
taggert: You think you're
just blowing this off
as a standard mugging,
then, mike?
Mike: It was nothing personal
Taggert: Oh, no. It never is.
Mike: Look, I was lucky.
Somebody's looking out for me.
Taggert: Oh.
Who is this somebody?
Is he trained as a bodyguard?
Mike: No, I mean
you showing up.
Taggert: Look, if it wasn't
for hannah, you would be toast
right now.
Mike: Thanks.
Taggert: So that's it?
You're not going to press
Mike: Look, come on.
What good is it going to do?
Taggert: Get out of here.
Get out of here!
Mike: Thanks.
Taggert: Get out of here.
Mike: Thank you again.
Taggert: Good luck.
Hannah: You tried.
He's scared.
Taggert: Well, he should be.
Hannah: Let's get
you to a hospital, huh?
Taggert: Oh, it's nothing.
Hannah: Well, then how about
first aid at your place?
Taggert: That depends
on who's applying the bandages.
Hannah: How about
an f.B.I. Agent?
Taggert: I like that.
Ow, ow, ow.

Elizabeth: The night
of the fire, sonny was there.
Everybody blamed him.
Lucky: You don't have
to explain.
Elizabeth: It turns out that
he had nothing to do with it.
I felt like somebody should
apologize to him, so i did it.
Lucky: I get it, all right?
I was way out of line.
Elizabeth: Why did you act
like i was cheating on you?
What was that all about?
Lucky: Forget it. Please.
Elizabeth: No, lucky, i don't
want to forget it.
I want to understand.
You say things are over between
us, that i should find somebody
else, but the minute you see me
with another man --
lucky: Look, you know,
I cannot do this right now.
I'm sorry.
I've got to go meet nikolas.
Elizabeth: No, come on,
In 25 words or less.
Lucky: What is more important
right now -- you analyzing me
or me finding emily's
Elizabeth: Well,
you obviously had time to light
into sonny.
Why are you even here?
Lucky: To see if you were all
And you are.
So i've got to go.

chloe: Thank you.
Waiter: You're welcome.
Chloe: We'll need to show mac
my symptoms diary.
Jax: Let's just keep this
dinner casual.
Chloe: Like we never have
with mac.
Jax: Well, I just don't want
to advertise our agenda.
Chloe: To helena, you mean.
Jax: We know how helena
reacts when she feels
Chloe: She eliminates
the threat.
Jax: Like stefan.
I had a feeling he was
onto something last time
we spoke.
Chloe: Well, I certainly
don't want to end up like
Jax: She can't know about
your dreams, chloe.

Alexis: Ned, i need
your opinion.
Do you think that I'm a tool
of the establishment,
play-by-the-rules stuffed shirt?
I needed that.
You know, I think that we should
go someplace spontaneous,
someplace where I can be free
and show you just how edgy i am.
Not that edgy.
I'll meet you at luke'S.
See you later. Bye.
Helena: Well, busy,
busy, busy.
Such a waste of effort.
Alexis: Not everyone can be
as efficient as you are,
helena -- leveling your enemies
with a flick of your wrist.
Helena: You know,
you're looking very harried,
Why don't you take yourself
to a spa?
It would be a far more
productive use of your time than
trying to build a case
against me.
Alexis: You know, for once
i agree with you.
I mean, you fooled the
authorities again, which is
your hobby -- to murder people
and get away with it.
Helena: Hmm.
Accusations, accusations,
They bore me.
Alexis: Yeah, well,
I'm getting a little sick
of them myself.
And, really, who cares?
Least of all the police.
Helena: I know a wonderful
place in switzerland.
Alexis: Ah. But,
see, then I miss all the fun
when luke comes back and clears
his name and the men
in the funny suits come and take
you away.
Helena: Slightly after
they polar ice caps have
dissolved into the sea.
Alexis: Whatever.
I have work to do.
Helena: Hmm.
Same old colorless little drone.
Alexis: Yeah, well,
I understand drones make
excellent trustees.
You see, in a couple of days,
I will be taking over
the cassadine estate.
Helena: Ah. Mistaken again.
And how very unwise
of you to pose as an obstacle
to me.
Your mother did it and lived
to regret it.
Though, not very long,
I'll admit.
Alexis: My mother was
a sensitive artist.
Fragile, perhaps.
But, see, I grew up
in the cassadine household.
I can take care myself.
Helena: Hmm.
Divas have oversized egos.
But prick them,
and they bleed profusely,
as do drones,
troublesome stepchildren,
and overly confident fools.
Good-bye, drone.

Tammy: Carly, you notice
bobbie's not here anymore,
so, um -- is there anything
i can do for you?
You want a to-go order
or something?
Carly: No, why don't you just
pretend I'm not here?
Tammy: You know what?
That's really kind of easy
for me, but it's not as easy
for some other people.
Like, I understand from jenna
that you ran elizabeth out
of here.
Carly: Stay out of it, tammy.
Tammy: No, you know what?
I can't because elizabeth is not
one to bail out on a shift,
so i have to assume that
you gave her a really good
Tammy: Mike, what happened?
Mike: The collection agents
that cornered me yesterday,
they caught up with me again.
Tammy: How rough did
they get?
Mike: This hole that
i've dug for myself,
it's getting deeper every day.`
Carly: I was just coming
to see you.
Sonny: Are you happy?
Carly: Seriously?
Are you?
Sonny: I wonder why since
you accomplished so much today
and the day's not even over yet.
Ripping into a teenaged girl,
spreading lies, messing
with a mind of a former hostage.
What do you think you're doing
Carly: Oh, come on.
Lucky is my cousin.
And the thing with elizabeth --
sonny: No, you know what?
I don't want to hear it
because I know how your mind
Darkness gets in your head,
you want to spread that darkness
around, so you try to find
the first place to strike.
Is that right?
Carly: No, that is not it
at all.
Sonny: It doesn't matter
if it's little kids because,
hey, you know what, they don't
count for much.
Carly: Sonny, would
you listen --
sonny: No, I don't want
to listen.
You know why?
Because every time --
every time you speak,
poison comes out.
Now, you can -- you want
to direct it at me, that's fine.
I can take it.
But throwing your garbage
at elizabeth stops now.
You understand what I'm saying?
You want me to say it again?

carly: Elizabeth left here,
what, 30 minutes ago
and she already made it to you?
Was she sobbing when you opened
the door, sonny, or did she save
all her tears for your shoulder?
Sonny: You know, you really
are helpless, you know that?
Carly: You don't see that
she's using you?
Sonny: Jason was smart when
he left you in the dust.
Best move he ever made.
He knew you a lot better than
i did.
His solution was to go away.
Carly: That is the meanest
thing --
sonny: You think elizabeth
used me because using's all
you know, carly.
Carly: That's not true.
Sonny: You used jason to bail
you out of all your messes.
You used michael to hang
on to him.
And now -- and now you're using
our child to get back at a.J.
Carly: I loved our child,
Sonny: Yeah, you did, right?
Using me to shake off
the quartermaines.
Carly: You are the one that
wanted me to go out
of the quartermaine house
in the first place!
Don't give me that!
Sonny: Now what are
you doing?
You're using me just in case
nothing better comes along.
Carly: That is so wrong.
Sonny: You almost got away
with it, though, i tell
you that.
Carly: I never used our baby
to get back at a.J. Or to hurt
you or for your stinking money,
if that's the next accusation
that you're about to fling
at me.
I am not a slut.
Sonny: You almost had me
I should have known better,
but the problem was that i,
you know -- I forgot
for a while.
Thanks for reminding me who
you are, carly.

Nikolas: Hey.
It's all there.
Lucky: Hey. Good.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Nikolas: No, so,
what happened?
Lucky: Carly.
Nikolas: Carly did what?
Lucky: Come here.
She showed up at kelly's.
She did a number on elizabeth --
how she and sonny are supposedly
Elizabeth got upset and ran off
her shift.
I had to go after her and make
sure that she was all right.
Nikolas: Is she?
Lucky: Yeah.
You don't seem so surprised.
Nikolas: Well, carly's sure
made a name for herself.
Lucky: No, I mean about
elizabeth and sonny.X
those are just two people
you don't normally associate
Am i wrong?
Nikolas: I knew they were
Lucky: But could it be
anything more?
Nikolas: No.
I mean, I know how elizabeth
acts when she's involved.
Lucky: Meaning me.
Nikolas: Or anybody else.
Lucky: You.
Nikolas: You know what?
I keep telling you this,
lucky, ok?
I'm not a candidate.
I'm not.
And this is how I know --
while you were gone,
elizabeth did get involved
with someone.
Not with me.
Jason morgan.

Taggert: The lights are right
there, by the fridge.
I got it, I got it.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, I got it, I got it.
Hannah: Oh, ok, ok.
I thought you liked me.
I guess I was wrong.
Taggert: Well, it's just that
my idea of an evening
at my place didn't include me
limping in on -- ow -- a human
Hannah: So are you saying
you're not adaptable?
Taggert: No, I'm saying i've
adapted enough for one night,
thank you.
Hannah: Are you going
to point me to your first-aid
Taggert: It's in the cupboard
right there, above the -- yeah,
to the right, on the bottom.
Hannah: Ouch.
Taggert: Well, not so bad.
Hannah: Oh, but they were
aiming for your heart.
Taggert: Well, they missed.
Hannah: Not by much.
Taggert: Well, what do
you think, nurse?
Think I'm going to live?
Hannah: Well, you seem to be
Taggert: So do you.
Hannah: Well, I wasn't cut.
Taggert: That's not
the point.
Hannah: I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What were you saying?
Ggert: Nothing.
You know, injuries to my pride
notwithstanding, i just want
to say
thank you for saving my life.
Hannah: Well, I didn't have
many options.
I would really miss you
if you died.
Taggert: I have no intention
of going anywhere.
Hannah: Well, I'm going
to hold you to that.

emily: Hey.
Elizabeth: Hey.
Emily: Sorry I was late.
Elizabeth: That's ok.
Emily: It was grandfather's
He started asking all these
questions -- "where are
you going?
Why at this hour?
What's your fascination
with the streets?"
Elizabeth: Oh, jeez.
Emily: I'm getting so good
at lying to my family it kind
of scares me.
So what happened?
You sounded really weird
on the phone.
Elizabeth: Ok, I need
your honest reaction --
the first thing that pops
into your head, and don't just
say what i want to hear.
Emily: Ok.
So what happened?
Elizabeth: So lucky
and I were at kelly's, and carly
walks in and picks a fight.
Emily: Oh, what else is new?
Elizabeth: Yeah, she starts
accusing me of being all over
Emily: What?
Elizabeth: Yeah, and so i get
so angry i decide to leave.
Emily: Whoa, whoa, wait.
Elizabeth, are you -- I mean,
are you and sonny --
elizabeth: Wouldn't you be
the first to know?
Emily: Well, I wasn't when it
came to jason.
Elizabeth: Well, sonny is
a casual friend.
Emily: All right, all right.
I was just checking.
Elizabeth: Ok.
So i decide to come down here
to clear my head, and I run
into sonny.
A few seconds later, lucky shows
up and more or less explodes.
Emily: Like how?
Elizabeth: Suddenly he thinks
i'm with sonny.
Emily: Wait a minute.
On carly's word?
Elizabeth: And the weirdest
thing is he treated me like
i was his girlfriend and sonny
his enemy.
Emily: Oh, man.
That is so unfair.
Elizabeth: Because?
Emily: Elizabeth,
because he still loves
you and he won't admit it.
Elizabeth: So i'm not reading
too much into this?
Emily: No.
No, absolutely not.

Lucky: So elizabeth and jason
lived together?
Nikolas: He stayed
at her studio and so did she.
Lucky: They lived together
like a couple?
Nikolas: That's what it
looked like to me.
Lucky: What did she say?
Nikolas: To mind my own
Lucky: So she admitted
to being involved with him.
Nikolas: It was a sensitive
I wasn't my diplomatic best.
Elizabeth almost stopped
speaking to me.
Lucky: How come you never
mentioned any of this to me?
Nikolas: It didn't come up.
Jason left months ago.
Since we knew you were alive,
all elizabeth cared about
is you.
Lucky: Well, how come
elizabeth didn't mention it
to me?
Nikolas: She had a few other
things on her mind, lucky.
Lucky: Yeah, like convincing
me that we belong together,
that she can't love anybody
but me.
Nikolas: Well, is it me
or my imagination, or are
you just really upset?
Lucky: How would you feel
in this situation?
Nikolas: Look, you know what?
I'm not the one that's asking
elizabeth to forget about me
and find someone else.
Lucky: You.
That's different.
Nikolas: How?
nikolas: Wait, someone's
Get down, get down.

Hannah: When were you going
to let me in on your little
Taggert: What secret is that?
I have a few.
Hannah: The sinister truth
you hide in the closet
in the form of terrifying ties.
Taggert: Don't hold back
your feelings.
Hannah: Well, you better keep
those ties concealed, all right?
Taggert: Just when I was
about to open up to you.
[Doorbell rings]
hannah: Oh, is ties
somewhere -- you know what?
Don't get that because that
might be the scary tie patrol.
Taggert: No, no, no.
I ordered in.
Let me give you some money.
Hannah: No, no, no.
No, no, no. I got it --
taggert: No, no, I got it.
I got --
hannah: No, no. Stay. Please.
I've got money.
Taggert: Ok.
Hannah: Hi.
Here you go.
Delivery man: Thk you.
Hannah: Thank you.
[Door closes]
hannah: Mmm!
Smells great.
What'd you get?
Taggert: I think you better
get an ambulance now.
Hannah: What, pain?
Taggert: Unbearable agony.
I don't think I'm ever going
to be able to recover from --
I invited you over for a nice
dinner for two.
Before you even get here,
you save my skin.
Hannah: Well, it's my own
I like your skin.
What little I've seen of it,
Taggert: Yeah.
And then you pay for the bill.
I'm the host.
Hannah: Well, you can still
entertain me, ok?
Feel free.
Taggert: You know what?
This isn't the night that
i actually envisioned.
Hannah: Well, what can i do
to restore the evening?
Taggert: I don't know.
Got any ideas?
Hannah: Yeah.
I'm really glad you asked that.

Mike: I've been a betting man
ever since i can remember.
And my life's been out
of control before, but never
anything like this.
Tammy: I know.
But you know what?
You're older now and years have
past, and all that excitement's
turned into stress.
Mike: It's not the years.
It's something else.
It's like I was set up.
Tammy: You really don't have
another choice but to go see
Mike: I'd leave the country
Tammy: Mike, he's your son.
Mike: But not for long
if he hears about this.
Sonny wrote me off, and I don't
blame him.
And it's taken years to earn
his trust.
But that's all over if he knows.
He can't find out.
I've got to fix this on my own.
Tammy: Ok, so, got any ideas?
Mike: Only one --x
disappear until I can straighten
out my accounts.
Tammy: Then you'd better slip
out the back door.
Mike: Thanks.

Roy: You ok there, pal?
Carly: No.
But you better run because i'm
poison, and I might contaminate
your life.
Roy: Haven't you heard I live
Roy: Anything i can do?
Carly: Uh --
can you turn back the clock?
Roy: To before the baby,
you mean.
Carly: That'd be good.
That'd be my first choice.
I'd actually settle for a couple
hours ago.
Any time before sonny
realized that
i was the person that he hates.
Carly: You know,
when i was -- when i was
carrying sonny's child,
I felt so special, you know?
For the first time in my life.
He didn't just take care of me.
He cared for me, you know?
I mean, at first,
he was just putting up with me,
but -- but then it changed,
you know?
It really did change.
And he was happy that I was
there and he was happy to be
with me.
And even after i lost the baby,
things were still really good
between us.
It was --
it was painful, you know?
But we were together.
And then just like somebody
flipped a switch, and it's gone.
I don't know who i'm kidding.
It was me.
People like to say that I'm
my own worst enemy -- you know,
people who know me well.
And it really makes me furious
because deep down inside i know
that it's true.
I have this chronic disease,
and I just got to get rid of it.
Roy: Does it have a name?
Carly: "Destroy everything
that makes you happy" disease.
Roy: Only cure for that is
to go to sonny and explain
yourself, say you're sorry.
Carly: He doesn't want
to hear it.
Roy: Well, you know,
he probably does want
to hear it.
And even if he doesn't,
what's the worst that can
I mean, could you feel any more
unhappy than you feel right now,
sitting here alone in the dark?
Carly: I'm not alone.
I got you, right?

Hannah: I think I'm falling
down on the nursing front.
Taggert: Actually, I was
thinking the exact opposite.
Hannah: A good nurse always
makes sure that her patients are
well fed, so --
taggert: Oh, no,
no, no, well, I don't think
you should take that nursing
thing too seriously.
Hannah: You're in
no condition to carry me.
Taggert: It's a miracle.
I'm cured.`

[Telephone rings]
woman: Don't answer it.
Stefan: Yes?
Stefan: Are you saying
there's no chance that
the radiation procedure will be
scheduled earlier than
No, no, it's not as much time
as i'd hoped for.
But substantially more than I'd
All right, i'll get back to you.
Woman: Come back to bed.
Stefan: This is urgent.
Woman: Well, so is this.
Stefan: Vronsky will arrange
for your return to the mainland.
Woman: What if I refuse
to go?
Stefan: Well, that would be
extremely unpleasant for you.
Woman: When should I come
Stefan: I don't foresee
the need.
Stefan: Yes.
I have new instructions.
Follow chloe morgan night
and day.
Keep me informed of where
she goes, with whom,
and especially when she's alone.

Jax: Mac, thanks very much
for coming.
Chloe: Yeah, we really
appreciate it.
Mac: My pleasure.
Chloe: Thank you.
Mac: So, you haven't been
waiting long, I hope.
Jax and chloe: No.
Mac: Look, I know that
you believe tht you dreamed
stefan's murder, but you said
you had new evidence.
Chloe: I've had some other
dreams, all involving helena.
Jax: Just hear chloe out, ok?
Chloe: They're all very
detailed and they take place
in real places.
Mac, i am dreaming through
helena's eyes.

Nikolas: Put it down!
Put it down!
Who are you?
Lucky: And why are
you blackmailing emily?

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Woman: I don't know anyone
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Carly: You have an
overwhelming desire to tell me
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Sorel: I guarantee you that
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