GH Transcript Thursday 7/27/00


General Hospital Transcript Thursday 7/27/00

Provided by Laura

Sonny: The papers --
they were filed in washington
Alexis is giving me my copy
Did they land the entire
Can you get it out as soon
as possible?
All right, i'll see you later.
Carly: I didn't mean
to interrupt.
Sonny: No, no.
It was just benny.
Carly: Do you have a minute?
Sonny: Sure.
Carly: I bought michael some
school clothes.
Sonny: School clothes.
Tp carly: Yeah. Preschool.
Sonny: Ah.
Carly: I enrolled himt&
in the fall semester,t&
three mornings a week.
Thought it'd be good for him,t+
you know, get to know some other
kids and learn how to share,
since he's not going to get that
from me.
Sonny: I guess.
carly: Anyway, I need two
responsible adults to sign
the form, and I know bobbie will
do it, but i just thought I'd
ask you first, in case you're

Elizabeth: Can I get
you anything else?
Man: No, thank you.
Second man: This is a waste
t-of time.
First man: Don't worry.
He'll be here.
His girlfriend runs the place.

Hannah: Hi.
Taggert: Where you headed?
Hannah: I'm headed
to my father's.
Taggert: Oh, I just want
to make sure we're still
on for tonight.
Hannah: Yeah.
Your house. Dinner.
I'm looking forward to it.
Taggert: Me, too.
Hannah: Do you need me
to bring anything?
Salad or dessert?T&
taggert: Nope, ju t bring
I'll take care of the rest.
Hannah: Ok, well, don't go
to too much trouble
because simple works for me.
Taggert: Do i detect a note
of caution in your voice?
Hannah: You just don't strike
me as the cooking type.
Taggert: Really?
Well, you just have to wait
and see.
Hannah: Do i have a choice?
See you.T&
taggert: Mm-hmm.

Lucky: Everything ok?
Elizabeth: Fine.
Lucky: Any problem
with taggert?T+
tp elizabeth: He's here to pick
up an order.
Lucky: I'm just waiting
for nikolas.
But, you know, i can wait
Elizabeth: If you want.
Lucky: I mean, if it's hard
for you to see me, i don't want
to make you uncomfortable.
Elizabeth: We're still
friends, right?
I mean, that's what we agreed
on, and I'd like to keep it that

Nikolas: What's up, juan?
Juan: Not much.
Nikolas: What can i do
for you?
Juan: Is that ned's contract
for the appearance in seattle?
Nikolas: No, this is a letter
offering to buy out
your contract.
Has ned mentioned it to you?
Juan: He already turned it
Nikolas: Why?
This is perfect for you.
This label specializes
in developing boy bands.
Juan: Ned wants me to stay
at l&b.
Nikolas: Maybe he might
reconsider if he knew how
you treated emily.
Juan: You're going to tell
Nikolas: Can't think
of a reason not to.
Juan: Try this --
he already knows.
Nikolas: Oh, yeah.
Juan: And ned can see emily
and I are having problems.
Nikolas: That's what you call
getting with another girl
in front of emily?
Juan: Who appointed you chief
of the relationship police?T&
no, no, no -- I'm sorry.
You know what?
Your brother is the chief,
so that would make you
his lieutenant or --
nikolas: No, I'm emily's
friend, juan.
Juan: Then stay out
of her business.
Nikolas: You stay out
of her life.
Emily: Hey.
Is everything ok?
Juan: Your friend here was
just telling me to stay away
from you.
Is that what you want?

Bobbie: Roy?
Roy: Ah! Ooh!
What do you want?
Oh, bobbie.
Roy: Are you all right?
Bobbie: Yeah.

roy: Are you ok?
Bobbie: Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm a little surprised,
that's all.
Roy: I'm so sorry.
Bobbie: It's ok.
Roy: I was about to hurt
you really bad, baby.
bobbie: Roy, look at me.
I'm fine.
Roy: Yeah.
But that should never have
Bobbie: Well, you know,
tpyou were fast asleep, and it was
an automatic reflex.
Roy: When i was undercover
or on assignment, I -- i had
to tay ready.
I was always
expecting that i might be
But I trained myself not to --
not to stay like that.
You can't expose a child
to that.
I didn't want to fall asleep
on the couch and have hannah
come in and try to wake me up
sometime and
do to her what i jus did
to you.
You know, I thought it was
something that i could
sort of turn on and off,
you know.
It's something that I would
never use by mistake against
somebody that I care about.
Bobbie: And you were right.
The second you realized
it was me,
you let me go.
Roy: Yeah.
You tell yourself that there are
certain things that you would
never do
under an circumstance
and touching you with violence
is one of them.
Bobbie: Look, I mean, I --
I'm going to just say thist&
tpstraight out, ok?
I was married to a man who
beat me.
I know how that looks and feels.
I know about the anger
and the outbursts and that sick
feeling in the pit of
your stomach when he's about
to come after you.
And if i really thought you were
ever going to hit me, I would be
out the door in a second,
and you would never see me
So i know the difference between
abuse and an accident.
Tell me you do, too.
Roy: I hate the thought
of somebody hurting you.
Bobbie: I feel the same way
about you.
why don't we just consider this
tpa learning experience?
I won't surprise˙you,
and you can work on
relaxing, ok?
Roy: Yeah, I guess I'll
have to.
If the alternative is cutting
off my hands.
Bobbie: I will miss them.
Roy: Baby,t&
I love you.
I'm so sorry.
Bobbie: I love you, too.

Elizabeth:Q do you want
anything while you're waiting?
Soda? A slice of pie?
Lucky: Um --
soda is fine, yeah.
Elizabeth: Ok.
I'll be right back.
lucky: Elizabeth?
Are you sure everything's ok?
Elizabeth: Stop worrying.
Makes your eyes all scrunchy.
Taggert: Hey.
Lucky: Hey.
Taggert: Mac and I, we were
discussing your visit
to the station.
Lucky: Well, I mean,
if anything's missing off
of mac's desk, blame nikolas
taggert: Well, as far
as i know, everything's
in perfect o der.
He is a little concerned about
you and nikolas playing his
junior detective thing, though.T&
a lot of people stand to gett&
hurt when luke's located.
Lucky: You mean caught.T&
taggert: Look, lucky,
you and nikolas have a good
thing going, all right?
Don't lose it trying to clean up
the mess stefan and luke made.
Lucky: This cop, you know,
you and mac asked me about,
did you guys find him?
Taggert: Why do you ask?
Mike: Hey, elizabeth.
Elizabeth: Hey.
Mike: Is tammy around?
Elizabeth: No, not yet.
Mike: Did she say when she'd
be back?
Elizabeth: Well, I haven't
heard from her.
She's probably just running
Something wrong?

Emily: No, juan, I don't want
you to stay away from me.
Juan: Thank you.
Did you hear her, or do you need
to write it down?
Emily: But nikolas was just
trying to help, ok?
I mean, if i had a friend whose
boyfriend cheated on her,
I'd probably act the same way.
Juan: Look, I said i'm sorry.
What else can I do?
Emily: I don't know.
Tpprobably nothing.
Look, I need to talk to nikolas
alone for a minute.
Juan: No problem.
I have some tracks to listen
to, so --
just so I know,
when you say that I don't have
to stay away from you,
it doesn't mean that you want
to see me, does it?
Emily: Not right now.
Juan: Well, at least i know.

Nikolas: Look, ned has
an offer out to buy juan's
contract, and I'm trying
to convince him to sell.
Emily: I already told him
not to.
Nikolas: Ok, em, but wouldn't
it be easier for you if juan
wasn't around?
Emily: I care about him.
I can't help it.
Maybe he really is sorry.
Nikolas: Emily, don't even
think about forgiving him.

Carly: Look, being
the responsible adult means more
than just putting your name
and phone number --
tp sonn Right.
Carly: Under the proper
You have to actually attend
the parents' meeting and go
with michael the first week.
Tp onny: Hmm.T&
carly: They want us to be
close in case he has trouble
Sonny: Maybe he's too young
for this.
Carly: No, he's actually not.
As long as he turns 3 before
the end of the year,
he's eligible.
Onny: Well, michael's
birthday is december 26.
Carly: Ok.T&
I'll just ask bbie.
Sonny: Oh, no.
You don't, i mean --
carly: No, obviously
you think it's a bad idea.
Sonny: No, I don't think it's
a bad idea.
He's going to be the youngest
kid in the class and that could
be hard.
Other kids are going to try
to bully him.
That's all i'm saying.
Carly: Well, they have
placement sessions at
the school.
So if michael's too young,
they'll let us know.
What, you didn't think i'd look
into it?
Sonny: Ok.
Carly: Ok, what?
Sonny: I'll be the
responsible --
carly: Well, don't do me any
Sonny: Oh, I'd like to be
the responsible adult.T+
I appreciate you a king me.T-
carly: Ok.
I wasn't really sure after
the way we argued the other day.
Sonny: Why'd you go off like
Carly: Ok.
Like you're so even tempered.
Sonny: I wasn't expecting
you --
carly: No, obviously.
Sonny: You also- you said
something about maybe, you know,
you want to move back in --
I don't know.
Tpq. Carly: I was thinking
about it.
Sonny: And?
Carly: Maybe it's not such
a good idea.
We would just fight, and michael
would get confused, you know.
There's no sense in moving him
again if it's just temporary.
And it's not like you want us.
Sonny: Well, don't put it
on me now because you're the one
who wanted to --
carly: Well, you're the one
who said in the first place that
you didn't really care either
Sonny: So, whatever.T&
carly: It's not as if it was
some big inconvenience --
alexis: Hi. Excuse me.
I am sorry i'm late.
Judge hearn is fond of the sound
of her own voice.
Carly: Um, well, we're kind
of in the middle of something,
so why don't you wait over
Sonny: Actually,t&
uh, we're through.
tpyou know what?
You know --
you know how i feel about
this, ok?
So, if you need to move,
whatever, I'm there.
It's up to you.
carly: Ok.
Look, sonny, under the place
where it says phone number"?
Sonny: Right.
Carly: You have to put
your home phone number
because it really won't do them
any good if they reach bennyt+
at the warehouse, so --
sonny: Ok.
Alexis: Is this something
i should know about?
Sonny: Um -- michael's
registration for preschool.
I agreed to be the responsiblet&
Alexis: You're not serious.

Alexis: Carly and michael
moved out?
Sonny: Correct.
Alexis: So why would you be
involved in michael's preschool?
Sonny: Because they're
my responsibility.
Alexis: Since when?
Sonny: Since I had a child.
Just because he wasn't born,
that doesn't mean that,
you know, I don't have
an obligation to his mother
and his brother.
Alexis: Well, legally,
it doesn't work that way.
You see, at the moment,
carly has no claims on you.
Sonny: Right.
Alexis: And if you were
to assume responsibility
for michael, you would be
opening yourself up to all kinds
of demands for child support.
Carly might even be able
to petition for a living
She might even have grounds
for a palimony suit.
Sonny: No, she won't have
to because i agreed to support
Alexis: What?
Sonny: Carly doesn't have
a job.
You know, the only skill she has
is shopping and one year
of nursing school.
She needs a safe place
for her and michael.
She's got to pay for the nanny,
the doctor bills, and everything
else it takes for a decent life.
Alexis: So, since carly
can't -- since carly won't
take care of herself, you have
agreed to do this for her.
Sonny: All it takes is money.
I've got plenty.
Alexis: You're vulnerable.
You loved your child very much.
She's not the grieving madonna.
Sonny: Alexis, um,
I pay you to keep me out
Of jail, not to interfere
in my personal life.
Alexis: I don't like you very
I have weekly debates
with myself as to whether or not
to continue to be your attorney.
But it turns out that you have
a shred of decency in you that
i really don't like to see
So please tell me that you don't
have feelings for carly.

[Knock on door]
hannah: Dad?
Roy: Yeah, I'm coming.
Hey, how's my girl?
Hannah: Hey.
Just came by to check up on you.
Roy: Great.
Hannah: Whoo!
I love what you did
to your place.
Roy: Yeah, well, bobbie --
hannah: Looks great.
Roy: Donated some stuff
from her attic, so --
hannah: Oh, I'll have
to write her a thank-you note.
I mean, when you first moved in,
it was like you had nothing.
I thought I was going to have
to persuade you to fix it up.
Roy: I didn't think it was
that bad, actually.
I thought it was kind of,
you know, whatever.
Sort of ok for me actually.
Hannah: Hey, dad,
relax, relax.
Roy: Yeah, yeah, I'm trying.
I'm trying.
Hannah: Hey, you're not
on assignment anymore, remember?
Roy: Yeah, that's what --
that's what I've heard.
Hannah: What does that mean?
Roy: It means i am trying --
it means i thought i had myself
under control, hannah.
But it turns out i was wrong.

Emily: Look, people make
Nikolas: How many does juan
Emily: What he did at that
rave was stupid, ok?
I mean, I --
I was being stupid, too.
I was stoned.
And who knows?
He could've been on something
So what?
So he kissed alison.
I left that party with some guy
i'd never met before.
Now, juan knows that there is
something I'm not telling him.
That's the real reason why he's
so angry.
Nikolas: No, em, you --
you can't tell him.
Emily: You don't get
to decide who I forgive,
Nikolas: Ok.
If you believe that juan is
sorry, and you want to get back
together with him, i --
I mean, I think that you're
making a mistake, ok?
But it's your decision.
But moving ted's body
and covering uhis death,
that's not only your secret,
it's all of ours.
And we all have just as much
on the line as you.
It's not fair to us to tell
Emily: He would never tell
He just wants to help.
Nikolas: Juan lives
with taggert, and he hates both
lucky and me.
What if he decides telling
the cops is the perfect way
to get back at us?
Emily: No, he would never do
that, nikolas.
He knows i'd never forgive him.
Nikolas: Juan might not care.
Em, I'm sorry, but juan has
proved that you can't trust him.
Emily: Yeah, that's true.
Nikolas: Ok, look, I have
to go to the bank to pick some
money up for the blackmailer.
Would you like to come?
Emily: No, no, I --
I need to talk to juan.
But I won't say anything,
don't worry.
Nikolas: I know this is tough
on you.
Hopefully, it'll all be over
I'll see you.
Emily: Thanks.

Elizabeth: Well,
so, was tammy supposed to meet
Mike: No, no, I just --
I wanted to tell her something,
but it turns out i really can't
Elizabeth: Well, I can give
her a message.
Mike: No, no, no, it's not
that important.
Just tell her I'll call when
i can, ok?
Elizabeth: Ok.

Lucky: I was trying to think
who was at the rave.
But, um,
there was just so many people
I know nikolas was, you know,
trying to remember,
too, but he doesn't --
taggert: You know what?
I got to go check something out.
Could you tell elizabeth
to cancel my order, please?
Elizabeth: What was that all
Lucky: I don't know.
Taggert said to cancel
his order.
Elizabeth: Oh.
Lucky: Is mike ok?
Elizabeth: You know,
he didn't seem to be.
So what did taggert want?
Lucky: He wanted me to stay
out of the cassadine murder
Elizabeth: Oh.
Lucky: You know, every time
the cops catch nikolas and me
where we're not supposed to be,
we tell them that we're just
trying to prove that helena
killed stefan, but taggert
seemed to buy it this last time.
Carly: Hey, cuz.
Lucky: Hey.
Carly: Elizabeth.
Gee, shouldn't you be working?
I know my mother doesn't pay
you to sit around and flirt
with your boyfriend.
No offense.
Elizabeth: Can I get
you something?
Carly: How sweet.
How considerate of you.
I'm sure lucky thinks you're
a regular angel.
She tell you whose lap she was
sitting on monday night?
Elizabeth: Oh --
lucky: You know, I think
you probably should just back
off elizabeth right now.
Elizabeth: You know,
lucky, it's -- it's ok.
Carly, if you have a problem
with me, deal with me.
Carly: Wait a minute.
Don't you think it's lucky's
problem, too?
Well, he deserves to know you're
throwing yourself at sonny
behind his back.
Carly: Why don't you just
cry, elizabeth?
Guys seem to go for that.
Or you could tell lucky it's all
a big misunderstanding.
You know what, cuz?
I'm sure she doesn't mean
to wrap her arms around sonny
every chance she gets.
Elizabeth: Carly, you don't
scare me.
You're just angry and desperate
because sonny finally saw
you for the slut you really are
and kicked your butt
to the curb.
Carly: I left because
i want to, you got it?
And the sheets weren't even
clean when you showed up,
all sweet and needy
and oh so ready for him to take
care of you.
It's funny, isn't that what
you pulled with jason?
But I guess if it works once,
try it again.
Elizabeth: Wait,
wait, isn't that your motto?
Sleep with one, sleep
with the other, get pregnant,
let the guy take care
of the baby.
You broke jason's heart over
And then you turned around
and did the same thing to sonny.
You know, I happened to be
at the hospital the night
of your miscarriage.
I saw what it did to sonny.
He lost a child, carly.
All you lost was a meal ticket.
Carly: You know, you're just
a little bitch, aren't you?
Elizabeth: You know what?
You're not worthy of your child,
you're not worthy of sonny,
and you sure as hell are not
worth fighting with.
Carly: Now you know what
i know.
Not so angelic after all, huh?

Sonny: Of course I care about
I mean, we made a child
Alexis: By accident.
[Sonny sighs]
alexis: No, please tell me
that you don't have romantic
feelings for carly.
Sonny: No.
Why is this any of your
I mean, what does this have
to do with the legal situation?
Alexis: A lot.
From what you tell me, you have
agreed to take care of carly
for the rest of her life
or at least until michael is 18,
which could be a very long
and expensive time.
You're not going to be able
to back out of this when
she starts to drive you insane.
Sonny: I don't back out
of my commitments.
Now, you've warned me,
I've heard you, cawe move on?
Thank you.
Did the F.B.I. Release
the paperwork?
Alexis: Congratulations.
Your single misdemeanor
conviction for endangering
a minor has been set aside,
and you have complete amnesty
for any illegal act committed
prior to june 1, 2000.
You have no police record,
no f.B.I. File, no charges
pending, nothing at all.
You're clean.
Sonny: Hot diggity dog.
Funny, you know, i don't feel
any different.
Alexis: You should.
You beat the system.
Sonny: Well, you know, I had
a little help.
Could you do me a favor and give
roy his paperwork?
Alexis: That's next
on my calendar.
Sonny: All right.
Here we go.
Let's see how much we got here.
A little money, la, la --
thank you.
Alexis: No one's luck lasts
forever, sonny.
Maybe you're not as good
as you think.
Sonny: Maybe I am.

Juan: Is your watchdog
lurking somewhere?
Emily: No, nikolas --
nikolas had to go somewhere.
Look, I waited --
I waited to tell you this.
What happened at that party was
as much my fault as it was
We both screwed up, and maybe
we weren't as sure of each other
as we thought that we were.
We said that we trusted each
other, but when we got right
down to it, we didn'T.
We don't.
Juan: We could try again.
Emily: Do you really want
I mean, there's -- juan,
there's plenty of girls out
there who'd love to date a rock
Juan: I'm not a star.
And even if I were, I don't want
plenty of girls.
I want you.
Emily: Sometimes I want you,
But then i just think of how
much we hurt each other
and I think it would be better
if we just let go.
Juan: I'm not letting go.
Emily: I -- i have to go.
I told my grandmother I'd help
her with flower arrangements.
Juan: I'll see you around?
Emily: Yeah.
Yeah, I'll see you around.

Hannah: Look, I'm sure bobbie
Roy: Yeah, but that's not
the point.
I could've hurt her.
I could've hurt her badly.
I could've hurt you.
There were these skills that
i developed for my work.
Not only sleeping light
or waking up fighting, but lying
with total conviction.
Watching every room for the one
guy who could I.D. Me or the one
guy I could use.
You know, living on adrenaline.
Just --
I thought I could switch it off.
Come home,
fix your hair in the pathetic
excuse for braids I used to try
to do, or take you to
the movies, whatever.
I never thought I'd wake up
choking you.
But somewhere along the line,
these things i learned, the y
i learned to live --
it's become a permanent part
of me.
Hannah: Yeah, but the skills
you learned, dad, saved
your life, and i'm grateful
for that and so is bobbie.
I mean, if we have to be careful
about waking you up from a sound
sleep, we can adjust.
Roy: Yeah --
hannah: Don't punish yourself
over it.
Roy: Yes, ma'am.
Hannah: You know what?
A wise man once said
learn when to let go.
Roy: Did it ever occur
to you that that supposedly wise
man was actually completely
intimidated by his incredible
daughter and was making it up,
how to be a parent, as he went
Hannah: Could be.
But he's still the greatest
father in the whole world.
And I love you so much.
Roy: Oh, hannah.
[Roy sighs]
roy: Love you, too.
Hannah: Are you going to be
ok now?
Roy: Yeah, I'm fine,
I'm fine.
Hannah: Because I've got
to go.
Roy: I know, don't be late.
I'm -- i'm just ranting.
Go. Go.
Have a good day.
Hannah: Hang this up,
will you?
You're not in pentonville
Roy: So they tell me.

Lucky: Has she come back? &
Carly: Not yet.
Lucky: She wasn't
at her studio and she wasn't
at the boxcar.
I guess she could probably be
anywhere, thanks to you.
Carly: I would try sonny's
office at the warehouse.
Better yet, better check
his bedroom.
Lucky: Oh, knock it off.
You know elizabeth hasn't been
with sonny.
Carly: Did you hear
her deny it?
Look, elizabeth is after sonny.
He's great-looking,
he's powerful, he's rich,
and every time i turn around,
she's with him.
Lucky: Who are you trying
to hurt?
Me or elizabeth?
What do you get out of spreading
lies like this?
Carly: Well, you're the one
who's being lied to, lucky.
Look, I'm sorry.
Elizabeth is over it.
She's moved on to sonny.
Lucky: I don't have time
for this.
I'm going to find her.
Elizabeth just walked off
her shift.
I'm going to go look for her.
If she comes back, will you tell
her to wait for me?
Bobbie: Sure.
Lucky: Carly, please,
don't go near her again.
Bobbie: Well, I see you've
been busy.

Elizabeth: Ow.
Oh, that's great.
Oh, darn it.
Sonny: Hey.
Are you all right?
Elizabeth: Yeah, I'm fine.
I just twisted my ankle.
Sonny: Can I help you?
Elizabeth: No, no --
sonny: No, no, come on.
Elizabeth: I'm fine,
Sonny: Uh --
elizabeth: Ow.
Sonny: Can you move it?
Elizabeth: Yeah.
Sonny: Probably just
rolled it.
Used to happen a lot to me when
i played basketball.
Elizabeth: You played
Sonny: What, don't --
don't be so shocked, you know.
I know i'm not, like,
eight feet tall, but i was damn
Get a lot accomplished when,
you know, you hustle.
That hurt?
Elizabeth: Um, yeah,
just a little.
Just a little.
Sonny: Really?
Elizabeth: Yeah.
Sonny: Well, no, I don't
think it's swelling up
or anything.
Elizabeth: No.
Sonny: Um, you'll probably
just, you know, won't be able
to walk a little bit for --
but you'll live.
What happened?
Elizabeth: Oh, nothing, i was
just in a hurry, missed a step.
Sonny: You got to be careful
on the stairs.
Elizabeth: I'm sorry.
Sonny: For falling down?
Elizabeth: For reminding
you of that night.
Sonny: I remember all
the time.
I also remember what you did
for me.
Elizabeth: Well, I was glad
to, not that i did much.
Sonny: Meant a lot to me.
Elizabeth: Yeah,
well, you did the same for me.
The night of the fire?
You remember?
I was holding lucky's subway
token and it was completely
And my legs gave out on me.
But someone caught me.
And I realized later that it was
Well, I never thanked
you for that.
Sonny: Well, that little hug
you gave me was thanks enough.

Alexis: On your way out?
Roy: Not anymore.
What can i do for you?
Alexis: I come bearing gifts.
More accurately, paperwork.
I tried you at luke'S.
The bartender gave me this
I take it you just moved?
Roy: Yeah, a couple days ago.
Alexis: In the future,
it would be a good idea
to notify your attorney.
Roy: Uh, is there some kind
of problem?
Is the f.B.I. Balking about
my deal?
Alexis: On the contrary.
You and sonny did remarkably
well for yourself.
Your final release from federal
You're officially a free man.
Roy: Thank you.
Alexis: We should go over
the terms and conditions.
Roy: No, no, no, this was
supposed to be an outright
Alexis: It is.
Your sentence for the attempted
assassination of mitch williams
has been reduced to time served,
and you can't be imprisoned
for that crime again.
Roy: That's all i need
to know.
Alexis: However,
the conviction is still
on your record and should
you get arrested again, it will
count against you.
Roy: Then i won't.
Alexis: Then just to be sure,
why don't you steer clear
of sonny and luke spencer
from now on.

Man: Mr. Corbin.
Mike: Hey.
Take it easy.
Man: No, we're way past easy.
Second man: Your payment's
overdue, and we're here
to collect.
Mike: All right,
listen, listen, I'm on my way
to see your boss.
I've got the payment right here.
Man: Wait a minute.
You call this a payment?
This doesn't even cover
the interest.
Mike: Look, I'm working
on it, ok?
Man: Yeah, I think you need
a little incentive.
Taggert: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
We got a problem here?
Man: It's none of
your business.

taggert: hey, i don't want
any trouble.
Man: Then get lost.
Second man: Hey, he's a cop.
He's going for his gun!
Hannah: Freeze! F.B.I.!

Alexis: Your prior conviction
would count against
you if you were tried for,
oh, say, impersonating a police
officer while trying to break
somebody out of jail.
Roy: Alexis, are you hungry?
I think I've got some --
alexis: Even luke couldn't
escape a police lockup
without help.
And that person would probably
be able to impersonate a cop.
Roy: Better yet, how about
a good, stiff drink?
That way we could celebrate
my freedom.
Alexis: If you have it long
enough to enjoy it.
Luke is a friend of mine.
I don't believe that he killed
And I think he should prove it.
But if you get caught helping
him, you will be on your way
back to prison.
And sonny is an even bigger
Roy: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
You are determined to warn me
against every contingency,
is that it?
Alexis: Part of my services.
Roy: Isn't there some release
i could sign?
Alexis: You have
your release.
Don't blow it.
You see, sonny cut a better deal
than you did.
He cannot be charged
with a criminal act prior
to june 1, and in the eyes
of the law, that makes him about
as innocent as a newborn.
The police are going to be
disgruntled about this,
and since they can't go after
sonny, they're likely to go
after his associates.
Why be one of them?
Roy: Good point.
In fact, why stay in
port charles at all?
Why not move to the mountains,
build a cabin, live like
a hermit.
Or better yet, why don't i just
drive back to pentonville
and ask them to lock me up
That way, I can be sure I won't
be implicating myself every time
i help one of my friends.
I worked 20 years to get these
I made compromises i don't even
want to think about.
And I promised myself that when
it was over, i would live
the rest of my life on my own
damn terms.
And that is what i intend to do.

Bobbie: Sonny and elizabeth
are friends.
Anything else is a figment
of your imagination.
Now, it was bad enough when
you were torturing yourself
with your own paranoia.
But why would you want
to inflict that on elizabeth
and lucky?
Carly: Oh, elizabeth.
Oh, god forbid she could ever be
in the wrong.
No way.
Bobbie: Well, you know,
honey, she does work here.
So that tells me that,
for starters, you came after
Carly: I wanted some
iced tea.
Is that a crime?
Bobbie: Any chance you've
been to see sonny today?
Carly: So what if i have?
Bobbie: Well, let me guess.
That means you either had
a fight, or sonny refused to do
something you wanted him to do.
At any rate, you came over here
to take it out on elizabeth.
Carly: That's right,
mother, blame me.
When is somebody going to see
that behind those big,
wide, brown eyes and perpetual
tears, elizabeth webber is a man
She was all over jason like
white on rice, and the second
he blew town, she moved
on to sonny.
She backed off just,
like, for a second while i was
As soon as i lost the baby,
she was right back in on him.
Bobbie: Carly,
do you hear yourself?
Elizabeth loves lucky.
The woman who went from jason
to sonny was you.
Carly: So i'm a tramp.
And elizabeth does the same
thing, but she's still
everybody's little innocent.
Let me tell you something.
I may be dirt, but at least I'm
I know how i feel, unlike
elizabeth and unlike you.
Why do you pretend to care about
me when you really don't give
a damn?

Sonny: Why were you in such
a hurry that you missed
the bottom step?
Elizabeth: Oh, I was just
trying to walk off a bad mood
and it wasn't working.
Sonny: Ah.
You and lucky got in another
Elizabeth: Me and carly.
Sonny: She came after you?
Elizabeth: At kelly's.
And lucky was there.
She basically accused me
of sleeping with jason and you,
and I told her no, that that was
her and how she used
her children.
And I said for carly,
losing the baby was like losing
a meal ticket.
Sonny: Well, that's not true,
but, you know, i can see why
you think it was.
Elizabeth: I know.
I'm sorry, sonny.
Sonny: No, that's all right.
Elizabeth: I apologize
for bringing up your child
in a fight.
It's just that i lost my temper
and I said the worst thing that
popped into my head.
Sonny: But you know what?
You -- you wanted to hurt carly
like she was trying to hurt you.
Elizabeth: She doesn't know
anything about how i feel
for jason.
What he did for me.
What you have done for me.
I mean, what's the big deal
about us being friends?
Why does she want to ruin that?
Sonny: Why carly does
her damage, nobody knows.
She -- she -- hurts, she gets
mad, she wants everybody around
her to be hurt and mad, too.
But you know what?
It's no excuse.
What she did to you was
unacceptable, and it's not going
to happen again.
Elizabeth: Oh, you don't have
to defend me.
I more than handled it myself.
Sonny: I don't want carly
lying or using my name to hurt
you or anybody else.
Plus, you know what?
I don't want you, you know,
running around here at night
twisting an ankle, you know what
i mean?
Elizabeth: Next time,
I'll watch where i'm going.
Sonny: There's not going
to be a next time.
Ok, put your thing right here.
All right?
You're ankle's going to,
you know, be a little flaky
for a little while.
You might want to wear flat
shoes for the next couple
of days.
Elizabeth: Sonny, i can't
wear flat shoes.
I'm too short.
Sonny: Too short?
Elizabeth: Yes.
Sonny: You're petite.
What are you talking about?
[Elizabeth laughs]
sonny: It looks good on you.
Elizabeth: Oh, well, thanks.
Lucky: So i guess what carly
said is true, huh?

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Helena: How very unwise
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