GH Transcript Thursday 6/29/00


General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/29/00

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Bobbie: Pst. Are we alone?

Monica: Why?

Bobbie: Are we?

Monica: Well, Edward and Lila are at the grill, and Emily is with Juan, and Alan is stuck in a staff meeting.

Bobbie: Oh, good.

Monica: What? A pregnancy test?

Bobbie: Yeah, yeah, after what you said yesterday.

Monica: Oh, well -- it could be a lot of things.

Bobbie: Or not.

Monica: Can you imagine? I mean, what if I really am?

[Knock on door]

Roy: Come in.

Laura: Hi.

Roy: Hi.

Laura: My mother said you were looking for me. Did you hear from Luke?

Roy: No, I didn't, and I probably won't.

Laura: Ok, Iím -- you know, Iím sorry because I sort of accosted you in the living room and --

Roy: Oh, no, no --

Laura: I'm bugging you at work.

Roy: No, no. No, it's totally cool. I was actually going to come see you. I -- Iím looking for another room, and I thought you should know, so -- you really helped me out when I was first hitting town, and I appreciate it a lot.

Laura: Yeah, sure.

Roy: If you need more notice, I could go another month or something.

Laura: No, no, no. No, it's ok. I was just picturing that room empty again. I guess there's a part of me that just can't stop wanting lucky to be living there.

Roy: Yeah. I met him the other day.

Laura: You did? Is -- is he all right?

Roy: Yeah, he is. He's -- he seemed -- he seemed -- he's an interesting kid, you know.

Laura: Well, what do you mean, "Interesting"?

Roy: Well, he's -- you know, he's -- I never had met him before. He seems well.

Laura: Did he say something about Luke and me?

Roy: Well, we talked. We talked for quite a little while, you know. But he didn't say that much.

Laura: Yeah. Was it about me and Luke, though?

Emily: Hey. You know, I am so glad that you guys and Nikolas decided to go to that rave with us.

Elizabeth: We're not going to let you out of our sight.

Emily: You know what I was thinking? Maybe we could form some kind of human circle around Juan.

Elizabeth: You maybe, but Juan?

Emily: Alison Barrington is going to be all over him the entire night.

Juan: Hey.

Emily: Hey. Guess what -- everyone's going to the rave. Isn't that great?

Juan: Yeah, great. Listen, I have a surprise for you, Emily.

Emily: Really? What?

Juan: Come on, let's go.

Emily: No, no, no, wait. Give me a hint.

Juan: You'll never guess.

Elizabeth: Does it involve chocolate?

Juan: No, but it's something you've wanted for a long time. We both have.

Emily: That's not a very good hint.

Juan: You're going to love it. Come on, let's go. See you guys.

Emily: All right. Bye.

Elizabeth: See you.

Lucky: Do you seriously think that guy's good enough for Emily?

Chloe: "your present is behind you."

Jax: Hi, Chloe.

Chloe: Oh! Hi.

Jax: Hey.

Chloe: Welcome -- welcome home.

Jax: Thank you.

Chloe: It's been forever.

Jax: I know.

Chloe: You told me tomorrow.

Jax: I couldn't wait.

Chloe: I'm never letting you out of my sight again. Figure of speech.

Jax: I couldn't get the medication.

Chloe: We knew this trip was a long shot anyway.

Jax: Helena has an iron grip on the company. It's just impossible. I mean, I could barely set up any meetings. No one would discuss selling anything at any price. The trials are closed, and no one would take any bribes, not even the starving research students. I couldn't get my hands on one single pill.

Chloe: But I love you for trying.

Jax: I'm sorry.

Chloe: Don't be. Maybe we won't even need it.

Jax: Is Tony still considering the gamma knife?

Chloe: Yeah, it's standard procedure if the first round of radiation doesn't work. I go in for a few hours, and they send me home with a couple bandages on my head.

Jax: Will that be enough?

Chloe: Can we not talk about me being sick anymore, scruffy face?

Jax: Ok. So, how's work?

Chloe: I am deep into next spring.

Jax: Have you slept at all since I called you?

Chloe: Since first thing this morning? No.

Jax: But --

Chloe: There are a couple dreams I haven't mentioned.

Jax: Ok.

Chloe: They're about Stefan. Alexis is devastated, actually. We should go over there right away.

Jax: Tell me about the dreams. What did you dream about?

Chloe: I dreamed I saw Stefan murdered. I saw him drink from a glass, and it looked like he was choking and fell to the floor.

Jax: And when did you dream about this?

Chloe: The night he disappeared.

Jax: That was weeks ago, Chloe.

Chloe: And then I dreamed he came here holding the music box, begging me for help.

Jax: Why didn't you tell me?

Chloe: Because I knew you would be worried.

Jax: Yes. Yes, I would have been worried.

Chloe: Ned and Alexis were here. They helped me.

Jax: Is there anything else?

Chloe: Just Stefan and Laura Spencer beside a bench near a cliff. His hand was on her shoulder. The bench is at Wyndemere.

Jax: You went to Wyndemere?

Chloe: Will you just hold me, please?

Jax: I'm sorry.

Chloe: I'm so glad you're home. I missed you so much.

Jax: I missed you, too.

Monica: Well, last night I had this incredible craving for pizza.

Bobbie: Oh, but you hate pizza. You only eat it on thanksgiving.

Monica: I know that, but I managed to polish off two slices that Emily had stashed in the fridge. Pepperoni and mushroom.

Bobbie: You hate pepperoni.

Monica: I know that. And then I polished off almost a whole carton of strawberry ice cream.

Bobbie: And you hate strawberry ice cream.

Monica: I know that, too. That's maybe the reason I woke up feeling nauseous.

Bobbie: Oh. Oh, that's so fabulous.

Monica: No, listen, hey -- I mean, it could be indigestion, you know. I mean, the only thing is I started morning sickness early with A.J.

Bobbie: Have you told Alan?

Monica: Oh, no. Oh, Iím not telling him anything until I know for sure.

Bobbie: Oh, Monica, I am so glad for you.

Monica: Well, thanks for bringing this over, I think. Not to change the subject, but how's Carly doing?

Bobbie: Hmm. It's been a tough time. Sonny took her away. How's A.J. doing?

Monica: About the same.

Bobbie: Oh, god, I wish those two had never married.

Monica: Oh, we all do.

Bobbie: Oh, gosh, a baby. A new baby. Can you imagine how shocked everybody will be?

Monica: Listen, Bobbie, you know, this is serious business at my age.

Bobbie: Oh, but how many chances do we get to really start over?

Monica: You're starting to make me nervous.

Alan: Hello, you two.

Bobbie: Oh, hi, Alan.

Monica: Hi.

Laura: Lucky broke into the safe? Why? Is he in trouble? Does he need money or something?

Roy: No, I think he just needed some fake ID.

Laura: Is he leaving town? Is that what you're trying to tell me?

Roy: No, he just needs a document that says he's 21.

Laura: Why? Is he hanging around in bars or something?

Roy: Well -- maybe he's trying to get a job in a bar.

Laura: A job in a bar. That's not such a great idea.

Roy: Hmm. Then I guess I shouldn't mention that I offered him a job here.

Laura: Well, you know, on the other hand, it does give us the opportunity to keep an eye on him.

Roy: Yeah. Yeah, there you go. Except that I don't think you should hold your breath until he decides to take it.

Laura: Luke would love it if he worked here.

Roy: It'd be great.

Laura: Yeah. Did he mention Stefan?

Roy: No.

Laura: So, what did he say?

Roy: You know, I probably shouldn't have even brought him up.

Laura: Yeah, just tell me.

Roy: Well, it's just so crazy. It --

Laura: What is it?

Roy: He is convinced that Luke raped you.

Laura: There's a lot you don't understand, isn't there?

Roy: And it's maybe none of my business?

Laura: No. I mean, you were arrested for the rape. You have a right to know what really happened that night.

Roy: The whole thing was a mistake.

Laura: Oh, yeah. I felt terrible when I found out that you were the one in jail. I mean, it was a really wild time. You remember. And I -- I -- I didn't know what to do, so I just -- I changed the description to someone that I knew the police would never find.

Roy: You mean Luke -- Luke did it? Damn.

Laura: It was just a wild night, and everything just kind of got out of control.

Roy: What does that mean? It was an accident?

Laura: No, I don't -- he knew what he was doing.

Roy: And still you changed your story to protect him?

Laura: And to get you out of jail.

Roy: So he -- he -- he let me take the fall for that?

Laura: He would have found a way to help you. I know that.

Roy: Except he didn't have to.

Laura: No, because I already took care of it.

Roy: Even after what he did. That's -- that's remarkable.

Laura: I think it was the biggest mistake he ever made in his life.

Roy: No kidding.

Laura: Yeah. I forgave him.

Roy: I -- Iím amazed.

Laura: Well, I donít really expect you to understand it. I mean, it's very -- it's personal, and I just don't think I was wrong. I don't think I was wrong to love Luke.

Lucky: So this Juan guy just shows up from Puerto Rico?

Elizabeth: It's a long story, but Emily just fell for him.

Lucky: Has he always been such a jerk to her?

Elizabeth: You really think he's a jerk?

Lucky: He could afford to be a lot nicer.

Elizabeth: Sometimes he is.

Lucky: He didn't seem to have a problem with Alison all over him at the nurses' ball.

Elizabeth: You sound like Emilyís big brother.

Lucky: She needs one right now.

Elizabeth: Well, she swears that Juan loves her.

Lucky: What do you think?

Elizabeth: Sometimes I believe it.

Lucky: So Juan agrees to go to this rave with someone else and -- oh, yeah -- lets Emily tag along.

Elizabeth: That would be one of the other times.

Lucky: She doesn't even want to go.

Elizabeth: If it gets too wild, we'll drag her out.

Lucky: I just don't get it. One minute he loves her and the next minute he doesn't care? What's up with that? That's exactly what Iíve been doing to you, isn't it?

Emily: Huh. Wow.

Juan: Yeah, it's -- it's just like you wanted.

Emily: Yeah, but I would have never guessed this.

Juan: Well, it's quiet, you know, and really private. Just me and you. I've been saving up for a long time, and, you know, we have it until this time tomorrow. And -- oh, this is -- this is for you.

Emily: That's very sweet. Thank you.

Juan: Sorry it's not chocolate.

Emily: Oh, no, no, no, it's great.

Juan: You know, I should have brought some.

Emily: Yeah, well, if I would have known --

Juan: No, I brought protection. No problem.

Emily: No, I meant if Iíd known that -- I would have dressed up or looked special or something.

Juan: You're already special.

Emily: I guess I -- I guess I would have looked forward to this, all of it, if I --

Juan: I thought you were looking forward to it.

Emily: I'm screwing this up, aren't I?

Juan: No. You're perfect.

Alan: Hello, Bobbie.

Bobbie: Alan. I was just on my way out.

Alan: What's the hurry?

Bobbie: Lucas wants to show me his new video game. Kids are so much fun.

Monica: Well, hey, thanks for stopping by.

Bobbie: Ok, well, Iíll hear from you, right?

Monica: Oh, count on it.

Bobbie: Ok. Good night.

Monica: So, how did the staff meeting go?

Alan: Fine.

Monica: Any news about Tony?

Alan: No.

Monica: Listen, have you had dinner? You know, we haven't been to Marioís --

Alan: Who's the guy?

Monica: Excuse me?

Alan: That's why Bobbie was over here, right?

Monica: What guy?

Alan: That's what the two of you are whispering about all the time.

Monica: Bobbie is my best friend.

Alan: What are you doing, filling her in on all the juicy details?

Monica: What juicy details?

Alan: Why did you have to do it right at the nurses' station in front of the entire staff?

Monica: I'm not supposed to talk to my friend at work?

Alan: Is it one of the interns?

Monica: I don't believe this.

Alan: It's the new resident, the guy with the wavy hair, right?

Monica: You're losing your mind.

Alan: You had to retaliate, didn't you?

Monica: It is the pressure of CEO that's what's got to you.

Alan: Monica, I know the signs. You are beaming. You are radiant.

Monica: I am?

Alan: Don't tell me you haven't noticed, for god's sake.

Monica: Well, maybe I have a good reason.

Alan: You see that? You are retaliating.

Monica: Oh, sure, yes. It's all about you, Alan.

Alan: You're still upset about Rae Cummings, aren't you?

Monica: Should I be?

Alan: Monica, we never had an affair.

Monica: Oh, you and -- I can't believe her name is Rae -- had an affair. I know that. And for all I know, you still are.

Alan: You are trying to just pay me back. Who's the guy?

Chloe: I can't be sure what's real anymore. Is it a coincidence that I dreamed Stefanís murder the same night it happened?

Jax: If it even really happened, I mean.

Chloe: But what about the garden at Wyndemere and the bench? I've never even been to that side of Spoon Island before.

Jax: We'll figure out what's going on.

Chloe: Thank you for not being upset.

Jax: We have to get you well first.

Chloe: Then you can yell at me?

Jax: Promise. For years to come.

Chloe: What would I do without you?

Jax: I never want to find out. Neither does Karl.

Chloe: Did Karl enjoy Zurich?

Jax: He couldn't stop thinking about you.

Chloe: Sigrid was impossible, too.

Jax: Brought you back a present.

Chloe: Oh, that Karl is so thoughtful.

Jax: Here you go.

Chloe: Wow.

Jax: Bit big, huh?

Chloe: Yeah. Oh, schokolade.

Jax: Yep. From Geschmack des Himmels. Etwas suesses fuer meine suesse.

Chloe: Danke schoen. Danke schoen.

Jax: Moechtest su eine kostprobe?

Chloe: No speaken sie Deutsch.

Jax: Das ist schade.

Chloe: But chocolate is the universal language.

Jax: There's more.

Chloe: Oh, Jax. It's gorgeous.

Jax: I helped Karl pick it out.

Chloe: Hmm. Does Karl approve?

Jax: Well, you know, actually, Karl prefers this one. Here. Put that on.

Chloe: Anything for Karl.

Jax: There we go. Flip those things forward like that. Oh, yes. Meine suesse milch-magd. Moechtest du vielleicht mit mir nackt in brunnen tanzen?

Chloe: Ok -- something about a milkmaid and a fountain and dancing naked.

Jax: Wow, you're catching on.

Chloe: What else is in this box? Oh. Karl, it's so you.

Jax: You think so?

Chloe: Mm-hmm. Now, if only Karl would yodel.

Jax: Nein.

Chloe: But he has the hat.

Jax: Nein, nein, nein.

Chloe: But --

Jax: Nein.

Chloe: Karl's milkmaid is three whole mountains away, and I think her only way of hearing him is to have him yodel to her.

[Jax yodels]

[Chloe yodels]

Jax: That's so bad.

[Chloe yodels]

[knock on door]

Jax: I'll get it. I hope no one heard that.

Tony: Hello, Jax and Chloe.

Jax: Tony, how are you?

Tony: Enjoy the alps, did we?

Jax: Oh, very much, thanks.

Chloe: Want to hear us yodel?

Tony: You know, actually, I could hear you all the way down the hall.

Chloe: Oops.

Tony: It's really actually nice to see you laughing, but maybe this is a bad time.

Chloe: No. Want some chocolate?

Jax: Why would you say that?

Tony: Thanks.

Chloe: Jax brought that all the way from Zurich.

Tony: Oh, my.

Jax: So, Chloe said that you think the gamma knife might work.

Tony: Actually, that's why I dropped by.

Chloe: Did you get the test results back?

Tony: We need the medication that you went after.

Jax: I didn't get it.

Chloe: Why is an experimental medication so important?

Tony: Well, apparently it makes the gamma knife more effective. At least that's what the early data indicates.

Jax: And does it have to be this specific compound?

Tony: Unless I find an alternative, yes.

Chloe: We're running out of time, aren't we?

Tony: Well, we can't say that.

Jax: I'll get it.

Tony: Well, have you located another supplier?

Jax: I'll get it, that's all.

Tony: Keep me posted.

Chloe: We will. Thank you, Tony.

Tony: And laughter helps. That is clinically proven.

Chloe: I'll keep that in mind.

Tony: Bye.

Jax: Thanks. I'm going back to Helena.

Chloe: Not a good idea.

Jax: I'll tell her to name her price.

Chloe: No.

Roy: You and Luke worked things out. I guess nothing else matters.

Laura: Lucky was never supposed to find out about it.

Roy: Do you think he just found out?

Laura: No. Somebody told him a couple of years ago. That's why he moved out of our house and he lived on the streets. He moved into an abandoned boxcar at the railroad. Anywhere. Anywhere but with Luke and me.

Roy: It's a hell of a thing for a kid to have to deal with.

Laura: Yeah. That's why he was in that building that burned down -- because he couldn't sleep in his own bedroom.

Roy: I didn't mean to upset you again.

Laura: I just don't understand -- he was getting past all of this. You know? He was getting over the anger. He was coming by the house to visit me sometimes. He was getting along better with Luke. Elizabeth had helped him so much. Oh, my god. She's not -- it's -- she is not going to do this to my kid.

Roy: You mean Elizabeth?

Laura: No. It's Helena. Helena Cassadine.

Roy: Where are you going?

Laura: I told her she was going to have to deal with me. I'm going to keep my promise.

Elizabeth: A lot happened while you were gone. We're both trying to deal.

Lucky: I hurt you. I'm sorry.

Elizabeth: But you're alive, lucky. That's a miracle in itself. And we're friends. We're hanging out. Let's be grateful for that.

Tammy: Get out! Man: Come on, I got the 50 bucks.

Tammy: Yeah, well, you know what? This will be for the burger. Now leave. Man: What'll the rest get me?

Tammy: You just don't catch on very quick, do you? Man: Everybody in town knows you're pulling tricks upstairs. Come on.

Lucky: She asked you to leave. Man: Or what?

Lucky: I'm not going to ask u again.

Tammy: Thanks, kid.

Lucky: Sure.

Elizabeth: Where did you learn how to do that?

Lucky: He threw a swing at me.

Elizabeth: I know, but I --

Lucky: You know what? I'm really late for work right now. I got to get going.

Elizabeth: You're going to leave now?

Lucky: I'll see you at the rave.

Emily: Uh --

Juan: What? What's wrong?

Emily: I can't. I can't.

Juan: But I thought --

Emily: I'm so sorry.

Juan: Are you afraid?

Emily: I'm just -- Iím lame, I know.

Juan: I'll be really careful.

Emily: God, I don't know. I don't know.

Juan: Don't you want us to be together?

Emily: Please don't be mad at me.

Juan: No, Iím not mad. I'm just -- Iím just trying to give you what you want.

Emily: I need more time.

Juan: Don't you trust me?

Emily: Yes, totally.

Juan: But you're afraid, right?

Emily: Yeah, yeah. Maybe kind of.

Juan: And you have been all along.

Emily: Well, it's just coming into this room with no warning and --

Juan: And now you don't want to do this.

Emily: Not now, no.

Juan: But you've been saying all along that you do.

Emily: I know, I know. I'm such a jerk.

Juan: Don't worry about it. If you don't want to do it, I mean, it's not a problem --

Emily: I will be ready next time.

Juan: You don't have to say that.

Emily: I will be ready, I promise.

Juan: Look, I just want you to make up your mind. That's all Iím saying.

Emily: I'm so sorry.

Juan: Yeah. Me, too. Let's go.

Alan: You're hiding something.

Monica: You are delusional.

Alan: That would explain your behavior last night.

Monica: What was wrong with last night?

Alan: Well, it's your standard MO.

Monica: Sleeping with my husband?

Alan: Having a good time with your husband. I should have known.

Monica: Oh, I see. Having fun in bed is now a problem.

Alan: You feel guilty.

Monica: Ah! Yeah, well, that -- hey, that must be it.

Alan: Then you're admitting you're having an affair.

Monica: Just because I pegged that fake radio talk person the minute she walked in the door --

Alan: Leave Rae out of this.

Monica: You're still seeing her, aren't you?

Alan: Oh, that's right -- change the subject.

Monica: And you are projecting your guilt onto me.

Alan: How did you expect to get away with it? How many people know already?

Monica: I'm not having an affair.

Alan: You expect me to believe that?

Monica: No, of course I don't. You never do.

Alan: Well, why should I? You've been lying to me for all these years.

Monica: There's no affair.

Alan: What are you hiding?

Monica: Nothing.

Alan: That's a lie.

Monica: Ok, fine. Anything you say.

Alan: Maybe it's not an affair. Maybe it's murder.

Monica: You're psychotic.

Alan: You think that's going to throw me off?

Monica: I love you with all my heart.

Alan: Oh, yeah, right, for all the good it does me.

Monica: But you might want to keep an eye on the roof on your side of the bed because you just never know when these things collapse.

Alan: Oh, that's really funny. You're a regular comedian.

Bobbie: Hi.

Roy: Hi.

Bobbie: Thought maybe your phone was out.

Roy: No, it's ok.

Bobbie: Or, you know, maybe your voice mail crashed again or something.

Roy: No, I got your messages.

Bobbie: And you were waiting for me to come over in person?

Roy: Something like that, yeah.

Chloe: Helena is using this medication to control you.

Jax: I know.

Chloe: She just wants us to know how powerful she is. That's what Alexis says.

Jax: Look, Alexis and I beat her in the desert. I'll do it again.

Chloe: Jax, please. This is a trap.

Jax: Helena's our only choice, Chloe, ok? And we're running out of time.

Chloe: What if she wins?

Jax: Are you losing faith in me? Huh?

Chloe: I would rather go blind than lose you. Jax, please, stay away from Helena.

Andreas: Please, madam --

Laura: Call off your boy toy.

Helena: Hello, Laura.

Andreas: You must leave now.

Helena: That's all right, Andreas. I appreciate your concern, but she's harmless. I'll be fine.

Laura: Do you realize what a pathetic woman you are?

Helena: I supposed it's futile to offer sherry?

Laura: You're angry and bitter, and you live only for revenge.

Helena: Haven't we been through all of this before?

Laura: Did you think I was just going to stand by and let you try to take away everything that I have just because you blame me and Luke for Stavros' death?

Helena: But you did kill Stavros and my darling Mikkos.

Laura: Is that when you started planning your revenge?

Helena: Don't you have any new accusations?

Laura: You couldn't stand it, could you, when lucky and I were getting past what happened, when Luke was finding his way back to his son.

Helena: Am supposed to have any idea what you mean?

Laura: You took the worst thing that ever happened to Luke and me --

Helena: You chose to fall in love with the man who assaulted you.

Laura: Yeah, you're damn right, I did!

Helena: Well, then, why is it my fault that lucky was horrified?

Laura: You dragged him through that whole thing again, didn't you?

Helena: All I ever did was try to help lucky.

Laura: You poisoned my son against me, and you made Luke leave town.

Helena: One can hardly blame Luke for hiding out -- to avoid you, if for no other reason.

Laura: And you killed Stefan, too. People may not know it now, Helena, but they will.

Helena: Everybody knows who really killed Stefan.

Laura: It wasn't Luke.

Helena: It was you.

Bobbie: Tony and Lucas walk in on us, so you just disappear?

Roy: No, it was more like -- you know, like a reality check or maybe --

Bobbie: Ok.

Roy: Yeah.

Bobbie: So? Next time we'll lock the door.

Roy: You know, back when Luke and I ran the disco -- don't laugh -- if -- I thought that Iíd be rich by now. You believe that?

Bobbie: Roy, I don't care about the money.

Roy: Yeah. And, of course, the truth has been my life is better now than it was ever been.

Bobbie: And I understand that.

Roy: It's just -- it's just that -- in a lot of ways, I have less now than I started out with, you know?

Bobbie: You have a second chance.

Roy: Yes, I do, and Iím thankful for that. Most people don't get it, I know. I keep thinking, the thing -- when I first met Luke, the first thing I noticed about him was he had -- he was, like, a punk like me, you know? He was just -- and look at. Now he's got this club, and -- I don't know -- you've turned your life all the way around.

Bobbie: So have you.

Roy: Yeah, I know. You're absolutely right.

Bobbie: So, what's this really about?

Roy: You know, I don't know. I -- I don't think it's about anything. I had some work to do, and I left so I could do it.

Bobbie: It's like going back to prison.

Roy: Come again?

Bobbie: You're in this dark little room. You're all by yourself.

Roy: Yep, it's like going back to prison.

Bobbie: You don't have to do that anymore. You're embarrassed, right? So is that why you disappeared?

Roy: I don't know, baby. I don't know.

Bobbie: Would you feel better if the cops were about to kick down that door right now?

Roy: I'm sorry.

Tammy: Great.

Elizabeth: Could you believe lucky?

Tammy: Who would have thought, huh?

Elizabeth: He seemed so natural, like he does that sort of stuff every day.

Tammy: Maybe he does.

Elizabeth: Lucky was the most nonviolent person I ever met.

Tammy: Well -- uh-oh.

Elizabeth: Not good.

Tammy: You need anything, you let me know.

Elizabeth: Ok. Thanks. Emily? Hey.

Emily: It's over.

Elizabeth: Juan broke up with you?

Emily: I've lost him.

Elizabeth: What happened?

Emily: I am so incredibly stupid.

Elizabeth: What was the surprise?

Emily: A room.

Elizabeth: A what?

Emily: Down by the interstate.

Elizabeth: Juan got you a motel room?

Emily: No. I've been asking him for so long that I just wanted privacy, just, you know, him and me together. And he had a rose there. He had protection. He had everything. And I got scared, and I, like, practically ran out.

Elizabeth: I don't think this is how the first time should be. Maybe you're just not ready.

Emily: No. I am. It's going to be.

Elizabeth: What's the hurry?

Emily: You don't understand, Elizabeth. He could have anybody that he wants at that rave.

Elizabeth: Ok. That's not the issue here, and -- and so what?

Emily: I want him to know how much I love him.

Elizabeth: By having sex?

Emily: By making love with him. Tomorrow night after that rave, I am not backing out. I'm not.

Laura: You know I didn't kill Stefan.

Helena: Did you point a gun and pull the trigger? No. That would take conviction and a clear choice.

Laura: I loved him.

Helena: You love Luke, and for years you've devoted yourself to playing one man off of the other.

Laura: How did you do it, Helena? Did you shoot him?

Helena: You kept Luke and Stefan at war with one another, feeding on old wounds.

Laura: Did you look him in the eye?

Helena: Determined to make yourself the prize.

Laura: Did he beg for his life?

Helena: Stefan lived for you, Laura.

Laura: Did you watch him die, Helena? Did you stand there and watch the life drain out of your own flesh and blood?

Helena: Blame me if you like.

Laura: What about Nikolas? Do you have any idea how much he's grieving?

Helena: You killed Nikolas' father. I didn't.

Laura: Stefan raised my son, and he thinks of Stefan as his father. He needed him.

Helena: Nikolas will soon realize who truly loves him.

Laura: He'll never forgive you, Helena. Never.

Helena: If it makes you feel better, then do blame me. But you know who's responsible. You look at her every day in the mirror.

Laura: Ok, so you want to try to steal my son. I don't know. Maybe you can. Maybe you can't. But I do know that you are the one who killed Stefan, and Iím going to convince Mac of that, too.

Andreas: I am so sorry, madam.

Helena: Not to worry, my dear. The police commissioner is determined to frame Luke Spencer, no matter what that silly hysteric says.

Andreas: Of course, madam.

Helena: I never imagined my plan would work so well.

Jax: I'm not afraid of Helena.

Chloe: You should be.

Jax: She doesn't get to decide if you go blind or not.

Chloe: We need to think of something else.

Jax: Chloe, she's been planning this strategy for months, ok? She needs to know Iím ready to come to the table.

Chloe: Jax, you don't have to do this.

Jax: Who knows? It could be fun.

[telephone rings]

Helena: Hello?

Jax: Hi.

Helena: Jax.

Jax: You knew Iíd call.

Helena: You give me far too much credit, darling.

Jax: I have a proposition for you.

Helena: One can only hope.

Jax: When can we meet?

Helena: Tomorrow night.

Jax: I'm looking forward to it.

Helena: On my yacht.

Jax: Be there.

Helena: Honestly.

Chloe: What did she say?

Jax: She was practically waiting by the phone.

Chloe: That's not a good sign.

Jax: Hey, whatever Helenaís game is, Iíll win.

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Jax: Get through to me about what?

Helena: Stefan is dead.

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