GH Transcript Tuesday 5/30/00


General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 5/30/00

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[Telephone rings]

Elizabeth: Thank you for holding.

Yes, I'll tell him about the offer.


[ring] Elizabeth: You know what, I need to put you on hold again.

I'm sorry.

[ring] Elizabeth: L&b entertainment.

May I help you?

Oh, yes, we did get the bottle of champagne.

Thank you.

[ring] Elizabeth: Uh-huh, the interview.

No problem.


Alexis: You could at least do one radio interview.

Ned: I think it's a really bad idea to promise the fans what we can't produce.

There won't be any more Eddie Maine concerts.

Alexis: Just say that, then.

But while you're doing it, would you remember to plug the l&b talent roster if you can?

Nikolas: Hello, Ned.

Alexis: That would help.

Nikolas: How's the comeback sensation this morning?

Alexis: We're having a little bit of an argument.

Nikolas: I'm sorry.

I won't interrupt.

I'm actually on my way to meet with a promoter in Albany.

He claims that he can make Eddie Maine an incredible offer.

Ned: Hold on a second.

Nikolas: And here's the best part.

If you agree to this, I'm almost certain that I can sell the guy on Juan, plus other acts -- you know, a package -- Ned: Nikolas, Nikolas, listen to me.

There won't be any more Eddie Maine concerts.

Knock yourself out pushing Juan and all the other acts.

But that was it, a one-shot deal -- over, finished.

Jax: Good news or bad?

Tony: Both, actually.

I looked into the drug's research files, and it appears very promising.

I'm convinced that it's Chloe's best shot, especially in conjunction with the radiation.

Jax: And the bad news?

Tony: The drug is off-limits.

It won't be available till the second clinical trial is completed.

Jax: Ok, so we'll get Chloe in then.

Tony: I checked into that.

There are no openings available.

Jax: Tony, if this is the drug that Chloe needs, then I will find a way for her to have access to it, no matter what it takes.

Emily: Chloe. Hi.

Chloe: Emily, hi.

Emily: Haven't seen you since the concert.

Chloe: Hey, that was quite a night.

I'm sorry I was delayed at the hospital.

I heard I missed a fabulous new singer.

Emily: Oh, Juan was the bomb, and everybody knew it.

I was so proud of him.

Chloe: Well, I will congratulate him.

I'm headed over to l&b right now.

Emily: Actually, do you have a minute?

Chloe: Is something wrong?

Emily: It's grandmother.

I think that she may need your help.

Edward: Well, to be honest with you, I don't like trying to have a conversation with an answering machine.

But, sonny, this is Edward Quartermaine, and I know you're trying to deal with your horrible loss.

But unfortunately, the wheels of commerce just don't stop for any of us.

And it's urgent that I talk with you about that boar meeting that's scheduled for this afternoon.

I tried to call Jax off, but now he insists that the meeting be held.

Now, I don't expect you to attend, and I'll be happy to vote your proxy, but I will need to get your consent.

You know, I think it's in the best interest of everyone if you do side with the Quartermaines in this matter, hmm?

All right, just please -- please call me back as soon as you get this message.

Thank you.

Alan: If e. L. Q. Is hanging on sonny's vote, you've already lost.

Edward: If this takeover is successful, I'm not the only one who's going to suffer.

Monica: You're the only one who hasn't.

You've manipulated your grandsons to the point they don't even want to speak to you, so you're going to have to handle Jax by yourself, and this time you're going to lose.

Edward: Don't count on it.

a.j.: Going for a run?

Hannah: In a minute.

a.j.: Yeah?

Hannah: How have you been?

a.j.: Oh, I'm alive.

Hannah: Glad to hear it.

a.j.: Was a close call.

I ran into sonny last night down on the pier.

Hannah: How self-destructive are you?

Do you know what kind of temper sonny has?

I watched him throw a man through a window once.

This was a trained FBI Agent.

He had him down on the ground.

He was kicking him because the guy put his hands on me.

a.j.: Right.

And you're asking yourself, if I killed his child, why am I still breathing?

Hannah: The baby's death was not your fault.

A.J.: Thank you for believing that.

Unfortunately, sonny doesn't agree.

But don't worry, my life's not in danger.

No, I get to live for years and years, and all it cost me was my son.

Lucky: Helena, I wanted to talk to you.

Stefan interrupted our last conversation.

Helena well, by all means.

Lucky: I'm leaving port Charles.


Helena: Well, now, what about your sister?

And your brother?

Nikolas told me that your reunion was marvelous.

Lucky: Nikolas is going to be fine.

He'll take care of lulu, too.

Helena: But Nikolas wants you with him.

Lucky: This isn't about Nikolas.

It's about Elizabeth.

The longer I stay, the more she's going to get hurt.

If I leave, she won't keep hoping for something that's not going to happen.

Helena: Now, lucky, I -- I appreciate your concern for Elizabeth.

But unfortunately, I can't let you leave.

Lucky: What are you going to do, lock me up again?

Stefan: She can't.

She'll be charged with kidnapping now that you've finally admitted she held you prisoner.

Lucky: All right, you've got it all wrong.

Faison kidnapped me.

Helena rescued me.

If it wasn't for Helena, I wouldn't even be free.

Stefan: Your story sounds rehearsed, lucky, and less convincing each time you repeat it.

Lucky: Yeah, well, it's the truth.

I'm really enjoying my freedom.

I don't ever want to be a prisoner again.

That's what I said.

That's what you overheard.

Stefan: My offer stands.

Any time you change your mind, you can come to me.

Lucky: I'm out of here.

Stefan: Well.

Your control is slipping.

Helena: You heard the boy.

I've done nothing but befriend him.

Stefan: We both know better, mother.

Lucky is your pawn, and the end game is drawing near.

I wouldn't count on things working out the way you expected.

Chloe: Is -- is Lila ok?

Did something happen?

Emily: Yeah.

Grandmother's not sick or anything.

You know this whole thing that happened with Carly?

Chloe: Yeah, I heard she lost her baby.

That's terrible.

I'm so sorry, Emily.

Emily: Yeah.

Well, it's no surprise that Carly and I don't really get along, but grandmother always wants to find the best in people, even if she has to dig it out of them.

Chloe: Yeah, that's one thing I really admire about Lila.

Emily: Yeah.

I think grandmother was really looking forward to this baby, you know?

And the night that Carly fell, she was on her way up to see grandmother.

I think somehow grandmother feels responsible for it, you know?

Chloe: Oh, that's awful.

Emily: Yeah.

With all the craziness that's been going on at the house -- I mean, a.j.

Is drunk all the time.

He's out of control.

Grandfather had to call the police the other day.

Chloe: Oh, Emily.

Emily: And then there's this thing with Jax, too.

He's trying to take over E.L.Q.

Chloe: I wish he was not so determined to do this.

I wish he would pick any other company, anything other than E.L.Q.

Emily: Well, just so you know, nobody's really mad at Jax.

They're just saying that grandfather's getting what he deserves.

Chloe: Even Lila?

Emily: That's the thing.

Grandfather's turning to her for support, just like everybody else in the household is.

And -- Chloe: And who does Lila turn to?

Emily: Exactly my point.

Chloe: Maybe I should stop by.

Emily: I think that's exactly what she needs right now.

Chloe: Know what I think?

I think she has an amazing granddaughter.

I'm going to go over there right now, ok?

Emily: Ok.

Thank you very much, Chloe.

Chloe: Sure.


Edward: I built E.L.Q.

From the ground up, and I will be damned if I will let that Aussie pirate steal it out from under us.

Corinthos will vote with us if he knows what's good for him.

Alan: Desperation has obviously made you delusional.

Edward: Oh, nonsense.

Corinthos despises Jax.

Monica: More than he despises you?

Edward: E.L.Q.

Makes him look legitimate.

Alan: He could use any company to make him look legitimate.

Edward: No, no, no.


Is Michael's inheritance, and honor among thieves precedes vengeance.

Sonny is much too loyal to Jason to jeopardize Michael's future.

Monica: Jason never wanted E.L.Q.

For Michael.

Sonny probably thinks he's doing Michael a favor.

Edward: You know, even if Corinthos doesn't vote with us, there are other ways to thwart Jax.

Alan: Such as?

Edward: Well, this whole takeover effort has been a real strain on his finances, and one well placed phone call could start a run on his other assets, huh?

Monica: Ugh.

Lila, my heart goes out to you, my dear, because as of this afternoon, Edward is going to have a lot of time on his hands.

And we know how that drives him crazy.

I just hope he doesn't take you with him.

Alan: You know, if the family legacy weren't at stake, I would happily watch you twist in the wind.

Unfortunately, I have no choice, so I do have to vote with you.

However, I will take enormous pleasure is watching you suffer the pain and humiliation that you inflicted on a.j.

You took everything away from him, father, and now they're going to take everything away from you.

Edward: You know, Lila, if -- if Corinthos does vote with Jax against us, it'll be the end of E.L.Q.

, and that's thanks to a.j.

'S drunken idiocy.

And I'm -- I'm starting to fear that it might happen.

Lila: I know how much this is hurting you, and I'm sorry.

Edward: And I suppose you are going to tell me that I deserve it, huh?

Lila: My love?

Yes, you deserve my love, and you have it unconditionally.

Edward: Oh, bless you.


Hannah: What does Michael have to do with Carly losing the baby?

a.j.: That's what I asked.

But according to sonny, I took away his child, so he gets to take mine.

Michael will be "Protected:.  From me until he's old enough to ask to see me himself.

Hannah: Why not fight to see Michael?

a.j.: I can't, Hannah.

Sonny's holding something over my head.

Hannah: I don't want to know what, because as an agent, I might have to pursue it, and I'd much rather be your friend.

a.j.: Is that what we are?

Hannah: I certainly hope so.

Otherwise, I've wasted all this time worrying about you.

a.j.: Don't.

I'll be fine.

I always am.

Hannah: You don't look fine to me.

a.j.: You know, Hannah, Michael was never mine to lose.

Jason raised him.

And when I finally got custody, he didn't know who I was.

In the beginning, I tried -- I tried playing with him a lot, you know?

And all he'd do is just cry for Jason.

I even took a class to teach him how to play with me, but he wasn't interested.

He'd just look right through me.

Want to know the truth?

After a while, I -- I started -- I started avoiding him.

But I still loved him.

And then -- and then Michael and Carly went to live with sonny, and -- anyway, the morning Carly fell, I -- I ran in -- well, I saw the three of them in the park, ok?

And my son, who never looks at me, was playing with sonny, hanging on his every word, you know?

He was looking at sonny like he used to look at Jason, like he was Santa Claus and superman all rolled into one.

He was looking at sonny like -- like he was his father.

Ok, so, I guess the good news is I'm not going to die, and Michael's not going to miss me.

Hannah: Oh, he will eventually.

Children need to know who their biological parents are.

And when Michael comes looking for you, it's going to be up to you to show him what kind of man you are.

a.j.: Hannah, look, if this is the start of a lecture, I'm not in the mood, all right?

I'll pass.

Hannah: It's the truth, a.j.

You can take it or leave it.

Jax: That's right, the entire pharmaceutical division.

Yes, of course I realize the company's not for sale, but every company has its price.

I don't care if the profits are down.

I'm interested in the research.

If the only way I can get the research is to buy the whole -- yes, yes, I realize that I have called in several favors with the E.L.Q.


I know, and I'm on top of it.

Just -- just get me the price and let me worry about the rest, ok?

Thank you.

Stefan: I will allow your plan is brilliant.

Helena: There's that paranoia again.

Stefan: Luke and Laura's only son will bring them the darkest misery they've ever known, while I bear the brunt of Laura's anger.

Helena: Oh, my poor spineless son.

How many times has your brother's widow rebuffed you?

Does it still sting when she ignores you?

Stefan: Of course, the plan falls apart the moment lucky disobeys.

Certainly, mother, you have a fail-safe?

Lucky was terribly rebellious just now.

How can you be sure Luke's son won't turn on you?

What leverage do you have?

Helena: Oh, my.

What obsessive imaginings.

Perhaps I should have you committed for treatment.

Stefan: The only way to conceal what you've done to lucky is to remove him.

But if you do that, you lose power over your enemies.

So lucky is your most powerful weapon and your greatest weakness.

Helena: At least you were clever enough to avoid becoming a nuisance.

Stefan: And perceptive enough to know you only make threats when I become one.

Ned: That's great.

That's just great.

We'll discuss it more tomorrow.



Concert promoter.

Alexis: And?

Ned: L&b is back in black.

Well, almost.

The concert receipts surpassed even our expectations.

Alexis: Oh.

And just think if you were willing to reprise that role.

Ned: But I'm not, so let's just drop it.

Alexis: Well, for a short time, a limited run.

Ned: Am I invisible here?

Alexis: Have you ever stopped to consider how much money you could rake in for l&b, not to mention the publicity?

Ned: Have you ever considered the separation that would happen for maybe weeks, maybe months, if I was on tour?

Alexis: Yes, and that would bother me a great deal.

But you want to know something else?

I'm not even sure I like the idea of dating a rock star.

Ned: Dating?

Alexis: All right, you know what I mean.

But I am sure that you like being one.

I saw you up there, Ned.

You love this.

You're not fighting me, you're fighting yourself.

Ned: Because I know how the story ends, all right?

It's very fun to play Eddie Maine.

He's romantic, he's a hot-blooded rock star.

But the problem is I'm not him, ok?

I can't be him all the time.

Alexis: Maybe that's what Lois wanted.

That's not what I want.

When I saw you performing up there, I saw Ned Ashton.

And for the life of me, I cannot figure out why you think a crowd isn't going to like you if you don't pretend to be somebody else.

Ned: Because they don't want Ned Ashton.


Look at these flowers.

They want Eddie Maine.

Alexis: They want you.

May I remind you that Ned Ashton and Eddie Maine are the same person?

So why don't you, Ned, do what it is that you are exceptional at?

Edward: Well, if it isn't the ruthless raider.

Come on in.

Let me guess -- you are here to offer that we skip the formalities and just let me concede to defeat.

Well, it won't happen.

You started this war, young man, and you can expect nothing short of a full-scale retaliation.

Jax: Are you through?

Edward: Not by a long shot.

Jax: I came to tell you that there won't be a board meeting this afternoon.

I need to postpone it.

Tammy: Hey.

Mike: Hey.

Tammy: Welcome back, stranger.

I've left messages for you all over the place.

Mike: Yeah, I know.

Tammy: You know, I was starting to get a little worried.

I thought that maybe you'd run out on a really bad gambling debt or maybe some loan shark had come after you.

Mike: I wish.

Tammy: Mike, what is it?

Mike: Carly lost the baby.

Tammy: Oh.

I'm sorry.

Mike: Yeah.

So am I.

Tammy: I mean, I feel really bad for sonny and Carly, but I know this must really be a blow to you.

Your grandchild.

Mike: You know, Carly was at the Quartermaines when it happened.


Showed up drunk, they started arguing.

Tammy: Oh, no.

Mike: The next thing you know, Carly is falling down the stairs.

My grandson is gone.

Sonny said it was a boy.

Well, if it isn't the baby killer.

a.j.: I'm sorry for your loss, but I didn't push Carly.

Mike: You were arguing with a pregnant woman at the top of a staircase.

Now, in my book, that is as good as pushing her.

a.j.: I can't apologize for something I didn't do.

Now, I would never get violent with any woman, pregnant or not.

Mike: This wasn't just any woman, a.j.

Carly is your ex-wife who was pregnant with another man's son.

a.j.: Come on, mike.

You saw the way she was behaving the other night at the grill -- taunting me, throwing insults.

She doesn't know when to back off.

Mike: So, what, did you decide to teach her a lesson, is that it?

Tammy: A.J., why don't you just leave.

a.j.: Listen to me.

Now, I'm not proud of what happened, ok?

It was an accident.

But she's just as culpable.

She could have walked away at any time.

Mike: Does it matter to you that a child is dead?

That my son lost the most precious thing in this world because of you?

a.j.: Am I the only one that remembers?

That baby was conceived when your son was having an affair with my wife.

He took my wife to bed and stole my son.

But you have conveniently forgotten about that.

What -- mike: Sonny didn't steal Michael.

He rescued him from a useless addict.

a.j.: Yeah?

It takes one to know one, mike.

Mike: Look, why don't you just do the world a favor, a.j.

Drive your car into another tree.

Alan: Mike, that's enough.

Leave him alone.

Mike: You know, A.J., I just hope that someday you suffer the grief that you've caused my son.

a.j.: I already have.

Thanks for the rescue.

Alan: Are you out of your mind?

What, do you got some kind of death wish?

First you antagonize sonny, now his father?

a.j.: You don't have to worry about sonny.

Alexis: Hmm, more flowers.

And I understand your reluctance.

Ned: You sure about that?

We've been through this.

The Eddie Maine era is over.

Long gone.

Alexis: Well, a thousand fans would beg to differ.

Ned: A comeback act billed as a one-time-only event -- that's nostalgia.

But when he gets up and performs night after night, clinging to his past, that's pathetic.


Alexis: Ned.

Ned: I am serious, really.

We have to stop revisiting the past.

We must focus on the future.

Emily: Ah.

How is my favorite superstar cousin today?

Ned: Oh, I'm fine, Emily.

How are you?

Emily: Fine.


Hi, Alexis.

Fine, after you brought down the house.

I mean, you were even better than the old Eddie Maine.

Ned: Your boyfriend wasn't so bad himself.

Emily: I know.

He blew everyone away.

Which reminds me, this brings me to my next point.

Ned: And she's off.

Emily: Ok, I know that you turned down that tour for him, but I was just thinking.

It's ok with me, and it's ok with both of us.

Ned: Really?

I'm glad you approve.

Emily: Yeah, but do you think maybe you could get him some local gigs or something?

What do you think of that?

Ned: Hello, Juan.

Emily was just asking about me getting you some local gigs.

Juan: Oh.

Well, no pressure if you don't think I'm ready.

Ned: Well, a matter of fact, you'd better be, because there's a tour of boy bands passing through town, and I just worked out an o.



Deal with supernova, and you will be opening for them.

Hope that's ok.

Juan: Uh, yeah.

It's better than ok.

It's -- it's -- Ned: You're welcome.

Look, we got to look at some contracts.

We'll see you later.

Emily: Ok.

Alexis: Bye.

Juan: I can't believe this is happening!

Emily: Start believing, because it is.

Juan: You better pinch me just to, you know, be sure.

Emily: I have a better idea.

Juan: You're the best girl a guy could ask for.

You know what?

All my dreams are coming true because of you.

Edward: I take it that Chloe has convinced you to show a modicum of compassion, huh?

Jax: I'm sorry for sonny's loss, but that's not the reason why I'm postponing the meeting.

Edward: I know you have already found a buyer for E.L.Q.

, and you're stalling until you can get the deal secured.

Well, it won't work.

You were the one who insisted that the board meeting be held today, and you cannot just suddenly call it off without a satisfactory explanation.

Jax: I have a more pressing issue to take care of.

Besides, you wanted this delay.

Now you've got it.

I should think you'd be grateful.

Edward: You wouldn't hear of a postponement when I requested it.

Why now, all of a sudden?

Oh, I know.

It's very obvious that you don't have t votes.

Jax: Keep guessing, Edward.

It will keep your mind off your situation.

As of Friday, E.L.Q.

Will be mine.

Reginald: I take it the meeting's off.

Edward: Pressing issues, my foot!

It's crystal clear.

He knows that the takeover maneuver will not work.

The fearless raiding wallaby has ridden off with an empty pouch and his tail between his legs.

Aren't you going to congratulate me?

I beat that pirate at his own game.

Reginald: Actually, I think Mrs.

Quartermaine was secretly looking forward to spending a little extra time with you.

Edward: It'll come.

Besides, it's just as important to Lila that E.L.Q.

Stays here in this family where it rightfully belongs.

You know that no one believed in me.

No one believed that I could outmaneuver him.

But you see, Jax is far too distracted by poor Chloe's illness.

He's stretched himself far too thin.

And you know something?

As soon as I have officially fended him off, I intend to do a little raiding of my own, starting with Jax's holdings.

Chloe: Edward!

How could you?

Chloe: All this time I have been defending you to Jax, and it turns out he was right.

I was so moved by those letters you wrote to Lila -- so gentle, so filled with love.

And then last summer when I met you, I thought you were this benevolent patriarch.

And now I know the truth.

You will hurt anyone to get ahead.

Edward: If I may remind you, I was the one who asked for the postponement because of sonny's tragedy, but Jax refused.

Chloe: I just heard you planning to take advantage of Jax.

And why?

Because of my illness.

How heartless can you be?

You've left him no choice but to fight back, and when you lose, Edward, it's going to be entirely your fault.

Edward: I am simply defending what is mine.

Chloe: You've proven that I can't trust you, so as far as I know, you did start this.

But Jax will finish it, because as of this moment, I am through defending you.

X: What do you mean they turned you down?

Well, did you mention that I'm willing to pay any price?

All right, fine, then.

I'll purchase the whole damn conglomerate.

If that's what it takes to get the drug Chloe needs, then I'll do it.

Alan: I know you're tired of my lectures, but do you have any idea how it's ripping me apart watching you deliberately court disaster?

Sonny Corinthos is a dangerous man.

a.j.: And a reliable one.

Last night he swore he would never touch me.

Alan: How do you know he's not just trying to set you up?

Making you drop your guard so he can strike whenever he wants to?

a.j.: If sonny wants to get rid of me, there's nothing I can do about it.

Alan: Wrong.

a.j.: Look, I -- I won't live my life in fear.

I refuse to hi from sonny.

Alan: Stop hiding from yourself, a.j.

Get your sobriety back.

a.j.: Oh, dad.

You keep forgetting that I tried that already, ok?

I worked on my moral inventory -- all the counseling, the endless therapy, and what did it get me?

Less than nothing.

Alan: That is your disease speaking to you.

a.j.: Well, you know what?

If sonny wants to get rid of me, then let the chips fall where they may, ok?

There's nothing I can do about it.

Tammy: Hey.

Mike: When I went to sonny's, I had no idea what happened.

So I walked in, smiling like an idiot, and I asked sonny if he and Michael wanted to go with me to the park, start some kind of new family tradition for when the baby came.

Then I looked into his eyes, and it was like he was drowning.

Like he was slipping down away from me, and I was holding up my hand, and he wouldn't reach for it.

I just don't understand why this happened, why sonny couldn't have the child that meant everything to him.

Why does my son have to hurt this way?

Tammy: I wish I had all the answers, mike, but I don't.

And there's no way to know why this baby wasn't allowed to live.

But I do know this.

For what it's worth, at least this time you're not alone.

Juan: You know, if it weren't for you, I would have never stepped out on that stage.

I wouldn't have had the guts.

But you believed in me.

And once I got out there -- wow, I can't even describe it.

It's like the crowd, they gave me this incredible surge of power, and I felt untouchable, you know, like I could do anything.

Emily: Wow.

So how did the interview go?

Juan: Well, I was pretty nervous, you know, sitting in an office getting grilled by a station manager isn't exactly like being up on stage.

Emily: So I take it it didn't go so well?

Juan: Well, I thought I was in trouble, but you remember that agent Lynn?

She bailed me out and, you know, built up my confidence.

Emily: Wow, that's -- that's great.

Juan: Yeah, and I think she convinced them to promote me once I get my c.


Together and all that stuff, so it should be cool.

Nikolas: Hey, Juan.

Juan: Hey, Nikolas.

Guess what.

Nikolas: You got your first gig.

Juan: How did you know?

Nikolas: Come on.

After that performance the other night?

I figured it would happen.


Juan: Thanks.

Nikolas: Mm-hmm.

Juan: Well, there's a lot of d.



S, you know, that need labels, and the place is a mess, so we should go.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: No, no, no, no, no.

Juan, stay.

I already talked to Ned.

We will hire someone else to keep shop.

You have to get in the studio and work on your material.

Juan: You mean it?

Nikolas: That's right.

From now on, you're talent.

Juan: Thanks, man.

I'll get up there right now and start working.

Elizabeth: Good, you're alone.

So, did you find lucky after you left?

Nikolas: Yeah, I did.

Elizabeth: Well, what did he say?

Edward: Ooh.

Alan: Well, this promises to be ugly.

Monica: Let's just hope it's brief.

Edward: Why don't you try nonexistent.

Jax was here earlier, and he practically begged me to postpone the meeting, huh?

Alan: That's odd.

Edward: No, you can call it desperate.

You see, he does not have the votes.

He's no longer a threat.

Monica: I think it's an act of mercy.

He's just giving you a stay of execution.

Lila: Reginald told me the board meeting is called off.

Edward: Yes.

You see, Jax has practically thrown in the towel, thanks to my business savvy.

Didn't I tell you that everything would work out in our favor none of you wanted to believe me, but I have shown you all, and I am once again back on top, and I am just as powerful.

Alan: And twice as impossible.

Lila: Oh, you never learn, do you, darling?

Jax: Hey, what's up?

Chloe: I owe you an apology.

Jax: For dumping half your protein shake and filling it with chocolate syrup?

Yes, I noticed that.

You're forgiven.

Chloe: I went over to visit Lila earlier, and I overheard you telling Edward to postpone the E.L.Q.

Board meeting.

Jax: Ok.

So why are you apologizing?

Chloe: I kept listening to him after you left, and you should have heard him gloating and threatening to go after your assets.

So I'm sorry.

You were right.

He is ruthless and manipulative, and I guess you have to fight fire with re.

So, from now on I am -- I am truly going to butt out.

Jax: Ok.

Look, I realize that this is hard for you.

But at least now you know better than to waste your energy worrying about Edward.

You need it for more important things, like getting better.

And I promise although it may take longer than I originally hoped, I will get access to that drug, Chloe.

Chloe: I can't believe that I ever doubted you.

Jax: I love you.

And that is never going to change.

Nikolas: Lucky loves you.

That's obvious.

Elizabeth: Ok, but what did he say?

Nikolas: Here, take a seat.

Go ahead.


He was -- he was worried that he'd hurt you.

You know, he knows that you expect it to be like it was.

He just didn't want you to be disappointed.

Elizabeth: Well, I could never be disappointed in lucky.

He should know that.

But every time I try to tell him, I wind up pushing him further away.

Nikolas: You know, I really think that if you just give lucky more time, he'll come back.

And you just have to believe that he will.

Elizabeth: If lucky really loves me the way you say he does, should it be so hard?

Nikolas: Well, I just think that he's taking it at his own pace.

I know he cares about you.

And not just a little.

Elizabeth: I don't know what I'd do without you.

Nikolas: I'd do anything for you.

Stefan: I've been waiting for you.

Lucky: I don't have anything to say to you.

Stefan: Lucky, I realize Helena has been pressuring you.

Now why won't you let me help?

Lucky: You don't want to help me.

You just want to use me to get back at my father.

Stefan: Is that what Helena tells you?

Lucky: I told you.

I'm tired of this stupid Spencer-Cassadine wars.

And if you think you can get to my mother through me, you're wasting your time because I am through with all of you.

Stefan: This has nothing to do with Laura.

We've parted ways.

It's for the best.

Lucky, I realize you don't trust me.

And in the past, I haven't given you much reason.

But I know you trust Nikolas.

Now, ask him if he believes that Helena rescued you.

And when you tire of Helena's threats, call me.

I will help you.

No questions asked.

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