GH Transcript Thursday 5/25/00


General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/25/00

Provided by Laura

Luke: Hello.

Laura: Hi.

Luke: Come in.

What's up?

Laura: We've been going at this all the wrong way.

Luke: What do you mean?

Laura: I think i have finally figured out a way for us to get through to lucky.

I think we've just been way too cautious, you know?

We try to see him only one of us at a time.

Luke: Well, what's wrong with that, other than it hasn't worked so far?

Laura: It's divide and conquer.

It puts lucky in control, or at least he thinks he is.

And, you know, if we're not careful, he might start pitting us against each other.

Luke: Oh.

Darling, that's not the way our kid thinks.

Laura: Yeah, i know, i know.

I think that it might be just completely subconscious.

You know, like when we were on the docks the other day.

Why do you suppose lucky told me that you stole diamonds and cheated faison?

Luke: Well, because he's blaming me for everything.

You heard him.

Faison snatched him just because i took the diamonds.

It's a revenge thing.

Laura: But don't you suppose that it's possible that he thought that it might turn me against you if i heard those accusations?

Luke: I suppose.

Laura: I'm just saying that if our son is lashing out at us for all the years that we kept secrets from him, i think the only way that we're going to be able to break through is with a united front -- you know, that nothing he says or does can turn us away from each other.

Luke: Well, yeah, but it seems like our son right now is saying he wants space.

I think we should give it to him.

Laura: We have a chance to rebuild our family.

Why would you want to turn your back on that?

Luke: I'm not turning my back on anything.

But you've got to get out of this dreamworld.

You're going to push him further away.

Juan: Tonight under the stars we'll taste the sweet surrender of the love we share more and more we'll do what lovers do there and at the break of dawn we'll wake up in each other's arms we'll make love holding back the love we carry take it to the limit, baby don't hesitate seems like the time is slipping away let's take the night don't make me wait looks like the love we made is here to stay we've got the night emily: I told you, he's so amazing.

The crowd loves him.

Nikolas: He's doing ok.

It got the crowd warmed up.

Man: Kid's ok.

Nikolas: Crowd seems to think so.

Man: Yeah, well, they paid for eddie maine.

Where is he?

Nikolas: We sent someone after him.

Man: Yeah, well, hurry it up.

Eddie maine's the moneymaker.

Alexis: Honey, you'd better find some way to get out of there because the crowd is going to be out for blood if i can't produce you.

Ned: And i thought you cared.

Now, look, maybe the door's jammed.

I'm going to push and you pull.

Alexis: We just tried that.

I'm going for the super.

Ned: No, no, no.

We don't have time.

Look, is there anything out there you can use to break the lock?

Alexis: No.



Ned: Maybe?

Alexis: Stand back, honey.

Ned: Why?

Alexis: Because i'm coming in.

Chloe: This is l&b's big night.

I should be there, not here.

Jax: Don't worry, we'll get there.

Chloe: L&b's future is riding on this.

I can't believe i haven't been having nightmares about an empty concert stage, music box playing -- jax: Yes, but you haven't.

You haven't had any nightmares for the last couple of days, so it's a good sign.

Chloe: I guess.

Tony: Oh, sorry it took so long.

The results for the cat scan are mixed.

The meningioma has stopped growing, but it isn't going away, either.

Larkin: How many lives you figure you got, dilucca?

Roy: I don't know.

But i know you're not going to shoot me here, john.

You're too smart for that.

Larkin: I'll set it up to make sure sonny takes the rap, this time for real.

How long have you and corinthos been working together, anyway?

Roy: Who says we are?

I just got lucky that night.

He shot at me but he missed and i hit the water, kept going.

The rest is, you know, pretty much irrelevant.

Larkin: Well, your luck just ran out.

Bobbie: So what are you going to do, larkin, shoot both of us?

Roy: Go!



[bobbie screams]

Tony: The test results weren't what we'd hoped for, but the radiation has been effective in controling the growth, and that's significant.

Chloe: Is that all i can expect?

Tony: There's another course of radiation.

Chloe: I don't know if i can do it again.

Tony: Well, no, you should take some time.

Your body needs time to adjust to the course of treatments it's just had, and then we'll look at the options.

Jax: Does that include using research medications?

Tony: Well, the research looks really promising, especially in conjunction with the radiation.

But i really believe that we're going to save your eyesight.

Chloe: Is that my friend's diagnosis or my doctor's?

Tony: Both.

Chloe: Thank you.

Tony: Don't you two have a concert to go to?

Chloe: Yeah, we do.

Tony: Well, enjoy yourself.

Chloe: Ok.


Tony: See you.

Chloe: Let's go.

Alexis: All right, honey, one more time and i think this is going to do it.


Here we go.

One, two -- oh!

God, that was exciting!

[audience cheers] ned: Honey, you have no idea what that ax does for me.

Alexis: Well, i feel a little excited myself.

What made you pull a stunt like that?

Ned: Uh, i had help.

That's my cue.

Let's go.

Alexis: All right, now listen to me -- when you get to the stage, avoid the promoter because otherwise you're going to be reading about yourself in the obituary page.

Ned: We're dead all right.

Alexis: No problem.

I'll get the ax.

One, two -- ned: No, no, no!

It's metal.

Alexis: I knew that.

I'd kill for a cell phone.

Ned: You think?

Alexis: I think not.

Ned: Maybe.

Alexis: I've already done my wonder woman impression for the day.

Ned: Oh.

Well, then i guess we'll just have to wait until i dehydrate and shrink.

Alexis: You honestly think i'm going to get my hips through there?

Don't answer that.

Just give me a boost.

Ned: I owe you one.

Alexis: Yes, you do, and i'm going to collect.


Ned: Uh-huh.

Alexis: One, two, three.

[ned grunts] alexis: Do you have to grunt like that?

Ned: It's not a grunt, honey.

It's an expression of pleasure.

Alexis: How am i supposed to get this thing off?

Ned: Ok, hold on a second.

I'll get a coin.

Alexis: Don't let go.

Ned: Here, try that, beautiful.

Alexis: Oh, yeah, that ought to work great.

Ned: I ever told you that you have great legs?

Alexis: Wait.

I almost have it.

Hold on.

Hold on.

Watch out.

Ned: Ok.

Here we go.

Alexis: All right, push.

Ned: Here we go, honey.

Careful now.

Alexis: Oh, god, push!

Oh, god!


[crash] ned: Alexis?


Luke: My god, laura, we lost lucky already once.

Do you want to go through all that again?

Laura: Are you saying that you blame me for him keeping his distance right now?

Luke: Of course not.

I blame faison and helena and stefan and whatever the hell they did to him while he was locked up.

But he's been under enough pressure already.

You know, we should just let him be.

Laura: We did that.

We gave him the space.

We waited for him to come to us, and things just keep getting worse.

Luke: Well, we can live through it.

Laura: No, luke.

In spite of everything lucky says, if we stop fighting for him, he's going to feel alone and unloved, and we're his family.

He needs us now.

Luke: We're a different kind of family now.

Laura: I know that.

Luke: Do you?

You talk like he's 10 years old, like it was the same family.

It isn't.

I mean, what do you think, that he's going to come back and live in his room and we're all going to sit around the fire and i'going to growl at that stupid dog again?

Laura: No, i'm not trying to recapture the past.

Luke: Well, it sounds like it.

He's been on his own for over a year, locked up.

He survived alone.

It's a solitary life that he's been living.

And even before that, he wasn't living in the house, and neither was i.

We were both long gone.

And neither one of us is coming back.

Laura: God.

I guess i'm the only one who hasn't moved on.

I have to work on that, i guess.

I won't bother you again.

Roy: Ok, this is ours.

It's all ours.

Oh, man.

You look kind of cold.

Bobbie: I know, and i'm scared.

Roy: Oh, don't be.

It's over.

It's over.

Bobbie: It's the first chance i've had to be scared.

I can't believe we jumped off the balcony.

Roy: Yeah, i'm sorry about that.

I just didn't think we had any other choice, you know?

Bobbie: Hey -- did you know that swimming pool was under us?

Roy: Uh, i knew it was out there somewhere.

Bobbie, you were great.

You didn't hesitate.

You just -- you just went.

You were great.

Bobbie: I knew i was in good hands.

Roy: Well, i hope so.

Looks like we landed in a pretty nice place.

We got -- got the moon and stars.

We got a nice piece of ocean.

Couldn't ask for anything more.

Bobbie: It's so peaceful, i could almost forget the danger.

Roy: Yeah, well, i think we're safe for the moment.

Bobbie: So what do we do next?

Roy: Dry out the evidence.

Oh, thank god i kept this in my pocket.

And find some way to get off this island before larkin comes looking for us.

Jake: What'll you have?

Laura: Beer.

Jake: On tap?

Laura: Actually, make it a double scotch.

Jake: Double it is.

Laura: My husband -- my ex-husband says it's the cure for whatever ails you.

Jake: On the rocks or straight up?

Laura: Up.

Jake: Laura spencer, right?

Laura: Laura, uh -- you know, it's just laura.

Jake: Well, there you go, laura.

Laura: Thanks.

To moving on.

Jake: Enjoy.

Laura: Ooh.

I plan to.

Jake: Good.

Laura: Hi.

Man: Hi.

Laura: Oh, don't let me interrupt.

Go ahead, hit it.


That was really nice.

Man: Thanks.

Do you play?

Laura: I do.

Feel like a game?

Man: Why not.

I'm feeling lucky tonight.

Laura: "Lucky.

"We'll see about that.

Juan: That song was for you.

Nikolas: Great job, juan.

Elizabeth: Juan, you were wonderful.

Emily: Oh, a star is born.

Juan: It's that crowd.

They're amazing.

It's like i can sing anything.

[audience claps] nikolas: Can you?

Is there another song you can do?

Juan: Yeah, sure.

Of course.

Nikolas: Well, then go.

Get out there before they tear the place apart.

Emily: Good luck.

[cheers and applause] elizabeth: He's flying.

I'm not sure if he knows what planet he's on.

Emily: I know.

I'm so happy for him.

Juan: It's long after midnight you know i can't sleep i'm tossin' and turnin' and twistin' the sheets man: Hey, listen, i don't give a damn what he does, you got it?

Elizabeth: Whoa, he's got quite a temper, huh?

Nikolas: Yeah, we're done.

He said that he's going to call off the rest of the concerts.

Elizabeth: What?


Juan will keep them happy for a little while longer.

Nikolas: When this number's over, i've got to go out there and cancel.

I cannot believe that ned backed out.

I mean, he's going to lose his shirt on this.

Elizabeth: You did the best you could.

Bouncer: This area's closed to visitors.

Lucky: Hey, i have a pass, man.

Bouncer: Sure you do.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Lucky: Will you hang on a second?

Emily: Wait, wait, wait.

You know what?

Actually, he's a friend of mine.

I got it, thanks.

Bouncer: Sure.

Emily: Wow.

I'm so glad that you came.

I mean, this is perfect.

Now we're all together.

Come here, i want you to see someone.


Luy: Hi.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Emily: I guess i kind of forgot to tell you that lucky might stop by?

Elizabeth: Yeah, yes, you did.

Emily: Yeah.

Well, i was really distracted with juan, so -- ok, well, i'm going to go.


Alexis: I hate you.

Ned: Oh, boy.

Oh, hey, do you think you broke anything?

Alexis: Oh, a little bit of everything.



Get my shoes.

Ned: Right.

You are the most amazing -- here you go -- beautiful, lady lawyer groupie i've ever known.

Alexis: Hey, it was nothing, honey.

Go, save yourself.

I'll stay here and clean up.

Ned: No, no, no.

I'm not going to go without you.

Come on, here we go.

Hang on.

Here we go.


Alexis: Do you have to grunt like that?

Ned: I told you, it's not grunting.

It's an expression of pleasure.

Alexis: Speaking of pleasure, maybe we should get the ax.

Ned: Later.

Alexis: Ok.

Elizabeth: Emily's really excited.

Lucky: Yeah, well, juan's good.

Elizabeth: Yeah, it's been an amazing evening.

Lucky: You seem to be enjoying yourself.

Elizabeth: Oh, i'm really happy for juan and emily.

It's a dream come true for them tonight.

Lucky: Well, what musician wouldn't dream of a break like this, you know?

Elizabeth: She's crazy about him.

Lucky: Watching juan out there -- sometimes it's like he's just singing to her.

Elizabeth: Yeah, you feel it, too?

I'm glad you're here.

Lucky: I can't stay long.

Elizabeth: It's a dream for me, too, having you here.

Even if it's just for a little while.

Nikolas: Lucky.

Thank you for turning up in my time of need.

Lucky: Looks like you got everything covered.

Nikolas: Well, except for the promoter, who's about to close us down.

Ned: Ok, so we were unavoidably detained.

I'm sorry.

Nikolas: Where have you been?

Ned: It's a long -- nikolas: What happened?

Ned: I don't know.

It's a long story.

Lucky, it's nice to see you.

Lucky: I wouldn't miss an eddie maine concert.

Ned: Stick around!

[cheers and applause] juan: Thank you.

You're a great audience.

Thank you very much.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for.

Please put your hands together for mr.

Eddie maine.

[cheers and applause]

Ned: Thank you.

Thank you very much.

And thank you for giving juan santiago such a nice, warm welcome.

[cheers] ned: Tonight's going to be very exciting.

It's been a long time since i've been back on stage, and, well, we have some new songs for you and some old ones.

So i think we'd better get started since we're going to be rocking all night long.

Chloe: Hey, sorry we're late.

Alexis: Oh, you're not.

It's just about to start.

Chloe: Alexis, what -- jax: What'd you run into?

Alexis: The proverbial door, believe it or not.

Chloe: Are you ok?

Alexis: Yeah, i'm fine now.

We almost didn't get eddie maine on stage.

Ned: This first song's for my favorite lady lawyer.

[cheers] ned: Sometimes what we have is too bright you close your eyes against the glare sometimes your body gets weary your tired soul sends up a prayer askin' the sky send up water nourish the tree of life askin' for cleansin' baptism let there be freedom singers: Bring on the rain ned: Let there be freedom singers: Bring on the rain ned: Let there be freedom for them now across the gateway yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ned: All day the storm's been buildin' up to this moment of release i can feel you feel you movin' the way your touch is movin' me [cheers] ned: There's thunder oh, there's lightning bringin' me to my knees love is a powerful medicine let there be freedom singers: Bring on the rain ned: Let there be freedom singers: Bring on the rain ned: Let there be freedom for them now across the gateway yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [cheers] ned: Let there be freedom for them now across the gateway yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah let there be freedom let there be freedom singers: Bring on the rain ned: Let there be freedom yeah!

[cheers and applause] ned: Thank you!

Thank you very much!


It's great to be back.

Didn't know what to expect since i was away for so long, but you know what?

Feels like home.

Thank you.

Emily: Oh, great.

Lucky, this is juan.

I've wanted you guys to meet for so long.

He's going to be l&b's next big star.

Juan: Emily -- emily: And he's also the person that changed my life.

Lucky: I've heard a lot about you.

Juan: Same here.

Man: Aw.

Laura: Uh-uh-uh-uh.

Man: And so much for lady luck.

Laura: Sorry.


Let's see now.

Oh, oh, uh, what do i owe you?

Man: Wait, wait, wait.

I got it, i got it.

Laura: Oh, no, no.

You got the last round.

Man: No, no, here, keep the change.

And it was my pleasure.

Laura: Thanks.

Man: Ok, kid, let's see what you can do.

Laura: Ok.

Let's see.

Uh -- oh, no, maybe not.


What are you laughing at?

Man: You need some help there?

Laura: Well, ok, so it's been a little while.

Man: Oh, you'll get the hang of it again.


Laura: I think it's coming back to me now.

It's coming back.

Man: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Just relax, ok?

Just relax.

Laura: Ok, i'm relaxed.

Man: Just like that.

Yeah, except -- laura: What?

N: Like this.

Laura: Oh.

Man: Ok?

You're not playing baseball here.

All right, focus.

Laura: Ok.

Man: You're going to aim for that corner pocket, ok?

Laura: Ok.

Man: Steady, steady, steady.

Oh, my god!

Laura: I did it, i did it, i did it!



Man: Check.

I told you you'd get the hang of it.

Laura: Oh, and you were right.

Oh, this is fun.

Sorry about that.

Oh, bartender?

Man: I got it.

Laura: Another round of drinks, ok?

And this one is definitely on me, all right?

Jake: Luke?

This is jake.

Luke: My most beautiful competitor.

How you doing, jake?

Jake: Your wife's name is laura, right?

Luke: Yeah.

Jake: Long, blond hair, big, blue eyes?

Luke: Yeah.

Jake: Well, she's here, downing double scotches.

Luke: No.

Come on, that can't be.

Jake: Well, she's wearing a tan velvet top, black pants, and she's playing pool with one of the regulars.

You might want to stop by before she gets herself into trouble.

Luke: Uh, thanks for the call, jake.

My wife is an adult and a free agent.

If she wants to cut loose, who am i to stop her?

Jake: Ok.

So long.

Luke: Uh, jake?

Jake: Yeah?

Luke: Would you make sure she goes home in a cab, doesn't drive?

Jake: You got it.

Stop in sometime.

Luke: Yeah.

Dara: Doesn't this beat pulling another all-nighter at the police station?

Come on.

Mac: It's just what the doctor ordered -- a couple of beers, we'll shoot some pool.

Dara: Looks like we'll have to wait a while.

Mac: Laura?

Laura: Mac!


Oh, what a surprise!

Roy: God, oh, god.

You know, this is how we got in this situation in the first place.

Bobbie: How do you figure that?

Roy: It's you.

It's you.

If i had any self-control around you, we wouldn't have stopped to open that damn bottle of champagne in the hotel.

We'd be on a plane right now on our way back to port charles.

Bobbie: Well, so who's complaining?

Most people only dream about this.

Look at this.

We're enjoying this right now.

Look, we got a beautiful beach, water was pretty warm.

The stars are glorious, we're completely alone.

What else could you wish for?

It's ours forever.

I'll never forget.

Roy: Neither will i.

Jax: Hey!

Ned: How's it going?

Alexis: Oh, you were awesome out there!

Ned: I forgot how much fun it is.

Chloe: They loved you.

I love you.

Come here.

Ned: Thank you.

Jax: You know, you got potential.

Ned: You go out there and try it.

Jax: Not in this life.

Chloe: You're a different person out there.

I mean, you really turn into eddie maine.

Alexis: Yeah, how's that cracked, out-of-control voice?

Any trouble remembering the lyrics?

Ned: You know, gloating is such an unattractive quality.

Alexis: I love you.

Ned: I got a show to do.

Jax: Yeah, go get them, tiger.

Juan: This is the most unbelievable night.

Emily: Yeah, i know, it's perfect -- the four of us.

Nikolas: Lynn, thank you for coming.

Lynn: Thank you for the tickets.

It's a great night for l&b, nikolas.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, we cldn't go wrong with eddie maine.

Lynn: And juan santiago.

I'm not the only agent here who's interested in him.

Nikolas: We're keeping his options open.

Lynn: I'd like to congratulate him.

Where is he?

Nikolas: He's over there.


Come over here.

Lynn: You were amazing.

Juan: Thank you.

Lynn: You have a huge career ahead of you.

Juan: Well, i'm glad you think so.

Lynn: Oh, i know so.

So does he.

What are you doing for dinner?

Juan: Uh -- i don't have any plans.

Lynn: Well, my agency, supernova, could be very helpful to you.

I'd love to spend some time, maybe pitch a few ideas.

I'll just borrow him for a minute, have him right back.

Laura: I didn't know you hung out here.

Hi, dara.

Dara: Hi.

Looks like you're having a good time.

Laura: Oh, the best.

This is my friend, tom.

Man: Tim.

Laura: Oh, tim.

I'm sorry.

Well, actually, you know we just met, but he's a great pool player.

Mac: Mac scorpio.

Tim: Oh, pleased to meet you, mac.

Laura: You know, mac is the commissioner of police.

Tim: Oh, wow.

Laura: And dara is -- tim: The assistant district attorney.

Hi, dara.

Dara: Hi, tim.

Tim: How are you?

Dara: Good.

Tim: Good.

Mac: You two know each other?

Dara: Went to law school together.

Tim: Ages ago.

Laura: Oh, wow, law school.

You're a lawyer and a pool shark.


How did i get so lucky, huh?

Well, i hope you guys aren't here to play pool because we're just getting warmed up.

Tim: Oh, yeah, here, join us, please.

Mac: No, thanks, not tonight.

Dara: Uh, you know, i think i left my cell phone on the seat of my car.

Think i'm going to run and get it.

Tim, would you mind walking me to the parking lot?

Tim: Well -- dara: It's dark.

You know, i'd rather not go alone.

Tim: Oh, yeah, sure.

No problem.

Laura: Well, mac could go with you.

Tim: Be right back.

Laura: Ok.

Laura: Tom is a great guy.

Mac: How much of that have you had?

Laura: Oh, come on, lighten up.

I mean, is there a law against having a good time?

Mac: No.

Laura: Well, you know what you can do with that "Oh, poor laura"Look?

For god's sake, it's just one night.

You know, it's one night when i'm not fighting with my estranged husband or chasing after a child who hates me.

It's one night!

Just one night!

I'd almost forgotten how much fun it could be to be with a man who wasn't throwing all the mistakes i've made in my life in my face.

I mean, i'm having a great time!

Mac: Laura?

Laura: Oh, damn.

Oh, damn it.

Why did i drink so much scotch?

Mac: It's ok.

It's ok.

It's ok, it's ok.

Mac: Here you go.

That a girl.

Just sit right here.


Laura: Oh, god.

Oh, i'm a mess.

Mac: There you go.

Laura: Thanks.

Where's -- where's tim and dara?

Mac: Well, at least you got his name right.

Hey, you got a great laugh, laura.

And i'm sure tim and dara are just getting to know each other again.

Laura: Oh, well.

Wasn't really my type, anyway.

Mac: You just met the guy.

Laura: Oh, i'm kidding.

I'm just kidding.

I know i'm supposed to be home, making popcorn with lulu.

I'm not supposed to be getting tanked in a pool hall.

Mac: Hey, come on, you know, sometimes we'll do anything to keep from feeling the pain.

Laura: Have you ever done this?

Mac: It's kind of tough to tie one on when you're the police commissioner.

Laura: Oh, yeah.

People would talk.

Mac: Yes, they would.

And besides, you know, i really don't like to drink alone.

Jake: Hey.

You going to stay parked here?

You want me to buy you a drink?

Luke: I think i'll take a rain check, jake.

Don't tell her i was here, ok?

Jake: Ok.

Whatever you say.

Luke: Thanks.

Mac: Why don't i drive you home?

We'll all make some popcorn.

Laura: I think black coffee might be a little more to the point.

I'm going to really pay for this in the morning.

Mac: Try not to think about it.

[cheers and applause] ned: Good job, man!

Man: Great job.

Ned: Pulled it together, guys.

Man: Let us know when the next one is.

Ned: You got it.

Great job, great job.

Man: Thanks.

Ned: Oh, we did it.

Nikolas: All right, ned, mr.

Azar is interested here in booking three more shows.

What do you say?

Ned: Well, that's a great offer, but, you know, it's strictly a one-shot deal.

Mr. Azar: Yeah, well, things change.

You haven't heard the last from me.

Ned: We appreciate everything you did for us tonight.

Mr. Azar: Well, i'm just glad you weren't a no-show.

I'm kidding.

I'm kidding.

Alexis: If he only knew.

Nikolas: See you, guys.

Lynn: You were inspirational.

Ned: Thank you, lynn.

Lynn: Great voice, great musician.

You're wasting yourself in the business world.

Ned: Have you met alexis?

Alexis, this is lynn.

Lynn: Supernova talent agency.

Alexis: Hi.

L&b attorney.

Lynn: Nice to meet you.

You have an eye for talent.

That juan santiago?

That's who i need for our summer tours.

Ned: Yes, he does have talent, but l&b wants to not push him too fast.

We're thinking about his future, grooming him for the long haul.

Lynn: I can't argue with that.

You've got yourself a hot property.

Ned: Thanks.

Well, we'll keep you posted on his progress.

Lynn: Call me.

Alexis: "Call me.

"Not that i'm bragging.

Ned: Oh, never.

Alexis: No, never.

Hey, i just wanted to know at what point in the evening you were going to say that i was right about, well, everything, especially you?

Ned: What about now?

Alexis: Ooh, good time.

Lynn: Call me when you're ready.

Don't be too cautious.

In this business, you've got to grab your moments.

Juan: Thanks.

Lucky: You did a great job putting this concert together tonight.

Nikolas: Thank you.

I'm just glad it wasn't a bust.

Elizabeth: No, it was a total success.

Lucky: Last year we were at kelly's hanging out.

Now emily's boyfriend is a singer and you're a big-time promoter.

Elizabeth, you're an artist.

Elizabeth: We're still the same people.

Nikolas: The four musketeers.

Elizabeth: Hey, emily?

Emily, come here.

I have an idea.

Emily: Uh-huh?

Elizabeth: Why don't the four of us have dinner at kelly's tomorrow night, just like last year?

Nikolas: Count me in.

Emily: Um -- yeah, count me in, too.

Lucky, you should really, really come.

Lucky: Sure.

I can make it.

Chloe: Ahem!

To think i was married to a rock star.

Alexis: Yeah, well, too late.

Now he's mine.

[telephone rings] chloe: Oh.

But you know what?

I hadn't seen the leather pants.

Alexis: Well, you know, that's what they all say.

Jax: This is jax.

Isn't it kind of late your time?

What kind of new drug?

Has it been tested?

You don't know what this means.

Yes, yes, i want you to contact the company and just offer them whatever it takes to get the medication for chloe.

We need it as soon as possible.

Larkin: Dilucca and his girlfriend aren't going anywhere.

I got their passports, their plane tickets -- everything.

Get down here.

We'll start covering the area.

They are not getting off thi island alive.

Bobbie: When i was a teenager in florida, i'd go down to the water alone.

Sometimes i would just make wishes and dream dreams.

Roy: Did you wish for anything in particular?

Bobbie: I was definitely into prince charming those days.

He was always blond and he was always rich.

Roy: Oh, no.

Bobbie: He was always going to, like, ride in and just rescue me from everything.

Of course, that never happened.

But i think the closet i ever came to prince charming in those days was scott.

Roy: Oh, scott man.


Great thing to see his face in the mind's eye.

I bet he was a pretty decent prince.

At least he never had you on the run from the f. B. I.

Bobbie: Not the whole f. B. I.

Just one crooked agent.

Roy: You know what i mean.

This isn't exactly what i had in mind for you and me.

Especially since i'm not blond and not rich.

Bobbie: So you're not prince charming.

I would much rather have the real thing more than a dream.

Your love lasts a lifetime.

Roy: You hold on to that.

I can't believe i ever found you, let alone found you twice, and i'm not going to lose you again.

I will get us out of this.

Bobbie: I know that.

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