GH Transcript Wednesday 5/24/00


General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/24/00

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Roy: Larkin's about to move.

Bobbie, you ready?

Bobbie: All set.

Roy: Ok, he's probably going to head for the grand keys bank.

When he gets there, he's probably going to make a deposit in his -- private account.

We need that number, and you got the hard part.

You got to be the smokescreen.

Bobbie: Piece of cake.

Roy: You sure?

Bobbie: Oh, just watch.

I have quite a performance planned.

Roy: I don't doubt it.

Ok, he's moving.

He's moving.


[music plays] ned: Yeah!

Ned: Sounds good.

All right.

Good sound check, guys.

Thank you.

Juan: You guys sound incredible.

Ned: Thanks.

Nikolas: All right, man, listen.

I checked with the promoter.

He's opening the doors in a few minutes.

They are already lined up outside.

Ned: Ok.

Juan: This place is going to be packed solid.

I mean, you aren't even a little nervous?

Ned: I'm trying not to think about it.

Look, alexis is going to be here any minute.

Will you tell her i'm in my dressing room?

Nikolas: Sure.

Man: Hey, i hate to tell you, we got a problem.

Ned: With what?

Man: We got major static coming out of the stage left speaker.

It sounds like hendrix meets the beijing opera.

Ned: Why are you telling me this now?

We have a sold-out house out there.

Well, what are you going to do about it?

Man: I got an idea.

Come on, let me show you.

Come on.

Nikolas: Rock concerts are supposed to be fun, remember?

Elizabeth: I'm having a great time.

Nikolas: No, but you're doing a pretty good imitation.

Elizabeth: Ok, here's a surprise.

I'm thinking about lucky.

Every time i see a guitar, the song he wrote for me automatically pops into my head and starts me wondering why he's been so distant and what i did wrong and -- are you sorry you asked me yet?

You should have me evicted from backstage for failure to enjoy myself.

Nikolas: Oh, well, no.

Now, see, that's the thing that you are forgetting.

You're backstage with the band.

And when that crowd starts screaming and the music hits you, you won't be able to think of anything else.

And if you do, then i will evict you.

Elizabeth: Deal.

Nikolas: All right.

Elizabeth: Hey, juan, why is emily not here yet?

Juan: Thought she was coming with you guys.

Elizabeth: She didn't show up at kelly's.

Juan: Well, there was something bothering her, but she said it was just family stuff.

Hope her parents didn't ground her again.

Emily: Oh, tammy, did elizabeth leave yet?

Tammy: Hey.

Hmm, about a half-hour ago.

She took off for a concert.

Emily: Oh.

I'm running really late.

How do i look?

Tammy: You look real cute.

Emily: Are you sure?

Tammy: Mm-hmm.


Emily: "Adorable."

Tammy: Yeah, i meant "Adorable:.  In a -- in a sophisticated sort of a way.

Emily: Really?

You think so?

Tammy: Mm-hmm.

I wouldn't change a thing.

Emily: It doesn't scream "Mall rat:.  Or anything?

Tammy: No.

Emily: You're positive?

Tammy: Yes.

And besides that, i know that juan is not going to see anyone else in the room tonight but you.

Emily: Ok, yeah.

That's the point.

But i got to run because i'm already late, so thank you.

Tammy: All right, honey.

Hey, remember to breathe.

Emily: Yeah.



How would you like to go to a concert tonight?

Lucky: When?


Emily: Well, it's going to be about right now, and it's with ned.

He's making his big comeback as eddie maine.

It's at the university hall, so if you want to go, we should go.

Lucky: Emily, hold on.

Emily: Listen, elizabeth's going to be there.

So is nikolas.

And i really want you to meet juan.

Come on.

Lucky: Emily, stop.

Look, i can't go.

Emily: Why?

Is it because of elizabeth?

Tony: Well, her vitals are strong.

She should wake soon.

Sonny: Thanks.

Tony: Is there anyone you want the hospital to call?

Your father?

I know bobbie's not in town.

Sonny: No, i just want to be alone.

Tony: Ok.

Excuse me.

Lila: We're so terribly sorry.

Edward: It's an -- it's an unspeakable tragedy.

Lila: I'd like to speak to Mr. 

Corinthos alone.

Edward: All right.

I'll -- i'll be waiting down the hall.

Sonny: Carly's been unconscious since she fell.

She doesn't know we lost the baby yet, and when she wakes up, i'm going to have to tell her.

And i don't know how, lila.

Edward: What the devil are you doing here?

A.J.: How's carly?

Edward: She's still unconscious.

Your grandmother's in there with corinthos right now, probably begging him to spare your life.

A.J.: I'm sure sonny has more important things to worry about.

Edward: He lost a child because of you, a.j.

If there's one thing that that hoodlum is good at, it's retribution.

So if you have any sense left in that pickd brain of yours, you'll stay away from corinthos for a very long time.

For lila's sake as well as your own.

A.J.: Look, i just want to know, is carly all right?

Edward: No, she's not all right.

She lost a child.

Your poor judgment and your lack of control have caused an innocent life to end before it even began.

So i want you to do the decent thing, a.j.

-- leave.

And do it before corinthos sees you.

A.J.: Who are you trying to protect again, hmm?

Is it me, sonny, or the quartermaine name?

Sonny: Oh, boy.

You know, when i showed up at your home and told your family that i was the baby's father, i thought all my child had in the world was me.

I didn't think carly gave a damn about him except maybe to use him.

But i was wrong.

Carly loved our baby.

She fought for him as hard as she fought for michael.

Lila: I admire carly's fire.

Sonny: She's a good mother.

I know not everybody sees that, but, you know, the way she is with michael -- loving, protective.

I mean, they play these games, lila, you know -- hide-and-go-seek and tag.

And she reads to him, and she tells him stories, and she does the voices and the faces, you know, and michael laughs and everything.

She'd have done that for our child.

She already has his room decorated.

I don't know how to take that away from her.

Lila: You and carly created a child together.

Now you must grieve together.

Sonny: That's the hard part.

I keep wondering if he was afraid.

I know that sounds crazy because he wasn't even born yet, but that's everybody's excuse, you know -- that, you know, kids are too young to understand.

But you know what?

You're never too young to know you're scared.

Can i ask you something, lila?

Do you think he's in heaven?

Because i do, you know.

I keep telling myself he's got to -- he's got to be someplace safe and happy, you know.

But he should be with his mother and me, you know?

He -- should be alive.

Lila: I believe in god, and i believe that your child is with him.

Sonny: I always said i would protect him and take care of him.

How do i make that right?

Lila: Revenge won't help.

I know you think i say that because i'm a.j.

'S grandmother, but it also happens to be true.

Sonny: Thank you for coming, lila.

Lila: Give my love to carly.

She means a great deal to me, too, you know.

Sonny: Thank you.

Lucky: I'm not avoiding elizabeth, emily.

I've seen her.

I just -- it's kind of short notice, don't you think?

Emily: Well, lucky, do you have other plans?

Lucky: No.

Emily: Then what's the problem?

Lucky: There isn't one.

It's just -- it's a lot all at once.

I want to take things slow.

Emily: Ok, i understand.

Tell me, have you lost your love of music over the last year or -- lucky: No.

Emily: Then why don't you come tonight?

Don't you remember that electric feeling you get when the lights go up, the way the bass just goes through your system and that rush you get?

Not to mention you'll be hanging out with some very, very cool people.

Look, i really want you to meet juan, too.

He's going to be a famous singer someday, and i think you guys will click right off the bat.

So please, please, lucky, come with me.

Lucky: I know you need to know right now, but if you could just -- emily: Ok, look, i know i'm shing, so take this.

Lucky: Isn't this yours?

Emily: Yeah, but i don't need it.

The bouncer knows that i'm ned's cousin, so come if you'd like to.

Lucky: Ok.

I'll think about it.

Emily: All right.

It's a start.

Lucky: Emily?

Emily: Yeah.

Lucky: Do me a favor.

Promise me that you won't tell elizabeth that you saw me.

I mean, just, you know, in case i don't make it.

Emily: Ok.

But i'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Lucky: Bye.

Man: I'll secure this transaction for you immediately.

Nice to see you again.

Larkin: Thank you.

Roy: Ok, so -- bobbie: Ok.

Roy: What are you doing?

Bobbie: Oh.

Just give me five minutes, and i will have the bank manager out of his office.

Roy: Yeah?

All right.

Are you all right being here, baby?

This is ok, right?

Bobbie: Oh, yeah.

Watch me.

Roy: All right, well, i'll be right out here, so if you need -- just give a yell if there's anything -- bobbie: Ok.

Roy: Ok.

Bobbie: It's ok.

Roy: Yeah.

Man: May i help you?

Bobbie: Oh, well, i certainly hope so, Mr. 

-- man: Olson.

Bobbie: Oh.

Well, charmed.

I'm candy.

Candy bennedetto.

And i need a strong, knowledgeable man like yourself to help me with a -- with a rather large transaction, if you catch my drift.

Mr. Olson: I think i do.

Why don't you come inside, candy, and i'll see if i can't help you.

Mr. Olson: Why don't you start by telling me exactly what you need.

Bobbie: Well, it's a little difficult for me, but my dear husband vincenzo -- oh, bless his soul.

Mr. Olson: Oh, i'm terribly sorry.

Bobbie: Well, you know, i mean, i should have known.

I should have been better prepared.

We were what they call a may-december romance.

Mr. Olson: Ah.

Bobbie: And i knew when we got married that our time together would be brief.

I mean, i knew that he was the c. E. O. Of some big corporation. But quite honestly, i never really paid attention. I mean, you know, all this business about mergers and acquisitions -- ah -- kind of makes my head swim. Anyway, my vinnie and me, we were soul mates.

Mr. Olson: How long were you married?

Bobbie: Six months.

And to my utter surprise, my dear vincenzo -- well, seems he left me a small fortune.

Mr. Olson: Six months?

Bobbie: I know what you're thinking, but i never asked my husband for a dime.

Those greedy kids of his, they never even sent him a card before he died, and now they're coming out of the woodwork like a bunch of termites, trying to steal my inheritance.

Mr. Olson: That's terrible.

Bobbie: Oh, you're telling me.

It's such a relief to talk to somebody who understands.

This whole thing has been so traumatic for me.

Mr. Olson: Please, please.

Bobbie: Oh, thank you.

Anyway -- i -- i thought maybe i ought to stash my dough down here, you know, away from those meddling ingrates.

Mr. Olson: You've made a very wise decision, and i assure you you're in good hands.

Bobbie: Now, i have just one little question about these accounts.

There are no names, just numbers, right?

Mr. Olson: That's right.

Bobbie: Kind of like these numbers right here?

Mr. Olson: Exactly.

Bobbie: Hmm.


Well, i hate to tie you up, but i have one more little tiny question.

Mr. Olson: I've got all the time in the world.

Bobbie: You see these sparklers?

Look at those.

They're kind of heavy.

I was wondering if you might have a box where they'd be safe.

Mr. Olson: Oh, yes, of course.

Bobbie: Oh.

Think it'll be big enough?

Mr. Olson: I don't think you'll be disappointed.

But if you like, i'd be happy to show it to you.

Bobbie: All right.

Well, that would be awfully sweet of you.

Mr. Olson: Thpleasure's all mine, i assure you.

Roy: Nicely done, baby.

Emily: Hey.

Juan: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Emily: I couldn't find you guys anywhere.

This place is packed.

Juan: You look -- emily: All that matters is the look on your face.

Elizabeth: So, isn't this exciting for ned?

Emily: Yeah, yeah.

I can't believe how many people are here.

You know, someday they'll all be here to hear you sing.

Juan: I've never seen such a huge crowd from the other side.

Emily: Yeah.

What'd you think?

Juan: It's exciting.

But it's also, you know, a little scary.

I don't know how ned stays so cool.

Emily: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, maybe a little too cool.

He's getting back a little late.

Emily: Well, where did he go?

Elizabeth: Nobody knows.

Emily: What?

Elizabeth: The sound check went great, and then he just vanished.

Nikolas: Hey, guys.

Emily: Hey.

Elizabeth: Did you find ned?

Nikolas: No.

No one's seen him.

I covered with the band and the promoter, but i can't hold them off forever.

Elizabeth: What are we going to do?

Man: Crowd's ready.

We need eddie now.

Nikolas: He'll be there any second.

Man: He'd better be.

Nikolas: Look, don't worry.

He'll resurface.

Just hang tight, ok?

Alexis: What's going on?

Nikolas: Looks like ned's a no-show for his own comeback.

Ned: We go any further into the bowels of this building, and we're going to run into the phantom of the opera.

Man: Trouble's got to be right down here.

Ned: Ok, one thing i don't understand is, if there was a problem with the speakers, why didn't you say something before?

Why wait till the last minute?

Man: The place is illegally wired.

You got to be careful.

Lots of flies on the wall.

Ned: Oh.

Man: Oh, you got to see this to believe it.

Ned: Listen, just fix the problem, ok?

Man: Now, go on, take a look.

Take a look!

Ned: Hey, hey -- hey!

What -- open -- hey, buddy.

Look, just open the door, ok?

What -- what are you doing to me?

I have concert!

[carly stirs] sonny: Hey.

Carly: Sonny?

Sonny: Hey, hey.

Carly: I just had this wonderful dream.

The boys and i made you a birthday cake because it was your birthday, and michael and his little brother helped you blow out the candles.

And you didn't mind at all.

You were smiling.

Sonny: That's some dream.

Carly: What happened?

Why am i here?

Sonny: Well, you -- you fell, and -- carly: Oh, my god.

The baby?

Something's wrong with the baby?

Sonny: Um -- our baby's -- our baby's gone.

A.J.: Tony.

Tony: Hi.

A.J.: I don't want any trouble.

All right?

I just want to know how carly's doing.

Tony: She's fine.

She should make a full recovery.

What about you?

A.J.: What about me?

Tony: A.j.

, you look terrible.

A.J.: You surprised?

I didn't push her, tony.


I thought you would've heard.

Tony: Heard what?

A.J.: Carly's fall -- we -- we were arguing.

And, yes, i had a few drinks.

And all of a sudden -- but it was an accident.

It was.

It was -- but nobody believes me.

What kind of monster do they think i am?

Who the hell would push a pregnant woman down a staircase?

Tony: Not you.

Now, i know you're going through a hard time right now, but that doesn't mean that you're capable of doing deliberate harm.

But, a.j.

, when you cut yourself off from everyone, you don't think clearly.

If you feel like you're spinning out of control, then you need to get some help.

And you can't do it all by yourself, all right?


Is any of this getting through to you?

A.J.: Thanks for trying.

Carly: Gone?

How can he be gone?

Sonny: You fell, remember?

At the quartermaines', you fell down the sirs.

You were bleeding internally, hemorrhaging, and you -- you could've died, carly.

They had to take the baby.

Carly: Take him where?

He's in an incubator down the hall?

I want to see him.

Sonny: Carly -- oh, man, this is hard.

Carly: I want him to know his mommy's here.

Sonny: Carly -- no.

I mean, the -- carly: What do you mean, no?

You don't -- you won't let me see my child?

Sonny: There's no -- there's no baby to see.

Carly: Get out.

I want you to get out.

Get out.

I want to see my baby.

Nurse? Get out. Nurse! I want to see my baby. He's down the hall in i. C. U. I'll find him myself.

Sonny: Carly -- carly: Nurse! Get out! I want my baby, sonny. I want to see my son. I want to see my son.

Sonny: Our baby's dead.

Carly: You're a liar.

Sonny: Can you --

carly: You're a liar.

You -- you lie.

You'e not going to take my child from me.

You're a liar.

Get out.

Get out.

I want to see my son.

Get out! i want to see my son!

Sonny, you can't keep him from me.

I'm his mother.

He needs me.

I want to hold him.

I want to hold my baby.

I want my baby.

I want my baby!

I want my -- my baby.

Roy: Oh, larkin.

You have been a busy, busy boy.

Bobbie: Thank you so much because that safe-deposit box will do just perfectly.

Mr. Olson: Well, i do aim to please.

Now, there's just one more thing, candy.

I need you to fill out a couple of very simple forms.

Then i can open your new account and get you a key.

Bobbie: Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

Mr. Olson: What?

Bobbie: My earring -- my five-carat diamond earring.

It was my wedding gift from vincenzo, and -- i hate to be a pain, but at the safe-deposit box i probably dropped it.

Would you come down and help me look for it?

Mr. Olson: Oh, yes, of course.

I mean, it's your wedding gift, candy.

We have to find it.

Besides, you'll need my key to get in.

Bobbie: You are so sweet.

I know you have a lot of important business to attend to.

Mr. Olson: Oh, not at all.

Come on, let's go find that diamond.

Emily: Hey, ned's car is still in the garage.

Juan: I checked the whole backstage area, the bathrooms, everything.

Emily: He's nowhere to be found.

Alexis: All right, maybe he just wants to be alone for a minute so he can focus his energy before the concert.

Nikolas: You guys, i checked the dressing room, i checked the alley behind the building.

No one's seen him.

And we've run out of places to look.

Man: Hey, band's setting up.

Everybody's ready to roll except the main attraction.

What's going on?

Where the hell is he?

Alexis: Well, you know, eddie maine likes to do this sort of thing.

He likes to get the crowd good and hungry, and then he ces in.

So he'll be here any second.

Emily: Yeah, yeah.

Man: If his career means anything to him.

Nikolas: I don't like this.

Alexis: All right, listen, i'm going to go look for him, maybe find someplace we haven't covered yet.

Nikolas: It's worth a shot.

Alexis: Just stall for a few minutes.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Nikolas: Guys, they're running out of patience.

I mean, any bright ideas on how to hold them?

Emily: Send out an opening act.

Nikolas: We don't have one.

Emily: Sure we do -- juan!

Juan and nikolas: Are you azy?

Forget it!

Emily: Oh, come on!

Nikolas: No, no, no.

Juan: It's a bad idea.

Emily: Isn't it a good idea?

Thank you.

Nikolas: There's no way.

Juan: Forget about it!

Ned: Ok.


You got me.

Edward: I think you'll find i've made this more than worth your while, huh?

Ned: Just open the door.

We can talk about this.

Edward: Look at that.

Man: Oh, you're not kidding.

Edward: You see, desperate times call for desperate means, young man.

See, this way ned will he to default on the gate for the concert tonight, which means that l&b will go belly up.

And then ned will have no choice but to come back to e.



Man: Whatever that means.

Edward: It means you're doing the right thing.

You see, ned was born to helm the family empire, not prance around like some leather-clad canary.

Man: But he's a hell of a singer.

Edward: He's a better businessman.

But, no, he underestimated me.

And this time -- bingo, i've trumped him.

Let's go.

Ned: Would somebody open this door!

Elizabeth: Juan, emily's right.

It's better than refunding everyone's money.

Nikolas: But juan has never even sung in front of a crowd.

Juan: And besides, those people paid to see eddie maine, not some unknown.

Emily: Yeah, but you're not going to be replacing eddie maine.

You're just warming up the crowd.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Nikolas: Or getting them angry.

Juan: Yeah.

I mean, is that -- emily: Isn't this for l&b, though?

I mean, don't they depend on your survival?

Nikolas: Oh, man, don't remind me.

Emily: So, then dit for l&b.

Do it for ned.

Come on, juan.

Juan: No, i can't.

We need to think of something else.

Emily: Listen, i have your lead sheets.

We can give it to the band.

They'll play your music.

Nikolas: Look, emily, i appreciate this effort, but this is not karaoke night.

Emily: Well -- nikolas: Ok, juan, look -- is there any chance that you might pull this off?

Juan: Well, how long would i actually have to be up there?

Nikolas: Two songs tops, just enough time for alexis to find ned.

Juan: And what if she doesn't find ned?

Nikolas: If you don't want to do it, i understand.

But i will have to cancel the concert.

Juan: Ok, i'll do it.

Nikolas: You've got to move.

L right, guys, you're going on now.

Man: With him?

Nikolas: This is juan santiago.

He's l&b's newest act.

We are breaking him in.

He's opening for eddie maine.

All right, we've got a lead sheet for his song.

Man: One song?

Nikolas: Yeah, and then he's going to cover one of eddie maine's.

"Those little things you do"?

Juan: Yeah, i know that.

I can do that.


Man: You'd better be good, kid.

Juan: No problem.

Nikolas: All right.

I am going to tell the promoter what's going on.

Emily: Hey.

Juan: This is a bad idea.

I'm going to tank.

This is -- emily: No.

No, it isn't.

You are going to be amazing.

Ok, listen.

I'm going to be right here off the wings, ok?

So when you sing, just sing to me, ok?

Sing to me like you always do.

Juan: Promise?

Emily: I promise.

You're going to be awesome.

Man: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to university hall.

L&b entertainment proudly presents, for one night only, the fabulous eddie maine and the idle rich!

[cheers and applause] man: And as part of tonight's so-out show, l&b is excited to offer you an exclusive glimpse of a hot new star.

Here he is in his debut performance.

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for juan santiago.


Roy: Where did you come up with that character?

Bobbie: You should have seen the look on your face.

Roy: You should have seen the look on the bank manager's face.

"The pleasure's all mine."

You blew the poor guy away.

Bobbie: It was fun.

Roy: It was fun for me, too.

Bobbie: So, did you get what you were after?

Roy: Yeah.

This is larkin's grand keys account statements.

Bobbie: Anything damning?

Roy: Yeah.



I mean, there're all these giants deposits here, the earliest of which dates back seven years.

Bobbie: So, what's our next step?

Roy: Well, we have to match them to his f.



Records and see who -- which cases he was working on when he came into these tidy little piles of money.

But the point is he was definitely taking bribes.

You see these three transactions right here?

Bobbie: Wire transfers.

Roy: Yeah.

These alone could be the equivalent of the smoking gun.

I mean, they're encrypted accounts, but if we can somehow trace these numbers to names -- bobbie: Then we have a solid link.

Roy: Which will not only prove that he's crooked, but it'll jeopardize every collar he ever made for the bureau.

Bobbie: Well, that'll make the f.



Look bad.

Roy: And never mind the amount of money it would take to reopen every one of his cases.

They will tap-dance like crazy to keep something like this under wraps.

Bobbie: No more living on borrowed time.

Roy: Let's just hope we're right.

Bobbie: We've got more than hope.

You've got a ticket to freedom in your hand.

Roy: You think?


Sonny: You got to try and take it easy, you know.

Carly: What happened?

How could you let them take our baby?

[music plays] juan: Holding on to you never let you go stay with me until the morning comes let's take advantage of the time that you and i we have together baby, let's make it last forever singers: We got the night juan: We got the night singers: Don't hesitate juan: Don't hesitate singers: Seems like the time juan: Seems like the time singers: Is slipping away juan: Is slipping away singers: Let's take the night juan and singers: Don't make me wait juan: Another day singers: Looks like the love we made is here to stay we got the night juan: We got the night singers: Don't hesitate juan: Don't hesitate singers: Seems like the time juan: Seems like the time singers: Is slipping away juan: Is slipping away juan and singers: Don't let our love just slip away juan: Tonight we'll celebrate the love that we just made let's cherish every moment that we spent together if only for one night our love won't be denied if you just hold me in your arms baby, we'll keep it going strong singers: We got the night juan: We got the night singers: Don't hesitate juan: Don't hesitate singers: Seems like the time juan: Seems like the time singers: Is slipping away juan: Is slipping away singers: Let's take the night juan and singers: Don't make me wait juan: Another day singers: Looks like the love we made is here to stay we got the night juan: We got the night singers: Don't hesitate juan: Don't hesitate

Alexis: Yeah, well, hardly think he's going to find his inner peace in here.

So, now what?

I've run out of places -- aw!

God, there's a -- [crash] ned: Hello?

Who's out there?


Alexis: Ned?

Ned: Alexis?

Alexis: What are you doing in there?

You're supposed to be on the stage.

Ned: I'm trapped.

Honey, just open the door, ok?

Alexis: What happened?

Ned: I'll explain later.

Just open the door.

Alexis: No, it's locked.

Roy: Sorry about the glass.

It's pretty much all they had downstairs.

Bobbie: It's ok.

Go with the flow, i guess.

Roy: There you go.

A toast -- to you.

You were awesome.

Bobbie: You were pretty terrific yourself.

Roy: Any hacker could have done what i did.

You walked in there cold and played that banker like a drum.

You know, maybe you ought to show me again how you reeled him in.

I mean, just for my faulty memory.

Just -- just a little taste.

Bobbie: Hey, gorgeous.

Like anything you see?

Roy: I like everything i see.

And what'd you say your name was?


Now, why would that be?

Why do they call you candy?

Is that because you're so sweet?

Bobbie: Depends.

Roy: On what?

Bobbie: On whether or not you feel like being a gentleman and buying me a drink.

A mudslide.

My favorite.

Roy: Yeah.

Lucky guess.

Bobbie: Watch the nails.

Roy: Yeah, i will, ma'am.

I will.

Bobbie: You better watch it.

I got a boyfriend.

Roy: Oh, yeah?

Bobbie: Yeah.

He's dark and handsome and very, very strong.

Roy: Well, i don't see him.

Bobbie: You really like me, don't you?

Roy: I do, i do.

Although not nearly as much as my friend bobbie.

Bobbie: Well, that's good because you're going to be stuck with me for a very long time.

Larkin: You are a tough man to keep dead, dilucca.

Sonny: When -- when you fell, you were bleeding badly.

The doctors said that -- some -- i don't know -- with the placenta detached and -- there was no way they could have saved the baby.

And, you know, you could have died.

You were hemorrhaging.

And that was the only way to save you.

Carly: Maybe they made a mistake.

Sonny: No, carly -- carly: You hear about it all the time.

I hear about it.

They switched our -- baby -- maybe baby switched him with somebody else's.

Sonny: I saw it.

I saw when they took him.

Our baby's gone.

Carly: Did you hold him?

At least did they let you hold him?

Did they let you hold him at least?

Did you hold him?

Sonny: It wasn't ke that, carly.

Carly: Our baby's gone, and we never -- never got to hold him.

It's -- it's not fair.

It's not fair.

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Roy: No, don't -- go!



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