GH Transcript Monday 5/22/00


General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/22/00

Provided by Laura

Felicia: You want me to make up my mind?

Luke: Felicia, this has been your call from the beginning.

I'm just asking you to make it.

Felicia: Well, you saw maxie.

She's angry with me.

Luke: This isn't about kids.

Felicia: Well, the whole thing started with me trying to help you find your son.

Luke: Yes.

But that wasn't the only reason.

Felicia: This is an unfair one.

Luke: From the beginning, we've gone as far as you wanted to go.

And we stopped when you wanted to stop.

I haven't pushed.

I haven't asked for more.

Felicia: Until now.

Luke: Look, whatever you want.

Whatever you want, felicia.

You want mac, go get him.

You want out, get out.

Your marriage is your deal.

I never tried to tear it down, and i won't try to prop it up.

But as far as kids, we've both got plenty to deal with on that front.

Felicia: That's one more thing we have in common.

Luke: But that's not the point, beautiful.

Felicia: I should've never come to your office the other night.

Luke: Why did you?

Felicia: I -- luke: Look, you want a man on the side?

I can do that.

Felicia: I can't do that.

Luke: Well, i can't keep doing this little dance, this two-step, push-pull thing.

In fact, i can't go to the edge anymore and then have you run away, so i don't want to dance.

I don't want to dance at all.

Felicia: Do you think i meant to do that?

Luke: I don't know.

Did you?

You tell me.

Felicia: What happened to my pal luke?

I thought being friends was enough.

What happened to that?

Luke: I was wrong.

I need more.

Mac: Hi.

Laura: Hi.

Mac: I'm obviously not the one you're looking for.

Laura: Oh, sorry.

Sometimes lucky comes through here.

Mac: So you're waiting for him.

Laura: He wants me to keep my distance, but i just can't do that.

When i look in his eyes, i see my baby, my little boy.

I can't give up on him.

Mac: Well, he must appreciate that on some level.

Laura: I hope so.

That's what i'm counting on.

Mac: You know, sometimes you have to admit that the fight is over.

Admit you've lost.

I mean, not with lucky, but -- laura: I can't do that.

I'm not ready to do that.

Mac: Families change.

I mean, sometimes things just -- they just don't work out, you know?

They don't fit in.

They're damaged beyond repair.

Lucky: No.

Elizabeth: What's wrong?

Lucky: I didn't just slip up to canada for the weekend, you know?

It's been a long time.

Elizabeth: There's no hurry.

Lucky: I can't just pick up where we left off, elizabeth.

Carly: Look, i'm wearing sonny's ring now, ok?

Sonny is the husband that i want.

A.J.: You know what?

This is all you're about, carly -- a diamond and money!

Carly: Let go of me.

A.J.: Carly!

Edward: Oh, god.

Sonny: Carly?


Call 911.


Edward: Send an ambulance to 66 harborview road.

A woman has fallen down the stairs, and she's pregnant, and she's unconscious.

I don't know.

Sonny: Come on!

Edward: This is edward quartermaine.

And get the ambulance here!

A.J.: This was an accident.

I never meant for this to happen.

Edward: Get out of my way!

Stay on this line.

Sonny: Edward, she's bleeding.

Edward: No, no -- don't touch her.

Sonny: We got to get her out of here.

Edward: No, the ambulance is coming.

Sonny: Johnny's faster than the ambulance!

Edward: You might hurt her.

Sonny: Can you see the blood, edward?

Edward: You might hurt the baby!

Sonny: All right.


Do what you got to do, will you?

Edward: Just be careful with her.

Where the hell is that ambulance?

Sonny: They're going to be here.

Just hang on, honey.

Edward: Look, i don't care where it is!

I own the hospital!

Get it over here right now!

Elizabeth: Guess i got a little carried away.

Lucky: You didn't do anything wrong.

Elizabeth: I didn't mean to rush you.

I can wait.

It's not a problem.

Lucky: I just -- i don't want to take it that far.

Elizabeth: Well, blame it on the boxcar.

Lucky: Yeah.

It's still kind of magic.

Elizabeth: You helped me feel safe out here.

You made me believe in myself.

Lucky: Back then, nothing else mattered at all.

Elizabeth: How many pounds of eli's ribs do you think we put away?

Lucky: Quite a few.

Elizabeth: Back then we could just be out here.

We could do the same now.

Lucky: You remember that guitar you gave me?

The one with the decals?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

You were quite surprised.

Lucky: You made me walk into the boxcar with my eyes closed.

I nearly broke my neck.

You realize that, don't you?

Elizabeth: I wanted a dramatic effect.

Lucky: Well, it worked.

Elizabeth: You played "Elizabeth" For me.

Lucky: Yeah.

And i had to get you back before audrey would freak.

Elizabeth: I was so afraid you'd be cold out here.

Lucky: Nah.

I never was -- mostly never.

Elizabeth: That night i gave you the guitar, you helped me climb out.

Right over there.

Lucky: And we kissed.

Elizabeth: For the first time.

Lucky: So, whatever happened to that guitar?

Did they save it?

Elizabeth: It burned up.

Lucky: Like some beat-up guitar could survive when everything else from that time is gone.

Laura: Some battles are worth fighting.

Mac: I'm not saying yours isn't.

Laura: Sometimes families can rebuild from just about anything.

Mac: You saw luke and felicia stumble back into the club the other day.

I mean, they barely had their clothes on.

If that doesn't mean it's over -- laura: Are you ready to let go of felicia?

Mac: I won't pretend we have something we don't.

Laura: But those feelings don't just go away.

Mac: I still love felicia, and you still love luke.

Maybe you think there's something to build on.

I don't.

In fact, i see a setup for disaster.

Laura: Not necessarily.

Mac: What's going on, laura?

You think if i get back with felicia, you and luke might have another shot?

Laura: Luke and i have survived a lot worse than felicia.

I don't know if we have a chance or not.

But i'm not ready to give up.

Mac: Maybe felicia doesn't compare to the cassadines and all the other hell that you and luke have gone through, but the bottom line -- luke and felicia are together.

Pretending they're not is just setting yourself up to be hurt worse.

Luke: Oh, felicia, this is a lot more than a friendship, and you know it.

Felicia: I didn't mean to need you.

Luke: Well, i didn't expect to need you, either.

Felicia: I didn't realize that our friendship relationship would cost me mac and my girls.

Luke: Well, maybe it hasn't.

You can still walk away from me.

Felicia: I've tried.

Luke: Well, try staying away.

Felicia: I can't.

Luke: So what am i supposed to do?

Just sort of hang out and wait and hope that maybe sometime you'll come through?

Felicia: Is that the way you see us?

Luke: Hey, if you're looking for noble and selfless, it ain't me.

I'm not that guy at all.

And what happened in my office the other night is not all right with me.

Felicia: Well, it's never been fair.

I've been saying that from the start.

Luke: Look, i never expected to care about you like i do.

I never expected to think about you all the time.

I never expected for this dance that we do to tear me up inside, but it does.

Felicia: Well, it does me, too.

Luke: Well, then you just got to make a choice.

You want mac, you want your family, fine.

You can't do both, ok.

Then just make a choice.

And live with it.

Felicia: There's nothing more important to me than my children, and when i'm with you, it hurts them.

Luke: That's your choice.

Felicia: Yeah.

Luke: Good.

Luke: All right, lady, up against the wall.

You're under arrest for pilfering city property and spreading joy without a license.

Tammy: Hey, luke.

What's going on?

Luke: Skip the pleasantries.

I'm going to have to haul you off.

Give me one good reason why i shouldn't.

Tammy: Oh, come on.

It's the only vice i've got left luke: Oh, poor baby.

Tammy: I know.

Pretty pitiful.

Luke: That's pitiful.

Come walk with me.

Tammy: How you doing?

Luke: Oh, i've been better.

Tammy: Why?

Is there anything i can do to help you?

Luke: You ought to know better than to ask a thing like that.

Tammy: Well, i'm thinking maybe we can catch an early movie, get your mind off reality.

Luke: Ok.

Unless you'd like a customer tonight.

Tammy: Ha-ha.

I'm out of the business, and you know it.

So, come on.

Tell me what's really going on.

Stefan: Reminiscing?

Recalling happier times?

Laura: I'm not staring out at wyndemere, if that's what you're thinking.

Stefan: Well, then you're pining for luke.

Laura: Not that it's any of your business, but i'm actually waiting for lucky.

You remember?

My son, the one you had in your care and you didn't bring to me?

Stefan: You expect lucky to show up here?

Laura: Why don't you just leave me alone?

Stefan: Oh, by the way, i did happen to run into lucky yesterday.

Laura: Where?

Stefan: I'm no longer subject to your whims.

Laura: You tell me where my son is!

Stefan: Or what, you'll push me in?

Laura: Try me!

Stefan: If only you'd believed me when i told you who really kidnapped lucky.

Laura: You mean you say him with helena?

Stefan: On her yacht.

Laura: Is he all right?

Was he hurt?

Stefan: Lucky seemed quite content.

Laura: Did he -- was he locked up?

I mean -- stefan: Oh, you mean did helena shove him into the hold, lock the door, and abandon him?

Apparently not.

They seemed friendly.

Lucky left of his own accord.

Laura: What has she done to him?

Stefan: Why don't you ask her?

Laura: Don't taunt me!

Stefan: I'm quite serious.

You should have a conversation with my mother.

You might find the two of you have a great deal in common.

Elizabeth: That guitar may be gone, but i still have my painting of it, and i stillhave a tape of that song you wrote.

Lucky: It's not the same.

Elizabeth: Nothing is, lucky.

But we still have so much -- this boxcar, these murals, this pearl ring you gave me.

I have a shirt of yours at my house.

I sleep in it almost every night.

It used to smell like you, and then one day it didn't.

And i felt like i had to lose you all over again.

The subway token.

Remember we found it in that box at the estate sale?

I gave it to lulu.

I asked her to give it to you.

We haven't lost anything we can't get back.

Lucky: Except time.

Elizabeth: It's only been a year!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I -- i know how terrible it was for you.

Lucky: For both of us.

But we've changed.

We can't go back to the way we were.

Elizabeth: I thought i'd lost you forever, lucky.

But you're back.

So what else really matters?

Yeah, sure, we changed.

Everything does.

I'm becoming an artist because you believed in me.

Lucky: We were going to move to greenwich village.

And you were going to go to art school.

And i was going to support us by playing in coffee houses and on the street.

Elizabeth: That was our dream.

Lucky: That was a fantasy.

Like i could ever pay for rent in new york city by playing guitar.

Elizabeth: So we'd think of something else.

Lucky: We only believed our lives would be perfect because we wanted it that way.

Elizabeth: Yeah, and what's wrong with that?

We had dreams, lucky, and we had the courage to hold on to them.

That's when amazing things happen -- when you believe in your dreams.

Lucky: I always admired your faith.

Elizabeth: You sound like we're in the past.

Lucky: Yeah.

When i was away, i got used to thinking about us that way.

Lucky: I got to go.

Take care of yourself.

Edward: What took you so long?

Sonny: It's ok.

EMT: Did she fall down those stairs?

Sonny: Don't be afraid.

EMT: Sir, how long has she been unconscious?

Sonny: Just -- she's all -- EMT: Sir, did the fall knock her out?

Second EMT: Her abdomen is firm and contracted.

She's bleeding pretty extensively.

First EMT: Ok, this pulse is fast and thready.

We got to go.

Sonny: All right, you got to be careful with her.

EMT: Sir, here -- listen.

Sonny: Just be -- EMT: I need you to work with me here, sir.

Take this.

Sonny: All right.

Edward: She fell down the stairs several minutes ago, and she lost consciousness during the fall.

We noticed this bleeding soon after.

EMT: Ok.

How many weeks is she pregnant?

Edward: Well, the holidays -- the morning sickness began during the holidays.

EMT: Sir, how many weeks?

Edward: Well, i don't -- sonny: 20 -- 20 -- 20 weeks.


EMT: One, two, three -- sonny: All right, i'm going with her.

EMT: Are you next of kin?

Sonny: Uh -- i'm the fiance.

I'm the father.

EMT: Ok, we got to go.

Let's go.

Ok, g.


, i got a female 20 weeks pregnant, fell down approximately 20 steps.

She's unconscious.

She's got possible trauma to the abdominal section, and she's got -- A.J.: You know what?

She's going to be ok.

She is.

Edward: If she isn't, A.J., i hope they convict you of murder and lock you up and throw away the key.


A.J.: I didn't push carly.

Edward: She may be dying in that ambulance.

A.J.: She fell, that's all.

Edward: An unborn child may be dying because of you.

A.J.: Look, she pulled away.

She lost her balance.

It was an accident.

Edward: No, no, no, a.j.

You are the accident -- from the start.

You always have been.

If it weren't for you, jason would be here, and michael could be upstairs asleep, and carly could be picking out a dress for the nurses' ball, and sonny wouldn't have his hold on this family.

A.J.: What?

Wait a minute.

You -- i didn't set out to hurt carly or anybody else.

Edward: I'm not going to listen to any more excuses.

Alan: Oh, thank god you're here.

Monica: Oh, thank god.

Alan: We passed an ambulance on the -- monica: What is that blood doing on the floor?

Alan: Oh, god.

What happened here?

Edward: Your son pushed carly down the stairs.

Alan: Was it carly that was in the ambulance?

Monica: What about the baby?

Edward: It didn't look good for either of them.

A.J.: Look, i didn't push carly.

Monica: Carly provoked you, didn't she?

A.J.: Oh, mom, you should've seen her.

I mean, she was flaunting her ring in my face, and then i just -- i just grabbed her wrist.

Monica: You grabbed a pregnant woman?

A.J.: Yeah, i mean, and then she pulled away.

Alan: So she lost her balance when she was at the top of the stairs?

A.J.: Yes.

She just -- she just wouldn't stop.

Alan: A.J., are you drunk?

Edward: Of course he's drunk.

That way he won't have to take any of the blame.

Monica: Oh, my god.

You did this.

A.J.: It was an accident.

Edward: Funny how your accidents hurt the people that you hate.

A.J.: What?

Look, she was in my face.

Alan: So now it's carly's fault?

A.J.: Do you think that i meant for her to fall?

Edward: Get out of this house.

A.J.: No problem.

Edward: And aim for the tree, make us all happy.

Alan: A.J., wait a second.

Monica: It's his choice, alan.

Alan: Anything happens to my son, i'll never forgive you.

Edward: That must be the way sonny feels about us right now.

EMT: 100/60.

Pulse is 128.

We have a hypertonic uterus with massive bleeding.

Tony: Respiration?

EMT: 16.

Tony: Estimated blood loss?

EMT: Approximately 600 cc-800 cc.

Tony: All right.

Get me two units of o-neg.

Type and cross for a match.

And then bring two more.

We need a chem 10, a CBC. Call radiology for an emergency pelvic ultrasound and also a head c. T.

Doctor: All right, here's the i. V.

Tony: Pupils are equal and reactive.

We need an autotransfuser in here -- excuse me.

You can't be in here right now, sonny.

Sonny: I'm not leaving carly and the baby.

Tony: Well, it's fine, but if you want to help us, you got to get out of here, give us room to work, all right?


Give me the fetal monitor, please.

Get a blood scan here.

What's her blood pressure?

Ok, get the scan out.

Thank you.

All right.

It's a squeak.

Laura: Now i'm like your mother?

You really are losing your mind.

Stefan: On the contrary.

I'm finally dealing with reality.

After all these years, i understand my obsession with you.

Laura: What do you mean?

Stefan: You're both quite beautiful in a cool, remote way.

The eyes, the hair.

You always seemed so familiar to me, laura.

Now i know why.

I moved from one manipulator to the next.

One liar to another.

From helena, to you.

Laura: I am nothing like your mother.

Stefan: All little boys love their mothers, even if they're monsters, like helena.

But if the boy's mother does not give him love, he becomes more and more obsessed with winning her heart.

I found out too late that, like helena, you have no heart.

You can't love any man.

You can only reject.

Laura: That's not true.

Stefan: You rejected stavros, luke, and me.

I wasted years trying to make myself worthy, trying to prove my love to you.

I devoted my entire life to women i'll never have.

Laura: I think you're just punishing me for having seen the truth -- that you're capable of anything, you're capable of any lie, any manipulation just to get what you want.

Stefan: And like helena, you pride yourself on being a good mother to your sons.

But look at what you've done.

You abandoned nikolas when he was a baby.

You refused to give lucky a proper home for years, and when you finally did, you made it impossible for him to live there.

Laura: I don't have to justify anything to you.

Stefan: No, mothers never have to justify anything to anyone!

You know, perhaps lucky has already realized what it took me years to understand.

Perhaps he won't waste all his love on the unattainable.

Well, you wait out here as long as you like, laura.

If lucky does happen to walk by, he'll tense at the sight of you.

He may speak, but you will never again know his heart.

He'll warn you to stay out of his life, and he will leave.

Or if he sees you first, he will quietly, wisely slip away.

Luke: Come on.

You're telling me that you won't just step back over into the profession for one night, for old-time's sake?

Tammy: Luke, i'm involved with someone.

You know that, too.

Luke: Well, i'll never tell.

Tammy: Ahem.

You're avoiding my question.

Want to tell me what's really going on?

Luke: I don't know.

Tammy: It's about lucky, isn't it?

Luke: Yeah, i guess so.

Some of it, anyway.

Mike told me that he saw my kid and talked to him.

Tammy: Yeah, i know he did.

Luke: Well, if you had anything to do with that, thank you.

Tammy: Mike actually listens to me sometimes.

And lucky, he's a sweet kid.

He'll come around.

Luke: Hmm.

Don't count on that, tammy.

Tammy: He will, luke.

Luke: You know, i was never meant to be a father.

Tammy: Well, i think it's a little late for regrets now, huh?

Luke: No, i don't have any regrets.

I don't.

I mean, lucky's been a miracle, twice over.

Tammy: That's right.

Luke: And somehow i had a part in creating a person that i admire.

I can't seem to walk away from him.

I can't walk away from my kid no matter what he does.

Tammy: I'll tell you, lucky -- he loves you, and he admires you, too.

Luke: Yeah, well, once, a long time ago.

Tammy: Don't give up.

Luke: No.

I won't.

No matter what he does, i won't give up.

I can't.

Elizabeth: Thanks for meeting me dn here.

I know you're swamped with eddie maine.

Nikolas: You saw lucky?

Elizabeth: At the boxcar.

Nikolas: Was it like before?

Elizabeth: I kissed him.

And for a second, we were home, we were back.

And then he pushed me away.

Is there something wrong with him?

Or is it me?

You say you never loved me you admit you're doing me wrong you say you're using me baby 'til the real thing comes along i'll miss ya baby

Nikolas: Lucky loves you, elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Everybody keeps saying that.

Nikolas: Ok, but are you sure that he's just not trying to protect you?

Elizabeth: There's no way he'd go see lulu if there was any danger.

Nikolas: But something else has to be going on.

Elizabeth: Lucky does whatever he wants.

He isn't afraid.

He's starting a brand-new life.

Maybe he just doesn't want me in it.

You know, if he had been away at college for a year, i'd swear he fell in love with somebody else.

Nikolas: That's impossible.

Elizabeth: We said our love could survive anything.

Maybe we were wrong.

Nikolas: I don't think so.

Elizabeth: Then what's the problem, nikolas?

He isn't angry.

He seems to like me just fine.

He remembers what we had.

Maybe he wants to just leave it at that.

Nikolas: Come on.

That just doesn't make any sense.

Elizabeth: You haven't seen him yet.

When you do, you'll understand.

I'm sorry to dump all this on you.

Nikolas: No, no, it's -- it's ok.

Elizabeth: I've got to get to work.

Nikolas: All right.

Will i see you later?

Elizabeth: Of course.

Nikolas: Ok.

Elizabeth: All right.


Nikolas: Yeah.

Alan: Did you actually see a.j.

Push her?

Edward: No, i didn't.

And by the time we got here to the door, she was falling.

Alan: So it could have been an accident.

Monica: I mean, that is a plausible defense.

Alan: If the case ever gets to court.

Edward: Oh, my god.

You're defending a.j.


Alan: Yes, of course we are.

Monica: And we're not apologizing for that.

Edward: Then why did you send him out that front door?

Monica: Because, a, you threw him out, and, b, he has to make his own choices.

Edward: How can he when he knows that you're there to clean up the mess?

Oh, when will you both get enough respect for him to allow him to be responsible for himself?

Hannah: Didn't you say you were going to take some time off from all of that?

A.J.: You know how it is.

Hannah: So what bar did you get kicked out of?

A.J.: Best one of all.

Hannah: Luke's?

A.J.: Nope.

Hannah: Not the grill.

A.J.: Q house.

Finest vodka in town.

Can't beat the price, either.

Hannah: So how many has this been now, a.j.?

A.J.: That i've been kicked out?

Who's counting?

Hannah: What happened?

A.J.: You see that crane out there in the water?

Hannah: Yeah, it's pretty hard to miss.

A.J.: Yeah.

I bought that crane when i was c. E. O. Best land-sea plane on the market, top of the line. That was going to bring in more business than this town has ever seen because of me.

Hannah: A.j., you can still make it happen.

You can go home, get sobered up.

Hit a couple of meetings tomorrow.

A.J.: I used to bring michael out here, and i'd show him the crane.

You know, he'd think it was a dinosaur.

Wonder how much dynamite it would take.

Hannah: You know, i can't even tell when you're kidding.

A.J.: Who's kidding?

Creating wreckage is my specialty.

I'm really good at it.

Hannah: So are you going to tell me what happened or what?

A.J.: I had a fight with carly.

Hannah: And?

A.J.: She fell.

Hannah: What do you mean she fell?

A.J.: Down the stairs at my house.

Hannah: A.j. -- A.J.: What?

Hannah: Was she injured?

A.J.: There was blood everywhere.

Hannah: Well, what about the baby?

A.J.: I didn't push her, though. I didn't.

Hannah: Is carly at the hospital?

A.J.: I would never -- hannah, i would never hurt carly. Not on purpose. But it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because they're all blaming me, anyway.

Hannah: Well, would it make you feel better if i took you by the hospital?

A.J.: You think i'm sorry.

Hannah: I didn't say that.

A.J.: Do you -- you want to know how sick of being sorry i am? For that crane, of this place, of everyone -- i'm sick of it!

Hannah: A.j., you can change that.

A.j.: Oh, yeah. You bet i can.

I can get in my car, and i can drive as fast as can, and i won't look back.

Hannah: You'll kill yourself if you do that.

A.J.: If sonny doesn't kill me first.

Tony: So tell me where we are right now.

Doctor: Her fetal heart's staying at 240 beats --

tony: She's swelling, though.

She's still hemorrhaging.

We've got to stop this bleeding here.

Doctor: Just saw the first unit of blood.

Second unit's coming up.

Tony: All right.

Doctor: They're typing and crossing.

Tony: You start the second i. V. ?

Doctor: We've got it going.

Tony: All right.


Doctor: Labs are coming up.

Sonny: Go ahead, tell me.

Tony: We're seeing a placental abruption, which means that the placenta's been torn away from the wall of the uterus, and we're trying to get the bleeding under control right now.

Sonny: Could this kill her?

Tony: It could be life-threatening, yes.

Sonny: What about the baby?

Tony: The monitor is still picking up a heartbeat.

Sonny: Got to be a tough kid.

Tony: Yeah.

The next step right now is to stop the bleeding, and we need to find out how much of the placenta's detached, and obviously the lower the percentile the better.

Sonny: You'll know tonight?

Tony: Soon.

Sonny: Anything else?

Tony: Carly sustained a significant cerebral contusion, which is a fancy way of saying a whack on the head.

I'm not concerned about brain damage right now, but the bleeding is a concern to me.

Sonny: Can i sit with her?

Tony: For a while.

Sonny: Thanks.

[sonny sighs] sonny: They got you all fixed up here, don't they?

You ought to see the monitor.

It's got the baby's heart.

It's beating just fine.

We're all together, the three of us.

A family, just like you wanted.

Carly, listen to me.

You're a fighter.

So fight.

Fight dirty.

Fight as hard as you can for yourself, for our baby.

Don't leave me, please.

Nikolas: Thinking about elizabeth?

I -- i thought i'd find you here.

A.J.: Carly!

A.J.: What are you doing?

Hannah: Anyplace you drive to tonight, i'm going with you.

Alan: A.j.

Is in serious trouble.

Why is your first response always to punish him?

Edward: What, by asking him to be responsible?

Monica: We know we're not perfect parents.

Alan: We are trying to make up for that.

Edward: Can't you see that a.j.

Is not a child?

He is not some 6-year-old who needs more attention from his daddy.


Is nothing but a bottomless pit.

He is -- he's a black hole that just sucks up love and hope and everything we have, and he just gives back chaos!

Alan: What a terrible thing to say.

Edward: Oh, no.

No, alan.

Terrible is watching carly's blood seep under that floor.

Terrible is -- is wondering about that little baby.

Could it feel the fall?

Is it breathing now?

You know, i -- i invited sonny here tonight, and i was pleased that he brought carly because she had some pictures of michael to show to lila.

Monica: Come on, edward.

Look, this is not your fault.

Edward: You know, a.j.

Just wandered in.

I didn't -- i didn't even have the door locked.

Alan: We never lock those doors.

Edward: Oh, i should have known, though, that there might be a problem.

Alan: Father, you didn't cause this.

Edward: But i didn't keep a.j.

Locked out.

And because of that, we're all here, just -- just praying that carly and her baby make it through the night.

Tony: Can you step outside for a second?


Sonny: Yeah.

I'll be right back.

Tony: Sonny, the placenta's about 50% detached, which means it's touch-and-go for the baby.

Sonny: Ok.

Tony: But carly's blood is not clotting properly.

And if we don't do something now, she's going to bleed to death.

Sonny: What are you asking here?

Tony: Carly is running out of time.

Sonny: Are you saying choose between carly's life and my child's?

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